The Gangrel

“Never abide weakness.
Keep your children loyal.
Walk with your head high.
Let the Beast rule you.”

Gangrel’s words to her childer

Many Kindred discount Clan Gangrel’s presence in New Orleans. The clan’s most prominent elder, Roger Halliburton, once challenged Vidal for the princedom but was destroyed over a century ago. Their primogen Pakachilu was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, depriving the clan of both a regency and Cabildo seat. In these elders’ absence, the clan’s most prominent members are Caitlin Meadows and Lidia Kendall, who respectively serve as the city’s (rogue) scourge and one of the Baron’s lieutenants. By most metrics, the ferals have little political influence.

The Gangrel don’t seem to particularly care. Where East Coast cities stretch along one great megalopolis, and the West Coast’s cities converge into regional clusters like Puget Sound and the Bay Area, New Orleans is a geographically isolated city surrounded by miles of swamp. Most of Louisiana consists of insular small towns, rural countryside, and untouched wilderness. The Beast Clan are some of the only Kindred to know these wilds—and their dangers.

Gangrel roam far and wide throughout Louisiana, but meet semi-periodically in City Park for their gatherings, which are known as things. Things that sufficiently stretch the Masquerade are held in the bayous. These raucous gatherings consist of boasting, tale-telling, contests of skill, and frequently, fighting. Other Kindred can even attend, though whether they leave is another matter. The bayous are not subject to Vidal’s laws. The Gangrel are quite willing to destroy uninvited Kindred who irritate them outside of the safety of Elysium.

Indeed, Vidal has little authority over the clan’s activities beyond his city, or even its members’ comings and goings. Any Gangrel who tires of city life can vanish into the swamps, confident that few Kindred will pursue them. These savage and Loup-Garoux-infested lands are their home.

What most distinguishes the Gangrel from the other clans is that New Orleans is not their gilded cage. They can travel outside the city in comparative safety and are in semi-frequent contact with clanmates who dwell there permanently. It’s anyone’s guess how many Gangrel there are throughout greater Louisiana. Some Kindred believe the ferals could marshal a much larger force of clanmates if sufficiently roused. So far, other Kindred haven’t been eager to find out. As Pakachilu sometimes remarked, “You would do well to remember that our home surrounds yours.”

The Gangrel

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