The Brujah

“Throw off the elders’ shackles of the mind,
reach into thyself and see the truth revealed.
The truth, as truth is seen,
will illuminate your soul
and heal your wounds.
Know who you are, first, and be true to yourself.”

Brujah’s words to her childer

Thugs. Philosophers. Terrorists. Hipsters. Revolutionaries.

Even the clan itself cannot say which of these labels are true—in a way, perhaps they all are. Many Brujah would say that’s the beauty of it: the freedom to be any, all, and none of them.

The rabble may not be as influential as the Ventrue or as large as the Toreador, but they make up for it by sheer force of will. They’re the activists, the street artists, the thugs, the roughs, the toughs, the renegade scholars, and the angry young men. They’re the overwhelming vitality of the city, the thrumming engines and shining lights.

Don’t ever piss them off.


a. = arrival in New Orleans
e. = Embraced
d. = final death
l. = left New Orleans

• 8. Annie Pope (e. early 19th century, d. 2005)
 • 9. Pinckney Benton “Pinch” Stewart Pinchback (e. late 19th century)
  • 10. Jacob “Jake” Almerson (e. early 20th century, d. mid 20th century)
   • 11. Tom Weaver (e. mid 20th century, l. mid 20th century)
  • 10. Duke Elmhearst (e. late 20th century, d. 2016)
 • 9. Elaine Hughes (e. late 19th century, d. early 20th century)
  • 10. Robert Barbanson (e. early 20th century, l. 2005)

• 8. Coco Duquette (e. late 18th century, a. mid 19th century, d. 2016)
 • 9. Micheal Kelly (e. early 20th century, d. 2016)
 • 9. Roderick Durant (e. early 21st century, d. 2016)

• 9. Dutch (e. mid 19th century, a. mid 20th century, l. 2005)
 • 10. Tyrell Howard (e. late 20th century, d. 2005)

• 10. Smiling Jack (e. 17th century, a. 18th century, l. 1815)
 • 11. Trevon LaCroix (e. early 21st century, d. 2005)
  • 12. Gideon “Deon” LaCroix (e. early 21st century)

• 10. Shep Jennings (e. late 19th century, a. mid 20th century)

• 10. Doc Xola (e. mid 20th century)
 • 11. Alexander Wright (e. late 20th century)
  • 12. Hezekiah Santana (e. early 21st century, d. 2016)
  • 12. Furnie Jacobs (e. early 21st century)

• 11. Emily Thurmon (e. mid 20th century, a. early 21st century, d. 2016)
 • 12. Jeffrey Livingston (e. late 20th century, a. early 21st century, d. early 21st century)

• 11. Jonah Freeman (e. mid 20th century, a. early 21st century)
 • 12. Eris D. (e. late 20th century, a. early 21st century)

• 11. Christian Bentley (e. early 21st century, a. 2016, d. 2016)
 • 12. Malcolm Solomon (e. 2016, d. 2016)

• 11. Janaya Barnes (e. early 21st century, a. 2016, d. 2016)
 • 12. Kenneth “Ken” Sanders (e. 2016)

• 13-11. Lucas Gates (e. late 20th century, a. early 21st century, l. early 21st century)
 • 12. Tina Baker (e. early 21st century, d. 2016)

• 12. Bliss Jackson (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, d. 2015)
 • 13. Milagrosa Arencibia (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, d. 2015)

Amelie Savard (e. early 21st century, d. 2016)

William “Will” Carolla (e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, d. 2016)

Kindred by Brujah Status

Status is among the Brujah is bestowed more for attitude than specifics. The clan has at least a rough allegiance toward weakening authority and promoting individualism, and acts which accomplish both or either win their performers Status within the clan. Telling off a prince, disrupting a Ventrue deal (and living to tell about it), tweaking the Tremere, or exposing a corrupt mortal politician for the fraud they are—all of these can win a Brujah points with their elders and peers.

Unfortunately, the Brujah penchant for going after the high and mighty often turns the youngsters of the clan on their elders, which means that matters of Status can get touchy. Rewarding a neonate for acts which subvert a Brujah elder is asking for trouble, but is also true to the spirit of the clan. Younger Brujah also have a habit of ignoring their elders’ pronouncements and setting their own pecking order. Such arrangements are usually based on questions of strength or numbers of adherents; Brujah tend to move in packs and follow charismatic leaders.

Brujah Status •••

Alexander_Wright.jpg Alexander Wright

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Doc Xola
Embrace: 1984
Status: Brujah •••, Camarilla •, Hardline Sanctified ••
Coterie: Guard de Ville ••
Vidal’s enforcers aren’t all humorless automatons. One need look no further than the sarcastic-tempered Alexander Wright as an example. To the Sanctified, he’s one of the hounds loyally serving under Sheriff Donovan, and to the Anarchs and Crones he’s an unfortunate mistake. In life, Wright was a gangbanger Embraced by Doc Xola for reasons he can’t begin to guess. Wright’s sire blood bound the young Brujah and forced him to commit (and endure) all manner of heinous acts. The Sanctified earned his loyalty after they broke his blood bond to Xola and offered him a new place, even if it was no small irony for the mortal gangbanger to become a Kindred cop. Still, he’s taken to the job with gusto, and is happy to take his trademark titanium bat to the skull of anyone who calls him a sellout. He controls one of the larger gangs in Central City.

Shep_Jennings.jpg Shep Jennings

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1893
Status: Brujah •••, Anarch •••, Camarilla
Coterie: Night Axels •••
For decades, the so-called “voice of the onbound” in New Orleans, Shep Jennings, has striven to bring equality and enfranchisement to the Anarch Movement in a city which he feels has become Augusto Vidal’s private religious sanctum. Jennings was born during Reconstruction and is thought to be the oldest Anarch in the city after Coco Duquette and Miss Opal. He wasn’t born a slave, but his parents were, and his Embrace did little to improve his opinion of the world. He developed a chip on his shoulder against seemingly elder in New Orleans, whom he viewed (correctly) as complicit in slavery. Jennings was long frustrated by the slow pace of change in Kindred society and not above using violent and thuggish means to achieve his ends. After Hurricane Katrina, he apparently savvied up and started using diplomacy and subterfuge over more brutish options, leading to Kindred in power to finally take him more seriously. He’s also known for being a car thief and running a chop shop that can disassemble vehicles faster than any mortal thieves. He rarely lacks for business, as there are always vampires whose victims leave behind inconvenient cars.

Brujah Status ••

Doc_Xola.jpg Doc Xola

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1953
Status: Brujah ••, Camarilla ••, Circle of the Crone •••
Coterie: The Baron’s inner circle
One of the most feared Kindred in the city by neonates, Doc Xola is a hulkingly muscled bokor who serves as Baron Cimitière’s chief enforcer. Utterly without conscience or scruples, his penchant for going after his targets’ families is just one of the factors that keeps direct attacks on the Baron’s people to a minimum. In addition to these duties, Xola carries “doctor” as a medical as well as Vodoun title. He operates a back alley clinic that performs no-questions-asked surgeries and abortions, deals drugs, and (to Kindred customers) sells the blood Xola collects from operations. The only thing he doesn’t sell are aborted fetuses, which he enjoys feeding from.

Pic.jpg Jonah Freeman

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Foxfire
Embrace: 1963
Status: Anarch •••, Brujah ••, Camarilla •, Circle of the Crone
Coterie: Kindred Liberation Front •••
Civil Rights activist and Black Panther Embraced during the ‘60s. Jonah was an Anarch who spent most of his Requiem in Atlanta before before moving to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: he’d learned his mortal grandmother was a follower of the religion and found that its African roots greatly appealed to him. He is interested in establishing closer ties between the Anarchs and the Acolytes, but has been frustrated by Coco’s and Miss Opal’s support of Vidal. He avoids carrying around the trappings of Vodoun, still considering himself only a beginner in the religion despite close to a decade of study. Since 2013, he’s transferred his passion for racial justice to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Pinch.jpg Pinckney Stewart “Pinch” Benton Pinchback

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Annie Pope
Embrace: 1881
Status: Brujah ••, Camarilla ••, Invictus •••
The Damned prefer not to Embrace famous historic figures, but there are always exceptions. Clan Brujah’s whip is one of them. Pinch was a freed black who served as Louisiana’s governor for 24 days and held a variety of political offices during Reconstruction. Black disenfranchisement during the end of Reconstruction spelled the end of his career, moving Annie to Embrace him so that he might continue the struggle for racial equality. Pinch joined the Invictus in hopes of best effecting change (he was ultimately more interested in civil rights than the Anarch cause), though he alienated his sire by doing so. After Katrina, he incited outrage among younger Kindred by backing Pierpont McGinn over the younger and more Anarch-sympathetic Rebecca DeMatthews during the two’s contest to become regent of Uptown. Pinch believed McGinn’s victory was inevitable and that supporting him was the best way to effect change, as Pinch had many business interests in Uptown and is possibly the wealthiest member of his clan. The Creoles respect him like no other Brujah (except Coco), but many of his clanmates view him as a sellout.

Brujah Status •

Pic.jpg Gideon “Deon” LaCroix

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Trevon LaCroix
Embrace: 2005
Status: Brujah •, Camarilla 0, Hardline Sanctified
Deon grew up in the Upper Ninth and became sucked into the Bloodhound Gangstaz on Eastside and the life of a gangbanger by his older brother. Inter-gang violence spilled into a drive-by shooting that killed his brother and some “innocents” caught in the crossfire. Gideon spent about a decade in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, during which he became skilled at Jailhouse Rock (“52 blocks”) and had a religious awakening. He left gang life when he got out and became a deacon in the local Baptist church, where he tried to set kids straight and help out with community anti-gang initiatives.
That lasted until his brother returned and Embraced him. A childe of the infamous Smiling Jack, Trevon wanted nothing more than to raise hell on behalf of his sire, and thought nothing of turning more kids to gang life as his pawns. With a heavy heart, Deon slew his brother during Katrina and pledged his loyalties to Vidal, still with the goal of turning away youth from gang life. Lidia Kendall and other Kindred with gang ties view him as a persistent nuisance, and it is for that same reason he enjoys the prince’s protection. Deon, for his part, has a distinctly pacifistic outlook for a Brujah and doesn’t want to fight Vidal’s battles, just stop the gangs from destroying communities.

Eris.jpg Eris D.

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Jonah Freeman
Embrace: 1979
Status: Anarch ••, Brujah •, Camarilla •, Circle of the Crone ••
Coterie: Kindred Liberation Front ••
A ‘70s feminist and neopagan who never quite realized she missed the ’60s, Eris spent her mortal life bucking the establishment and throwing herself into anything that wasn’t mainstream. Embraced by Jonah for her magical dabblings, but her sire’s vitae unhinged something in her. She became devoted to the idea of promoting chaos, even changing her mortal name to Eris. She is convinced that Malkavians possess profound insight into the true nature of reality and is on exceptionally good terms with the clan, who find her more “open-minded” than other Kindred. It’s not uncommon for many licks to mistake her for one of the kooks herself.

Furnie_Jacobs_S.jpg Furnie Jacobs

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Alexander Wright
Embrace: 2016
Status: Brujah •, Camarilla 0, Hardline Sanctified
Coterie: Guard de Ville ••
A former street kid turned U.S. Marine and the “youngest” member of the Guard de Ville, Furnie cut his teeth as a ghoul for Alexander Wright for several years before dying in the 2016 Battle of Mt. Carmel on the end of Caroline Malveaux-Devillers’ sword—a fact he never lets his fellow hound forget. He subsequently arose as a postmortem Embrace and survived the brutal fighting during the Battle of the Arts District, which earned him a place on the Guard. He shores up the prince’s “northern front” by making his domain along the borders of the Baron’s recently expanded territory.

No_Pic.jpg Willy Deshommes

Ghouled: 2018
Status: Ghouls •
Willy has had Furnie’s back almost since his Embrace. The huge Haitian ghoul is a magnificent physical specimen, standing almost 7’ tall and built like a tank, with arms larger than most men’s thighs. He considers Furnie to be his savior, having brought him to Christianity in life, and would happily lay down his life for the Brujah. Not that dying is in the plan.
His faith is a deep and abiding well that exceeds even that of his domitor, and on more than one occasion he’s stepped in on his domitor’s behalf to restrain him from choices he might regret. For all his physical might and barely contained violence, he’s a moral man who favors talking to fighting, much like his domitor. He piously attends church every Sunday.

Roderick_Durant.jpg Roderick Durant

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Coco Duquette
Embrace: 2010
Status: Anarch ••, Brujah •, Camarilla
Coterie: Golds •••
A criminal lawyer Embraced just after passing the bar exam, Roderick serves as “chief of staff” to his sire Coco when he’s by her side, and bails his fellow Anarchs’ ghouls and mortal associates out of legal trouble when he’s not. He’s also the scribe (official note-taker) for the city’s primogen council, one of the most envious positions for a neonate to hold. Despite his privilege and exposure to some of the city’s most cynical and machiavellian power actors, though, Roderick retains a decidedly idealistic streak and wants the Anarchs to push for greater rights of self-determination within Mid-City. He’s locked horns with his more pragmatic “work within the system” sire more than once, and their impassioned debates remain a crowd favorite during the Movement’s meetings.

Brujah Status 0

Pic.jpg Kenneth “Ken” Sanders

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Janaya Barnes
Embrace: 2016
Status: Brujah 0, Camarilla 0, Hardline Sanctified
Coterie: Red Right Hand ••
Kenneth is the most devout of the Red Right Hand and a fiercely religious lick who aspires to become a priest. A devout Catholic in life, Ken strayed from his idyllic middle-class life and wife during his midlife crisis, falling in with a teenage girl who kept him out at all hours and increasingly consumed his life right up until she took it. He murdered his wife and son hours after his Embrace in a frenzy. He views himself as truly damned, but is grateful that he may continue to serve God’s will.

No_Pic.jpg Betty Mitchell

Ghouled: 2018
Status: Ghouls 0
Betty was a fifty-ish-year old county clerk approaching a comfortable government retirement when breast cancer came calling for her life. She caught it late—not shocking for the overweight woman who’d spent the last ten years resigned to her solitary existence. She was bitter, but more than anything else, she wasn’t surprised: of course that’d be how she went, on the verge of reaping the rewards of her hard work. She’d spent most of her life preparing for her retirement, only to have it all for nothing.
Ken found her at a support group—she’d declined treatment but still wanted someone to talk to about her rapidly approaching end of life. She liked his laugh: he liked her stoic resignation. He also appreciated her administrative know-how and believed his patron would appreciate someone in her office. Today Betty is happy enough to continue her life, and grateful to Ken for the opportunity. The demands placed on her are comparatively mild—and even when they aren’t she find them to be a far better option than death.
On the other side of her brush with death, Betty has worked to enjoy more of the life she deferred—improving her physical fitness and taking a greater appreciation in the moment.

No_Pic.jpg Rudy Brown

Ghouled: 2018
Status: Ghouls •
A former New Orleans Saint’s defensive linemen, Rudy was out of the league before thirty, having squandered most of his career earnings and suffering the rapid onset of chronic traumatic brain injury from his time in the league. Ken found him selling used cars—a gimmick for the dealership that subsidized his meager savings. He found Rudy the second time with a gun in his mouth, considering ending it all rather than continuing his bleak and increasingly painful existence. Ken offered him another, less bleak, way to end his life as he knew it.
The brush with abject failure and death did wonders for Rudy’s outlook. He came through the other side with a great appreciation for life as a whole, and the need for a purpose in it. He quit the job in the used car lot and now mostly does outreach with local youth programs while quietly trying to finish the college degree he never finished at Xavier—at his domitor’s urging.
Today Rudy feels better than he has since he was in his teens—stronger, faster, tougher, and more alive. He knows he has Ken to thank for that, and doesn’t hesitate to unleash all the strength of his more than 300 lb frame on anyone Ken thinks deserves it. Regularly works out with Brian Dunlap Fuller, who he readily admits is in better shape—while also joking about how he has ‘little man’ syndrome.

Fallen Brujah by Status

Brujah Status ••••

Annie1_Small.jpg Annie Pope

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1813
Final Death: 2005 (192 years undead)
Status: Anarch •••, Bourbon Sanctified •••, Brujah ••••, Camarilla ••
A former slave Embraced on an Antebellum plantation, Annie came to New Orleans because of its large free black population and either appropriated or inspired the local legend of Annie Christmas. True to its accounts, Annie was one of the physically strongest vampires and most brutal fighters in the city. Initially allied to Baron Cimitière, her ties to the city’s black community gave her considerable influence over its Reconstruction-era government. She allied with Roger Halliburton during his period of ascendancy, but crossed over to Vidal’s side at Coco Duquette’s behest. She soon grew dissatisfied with the prince and spent the next century moving between Coco, the Baron, and Antoine Savoy before settling in the French Quarter lord’s camp. For all her physical prowess, she was less politically astute than other elders, who were largely successful in manipulating her towards their own ends. Hurricane Katrina proved the one obstacle she couldn’t destroy with brute force.

Coco_Duquette.jpg Coco Duquette

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of William Starkweather
Embrace: 1792
Final Death: 2016 (224 years undead)
Status: Anarch ••••, Brujah ••••, Camarilla ••••
Coterie: Cabildo ••••, the princely contenders
Coco Duquette is Clan Brujah’s primogen, the co-regent of Mid-City, and the closest thing the Anarchs have to a leader. Embraced during the French Revolution, she believes that change is best effected by working peacefully within the system and is a long-time ally of Prince Vidal’s. She has won a number of gains for the unbound over the years, though her influence has taken a hit since the Trial of John Harley Matheson. She was slain during the 2016 Battle of Mid-City, following which Anarch support for Vidal crumbled.

Brujah Status ••

No_Pic.jpg Emily Thurmon

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Dezi
Embrace: 1976
Final Death: 2016 (40 years undead)
Status: Brujah ••, Camarilla ••
Coterie: Snake Hunters •••
Former anthropology professor and co-founder of the Snake Hunters, a coterie whose purpose is to exterminate Setites from the city, after she lost her childe and lover Jeffrey to the serpents during Hurricane Katrina. She is a humorless woman who has few apparent interests besides the hunt. She went missing in 2016 and is presumed deceased: Setites are the suspected culprits.

Brujah Status •

Bliss.jpg Bliss Jackson

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Jaime Castillano
Embrace: 2010
Final Death: 2015 (5 years undead)
Status: Anarch •, Brujah •, Camarilla 0
Coterie: Eight-Nine-Six •••
An angry young woman and perennial malcontent, Bliss Jackson was the leader of Eight-Nine-Six, one of Mid-City’s more violent Anarch gangs. She and her coterie-mates were executed during the 2016 Trial of John Harley Matheson for violations of the Masquerade.

Hez.jpg Hezekiah “Hez” Santana

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Alexander Wright
Embrace: 2010
Final Death: 2016 (6 years undead)
Status: Anarch ••, Brujah •, Camarilla 0, Hardline Sanctified 0
A born-again preacher for the not-quite damned, Hezekiah was a former boxer, occasional alcoholic, and Baptist minister who Wright Embraced to simultaneously punish and reward for the violence he committed against perceived sinners. Sire and childe got along well enough, at first. Then during the 2011 Cypress Grove Massacre, Hezekiah refused to participate in the sheriff’s mass slaughter of Anarch thin-bloods, and helped several escape to safety. He was banished from New Orleans. During 2016, he fought in the Battle of Mid-City on the Baron’s side: it turned out he’d been continuing to hide in the city (almost certainly with Cimitière’s protection) for five years. He met final death at Coco Duquette’s hands.

Tina.jpg Tina Baker

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Lucas Gates
Embrace: 2004
Final Death: 2016 (12 years undead)
Status: Brujah •, Camarilla •, Invictus 0
Coterie: Armstrong Five ••
Tina was a college student majoring in sports medicine before she was abducted and Embraced in 2004 as one of the Armstrong Five, a krewe of fledglings collectively abandoned by their sires in Louis Armstrong Park. The five made a minor name for themselves apprehending their sires or driving them from the city. For Tina, it was especially personal: she’d been victimized in high school and her sire Lucas Gates was a “ravening psychopath” (and self-admitted diablerist) who made her Embrace as torturous and humiliating as possible.
Tina has never grown to like being a monster. In the decade-plus since her Embrace, she has mostly stayed out of politics, practiced martial artists to avoid being victimized again, and tried to avoid hurting mortals too badly. Some Brujah have accused her of being a sellout for joining the Invictus, but she doesn’t see much of worth in the Anarchs when they’re only for Kindred equality. Even her allegiance to the First Estate is mostly a means to increase the respectability of her “business” serving as a bodyguard and sometime bruiser for hire. She maintains ties with the other Armstrongs, although after ten-plus years the former krewemates have moved in other directions (especially Becky Lynne). She was executed by the prince in 2016 for involvement with Bishop Malveaux’s final death.

Will_Carolla.jpg William “Will” Carolla

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: 2012
Final Death: 2016 (4 years undead)
Status: Brujah •, Camarilla •, Invictus
Will Carolla is one of the few Kindred totally open about his mortal identity. He likes to chuckle that he can afford to be. His parents are deceased, he has no siblings or children, and his uncle Antonio “The Croc” Carolla is the boss of New Orleans’ Mafia family. Any lick who wants to make a run at the don to get to him is welcome to try. It’s unknown who Embraced Will, but he’s hinted it was a Brujah of considerable influence while playing coy over exactly who they were. Some neonates have guessed figures as renowned as Jeremy MacNeil or Theo Bell, while others have accused Will of being sired by a nobody and doing it all for attention. Will himself is the caporegime of a Mafia crew and makes little secret of his enmity for Reynaldo Gui, who he calls “that fake-Italian piece of shit from Chicago.” He disappeared around the time of Savoy’s and the Baron’s 2016 attacks on Vidal’s territory and is presumed deceased in those conflicts.

Brujah Status 0

Amelie.jpg Amelie Savard

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: 2016
Final Death: 2016 (several nights undead)
Status: Brujah 0, Camarilla 0, Unaligned -
A fledgling Embraced and abandoned by an unknown sire, Amelie was rescued off the streets by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers and delivered to her clan primogen Coco Duquette, who in turn brought the young vampire to Perdido House. She has not been seen since that night and is presumed to have been executed by Prince Vidal for any number of potential reasons.

Duke.jpg Duke Elmheartst

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Pinch
Embrace: 1987
Final Death: 2016 (29 years undead)
Status: Brujah 0, Camarilla 0, Invictus 0, Hardline Sanctified
Anarchs say Duke’s face is like an internet picture people can’t agree on: “If you don’t want to fuck Duke within the first ten minutes of meeting him, you’ll probably be idly thinking of ways to murder him.” Despite having been dead since the ‘80s, Duke’s narcissism and lifelong sense of entitlement were only magnified by his Embrace. His inability to comprehend himself as anything but the most important person in the room, coupled with his clan’s poor self-control, led to some severe humiliations during early visits to Elysium, which he now attends only grudgingly. Duke prefers to spend most of his time on Tulane’s campus, where he controls many of the greek life organizations. His combined power and connections via a secret society of ghouled “brothers” extends to many corridors of power, allowing him access to high-profile kine with only a phone call. Although derided as Donovan’s toadie (Tulane is the sheriff’s turf), none would say Duke is not an excellent monster in his own right; the frat parties of Tulane are legendary, and Sanctified Kindred who attend are often impressed with the inventiveness of the torments he visits upon his victims—especially female ones. He was slain during the 2016 Battle of Mt. Carmel.

Pic.jpg Malcolm Solomon

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Christian Bentley
Embrace: 2016
Final Death: 2016 (0 years undead)
Status: Brujah 0, Camarilla 0, Hardline Sanctified 0
Coterie: Red Right Hand ••
Malcolm was a gangster Embraced in the French Quarter under the most vicious and petty circumstances imaginable. His sire was a newly-Embraced lick who used his newfound power to “get even” with Malcolm, his still-living rival from a rival street gang. Malcolm’s sire murdered his sister in front of him, Embraced him, then all but shoved Malcolm into Hardliner clutches to see his childe both destroyed and damned. Malcolm grew close to Gina Elsworth during the hunt for their sires, but ultimately allowed himself to be lured into a trap and destroyed while seeking a more personal vengeance against his sire.

Micheal_small.jpg Micheal Kelly

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Coco Duquette
Embrace: 1904
Final Death: 2016 (112 years undead)
Status: Anarch 0, Brujah 0, Camarilla 0
Micheal Kelly is Clan Brujah’s paper tiger. An OMC biker and World War II veteran who fought the Nazis in Europe (as a vampire), many of Kelly’s clanmates considered him a “badass” until the 2015 release of photographs that depicted him being gang-raped at the hands of Bobbi Jo Boggs’ biker gang, who also burned down his bar in Mid-City. It was Micheal’s lack of retaliation, however, that truly cemented his present reputation as a pushover. He spends his nights at Veronica Alsten-Pirrie’s side, who was once his lover but now mainly torments and abuses him for her own (and her other lovers’) amusement. Rumor claims she’s removed his cock and makes him wear a dress, but after turning against his sire in the 2015 Anarch split he has nowhere else to go. Most Kindred think he made up those stories about fighting in World War II. He was slain during the 2016 Battle of the Arts District.

Other Fallen Brujah

No_Pic.jpg Christian Bentley
Lineage: 11th gen. childe of unknown sire, e. early 21st century, d. 2016)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified 0, Brujah 0, Camarilla 0
A petty and vengeful gangster from the Seventh Ward turned Quarter rat. Sire to the destroyed Malcolm Solomon of the Red Right Hand, and destroyed himself by his childe’s krewe.

No_Pic.jpg Milagrosa Arencibia
Lineage: 13th gen. childe of Bliss Jackson, e. early 21st century, d. 2015
Status: Anarch •, Brujah •, Camarilla 0
Former moll and member of the defunct Eight-Nine-Six krewe. Executed by the prince for breaches of the Masquerade.

No_Pic.jpg Jeffrey Livingston
Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Emily Thurmon, e. late 20th century, d. 2005
Status: Brujah •, Camarilla •, Unaligned -
A museum curator who was Emily Thurmon’s childe and lover. He was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina by Setites.

No_Pic.jpg Trevon LaCroix
Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Smiling Jack, e. early 21st century, d. 2005
Status: Anarch •, Brujah •, Camarilla 0
A lifelong criminal and childe of the infamous Smiling Jack, Trevon was one of many bastards to have been sired by the notorious Anarch over the years. He was slain by his childe and mortal brother Gideon, who was unwilling to let him use gang children in his feuds with other Kindred.

No_Pic.jpg Tyrell Howard
Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Dutch, e. late 20th century, d. 2005
Status: Anarch •, Brujah •, Camarilla 0
A car mechanic, drag racer, and sometime associate of Shep Jennings, Tyrell met final death at the hands of Strix during the mass Kindred exodus to Houston during Hurricane Katrina.

No_Pic.jpg Jacob “Jake” Almerson
Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Pinch, e. early 20th century, d. mid 20th century
Status: Anarch ••, Brujah ••, Camarilla
A rabble-rousing dockworker who plotted with Anarchs from the California Free State to assassinate Vidal in the failed 1967 Carnival Coup, Jake was executed by the prince for his role in those events.

No_Pic.jpg Elaine Hughes
Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Annie Pope, e. late 19th century, d. early 20th century
Status: Anarch •, Brujah •, Camarilla 0
A strong black woman who Annie Pope saw something of herself in, Elaine was one of the early victims of Nathaniel Bordruff’s crusade against New Orleans’ undead during the 1920s.

Extralocal Brujah by Status

Brujah Status ••••

No_Pic.jpg Smiling Jack

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Mama Lion
Embrace: 17th century, Anarch •••••, Brujah ••••
Smiling Jack is one of Clan Brujah’s most notorious iconoclasts and infamous across the United States for the hell he raises in Ventrue-ruled cities. His preferred MOs are siring large numbers of Caitiff, making spectacular assassination attempts against princes, and simply beating the life out of any Ventrue toadies to cross his path. Jack is said to have been a pirate captain during his breathing days and remained active in the Gulf Coast and Caribbean following his Embrace, only now fighting against the Ventrue instead of Spanish dons. When Vidal declared his praxis over New Orleans, Jack took an instant dislike to the Ventrue prince and spent the next half-century assisting insurrections against his rule, including Du Valle’s and Emmanuel Costa’s revolts in 1815 (of which Jack is the sole known survivor). Jack fled the city after Vidal declared a blood hunt, but he’s come back semi-periodically over the centuries to raise hell, especially after the establishment of the California Free State in the ‘60s. He was one of the primary instigators of the 1967 Carnival Coup and has fomented trouble as recently as Katrina. Vidal’s people are just glad he spends most of his time being a menace to other princes. Jack makes his base of operations in Los Angeles but frequently travels the country on a huge motorcycle. Coco and Miss Opal have publicly disavowed all association with him, though his exploits are legendary among younger Anarchs.

Brujah Status •

Gates.jpg Lucas Gates

Lineage: 11th gen. (diablerist) childe of Desiree Rose
Embrace: 1978
Status: Brujah •, Sabbat (unknown)
In 1978, a young man who had fantasized his entire life about killing a woman finally worked up the courage to try. Unfortunately, the woman he chose was a Sabbat vampire. She Embraced him rather than kill him, and Lucas diablerized her soon after. He spent the next several decades on a murderous spree across the country, killing possibly dozens of college-educated 20-something white women, and briefly wound up on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in a breach of the Masquerade. In 2004, he was drawn into the Louis Armstrong conspiracy by Sarah Cobbler, and Embraced one of its abandoned childer (Tina Baker) without Vidal’s permission. The coterie tracked down Gates’ haven and was thought to have destroyed him, but Caroline Malveaux-Devillers discovered that he’d reemerged in Miami in 2012. Gates had apparently learned greater subtlety, but still targeted the same victims. Baker has spread the news of his survival and is concerned he may return to New Orleans to get even, likely killing more women if he does.

Other Extralocal Brujah

Houston, Texas (348 miles to New Orleans)
Dutch (9th gen. childe of unknown sire, Anarch Movement, e. 19th century, a. mid 20th century, l. 2005)
Robert Barbanson (10th gen. childe of Elaine Hughes, Anarch Movement, e. early 20th century, l. 2005)

Los Angeles, California (1,894 miles to New Orleans)
Tom Weaver (11th gen. childe of Jake Almerson, Anarch Movement, e. 20th century, l. mid 20th century)

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