“Let me tell you a story. Who knows, it just might be yours.”

“The story has lots of beginnings, but only one ending. Maybe your story began after a gang of punks forced you to stop your car while they smashed out your windows with garbage cans and slashed your girl’s face with a switchblade as part of some godless gang initiation. Maybe a strung-out addict made you kneel at gunpoint on the floor of a grocery store, and before you knew it, the begging words rose uncontrollably in your throat. Or maybe some swastika-tattooed bikers pulled you from the back of the bar and sat on your arms and legs while one of them unzipped his jeans.”

“Regardless of how your story began, you walk into the police station, seeking to restore the safety, justice, and order that your life lost when you became a victim. Your body is still hot with shame. Your voice is full of thumb tacks, strange to your own ears. Your eyes are full of self-guilt and loathing while uniformed people walk casually by you with styrofoam cups of coffee in their hands. Then somebody types your words for a report, and you realize that this is all you’ll get. Investigators will not be out at your house. You probably won’t be called in to pull somebody out of a line-up. A sympathetic female attorney from the prosecutors’ office will not take a large interest in your life.”

“Then you will look around at the walls and cabinets and lockers in that police station, the gun belts worn by the officers with the styrofoam coffee cups, perhaps the interior of the squad-cars in the parking lot, and you’ll make an ironic realization. The racks of M16 rifles, scoped Mausers, 12-gauge pumps loaded with double-aught buckshot, .38 specials, and .357 magnums; the stun guns, slapjacks, batons, and tear gas canisters; the drawers that contain cattle prods, handcuffs, mace, wrist and leg chains, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition—all of these things have nothing to do with your safety or the outrage of your person. Nothing. All that firepower, all those golden shields, and uniformed personnel—they aren’t for you. You’re just an increase in somebody’s workload. A report to be filed and forgotten.”

“The end.”

Louis Fontaine, retired NOPD detective

Protect and serve. That is the motto of the enforcers of the law. But Kindred and kine alike know this is not entirely true. In most cities, many people are truly wondering who the police truly serve… and why. Most of the time, they are serving their Kindred masters. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the police and their affiliates. Contacts and allies include beat cops, desk jockeys, prison guards, special divisions such as SWAT teams and homicide, detectives and all the related clerical and ancillary positions associated with law enforcement.

New Orleans Police Department (NOPD)

“To protect and to serve.”
—Unofficial police motto

“To ticket and harass.”
—The Dead Pelican

“New Orleans police REALLY don’t like to be bothered. NOPD are violent, they’re dangerous, they’re amoral, they’re dishonest, they’re under-trained, they’re illiterate, they’re shitty in a hundred ways, but they are also supremely, extremely lazy.”

NOPD is divided into six bureaus with city-wide jurisdiction and eight localized districts.

Bureaus are overseen by deputy superintendents. They include the: Office of the Superintendent; Compliance Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigation and Support Bureau; Management Services Bureau; and Public Integrity Bureau.

Districts are overseen by commanders. There are eight districts within the city.

District Areas Covered
1st Tremé, Mid-City
2nd Uptown, Carrollton
3rd Gentilly, Lakeview, Westend
4th Algiers, English Turn
5th 7th Ward, 8th Ward, 9th Ward, Bywater, Desire
6th Irish Channel, Central City, Garden District
7th New Orleans East
8th French Quarter, Central Business Dist. (CBD),
Warehouse District, Marigny Triangle

There are several units within each district, including Uniform Patrol, District Investigative Unit-Property Crimes, District Investigative Unit-Person Crimes, Task Force and Quality of Life Unit.

Background Dots Description
X Recruit (police academy trainee)
•• Sergeant
••• Lieutenant or captain
•••• Commander or deputy superintendent
••••• Superintendent

Detective is not a singular rank in NOPD, but a special assignment open to police of officer, sergeant, and lieutenant rank.

In late 2017, NOPD will introduce the ranks of senior officer and corporal to its command structure.

NOPD also has many civilian employees including, but not limited to, dispatchers, secretaries, informants, consulting detectives, forensics lab technicians, other support personnel, and retired officers.


Allies (Police) •••••

Bernard_Drouillard_Small.jpgSuperintendent Bernard Drouillard
Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

Allies (Police) ••••

Police_Small.jpgDeputy Superintendent Mallory D. Landry (Management Services)
Deputy Superintendent of the Management Services Bureau (MSB), which provides NOPD administrative and support services, including budgetary, record-keeping, recruitment, training, and facility and fleet services. Civil appointee in the wake of corruption allegations following Hurricane Rita. Wife of Patrick Dolan. Younger sister and paternal aunt to Raymond Landry, Sr. and Jr., respectively.

Police_Small.jpgCommander Earl “Stripes” Gettis (Investigation and Support)
Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division. Former Center for LSU, who still wears his 1986 and 1988 SEC championship rings and usually has at least one football analogy for every conversation, be it about police work, politics, or the price of sugar cane. Family has financial-political connections in the capital. Serves as a desk jockey who prefers to “snap the plays” to his subordinates from the safety of his office. Far smarter than he looks—which isn’t saying much.

Police_Small.jpgCommander Delron Mouton (8th District)
Commander of the 8th District, whose appointment only occurred (and persists) because Delron understands that his station and staff (and their jurisdiction over the CBD and Quarter) exist solely to keep the money rolling. Consequently, he holds three things sacrosanct: profitable property, the perceived (versus actual) safety of tourists, and the favor of politicians whose power rests on both of the latter. So long as a person—be they a mobster, con artist, or drug dealer—doesn’t threaten any of the above, Delron is amiable, laid back, and libertine. Those who cross that line, however, rarely get a chance to repeat their mistake. Cops in his district quickly learn that “justice” isn’t on job description, and those that can’t stomach Delron’s interpretation of law and order are quickly reassigned to another description (if they’re lucky). Whenever possible, Delron replaces such morally upright personnel with the physically handsome and comely, as he has learned that the good-looking often have looser morals (and tend to keep the tourists happy). Despite such predilections, Delron himself is an over the hill blimp, bloated by his frequent ‘working lunches’ at Cafe Du Monde and other culinary hot spots.

Police_Small.jpgGertrude “Trudy” Lavergne (Investigation and Suppport)
Chief secretary of the Criminal Investigations Division, who works directly under Commander Gettis. Twice-widowed, the 63-old woman’s last husband was a local grocer who died peacefully in his sleep two years ago, while her first husband, David “Chief” Lavergne, was the police commander of the Ninth District whose “suicide” was suspicious at best. Trudy types like lightning, and could drink the entire NOPD under the table.

Allies (Police) •••

Police_Small.jpgCaptain Mitchell Wilson (1st District)
Distant nephew to Micheal Kelly. Estranged from his granddaughter Julia Nolan.

OtisWiggons.jpgCaptain Otis K. Wiggons (1st District)
Racist captain of District Investigative Unit-Person Crimes in the 1st district.

Allies (Police) •••

CurtBuchowsky.jpgLieutenant Curt “The Hurt” Buchowsky (6th District)
Lt. Det. and former Marine.

RickyMouton.jpgLieutenant Ricky “Cash Money” Mouton (8th District)
Plainclothes detective and thoroughly dirty cop in bed with the Black Hand and Dixie Mafia. Owns multiple VICE-related properties in the Quarter. Nephew to District Commander Delron Mouton.

Russel_White.jpgLieutenant Russell White (8th District)
Former captain demoted in the aftermath of the Eighth District Station shooting.

Pete.jpgSergeant Peter Lebeaux (Investigation and Support)
Plainclothes homicide detective.

Gettis_Small.jpgOfficer Richard Gettis (Investigation and Support)
Veteran, hard-nosed homicide detective recently shot dead by SWAT after suffering a seeming mental breakdown.

Lou_BW_Small1.jpegLouis Fontaine
Retired homicide detective and current private investigator.

Allies (Police) ••

Police_Small.jpgSergeant Marco Rizaffi (1st District)
Former contact of Caroline Malveaux-Devillers. After Brian Jacobson died in her defense against Eight-Nine-Six and Caroline seemingly refused to attend his funeral (quite impossible for the vampire given its daytime scheduling), Marco ended their relationship.

Police_Small.jpgSergeant Ronald LeClout (1st District)
Sergeant and 350-pound African-American man who serves Captain Wiggons with the slavish obedience of a dog, convinced that most of the city’s problems happen when “a man forgets his limits—and his place.” Keeps his shoes meticulously shined, and woe to any who scuffs them.

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Aaron “Lucky” Johnson (Public Integrity)
On the surface “Lucky” seems anything but. He walks with a permanent limp, has a prematurely gray receding hairline, and is probably the most despised officer in the NOPD. He’s been shot at more than a dozen times, and a few years ago caught the bullet that left him a cripple. Whispers have swirled for years that several of those shootings were by his fellow officers. Such is the nature of being the city’s longest surviving, erm, that is serving, officer in the Public Integrity Bureau. Aaron wouldn’t have it any other way. The son of Haitian immigrants and a native of New Orleans, he grew up watching the worst of police brutality and corruption in the 80s, including the murder of his father, and never wanted to be anything but a cop, believing, perhaps naively, that he could make a difference. In truth, he’s had more success than most, and has even managed to have a couple of the more obviously corrupt members of the force thrown off it or in jail. In a city like the Big Easy however, he might as well be pissing into the wind. Rumors have swirled around him for years that he’s protected by either unnatural luck or black magic: it may well be true, his mother is a believer in hoodoo. He’s certainly survived where two of his former partners did not. Popularly known on the force, along with his new partner Ashton Hibbs, as “A&A”, as in “Watch out for Asshole One and Asshole Two.”

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Ashton Hibbs (Public Integrity)
At his core, Ashton is a big, sweet, idealistic Midwest farm boy still. Driven to the south for love of God (and not the godless Northeast or West Coast), and to the city for want of jobs in Nebraska, Ashton became a police officer in search of honest work that let him raise a family. What he found was a system corrupt to its core and brutally abusive to officers not on the take, or at least unwilling to look the other way. How he made it to IA is a great mystery to many, given his brashness, but most expect that he’ll eventually go the way of his partner’s last two partners: into the ground. After all, Ashton isn’t quite “Lucky”. He is however a 6’6 former college tight end from Nebraska that can just about bench press a mac truck. Intensely religious, which he often bickers with his non-Christian partner about, Ashton would like nothing more than to find a nice girl to settle down with.

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Brandon Eriks (5th District)
Marine scout sniper turned NOPD SWAT sharpshooter, Brandon is one of very few living men with a confirmed kill at over one mile. When he can be grudgingly convinced to tell the story, he’ll tell you it was 1.2 miles actually, and into the sun. Twice divorced and fighting for visitation rights with his three-year-old daughter with his soon-to-be third ex-wife, he spends long hours after hours at the range, trying to forget about the troubles of his life behind the recoil of his rifle. While he came back with only moderate PTSD, his best friend and spotter shot himself in the head last year and ended up in a vegetative state. As with his fellow SWAT members, Brandon is assigned to Tactical Platoon 1, under the Special Operation Bureau, and does regular proactive patrols in the slums of the Eighth and Ninth Wards.

DrewHarrington.jpgOfficer Drew Harrington (Investigation and Support)
A former marine who served in Iraq alongside Ben Chandler, Drew returned home to New Orleans after he finished his commitment with the Corps and became a cop. Recruited by Ben Chandler and paid a stipend by the Malveauxes to work for them on the side, part-time but on demand, using both his military training, combat experience, and (importantly) badge and police powers to great effect. Though the family has many more highly-placed police on the payroll, Roger has found that having a cop show up and flash a badge is particularly useful when he needs to handle simple problems. Drew was called in as a first responder by Roger when Westley Malveaux had his “accident” and helped keep him from getting arrested that night, a move which justified every penny they’ve spent on him both before and since. Family man married with three small children at home to his high school sweetheart (despite several instances of disclosed infidelity on both their parts during his time in Iraq) who sees nothing wrong with earning a bit (or more than) of money on the side, and treats the emergency calls that pull him away no differently than he did duty as a marine, though he rarely works more than five hours a week for the Malveauxes, and can often arrange to do it while he’s on patrol.

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Herb LeRoche (6th District)
Former partner, now subordinate of Lt. Det. Curt Buchowsky. As much as humanly possible, Herb keeps his head down, his nose clean, and his paperwork punctual, as he counts down the days till he can retire to Montana to trout fish, live in a log cabin, and never, ever see New Orleans again.

VincenzoCardona.jpgOfficer Vincenzo “Vinny” Cardona (Investigation and Support)
White collar crime detective and racino addict. Former jockey and bantamweight boxer. Brother of “Lucky” Luciano and son of Marcello Cardona.

Allies (Police) •

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Brian Jacobson (1st District)
Young officer killed by drug dealers in the recent Mid-City raid. He had recently earned his associate’s degree at Delgado Community College and was hoping to make detective. As an officer who died in the line of duty, his funeral was attended by police throughout the city, and sparked an upsurge in Mid-City police violence that saw two black youths shot dead and numerous more badly beaten. Survived by his widow Kelly Jacobson, an elementary school teacher at Benjamin Franklin. In fact, however, he was called by Caroline Malveaux-Devillers to rescue her from the Eight-Nine-Six Anarch gang and killed by them in the ensuing melee.

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Ida “Trunk-face” DeGruy (8th District)
A meter maid and beat cop previously best known for her homely, box-like frame and face, Ida gained a minor level of esteem among her peers and the public for heroically saving several dozen lives during Hurricane Katrina. She’s a die-hard Saints fan and has a major crush on Drew Brees.

PattyWhite.jpegOfficer Jessica “Patty” White (1st District)
Officer Jessica White has the dubious honor of being the only officer on the force that Richard Gettis regularly says more than two words to. Granted, those words are typically, “File these for me, Patty.” Having taken on the duty as a rookie officer, assuming it to be just another rite of hazing, Jessica isn’t sure how to divest herself of it and continues to dutiful handle his clerical duties even as she’s moved into a patrol officer herself. Only he knows why he chose Jessica to handle his reports (he hasn’t touched a computer in his life), and it’s unclear if he even knows her real name. Laying aside her ‘relationship’, Jessica still has that enthusiastic optimist spark most officer’s lose while still rookies. She genuinely believes in helping people, and her interactions with the community are more focused on solving problems than seeking collars.
A long-time friend (or at least cultivated but affectionately regarded asset) of Caroline Malveaux, Jessica was murdered by agents of either Sheriff Donovan or Prince Vidal in retaliation for the neonate Ventrue attempting to establish a power base within NOPD.

Police_Small.jpgOfficer Julius St. George (5th District)
Massive, athletic, with skin carved out of obsidian and a shaved pallet, Julius looks like a professional athlete or a back-alley nightmare. In truth, Julius is neither, serving on the City of New Orleans SWAT Team as a breacher, having recently joined the team after a three-year stint as a beat cop in the rough Ninth Ward. Not married, but dating a fellow (white) officer on the NOPD, Julius joined the force driven by a fierce sense of right and wrong instilled by his foster mother, and though he is deeply disturbed by some of the excesses of the force, he believes he can do the most good where he is. That is to say where God placed him, because as with most of the St. Georges, Julius is a devout Catholic who manages to get most Sundays off for both church and the family’s regular Sunday meal (which he has not yet brought his girlfriend too). Not particularly well-liked on the force among many of the black officers for his lack of corruption, and by many of the white officers because he’s black (and legitimately scares many of them). Spends most of his free time working out, eating incessantly (he knows all the best spots in the city), and working with local inner city youth groups, especially for under-served black youth.

TImRatzel.jpgOfficer Tim “The Rat” Ratzel (8th District)
Tim joined the police force four years ago truly desiring to be a servant of justice. Born in the mid-west and raised there until his fourteenth birthday, something about the stubborn morals of that part of the country seeped into his bones. When his father passed away and his mother moved to New Orleans to be closer to her parents the culture shock of New Orleans deeply disturbed him. Between the wildly different cuisine, the demographics, the disturbing fetishism and black magic, the casual racism, and the awful heat he’d have probably always hated the city, but nothing pissed Tim off more than the deeply imbedded culture of corruption endemic to the city. He was sixteen when he decided he was going to be a cop, and fight the corruption and the horrible crime that plagued the city. He was sorely disappointed when he entered the police academy, and even more so when he fought his way through it and actually joined the force, finding it to be arguably the most corrupt institution within the city. His first partner was heavily on the take, and when he tried to report him Tim was laughed out of the IA Office. His second partner was no better, and eventually Tim put in a request for his own car due to “incurable and severe flatulence.”
Now a veteran on the force, Tim is not well-loved by his brothers in blue, but mostly keeps to himself these days. He’s long ceased trying to report other officers and now contents himself mostly with trying to bring ‘justice’ to his own little piece of the sinful city. Even he doesn’t realize though how twisted his own methods and desires have become, for he no longer actually seeks justice within the justice system, but has instead become more and more comfortable inflicting his own increasingly vicious “justice” on criminals. His brothers in blue can only smirk as he brings in increasingly roughed up ‘perps’: sometimes it’s the slow poison that gets people, but they always go down in the end. In his personal life Tim has a long time girlfriend he’s considered proposing to several time, but his persistent infidelity with Rebecca Chaswell has dulled his willingness to make that long term commitment. An avid sports fan, he spends most weekends in sports bars, drinking away his sorrows, and typically finds his way into Chaswell’s arms by the end of those nights. He feels deeply ashamed of those liaisons, and has begun subconsciously avoiding his mother in his shame, but keeps finding his way back to her.

ChrisPena.jpgChris Pena (1st District)
Former Sgt. who has served on the force since the 70’s. Now semi-retired, he works at the Mid-City precinct as a desk jockey. Half-jokes, half-grumbles that he’ll be dead by the time he saves up enough to fully retire.

Police_Small.jpgReginald “Sergeant Socks” Cochrane (8th District)
Formerly a beat cop who worked the Quarter. A Vietnam veteran, Reggie gained his mildly pejorative nickname amongst his fellow officers due to his frequent war stories about how he was field-promoted to sergeant because he took care of his socks while the rest of the platoon neglected their footwear and got gangrene and worse. Ironically, Reggie never made sergeant in the NOPD, in part because he did sloppy work due to routinely pulling in extra shifts to pay for his alimony checks to his ex-wife. Despite such financial duress, Reggie never went on a pad and prided himself for being a clean cop in a terribly dirty city. He eventually retired, alone but with a decent pension in the late 90s, and a dream of building a sock manufacturing company that would specifically cater to those who worked on their feet like nurses, hairdressers, retail workers, and of course beat cops. However, Reggie’s dreams and bank account were crushed when he attended a NOPD reunion party and found his ex-wife on the arm of an infamously racist, sexist retired police captain under whom he had served. When his erstwhile superior bragged about how he had been having an affair with Reggie’s wife for nearly three decades, Reggie snapped–and nearly snapped the retired captain’s neck in front of all his peers. In retaliation, the retired captain forced Reggie to agree to lose his pension to avoid being arrested and charged. Soon thereafter, Reggie lost his home, and had to move into a shabby apartment on Rampart Street, where he spends his time watching old ’Nam movies and blaxploitation films, challenging pedestrians to a game of checkers (and usually losing), and washing his hand-made socks in his constantly running, mold-thwarting dehumidifier.

BillyBaker.jpgWilliam “Billy Baker” Boulanjè
Insomniac police dispatcher who works the night shift. Fronts and plays the drums in a local jazz band, Billy Baker and the Pulse.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

“It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”
—Lyndon B. Johnson on J. Edgar Hoover


Background Dots Description
X Academy trainee
Probationary agent
•• Special agent
••• Senior special agent or supervisory special agent
•••• Assistant special agent in charge (ASAC)
••••• Special agent in charge (SAC)
••••• • Associate deputy director, deputy director, director’s chief of staff
••••• •• Director of the FBI

Allies (Police) ••••

No_Pic.jpgASAC Paul Dempsey
VASCU Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) of the tri-state area’s Operations Department as well as its subordinate units. Psychiatrist with expertise in criminal and psychological profiling. Previously served on the Special Project and Field Liaison Departments; Dempsey was captured by a cult of serial murderers who cut ritualistic sigils in their victims’ skin. Dempsey was rescued before the cultists could do worse, but his face (and soul) remains permanently scarred. He is a veteran FBI agent, whose lengthy career has cost him much of his sanity and vitality—and all of his family, as his ex-wife and children want nothing to do with him. Despite all he has seen and experienced, he remains neither cynical nor callous—which may be why he drinks pepto-bismol by the gallon and is a chronic insomniac.

Allies (Police) •••

MRubenValsquez.jpgSSA M. Ruben Velásquez
VASCU Supervisory Special Agent in charge of NOLA’s Field Liaison Department. His parents were Panamanian immigrants following the US’ 1989 invasion who, in a bizarre act of gratitude, named their named their son after President Bush’s dog, Millie. Agent Velásquez is a hardline, hard-nosed FBI agent known for idolizing J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, coveting Paul Dempsey’s job, and ruthlessly intimidating, exploiting, and discarding rogue hunter cells. Less well-known is that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder with contamination fears that lead him to aways wear bright blue latex crime-scene gloves: both to prevent contamination with other’s vital fluids, but also to hide the raw skin from his excessively, compulsively washed hands.

Louisiana State Police


Background Dots Description
X Cadet
•• Sergeant
••• Lieutenant or captain
•••• Major or lieutenant colonel
••••• Colonel

Allies (Police) •

Travis.jpgTrooper Travis Henson
Trooper assigned to highway patrol. After Louis Fontaine and Shatoya “Chica” Dupré escaped with Mama Wedo following her abortive rite at Lake Maurepas, Henson pulled the speeding trio over and attempted to take the fugitive mambo into custody. Chica promptly knocked him unconscious with a sap, then punched him again while still unconscious for “still smirkin’”. Any ramifications remain to be seen.

Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department


Background Dots Description
X Cadet
•• Sergeant
••• Lieutenant or captain
•••• Major or colonel
••••• Chief deputy sheriff or sheriff

Allies (Police) •

JordanRatcliff.jpgDeputy Jordan Ratcliff
Deputy who works in Orleans Parish Prison. Long-limbed, lanky, and not particularly intelligent, Jordan has unfortunately become quite ensnared by the local mob and now regularly smuggles contraband for them, sets up victims for beatings, and provides special treatment to members of the mob spending time in lockup (Silver Penny Sal most prominently among them). Jordan is in truth quite lonely and was easy pickings for the mob, which lured him in with female companionship. Lives with his aging physically and emotionally abusive mother (Sheryl) who constantly berates him for his lack of ambition and success in life.

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