Predator Types

“Find you a place that is yours,
And the mortals that dwell there,
let them be your sheepfold,
let them be your cup,
let them be your holy bread.”

The Book of Nod

Not even predators remain immune to the need for adaptation. Perhaps because of their narrow ecological niche, predators and their hunting styles adapt together. Your hunting preferences determine how you obtain blood, and your blood shapes what Skills and even Disciplines you develop as a vampire.

This modus predationis is how you usually hunt. Your Predator Type shows your reflex or habit; it doesn’t mandate your behavior in the game. You can hunt in other fashions during a game session, since you may need to cooperate with other Predator Types and take advantage of feeding opportunities that appear during the story.


A combative assault-feeder, you stalk, overpower, and drink from whomever you can, when you can. You may or may not attempt to threaten or Dominate victims into silence or mask the feeding as a robbery. Think about how you arrived at this direct approach to feeding and what makes you comfortable with an unlife of stalking, attacking, feeding, and escaping. You could have been homeless, an SAS soldier, a cartel hitman, or a big game hunter.
• Add a Specialty: Intimidation (Stickups) or Brawl (Grappling)
• Gain one dot of Celerity or Potence
• Gain one dot of Corruption
• Gain three dots of Pawns (Street or Underworld) or a Retainer (••) who assists your hunts


You steal, buy, or otherwise procure cold blood rather than hunt, relying on the black market or your skills as a burglar or ambulance chaser. Perhaps you still work the night shift at the hospital. Ventrue may not pick this Predator Type.
• Add a Specialty: Larceny (Lockpicking) or Streetwise (Black Market)
• Gain one dot of Obfuscate or Blood Sorcery (Thaumaturgy)
• Gain the Feeding Merit: Iron Gullet (••)
• Gain the Enemy Flaw: Either someone believes you owe them, or there’s another reason you keep off the streets.

Blood Leech

You drink from other vampires,either by hunting, coercion or by taking blood as payment—perhaps the only truly moral way of feeding you can think of. Unfortunately, this practice is usually forbidden in Kindred society. It is either risky as all fuck or requires a position of enviable power.
• Add a Specialty: Brawl (Kindred) or Stealth (against Kindred)
• Gain one dot of Celerity or Protean
• Gain one dot of Corruption
• Increase Blood Potency by one
• Gain the Dark Secret Flaw: Diablerist, or the Despised Flaw.
• Gain the Feeding Flaw: Prey Exclusion (mortals)

Booth Buffet

You practice a profession which requires a great deal of personal contact in a private or semi-private setting. Maybe you are a hairdresser, a chiropractor, or a tattoo artist. you get your clients to relax when they are alone with you. Sometimes, they even experience an unexplained sense of euphoria as you work on them, which keeps them coming back. They have come to accept that after an appointment they look so awesome, but feel so… drained.
• Gain a Specialty in Craft (Specific Trade) or Medicine (Specific Trade)
• Gain a dot in Auspex or Presence
• Gain two dots (••) to spread across the Fame, Herd, and Resources Backgrounds
• Gain the Enemy Flaw: (rival in same trade)


You take your time to develop a number of personas online, and use these false identities on social media and forums to develop friendships with kine. You develop these connections to the point a person-to-person meeting can happen, which can be taken advantage for feeding. The benefit of doing so is being able to control the many factors involved in feeding, such as the time and location.
• Gain a Specialty in Empathy (Loneliness) or Technology (Social Media)
• Gain a dot in Dominate or Obfuscate
• Spend 2 dots (••) between Herd and Mask
• Gain the Enemy Flaw (catfish victim)


You feed covertly from your (or someone’s) mortal family and friends with whom you still maintain ties. The most extreme cleavers adopt children, marry a human, and try to maintain a family life for as long as they can. Cleavers often go to great lengths to keep the truth of their condition from their family, but some also maintain unwholesome relationships with their own kin. The Camarilla forbids taking a human family in this fashion, and it frowns on cleavers as Masquerade breaches waiting to happen. Cleavers who get caught by the sheriff can expect harsh punishments, and their family’s lives are usually forfeit.
• Add a Specialty: Persuasion (Gaslighting) or Subterfuge (Cover-ups)
• Gain one dot of Dominate or Animalism
• Gain the Dark Secret Flaw: Cleaver
• Gain Herd (••) or a Retainer (••) you’ve made from one of your family


You prefer not to feed against your victim’s free will. You might masquerade as a representative of a charity blood drive, as a blood-drinking kink-lord in the “real vampire community,” or by actually telling your victims what you are and getting their permission to feed. The Camarilla call that last method a Masquerade breach, but many Anarch philosophers consider it an acceptable risk. You could have been anything in life, but a sex worker, a political organizer, or a lawyer could all be wary of feeding without consent.
• Add a Specialty: Medicine (Phlebotomy) or Persuasion (Victims)
• Gain one dot of Auspex or Fortitude
• Lose one dot of Corruption
• Gain the Dark Secret Flaw: Masquerade Breacher
• Gain the Feeding Flaw: Prey Exclusion (non-consenting)


You like to force your victims to bleed for you. Ostensibly, you acquire blood in exchange for services such as security or surveillance, but as many times as the need for protection is real, it is just as often a fiction engineered to make the deal feel acceptable.
• Add a Specialty: Intimidation (Coercion) or Larceny (Security)
• Gain one dot of Dominate or Potence
• Spend three dots between the Pawns and Resources Backgrounds
• Gain the Enemy Flaw: The police or a victim who escaped your extortion and now wants revenge


You only feed from animals. Your hunger constantly gnaws at you, but you have not killed a single human being so far (except perhaps that one time), and you intend to keep it that way. You could have been anyone in life, but your choice speaks to someone obsessed by morality. Perhaps you were an activist, priest, aid worker, or vegan in life, but the choice never to risk a human life is one anyone could arrive at and struggle to maintain. Ventrue may not pick this Predator Type. You cannot pick this Predator Type if your Blood Potency is 3 or higher without the Animal Succulence Devotion for Animalism.
• Add a Specialty: Animal Ken (Specific Animal) or Survival (Hunting)
• Gain one dot of Animalism or Protean
• Lose one dot of Corruption
• Gain the Feeding Flaw: Vegan


You feed from fresh corpses, but despite this Predator Type’s name, you probably prefer feeding from mourners in cemeteries and sad, frightened visitors and patients in hospitals. Melancholic Resonance in a victim’s blood appeals more than any other humour. This Predator Type often requires you to hold a haven in or connections to a church, hospital, or morgue.
• Add a specialty: Occult (Necromancy) or Medicine (Cadavers)
• Gain one dot of Fortitude or Blood Sorcery (Necromancy)
• Gain the Feeding Merit: (•••) Iron Gullet
• Gain one dot of Pawns (Church or Health)
• Gain a monstrous bane: your cold nature makes you act in a deeply unsettling matter when hunting

House Cat

We live in the age of delivery apps, online shopping, dating apps and all night services. Getting someone to come to you has never been so easy. Why go hunt in the streets when you can have the food come to your haven? The tech-minded modern Anarch never has to worry about going hungry.
• Gain a Specialty in Technology (Mobile Apps) or Subterfuge (Luring)
• Gain a dot in Dominate or Presence
• Spend 2 dots (••) between Haven and Resources
• Gain either the Stalker, Disliked or Enemy Flaw


You are a celebrity among mortals or else you run a cult, a church, or something similar. You feed from your fans or worshippers, who treat you as a deity. You always have access to easy blood, but followers breed problems with the authorities, organized religion, and indeed the Camarilla. In life, you might have been a DJ, a writer, a cultist, a preacher, or a LARP organizer.
• Add a Specialty: Occult (specific tradition) or Expression (specific entertainment field)
• Gain one dot of Blood Sorcery or Presence
• Spend three dots between the Fame, Herd, and Status Backgrounds
• Gain the Enemies Flaw
• Gain an additional bane

Roadside Killer

You belong with the vagabonds, tourists, and truckers of the world—always moving, never at home. You know how to pick out the ones whose deaths are discounted as the risk of a woman hitchhiking alone, or who simply won’t be missed at all. You still have to fight to keep other vampires away from them lest the herd thins too much, though. In life, you either were one of them, or you met these vagrants as they rested at your roadside stop.
• Add a specialty Survival (The Road) or Investigation (Vampire Cant)
• Gain one dot of Fortitude or Protean
• Gain two dots of Pawns (Transportation) or migrating Herd
• Gain the Flaw Prey Exclusion (locals)


You rely on your stealth or Disciplines to feed from sleeping victims. If they never wake during the feeding, they won’t know you exist. Perhaps you were very anti-social in life; you don’t feel cut out for the intense interpersonal nightlife or physical violence of more extroverted hunters.
• Add a Specialty: Larceny (Break-In) or Stealth (Break-In)
• Gain one dot of Auspex or Obfuscate
• Gain one dot of Herd or Resources

Scene Queen

You rely on your familiarity with a certain subculture and a well-crafted pose, feeding on an exclusive subculture that believes you to be one of them. Your victims look up to you for your status in the scene (or perhaps just overlook you), and the ones who understand what you are get disbelieved. You may belong to the street or be literal upper class, abusing the weak with false hope and promises of taking them to the next level. In life, you almost certainly belonged to a subculture similar to the one you stalk now.
• Add a Specialty: Empathy (specific subculture), Socialize (specific scene), or Streetwise (specific subculture)
• Gain one dot of Auspex or Dominate
• Gain two dots in the Fame or Status Backgrounds
• Gain either the Status Flaw: Disliked (outside your subculture) or the Feeding Flaw: Prey Exclusion (a different subculture from yours)


You feed almost exclusively during or while feigning sex, and you rely on your Disciplines, seduction skills, or the unquenchable appetites of others to conceal your carnivorous nature. You have mastered the art of the one-night stand or move through the sex club scene like a dark star. You think of yourself as a sexy beast, but in your darkest moments, you fear that you’re at best a problematic lover, at worst a habitual rapist. A former lover who escaped destruction might be your Touchstone or your stalker. Maybe in life you were a pick-up artist, movie producer, author, a glorious slutty kinkster—or a virgin who intends to make up for lost time post-mortem.
• Add a Specialty: Socialize (Seduction) or Subterfuge (Seduction)
• Gain one dot of Dominate or Presence
• Gain two dots in the Allies, Herd, or Paramour Backgrounds from past flings
• Gain the Enemy Flaw: A spurned lover, jealous partner, or obsessive stalker


The Slayer hunts the scum of the mortal world, whether they be killers, rapists, crime lords, or other horrible figures which decent society would not miss. Perhaps their victims are open and proud, incarcerated, or even hiding amongst good people—their crimes undiscovered.
• Add a Specialty: Investigation (Criminology or Forensics) or Stealth (Shadowing)
• Gain one dot of Auspex or Potence
• Gain three dots in the Allies or Pawns Backgrounds, representing access to inmates or contacts in the Underworld or Police force.
• Gain a monstrous bane.


The dead, dying and sick are easy prey and even easier if you work within hospital wards or retirement homes. You use your knowledge of medical issues, and your ability to present yourself as a health worker to gain access to these people you can then easily feed upon, or draw copious amounts of blood from. Old Blood never tasted so sweet.
• Gain a Specialty in Medicine (Pharmacy) or Empathy (Grief)
• Gain a dot in Auspex or Fortitude
• Gain the Feeding Merit: Iron Gullet (••)
• Gain the Feeding Flaw: Prey Exclusion (healthy people)

Custom Predator Types

Players may create custom Predator Types for their characters using the following structure:
• Gain one Specialty in a Skill which assists your hunting method
• Gain one dot in a Discipline which assists your hunting method
• Gain two dots in Backgrounds or Merits related to your hunting style
• Gain a Flaw or bane related to your hunting style

Predator Types

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