The Unaligned

“You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”
—Don Draper, Mad Men

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”
—Jim Rohn

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”
—Martin Luther

There aren’t many Kindred in the city who haven’t committed to one of its political factions. Few of these individuals are Kidred of significant stature. Most are of them are beneath the notice of the city’s powers and simply want to pursue their own interests in peace. Faction-less Kindred with something valuable to offer their fellows, though, must endure constant attempts to push them off the fence. Independence is never easy.

Thin-bloods are not included in the below Kindred, even though most of them are unaligned with any factions. With few exceptions, no covenant wants the duskborn among their own.

Unaligned by Camarilla Status

Camarilla Status ••••

Sundown.jpgSundown (11th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 20th century, Camarilla Status ••••, Nosferatu Status •••)
Few Kindred of stature have managed to remain neutral in the struggle between the prince and his rivals. Sundown is one of them. Popularly known as the Afterhours King, the harpy and regent of Faubourg Marigny has substantial influence over the city’s mortal nightlife. He’s most famous for owning a series of Kindred-friendly nighltclubs (offering everything from tinted windows to state of the art fire suppression systems) that have proven wildly popular hits; Vidal himself even deigned to appear at a few before Katrina. Sundown himself has aberrant tastes for a Nosferatu and prefers lavish penthouses to sewers and designer clothes over moldering rags. He maintains a policy of strict neutrality in the conflict between the prince and his two rivals, and regularly plays host to the followers of each. His clubs are neutral ground where they can all meet. Sundown’s efforts have catapulted him to a position as one of the most respected and sought-after Kindred in New Orleans, as every faction wants to turn him to their side. So far, none have gotten him to compromise his independence.

Shaw.jpgAlexander Shaw (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status ••)
Bodyguard and leg-breaker of Sundown’s on extended loan to Isabella Suarez.

Camarilla Status •••

Marisol_Beaugendre_Small.jpgMarisol Beaugendre (10th gen. childe of Henri de Tours, e. early 20th century, Camarilla Status ••, Toreador Status •••)
Something of a recluse from the all-night Society, Marisol Beaugendre is a Parisian expatriate who fled to South America during the 1940s to escape the violence of World War II. She passed through New Orleans for several years and was sufficiently enchanted by the city’s character to return after Hurricane Katrina, citing a desire to play some small part in the rebuilding and preservation of New Orleans’ unique cultural heritage. Marisol is one of her clan’s best artists and has won acclaim for her diversity as well as depth of talents (she’s a writer as well as a painter and sculptor), but has declined to join any covenant, citing an politics as a distraction from her work. She took a childe and lover some years ago in the violin prodigy Jeremy Lenoir and appeared to have a deeply fulfilling relationship with him, but broke it off in 2015 with little explanation. Jeremy remains despondent.

Monty.jpgHercule “Monty” Lestrange (9th gen. childe of Uriah Travers, e. late 19th century, Camarilla Status •••, Malkavian Status ••••)
New Orleans’ Kindred call him “Monty”, but no one can recall him introducing himself as such—or by any other name. He is of French descent, but often seems to strain himself not to slip into an accent or just straight-out French when he gets lost in thought. For almost as long as anyone can remember, “Monty” has offered his services as a private detective to anyone and everyone in need of help, no matter the nature of their case. He is as straightforward as a Malkavian comes, and his discretion in matters has become without question. On at least a few occasions, Donovan has executed a blood hunt on the results of Monty’s investigations. Every measure taken by the city’s covenants to recruit him have been met with a firm denial. He states his allegiance is, “To the Truth. Only to the Truth.”

Camarilla Status ••

No_Pic.jpgEmily Thurmon (10th gen. childe of Pinch, e. mid 20th century, Camarilla Status ••)
Former anthropology professor and co-founder of the Snake Hunters.

Camarilla Status •

Camarilla Status 0

Edith.jpgEdith Flannagan (11th gen. childe of Charles Kennan, e. mid 20th century, Camarilla Status 0, Caitiff)
When Edith was a little girl she had one dream: to be a homemaker. She grew up knowing that she wanted to be a wife and mother, have a white-picket fence, bake blueberry and apple pies. Unfortunately, Edith was only one child deep when her husband ran afoul of someone who lacked scruples, and Edith came home one night to find that her husband and child had been murdered. Their bodies were not yet cold when she made the decision to take her own life rather than go on without them. But she never got the chance. Embraced just before she could plummet from the bridge into the water below, Edith’s sire stuck around long enough to teach her the basics before sending her out into the vast world to make her own Requiem. Even now, decades into her unlife, Edith hasn’t given up the dream of having children. She keeps three ghouls that she refers to as her daughters and has taken in a thin-blood child that calls her “Mom.” She’s a recent transplant to New Orleans and resides within the French Quarter, one of the many who patrols the borders looking for interlopers.

lily.pngLily Flannagan (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status •)
Lily is both the eldest ghoul and the one who has served her domitor the longest. She was a baby when Edith rescued her from “that terribly abusive booze hound” and has known no other life than the one with Edith. She and Cloe are fast friends, though she’s worried that the elder ghoul is going to be damaged beyond repair if her domitor succeeds in letting her age in reverse. It has caused some contention among the two, and Lily has tried to pull what little strings she can reach to keep it from happening. This is a source of some embarrassment for her domitor, and many wonder how long the ghoul will be permitted to stick around.

melody.pngMelody Flannagan (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status •)
Melody had another name at one point, but she couldn’t tell you what it was. Edith named her Melody for the singing she likes to do; the child is always humming a tune, bursting into song in her high soprano, or otherwise letting her voice be heard. She is the “middle child” of the three Flannagan ghouls, both in age and in length of service to her domitor. She says she isn’t afraid of anything, but she still sleeps with a nightlight. Serves as her mistresses’ herald and often disarms people with her charming smile and radiating happiness, though she sometimes mixes up her messages when she tries to deliver them in song form.

harper.pngHarper Flannagan (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status 0)
The newest addition to Edith’s brood, Baby Harper is thought to be somewhere between 12 and 18 months. She appeared in Edith’s arms shortly after Edith came to the city following Katrina, and many think that Harper somehow managed to survive the hurricane that took her “real” parents. Edith calls her miracle baby and has thus far refused to let the ghoul age. Doesn’t seem to do much other than babble.

Carter_L.jpgCarter Landry (13th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, Malkavian Status •)
Corn-fed young Texas boy who looks like (and readily admits to being) a bookworm. Landry is a recent arrival to New Orleans from Houston and has accomplished little of note in his new home. He has been known to associate with Janine Clairmont, who shares his enthusiasm for literature.

Janine.jpgJanine Clairmont (12th gen. childe of Ophelia Hensley, e. mid 20th century, Malkavian Status •)
Mousy, socially maladjusted librarian who never wanted for company thanks to the spirits who always talked to her. Fifty years later, she still makes her domain in the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library and dresses in fashions from the ’50s and ’60s, giving rise to a minor local legend that her ghost haunts the library. Although she remains as socially awkward as she did in life, her spirits have been known to pick up all manner of interesting tidbits. It remains anyone’s guess how she managed to survive Katrina.

Jeremy.jpgJeremy Lenoir (11th gen. childe of Marisol Beaugendre, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0)
Violinist and child prodigy Embraced by Marisol at the tender age of twelve to stop him burning out. Their once-close relationship appears to have soured since 2015, though Jeremy remains desperate to recapture his sire’s affections.

Josua.jpgJosua Cambridge (gen. and sire unknown, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0)
A painter Embraced without permission and abandoned by his sire, Josua had the good luck to be taken in by Marcel Guilbeau and become one of his lovers. Marcel and his agents are still searching for the neonate’s missing sire, but they’re searching for something else too: portraits Josua painted of her and several other Kindred, all of which were stolen following his Embrace. Marcel fears the portraits may have wound up in the hands of vampire hunters and could be used to track their subjects. Josua, however, is largely content to enjoy Marcel’s protection as his “boytoy” and to continue his painting. He’s extremely promiscuous even by his clan’s standards and claims to have lost count of the number of Kindred he’s shared blood with. Given how handsome he is, he might even be telling the truth.

Buddy_Bolden.jpgKing Bolden (9th gen. childe of Clarice Barabet, e. early 20th century, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status 0, Malkavian Status •)
This cornetist claims to be Buddy Bolden, a famous New Orleans jazz musician who was committed to an insane asylum upon being diagnosed with schizophrenia. No one is sure whether he’s telling the truth or not: the dates of his Embrace and Bolden’s committal appear to match up, and his savant-like jazz knowledge and skill with the cornet are beyond all question. On the other hand, he’s been known to confuse details of “his” life with ones that historians have long since debunked—a habit whose evidentiary usefulness is further muddled by the real-life Bolden’s admittedly poor ability to distinguish reality.
“King Bolden” appears to have few interests besides playing the cornet. His masterful skill and near-total lack of other social commitments, however, have won him the undying adoration of the city’s Toreador (he never refuses a chance to play at the clan’s balls), particularly Accou Poincaré, Antoine Savoy, and Veronica Alsten-Pirrie. He refused to leave the city during Hurricane Katrina and appeared oblivious as to the storm’s danger, and is only thought to have survived thanks to his patrons’ protection (his sire Clarice, whose skirts he’d previously hid behind, met final death during the storm). Most Kindred consider him an amusing curiosity and an idiot savant good for little besides his music. It’s a commonly circulated (if cruel) joke that it was a waste of the Blood for Clarice to even Embrace him: he’d have been just as useful as a ghoul, and at least be less of a vitae sponge. Another common joke is that it’d be pointless for Accou or Savoy to even claim boons for saving his unlife, since he’d be incapable of paying them back in any way besides what he already does: play, play, play, and play.

Samantha.jpgSamantha (13th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, Caitiff, Camarilla Status 0)
Homeless bag lady Embraced at an ancient-looking age, although she herself has only been a vampire for several years. She still sleeps on the streets or in parks and feeds on other homeless people there. The Embrace appears to have done little for her sanity, if much was even left to begin with, and she often meanders aimlessly throughout the city while muttering to herself. She stays entirely out of vampiric politics (which frighten her), but is relatively social and enjoys chatting with other Kindred about how New Orleans used to be in the “good old days”—whenever those where.

Camarilla Status ?

Artemis.jpg“Artemis” (unknown gen. childe of unknown sire, e. unknown, Status unknown)
A self-described “arrow” briefly encountered by George Smith when he was interviewing neonates to serve as companions to John Harley Matheson in his exile. Artemis appeared unaware of George’s purpose in doing this, and to have no clear reason for even being in his hotel, but allowed him to bestow her present moniker upon her. Harlequin stated that “her head is sharp” and warned that she could “tear right through us” when George made inquiries as to her identity. Her actual name and present whereabouts remain unknown.

No_Pic.jpg“Katrina Storm” (unknown gen. childe of unknown sire, e. unknown, Status unknown)
George Smith learned this Malkavian had appeared in New Orleans upon the exact night of Hurricane Katrina’s 10th anniversary when making inquiries of Alexander Wright regarding “Artemis”. The Brujah hound found Katrina’s (presumably false) name in exceedingly poor taste, and made several disparaging remarks regarding Malkavians’ sense of humor, but stated that she had been last seen in New Orleans East and “might or might not be the same lick as your Artemis.” George was unable to further investigate the matter before his final death.

Fallen Unaligned

Amelie.jpgAmelie Savard (gen. and sire unknown, e. early 21st century, Brujah Status 0, Camarilla Status 0)
A fledgling Embraced and abandoned by an unknown sire, Amelie was rescued off the streets by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers and delivered to her clan primogen Coco Duquette, who in turn brought the young vampire to Perdido House. She has not been seen since that night and is presumed to have been executed by Prince Vidal for any number of potential reasons.

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