The Families

“Blood will always tell, but often it tells too much.”
—Don Marquis

“God, I don’t even know. Her family looks, is, so screwed up.”
“They all are.”
“All of her family, or all families period?”
“Show me a family that doesn’t have dirty secrets and I’ll show you their magic underwear and copies of the
Book of Mormon."
Jocelyn Baker to Caroline Malveaux-Devillers

“I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap.”
—Rodney Dangerfield

Blood tells. The Camarilla ascribes profound significance to a vampire’s undead ancestry, but one’s mortal bloodline can be equally consequential. Family matters a great deal in the South: many people take fierce pride in having genealogies they can trace back hundreds of years. Living matriarchs and patriarchs of mortal clans can pursues plots and vendettas with origins no less historied (or bloody) than any vampire’s.

All Kindred come from mortal families. Many vampires Embraced in the city have parents, spouses, siblings, or children they’ve either painfully left behind or maintain fraught relationships with, juggling the Masquerade in one hand and familial commitments in the other. Kindred often keep their mortal relationships secret from all but their most trusted allies, for rivals are always looking for weaknesses to exploit. Many vampires discard their birth names and adopt pseudonyms so as to better conceal their mortal origins and protect their families.

The Kindred may be dead, but family ties never die. Surprising twists to the Jyhad can result from the influence of a vampire’s mortal relatives.

GM’s Note: Families are listed by order of how many wiki-posted blurbs their members have. Characters within each generation are organized by order of oldest to youngest. Some families, like the Pavaghis, may be much larger than their position on the list indicates: they simply haven’t had many blurbs posted for their members. Likewise, many of the NPCs on the other mortals pages have families. They just aren’t posted here if none of their relatives have blurbs.

Like with anything else on the wiki, facts not established in-character are still subject to change. Players are welcome and encouraged to alter the names, histories, and familial relations of NPCs to suit the needs of their PCs’ backgrounds.

The GM asks that new players have their PCs come from families other than the Boggs, Delacroixes, Devillers, Flores, Kanes/Jonases, and Malveauxes. Existing PCs all come from those aforementioned families and are deeply involved in ongoing storylines with them. The GM prefers new characters to carve out their own distinct places within the setting and to avoid conceptual redundancy with existing PCs: if I had a nickel for every Malveaux PC pitch I’ve gotten, I’d be… well, not a rich man, but I’d have at least several nickels. Your PC can be a cousin or in-law to an existing PC’s family, though, if you’d like one possible connection with an existing PC.

11+-Entry Families

The Boggs

No_Pic.jpg The Boggs Clan
An incestuous redneck cannibal clan who’ve struck it rich and come to dominate St. Tammany Parish under the watchful eye of their undead patriarch, Cletus Lee Boggs.

The Malveauxes

No_Pic.jpg The Malveaux Family
A ruthlessly ambitious political dynasty who’ve clawed, scraped, and backstabbed their way to the top of Louisiana politics.

9-Entry Families

The Flores

Family Tree
• 1. Charles Flores (b. 1944, d. 1997) + Doris Flores (née Freneau) (b. 1947, d. 1997)
 • 2. Maxen Flores (b. 1972) + Diana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973)
  • 3. Emily Rosure (b. 1988, adopted in 2009 by Diana)
  • 3. Celia Flores (b. 1989) + (unknown father)
   • 4. Lucy Flores (b. 2010)
  • 3. Isabel Flores (b. 1991)
  • 3. David Flores (b. 1993)
  • 3. Sophia Flores (b. 1994)
  • 3. Logan Flores (b. 1997)
 • 2. Jason Flores (b. 1974) + (his wife)
  • 3. (their children)
 • 2. Mary Flores (b. 1977) + (her husband)
  • 3. (their children)
• 1. Barbara Malveaux (née Flores) (b. 1955) + Carson Malveaux (b. 1952)

Second Generation

Maxen_Flores.jpgMaxen Flores (b. 1972; Ally [Politics] ••••)
Majority leader for the state senate in Baton Rouge since 2012, and successor in that office to Nathaniel Malveaux following the now-national senator’s election. Maxen doesn’t believe in doing anything by half-measures: when his hairline started to recede, he simply shaved his pate bald. He’s known for his “tough guy” image and being a devout CrossFit enthusiast and college star quarterback who turned down a chance to play professionally for the NFL, though he remains a diehard football fan and rarely misses a game. He’s also known for his vicious temper and dislike of his counterpart Noelle Cherry, who he’s made public remarks about that were widely seen as misogynistic. Outside of his duties as majority leader, he represents Senate District 9, which includes Riverbend and the suburb of Metairie. Maxen personally lives in Audubon Place and spends much of his time in Baton Rouge, but regularly commutes back to New Orleans. Ex-husband of Diana Flores and father of five children by her.

Diana_Flores.jpgDiana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973; Ally [Academia] •••)
Dance teacher at the McGehee School for Girls and retired ballerina.

Third Generation

EmilyRosure_Small1.jpgEmily Rosure (b. 1989, adopted 2009; Ally [Health] •)
One day Emily will be a doctor. That was what she always told herself when things looked hopeless. Bright and hardworking but born into poverty, Emily managed to secure a scholarship to Tulane out of high school and earned a premed degree with a focus in kinesiology. Working two jobs to help cover the unrelated expenses not covered by her scholarship almost tanked her GPA enough to make med school impossible, but in 2009 she received some timely financial and emotional assistance from Celia Flores, whose mother Diana also adopted the family-less girl as her own daughter. She is now a fourth year med student on track to become a resident doctor.

Celia.jpgCelia Flores (b. 1989)
Eldest daughter of Maxen and Diana Flores, Celia’s dropping out of Tulane University (where she had been a dance major) and subsequent birth of her daughter, Lucy, is the subject of some scandal in certain circles. Celia was able to obtain her esthetics license from New Orleans-based John Jay Academy and opened up her own business in the French Quarter in 2010: Flawless Spa. It began as a day spa and has swiftly become more of a medical spa once Celia opted to pursue a degree in the medical field. Despite her lack of a “real” education, the girl is doing quite well for herself and has quite a large social media following as well as a very successful business.

No_Pic.jpgIsabel Flores (b. 1991; Ally [Church] •)
Middle daughter of Maxen and Diana Flores. Isabel graduated from Liberty University several years ago and is now overseas doing missionary work in South Sudan.

No_Pic.jpgDavid Flores (b. 1993; Ally [Academia] ••)
Older son of Maxen and Diana Flores. Recently returned from college at Liberty University in Virginia, he’s enrolled at Tulane Law School pursuant to following his father’s career into politics. Interns for his father’s congressional office when not attending school. While David strives to be the model son, he’s suffered from anxiety disorder since childhood that his father always believed he needed to “get over” and dreads nothing more than a panic attack hitting him at an inconvenient moment.

No_Pic.jpgSophia Flores (b. 1995; Ally [Academia] •)

Log.jpgLogan Flores (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] •)
Younger son of Maxen and Diana Flores. Currently attending college at Tulane University. With his older brother “beating him” into entering politics through the time-honored path of law, as well as attending a more respectable college in Maxen’s eyes (Logan’s application to Liberty University was rejected), he’s hoped to win his father’s approval by commissioning in the Army through its ROTC program. So far his efforts seem to be only partly working: while Maxen considers his younger son’s intended career path an estimable one, he has expressed disappointment that Logan didn’t get into West Point if he was “really serious” about the idea of serving his country, and has chided him for not deciding that was something he wanted to do in high school. Frustrated, Logan has struggled to keep up with coursework, and the physical fights he’s gotten into with other students might eventually get him booted from the ROTC even with his father’s influence.

Fourth Generation

Lucy.jpgLucy Flores (b. 2010; Ally [Academia] 0)
The daughter of a 20-year-old Celia Flores by an unknown father, Lucy’s birth was a subject of some scandal for the Flores family they’ve endeavored to keep under wraps. Lucy has primarily been raised by her single grandmother Diana with frequent help from Emily Rosure and calls all three of them “Mommy” interchangeably. As of 2016, she is a first grader at the McGehee School for Girls and has recently started ballet lessons at her grandmother’s behest.

8-Entry Families

The Devillers

Family Tree
• 1. Abélia Devillers (b. 1956) + unknown father
 • 2. Cécilia Devillers (b. 1989)
• 1. Abélia Devillers (b. 1956) + Nathaniel “Nathan” Malveaux (b. 1957)
 • 2. Caroline Malveaux-Devillers (b. 1989)
• 1. Abélia Devillers (b. 1956) + unknown father
 • 2. Adeline Devillers (b. 1992)
 • 2. Yvette Devillers (b. 1998)
 • 2. Yvonne Devillers (b. 1998)
 • 2. Noëlle Devillers (b. 2002)
 • 2. Simmone Devillers (b. 2005)

No_Pic.jpg The Devillers Family
A French family of philanthropists who came to the city during Katrina to assist with disaster relief efforts. Notable for their near-identical appearances and their matriarch’s joking claim that “men don’t run in our genes.”

7-Entry Families

The Pavaghis

Family Tree
• 1. Rishu “Rich” Pavaghi (b. 1952) + Bhuvaneshwari “Shwari” Pavaghi (b. 1954)
 • 2. (Chuck’s father + mother)
  • 3. (Chuck’s sister)
   • 4. (Chuck’s niece)
  • 3. Charles “Chuck” Pavaghi (b. 1989)
 • 2. Walter Pavaghi-Rodriguez (b. 1971) + Leah Rodriguez (b. 1974)
  • 3. Robert Pavaghi-Rodriguez (b. 2006)
 • 2. Frederick “Fred” Pavaghi (b. 1973) + (Fred’s wife)
  • 3. (Fred’s children)
 • 2. Ishita Pavaghi (b. 1977) + (Ishita’s partner)
  • 3. Zahira Pavaghi (b. 1997)
  • 3. Jasmine Pavaghi (b. 1998)
 • 2. Ranjeet “Ran” Pavaghi (b. 1980)
 • 2. (Rich’s other children + grandchildren)

First Generation

Rich_Small.jpgRishu “Rich” Pavaghi (b. 1952; Ally [Industry] •••••)
Real estate developer and mega-slumlord whose destruction of historic French Quarter properties has made him one of the most hated people in New Orleans.

Rich_Small.jpgBhuvaneshwari “Shwari” Pavaghi (b. 1954; Ally [High Society] ••••)
The wife of Rich Pavaghi, Bhuvaneshwari (Shwari outside her family) married her husband in India when she was 12 and he was 14 as part of a traditional child marriage. She followed him to the United States and has been the picture of a dutiful trophy wife, giving him many sons and retaining her good looks well into her 60s (with the help of frequent botox treatments and weekly spa visits). The Pavaghis have long since become rich and what Shwari now craves more than anything else is respect. When her son Fred became governor, Shwari couldn’t have been happier. She moved in with him to the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge and inserted herself into as many social, political, and media functions as possible while hemming out her daughter-in-law, to the point that many people joked she was Louisiana’s real first lady. Shwari fought tooth and nail to get her son reelected in 2012 despite the embezzlement allegations and was bitterly disappointed by his loss. She’s since moved back to her husband’s home in Kenner and remains active in high society circles. She has a prominent if unofficial hand in the family’s business empire and constantly pushes her children and grandchildren towards more respectable-seeming real estate transactions than being slum lords. Formerly a devout believer in homeopathy, astrology, and assorted forms of Eastern woo, she turned against them after coming to the United States and now dislikes them intensely, but practices regular yoga.

Second Generation

Walter.jpgWalter Pavaghi-Rodriguez (b. 1971; Ally [Industry] ••••)
Rich Pavaghi has many children. Although Walter was born the second-oldest, he never managed to stand out from the rest, and watched for years as his siblings overtook him in the family business (or in Fred’s case, embarked on a successful political career). They were always the ones to close the bigger deals, develop the most properties, and make the most money. Frustrated, Walter moved to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, only to realize there was a lucrative real estate market in the vastly larger and faster-growing city (which didn’t even have any zoning laws, to boot). He could repeat his father’s business tactics here in a “land of opportunity” all without worrying about competition from his brothers. So far the idea seems to have paid off: Walter has solidly established the Pavaghi real estate empire in Houston and pleased his father. In a true chip off his old man’s block, he’s also derided as a slum lord and “vulture developer” by many locals, who dislike him intensely, even if fewer of their complaints revolve around destruction of historic properties in the much younger city. Walter appears blase to such resentment but periodically moves between homes in Texas and Louisiana, as he has a laundry list of complaints about everything from the food to the people in the former. His name comes from a Houston native he married, had one child with, and divorced several years later. The Rodriguezes have deep roots in the city, so he continues to append her surname to his own “for their son’s sake” and to sound more native. He’s also changed his given name to Walter from his birth name of Wafeeq (he was born in India before his parents immigrated).

Fred_Pavaghi.jpgFred Pavaghi (b. 1973; Ally [Politics] •••)
One-term ex-governor of Louisiana from 2009 through 2013, infamous for the blatancy of his corruption even by the Pelican State’s (low) standards.

No_Pic.jpgIshita Pavaghi (b. 1977; Ally [Legal] •)
For all the wealth associated with the Pavaghi name, not all of that wealth is shared equally amongst its scions. Though Walter had once been looked down on for failing to be as successful as his younger siblings, the real embarrassment came when their younger sibling, Ishita, failed out of Xavier and ran off with her decades-older professor. Three years later she was back with two babies on her hip and no husband in sight. She quietly returned to life under her father’s rule, re-enrolled in college, and managed to earn a degree while nannies and her mother took care of her babies for her. She now works as a paralegal for Rich’s de facto in-house legal department.

Third Generation

Chuck_Pavaghi_Small.jpgCharles “Chuck” Pavaghi (b. 1989; Ally [Legal] ••)
Chuck is a grandson to Rishu “Rich” Pavaghi who recently passed the bar and works as a nominally independently practicing attorney who specializes in property law. In reality, he does virtually all of his work for his grandfather’s maze of LLCs, which are also nominally independent of one another and lack the in-house legal department he’s part of in all but name. Outside of the job, Chuck is young, handsome, and part of the first generation in his family to be born into wealth. He enjoys few things more than spending it through extravagant dusk to dawn partying in the French Quarter, but has had to curb these proclivities somewhat since graduating from law school. Indeed, he has increasingly turned his eye towards advancing his position among his many, many relatives, and is always on the lookout for opportunities—all for his family’s benefit, naturally. He is currently dating the almost decade-younger Sarah Whitney, who he met in the hospital while she was undergoing physical therapy.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers met Chuck at the Commander’s Palace dinner celebrating Sarah’s and Yvonne Devillers’ recoveries from their shootings. Caroline found Chuck crass and was uninterested in his overtures to scratch one another’s backs.

zah.pngZahira Pavaghi (b. 1997; Ally [Academia] •)
The older of Ishita’s two children, Zahira was rebellious from a young age and had no intention of “falling back in” with the family that, in her mind, forced her mother into a career and a life she didn’t want with a stepfather who wasn’t particularly interested in her. Rather than go the traditional route of law or real estate, Zahira threw herself into the creative arts. After graduating high school she took an internship at Bloom Couture under Dahlia Rose Flores, who has taken the wayward Pavaghi under her wing to teach her the ins and outs of the fashion industry. So far she has been exceedingly happy with her new position, and rumor is that she’ll be displaying her own line soon beneath the Bloom Couture name.

6-Entry Families

The Crawfords

Family Tree
• 1. Leah Crawford (b. 1964) + (unknown father)
 • 2. Saffron Meadows (née Crawford) (b. 1979) + (her husband)
  • 2. (their three children)
• 1. Leah Crawford (b. 1964) + James Beaumont (b. 1960, d. ?)
 • 2. Chloe Beaumont (b. 1989)
 • 2. Joseph Beaumont (b. 1989)
• 1. Leah Crawford (b. 1964) + (two sperm donors)
 • 2. Penelope “Penny” Freeman-Crawford (b. 1992)
 • 2. Ashley Crawford (b. 2008)

First Generation

Leah_Crawford.jpgLeah Crawford (Ally [Health] ••••)
Diligent, professional, hard-working, and no-nonsense, Leah has been a trauma surgeon for several deacades, working out of the Tulane Medical Center ER. In those years she’s dealt with everything from stabbings to gunshot wounds to overdoses, straight on down the line to “faultless” injuries such as car accidents and falls. She’s also calmly dealt with unruly gangbangers, personal stalkers, and belligerent police officers with ice water in her veins and a .38 in her glove box. Born in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago, Leah first traveled to New Orleans for school and never looked back, carrying with her a commitment to breaking free of the cycle of poverty and a making something of herself. For several years following her residency she worked with prospective med students coming out of Tulane, but in the last couple of years has grown too busy and largely laid that aside. 5’1" and petite, with short bushy hair and matching too-wide eyes. Speaks English, Russian, and French.

Second Generation

Saffron.jpgSaffron Meadows (née Crawford) (b. 1979; Ally [Politics] •••)
City councilwoman holding one of the at-large seats. Strong ties to police and fire unions and has pushed hard in investigating claims that departments are mismanaging funds at the highest level. Lifelong Democrat and mother of three born and raised in New Orleans who likes to brag she’s never left the city limits once in her life.

No_Pic.jpgChloe Beaumont (b. 1989; Ally [High Society] ••)
Jazz singer at the Spotted Cat club in Faubourg Marigny.

josephb.pngJoseph Beaumont (b. 1989; Ally [Industry] ••)
The prodigal son and only (adult) non-college attendee in the family. Decided to “take a year off” and travel abroad after high school and did that for almost ten years before he finally ran out of money. All his time traveling and making friends has left him with a silver tongue that serves him well at LegalWings, where he’s what he refers to as an intake specialist. He walks the defendants through the process of bail and gets them to sign on the dotted line for as high a percentage as he can get. Anything over 10% he gets a bonus on.

No_Pic.jpgPenelope “Penny” Freeman-Crawford (b. 1992; Ally [High Society] •)
Artist and recent Tulane graduate who sells her work at Frenchmen Art Market. Waitresses part-time at Commander’s Palace. One-time romantic interest of Alice Guillot. She uses her self-given nickaname of Penny ironically: as in, she knows her own value, and chooses to use the name Penny as a statement to the world about labels.

No_Pic.jpgAshley Crawford (b. 2008; Ally [Academia] •)
Leah’s youngest daughter, conceived well into middle age after Joseph decided to “take a year off” against his mother’s wishes. He always thought she’d intended to replace him with another son and was endlessly amused when she produced yet another daughter. Fourth grader at the McGehee School for Girls and interested in becoming a veterinarian.

The Dolans

Family Tree
• 1. (Ida’s parents)
 • 2. Liam Dolan (b. 1909, d. 1956) + (his wife)
  • 3+. (Their children)
 • 2. Franklin Dolan (b. 1915, d. 1987) + (his wife)
  • 3. Patrick Dolan (b. 1960) + Mallory Landry (b. 1959)
   • 4. Benjamin Dolan (b. 1986)
  • 3. (Franklin’s other children)
 • 2. Ida Dolan (b. 1926) + (Ida’s husband)
  • 3. Bruce Dolan (b. 1955) + Linda Dolan (b. 1958)
   • 4. Melanie Dolan (b. 1985)
   • 4. Arthur Scarus “The Commander” Dolan (b. 1988) + unknown mother
    • 5. Emily Ida Dolan (b. 2003)
  • 3. (Ida’s other children)
   • 4. (Their children)

Second Generation

Ida_Dolan.jpgIda Dolan (b. 1926; Ally [Hospitality] •••••)
Miss Ida, as she’s colloquially known by locals, is the ever-fiery and indelible matriarch of the Dolan family. She and her many descendants and other relatives own Commander’s Palace and an empire of other dining establishments throughout New Orleans and beyond. Miss Ida herself is a short, stoutly-built woman who started working in the restaurant business as a teenager in the 1950s. Many of the proteges she’s mentored have gone to become nationally and even internationally acclaimed celebrity chefs. Now over ninety years old, Ida is largely retired from the day to day running of her family’s businesses, but can often be found enjoying lunches and dinners at Commander’s Palace (she is always welcome at the employees-only “family meals”) with her pet dogs.

Third Generation

Pat_D.jpgPatrick Dolan (b. 1960; Ally [Hospitality] ••)
Owner and operator of Mid-City Lanes, a purgatory-themed bowling alley called “the Gutter” by its regulars and naysayers.

Police_Small.jpgMallory D. Landry (b. 1959; Ally [Police] ••••)
Deputy Superintendent of the Management Services Bureau (MSB), which provides NOPD administrative and support services, including budgetary, record-keeping, recruitment, training, and facility and fleet services. Civil appointee in the wake of corruption allegations following Hurricane Rita. Wife of Patrick Dolan. Younger sister and paternal aunt to Raymond Landry, Sr. and Jr., respectively.

Fourth Generation

benjamind.pngBenjamin Dolan (b. 1986; Ally [Industry] ••)
Patrick had high hopes for his firstborn. He thought that he’d introduce him early on to the cooking life, that he could train the boy’s palate and create a master chef that would make his Aunt Ida proud of the new generation of Dolans. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Benjamin was a sad case in the kitchen. He oversalted. He undergarnished. He couldn’t follow a recipe to save his life. Worse, he liked his steaks well done. “Kill it twice, why don’tcha” his dad would grumble at him. He never had a chance at being a chef like the rest of his family. Fortunately his mother provided another alternative: law enforcement. She got her boy a spot in the police academy and he excelled during training. After graduation he was assigned to the 6th District, but his commander must have had it out for him because he spent almost all his time in the poor, high-crime area of Central City. He started using a little too much force for the police to consistently cover up, and a fairly high-profile beatdown and shooting saw him removed from the force. A week later he was picked up by LegalWings, where he now works as a recovery agent and all-around muscle for Regina Dufresne.

Arthur_Dolan.jpgArthur “The Commander” Dolan (b. 1988)
Sous chef at Commander’s Palace.

Fifth Generation

No_Pic.jpgEmily Ida Dolan (b. 2003; Ally [Hospitality] •)
Daughter of Arthur Dolan. Chess prodigy.

The Jonases & Kanes

Family Trees
• 1. Unknown father + mother
 • 2. Earl Kane (b. unknown, d. 1992) + Lucille Jonas (formerly Kane, birth surname unknown) (b. 1966)
  • 3. Emil Kane (b. 1986, g. 2007) + Stephanie Hall (b. 1986, g. 2016)
   • 4. (See: The Hall family)

• 1. (Paul’s father + mother)
 • 2. Paul Jonas (b. 1960) + Lucille Jonas (formerly Kane, birth surname unknown) (b. 1966)
  • 3. Benjamin “Ben” Jonas (b. 1993)
  • 3. Justin Jonas (b. 1994)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgEarl Kane (b. unknown, d. 1992; Ally [Police] •••)

Paul.pngPaul Jonas (b. 1960; Ally [Legal] ••••)
A partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm of Simmons, Jonas, Kennedy, & Morton, Paul grew up in Baton Rouge and attended law school at Tulane in New Orleans before going to work for the FBI. (His son Justin remains eternally disappointed by the fact he wasn’t a “real” FBI agent: he merely did legal work for the Bureau.) Paul met his wife Lucille after her husband was murdered in a gang shooting and moved out to Los Angeles with her to pursue a better life. Both of them would likely say they’ve obtained that: private practice pays better than the FBI ever did, and they have three well-behaved boys all on track to enter good careers of their own. Paul has no particular desire to ever come back to Louisiana. He has never smoked, gotten drunk, or gotten high in his life, and enjoys golf, stamp collecting, and taking pictures of mailboxes. Most of his associates find him a thoroughly boring man.

Lucille.pngLucille Jonas (Ally [Corporate] •••)
Mother of Emil Kane and senior etiquette instructor at Clemonte Etiquette, a Los Angeles-based etiquette consultation company. She has vigilantly severed all ties to her former life in New Orleans.

Third Generation

Emil_Kane.jpgEmil Kane (b. 1986)
Malkavian ghoul, Jewish occultist, and computer programmer turned police officer.

No_Pic.jpgBenjamin “Ben” Jonas (b. 1993; Ally [Academia] •)

No_Pic.jpgJustin Jonas (b. 1994; Ally [Transportation] ••)

The Matrangas

Family Tree
• 1. Salustrio “Silver Penny Sal” Matranga (b. 1956) + Giorgina “Gina” “The Dragon” Matranga (née Carolla) (b. 1959)
 • 2. Guilo “Blackmatch” Matranga (b. 1983) + Lia Matranga (née Marchesi) (b. 1980)
  • 3. Marco Matranga (b. 2011)
  • 3. Carlo Matranga (b. 2013)
  • 3. Stella Matranga (b. 2014)
 • 2. Selena “Mona Smiles” Matranga (b. 1989) + (unknown partner)
  • 3. Aria Matranga (b. 2012)
 • 2. Frankie “Two-Shakes” Matranga (b. 1992)
 • 2. Maria Matranga (b. 1997)

First Generation

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgSalustio “Silver Penny Sal” Matranga (b. 1956; Ally [Underworld] •••)
Consigliere of the New Orleans Mafia. Great-grandson of Charles Matranga, the father of the Matranga crime family, Black Hand, from which the New Orleans Mafia sprung. Currently enjoying the hospitality of the Orleans Parish Prison. Has been there for more than a year as his trial keeps going sideways, seesawing back and forth for the DA and Sal.
Story Seven: Rocco Agnello sought to put Caroline Malveaux-Devillers on Sal’s case, but the plan wound up falling through.

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgGiorgina “Gina” “The Dragon” Matranga (née Marchesi) (b. 1959; Ally [Mafia] •)
Sal’s wife and frequent visitor to him at OPP. Nicknamed “the Dragon” for her intimidating presence. Jointly raising her granddaughter with her daughter Selena. Has cancer (again) but keeps smoking.

Second Generation

GuiloMatranga.jpgGuilo “Blackmatch” Matranga (b. 1980; Ally [Underworld] •••)
Sal’s older son. Newly appointed capo in the family business. Previously served in the Afghanistan War as a demolitions expert. His soldiers joke, darkly, that “if some fellas gots a ‘short-fuse’, Guilo’s gots a ‘no-fuse’.”

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgSelena “Mona Smiles” Matranga (b. 1989; Ally [Underworld] •)
Sal’s older daughter. Pregnant out of wedlock by an unknown father an jointly raising her child with her mother Gina. Club singer. Although she doesn’t do as many drugs as her middle brother, she has a reputation for alcohol abuse and promiscuity. For a while, there weren’t many mobsters brave enough to hook up with her, thanks to her father’s position in the mob, but that’s changed since his seemingly indefinite pre-trial lockup in OPP.

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgFrankie “Two-Shakes” Matranga (b. 1992; Ally [Underworld] •)
Sal’s younger son. Junkie artist. He’s sought to work directly for the mob a few times, but his father and older brother Guilo have always kept him out until he can “sober up,” which they doubt will be happening anytime soon. He’s a sporadic attendee of Donald O’Keele’s NA meetings.

Maria_Matranga.jpgMaria Matranga (b. 1997; Ally [Academia] •)
Younger daughter of Silver Panny Sal, consigliere for the New Orleans Mafia. Freshman and biology major who intends to go to med school. Girlfriend to Jacob “Jake” Kingsley and platonic friend to Alice Guillot, who she walked home with over the Companion App after the latter got out from a recent evening class.

The St. Georges

Family Tree
• 1. Mary St. George (b. 1950)
 • 2. Maria St. George (b. 1979) + (Maria’s husband)
  • 3. Karla St. George (b. 2011)
 • 2. Julius St. George (b. 1982)
 • 2. George St. George (b. 1982)
 • 2. Leslie “Kristina Winters” St. George (b. 1989)
 • 2. Jason St. George (b. 1990)
 • 2. (Mary’s last child)

First Generation

MaryStGeorge.jpgMary St. George (b. 1950; Ally [Church] ••)
Retired former social worker, foster mother of six (now grown) children, and now decade-long active volunteer working with the homeless or impoverished at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Mary is a lifelong Catholic firm in her faith and sound in her principle. She works to take down, store, and organize information on the local homeless and under served for the purpose of tracking aid that the church provides, in addition to overseeing many of the outreach and aid programs, most of which are staffed by local college students. A kindly and exceptionally patient woman, Mary never married, but instead raised half a dozen wards of the state, seeing five of them off to college and successful careers. Nonetheless, she’s haunted by Jason St. George, her one great failure, and wonders how she could have gone so wrong. Her continued service is in part an attempt to make amends for failing the young man. Short and plump, with a head of short iron gray hair, she has a matronly air about her and is fairly discerning in her ability to read people. Hosts four of her six children (the exceptions being Jason and Rebecca) every Sunday night for dinner.
Story Seven: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers discovered that Mary briefly served as a foster parent to Isabella Suarez’s younger brother Mattias Suarez after he was picked up by Child Protective Services. Isa was distressed to learn that Mary had long since reunited the boy with his family in Houston, who remain on good terms with her and profusely grateful to this day.

Second Generation

MariaStGeorge_Small.jpgMaria St. George (b. 1979; Ally [Legal] •)
The oldest of the St. George siblings, Maria is a married court stenographer with one small child, a disabled (wheelchair-bound) husband who now works as an accountant, and a deep hatred for the criminal justice system. Views the system as unjust, having seen enough cases, but careful to keep her head down and just do her job to provide for her family. Petite 5’3" Latina with a small frame, dark eyes, and darker hair that she typically wears braided behind her. Husband was an enlisted Marine who was injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq, and though his injury strained their marriage for a time, they’ve emerged stronger for it. Very close to her mother, who helps watch her daughter Karla (Karlita) during the day when they are both at work. Fiercely Catholic, even though her husband’s faith has lapsed.
Story Six: Maria served as the stenographer during Mercurial “Mouse” Fernandez’s arraignment. She took pity on the shoe-less and obviously out of his depth young man enough to give him money home for a bus ticket
Story Nine: Maria also served as the stenographer during Amelie Savard’s arraignment, but did not personally speak with her

Police_Small.jpgJulius St. George (b. 1982; Ally [Police] •)
Massive, athletic, with skin carved out of obsidian and a shaved pallet, Julius looks like a professional athlete or a back-alley nightmare. In truth, Julius is neither, serving on the City of New Orleans SWAT Team as a breacher, having recently joined the team after a three-year stint as a beat cop in the rough Ninth Ward. Not married, but dating a fellow (white) officer on the NOPD, Julius joined the force driven by a fierce sense of right and wrong instilled by his foster mother, and though he is deeply disturbed by some of the excesses of the force, he believes he can do the most good where he is. That is to say where God placed him, because as with most of the St. Georges, Julius is a devout Catholic who manages to get most Sundays off for both church and the family’s regular Sunday meal (which he has not yet brought his girlfriend too). Not particularly well-liked on the force among many of the black officers for his lack of corruption, and by many of the white officers because he’s black (and legitimately scares many of them). Spends most of his free time working out, eating incessantly (he knows all the best spots in the city), and working with local inner city youth groups, especially for under-served black youth.

georgeg.pngGeorge St. George (b. 1984; Ally [Industry] ••)
Unfortunate name aside, George St. George is just as successful as his foster siblings. He was lucky enough to be brought into Mary St. George’s home before he ever had a chance to lose sight of who he was within the state’s foster care, and never went through the rebellious teenage phase where he told her ”you’re not my real mom.” A devout Catholic, George joins his family every Sunday for their dinner and had even considered seminary school, though it appears that God had other plans for him. He now works as a financial analyst at LegalWings Bail Bonds, which sounds a little more involved than it is: mostly he goes through people’s belongings to appraise them in case clients default on their bonds or try to flee. He has a strong head for numbers and knowing that things are worth. Unmarried but looking, and recently ended a two-year relationship for “religious differences” after he discreetly fed his girlfriend a pill that would make her miscarry following a positive pregnancy test. Protests outside of abortion clinics in his spare time.

LeslieStGeorge.jpgLeslie “Kristina Winters” St. George (b. 1989; Ally [High Society] ••)
The red-haired, fair-skinned, long-legged St. George. Leslie went to college for marketing, but found on her return to New Orleans that she had a far more marketable option: her looks. Though she’d never let her family find out, her “marketing” career over the last four years has mostly consisted of working for Christina Roberts as a high-class escort. Of course, employees of Ms. Roberts have to be intelligent enough to carry a conversation, sophisticated enough to conduct themselves at high society functions, and discrete enough to keep themselves and their clients out of the tabloids, and in these categories Leslie has excelled. A straight-A student in college fluent in three languages, including French and Spanish, she has adapted well to working among society’s upper crust and become one of Roberts’ more trusted employees. Close to her mother and still visits her on Sundays for brunch, usually spending the afternoon volunteering with her at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church before the family’s regular Sunday night meal. Works in her job under the name “Kristina Winters”, with only her boss and a handful of others knowing her real name.
Leslie took Amelie Savard clothes shopping as “Kristina” and purported to be a personal assistant to her aunt Christina Roberts. Amelie later found out the true nature of Kristina’s work when she overhead Christina and her aunt’s friend Jill d’Agostino discussing the sexual services Kristina performed for Warren Whitney.

Jason_St_G.jpgJason St. George (b. 1990; Ally [Street] •)
Convicted pedophile, mugger, drug addict, and now drifter on the streets, Jason had every opportunity to succeed despite the troubled childhood he came from. Mary St. George adopted him when he was young and brought him into a loving household with brothers and sisters who embraced him as their own. Unfortunately for Jason, he turned from that path. Always slightly off, his future went completely off the rails when he was arrested after molesting a two-year-old girl in a Walmart bathroom. Subsequent raids on his college dorm room found a stash of explicitly violent child pornography. Jason subsequently spent more than four years in prison related to those charges even after pleading them down. He was caught in the system after his release and forced into chemical castration. It took less than three months after that for him to fail off the grid entirely, violating his parole and becoming just another junkie drifter on the city’s mean streets. He has remained there since early 2015, subsisting through a combination of begging and violence. White, nearly 6’0" tall, with ratty black hair and a scraggly beard.

4-Entry Families

The Broussards

Family Tree
• 1. André Broussard (b. 1937, d. 1973) + Ida Broussard (née Morein) (b. 1940)
 • 2. Hippolyte “Big Mon of Monteleone” Broussard (b. 1956)
  • 3. Symoné “Mo” Broussard (b. 1976) + (Symone’s partners)
   • 4. Keshaun Broussard (b. 1996)
   • 4. Batiste Broussard (b. 1999)
   • 4. Bebé Broussard (b. 2001)
   • 4. La’trice Broussard (b. 2005)
   • 4. Latifah Broussard (b. 2005, d. 2005)
   • 4. Latoya Broussard (b. 2005)
 • 2. (Hippo’s four other siblings)
  • 3. Jaquann “Jelly-Belly” Broussard (b. 2011)

Second Generation

HippolyteBroussard.jpgHippolyte “Big Mon of Monteleone” Broussard (b. 1956; Ally [Industry] ••)
Towering, thick-bodied ex-cop who somewhat famously works as a shoe-shiner outside the unequivocally famous Hotel Monteleone and Carousel Bar. Less remembered for serving almost a decade at the Farm after being first convicted of brutally assaulting Vera Malveaux and later exonerated when the true perpetrator was discovered.

Fourth Generation

Keshaun.jpgKeshaun Broussard (b. 1996; Ally [Street] •)
19-year-old currently serving in Orleans Parish Prison for setting a neighbor’s dog on fire. Like his younger brother Batiste, Keshaun grew up breaking, tagging, and running around with a cut-krewe. Unlike his brother, Keshaun was never that good with a blade and was lucky to lose only a few fingers before his fifteenth birthday. He likely would have lost a lot more if he hadn’t spent most of his adolescence in juvenile detention centers for vandalism, truancy, possession charges, and myriad other probation violations. Shortly after his last release, he and some other petty gangbangers began shaking down disabled neighbors for their social security checks. Yet, after mouthing off to one of his elderly victims, Keshaun was mauled by the woman’s pit-bull (his compatriots of course bolted and abandoned him). In retaliation, Keshaun returned the next day with a super-soaker filled with lighter fuel, hosed down the dog through its chain-linked fence, and then threw lit-matches at it. Livid, the dog’s owner violated the usual creed of never calling the cops. Keshaun might have dodged the police, but he decided to come back the next day and shake down the old lady for her social security check just as the cops arrived to take her statement.

Latoya_Latrice.jpgLatoya and La’trice Broussard (b. 2005; Ally [Street] •)
10-year-old twin daughters and local Double Dutch block queens. The inseparable pair acts as regular lookouts for their family and neighbors, alerting them to approaching police, social workers, and rival gangs with different skipping rhymes. When not jumping ropes or practicing new braids on each other and their shared doll, the girls torment their immediate and extended family with generally harmless pranks such as placing clear plastic wrap across toilet bowls, replacing Oreo icing with toothpaste, and stuffing cream cheese into deodorant sticks. In the past, the miscreants particularly enjoyed using their identical features to trick teachers and strangers. However, such schemes became impossible after a rival cut-thug slashed Latoya across the face, severing her left ear and leaving her permanently scarred. Far less visible is the spiritual wound they share: the twins were once triplets, but their sister Latifah drowned in Katrina’s floodwaters. Although only a few months old during the time of their sister’s death, the twins speak of her often as if she was alive. Most simply attribute such talk as referring to the girls’ doll, who is also named Latifah.

Jaquann.jpgJaquann “Jelly-Belly” Broussard (b. 2011; Ally [Street] 0)
6-year-old, 98-lb autistic son whose morbid obesity and odd mannerisms make him a frequent joke among his kin and neighbors. His classmates previously teased him with similar abandon until he sat on one of his tormentors and would have asphyxiated him if Jaquann hadn’t been pried off by two teachers. Due to the incident and Jaquann’s repeated theft of his classmates’ lunches, the corpulent kindergartener was expelled. Since then, Jaquann has been ‘home-schooled’, which in reality means he has been left to fend for himself during the day, gorging on potato chips, peanut butter, or whatever else he can find with his pudgy fingers. His aunt tried locking the fridge, but Jaquann bypassed the lock by breaking the door’s hinges. To say that the obese child has interests other than binging on food and TV would be nice, but sadly fraudulent.

The Cardonas

Family Tree
• 1. Marcello “Boxcars” Cardona (b. 1952) + (Marcello’s wife)
 • 2. Luciano “Lucky" Cardona (b. 1979)
 • 2. Vincenzo “Vinny” Cardona (b. 1979)

• 1. Mariella “Marie” Sheffield (b. 1968) + (Marie’s husband)
 • 2. (Marie’s three kids)

First Generation

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgMarcello “Boxcars” Cardona (b. 1952; Ally [Underworld] •)
Former leg-breaker and goon for the Mafia. Great-grandson of Bastiano Incardona, one of the “Infamous 11” hung by the jailhouse mob in 1891. Now ‘retired’, and not part of any crew, he spends a lot of his time, and an increasing amount of his money, losing bets at Harrah’s.

marie.pngMariella “Marie” Sheffield (b. 1968; Ally [Industry] ••)
Distantly related to the Cardona family (yes, that family, the one with alleged ties to the Mafia), Martha wasn’t close enough to the main family tree “to get caught up in all that nonsense.” She was one of Regina’s first employees and has been at LegalWings since her early twenties. Now almost 50, Marie works directly for Regina as her personal assistant. She makes the calls, schedules the meetings, and otherwise handles the day-to-day affairs of the Bail Bond Queen. Other employees describe her as a human pitbull: she’s fiercely protective of Regina’s time and runs the office with ruthless efficiency. Outside of work she’s as charming as any southern belle and has a fondness for pecan pie. She’s married to a contractor and has three kids, the oldest of whom is already making noise about becoming a bounty hunter when he grows up.

Second Generation

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgLuciano “Lucky" Cardona (b. 1979; Ally [Legal] •••)
Certified public accountant and attorney specializing in corporate law. Alleged ties to New Orleans Mafia. Twin brother of Vinny.

VincenzoCardona.jpgVincenzo “Vinny” Cardona (b. 1979; Ally [Police] •••)
White collar crime detective and racino addict. Former jockey and bantamweight boxer. Twin brother of “Lucky” Luciano.

The Delacroixes

Family Tree
• 1. (Milod’s and Ameline’s parents)
 • 2. Miloud Delacroix (b. 1945, d. 2010) + Lise Delaxroix (née Fontenot) (b. 1942, d. 2010)
  • 3. Philémon Delacroix (b. 1961) + Tanya Delacroix (née Landreneau) (b. 1955)
   • 4. Eveline “Lena” Merinelli (née Delacroix) (b. 1981) + Daniel “Dan” Merinelli (b. 1976, d. 2015?)
    • 5+. (See: The Merinelli family)
   • 4. Emmett Delacroix (b. 1991, d. 2016)
  • 3. Clarice Delacroix (b. 1963, d. 2014)
 • 2. Ameline Boulanjè (née Delaxroix) (b. 1950, d. 1984) + Jessy Boulanjè (b. 1949, d. 1984)
  • 3. (See: The Boulanjè family)
 • 2. (Milod’s and Ameline’s other siblings)
  • 3+. (Their descendants)

Third Generation

PhilemonDelacroix.jpgPhilémon Delacroix (b. 1961; Ally [Academia] •••)
Bayou-born environmental activist and associate professor of economics. Specializes in ecological economics and social accounting. Brother to Clarice Delacroix, father to Lena Merinelli and Emmett Delacroix, and on non-speaking terms with his son.

Tanya_Delacroix_S.jpgTanya Delacroix (née Landreneau) (b. 1955; Ally [Academia] •••)
Former Civil Rights activist and sociology professor. Sister to Ronnie Landreneau, mother to Lena Merinelli and Emmett Delacroix, and on non-speaking terms with her son.

Fourth Generation

EvelineMerinelli_Small.jpgEveline “Lena” Merinelli (née Delacroix) (b. 1981; Ally [Health] •)
Former pediatrician at Children’s Hospital New Orleans. Older sister to Emmett Delacroix. Recently sent to prison as an accessory to her brother’s murder, resulting in the suspension of her medical license.

Em.jpg Emmett “Em” Delacroix (b. 1991, d. 2016)
Scam artist turned wraith out to fix the mistakes that put him on the other side of the grave.

The Dufreneses, Exposes, & Wilkinsons

Family Tree
• 1. Ayido “Mama Wedo” Dufrene (b. 1961, d. 2015) + (unknown father)
 • 2. Amos Dufrene Wilkinson (b. 1977)
• 1. Ayido “Mama Wedo” Dufrene (b. 1961, d. 2015) + Shawn Expose (b. 1962, d. 1983)
 • 2. Corey “Da Chief” Expose (b. 1979) + (several partners)
  • 3. (Their children)
 • 2. Ronald “Ryulo” Expose (b. 1982) + (his partner)
  • 3. (Their son)

First Generation

Mama_Wedo.jpgAyido “Mama Wedo” Dufrene (b. 1961, d. 2015; Ally [Occult] ••••)
Mambo of Ayedo, though her approach to serving the loa with “both hands” (i.e., light and dark magic) was decidedly more bokor-like. Mother to Corey “Da Chief” Expose and Ronald “Ryulo” Expose. Recently deceased.

Second Generation

Pic.jpgAmos Dufrene Wilkinson (b. 1977; Ally [Health] ••••)
Coroner of Orleans Parish. First-term official and the first African-American to hold the office as well. He is also an assistant professor at Tulane Medical School, specifically of pathology and psychiatry. He helps run, or at least sits on the boards for several homeless shelters in the city. As coroner, he is in charge of all mental health institutionalization, sexual abuse investigation, and autopsies.
Louis Fontaine knew Amos for some years and was hired by him to look into Crystal Hampton’s death, which neither of them believed would receive anything but the most cursory investigation by NOPD. Amos later became Amelie Savard’s first victim following her Embrace, though the question of how fatally she injured him remains unresolved.

Corey.jpgCorey “Da Chief” Expose (b. 1979; Ally [Street •••)
Leader of the Cut-Throat-City Snake Gang with his younger brother Ronald “Ryulo” Expose, a major drug ring in CTC (i.e., Cross the Canal, aka Cut-Throat-City) in the lower Ninth Ward. Currently serving in the Farm, i.e., the Louisiana State Penitentiary. They, and seven of their crew, got busted in a major racketeering charge and drug dealing sting. Fancied himself a bokor, but he was a bad one in both ways.

Ronald.jpgRonald “Ryulo” Expose (b. 1982; Ally [Street] ••)
Younger brother to Corey Expose, also leading member in the Cut-Throat City Snake Gang. Currently serving in the Farm.

The Dufreneses (1)

• 1. Leonard Dufresne (b. 1941) + Annette Dufresne (née Smythers) (b. 1942, d. 1985)
 • 2. Elizabeth Dufresne (b. 1959) + (her husband)
  • 3. (their children)
 • 2. Regina Dufresne (b. 1962) + Arnold Hughes (b. 1947, d. 1996)
  • 3. Russel “Rusty” Dufresne (b. 1986)
  • 3. Reginald “Reggie” Dufresne (b. 1986)
  • 3. Randall “Randy” Dufresne (b. 1986)

Second Generation

reginasmall.jpgRegina Dufresne (b. 1962; Ally [Industry] ••••)
Owner of Legalwings Bailbonds, New Orlean’s premiere bail bond company. She started the business in the mid 80s and has steadily climbed to the top, forcing her competitors out of business or simply absorbing them into her company. Now known as NOLA’s Bail Bond Queen, Regina employs a few dozen people in various offices around the city. All three of her sons work for her in various roles. She’s a hard woman with a no-nonsense, no bullshit attitude who hasn’t been slowed down by her advancing age or the death of her boys’ dad.

Third Generation

Ra.jpgRandall “Randy” Dufresne (b. 1986; Ally [Industry] ••)
Randall grew up with the same stories that his older brothers did. He learned how to con, how to read a situation, how to lie through his teeth. He was less interested in academics than Rusty and never quite as good a shot as Reggie, but Randy brought something to the group that the others lacked: an innate sense of danger. Maybe it was a sixth sense, maybe it was a guardian angel, but Randy always seemed to know when the going was about to get tough. Reggie might be able to read a man as well as any card shark, and Rusty might be able to dig up all sorts of dirty laundry, but no matter how deep the shit they were in Randy would find a way out. He knew the city and the outlying areas as well as he knew just how to touch a woman to make her cream her panties; he knew which streets were speed-traps, which cops could be bribed to look the other way, which clients were likely to cause trouble and which would simply roll over. Maybe that’s why he fell in with Jade when he did—because, despite the warning bells going off in his head, she was simply too captivating a woman to walk away from. And when she offered him immortality in exchange for service, well, he was the first of his brothers to jump in feet first. He’s a driver by trade, both for his “babe” and for his family, and he’s the son his mother turns to when she thinks someone might have crossed the border, or when she needs something a little sensitive moved. After all, when you deal with as many criminals as they do, you’re bound to get caught up in something fun sooner or later.

reggiesmall.jpgReginald “Reggie” Dufresne (b. 1986; Ally [Industry] ••)
If Arnold Hughes could clone himself the result would be Reggie Dufresne. Of all the brothers, Reggie was closest to their father, eager to learn everything that he had to teach and soaking it all up like an earnest little sponge at his feet. He was the first to get his concealed permit, first to learn how to wield a blade just as well as he did a gun, and the first to lose his virginity. Cindy Maltz. He was an early teenager trying to pass as an adult, and Cindy proved the perfect mark for him, nevermind that she was 18 and he was 13. Their dalliance gave him a boost of confidence that never left, a self-assured smugness that some might even consider arrogance. But hey, when you look as good as Reggie does, what’s not to be confident about? Reggie served as his mother’s chief bounty hunter and all around muscle as soon as he was old enough to take the test. He’s the guy she sends when she needs to make sure shit gets done right, and he’s one of the few that she uses for her own personal protection if she’s making a public appearance. He runs a con as well as any smooth-talker, too, and knows all the bolt-holes and tricks that their clients like to pull when they get jumpy.

rustysmall.jpgRussel “Rusty” Dufresne (b. 1986; Ally [Industry] ••)
His “little brothers” might consider Rusty the odd man out in their trio, but Rusty has something that the other two don’t: brains. While Reggie and Randy were content to learn at their parent’s feet bout bounty hunting and tracking down marks, Rusty was busy learning how to prepare for the future. He knew that life wouldn’t always be like it was then, so when the Internet, cell phones, and computers started becoming a big thing he threw himself into them like a dollar bill in a stripper’s thong. Everyone has a digital footprint, he says, and he’s happy to find it for his mom and siblings to stretch their business even further. He’s in charge of the website, the emails, and all the rest of the digital content that the company needs. More than that, though, he dual-majored in Business and Criminal Justice. He said he didn’t need the official education for tech because “they’re not going to teach the things you really need to know.” He’s less interested in the “macho” field work that his two brothers use to butter their bread, but makes sure to keep himself in shape for the days he gets the urge to put someone’s head through a wall.

The Flynns

Family Tree
• 1. John Michael Flynn (b. 1952) + Charity Flynn (née Newcome) (b. 1958)
 • 2. Rebecca “Becca” Flynn (b. 1991)
 • 2. Malcolm Flynn (b. 1994)

First Generation

JohnFlynn.jpgJohn Michael Flynn (b. 1952; Ally [Bureaucracy] ••)
Pole climber for AT&T for 26 years who was eligible for retirement last year, John is a fiercely blue color working Catholic who wonders where he went so wrong as a parent and refuses to leave his job, lest he be left with nothing. With his son in a drug addict in prison and his daughter a “degenerate homosexual whore,” Michael has fallen into his work, his hobbies and light beers by the dozen to avoid facing the “failure” of his life. Those hobbies include protesting at abortion clinics and attending sporting events. Even his wife Charity rarely seems to interact with him, leaving him to his hobbies.

CharityFlynn_S.jpgCharity Flynn (née Newcome) (b. 1958; Ally [Academia] ••)
A sheltered long-time kindergarten teacher at Martin Behrman Elementary School and mother to Becca Flynn, Charity Flynn is caught between her faith and her family. Charity is a devout Catholic and the life choices of her children weigh heavily upon her. She recently began meeting with her daughter for lunch in an attempt to reconcile Becca’s life choices and sinful ways with the love of Jesus Christ. She occasionally protests outside of abortion clinics with her husband, though she has grown increasingly estranged from him as he’s fallen further into apathy. She secretly pays her daughter’s phone bill.

Second Generation

RebeccaFlynn.jpgRebecca “Becca” Flynn (b. 1991; Ally [Academia] •)
Tulane Law senior struggling to keep her head afloat financially. Born to working-class parents, Becca’s rebellious youth (and coming out) estranged her from her deeply religious parents and stuck her out on her own. She’s made her way working mostly service-industry jobs and occasionally moonlighting as an escort, but more recently has worked in the Corner Club as a bartender. She supplements her income by keeping an eye on Westley Malveaux when he visits the club (which is often), but desperately wants to just finish her degree and get a “real” job. Secretly visits with her mother every other week, and tries to visit her brother Malcolm at least once a month. Wants to go into criminal law as a defense attorney, and contends he got a raw deal.
Story Six: Becca was friends with Mercurial “Mouse” Fernandez and had a brief phone conversation with him shortly before his incarceration in Orleans Parish Prison. She attended the subsequent protests managed to flee the ensuing brawl before NOPD arrived to arrest the other attendees.
Story Ten: Becca was present for Caroline Malveaux-Devillers’ 26th birthday party.

Malcolm_Flynn.jpgMalcolm Flynn (b. 1994; Ally [Street] •)
College dropout, drug addict, and now convicted felon, Malcolm Flynn’s religious upbringing seems to have done little to affect the course of his life. Despite promising grades in high school, Malcolm ran wild at LSU and eventually fell in with the wrong crowd. Partying led to drug use, which led to harder drugs, and finally landed him on the crack pipe. After that, nothing else mattered. Popped for breaking and entering a year ago after he broke into his parents’ home to steal his mother’s jewelry and sentenced to eighteen months. His father testified against him, and neither he nor his mother have visited him in prison, though his sister has.

The Landrys

Family Tree
• 1. (Raymond Sr.‘s and Mallory’s parents)
 • 2. Raymond “Big Ray” Landry Sr. (b. 1956) + (his wife)
  • 3. Raymond “Slim Ray” Landry Jr. (b. 1985)
 • 2. Mallory Landry (b. 1959) + Patrick Dolan (b. 1962)
• 1. Betty “Madison Raine” Landry (b. 1946) + (her husband)
 • 2. (their children)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgRaymond “Big Ray” Landry, Sr (b. 1956; Ally [Media] ••)
Retired journalist, an old newshound muckraker, who used to work for the local Times-Picayune. Covered crime and politics and anything else hot he could find. Frequent patron of the bowling alley owned by his brother-in-law, Patrick Dolan. Heads a local bowling league team, the Limbo Kings.

betty.pngMadison Raine (Ally [Industry] ••)
A lot of people say that the salon industry is a young woman’s game. They see the glitz and glam of the women who work all around the world at salons—nevermind the fact that men are a very real part of the industry—and assumes that most of them are young, vibrant, and spry. Maybe Madison never heard those “rules,” or maybe Madison just doesn’t care about the rules, because at almost seventy-years-old she’s still going strong. She looks old enough to be someone’s grandmother but lacks the telltale wrinkles and still has a spring in her step, and she credits her good looks and savvy fashion sense to her time in the industry. Madison said she fell into the skincare business after a long career working in the correctional field, when she noticed the general lack of health and pallor among the inmates. She got her start in Hollywood in the mid ‘80s when she was already 40-years-old and names a number of old movie stars among her clients. She credits her time there with the name change from ”Betty Landry” to ”Madison Raine,” which just felt more elegant. She claims to have worked on such figures as former president Ronald Reagan and the Queen of England. Madison “retired” at 60 and moved to NOLA to be closer to her remaining family, then decided to come out of retirement and took a job at Flawless. She still likes to wear a bold red lip when she’s out and about and pairs it with large glasses, dangling costume jewelry, and a fire-cracker personality.

Police_Small.jpgMallory D. Landry (b. 1959; Ally [Police] ••••)
Deputy Superintendent of the Management Services Bureau (MSB), which provides NOPD administrative and support services, including budgetary, record-keeping, recruitment, training, and facility and fleet services. Civil appointee in the wake of corruption allegations following Hurricane Rita. Wife of Patrick Dolan. Younger sister and paternal aunt to Raymond Landry, Sr. and Jr., respectively.

Pat_D.jpgPatrick Dolan (b. 1962; Ally [Hospitality] ••)
Owner and operator of Mid-City Lanes, a purgatory-themed bowling alley called “the Gutter” by its regulars and naysayers.

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgRaymond “Slim Ray” Landry, Jr (b. 1985; Ally [Media] ••••)
Son of the Times-Picayune journalist “Big Ray”, “Slim Ray” followed his father’s footsteps but in a modern recast. He graduated summa cum laude from Stanford in Computer Science, then returned to the Big Easy to work his way up to becoming the head data content analyst of Less publicly known is that he’s also a gray hat, or at least past one. As a far more mundane recreation, he’s part of his father’s bowling league team, the Limbo Kings.
Louis Fontaine was a long-time friend of the Landrys and went to Slim Ray to dig up information on the mortal background of Eric Tantal, a Tremere associated with his former NOPD partner Peter Lebeaux.
Slim Ray served as Milo Glass’ boss at the Times-Picayune and was chill when the troubled hacker called in to take a supposed sick day from work.

The McGinnes & Prices

Family Tree
• 1. Cassidy McGinnes (b. 1988) + Damien Price (b. 1981)
 • 2. Collin McGinnes (b. 2009)
• 1. Regan McGinnes (b. 1990)

First Generation

Damien.jpgDamien Price (b. 1981; Ally [Street] •)
Father of Collin McGinnes, currently serving time in Angola for domestic violence and drug possession. Knows that his son has “the Gift” and would exploit that talent to his own ends. Up for parole.

Cassidy_M.jpgCassidy McGinnes (b. 1988; Ally [Hospitality] ••)
Regan’s older sister and lead singer, electric fiddler, and tin whistler for celtic-punk band St. John’s Banshees. Works as a part-time waitress at several Mid-City pubs and taverns, including the Bulldog. She has a 6-year-old son named Collin whose father, Damien Price, is at Angola for domestic violence and drug possession. Cassidy has an on and off again romantic relationship with fellow bandmate, Darcy Quillen.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers heard Cassidy and the other Banshees playing at the Rock-n-Bowl during her altercation with the Eight-Nine-Six Anarch krewe.

No_Pic.jpgRegan McGinnes (b. 1990; Ally [Trasportation] •)
Tulane drop-out and tattoo-enthusiast who works in the CBD, Mid-City, and surrounding areas as a bike courier. Descendent of Irish-American portage-laborers and sometime-patron of Danny’s. Sings and plays the electric banjo for the St. John’s Banshees, an all-girl, celtic punk band that has marginal (at best) popularity in the Mid-City and local campuses. Fellow band-Entrys include her sister, Cassidy McGinnes, and Darcy Quillen.

Second Generation

Colin_McGinnes_Small.jpgColin McGinnes (b. 2009; Ally [Occult] •)
Six-year-old biracial son of Cassidy McGinnes and Damien Price. Unbeknownst to his mother and other caretakers, he has nascent precognitive abilities that have not escaped the notice of watchful powers.

The Merinellis

Family Tree
• 1. Daniel “Dan” Merinelli (b. 1976, d. 2015?) + Eveline “Lena” Merinelli (née Delacroix) (b. 1981)
 • 2. Maya Merinelli (b. 2006, d. 2015?)
 • 2. Noah Merinelli (b. 2008, d. 2015?)

First Generation

Daniel_Merinelli_S.jpegDaniel “Dan” Merinelli (b. 1976, d. 2015?; Ally [Corporate] •••)
Aerospace engineer. He is facing some amount of financial hardship after his wife’s arrest, conviction as an accessory to Emmett’s murders, and subsequent job loss.

EvelineMerinelli_Small.jpgEveline “Lena” Merinelli (née Delacroix) (b. 1981; Ally [Health] •)
Former pediatrician at Children’s Hospital New Orleans. Recently sent to prison as an accessory to her brother Emmett’s murders, resulting in the suspension of her medical license.

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgMaya Merinelli (b. 2006, d. 2015?)
Older daughter of Daniel and Lena Merinelli, and nephew to Emmett Delacroix. Possibly deceased as a result of the Merinelli family’s lives being used as collateral for Emmett’s debt to the Dixie Mafia.

No_Pic.jpgNoah Merinelli (b. 2008, d. 2015?)
Younger son of Daniel and Lena Merinelli, and nephew to Emmett Delacroix. Possibly deceased as a result of the Merinelli family’s lives being used as collateral for Emmett’s debt to the Dixie Mafia.

The Rabinowitzes

• 1. Simon Rabinowitz (b. 1964) + Deborah Cohen (b. 1966)
 • 2. Autumn Rabinowitz (b. 1991)
• 1. Simon Rabinowitz (b. 1964) + Elizabeth Rabinowitz (-née Bercow-) (b. 1962, d. 2008)
 • 2. Jefrrey Rabinowitz (b. 2003)
 • 2. Stephanie Rabinowitz (b. 2006)

First Generation

No_Pic.jpgSimon Rabinowitz (Ally [Academia] ••)
Father of the Rabinowitzes. Schoolteacher at a public charter school.

Second Generation

Autumn_Alt_Small.jpgAutumn Rabinowitz (Ally [Media] ••)
Recent college graduate and director of media relations for the law firm Bishop, Bowden, Reffett, & Ericson.

No_Pic.jpgJeffrey Rabinowitz (b. 2003; Ally [Academia] 0)
Middle child and only son of the family. Sometimes “tries” to make cookies with his younger sister Stephanie, usually to the result of eating the dough.
Story Three: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers once read a text message he sent to Autumn.

Stef.jpgStephanie “Stef” Rabinowitz (b. 2006; Ally [Academia] 0)
Youngest child and daughter of the family. Has diabetes and sometimes “tries” to make cookies with her older brother Jeffrey, usually to the result of eating the dough.
Story Three: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers once read a text message her brother sent about her to Autumn.
Story Twelve: Caroline met Stef when she came to Devillers family home for a dance lesson with Simmone Devillers. The lower middle-class girl seemed nervous about breaking anything in the expensive house.

The Whitneys

Family Tree
• 1. Warren Whitney I (b. 1898, d. 1925) + (Warren I’s wife)
 • 2. Warren Whitney II (b. 1925, d. 1989) + (Warren II’s wife)
  • 3. Lyman Whitney (b. 1949) + Bethany Whitney (née Kelly) (b. 1951, d. 2008)
   • 4. Warren Whitney III (b. 1972) + unknown mother
    • 5. Sarah Whitney (b. 1998)
   • 4. Rebecca Whitney (b. 1986, d. 2004)
 • 2. Mary Malveaux (née Whitney) (b. 1934) + Thomas Malveaux (b. 1933)
  • 3+. (See: The Malveaux family)

Third Generation

Lyman.jpgLyman B. Whitney (b. 1949; Ally [Corporate] ••••)
Former chairman and CEO of Whitney National Bank (and descendant of the principal founder of the eponymous bank back in 1883). Publicly, he retired from his position after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when his company almost went bankrupt. Privately, he was forced out by the board because he was going slowly but steadily mad. Currently lives in the clock tower-turned-penthouse atop the main branch of ‘his’ bank on St. Charles Avenue in the CBD. Has a psychotic obsession with clocks and time, including his penchant for collecting pictures of people’s watches and for tracking the specific day, hour, minute, and second of every birth and death in NOLA. Thus far, Whitney’s family and board members appease Lyman’s lunacies in hopes of keeping his otherwise scandalous madness a secret.
Lyman facilitated Amelie Savard’s overnight stay at the infamous LaLaurie House, which had been repossessed by Whitney Hancock Bank. Caroline Malveaux-Devillers subsequently earned Lyman’s inordinate gratitude when she saved his granddaughter Sarah’s life during the Eighth District police station shooting.

Fourth Generation

Warren_W.jpgWarren Whitney III (b. 1972; Ally [High Society] ••••)
Indolent financial magnate and son of Lyman Whitney. Raised to be the presumptive chairman and CEO, he was ousted by John Harston who led a merger with its now-parent company, Hancock Holding Company in 2010. Although Warren holds a major portion of the bank’s shares and remains absurdly wealthy, he has little say in its governance and rarely attends board meetings. Instead, he whiles away his time as one of NOLA’s notorious playboys hosting decadent soirees aboard his ludicrously large pleasure yacht, the Saturnalia. Less well-known is his private passion and peccadillo of directing and producing faux snuff films.
Amelie Savard overheard her aunt Christina Roberts name Warren as a customer of hers. She said he enjoyed staging faux hangings with Kristina Winters and had come into the possession of some actual snuff films, which he was increasingly aroused by. Jill d’Agostino, who she was discussing the matter with, wondered if the films’ unknown sender was trying to push Warren into murder for purposes of obtaining blackmail material. The two resolved to use Kristina to find out.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers met Warren at the hospital following his daughter Sarah’s shooting by Richard Gettis, though he was not present at the immediate scene when her grandfather was. He was also inordinately grateful to the Ventrue for saving Sarah’s life and was later present at the Commander’s Palace dinner to celebrate her recovery.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca Whitney (b. 1986, d. 2004; Ally [Academia] ••)
The 18-year-old daughter of Lyman Whitney and sister of Warren Whitney, Rebecca was described by Diana Flores as “her year’s brightest star” in 2004’s graduating class. A Wellesley-bound debutante who was beloved by many, Rebecca was killed by a student drunk driver on the same night she was crowned prom queen. The tragedy was devastating to McGehee’s community, whose administration debated abolishing coed proms altogether, but “settled” for hiring a full-time school psychologist to counsel grieving students and faculty. Rebecca’s parents subsequently established the Rebecca M. Whitney Foundation in her name to provide scholarships and ISAs to promising students. Though Rebecca’s peers have long since graduated, many of her teachers remember her fondly (if sadly).
Story One: Amelie Savard overheard a story from several students that Rebecca’s ghost still haunts McGehee’s dances, either crashing the cars of drunk boyfriends or protecting girls from “jerk guys,” though one variation of the story claims only drunk people can see her ghost. Hannah Burroughs thought that was “convenient.”
Story Eight: Arthur Dolan overheard an abbreviated version of the same story in 2007 when he was chaperoning a dance at McGehee. Then-Principal Catherine Strong told him to make students stop repeating it around Rebecca’s father Lyman (also a chaperon at the dance), who was understandably distressed.
Cécilia Devillers remarked to Emmett Delacroix in 2007 that she wished she’d gotten to know Rebecca before she died, saying that, “I’ve heard so many stories about her from so many people. She was very loved.”

Fifth Generation

Sarah_Whitney_Small.jpgSarah Whitney (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] ••)
Daughter of Warren Whitney, granddaughter of Lyman B. Whitney, and sole heiress to her family’s name and fortune. Sarah grew up in the shadow of her aunt Rebecca’s premature death (caused by a drunk driver during her aunt’s senior year prom), which affected her father and especially grandfather deeply. She is a junior at McGehee and very popular there, but prefers to play the social beta and let her best friend Susannah Kelly claim more spotlight than she does (and who she ran for vice president of the student government alongside). She’s lived on her own since she earned her driver’s license in an apartment paid for by her family, which even her privileged peers are jealous of.

3-Entry Families

The Ardoins & Marrons

Ardoin Family Tree
• 1. Pamela Ardoin (b. 1960) + unknown father
 • 2. Betram “Born-Again” Ardoin (b. 1988)
• 1. Pamela Ardoin (b. 1960) + Jerry Marron Jr. (b. 1961)

Marron Family Tree
• 1. Jerry Marron Sr. (b. 1938, d. 2007) + Betty Marron (née Glass) (b. 1942, d. 2013)
 • 2. Jerry Marron Jr. (b. 1961) + (his ex-wife)
  • 3. (Jerry’s children)
   • 4. (Jerry’s seven grandchildren)
 • 2. Jerry Marron Jr. (b. 1961) + Pamela Ardoin (b. 1960)

First Generation

Pam_Ardoin.jpgPamela Ardoin (b. 1960; Ally [Health] ••)
A senior nurse who has worked at Tulane Medical Center for almost three decades. Loathes cops and has a love-hate relationship with addicts due to her son Bertram’s substance abuse and resultant legal problems. Despite her age, her thick body and stout frame have caused some patients to mistake her for an orderly. Married to Jerry Marron, Jr. in 2010 but retained her maiden name, due to being “Too old a dog to come to a new name.” Though she helps him take care of his Alzheimer’s-afflicted uncle Martin, one of the surest ways for Jerry’s adult children to rouse her ire is by treating her like an on-duty nurse (unintentionally or otherwise).
Paloma treated Emmett Delacroix during his time in Tulane Medical Center. She believed the newly-legless amputee to be a drug addict and showed him a decidedly cold bedside manner. Lou encountered her when he was visiting Desire at TMC. Given that he had been the one to arrest Paloma’s son Bertram years earlier, she was less than pleased to see him, and called security to escort him off the premises. Milo Glass made awkward conversation with her after coming over to visit his father Martin.

JerryMarron.pngJerry Marron, Jr. (b. 1971; Ally [Bureaucracy] ••••)
New Orleans’ district chief fire marshal and husband to Pamela Ardoin. Gossip and the gospel-truth agree that Jerry inherited his position from his uncle, Martin Glass. His uncle served as a NOFD firefighter before an injury forced him to accept a lateral promotion at the fire marshal’s office, where he worked initially as an inspector before climbing the ranks to district chief. During that time, Jerry Junior became an inspector with his sole qualification being his pedigree. Later, when Martin Glass stepped down, Jerry Junior took his place–at least in name. In truth, the current district chief is confounded by NOLA’s prolix bureaucracy, and his understanding of his own district’s role in that web is only a little better. Indeed, Jerry Junior used to simply rely on his uncle, coming to him whenever there was a problem he couldn’t easily solve (which covered most of the district’s operations), and obediently doing whatever his uncle told him to do.
So divesting his authority, Jerry has spent his days on ocean fishing tours, hosting blue-collar neighborhood broils at his heavily expanded Bywater residence, and buying presents for his seven grandchildren. Yet, since Katrina, Alzheimer’s disease has been inexorably stealing his uncle’s mind, which has left the current district chief to rely upon increasingly erratic, faulty advice. After such literally demented counsel caused not one, but two front-page fiascos, Jerry has begun to lean upon his secretaries and two district captains to effectively do his job. More than anything, Jerry is afraid his employees and the greater public will learn just how unqualified he is, and in doing so, forever tarnish the reputation of his uncle, whom he idolizes. Consistent with his general obliviousness, though, Jerry doesn’t realize that both of his fears are increasingly coming true.
Story Seven: Jerry is a cousin to Milo Glass and spoke with him when he came over to visit his father Martin. He was dismayed to inform to Milo that the conversation they’d had about local firefighters filing false injury claims was actually a result of Martin confusing memories with a story he’d read about Los Angeles firefighters.

Second Generation

Bert_Ardoin.jpgBertram “Born-Again” Ardoin (b. 1988; Ally [Church] •)
Former meth-head who served a few stints in the Orleans Parish Prison for possession, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He then did a nickel at the Farm after lighting a police car on fire in protest of the NOPD arresting his dealer. Angola was less than kind to the middle-class junkie, but his time there brought about a rabid conversion to Evangelical Christianity via a televangelist’s show being regularly broadcast in the Farm’s TV. Following his release, he sought out the Southern televangelist and pledged his life’s service to the fiery preacher. Since then, Bertram has become a largely sober roadie and all-purpose lackey for the televangelist’s lucrative broadcasts and far-reaching ministry. Bertram is the son of a Tulane nurse, Pamela, with whom he is estranged as a result of his drug and legal problems and her belief that the televangelist is a hypocritical sham.
Story Three: Louis Fontaine was the officer who arrested Bertram for lighting his car on fire some years back. His mother Paloma still has not forgiven the now-PI.

The Cherrys

Family Tree
• 1. Noelle Cherry (née Robins) (b. 1959) + (Noelle’s husband)
 • 2. Edward Cherry (b. 1987)
 • 2. Hillary Cherry (b. 1989)

First Generation

NoelleCherry_S.jpgNoelle Cherry (née Robins) (b. 1959; Ally [Politics] ••••)
Democratic state senator for Senate District 4, Senate minority leader, and former Tulane professor who ran a strong campaign against Nathaniel Malveaux in 2012 for national office but was ultimately beaten out by prevailing political winds, Malveaux money and influence, and a last-minute scandal involving her daughter Hillary’s medical records being leaked to unsavory news outlets. Prided herself during the campaign, right up until her daughter’s privacy was so grievously violated, on running a relatively principled campaign. Now deeply regrets doing so and is still nursing a bitter grudge over both the election results, events surrounding it, and the harm done to her daughter, holding the Malveauxes responsible. Well-off but not wealthy, she rubs elbows with the upper class mostly as it relates to the donor class, and is frequently found in high society functions trawling for donations for her next campaign on the state level, and eventually on the national level. Works at the statehouse in Baton Rouge, but typically returns to New Orleans during the weekend and on holiday recesses.

Second Generation

Edward_Cherry.jpgEdward Cherry (b. 1987; Ally [Academia] ••)
Wheelchair-bound son of Noelle and Francis Cherry, older brother to Hillary Cherry, and now-TA seeking his master’s degree at Tulane, Edward joined the Marines out of college and commissioned as a second lieutenant. He was sent to Afghanistan, where he was maimed by an IED and discharged after less than a year. He tries to keep upbeat and focused on his future without letting his disability impede him, but he’d always been athletic and is privately enraged by his newfound physical weakness. He’s now fiercely anti-war and a strong advocate of withdrawal from forward deployment by U.S. forces, though that cause has lost political traction over the years. He has a strong influence on his mother’s politics with regards to foreign policy and eventually hopes to go into politics himself, perhaps from a policymaking perspective.
He’s missing his left leg below the knee but is much more impeded by the spinal damage he suffered.
Story Seven: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers ran into Edward at a concert she attended, where she saw him speaking with Abraham Garcia. Edward had no words when he saw Caroline and spat at her feet before wheeling off.
Story Eleven: Edward asked Celia Flores out in 2008 when they were in college together. She declined at her father’s behest.

Hillary_Cherry.jpgHillary Cherry (b. 1989; Ally [Hospitality] •)
Hillary was 17 years old when she made a single poor choice: sleeping with her then-boyfriend without using protection. She had an abortion three months later, with her mother’s written permission per state law. That was that for six years until the height of the 2012 election cycle, when her medical records were leaked to the public in a staggering breach of privacy. Word that her mother had signed off on the abortion tanked her numbers only days before the election. As hard as Noelle took the defeat, Hillary, then a senior in college, took it harder. The political scandal combined with the harassment she received led to a nervous breakdown when she attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. She was placed in a recovery program and eventually rejoined society, but she has avoided her mother ever since. That was several years ago. She now works as a waitress in the French Quarter and Commander’s Palace, hoping to fade into obscurity. Her parents frequently attempt to reach out to her, but she believes she’s been nothing but a burden on them. She’s still damaged and has slipped into a pattern of destructive and abusive relationships, often with her coworkers. Her two dogs and four cats lend what emotional support they can’t.
Story One: Christina Roberts discussed Hillary’s situation in passing with her friend Jill d’Agostino. The two joked about offering her a job, but concluded it would likely make her problems worse.
Story Six: Milo Glass listened to f0xx[DR] share her opinion that Hillary’s mother had orchestrated her own pregnancy and abortion as part of a long-shot political gambit to help elect her governor in 20 years. Milo concluded f0xx[DR] was full of it.
Story Seven: Hillary wound up serving Caroline Malveaux-Devillers and her brother Luke during the dinner party at Commander’s Palace. The situation was extremely awkward for all parties, but was cut short when Arthur Dolan arranged to have Amanda Williams take over as the table’s waitress. Hillary immediately left without speaking a word to either Malveaux.
Story Eight: In 2007, Hillary was in a relationship with Emil Kane. She auditioned with him for Emmett Delacroix’s movie and complained how then-minority leader Nathaniel Malveaux was causing an enormous headache for her mother even when the Democratic Party controlled all three branches of the state government.

The Freneaus & Mauriers

Family Tree
• 1. John Maurier (b. 1926, d. 1998) + Helen Maurier (née Chapman) (b. 1928, d. 2004)
 • 2. Doris Flores (née Freneau) (b. 1947) + Charles Flores (b. 1944)
  • 3+. (See: The Flores family)
 • 2. James Freneau (b. 1951) + Abigail Freneau (née Maurier) (b. 1951, d. 2008)
  • 3. Sebastian Freneau (b. 1972) + Kimberly Guillory (b. 1970)
   • 4. Rachel Freneau (b. 1998)
   • 4. Olivia Freneau (b. 2002)
• 1. Patricia Maurier (b. 1928)

First Generation

Pat_Maurier.jpgPatricia “Pat” Maurier (b. 1928; Ally [Bureaucracy] •••••)
Parish clerk of Orleans Parish. 87-year-old dried up spinster who claims she is the bastard daughter of William Faulkner. She’s sharp as a whip and with a mind like a steel trap despite her age. She’s a consummate clerk, wielding political power from behind the castles of paperwork. She binges on old bourbon (her family is old money) after every election she oversees, and quotes liberally from her “old man.” She claims she’s named after a character in his book Mosquitoes (or the character is named after her). Likes puzzles and riddles and writes gaudy mystery-romances under a pen name. She’s “decided” that she will live to 90, then retire and die. Likely in that order, she laughs.
Story One: Amelie Savard listened to Pat address McGehee’s student body during the school’s opening assembly. She mentioned being an alumnus of the class of ‘46 and exhorted the girls to “spread [their] wings and fly far” while remembering their family’s roots.
Story Two: Pat was present for the Eighth District police shooting after arriving to help bail her several-times-great-niece Rachel out of trouble.
Story Three: Louis Fontaine knew Pat for decades and consulted with her to research the Slattern Slashers. The two also shared drinks and morbid humor over getting old.

Third Generation

Pat_Maurier.jpgSebastian Freneau (b. 1972; Ally [High Society] ••••)
Owner of the Boomtown Casino & Hotel New Orleans in Harvey. Sebastian has a somewhat unconventional background for a casino owner, having been born to old money and worked as a statistics professor at Tulane University before he went into the gambling business. He likes to joke that he only did so because his incredible “luck” (which he insists is no such thing, but merely a superior understanding of probability to what most gamblers have) got him banned from playing at nearly every casino in the state. Sebastian is retired from teaching these days, but sits on the Board of Tulane and has a real knack for raising money.

Fourth Generation

No_Pic.jpgRachel Freneau (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] •)
Great-great-niece of Patricia Maurier, the city’s parish clerk, and daughter of Sebastian Freneau, a casino owner. Rachel has a morbid streak and fascination with the dark and macabre that made her an avid fan of Amelie Savard’s idea to spend the night in the LaLaurie House. The more popular girls subtly put Rachel down and belittled her strange interests, but she seemingly still sided with them against Amelie during the “prank” they were determined to play. When Rachel and the other girls were arrested by NOPD in the disastrous “sleepover’s” aftermath, her father and several-times-aunt helped secure her release.

The Glasses

Family Tree
• 1. (Martin’s + Betty’s parents)
 • 2. Betty Marron (née Glass) (b. 1942, d. 2013) + Jerry Marron Sr. (b. 1938, d. 2007)
  • 3. (See: The Marron family)
 • 2. Martin Glass (b. 1952) + Jasmine Hailey (b. 1963)
  • 3. Milo Glass (b. 1992)
  • 3. Malcolm Glass (b. 1992, d. 2002)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgMartin Glass (b. 1952; Ally [Bureaucracy] •)
Former NOFD firefighter before an injury forced him to accept a lateral promotion at the fire marshal’s office, where he worked initially as an inspector before climbing the ranks to district chief. He retired after Katrina when early-onset Alzheimer’s disease began stealing his mind at only 53 years old.

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgMalcolm Glass (b. 1992, d. 2002)
Twin brother to Milo Glass. Disappeared in 2002 and presumed (as well as legally declared) deceased.

Milo.jpgMilo Glass (b. 1992)
Paranoid hacktivist, content analyst at the Times-Picayune, and sometime cyberterrorist.

The Haileys

Family Tree
• 1. Jasmine Hailey (b. 1963) + Martin Glass (b. 1952)
 • 2. Milo Glass (b. 1992)
 • 2. Malcolm Glass (b. 1992, d. 2002)

First Generation

Jasmine.jpgJasmine Hailey (b. 1963; Ally [Media] •)
Late night host of “Ask Jasmine”, a radio advice show in which she “helps” people with their “problems.” Sultry voice, but in truth closer to fifty and showing her age badly. Jasmine studied psychology in undergrad thirty years ago, but found that more ridiculous ‘Dr. Phil’ methods made for better ratings, and it’s questionable how much she manages to help anyone. Particularly enjoys advising women to leave their husbands or boyfriends. She herself has been divorced three times.
Milo called his mother to spend the night at her place following his surprise eviction by Mrs. Quach.

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgMalcolm Glass (b. 1992, d. 2002)
Twin brother to Milo Glass. Disappeared in 2002 and presumed (as well as legally declared) deceased.

Milo.jpgMilo Glass (b. 1992)
Paranoid hacktivist, content analyst at the Times-Picayune, and sometime cyberterrorist.

The Kellys

Family Tree
• 1. Joseph Kelly (b. 1926) + Dorothy Kelly (née Lawless) (b. 1931)
 • 2. Bethany Whitney (née Kelly) (b. 1951, d. 2008) + Lyman Whitney (b. 1949)
  • 3+. (See: The Whitney family)
 • 2. Edward Kelly (b. 1957) + (his wife)
  • 3. (Edward’s children)
 • 2. Robert Kelly (b. 1960) + Rosalyn Kelly (née Andrews) (b. 1969)
  • 3. Gabriella Kelly (b. 1992) + (Gabriella’s husband)
   • 4. (Gabriella’s children)
  • 3. Samuel Kelly (b. 1994)
  • 3. Susannah Kelly (b. 1998)

First Generation

No_Pic.jpgJoseph H. Kelly (b. 1926; Ally [Politics] ••••• •)
89-year-old senior senator from Louisiana, Kelly has been a fixture in national politics for generations. A “former” member of the Ku Klux Klan and strong ally of Senator Strom Thurmond before his death, Kelly has survived every challenge thrown at him at the state level with a ruthless combination of alleged voter suppression and election fraud. He claims to have renounced his racist views, but still commonly gaffes with offensive comments which he claims are cultural. He actually disdains many lower-class whites as well, particularly the less “gentlemanly” parts of the white power movement such as the Aryan Nation. Kelly’s election machine in the state is second to none, and as a result he wields vast power politically throughout. A graduate of the Citadel, he remains surprisingly spry for his age.

Third Generation

gabe1.pngGabriella Kelly (b. 1992; Ally [High Society] •)
By the time she was a teenager Gabriella was a self-identified bull dyke who went by “Gabe” instead of one of the more feminine versions of her name. She grew up in a conservative household and spent her teenage and young adult years raging against the machine and the patriarchy and everything that her grandfather and her parents stood for. She liked loud music, punk bands, and had more color on her skin and metal in her face than a modern art exhibit. At least until she turned nineteen. After that she settled down; she found Jesus, let her hair grow beyond the buzz cut, underwent expensive laser treatments to remove the tattoos, and took all the piercings out. There’s a rumor she had gastric bypass—how else could she have lost the weight so quickly?—but Gabriella hasn’t bothered to confirm or deny. She’s been busy with her husband and children since they married in 2013 and appears to be content as his trophy wife, leaving her days of hard drugs and loud parties behind her.

Susannah_Kelly_Small.jpgSusannah Kelly (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] ••)
Granddaughter of Senator Joseph Kelly. Susannah is part of the popular crowd at McGehee and running for president student government alongside her best friend Sarah Whitney. Amelie Savard thought she seemed like “the queen of the school” after seeing how favorably some of her teachers treated her. Susannah was seemingly friendly during the two’s shared Ballroom Dance class, but always found an excuse never to take Amelie as a dancing partner.

The Landreneaus

Family Tree
• 1. Dejan Landreneau (b. 1918, d. 1979) + (Ron’s mother)
 • 2. Ronnie “Ron” Landreneau (b. 1953) + (Ron’s assorted partners)
  • 3. Jermaine Landreneau (b. 1985, d. 2007)
  • 3. (Ron’s other children)
• 1. Dejan Landreneau (b. 1918, d. 1979) + (Tanya’s mother)
 • 2. Tanya Delacroix (née Landreneau) (b. 1955) + Philémon Delacroix (b. 1961)
  • 3+. (See: The Delacroix family)

Second Generation

Ronnie.jpgRonnie “Ron” Landreneau (b. 1953; Ally [High Society] ••••)
Philandering movie director and owner of Zodiac Productions, the city’s biggest film company. Maternal uncle to Emmett “Em” Delacroix.

Tanya_Delacroix_S.jpgTanya Delacroix (née Landreneau) (b. 1955; lly [Academia] •••)
Former Civil Rights activist and sociology professor. Sister to Ronnie Landreneau, mother to Lena Merinelli and Emmett Delacroix, and on non-speaking terms with her son.

Third Generation

Jermaine.jpgJermaine Landreneau (b. 1985, d. 2007)
Son of Ronnie “Ron” Landreneau, cousin to Emmett Delacroix, and former member of the BloodHound Gangstaz. Largely neglected by his father, who considered himself generous enough for paying child support to his mother after knocking her up. Treated by Ron more like a business associate than a son, who would make use of his gang ties for various criminal purposes (such as purchasing drugs and beating up “problematic” film workers). A sometime rival with Carnell Washington, Jermaine might well have gone on to lead the gang had it not been for his murder in 2007 at his cousin’s hands.

The Longs & Stines

Family Tree
• 1. Mark Stines (b. 1956, d. 2008) + Rita Stines (née Davis) (b. 1960)
 • 2. Caitlin Long (née Stines) (b. 1989) + Jackson Long (b. 1989)
 • 2. (Caitlin’s siblings) (b. 1989)

First Generation

MarkStines.jpgMark Stines (b. 1956, d. 2008; Ally [Corporate] ••••)
Director of Malveaux Oil’s sprawling legal department, Mark Stines cuts a dashing and charismatic figure. A brilliant legal mind, Mark might be a better business manager. A devoted husband and father, he’s a true believer in the ‘good’ of industry, and truly hates environmental activists and others that regularly try to shut down or stymie his business. A former JAG officer, he treats lawsuits like battles and the ongoing struggle against environmentalists and liberals like a war. His lawyers are his officers, his paralegals and assistants are his soldiers, and for his enemies there is no mercy. This militant attitude has built a fierce camaraderie within the department and generated a highly competitive—and successful—environment. Originally from Texas, Mark’s father was an oil field worker, and it was his bull-nose attitude and experience with the industry deep down to his bones that led Matthew Malveaux to bring Mark on board. His life would otherwise be perfect if he weren’t gay and deeply closeted. He’s only rarely been with other men, always discretely, and almost never for anything longer than a one-night stand.
Emmett Delacroix serviced Mark while working as an escort for Christina Roberts in 2008. The legal director vigorously took out his pent-up lusts on the then-teenager and made Em dress like a girl so their liaisons would feel “less gay.” After Emmett quit the escort business, he blackmailed Mark for larger cash payments than even the corporate executive’s handsome salary could long bear. Mark soon discovered his blackmailer’s identity through Christina Roberts and savagely raped Emmett in retaliation. Emmett retaliated in turn by leaking pictures of their liaisons to Mark’s family, then luring him to the Ninth Ward where he was ambushed, castrated, and finally met an ignominious death getting his brains blown out by D’angelo ‘Murda-Cent’ Turcotte.

Second Generation

Caitlin_Long.jpgCaitlin Long (née Stines) (b. 1989; Ally [Corporate] ••)
Married to her college boyfriend but career-focused, Caitlin works in personnel and human resources at Malveaux Oil and has enjoyed a great deal of success since she graduated from Tulane four years ago, rising to middle management in her department despite her relative youth. Rigidly professional at work to the point where many of her subordinates describe her as ‘that bitch’ or ‘that cunt’, but much more laid back outside of it. Majored in organizational communication in college and a former sorority head heavily involved in extracurricular activities at the school. Still goes out semi-regularly with girls from her sorority, with whom she has remained close. Comes from an upper-middle class background. Does want children ‘eventually’, but not a priority right now. Makes significantly more money than her husband at present, which is creating some conflict in their marriage. Ambitious, with a reputation for being able to get things done when under pressure and being capable of playing the political game at work at a high level. The rumor is part of her rise to power is because she has some kind of dirt on someone higher up in the company.

Jackson_L.jpgJackson Long (b. 1989; Ally [Media] •)
Struggling journalist four years out of Tulane who hasn’t quite hit it big and is mostly regulated to writing boring stories. Concerned that he’s going to be laid off sooner rather than later due to the struggling finances of most print publications, and has already taken a pay cut to keep on, which he is extremely self-conscious of. Long comes from a deeply conservative background and still clings to notions that he should be the primary breadwinner, which has not helped him in a profession that is increasingly relying on freelance workers. Vastly out-earned by his corporate wife, Caitlin, and his own morale and self-esteem have been battered, leading to increasing conflict with his wife, mostly instigated by himself. Almost desperately wants a break, but also principled and disgusted by what he perceives as immoral actions within the industry.
Jackson Long was second after David Joffe to report on Mercurial “Mouse” Fernandez’s death in prison, which he was glad for, as he didn’t want a police hit piece to be his break. When his wife Caitlin pointed out he could have spun a more neutral cast on events, he went to bed in a foul mood.

The Paxtons

Family Tree
• 1. Joseph Paxton (b. 1972, d. 2015) +
 • 2. Rowan Paxton (b. 2002)
 • 2. Zachary Paxton (b. 2003)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgRowan Paxton (b. 2002; Ally [Academia] 0)
13-year-old daughter of Lucilia Plantaine and Joseph Paxton, a former FBI agent in Orson Malveaux’s employ who was murdered by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers shortly after her Embrace.
Story Seven: The Ventrue discovered during her investigation into the Paxton family that Rowan suffers from Down’s Syndrome as well as epilepsy and has a grim future ahead of her: her father’s death and the loss of his income has made McGehee’s tuition (even with financial aid) prohibitively expensive, while New Orleans’ for-profit public charter are notorious for having mercilessly slashed special education funding. Paying for her long-term care is also an open question for the family. Caroline was unable to reach a solution to the matter of the Paxtons’ plight she found satisfactory and let it lapse.

No_Pic.jpgZachary Paxton (b. 2003; Ally [Academia] 0)
12-year-old son of Lucilia Plantaine and Joseph Paxton, a former FBI agent in Orson Malveaux’s employ who was murdered by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers shortly after her Embrace.
Story Seven: The Ventrue discovered during her investigation into the Paxton family that Zachary has been getting into fights at school since his father’s unexplained disappearance.

2-Entry Families

The Abels

Family Tree
• 1. Harrison Abel (b. 1943) + Judith Abel (née Angrave) (b. 1944, d. 2014)
 • 2. Bradley Abel (b. 1972)

First Generation

HarrisonAbel.jpgHarrison Abel
The dean of Tulane Law School, Harrison Abel is the 72-year-old former hippie anti-war protester who stubbornly refuses to resign or die despite the terminal cancer and three months to live diagnosis he’s battled for the last eight months. A brilliant legal mind and fierce liberal, Harrison’s great shame is that his son refused to follow in his footsteps and instead became another mindless cog in the United States’ war machine. He decried greed throughout his life and spent most of his years teaching, living relatively modestly. This has come back to haunt him in his old age as his treatment costs have eaten away at his meager savings and forced hifm, without his knowledge, to rely on his son’s “ill-gotten” wealth. Despite his terrible physical state, Harrison retains a wry sense of humor, and though the chemo sucks at his strength he continues to carry out his duties as best he can.
Story Three: Aimee Rosler entreated Caroline Malveaux-Devillers during her friend’s seemingly downward spiral that she needed to talk to Dean Abel if she wanted to avoid flunking out of law school for nonattendance. The fledgling Ventrue agreed, but later found doing so to be unnecessary after her parents got involved. Few can imagine that Abel was happy.

Second Generation

BradleyAbel.jpgBradley Abel (b. 1972; Ally [Military] ••)
Former special forces adrenaline junkie who fought in Desert Storm as an enlistee but left the service during the ‘90s in pursuit of adventure, becoming a mercenary for hire who fought on four continents. Bradley returned home to New Orleans to help care for his cancer-stricken father after his mother died. His relationship with his father is toxic, with the former hippie viewing his son as a war criminal, but Bradley’s twisted sense of duty has kept him at the old man’s side throughout the chemotherapy treatments. How long he—and his finances—can sustain such abuse is less clear. Presently unemployed, he’s itching for action, and sometimes even walks down the streets of bad neighborhoods hoping to get mugged.

The Abels & Garcias

Family Tree
• 1. Raul Garcia (b. 1964) + Paola Garcia (née Ballesteros) (b. 1968)
 • 2. Samuel Garcia (b. 1988)
 • 2. Valeria Garcia (b. 1991)
 • 2. Luciana Garcia (b. 1992)
 • 2. Ricardo Garcia (b. 1995)
 • 2. Jake Abel (b. 1987) + Natalia Garcia (b. 1997)

Second Generation

Jake.jpgJake Abel (b. 1987; Ally [Industry] •)
Iraq veteran and purple heart recipient who left the service trying to start over. Mild-PTSD, which bothers him more because of his mild reaction than its actual effects. Now works for O’Malley as a carpenter, though he’s uncomfortable with his boss’ racism and “hero” treatment of him as a former vet. Tries to play down his military service. Has a pregnant girlfriend at Tulane (Natalia Garcia). Fiercely pro-life, and trying to carve out a future for them both. Had an absent father and grew up extremely poor, doesn’t want his child to go through the same.

NataliaGarcia.jpgNatalia Garcia (b. 1997; Ally [Academia] •)
Daughter of Colombian immigrants and first generation in her family to attend college. Junior on a scholarship with dreams of pursuing her MD. Seven months pregnant at present with the child of Jake Abel, but is determined not to let it get in the way of her dreams. From a large Latino family that embraced her pregnancy and Jake as their new son, despite his fears. Slight frame that makes her pregnancy all the more obvious.

The Andrews

Family Tree
• 1. (Kathleen’s parents)
 • 2. (Bianca’s parents)
  • 3. (Natalie’s father) + Bianca Andrews (b. 1964, d. 1992)
   • 4. Natalie Andrews (b. 1992)
 • 2. Kathleen Andrews (b. 1942, d. 1973)
 • 2. (the family’s other two daughters)
 • 2. Payton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947) + Timothy Underwood (b. 1947, d. 1988)
  • 3+. (See: The Underwood family)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgPayton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947; Ally [Legal] •••)
Associate judge for the Criminal District Court of Orleans Parish. Payton was born the youngest daughter to a family with four other girls, prompting her exasperated father (who’d long wanted a son to follow in his footsteps as a judge) to declare that “she’d have to do.” Almost seventy years later, Payton has a reputation as a severe judge who dislikes waste and has little tolerance for disrespect. She is known to impose “creative” sentences on clients for whom a $200 fee or several more days in jail would be a slap on the wrist. She gets along well with the police, who appreciate her “tough on crime” attitude. Her last election was the final one for which she was eligible to run (due to her age), and she looks forward to spending her remaining years playing with her grandchildren, gardening in her old family home in the Lower Garden District, and maybe doing some part-time private practice on the side.

Fourth Generation

Natalie.jpgNatalie Andrews (b. 1992; Ally [Academia] •)
The only daughter of an established and influential family with a history that goes back to the 19th century, Natalie is a senior at Tulane and regular attendee at the New Orleans Dance Academy. Lithe, graceful, and with a poetry to her motion that makes her a treat to watch, her instructors all believe she has great potential. Classically trained since she was seven, Natalie, now 23, dreams of making it big in New York City, but her family have resisted at every turn. For them, her dancing is a hobby, something to round her out as a person and a prospect. It’s been a mark of pride for them, but little more, with the expectation that once she finishes college at Tulane she’ll relegate it to a hobby. Naturally quiet and reserved, she remains too timid to go against their wishes for now, however much the prospect of putting her dreams on hold hurts her.

The Batifoles

Family Tree
• 1. Sterling Batifole (b. 1957) + Mariángel Batifole (née Blanco) (b. 1963)
 • 2. Francis Batifole (b. 1985, d. 2003)

First Generation

Sterling.jpgSterling Batifole (b. 1957; Ally [High Society] ••)
A once highly respected local art dealer and talent scout amongst New Orleans’ artistic circles and their nouveau riche patrons, Sterling’s profits and prestige took an abrupt dip in the early 2000s when his wife Mariángel cuckolded him with a busker and was later gang-raped and hospitalized by that same busker’s criminal friends. Sterling attempted to salvage his reputation by divorcing his wife, only for their inebriated college-age son Francis to drive his car off the Chef Menteur Bridge during a rainstorm several years later. Consequently, Sterling’s hair has since turned to his namesake’s silver—at least in the patches he hasn’t torn out from chronic stress and sleepless nights searching for increasingly rare clientele. Such labors and tangible desperation have only worsened his repute, and rumors suggest he has turned to specious investments, illicit dealings, and unsavory partners to maintain the resources necessary to maintain his dwindling art studio, gallery sales, and talent agency office on Julia Street.

Maria.jpgMariángel Batifole (b. 1963; Ally [High Society] •)
A once-avante garde Honduran painter in the 1980s who has become a traumatized recluse following her husband’s divorce and son’s death.

The Browns (1)

Family Tree
• 1. (Jared’s mother and father)
 • 2. Jared Brown (b. 1985, d. 2015)
• 1. (Jared’s stepmother and father)
 • 2. Paige Brown (b. 2007, d. 2015)

Second Generation

Res_Rapist_Small1.jpgJared Brown (b. 1985, d. 2015; Ally [Health] ••)
Former resident physician at Tulane Medical Center. Amelie Savard, Emil Kane, and Emmett Delacroix all received treatment at Dr. Brown’s hands at some point. The three found his beside manner off-putting yet superficially (and relentlessly) cheerful. Caroline Malveaux-Devillers once recalled back to her time as a pre-medicine student when Dr. Brown gave her class a sexual assault seminar and suggested they should personally try rohypnol to “see what it felt like.” It was Lavine, however, who bore personal witness to Dr. Brown’s proclivity for taking sexual advantage of comatose female patients. He was ignorant of what she was when he raped her, and was subsequently killed by the Gangrel in a frenzy after she and Doc Xola lured him to Ninth Ward by kidnapping his younger sister (who Lavine also inadvertently slew while lost to her Beast).

No_Pic.jpgPaige Brown (b. 2007, d. 2015; Ally [Academia] 0)
Young sister to Jared Brown, a resident doctor at Tulane Medical who raped unconscious patients. Lavine kidnapped Paige as part of a scheme to avenge herself on the amoral physician after he raped her. Though Lavine had intended to spare the child’s life after she slew Dr. Brown, the results saw Doc Xola sever Paige’s hand before Lavine slew her in a frenzy.

The Browns (2)

Family Tree
• 1. Hubert Brown (b. 1961) + (Hubert’s wife)
 • 2. Douglas “Dougy Two-Toes” Brown (b. 1992)

First Generation

Hubert_B.jpgHubert Brown (b. 1961; Ally [Industry] •••)
Shipyard owner with major contracts related to the US Navy’s merchant marine fleet. Third-generation yard worker now in his mid-50s who bought his way into the industry with his father’s life insurance policy. Ugly rumors have circulated that he killed off his old man for the money, as he died quite young. His years of manual labor have taken their toll in the form of crippling arthritis, but his forearms are still coiled steel ropes. Married to a white woman who his mother still doesn’t approve of. Hoped to leave his business to his son, but the young man would rather pursue his rap career as Douglas “Dougy Two-toes” Brown. Has a chip on his shoulder despite his success.

Second Generation

DougyTwoShoes.jpgDouglas “Dougy Two-Toes” Brown (b. 1992; Ally [High Society] •)
23-year-old local rapper of marginal talent with a small following. Claims to have lost three of the toes on his right foot in gang-related violence, though in truth they were lost in a yard accident when he was seven. Wanna-be tough guy who attended private schools and came from a stable home. Son of Hubert Brown, though he wants little to do with his father, other than a steady supply of money to spend on his plush lifestyle and crappy beats.

The Cahns & Garrets

Family Tree
• 1. Hannah Cahn (b. 1984) + Megan Garrett (b. 1983)

First Generation

No_Pic.jpgMegan Garrett (b. 1983; Ally [Military] •)
Ex-Marine who now works for Blackwatch in a relationship with Hannah Cahn. Works on floats with her at Southern Decadence and other festivals. She fractured the skull of Joseph Beaumont while drunk during 2014’s Fourth of July, earning the enmity of the musician and and his sister Penny.

Hannah_Cahn.jpgHannah Cahn (b. 1984; Ally [Academia] ••)
Assistant art professor. Described by Alice Guillot as “mousy and awkward, knocks stuff over all the time, but nice.” In a relationship with Megan Garrett, who she works together with on floats for Southern Decadence and other parades.
Story One: Alice Guillot invited Penelope “Penny” Freeman-Crawford to come decorate floats with her and Professor Cahn for 2015’s Southern Decadence. She regretted doing so after Penny reminded her that Prof. Cahn’s girlfriend had fractured her brother Joseph’s skull while inebriated during a Fourth of July dispute.
Story Seven: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers encountered Hannah and her now-fiancee Megan during a night out at Harrah’s, celebrating their engagement. The Ventrue invaded the couple’s minds and fed upon both.

The Christians

Family Tree
• 1. Marianna Christian (née Browan) (b. 1971) + John Christian (b. 1972)
 • 2. Brandon Christian (b. 1998)

First Generation

Marianna.jpgMarianna Christian (née Browan) (b. 1971; Ally [Hospitality] ••)
Single mother, worker at one of Paul Simmons’ hotels, part-time community college student, and widow. Recently hospitalized after an assault by a home invader; _actually Caroline Malveaux-Devillers in a botched hunting attempt. Her fellow employees and eventually employer contributed to a GoFundMe campaign to help pay her medical bills, something that was also arranged by the guild-stricken Ventrue. Mother of Brandon Christian.

Second Generation

Brandon_Christian.jpgBrandon Christian (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] •)
Black Pearl resident and high school senior. Son of Marianna Christian. Caroline Malveaux-Devillers convinced her mother to get a friend to write him a college letter of recommendation as part of her atonement for nearly murdering Brandon’s mother during a botched hunting attempt.

The Downs

Family Tree
• 1. Alec Downs (b. 1956) + Karen Downs (née Rossi) (b. 1960, d. 1999)
 • 2. Bentley Downs (b. 1991)

First Generation

Alec_D.jpgAlec Downs (b. 1956; Ally [High Society] •••)
President of Lakeview’s Southern Yacht Club. He and his wealthy circle of friends, also yachters, sit on the neighborhood’s NA council.
Mouse overheard Alec in the background during a phone call to his talent agent (and Alec’s daughter) Bentley. He told her to call Mouse back when she couldn’t make sense of what the overenthusiastic musician was saying. He later paid for her ticket to Mouse’s funeral and sprang her out of jail during the subsequent riot.

Second Generation

BentlyDowns.jpgBentley Downs (b. 1991; Ally [High Society] •)
Alec Down’s daughter. Bored college graduate and perennial daddy’s girl who still lives with her father. She recently decided it would be “fun” to try being a talent agent, which her father has indulged and paid the licensing fee for.
Bentley served as Mercurial Fernandez’s talent agent, who consulted her over how he should raise money for Emmett Delacroix’s legal bills. Bentley was unable to make sense of the overenthusiastic musician’s helter-skelter explanation (which included such non sequiturs as “his family might be killed and stuff”) and hung up out of impatience. She attended his funeral and was arrested by NOPD during the ensuing riot. Her father sprang her out of jail shortly later.
Rocco Agnello brought Bentley to a party he threw at Harrah’s New Orleans with Caroline Malveaux-Devillers. Bentley was made to wear skimpish attire and serve as a vessel to the Kindred attendees, after which she had her memories of the event erased. Caroline found the spectacle sickening—not for how it had happened to Bentley, but for how easily it could have happened to her or anyone she knew.
In 2007, Bentley auditioned for Emmett Delacroix’s movie. He encouraged her to pursue the creative arts despite a mediocre audition.

The Eriks & Montagues

Family Tree
• 1. (Elaine’s and Kathy’s parents)
 • 2. Elaine Montague (b. 1979) + Brandon Eriks (b. 1980)
  • 3. Ensley Montague (b. 2012)
 • 2. Katherine “Kathy” Montague (b. 1982)

Second Generation

ElaineMontague.jpgElaine Montague (b. 1979)
City health inspector who is struggling to make it on her own after splitting from her husband, Brandon Eriks, last summer. Has a three-year-old daughter with him and is fighting a protracted legal battle for sole custody, but often leaves her daughter with her ‘stay at home mom’ sister Kathy. Struggling at work due to what she suspects his harassment by police further up the chain, though she can’t prove it. Although her looks make her frequently hit on, she has no interest in a relationship at this point—not the least of which because she’s afraid that Brandon would kill any other man who touched her.

Police_Small.jpgBrandon Eriks (b. 1980; Ally [Police] ••)
Marine scout sniper turned NOPD SWAT sharpshooter, Brandon is one of very few living men with a confirmed kill at over one mile. When he can be grudgingly convinced to tell the story, he’ll tell you it was 1.2 miles actually, and into the sun. Twice divorced and fighting for visitation rights with his three-year-old daughter with his soon-to-be third ex-wife, he spends long hours after hours at the range, trying to forget about the troubles of his life behind the recoil of his rifle. While he came back with only moderate PTSD, his best friend and spotter shot himself in the head last year and ended up in a vegetative state. As with his fellow SWAT members, Brandon is assigned to Tactical Platoon 1, under the Special Operation Bureau, and does regular proactive patrols in the slums of the Eighth and Ninth Wards.

The Ferrises

Family Tree
• 1. Roger Ferris (b. 1973) + Dawn Reynolds (b. 1976)
 • 2. Miranda Ferris (b. 2003)

First Generation

RogerFerris.jpgRoger Ferris (b. 1973; Ally [Military] ••••)
Ruthless ex-CIA agent who serves as the Malveaux family’s chief of security.

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgMiranda Ferris (b. 2003; Ally [Academia] 0)
Pre-teenage daughter of Roger Ferris and Chicago transplant who dislikes New Orleans and claims there’s nothing to do in the city. Miranda hasn’t weathered puberty well and is an unattractive girl with mousy features, acne, and few friends.
Story One: Amelie Savard encountered and befriended her during her time at McGehee.
Story Seven: Caroline Malveaux-Devillers saw Miranda at Roger’s house when she paid the ex-CIA agent a visit. He swiftly sent the preteen upstairs.
Story Twelve: Ferris told Caroline he’d sent Miranda out of the city as a result of the increased danger he was in. He wasn’t happy with the solution but didn’t see a viable alternative.

The Gallaghers

Family Tree
• 1. Caleb Gallagher (b. 1944) + Dorothy Gallagher (née Miller) (b. 1947)
 • 2. (Caleb’s children)
  • 3. Mackenna Gallagher (b. 1998)

First Generation

CalebGallagher.pngCaleb Gallagher (b. 1944; Ally [Politics] ••••)
71-year-old chief of staff for Senator Nathaniel Malveaux, Caleb is an old breed of Southern snake, a cottonmouth with a terrible temper and a vicious bite. While Malveaux is charming, Caleb is terrifying, the stick to his boss’ carrot. He’s a mean old man who walks with a cane and has strict southern values that include closeted bigotry and racism. Caleb has been with Nathaniel for more than twenty years, and before that served his uncle, Senator Carter Malveaux, in a similar capacity prior to the senator’s untimely death in a plane crash. He likely knows more about where the bodies are buried in Louisiana politics than any man still alive. He prefers to communicate face-to-face, and hates email and text conversations, which he considers impersonal and rude. He rarely even uses the phone, and considers it a favor when he does.

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgMackenna Gallagher (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] ••)
Granddaughter of Caleb Gallagher, Nathaniel Malveauux’s chief of staff. Mackenna asked Amelie Savard to vacate her seat during the school year’s opening assembly so that she could sit by her friends, then told the obviously non-native student “bless your heart” in thanks when she did. Amelie did not realize at the time that the expression was an insult in the South.

The Galloways & Irvings

Family Tree
• 1. Wayne Galloway III (b. 1953) + Donna Galloway (née Thompson) (b. 1956)
 • 2. Shawnte Irving Sr. (b. 1976) + Rhonda Irving (née Galloway) (b. 1977)
  • 3. Shawnte Irving Jr. (b. 2004)
  • 3. Trayvon Irving (b. 2006)

First Generation

Wayne_Galloway.jpgWayne Galloway III (b. 1953; Ally [Church ••])
Minister of a Southern Baptist congregation in the Lower 9th. Grew up and remains friends with Fred Luter, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Father of Rhonda Irving, wife of Shawnte Irving.

Second Generation

Shawnte.jpgShawnte Irving (b. 1976; Ally [Politics ••)
Lifetime resident of the Lower 9th who previously played for the New Orleans Zephyrs, the local Triple-A baseball team. After Katrina, he resigned when the team played the very next season while their city was still in shambles. Afterwards, he became a local political figure known for his advocacy of reconstruction, racial integration, and institutional change. In 2007, he helped organize several thousand NOLA residents to march through the city streets and gather at City Hall for a rally demanding police and city leaders tackle the city’s rampant crime. He obtained significant grassroots support when he ran for city council in 2008 and 2010, but lost both times by a narrow margin. He ran again in 2012, and seemed poised for victory until he was arrested for beating his wife’s alleged lover with a baseball bat. Rumor has it that the DA dropped Shawunte’s charges—but only after he promised to suspend his campaign and never run again. Currently runs a soup kitchen in the 9th and runs summer baseball camps for urban youth. Despite their marital scandal, Shawnte remains married to his high school sweetheart, Rhonda, and the pair have two sons: Trayvon and Shawnte, Jr.

The Greers

Family Tree
• 1. Stanley Greer (b. 1960) + Lisa Greer (née Kadwell) (b. 1962)
 • 2. Angela Greer (b. 1993)
• 1. Stanley Greer (b. 1960) + (Summer’s mother)
 • 2. Summer Greer (b. 1997)

Second Generation

Angela_Greer_Small.jpgAngela Greer (b. 1993; Ally [Academia] ••)
Dorm supervisor at Josephine Louise House. Philosophy major and active participant in a number of student organizations, including the Tulane Philosophy Club, Queer Student Alliance, and SAPHE (Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline & Education). Angela comes from an upper-middle class family—a lawyer father and artist mother with a home in Uptown. Older sister of the more trouble-prone Summer Greer, who her parents insisted she share a dorm room with to “look after” (much to Summer’s resentment). Member of the semi-secret society Pi Alpha Kappa.
Story Two: Alice Guillot met Angela during during a dorm house party and briefly competed with her for Penny Freeman-Crawford’s affections.
Story Three: Angela met Neil Flynn during the subsequent influenza breakout and began dating him. Neil later confided to his ex Caroline Malveaux-Devillers that Angela was often out with the Kappas until all hours of the night and exhausted upon her return, leading to significant concern for him.
Story Six: Angela Greer accompanied JLH’s desk coordinator Emma McCarthy to the demonstrations over Mercurial “Mouse” Fernandez, which she had been uncertain would be safe for the latter girl. Her suspicion was proven correct during the resulting brawl that led to her and numerous other individuals’ arrests. Angela’s father secured her release shortly thereafter.
Story Ten: Angela attended Caroline Malveaux-Devillers’ 26th birthday party as Neil Flynn’s +1. Her sister Summer had recently gone missing and she was short of temper with those present when a debate about personal safety came up. Caroline put her at ease by volunteering to help look for Summer.

SummerGreer_S.jpgSummer Greer (b. 1997; Ally [Academia] •)
Younger sister to Angela Greer, Summer has had a turbulent freshman year at Tulane so far, with two arrests for underage drinking and public intoxication. Dorms in the Josephine Louise House with her big sister and is forbidden from attending parties without her. The daughter of an affair with the housekeeper during a separation between her father and stepmother, Summer has always lived in her sister’s shadow.
Alice Guillot encountered Summer in passing during a dorm party at JL House, where she was attempting to ditch her older sister. Caroline Malveaux-Devillers later stopped by Tulane while hunting for victims and overheard an argument between Summer and her half-sibling. She contemplated feeding on the girl, but thought better of it. The two later met for coffee several times. Summer confessed she didn’t really a clear idea what she wanted to do with her life, to which the sympathetic Ventrue offered to open some professional doors if she ever had an interest.
As of December 2015, Summer has been missing and effectively dropped out from Tulane.

The Halls

Family Tree
• 1. (Stephanie’s father + mother)
 • 2. Stephanie Hall (b. 1986, g. 2016) + Emil Kane (b. 1986, g. 2007)
  • 3. Sadie Hall (b. 2002)

Second Generation

StephanieHall.jpgStephanie Hall (b. 1986; Ally [Military] ••)
Stephanie Hall was the first woman accepted into the prestigious LAPD SWAT Division six years ago. She jokes that it took her four years to get in and four months to tire of their shit. On her way out the door (officially terminated for insubordination), she burned every bridge she had left in the department. The scorched earth campaign, however satisfying, effectively ended her police career. She ended up working in the private sector working for Blackwatch, and drifted to New Orleans along that dark current. Though her field record is good, her inability to keep her mouth shut has strained relationships there as well, and relegated her to a boring night shift when she is least likely to interact with personages of note.

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgSadie Hall (b. 2002; Ally [Academia] •)
Stephanie Hall’s and Emil Kane’s daughter, born by accident when her teenage parents neglected to use protection. Her relationship with her father is strained, but her mother has been able to provide a relatively comfortable life for her on a Blackwatch contractor’s salary.
During the “accident” at the slumber party Amelie Savard arranged at the LaLaurie House, the other attendees called Sadie instead of 911 under the expectation that her police father could quietly take care of everything without getting them involved. Alas, Emil’s 911 call and injuries sustained at the LaLaurie House had exactly the opposite effect, and led to their girls’ arrest, strip searches, and even near-fatal shootings—all seemingly because they had called Sadie. Emil’s last contact with his daughter was a terse text message that read, “You ruin everything.”

The Jacobsons

Family Tree
• 1. Brian Jacobson (b. 1990, d. 2015) + Kelly Jacobson (née Miller) (b. 1988)

First Generation

Kelly_Jacobson.jpgKelly Jacobson (b. 1988; Ally [Academia] ••)
Elementary school teacher at Benjamin Franklin and widow of Brian Jacobson, a patrol officer recently killed by drug dealers in the line of duty. Though relatively well-off between her salary and her husband’s pension, she has taken a leave of absence from teaching following his death. Brian’s precinct captain, Marco Rizaffi, described her as a “really nice lady” who’d baked cookies for their police station.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers was indirectly responsible for the death of Kelly’s husband after she brought in some police then-friends to deal with an attack she’d faced by the Eight-Nine-Six Anarch krewe. Caroline later wrote Kelly an anonymous letter thanking her for her husband’s sacrifice.

Police_Small.jpgBrian Jacobson (b. 1990; Ally [Police] •)
Young officer killed by drug dealers in the recent Mid-City raid. He had recently earned his associate’s degree at Delgado Community College and was hoping to make detective. As an officer who died in the line of duty, his funeral was attended by police throughout the city, and sparked an upsurge in Mid-City police violence that saw two black youths shot dead and numerous more badly beaten. Survived by his widow Kelly Jacobson, an elementary school teacher at Benjamin Franklin. In fact, however, he was called by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers to rescue her from the Eight-Nine-Six Anarch gang and killed by them in the ensuing melee.

The Jamesons

Family Tree
• 1. Jim Jameson (b. 1933) + (half a dozen assorted women)
 • 2. (over a dozen assorted children)
  • 3. (assorted grandchildren)
   • 4. (several great-grandchildren)
• 1. Jim Jameson (b. 1933) + Evelyn Jameson (née Keating) (b. 1992)

First Generation

Jim_Jameson.jpgJim Jameson (b. 1933; Ally [Politics] •••)
Colorful, flamboyant former governor famous for his sexual escapades and publicity-seeking antics.

The Lancasters

Family Tree
• 1. (Vincent’s grandfather + grandmother)
 • 2. (Vincent’s aunt + uncle by marriage)
  • 3. Martin Borges (b. 1958) + (Martin’s assorted wives and liaisons)
   • 4. (Martin’s many children)
  • 3. Maureen Borges (b. 1960) + (Maureen’s husband)
   • 4. (Maureen’s children)
 • 2. (Vincent’s father + mother)
  • 3. Vincent Lancaster (b. 1971) + Lori Lancaster (née Drouillard) (b. 1973)
   • 4. Margaret Lancaster (b. 1999)

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgVincent Lancaster (b. 1971; Ally [Politics] ••••)
Congressional representative for Louisiana’s 2nd district, which includes New Orleans. The number of Democratic representatives from Louisiana has steadily dwindled since the ‘90s, and following the 2008 elections, Vincent is the sole remaining one (as well as the only nonwhite man). While the state party has lamented this decline, Vincent is largely unconcerned, as his continued reelection is quite safe in the bluer than blue district. His only serious challenge came during the primary for his initial 2008 run, where his bitter feud with now-city councilwoman Thalia Ocampo (whom he accused of ties to Mexican drug cartels and personal illegal drug use) resulted in the temporary suspension of his law license for falsifying a sworn statement that he had resided in New Orleans for two years during a failed 2005 city council bid. He’s still annoyed at the lawyers on the panel for doing that. In the years since, Vincent has publicly considered a run for governor or senator enough times that the media pokes fun at him for his “will he or won’t he” attitude, but in the end, he seems content to cruise to an easy re-election every two years rather than committing to the drawn-out political battle that winning either of those higher offices would entail.
Given the safety of his congressional seat, Vincent doesn’t have to spend as much of his time working to be re-elected, which he likes to say lets him “stop and smell the roses” in his job. In D.C., he’s been active on the Congressional Black Caucus and the campaigns for several presidential candidates. In New Orleans, he has one daughter, Margaret, who attends the McGehee School for Girls, and a chummy relationship with police superintendent Bernard Drouillard, who is his brother-in-law through his wife Lori. This familial relation (as well as to several other politically-placed Drouilliards and Lancasters) led then-state GOP chair Nathan Malveaux to denounce Vincent for “giving our state a reputation as a banana republic dominated by dynastic politics.” It wasn’t the worst shot Louisiana’s now-junior senator took at him during the 2008 election, though: that was his insinuation Vincent only had one child with his wife because theirs was a loveless shotgun marriage. Supposedly, the couple were forced into it by their families to cover up scandal after an inebriated Vincent took sexual advantage of Lori. The congressional representative has refused to “even dignify” those allegations with a response.
Among his personal hobbies, Vincent is an enthusiastic basketball player (he attended college on an athletics scholarship), and his PR staff like to release semi-periodic media of him shooting hoops with constituents.

Fourth Generation

No_Pic.jpgMargaret Lancaster (b. 1999; Ally [Academia] ••)
Daughter of Vincent Lancaster, the Democratic representative for New Orleans’ congressional district, and one of the comparatively few black students at McGehee. She gave Amelie Savard false directions to a classmate the Canadian transplant was looking for after when Amelie attempted to sit at her clique of friends’ lunch table without being invited. The two ended up having sixth period Ballroom Dance class together, but didn’t speak again.

The Lewises

Family Tree
• 1. Bill Weeper Lewis (b. 1941) + Catherine Lewis (née Bennett) (b. 1942, d. 2005)
 • 2. Robin Lewis (b. 1968) + Jerry Miller (b. 1965)
  • 3. Miranda “f0xx[DR]” Lewis (b. 1993)
  • 3. Katelyn Lewis (b. 1998)

First Generation

Bill_Lewis.jpgBill Weeper Lewis (b. 1941; Ally [Politics] ••)
The grandfather of Miranda “f0xx[DR]” Lewis, Bill is a retired attorney, popular speaker in the tax protester movement, and longtime promoter of of various tax protesting schemes. Bill claims that there is no law that makes individuals liable for income tax, and pushes his unsubstantiated hypothesis using all manner of pseudo-legal tactics. In 2006, Bill was indicted on two counts of tax evasion. In 2007, two counts of willful failure to timely file tax returns were added to the charges. The indictment alleged that Bill evaded over $73,000 in taxes in 2000 and 2001 by using a trust to receive payments of dividends, interests and stock income. He was prosecuted in 2007 for willful failure to file an income tax return, but was found not guilty by the jury.
Because of the rarity of such an event, Bill received some media attention, and tax protesters everywhere trumpeted the case as a victory for their cause. In reality, Bill got off by convincing the jury he did not willfully fail to file, because he didn’t know he had to and really did believe that he was not liable for income tax (a tactic commonly known as the “cheek defense”). Bill was still found liable for the tax and will almost certainly never able to successfully use such a defense again. Bill used his “victory” to continue making money on the lecture tour, despite other individuals who have attempted to use his defense and lost.
After his acquittal, Bill went on to file suit against the US government for bringing criminal charges against him, alleging improprieties in their investigation. His lawsuit was unceremoniously dismissed shortly thereafter. In 2009, Bill went on to file a petition in the US Tax Court, alleging that he did not in fact owe any tax. After several delays the trial was finally re-scheduled for October 2012, and concluded with the judge ruling that Bill still owed taxes. Bill is currently in the process of appealing this ruling.
While Bill’s acquittal was based solely on the technicality of the definition of willful and not based on the merit of any of his legal arguments (and despite having been convicted under civil law and forced to pay back taxes) he has still become a bit of a legend in tax protester circles, who believe that Bill’s acquittal validates the central thesis of the illegality of the income tax. When not basking in this dubious celebrity, Bill runs a Time Cube-esque website (set up well over a decade ago by his granddaughter) called The No-Lies Zone that outlines a variety of disproved and rejected theories for the illegality of the federal income tax, as well as assorted conspiracy theories and, in the words of one of his detractors, “bizarre pictures of dragons, Abraham Lincoln, and huge amounts of CAPSLOCK.”

Third Generation

F0xxDR.jpgMiranda “f0xx[DR]” Lewis (b. 1994; Ally [Academia] ••)
Conspiracy-spouting gray hat hacker who seemingly never attends class or leaves her dorm room. How she’s made it through Tulane (or managed to stay in the dorms past her first year) is a question of some curiosity to her dormmates, who regard her room as a black hole on the floor that nothing sentient enters or leaves—including light.

The Malones

Family Tree
• 1. Bette Malone (b. 1975) + (Ricky’s father)
 • 2. Ricky Malone (b. 1999)

First Generation

bette.pngBette Malone (Ally [Industry] •)
Bette is a single mother to 17-year-old Ricky Malone. She’s the Italian part of her half-Italian son, and has raised him alone since three months into her pregnancy when his father skipped out on them. She didn’t bother trying to track him down for child support and instead committed herself to raising the best kid she knew how. She received moderate assistance from the rest of her family until their falling out when Ricky was five over an incident at his school. She currently works three jobs to pay for her son’s boxing needs, be they private lessons, gym memberships, or other assorted gear. Unfortunately the fact that she’s out of the house so much means that she isn’t around to keep her son from getting into trouble, so she doesn’t realize how deep he’s in with the mob for his gambling debts (or even that he gambles). Hasn’t dated since her son knocked out her last boyfriend in a “friendly” sparring match when he was thirteen, though she’s had a handful of discrete lovers that she doesn’t bring around the house. Works as a cocktail waitress and cashier when she isn’t handling the phones at LegalWings.

Second Generation

Ricky_M.jpgRicky Malone
Half-Italian 17-year-old up and coming Golden Gloves boxing prodigy from the worst projects of the city with Olympic ambitions. Ricky is a local celebrity on the verge of greatness, if his gambling habits don’t destroy him first. Currently in deep to the mob, who have begun to threaten him, though his mother could not be more proud of her “boy.”

The Moutons

Family Tree
• 1. Delron Mouton (b. 1957)
• 1. (Cash Money’s parents)
 • 2. Ricky “Cash Money” Mouton (b. 1977)
  • 3. (likely bastard children)

First Generation

Police_Small.jpgDelron Mouton (b. 1957; Ally [Police] ••••)
Commander of the 8th District, whose appointment only occurred (and persists) because Delron understands that his station and staff (and their jurisdiction over the CBD and Quarter) exist solely to keep the money rolling. Consequently, he holds three things sacrosanct: profitable property, the perceived (versus actual) safety of tourists, and the favor of politicians whose power rests on both of the latter. So long as a person—be they a mobster, con artist, or drug dealer—doesn’t threaten any of the above, Delron is amiable, laid-back, and libertine. Those who cross that line, however, rarely get a chance to repeat their mistake. Cops in his district quickly learn that “justice” isn’t on job description, and those that can’t stomach Delron’s interpret ion of law and order are quickly reassigned to another description (if they’re lucky). Whenever possible, Delron replaces such morally upright personnel with the physically handsome and comely, as he has learned that the good-looking often have looser morals (and tend to keep the tourists happy). Despite such predilections, Delron himself is an over the hill blimp, bloated by his frequent ‘working lunches’ at Cafe Du Monde and other culinary hot spots.

Second Generation

RickyMouton.jpgRicky “Cash Money” Mouton (b. 1977; Ally [Police] •••)
Plain-clothes detective and thoroughly dirty cop in bed with the Black Hand and Dixie Mafia. Owns multiple VICE-related properties in the Quarter. Nephew to District Commander Delron Mouton.

The Pierces

Family Tree
• 1. Charity Pierce (b. 1992)
• 1. Chastity Pierce (b. 1995)

First Generation

Charity_Pierce_S.jpgCharity Pierce (b. 1992; Ally [Academia] •)
Charity is a twenty-three-year-old escort who has worked for Christina Roberts for more than five years—a near-benchmark in the business. Beautiful, with full lips, excellent proportions, and smooth skin, she and her sister Chastity are two of Roberts’ most sought-after girls—especially as a pair. Many men are entranced by the idea of bedding sisters at the same time. Born into poverty, orphaned, and repeatedly failed by the social welfare state, Charity is fiercely financially practical and committed to breaking out of the cycle of poverty. She’s invested the bulk of her earnings, lives relatively modestly, and has been pursuing community college courses on the side in anticipation of the day when she gets out of the business. Extremely close to her sister Chastity, she’s not particularly pleased that she followed in her footsteps but is willing to “overlook” it as long as she finishes her degree and gets out of their line of work. Doesn’t believe she can make a relationship work while she works in “the business,” and isn’t attracted to men in any case. Not religious.
Story Seven: Milo Glass had Charity and Chastity for neighbors in his apartment complex. The socially awkward young man shared a one-sided conversation with Charity through a closed door that left him wishing he hadn’t said anything at all.
Story Ten: Jonathan North fed on Charity during his first night back in New Orleans.

ChastityPierce_S.jpgChastity Pierce (b. 1995; Ally [Academia] •)
Chastity is a twenty-year-old pursuing a degree in engineering that happens to work on the side as a second-generation prostitute. Dusky-skinned, long-limbed, well-proportioned and professional, she’s worked for Christina Roberts for very near on two years, having been introduced to the business right out of high school by her sister Charity. Their mother was a hooker until she was strangled and dumped in the Mississippi when Chastity was nine years old, landing her and her older sister in the foster care system where both were molested both multiple foster families right up until Charity turned 18, moved into her own apartment, and was able to adopt then-15-year-old Chastity with the money she made working for Roberts. Insisting on a future for her outside of the “family” business, she held Chastity’s feet to the fire and forced her to focus on her academics, the result of which was her scholarship to Tulane. Not particularly religious and very busy between her job and schooling. Very intelligent, but somewhat awkward among her peers: she’s never been on a non-work related date.

The Ratcliffs

Family Tree
• 1. Sheryl Ratcliff (b. 1948) + Roger Newport (b. 1935, d. 1995)
 • 2. Jordan Ratcliff (b. 1987)
• 1. Sheryl Ratcliff (b. 1948) + Brian White (b. 1953, d. 2008)
 • 2. Susan Ratcliff (b. 1989)

Second Generation

JordanRatcliff.jpgJordan Ratcliff (b. 1987; Ally [Police] •)
Deputy who works in Orleans Parish Prison. Long-limbed, lanky, and not particularly intelligent, Jordan has unfortunately become quite ensnared by the local mob and now regularly smuggles contraband for them, sets up victims for beatings, and provides special treatment to members of the mob spending time in lockup (Silver Penny Sal most prominently among them). Jordan is in truth quite lonely and was easy pickings for the mob, which lured him in with female companionship. Lives with his aging physically and emotionally abusive mother (Sheryl) who constantly berates him for his lack of ambition and success in life.

susan.pngSusan Ratcliff (b. 1989; Ally [Industry] •)
Her mother used to say that she was “born middle-aged and gets older every year.” Susan always thought that was a blessing, since it meant that she was more mature than most people her age and had a good head on her shoulders, but it turned out to be less of a blessing than she’d thought when her father got sick and Susan had to pick up a job at 15 to start helping with the bills. He’d already left her mother and there was no one else to turn to. She put her dreams on hold until her father finally passed, glad that she’d had the foresight at least to not take on any of the medical debt herself. But the life insurance didn’t go far, and Susan was left in a bad spot when she had to pay for funeral costs. She took out a loan. Then another loan to pay that one back. And a third. With interest rates skyrocketing, Susan got a little bit desperate. At her half-brother Jordan’s advice, she started stealing and fencing shit for the mob, but she got sloppy. She was picked up, arrested, and finally released on bail, which is where she met Regina Dufresne. Regina took one look at the girl and knew that she had a smarter head on her shoulders than she was given credit for. She brought her into the LegalWings family and has been a mentor of sorts since, training her in the biz and pushing her through undergrad and now finally law school. Regina’s investment has paid off: Susan will be a hell of a lawyer as soon as she finishes this next year, and she fully plans to take Regina’s offer of staying on and serving as a consultant of sorts for their clients. She’s also secretly dating the much-older John Michael Flynn behind his wife’s back, whose daughter she goes to school with.

The Rattis

Family Tree
• 1. Adriano “Rat Face” Ratti (b. 1964) + Evelyn O’Neal (b. 1968, d. 1994)
 • 2. Amelia “Doll Face” Ratti (b. 1992)

First Generation

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgAdriano “Rat Face” Ratti (Ally [Underworld] ••, Status [Mafia] ••)
A squat, bug-eyed Italian florist. Adriano’s flower shop is rumored to be used as a front for many illegal dealings and fencings of contraband, like unmarked guns. The man’s voice is often said to be the most annoying in all of New Orleans.

Second Generation

Black_Hand_Small1.jpgAmelia “Doll Face” Ratti (Ally [Underworld] •)
The imperious, pretty-faced bookkeeper for her father Adriano’s flower shop. Her mother died when she was young. The young woman’s good looks are only matched by the haughty miasma that encompasses everything she does, everything she wears. She gives off a peculiar vibe that’s scared off many would-be suitors.

The Riveras

Family Tree
• 1. Diego Carlos Rivera (b. 1988, d. 2016)
• 1. Carla Rivera (b. 1991)
 • 2. Emilia Rivera (b. 2012)

First Generation

Carlos.jpgDiego Carlos Rivera (b. 1988, d. 2016; Ally [Street] •••)
Leader of the Cottonmouths gang in Terrytown. Recently deceased.

Carla.jpgCarla Rivera (b. 1991; Ally [Industry] •)
Bartender, maid, nanny, community college student, and single mother, Carla tries to do it all. Born in Mexico, she came over the border with her mother when she was only five years old. The family moved from Houston to New Orleans as part of the mass exodus in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to get away from the abusive influence of the coyote who got them across the border. Carla barely remembers Texas, let alone Mexico, but her illegal status makes it difficult to obtain legitimate employment. A devout Catholic, she has a large tattoo of Jesus Christ on her right shoulder, and another of the Virgin of Guadalupe on her left. Uncertain what her future holds, she prays frequently for her three-year-daughter: as an American citizen, she’ll have opportunities her mother never will. Carla remains willing to do almost anything to ensure that the little girl grows up to be successful, but it’s only a matter of time until her own past catches up with her. Though she makes a respectable living working as a bartender, and makes more on the side with her own small business with a maid service during the day, the trail of off-the-books money she depends on is eventually going to land on someone’s desk, and when it does INS is soon to follow.
In 2006, Carla was on the same bus as Isa Suarez during Isa’s flight to New Orleans with her brothers. Carla was a timid thing who stayed quiet and let her brother Diego do the talking.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers hired Carla to clean Louis Fontaine’s filthy office (much to his consternation), and her former haven in Audubon after it was ransacked by Prince Vidal’s agents. Caroline also used her as a “referral” to find a ghoul with gang connections, who ended up being her brother Diego.

The Roberts

Family Tree
• 1. William “Bill” Jay Roberts (b. 1960) + (Bill’s wife)
 • 2. (Bill’s children)

• 1. (Ian’s father + mother)
 • 2. Ian Roberts. (b. 1984)
 • 2. (Ian’s younger sister)
 • 2. (Ian’s youngest sister)

First Generation

Bill.jpgWilliam “Bill” Jay Roberts (b. 1960; Ally [Politics] •••••)
The current governor of Louisiana, Bill Jay Roberts was elected to office in 2013 on a wave of backlash against Fred Pavaghi’s corruption. Bill campaigned heavily on a platform of restoring dignity and public trust to the governorship. He is one of the last Democrats to hold statewide office in the Deep South, and the first Democrat elected to statewide office in Louisiana since the GOP takeover in 2010. Much of Bill’s strategy involved building crossover support from white rural voters, since the state’s African-American population is always in any Democrat’s pocket. Bill himself is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-capital punishment, anti-gay marriage military veteran and former Army Ranger who enjoys recreational hunting and is proud of the fact he’s closed down all but two abortion clinics in Louisiana, something even Fred Pavaghi was unable to do. Despite this fact, Bill’s support of the Affordable Care Act led the Malveaux attack machine to characterize him as a flaming liberal, and to some degree of success. Before being elected to the governor’s mansion, Bill served on the Louisiana Public Service commission, and ran against Maxen Flores to represent the state senate’s District 9 in 2003, which he lost. Bill is of no relation to Christina Roberts, but it hasn’t stopped his opponents from implying that he is. He owns a home in Audubon Place but currently lives at the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge.
Story 9: Emmett received a death warrant signed by Bill, who had authorized his execution.

Second Generation

Ian_Rob.jpgIan Roberts (b. 1984; Ally [Legal] •)
A paralegal with ten years of experience working in the bitter industry that is family law, Ian steadfastly swears he’ll never marry or have a family. He’s seen the ways in which that goes all too many times. He’s content instead with his long-term girlfriend Chelsea Donaldson and their fairly uncomplicated lives. Nosy but also discrete, Ian greatly enjoys learning secrets and details about people simple for the sake of being ‘in the know.’ In that curiosity, he is greatly satisfied with his job and its ability to pry deeply into people’s lives on a deep and intimate level. He comes from a ‘normal’ middle-class nuclear family himself, including a mother and father who have been married for more than twenty years, and two younger sisters (one of whom he is deeply frustrated with for her recent marriage without a prenuptial agreement). The Roberts family as a whole is old money, though Ian’s immediate family is only distantly related to Bill Jay Roberts and has fallen out of the primary line of succession. They remain comfortably middle class, which each child (including Ian) inheriting a small six figure number worth of stock in the old family company (which his parents used to help pay for his sisters’ college). Ian himself, in turn, is relatively financially stable. His co-workers consider him likable in a self-deprecating, hard-working, humblebragging way.

The Underwoods

Family Tree
• 1. Timothy Underwood (b. 1947, d. 1988) + Payton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947)
 • 2. Stanton Underwood (b. 1972)
 • 2. Diana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973) + Maxen Flores (b. 1972)
  • 3+. (See: The Flores family)
 • 2. Prudence Bellamy (née Underwood) (b. 1975) + Norland Bellamy (b. 1974)
  • 3. (See: The Bellamy family)

First Generation

No_Pic.jpgPayton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947; Ally [Legal] •••)
Associate judge for the Criminal District Court of Orleans Parish. Payton was born the youngest daughter to a family with four other girls, prompting her exasperated father (who’d long wanted a son to follow in his footsteps as a judge) to declare that “she’d have to do.” Almost seventy years later, Payton has a reputation as a severe judge who dislikes waste and has little tolerance for disrespect. She is known to impose “creative” sentences on clients for whom a $200 fee or several more days in jail would be a slap on the wrist. She gets along well with the police, who appreciate her “tough on crime” attitude. Her last election was the final one for which she was eligible to run (due to her age), and she looks forward to spending her remaining years playing with her grandchildren, gardening in her old family home in the Lower Garden District, and maybe doing some part-time private practice on the side.

Second Generation

Diana_Flores.jpgDiana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973; Ally [Academia] •••)
Dance teacher at the McGehee School for Girls, retired ballerina, and mother of five.

The Whites

Family Tree
• 1. Isaiah White (b. 1979) + Jada White (née Hutchinson) (b. 1980)
 • 2. Alexis White (b. 2006)
 • 2. Daniel White (b. 2009)

First Generation

Is_White.jpgIsaiah White (b. 1979; Ally [Media] •)
Thirty-six-year-old local news anchor known for his “investigative reports” into largely trivial matters such as food poisoning at a given restaurant, or an individual landlord’s policies. Carved out a name for himself among the bored older crowd that actually watches the local news, who hail him as a hero for exposing the “dangers” of the city. In truth frustrated by his work and inability to break a real news story, but afraid to take a chance or make it big because he feels it would endanger his comfortable life. Has his children on the weekends, and tries to schedule fun events and trips for them. Formerly married to Jada White.

Jada_White.jpgJada White (née Hutchinson) (b. 1980; Ally [Bureaucracy] ••)
A thirty-five-year-old and fifteen-year employee, Jada White gets about half the work done for the entirety of the New Orleans DMV by herself. Her line is the only one in the que that seems to move, and it’s not uncommon for her to juggle five or six phone calls along with a face-face interaction at once. Overweight but not obese, she’s an aberration in government work: genuinely cheerful at work and kind to those that interact with her. Her two children, both middle school-aged, attend a charter school. She shares custody with ex-husband, with whom she has a polite, if not warm, relationship. Kept his last name for the kids. Refers to those she interacts with at work as “babe.”

1-Entry Families

The Allens

Family Tree
• 1. (Brayson’s father + mother)
 • 2. Brayson Allen (b. 1986)

Second Generation

Brayson.jpgBrayson Allen (b. 1986; Ally [High Society] •)
The son of two black doctors, one of whom made a fortune for pioneering a new technique in heart valve replacement, Brayson grew up the yuppie upstart among the moneyed families of the Big Easy. Mocked, mistreated, and ostracized at every turn, Brayson eventually fell deeply down the rabbit hole into drug use and partying, culminating in a night of absolute debauchery with Westley Malveaux that landed them both in the spotlight, and very nearly in prison. Unlike Westley, rumors still swirl around Brayson. Of the two, Brayson’s loss is the greater tragedy, as he inherited his parents’ brains, and was a second-year resident in trauma medicine when his life imploded. He’s a common fixture these days at the Corner Club, and little else, drawing a stipend from his wealthy parents and floating adrift through his late 20s.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers came across Brayson at the Alystra riverboat casino. He expressed his condolences for her brother Westley’s loss with a “good fucking riddance, and fuck him very much.”

The Argabrites

Family Tree
• 1. Robert Argabrite II (b. 1955, d. 2012) + (-his wife-)
 • 2. Robert Argabrite III (b. 1985)

Second Generation

RobertArgabrite.jpgRobert Argabrite III (b. 1985; Ally [High Society] •••)
Inherited something on the order of three hundred million dollars when he was twenty years old after the tragic deaths of his wealthy parents. Subsequently lost half of that fortune when he was seduced by Samantha Watts. Along with the money went much of his social capital, with the love-struck young man viewed as a joke and a failure by many, but a few old allies of his family hung around. He has quietly invested much of that fortune in the city while also living in recent months as the consummate playboy and player, running through a different model, escort, or heiress every night in a flurry of promiscuous and tabloid-fueling liaisons. Formerly employed Sarah Anne Widney, who reportedly stole from him before her firing. Other rumors claim that the two shared something deeper.

The Bellamys

Family Tree
• 1. Norland Bellamy (b. 1974) + Prudence Bellamy (née Underwood) (b. 1975)
 • 2. Lily Bellamy (b. 2005)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgLily Bellamy (b. 2005; Ally [Academia] •)
10-year-old only child of the Bellamy family. Lily’s parents are devout Catholics and borne-and-bred Southern aristocrats who expect their little girl to grow up into a delicate Southern belle. Though her life appears perfect on the surface, it’s all for appearances—behind closed doors, her parents long ago fell out of love and spend their nights either fighting or ignoring each other. This animosity has only gotten worse as time has gone on, but since good Catholics don’t divorce they’ve refused to separate. As a result, Lilly is often reduced to a status symbol to show off to their friends or a weapon to use against each other in arguments.
Story One: Amelie Savard met her on the school bus and was chiefly annoyed by the alone-sitting girl’s attempts at conversation, largely given the fact that the non-driving upper school senior was a sight of intense curiosity to the predominately lower and middle school bus riders.

The Borges

Family Tree
• 1. (Martin’s mayor father + mother)
 • 2. Martin Borges (b. 1958) + (Martin’s assorted wives and liaisons)
  • 3. (Martin’s many children)
 • 2. Maureen Borges (b. 1960) + (Maureen’s husband)
  • 3. (Maureen’s children)

First Generation

Mart.jpgMartin Borges (b. 1958; Ally [Politics] •••••)
The current two-term mayor of New Orleans, Martin Borges is thoroughly a man of the system and casually corrupt in that relaxed way only Louisiana politicians can be. His administration has largely been defined by continuance of the status quo without any particular reforms, executive actions, or legislative accomplishments of note—besides lining the pockets of the city’s business community, assorted special interests, and Martin’s own family.

The Boulanjès

Family Tree
• 1. Jessy Boulanjè (b. 1949, d. 1984) + Ameline Boulanjè (née Delaxroix) (b. 1950, d. 1984)
 • 2. William “Billy Baker” Boulanjè (b. 1975)

Second Generation

BillyBaker.jpgWilliam “Billy Baker” Boulanjè (b. 1975; Ally [Police] •)
Insomniac police dispatcher who works the night shift. Fronts and plays the drums in a local jazz band, Billy Baker and the Pulse.

The Burroughses

Family Tree
• 1. Monica Burroughs (b. 1969) + (Hannah’s father)
 • 2. Hannah Burroughs (b. 1998)

Second Generation

No_Pic.jpgHannah Burroughs (b. 1998; Ally [Academia] •)
Senior at McGehee and transplant from Jackson, Mississpi. Recently deceased.
Story One: Amelie Savard met Hannah in Tulane Medical Center’s ER, where her mother had taken her (and apparently more than once) for dehydration. Amelie appreciated her catty personality and the two became friends afterwards, with Hannah agreeing to join Amelie for her planned slumber party at the LaLaurie House.
Story Two: Hannah was among the girls arrested by NOPD after Emil Kane’s injury. Following the harrowing events of that night, she dropped out of McGehee.
Story Nine: After Amelie came out of her coma, Yvette Devillers informed her that Hannah had committed suicide by means of sleeping pills.

The Drouillards

Family Tree
• 1. (Bernard’s and Lori’s parents)
 • 2. Bernard Drouillard (b. 1966) + (Bernard’s wife)
  • 3. (Bernard’s three children)
 • 2. Lori Lancaster (née Drouillard) (b. 1973) + Vincent Lancaster (b. 1971)
  • 3. (See: The Lancaster family)

Second Generation

Bernard_Drouillard_Small.jpgBernard Drouillard (b. 1966; Ally [Police] •••••)
Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

The Mayberrys

Family Tree
• 1. (Megan’s grandparents)
 • 2. (Megan’s parents)
  • 3. Megan Mayberry (b. 1998)

Third Generation

No_Pic.jpgMegan Mayberry
Daughter of the Mayberry family that runs Antoine’s, the city’s 1840-founded and oldest restaurant. The Mayberrys are older than they are rich, though, as Antoine’s is the only restaurant they own (unlike their rivals among the Dolans). Megan is friends with Rachel Freneau and Hannah Burroughs, and has a more sensitive personality than either of them.
Story One: She befriended Amelie Savard alongside the other two and agreed to spend the night at the infamous LaLaurie House, despite being nervous at the prospect, but later backed out at the last minute.

The Petersons

Family Tree
• 1. (Vivian’s parents)
 • 2. Vivian Peterson (b. 1964)
 • 2. (Lauren’s parents)
  • 3. Lauren Peterson (b. 1995)

Third Generation

Lauren_Peterson.jpgLauren Peterson (b. 1995; Ally [Academia] •)
Former student at Tulane University who was attacked at 2015’s Southern Decadence while drunk and had shards of glass raked over her neck. Franz Harz, acting on behalf of an anonymous benefactor, paid the out of pocket costs for her treatment at Tulane Medical Center. Described by her doctor Neil Flynn as having “no parents in the picture,” the primary adult figure in her life seems to be her aunt Vivian—who, due to not being a parent, didn’t have her enrolled under her health plan.
Story Three: Lauren was the first victim of the recently-Embraced Caroline Malveaux-Devillers, who fed on her while frenzying and later paid her medical bill out of guilt. She was chided for this generosity by others of her kind, who pointed out that any more victims who had their medical costs anonymously paid for would leave a trail for hunters to follow.
Story Six: Mouse encountered her as she and her aunt were leaving Tulane Medical Center. She was still disturbed by the attack but glad to be discharged, as well as that someone had taken care of her out of pocket medical costs.
Story Ten: Caroline tracked Lauren down again half a year later while investigating the circumstances of her Embrace. Lauren had left New Orleans, as she no longer felt safe in the city, and transferred from Tulane to another school in South Carolina. She was still grateful to her benefactor for paying her hospital bill, but no longer curious at to their identity. As Autumn Rabinowitz described, “She seems like she’s moved on with her life.”

The Montobons

Family Tree
• 1. (Joseph’s parents)
 • 2. Joseph Montobon (b. 1987)
 • 2. (Joseph’s siblings) (b. 1987)

Second Generation

JosephMontobon.jpgJoseph Montobon
Heir to the Montobon fortune, Joseph is young, ambitious, and confident that he can restore a once-vast manufacturing empire gutted by NAFTA. A one-time suitor to Savannah Malveaux, the two drifted apart after their college years as they became increasingly embroiled in their family’s businesses. Joseph is as much a slave to his job as Savannah is, and recent rumors connect him to the city’s Mafia just as many of his business ventures are beginning to show signs of life. Whether that’s only a coincidence, or rumors spread by jealous rivals, none can say for certain. What is certain is that Joseph’s star, and the Montobons’, is on the rise for the first time in a generation.

The Shemtovs

Family Tree
• 1. Rachman Shemtov (b. 1946) + Zlata Shemtov (née Falkowitz) (b. 1948, d. 1986)
 • 2. (His first children)
• 1. Rachman Shemtov (b. 1946) + Miriam Shemtov (née Hamra) (b. 1951)
 • 2. Lila Shemtov (b. 1989)

First Generation

Simtov2bb.jpgRachman Shemtov (b. 1946; Ally [Church] •••)
Rabbi and hobbyist magician who presides over the reform Touro Synagogue despite his personal Conservative following of the faith. Teaches an underground Kabbalah class to an eclectic group of people, some not even Jewish, of which Emil Kane is a member. He claims to have seen something more in the words of the Zohar than hasn’t been uncovered in many many years. That the secrets he found were only found by his (supposed)direct ancestor, Moses de León, the publisher of the text. He wants this truth to be kept close to those he chooses and trusts. When he will elucidate this truth is up in the air, and as a result, many people who get pulled into the group tend to fall out fairly quickly. Emil hasn’t lost hope just yet.
Story Nine: In 2007, Rachman helped Emil deal with several personal crises.

The Wiggons

Family Tree
• 1. Otis K. Wiggons (b. 1974) + Clara Wiggons (née Anders) (b. 1971)
 • 2. Wayne Wiggons (b. 2006)
 • 2. Duke Wiggons (b. 2009)

First Generation

OtisWiggons.jpgOtis K. Wiggons (b. 1974; Ally [Police] •••)
Racist captain of District Investigative Unit-Person Crimes in the 1st district.

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