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Oh, so you’re new to the parish?
Well, let me give you a crash course in how we do things ’round here.

—Alexander Wright, hound to the sheriff


Session Logs

Master Logs Page: The PCs’ exploits and accomplishments to date.

Metagame Topics

Character Creation Quickstart: How to create a PC for Blood & Bourbon.
Player FAQ & Metagame Policies: A GM-written primer to the game for new players and answers to questions raised by old ones.
Players’ New Player’s Guide: A player-written compilation of advice for new players.
Player Resources: Links to the rulebooks we use to play the game.
Recent Changes: A list of the most recent changes to the site’s wiki.
Grammar in Vampire: A primer on the often-confused subject of capitalization in Vampire: The Masquerade.
List of Murders Committed: Lives (and unlives) taken by Blood & Bourbon’s protagonists.

Setting Information: New Orleans

Theme and Mood: What drives stories set in the Big Easy.
History: The manifold past intrigues of the New Orleans Camarilla laid bare.
Laws and Customs: The mores to which New Orleans’ inhabitants adhere… or else.
Glossary: Lingo used by locals, Kindred and kine alike.
Geography: How the Kindred carve up the Crescent City.
The Damned: A roster of New Orleans’ vampires and who’s who of the Damned.
The Ghouls: Half-damned thralls caught between worlds.
The Living: No less important than the Damned, and far more numerous.
The Hunters: Mortals who refuse to accept their lot as kine.
The Loa: Spirits and intermediaries between this world and the next.
Nationalities of the Big Easy: The history and national origins of New Orleans’ mortal populace.

Setting Information: World of Darkness

Gothic-Punk: An overview of the World of Darkness’ mood and ambiance.
Invictus Etiquette and Titles: The convoluted hierarchy and social dynamics of the First Estate.
Prestation: The system of owed favors used as currency among the Damned.
The Second Tradition and Kindred Feudalism: How Kindred claim domains and feeding territory.
The Spirit World: An umbral reflection of our world, where spirits dwell.
Those Who Serve: The vagaries of a ghoul’s service to their undead masters.
Toreador Guilds: Associations of Toreador artisans.
Ventrue Culture: The customs and traditions of the Kingship Clan.
Ventrue Lineages: The vaunted ancestry each blue blood lays claim to.

Game Mechanics

Attributes & Skills Guide An in-depth look at what the different dot ratings for traits represent.
Character Stats: Posted statistics blocks for various characters.
Banes: Personalized curses and weaknesses the Kindred labor under.
Blood Bonds: The false love and loyalty spawned from Cainite blood.
Bloodlines: Branch-offs from the thirteen clans with strange powers and weaknesses.
City Secrets: Perilous knowledge of a city’s Kindred plots and intrigues.
Declaration and Setup: Systems by which players rewrite elements of the game setting.
Devotions: Unique vampiric powers refined from the common Disciplines.
Dramatic Systems: Rules for common scenarios that have come up.
House Rules: Changes to the Storytelling System’s rules.
Merits List: Allowed and altered Merits within the game.
Nature and Demeanor: An alternate system to Virtue and Vice.
Paths of Enlightenment: Alternative moral codes to Humanity.
Persistent Conditions: Dramatic complications PCs are rewarded for facing.
Recent Changes: The latest changes made to the game’s house rules.

Index of Sub-Pages

Character Subpages
Boggs Clan
The Krewe of Janus
The Malveaux Family
New Orleans Mafia
White Reich OMC
The Storyville Krewe
Systéme d’Armes

Geography Sub-Pages
The Arts District
Bayou Saint John
The Central Business District
Esplanade Ridge
Faubourg Marigny
The French Quarter
The Garden District
The Lower Garden District
The Tremé District
Beyond the City

5666 Canal Street, Office of Louis Fontaine
Abita Springs
Big Chief Chopped BBQ
Boggs Plantation
Cemeteries of Canal Street
The Corner Club
Giacona Manse
The Giani Building
Harrah’s New Orleans
Hotel Monteleone
Perdido House
Saint Tammany Parish
Washington Parish

Misc. Pages
Bishop, Bowden, & Reffett
Caroline Malveaux’s Resources
Caroline Malveaux Defunct Notes
Character Sheet
Dossier on Jonathan North
Napoleon’s Military Carriage


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