The Toreador

“Find your greatest part of Joy,
Follow your greatest part of Joy,
and know that I watch you, enthralled,
my children, my creations,
my beautiful ones.”

—Arikel’s words to her childer

New Orleans was made for the Toreador. The city’s name is practically synonymous with parties and debauchery, yet it also boasts a rich cultural heritage and thriving arts scene. The degenerates can no more survive without these things than vitae. The Big Easy offers more than enough of both to slake the clan’s lusts… or perhaps just enough to fully arouse them.

No city straddles the line between Paris and Sodom like New Orleans. The Toreador can only stare in rapture as she struts by. She knows they’re watching. That’s why they’re her favorites. The Ventrue may proclaim themselves the Big Easy’s masters, but the Toreador know they are her lovers.


e. = Embraced
a. = arrived in New Orleans
d. = Final Death
l. = left New Orleans

• 6. Pearl Chastain (e. centuries ago, a. 18th century)
 • 7. Accou Poincaré (e. mid 18th century, l. mid 18th century, a. mid 19th century)
  • 8+. The Santiago brood (e. varies, a. never)
  • 8. Avoyelles Desormeaux (e. mid 19th century, a. never)
   • 9+. The Lafayette brood (e. varies, a. never)
  • 8. Marguerite Defallier (e. late 19th century)
   • 9. Abraham “Bram” Garcia (e. mid 20th century)
    • 10. Maxzille “Max” “Zilly” “Zillah” Babineaux (e. mid 20th century)
     • 11. Anne Sommers (e. late 20th century, d. 2005)
      • 12. David Hansen (e. early 21st century)
   • 9. Aniyah Bailey (e. early 21st century)
  • 8. Veronica Alsten-Pirrie (e. early 20th century)
   • 9. Jade Kalani (e. early 21st century)
   • 9. Amaryllis DeCuir (e. early 21st century)
 • 7. Bruno Courtet (e. late 18th century, d. 1922)
  • 8. Katherine Beaumont (e. early 20th century)
   • 9. Pablo Gallegro (e. early 20th century, d. late 20th century)
   • 9. Rayisa Kostenko (e. late 20th century, d. 2005)
 • 7. Barthélemy Lafon (e. early 19th century, d. 2005)
  • 8. Valentine St. James (e. early 19th century, d. 2005)
   • 9. Lisette Toussaint (e. mid 19th century, l. 2005)
  • 8. Pietro Silvestri (e. early 20th century)
 • 7. Adelais Seyrès (e. late 19th century)

• 6. Maria Pascual (e. centuries ago, a. 18th century, d. late 19th century)
 • 7. Antoine Savoy (e. mid 17th century, a. 18th century)
  • 8. Donovan (e. late 19th century)
   • 9. Camilla Doriocourt (e. mid 20th century)
 • 7. Éléonore Boulet (e. mid 18th century, d. early 19th century)
 • 7. Quentin “Quinn” Rivers (e. late 19th century, l. 2005)

• 9. Remy Albright (e. mid 20th century, d. 2005)

• 10. Marisol Beaugendre (e. early 20th century, a. early 21st century)
 • 11. Jeremy Lenoir (e. early 21st century)

• 10. Ayame Seong-Jin (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century)

• 11. Ange Poncelet (e. mid 19th century, l. 2005)
 • 12. Louis Ash (e. early 20th century, l. 2005)
  • 13. Arthur Duchamps (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century)

• 11. Jocelyn Baker (e. early 21st century)

• 12. Evan Bourelle (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, d. 2015)

• 13. Gwendolyn Wade (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, . 2016)

• 13. Justine Chaudrier (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century)

Josua Cambridge (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century)

Kindred by Guild

For information about Clan Toreador’s guild system, see: Toreador Guilds.

Guild of Aphrodite

Masters: None known
Journeymen: Elyse Benson (Malkavian), Marceline Duval (Malkavian), Marisol Beaugendre
Apprentices: Abraham “Bran” Garcia, Josua Cambridge

Guild of Apollo

Masters: Accou Poincaré, Katherine Beaumont, King Bolden (Malkavian)
Journeymen: Maxzille Babineaux, Veronica Alsten-Pirrie
Apprentices: Amaryllis DeCuir, Ayame Seong-Jin, Edward Zuric (Gangrel), Jeremy Lenoir, Rocco Agnello (Gangrel)

Guild of Chronos

• The Guild of Chronos has been unable to establish itself in New Orleans.

Guild of Hephaestus

Masters: -
Journeymen: -
Apprentices: Jade Kalani, Joshua Pacaud (Gangrel), Pietro Silvestri

Guild of Nemesis

Masters: Adelais Seyrès
Journeymen: Camilla Doriocourt, Donovan, Harlequin (Malkavian)
Apprentices: David Hansen, Jocelyn Baker

Guild of Plutus

Masters: Antoine Savoy, Pearl Chastain
Journeymen: Elsbeth von Steinhäuser (Tremere), Marcel Guilbeau (Ventrue), Marguerite Defallier, Sundown (Nosferatu)
Apprentices: Pierpont McGinn (Ventrue)

Kindred by Toreador Status

Toreador Status ••••

Savoy.jpgAntoine Savoy (7th gen. childe of Maria Pascual, e. 17th century, Camarilla Status •••••, Lancea et Sanctum Status ••••)
Antoine Savoy is the self-declared lord of the French Quarter, a former courtier under Louis XIV, and Prince Vidal’s foremost political rival. The Toreador elder has positioned himself as a charming, laissez-faire, and religiously tolerant alternative to the tyrannical Ventrue, and his star seems on the rise—especially since the recent debacle with John Harley Matheson.

Melissairearieux.jpgMélissaire Larieux (g. mid 19th century, Ghoul Status ••••)
Former quadroon courtesan and current herald to Antoine Savoy.

Fabian.jpgFabian Desessard (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status •••)
Antoine Savoy’s greeter and butler.

Julia_Landsale.jpgJulia Landsale (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status ••)
Julia Lansdale is a prominent figure in several of New Orleans’ most popular and politically active charitable foundations. From the Association for a United New Orleans (a Catholic faith-based initiative that seeks an end to racism and religious persecution) to Save Our City (which boasts the slogan “Our buildings may be our past, but our children are our future”), Lansdale is a major mover and shaker in the field. She is also a ghoul, and so zealously devoted to Savoy that he jokes it makes even him nervous at times.
Lansdale, along with Savoy’s other contacts in the field, has proved to be a surprisingly painful thorn in Vidal’s side. Her organizations are supported by New Orleans’ rich and working class alike, but more importantly, they draw funds from major businesses and the city’s own government in the form of grants—essentially using Vidal’s own pawns’ money against them. Her charities have supported numerous grassroots political campaigns, all of which enjoy popular support, and all of which are aimed at booting Vidal’s municipal allies out of office. In fact, the prince lost three highly placed pawns in the city’s 2014 elections and stands to lose more in the next if Lansdale’s movements keep growing.
Those Kindred aware of Landsale’s service to Savoy believe it’s only a matter of time before Vidal moves directly against her interests—and indeed, she only barely survived a scandal manufactured by Vidal’s own interests in the media a few years back—so the Toreador is thought to be making as much use of her now as he can. He knows that should she fall he has other contacts in her circles.

Pearl_Chastain_Small.jpgPearl Chastain (6th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. centuries ago, Camarilla Status ••••, Invictus Status •••••)
Pearl Chastain was one of the most celebrated Kindred in New Orleans during its golden age. She is a morose shell of her former self in the Modern Nights, and carries on her duties as senior Toreador primogen and regent of the the Lower Garden District with little interest or enthusiasm.

Cloe.jpgCloe (g. centuries ago, Ghoul Status ••••)
Pearl Chastain’s herald. Cloe appears only twelve years old but is actually one of the eldest ghouls in the city, surpassing even the Hussar in longevity. She met her mistress when Chastain was enchanted by her beautiful appearance and purchased her from her commoner family, who had too many mouths to feed and not enough coin to feed them with. Chastain elected to keep Cloe eternally “young and innocent” to present a cherubic and seemingly benign image to the violent-tempered Kindred of early New Orleans. When her mistress fell into torpor, Cloe took Chastain’s eldest childe Accou as her domitor for the next 80 years. In a rare show of beneficence to the ghoul for her centuries of faithful service, he permitted her to age several years and experience some of what it was like to “grow up” (something she had long desired). Chastain, however, hailed from an era when adolescence did not exist as a concept and was distressed to find her ghoul “ruined” when she rose from her torpor. Though Chastain chose to retain Cloe’s services (the ossified elder still preferred to hold onto something familiar than throw it away), knowledge of her domitor’s displeasure diminished her formerly near-peerless standing among the Big Easy’s ghouls. Beyond her duties as her mistress’ mouthpiece, Cloe is an accomplished dollmaker and known to leave folded origami figures and bent paperclips wherever she goes as “calling cards.”

Accou_Poincare.jpgAccou Poincaré (7th gen. childe of Pearl Chastain, e. mid 18th century, Camarilla Status ••••, Invictus Status ••••)
The younger of the city’s two Toreador primogen (though an elder in his own right), Accou is a former Creole pianist who remains his malaiseful sire’s unfailingly loyal voice of support—and perhaps the only reason she’s still undead. His younger clanmates deride him as a sellout, while older Toreador laud him as a pillar of tradition. In recent nights, his name has been floated as a potential successor to Vidal if the prince enters torpor.

No_Pic.jpgPolly Willoby (g. late 19th century, Ghoul Status ••)
Former victim of Roger Halliburton and ‘playmate’ of Cloe.

Katherine_Beaumont_Small.jpegKatherine Beaumont (8th gen. childe of Bruno Courtet, e. early 20th century, Camarilla Status •••, Invictus Status ••)
A former opera singer at the French Opera House, Katherine Beaumont is Clan Toreador’s premier artiste and her judgment in all matters concerning fine art is considered supreme. She is less liked by her younger clanmates, however, for she considers jazz and blues “low art” and disdains them accordingly. She has been engaged in a bitter three-way feud with her fellow harpies Marguerite Defallier and Veronica Alsten-Pirrie, both of whom she considers low-born trollops, for as long as any can remember. She was a very heavyset woman at the time of her Embrace and Anarchs still find ready cause to mock the fat harpy for her weight.

Toreador Status •••

Adelais_Small2.jpegAdelais Seyrès (7th gen. childe of Pearl Chastain, e. late 19th century, Camarilla Status •••, Invictus Status •••)
Few are the Kindred who do not fear Adelais Seyrès’ attentions in Elysium. Pearl Chastain’s youngest childe has a reputation as the most cold-hearted and razor-tongued of the city’s harpies—no mean feat in a city that considers itself to have some of the most exquisite Kindred culture outside Europe. A gallery owner and critic of exquisitely discerning taste, there’s no Toreador in the clan better at pointing out the flaws in others’ work.

No_Pic.jpgThe Charities (g. mid 20th century, Ghoul Status •••)
Beautiful triplet girls the icy-hearted Adelais Seyrès has rendered as hollow as she is. Their names, she considers fittingly, are Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne, after the three Kharites.

Veronica_Alsten_Pirrie.jpgVeronica Alsten-Pirrie (8th gen. childe of Accou Poincaré, e. early 20th century, Anarch Status ••••, Camarilla Status •••)
Veronica was a flapper and jazz singer Embraced by Accou during the Roaring Twenties for her pretty voice and fiery spirit. She served as a loyal member of the Invictus until Pearl Chastain’s rise from torpor in the ‘70s. Veronica found her grandsire a hopelessly antiquated has-been and stifling influence that her clan and covenant would be better off without. Her sire, who willingly surrendered power back to Chastain, did not agree. Veronica promptly defected to the Anarch Movement and led a wave of younger Toreador with her. She remains on strained terms with her Invictus kin, although the bitterest venom seems to come from her. When not performing at nightclubs and basking among her kine admirers, she is engaged in a bitter three-way feud with her fellow harpies Katherine Beaumont and Marguerite Defallier. Veronica considers her former to be full of herself and the latter pathetic for clinging to a covenant whose leaders don’t respect her.
In 2015, Veronica learned the exiled Ventrue John Harley Matheson had been feeding on neonates lured to his out-of-town plantation, her childe Amaryllis among them. Outraged by the apparent blind eye had Prince Vidal turned to his clanmate’s depravities, she led a split among the Anarchs to throw their support behind Antoine Savoy and now stands as one of his most vocal partisans and valuable allies.

clementine.pngClementine Jasper-Kumar (g. mid 20th century, Ghoul Status •••)
If ghouls had harpies, Clementine Jasper-Kumar would be their ruler. As wasp-tongued and volatile as her mistress, Clementine was ghouled at the cusp of adolescence when Veronica happened to pass her by at the night market. Her hair is dark, her skin somewhere between white and black, but despite the common belief that she is of African descent she claims that both of her parents were from Fiji. She has been at Veronica’s side since the Kindred claimed her around the end of WWII, and her time as herald has done nothing but embolden her. She keeps her mistress’ other ghouls in line, and even the occasional fledgling has found themselves on the wrong side of her ire. Veronica is fond of saying the girl is a “mini me,” complete with her sexually deviant reputation, though the ghoul is said to enjoy the company of older men.

Marisol_Beaugendre_Small.jpgMarisol Beaugendre (10th gen. childe of Henri de Tours, e. early 20th century, Camarilla Status ••)
Something of a recluse from the all-night Society, Marisol Beaugendre is a Parisian expatriate who fled to South America during the 1940s to escape the violence of World War II. She passed through New Orleans for several years and was sufficiently enchanted by the city’s character to return after Hurricane Katrina, citing a desire to play some small part in the rebuilding and preservation of New Orleans’ unique cultural heritage. Marisol is one of her clan’s best artists and has won acclaim for her diversity as well as depth of talents (she’s a writer as well as a painter and sculptor), but has declined to join any covenant, citing an politics as a distraction from her work. She took a childe and lover some years ago in the violin prodigy Jeremy Lenoir and appeared to have a deeply fulfilling relationship with him, but broke it off in 2015 with little explanation. Jeremy remains despondent.

Toreador Status ••

Donovan.jpgDonovan (8th gen. childe of Antoine Savoy, e. late 19th century, Camarilla Status ••••, Lancea et Sanctum Status •••)
The sheriff of New Orleans and regent of Riverbend, Donovan is the hardest knuckle to Vidal’s iron fist and enjoys a reputation nearly as severe as the prince’s own. The fact that he is the childe of his master’s archrival only adds to the gossip about the chillingly composed sheriff’s character. In recent nights, his name has been floated as a potential successor to Vidal if the prince enters torpor—and, indeed, he is considered the front-runner in any contest to do so.

No_Pic.jpgDonovan’s Mimic (g. early 20th century, Ghoul Status •••)
This emotionless ghoul physically resembles a poor copy of his domitor: they share the same build, skin and hair color, and even wear the same clothing, but possess different facial features and are obviously not the same man. He looks as if someone tried to build a duplicate of Donovan but simply gave up halfway through. The mimic, whose original name seems to have been expunged like the man’s personality, typically conducts his master’s business from the austere safety of Audubon Place.

Garrett.jpgGarrett Reynoso (g. mid 20th century, Ghoul Status ••)
Donovan’s principle NOPD liaison.

Camilla_Doriocourt_Small.jpgCamilla Doriocourt (9th gen. childe of Donovan, e. mid 20th century, Camarilla Status ••, Lancea et Sanctum Status •••)
There are few Kindred who can rival Donovan’s frigid aloofness, but one of those few who can is his sole childe, Camilla Doriocourt. The icy beauty serves as one of the three hounds (deputies) under her sire, as well as one of the Lancea et Sanctum’s priests (the Sanctified are not opposed to female ordination, for they do not see the Kindred as men and women). Camilla’s mortal past is a blank slate, much like her sire’s, though she seems equally at home among high society gallery functions and NOPD social gatherings (if with a marked preference for the former).
Unlike her sire, who began his Requiem under Antoine Savoy’s wing, Camilla was Embraced into Vidal’s service and has never known any loyalty to the French Quarter lord. She’s one of the few Kindred permitted to hold domain among New Orleans’ police force, where she concentrates her efforts on the Public Integrity Bureau, Internal Affairs, community outreach, coordination with federal agencies, and other ‘behind the scenes’ areas of police work in contrast to Donovan’s focus on NOPD field work.
Artistically, Camilla has more interest in modern and contemporary art than her elder clanmates, though has managed to avoid being labeled as a poseur by them. She prefers the sterile, avant-garde venues of the Arts and Central Business District’s over the “eternally backwards-looking” Garden District and has influence over a number of galleries in the former. Taking a cue from the CIA’s sponsorship of artists during the Cold War, she believes the art world is no less important a battlefield to confront the Baron and Antoine Savoy on than the streets, and works tirelessly to undermine venues for traditional African-American culture that she believes allows Vodoun to flourish.

Toreador Status •

Marguerite_Defallier.jpgMarguerite Defallier (8th gen. childe of Accou Poincaré, e. late 19th century, Camarilla Status •••, Invictus Status •••)
Marguerite is one of Clan Toreador’s most influential and least respected members. As a mortal, she owned several houses of ill repute in post-Civil War New Orleans and was Embraced by Accou after he discovered she’d been successfully blackmailing the local authorities, for he desired a clever and well-connected lieutenant to help manage his affairs in the wake of Pearl Chastain’s torpor. Marguerite continued to run her brothels but expanded her interests into politics and legitimate businesses while sponsoring artists in a bid for greater respect among her clanmates. Her hopes were dashed when her grandsire rose from torpor in the ‘70s and made clear that she regarded the former whorehouse matron as a poseur of the worst sort.
Tonight, Marguerite enjoys a better reputation among the Invictus, where her influence over Louisiana’s political machine makes her a force to be reckoned with in the state capitol even tonight. She’s potentially the most politically connected Kindred in the city after Vidal himself. She still runs her prostitution ring, now in the form of an escort agency, which has simultaneously facilitated her political influence (she has dirt on quite a few politicos) and allowed her to accumulate a great deal of prestation debt among her fellow Kindred as a groom (cultivator of herds), particularly from neonates (who she sometimes likes to “mother”). She has a head for business too, and is perhaps the richest member of her clan after Accou, Chastain, and Savoy. Yet in Clan Toreador, all of this counts for naught against a simple fact: her lack of artistic talent. She was particularly bitter to have been passed over for a seat on the Prima Invicta, the Invictus’ ruling body, in favor of Adelais Seyrès in 2005. She also remains engaged in a bitter three-way feud with her fellow harpies Katherine Beaumont and Veronica Alstin-Pirrie, despising the former for her arrogance and the latter for her “unbecoming” behavior and defection from the First Estate.

Sterling.jpgSterling Batifole (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status •)
A once highly respected local art dealer and talent scout amongst New Orleans’ artistic circles and their riche nouveau patrons, Sterling was ghouled in the 80’s by Marguerite Defallier at the pinnacle of his professional fortune and fame. Tragically for the Creole yuppie, his profits and prestige declined as he was forced to divert his best pieces and agents to his domitor, who in turn has used them to conceal her lacking aesthetic talents and curry favor with her Toreador peers. Largely, these ploys have failed, but not for lack of effort or motivation–especially since that his now disenchanted domitor only “feeds” him when he brings her a piece or person found acceptable by her peers. Unfortunately for Sterling, he has little sense of what her guild and clan appreciate. Moreover, he is sadly ignorant of the fact that many of his finds would be well-received if only Katherine Beaumont and Marguerite’s other rivals didn’t spurn them out of petty spite. Consequently, Sterling’s hair has since turned to his namesake’s silver–at least in the patches he hasn’t torn out from chronic stress and sleepless nights searching for increasingly more prospects for his domitor. Such labors and tangible desperation, though, have only worsened his repute amongst mortal clientele, and rumors suggest he has turned to specious investments, illicit dealings, and unsavory partners to maintain the resources necessary to maintain his dwindling art studio, gallery sales, and talent agency office on Julia Street. Far worse for the ghoul, Sterling has become increasingly convinced that his domitor will soon replace him with someone younger and more in tune to her “tastes”. In his darker moments of self-pity, he wonders if Marguerite’s peers will appreciate his oft-contemplated suicide or snidely deride it like the rest of his downward spiraling life.

ray2.pngNorman “Ray” Warner (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status ••)
Ray isn’t his real name, but that’s what everyone calls him on account of his sunny disposition. He’s like a little ray of sunshine, always in a good mood, and he’s happy to spread that joy to other people around him. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood around Ray. He’s not the typical candidate for a Toreador ghoul—he’s older, balding, and thick without a lick of artistic talent to speak of—but he’s charming enough with a sort of lazy confidence that most people think doesn’t come easily to someone who isn’t drop-dead gorgeous. He’s easy enough on the eyes despite his shortcomings, and he’s got the kind of mouth that’s built for generous smiles. It’s his hands that people need to watch out for, really: they’re roughly the size of cinder-blocks, and more than one dentist has made a fortune from the people on the other end of those fists. Ray serves his domitor as a driver, muscle, and all-around keeper for the girls that she considers a “worthy investment.” He takes his job seriously: he’s been known to wade into the middle of danger for the girls and break open a few skulls on their behalf. He’s got some basic medical training, enough to determine if the sex was just rough and a hit of blood will set them right or if they need to get to the hospital, and he’s the first and last checkpoint the girls go through on their way to clients. Ray doesn’t have much of a temper. It’s hard to set him off; he’s more likely to laugh with you than take offence at your words, but he takes damage to what he sees as his property very seriously.

Pietro.jpgPietro Silvestri (8th gen. childe of Barthélemy Lafon, e. early 20th century, Anarch Status •••, Camarilla Status •)
A Sicilian malcontent and ne’er-do-well, Pietro was already an accomplished art thief in life and his Embrace only made him better in that regard. In the century since his Becoming, he has also expressed himself among the Toreador by becoming an accomplished art forger. Many of them consider such work “derivative” but he says, “Who cares? It sells. Money is beautiful, too.” Whenever something goes missing in the city, Kindred assume Pietro is involved. He often is.
Since the recent factional split among the Anarchs, he has taken up with Antoine Savoy.

Alan1.pngAlan Thomas (g. late 20th century, Ghoul Status ••)
Alan has one of those smiles that makes you want to punch the guy in his face. The smarmy kind, like he thinks he knows more than you. He’s charming, though, and he’s probably got what you need. Art? Cars? Jewels? Drugs? Guy could sell ice to an Eskimo in the middle of winter. Was a used car salesman at some point, but Silvestri obviously liked the cut of his jib since he took the guy in. Always trying to sell something to someone, whether it’s physical goods or an idea. “Do it for the commish,” he’s fond of saying. Gets on well with most people, honestly, silver-tongued flatterer that he is. Some people think he’s pretty stand up. Or maybe he just pulled the wool over their eyes, too. Has the hots for Clementine Jasper-Kumar. “She only looks underage,” but apparently that’s how he likes them. Serves as a herald of sorts for his domitor, Pietro, and talks about a million miles an hour.

Max.jpgMaxzille “Max” “Zilly” “Zillah” Babineaux (10th gen. childe Abraham Garcia, e. mid 20th century, Anarch Status •••, Camarilla Status ••)
Maxzille was a true child of the ‘60s: a hippie, antiwar activist, and talented folk musician who was also the first in her poverty-stricken Cajun family to attend college “out in the big city.” Although Accou received her cordially after her Embrace into the clan, she couldn’t countenance joining the Invictus, which she regarded as the establishment she’d spent her mortal life fighting against. Besides, many of her clanmates were “big city Creoles” who’d always looked down on “small town Cajuns” like her.
Maxzille was the first among her clan to join the Anarchs and privately has a somewhat ‘told you so’ attitude towards the later wave of Toreador who went Anarch in the ‘70s after Pearl Chastain alienated them. Maxzille isn’t much bothered by her relative lack of respect among her clan and is happy to “make all the music I want” at Brujah rants and Gangrel things, where she enjoys good relations with both clans and prefers the livelier audiences anyway.
A founding member of the Kindred Liberation Friend, the city’s oldest still-extant Anarch krewe, she and her lover Jonah Freeman were content to quietly support Coco’s goal of making Mid-City as hospitable to Anarch ideals as they could under Sanctified rule. Following the 2015 Anarch split and the defections of Veronica Alsten-Pirrie, Shep Jennings, and Pietro Silvestri over to Savoy’s camp, Max and her lover and the recently returned Esther Sue Parker have wound up as the next rung of leadership among the ‘Loyalist Anarchs’ after Coco and Miss Opal.
Maxzille enjoys the dubious distinction of being the Anarch with the most nickname and responds equally to any of the following: Max, Maxy, Zillah, Zilly, and Zill.

Jade.jpgJade Kalani (9th gen. childe of Veronica Alsten-Pirrie, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status •, Lancea et Sanctum Status •)
Jade Kalani is Veronica’s elder childe. She was Embraced in 2009 prior to the general moratorium lift (one of the few awarded that honor) and formally released in 2010 on the 5 year anniversary of Katrina. Her antics at her debut Elysium garnered the attention of many of the city’s younger ears, and it’s thought that this was the night that took her already-operating business (a spa formally owned by one of her pawns) from “unknown” to “rousing success.” Since that evening she has made friends all across the city through her skill with both blade and brush, and despite her sire’s rather cool relations with her grandsire and the rest of her line, Jade has been able to build her own bridge. Indeed, the young Toreador has forged her own path since her Embrace, falling in with the Sanctified and later the Invictus despite her sire’s Anarch leanings. She’s known to be the prettiest lick in the city—though she would never be so gauche as to say it herself—a feat made all the more pronounced by her politesse. She has made friends in almost every covenant and can often be found flitting her way through Elysium with a smile on her lips like the social butterfly she is. She has happily resided in the French Quarter since her Embrace.

Ala.jpgAlana Frederick (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status •)
Alana has been with her mistress since early in the Toreador’s Requiem. Though not the first ghoul that Jade took she seems to be the favored, if the obsequious way she serves her mistress is any indication. It speaks to a loyalty beyond mere blood. Alana serves a variety of functions for Jade, including personal assistant and business manager. She is not considered Jade’s herald, but she is the person to speak to regarding meetings and other business to do with Jade. Day manager for her domitor at Flawless Spa.

Ra.jpgRandall “Randy” Dufresne (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status •)
Randy was the first ghoul that Jade took following her Embrace, and his continued position at her side speaks to her control, his usefulness, or both. Publicly he poses as her driver, while privately many know that he serves the double role of bodyguard. Randy sees to the day-to-day security of Jade’s haven and often accompanies her while she is out and about within the city. Rumors abound that Jade knew the man when she was mortal and has frequently taken him to bed, going so far as to allow him to call her “babe” rather than “mistress.” Other rumors claim that he is her breather cousin and she’d had him vetted by a Brujah toughen him up. If Jade isn’t available for an evening, chances are high that she has had Randy take her out for a spin in an adrenaline filled race around the track.

A_Bail.jpgAniyah Bailey (9th gen. childe of Marguerite Defallier, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0, Circle of the Crone Status •)
A prepubescent aspiring poet-rapper Embraced by Marguerite Defallier for reasons not entirely clear, Aniyah grew up surrounded by Vodoun but wasn’t a believer until the Embrace tore all doubts from her eyes. Her newfound faith in the ancestor spirits led her to join the Acolytes—as well as her dislike of the Invictus, since in her eyes the pursuit of power and money is what created slavery and maintains the economic impoverishment and racial oppression of NOLA and her people. Since she’s too young to perform much of her work publicly, she creates poems, has others perform them, then makes mixing tapes as sacrifices for the loa. She’s on good terms with a number of Anarchs, especially Jonah Freeman, but is too lukewarm over the fact that a white Frenchwoman friendly towards Vidal co-leads the covenant to want to join them. Marguerite has found her childe’s beliefs and political affiliation to be a source of some embarrassment, but remains on speaking terms with her.

Jeremy.jpgJeremy Lenoir (11th gen. childe of Marisol Beaugendre, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0)
Violinist and child prodigy Embraced by Marisol at the tender age of twelve to stop him burning out. Their once-close relationship appears to have soured since 2015, though Jeremy remains desperate to recapture his sire’s affections.

Josua.jpgJosua Cambridge (gen. and sire unknown, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0)
A painter Embraced without permission and abandoned by his sire, Josua had the good luck to be taken in by Marcel Guilbeau and become one of his lovers. Marcel and his agents are still searching for the neonate’s missing sire, but they’re searching for something else too: portraits Josua painted of her and several other Kindred, all of which were stolen following his Embrace. Marcel fears the portraits may have wound up in the hands of vampire hunters and could be used to track their subjects. Josua, however, is largely content to enjoy Marcel’s protection as his “boytoy” and to continue his painting. He’s extremely promiscuous even by his clan’s standards and claims to have lost count of the number of Kindred he’s shared blood with. Given how handsome he is, he might even be telling the truth.

Amaryllis.jpgAmaryllis DeCuir (9th gen. childe of Veronica Alsten-Pirrie, e. early 21st century, Anarch Status •, Camarilla Status 0)

Toreador Status 0

Bran.jpgAbraham “Bran” Garcia (9th gen. childe of Marguerite Defallier, e. mid 20th century, Camarilla Status ••, Invictus Status ••)
When Abraham Garcia was a kid in New York city, he loved to tell stories. He took up photography when he was 13, since he had already decided to be a journalist, and discovered he had a gift for endowing even the most prosaic subject with grandeur. His reporting on the violence of Vietnam hardened him, however, and convinced him even the press was full of liars. When Marguerite Defaller Embraced him out of simultaneous admiration for his photography and desire to give the Invictus a hold over the growing news media, he didn’t look back. He remains deeply frustrated by the fact that his clan’s elders do not consider photography a valid art form and treat him like a poseur, even though he’s won numerous mortal awards under a variety of pseudonyms. Bran claims domain over the Times-Picayune, though the decline of newspapers has made this less relevant than it once was. Still, he’s been an essential figure in maintaining the city’s Masquerade for decades.

No_Pic.jpgArthur Duchamps (13th gen. childe of Louis Ash, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status •)

Ayame.jpgAyame Seong-Jin (10th gen. childe of Angel, e. early 21st century, Anarch Status 0, Camarilla Status 0)
Ayame is a second-generation Korean-American born in Houston. The youngest of three children, Ayame grew up in the shadow of her older brothers and followed one of them into the less-than-stellar life of street crime in her early teens. For many years she was able to make it work, straddling the line between gifted high schooler and criminal, but everything came crashing down around her when she caught the eye of a local Los Zetas member who numbered among the Damned. He took her for his own, keeping her as a ghoul for three long, painful years. On her twenty-third birthday her sire granted her the Embrace. She left the city at her sire’s urging, heading to Baton Rouge before settling in New Orleans and taking up with the Anarchs. She spends most of her time penning urban fiction novels.

David.jpgDavid Hansen (12th gen. childe of Anne Sommers, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0, Invictus Status 0)
Fame-craving former political consultant.

Jocelyn_S11.jpgJocelyn Baker (11th gen. childe of Sally Ward, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status •)
A digital photographer attending UC Davis, Jocelyn was Embraced when she came to the city for Mardi Gras. Her sire was an archon and she’s never felt entirely satisfied with Sally’s purported reasons for Embracing her, but she’s intensely devout and still visits churches to pray despite the physical discomfort it can bring her. Jocelyn has struggled to gain recognition as an artist because her chosen medium isn’t considered “real art” by New Orleans’ deeply conservative Toreador circles, and she remains deeply frustrated by that fact. She is a member of the Storyville Krewe.

MeganWilkins.jpgMegan “Meg” Wilkins (g. early 21st century, Ghoul Status 0)
Frail-looking former roommate to Jocelyn Baker, who she now serves as a ghoul. Meg was once a depressed college student with body image problems who suffered from bulimia and eventually attempted suicide, believing she wasn’t good enough for anyone. Jocelyn saved her life and ghouled her at the recommendation of her sire (under the advice that “suicides need someone to live for.”). She now attempts to find self-worth by continuing to binge and purge in order to “look beautiful” for Jocelyn despite the the Toreador’s increasingly disgusted efforts to break her out of the habit.

No_Pic.jpgJustine Chaudrier (13th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status 0)

Fallen Toreador

gwen4.jpgGwendolyn Wade (13th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, d. 2016, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status •)
Conservative Christian daughter of a Quiverfull family raised among that denomination, Gwen was Embraced in Houston under circumstances she refuses to speak about and only later traveled to New Orleans. Initially despondent over her inability to have children, she’s since found purpose among the Lancea et Sanctum and has fiercely embraced the covenant’s dogma, alongside the rest of her coterie, the Storyville Krewe. Gwen is also a painter, but her mediocre talent has failed to win any accolades from her clan. Her krewe’s leader, Roxanne Gerlette, considers Gwen a “wus” and makes her do menial tasks she’d normally entrust to ghouls, like carrying an umbrella for the krewe when it’s raining out.

Bourelle.jpgEvan Bourelle (12th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, d. 2016, Camarilla Status 0, Lancea et Sanctum Status •)

Other Fallen Toreador
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