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During the colonial period, uptown was once plantation land far as the eye could see. That was until towns started cropping up around each other, all claiming independence as their own identities. Neighborhoods like Lafayette, Jefferson City, Greenville, and Carrollton were all once their own small hamlets until annexed by the greater City of New Orleans. Soon enough the year 1874 saw the birth of one of the more culturally and racially diverse parishes in New Orleans.

In the present, Uptown is a primarily upper-middle class neighborhood of working professionals. St. Charles Avenue, the city’s millionaire’s row, also bisects through the district. Like they had in the past, though, stately homes give way to poorer neighborhoods once one crosses South Claiborne Avenue. Plantations separated their populations by white wolf in the big house, while smaller shanty towns of shacks housed the Negro workers.

Kindred Residents

As is so often the case, kine mirror Kindred; Anarchs like Shep Jennings and Desirae Wells dwell in and around Broadmoor, where they can just look “across the tracks,” as it were, and watch privileged parasites like Pierpont McGinn put the finishing touches on yet another expensive haven.

The Regent

Pic.jpeg Pierpont McGinn
Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Troy Hansen, e. late 19th century
Status: Camarilla •••, Invictus ••••, Ventrue •••
Francesca Dumont was Uptown’s regent for many years, but met final death in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. McGinn inherited the parish in the aftermath following a brief clash with his younger clanmate Rebecca DeMatthews.

Other Kindred

Adelais_Small2.jpeg Adelais Seyrès
Lineage: 7th gen. childe of Pearl Chastain, e. late 19th century
Status: Camarilla •••, Invictus •••, Toreador •••
Pierpont McGinn’s Kindred spouse, Adelais prefers the more classical environs of the Lower Garden District but can frequently can be found in Uptown at her lover’s side.

Pic.jpg Conroy Westphal
Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Suleiman ibn Abdelmalek, e. early 21st century
Status: Camarilla 0, Invictus 0, Lasombra ••

Pic.jpeg Pinckney Stewart “Pinch” Benton Pinchback
Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Annie Pope, e. late 19th century
Status: Brujah ••, Camarilla ••, Invictus •••

Pic.jpeg Randolph Cartwright
Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Yi Huang, e. mid 20th century
Status: Camarilla ••, Invictus ••, Nosferatu

Further Kindred
Several additional Kindred, mostly Invictus, are thought to reside in Uptown.


cityhall.jpg Touro Synagogue

(4238 St Charles Ave.)
Touro Synagogue is a Reform synagogue and a National Historic Landmark. It is the oldest continuously operating synagogue in the United States and was founded in 1828 by a group of German and Portuguese Jews. The synagogue is is housed in a beautiful Moorish Revival building that was designed by the renowned architect James Dakin. It offers a variety of religious services, educational programs, and social events. The synagogue is also a popular tourist destination, and visitors are welcome to attend services or take a tour of the building.
Full article: Touro Synagogue.

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