The Unaligned

“You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”
Don Draper, Mad Men
“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”
Jim Rohn
“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”
Martin Luther

There aren’t many Kindred in the city who haven’t committed to one of its political factions. Few of these individuals are Kidred of significant stature. Most are of them are beneath the notice of the city’s powers and simply want to pursue their own interests in peace. Faction-less Kindred with something valuable to offer their fellows, though, must endure constant attempts to push them off the fence. Independence is never easy.

Thin-bloods are not included in the below Kindred, even though most of them are unaligned with any factions. With few exceptions, no covenant wants the duskborn among their own.

Unaligned by Camarilla Status

Camarilla Status ••••

Sundown.jpg Sundown

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1915
Status: Camarilla ••••, Nosferatu •••, Unaligned -
Coterie: Harpies •••
Few Kindred of stature have managed to remain neutral in the struggle between the prince and his rivals. Sundown is one of them. Popularly known as the Afterhours King, the harpy and regent of Faubourg Marigny has substantial influence over the city’s mortal nightlife. He’s most famous for owning a series of Kindred-friendly nightclubs (offering everything from tinted windows to state of the art fire suppression systems) that have proven wildly popular hits; Vidal himself even deigned to appear at a few before Katrina. Sundown himself has aberrant tastes for a Nosferatu and prefers lavish penthouses to sewers and designer clothes over moldering rags. He maintains a policy of strict neutrality in the conflict between the prince and his two rivals, and regularly plays host to the followers of each. His clubs are neutral ground where they can all meet. Sundown’s efforts have catapulted him to a position as one of the most respected and sought-after Kindred in New Orleans, as every faction wants to turn him to their side. So far, none have gotten him to compromise his independence.

KKV.jpg Kaia Kimberly Võ

Ghouled: 1996
Status: Ghouls •••
Sundown’s herald. Commonly goes by KKV. Notably attractive for a Nosferatu ghoul, she’s either lucked out and suffered few side effects from her domitor’s blood, or else hides them well. Doubtless, that’s part of why the Afterhours King chose her to serve as his face.

Shaw.jpg Alexander Shaw

Ghouled: 1992
Status: Ghouls ••
Former police officer turned bare-knuckle boxer who serves as a bodyguard and leg-breaker for his domitor.

Camarilla Status •••

Marisol_Beaugendre_Small.jpg Marisol Beaugendre

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Henri de Tours
Embrace: 1936
Status: Camarilla ••, Toreador •••, Unaligned -
Something of a recluse from the all-night society, Marisol Beaugendre is a Parisian expatriate who fled to South America during the 1940s to escape the violence of World War II. She passed through New Orleans for several years and was sufficiently enchanted by the city’s character to return after Hurricane Katrina, citing a desire to play some small part in the rebuilding and preservation of New Orleans’ unique cultural heritage. Marisol is one of her clan’s best artists and has won acclaim for her diversity as well as depth of talents (she’s a writer as well as a painter and sculptor), but has declined to join any covenant, citing an politics as a distraction from her work. She took a childe and lover some years ago in the violin prodigy Jeremy Lenoir and appeared to have a deeply fulfilling relationship with him, but broke it off in 2015 with little explanation. Jeremy remains despondent.

Souraya.jpg Jean Autry

Ghouled: 1816
Status: Ghouls •••
Jean is Marisol’s bodyguard and a former soldier in the Napoleonic Wars. He was a gift from her sire Henri when Marisol fled France during World War II. Jean claims to have served as a grenadier in the Garde Impériale under Napoleon’s direct command, albeit as a member of the Middle Guard rather than Old Guard. Whether his claim is true or not, Jean would have been a very large man during the Napoleonic era and is over twice his domitor’s age. He zealously watches over his “young” charge, who is all that remains of his original domitor and whose continued safety was Henri’s last command.

Souraya.jpg Souraya da Silva

Ghouled: 1963
Status: Ghouls ••
Souraya is a dark-skinned beauty from French Guinia who serves as her domitor’s business manager, sells her artwork, and takes care of night-to-night (and day-to-day) matters Marisol would rather not involve herself in. Souraya is more of an extrovert than her domitor and is happy to spare Marisol from interacting with more buyers than she’d like to. Souraya half-jokes the “reclusive artist” angle helps the art sell better, anyways.

Monty.jpg Hercule “Monty” Lestrange

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Uriah Travers
Embrace: 1880
Status: Camarilla •••, Malkavian ••••, Unaligned
New Orleans’ Kindred call him “Monty”, but no one can recall him introducing himself as such—or by any other name. He is of French descent, but often seems to strain himself not to slip into an accent or just straight-out French when he gets lost in thought. For almost as long as anyone can remember, “Monty” has offered his services as a private detective to anyone and everyone in need of help, no matter the nature of their case. He is as straightforward as a Malkavian comes, and his discretion in matters has become without question. On at least a few occasions, Donovan has executed a blood hunt on the results of Monty’s investigations. Every measure taken by the city’s covenants to recruit him have been met with a firm denial. He states his allegiance is, “To the Truth. Only to the Truth.”

Camarilla Status 0

dic2_S.jpg Doctor Dicentra

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: Unknown
Status: Camarilla 0, Unaligned -
A night doctor of no small renown, Dicentra has been offering their services since their arrival to the Big Easy some years ago. They’re said to have friends in both high and low places and on all the different sides of this cold war, citing something about “doctors without borders.” Dicentra has been known to work out of the Garden District, the Quarter, the CBD, and Marigny and it makes no difference to them if their client is Kindred, thin-blood, or ghoul: they’ll work on anyone who pays the fee, and have even worked on the occasional kine for the right price. It’s said that even Dicentra’s lovers don’t know who they lie with, that they shift between male and female or old and young as easily as most people change clothes. They’re said to have had liaisons with faeries, werewolves, demons, and ghosts, offer their services to mages and warlocks and witches, and any who vex them are swiftly turned into humanoid-animal hybrids from the darkest recesses of the mind’s nightmares. They once pulled the spine clean out of a hated foe and gifted the resulting whip to their then lover, the prettiest lick in the city, and the ensuing catfight over Dicentra’s discerning eye made even the feud between the three harpies look tame. Popular rumor suggests that Dicentra is the Tremere Kyrstin Grey and that she learned the skill from her sire, but to date no one has seen beneath the mask to the lick within… or if they have, they’re not talking.

Carter_L.jpg Carter Landry

Lineage: 13th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 2014
Status: Camarilla 0, Malkavian •, Unaligned -
Corn-fed young Texas boy who looks like (and readily admits to being) a bookworm. Landry is a recent arrival to New Orleans from Houston and has accomplished little of note in his new home. He has been known to associate with Janine Clairmont, who shares his enthusiasm for literature.

Janine.jpg Janine Clairmont

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Ophelia Hensley
Embrace: 1965
Status: Camarilla 0, Malkavian •, Unaligned
Mousy, socially maladjusted librarian who never wanted for company thanks to the spirits who always talked to her. Fifty years later, she still makes her domain in the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library and dresses in fashions from the ’50s and ’60s, giving rise to a minor local legend that her ghost haunts the library. Although she remains as socially awkward as she did in life, her spirits have been known to pick up all manner of interesting tidbits. It remains anyone’s guess how she managed to survive Katrina.

Jeremy.jpg Jeremy Lenoir

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Marisol Beaugendre
Embrace: 2013
Status: Camarilla 0, Toreador •, Unaligned -
Violinist and child prodigy Embraced by Marisol at the tender age of twelve to stop him burning out. Their once-close relationship appears to have soured since 2015, though Jeremy remains desperate to recapture his sire’s affections.

Josua.jpg Josua Cambridge

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: 2015
Status: Camarilla 0, Toreador •, Unaligned -
Coterie: Marcel’s household
A painter Embraced without permission and abandoned by his sire, Josua had the good luck to be taken in by Marcel Guilbeau and become one of his lovers. Marcel and his agents are still searching for the neonate’s missing sire, but they’re searching for something else too: portraits Josua painted of her and several other Kindred, all of which were stolen following his Embrace. Marcel fears the portraits may have wound up in the hands of vampire hunters and could be used to track their subjects. Josua, however, is largely content to enjoy Marcel’s protection as his “boytoy” and to continue his painting. He’s extremely promiscuous even by his clan’s standards and claims to have lost count of the number of Kindred he’s shared blood with. Given how handsome he is, he might even be telling the truth.

Samantha.jpg Samantha

Lineage: 13th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 2012
Status: Caitiff, Camarilla 0, Unaligned)
Homeless bag lady Embraced at an ancient-looking age, although she herself hasn’t been a vampire for long. She still sleeps on the streets or in parks and feeds on other homeless people there. The Embrace appears to have done little for her sanity, if much was even left to begin with, and she often meanders aimlessly throughout the city while muttering to herself. She stays entirely out of vampiric politics (which frighten her), but is relatively social and enjoys chatting with other Kindred about how New Orleans used to be in the “good old days”—whenever those where.

Pic.jpg Talibah Mahmoud

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Shadya Kanaan
Embrace: 2001
Status: Camarilla 0, Lasombra ••, Unaligned
Coteries: Leviathan Committee ••, Low Table ••
The clan’s sole Abyss mystic, Mahmoud has always just wanted to be left alone to study. As a mortal, she was an autodidact who pursued strange interests that marked her as a blasphemer in her homeland of Egypt. As a vampire, she immerses herself in shadowy arts even her fellow Lasombra find unnerving. She relocated to New Orleans after the 2016 Cairo Accords. She is short of patience for fools and has little appetite for politics: to her, the petty squabbles of the Kindred mean nothing next to the cosmic nothingness of the Abyss and study of its dark mysteries. Sometimes she tries to enlighten other licks. Usually she’s disappointed by them.

Camarilla Status ?

Artemis.jpg “Artemis”

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: Unknown
Status: Malkavian, Unaligned -
A self-described “arrow” briefly encountered by George Smith when he was interviewing neonates to serve as companions to John Harley Matheson in his exile. Artemis appeared unaware of George’s purpose in doing this, and to have no clear reason for even being in his hotel, but allowed him to bestow her present moniker upon her. Harlequin stated that “her head is sharp” and warned that she could “tear right through us” when George made inquiries as to her identity. Her actual name and present whereabouts remain unknown.

No_Pic.jpg “Katrina Storm”

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: Unknown
Status: Malkavian ?, Unaligned -
George Smith learned this Malkavian had appeared in New Orleans upon the exact night of Hurricane Katrina’s 10th anniversary when making inquiries of Alexander Wright regarding “Artemis.” The Brujah hound found Katrina’s (presumably false) name in exceedingly poor taste, and made several disparaging remarks regarding Malkavians’ sense of humor, but stated that she had been last seen in New Orleans East and “might or might not be the same lick as your Artemis.” George was unable to further investigate the matter before his final death.

Fallen Unaligned by Status

Camarilla Status ••

No_Pic.jpg Emily Thurmon

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Dezi
Embrace: 1976
Final Death: 2016 (40 years undead)
Status: Brujah ••, Camarilla ••
Coterie: Snake Hunters •••
Former anthropology professor and co-founder of the Snake Hunters, a coterie whose purpose is to exterminate Setites from the city, after she lost her childe and lover Jeffrey to the serpents during Hurricane Katrina. She is a humorless woman who has few apparent interests besides the hunt. She went missing in 2016 and is presumed deceased: Setites are the suspected culprits.

Camarilla Status 0

Amelie.jpg Amelie Savard

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: 2016
Final Death: 2016 (several nights undead)
Status: Brujah 0, Camarilla 0, Unaligned -
A fledgling Embraced and abandoned by an unknown sire, Amelie was rescued off the streets by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers and delivered to her clan primogen Coco Duquette, who in turn brought the young vampire to Perdido House. She has not been seen since that night and is presumed to have been executed by Prince Vidal for any number of potential reasons.

Other Fallen Unaligned

Terrence Oswald (10th gen. childe of unknown sire, Gangrel, e. mid 19th century, a. early 20th century, d. 2005)
Etienne Lafossat Matthieu (gen. and sire unknown, Nosferatu, e. early 19th century, d. early 20th century)

Extralocal Unaligned

Houston, Texas (348 miles to New Orleans)
Andrea Oulette (12th gen. childe of unknown sire, Gangrel, e. late 20th century, a. early 21st century, l. 2005)

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