The Tzimisce

“Waste not your time with repentance.
We are monsters,
we shall forever be monsters.”

Tzimisce’s words to its childer

Clan Tzimisce has no known presence in New Orleans. While the 21st century has seen increasing numbers of this clan trickle their way from the Sabbat into the Anarch Movement and Ordo Dracul, most Tzimisce defectors are young. Clan elders tend to be either wholly committed to the Sabbat or prefer the more isolationist (and anti-Tremere) Oradea League in their Eastern European homelands. For the most part, the Camarilla’s feeling is mutual: if the monstrous fiends want to keep to crumbling Transylvanian castles decorated in flayed skins, they’re welcome to that. Prince Vidal’s attitude is no exception. He considers the clan uniformly Sabbat and worthy only of being put to the torch.

The Big Easy’s Kindred have more experience with Clan Tzimisce than most Camarilla licks, though. They know the fiends as horrific monsters that show up every year for Mardi Gras as part of the hell-raising Sabbat packs. Several Kindred have won kudos destroying particularly gruesome and offensive fiends. Other Kindred who bit off more than they could chew have learned, to their unending regret, how the clan earns its sobriquet. There is perhaps no worse group of vampires to be captured alive by.

Rumors persist that two of the city’s night doctors, Dr. E and Dr. Dicentra, may be Tzimisce or maintain links to the clan. So far, neither of them’s saying, and no other (possible) Tzimisce are believed to reside in the city outside of Mardi Gras. Of course, with the clan’s talents at sculpting flesh, one can never be completely certain…

The Tzimisce

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