High Society

“I don’t know if high society is different in other cities, but in Hollywood, important people can’t stand to be invited someplace that isn’t full of other important people. They don’t mind a few unfamous people being present because they make good listeners.”
—Marilyn Monroe

“I have no sense of being famous—you’re just working. And then you’ll have a random day in London when you’ll do some press and it creeps into your awareness that this goes out—that what you do every day goes out to televisions right across the country.”
—Karen Gillan

“When you become famous, being famous becomes your profession.”
—James Carville

There are people in this world that, by dint of birth, possessions, talent, luck or knowing who to blow, have risen above the “unwashed masses.” Those with influence over high society are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move amongst society and in the entertainment sector. Contact and Allies affected by High Society influence include: dilettantes and debutantes, the old rich and the nouveau riche, movie stars, rock stars, artists, dancers of all sorts, fashion models, trendsetters, and critics.

Allies (High Society) •••••

Abelia_Devillers.jpgAbélia Devillers
French philanthropist who helped with Katrina relief efforts and mother to the seven Devillers girls. She jokingly claims that men don’t run in her family’s genes.

ClaireMaveaux.pngClaire Malveaux (née Monroe)
Wife of Senator Nathaniel Malveaux and mother of his four children, including Caroline Malveaux-Devillers. Recently deceased.

Towers.jpgRick Towers
A major Hollywood actor with credits in dozens of movies, Towers is widely considered one of the strangest actors of his generation. Critics have described him thusly: “In Towers’ hands, cartoonish moments are imbued with real emotion and real emotions become cartoons. Everything—from individual scenes down to single lines of dialogue—feel like they have been embraced as opportunities for creation. Towers is usually interesting even when his films are not. He is erratic and unpredictable; he is captivating and he is capricious. He is a performer. He is a troubadour. He is a jazz musician. […] Any casual observer can see that Towers is entertaining, charismatic, and wildly flamboyant. […] He is clearly attracted to grotesque characters and is celebrated for his wild and unhinged approach to them. He has the presence of a leading man and the eccentricities of a character actor.” Many other critics have accused Tower of overacting. Some, including Towers himself, have described his intentionally extreme performances as “mega-acting.”
Rick Towers is not from New Orleans and has absolutely no ties to the city, but says it “speaks to his soul.” He made a splash purchasing the LaLaurie Mansion in 2007, but lost it in 2009 amidst a series of real estate, tax, and legal problems: although one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors in the late 2000s, Tower owned 15 different homes including a private island in the Bahamas, a castle in England, a 26-acre country estate in Rhode Island, another castle in Germany, another mansion in the Bahamas, and several more homes in California and Nevada. He also bought a Gulfstream jet, a flotilla of yachts, a squadron of Rolls Royces, and millions of dollars in jewelry, art, and exotic items, including the (stolen) dinosaur skull of a Tarbosaurus. Warned he was living beyond his means by his business manager (who he later sued), Towers’ life fell apart when the IRS went after him for unpaid income taxes at the same time several banks sued him for failure to repay multi-million dollar loans. In 2011, Towers was arrested in the French Quarter for suspicion of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace, and public intoxication. Towers was held in police custody until an $11,000 bail was posted by his friend Ronnie Landreneau. The D.A.’s office dropped its charges against Towers shortly later, but the damage was done. He was hospitalized at one point for alcohol poisoning and rumors of his death persisted over social media until at least 2015. One rumor claimed he wanted to fake his death to escape his creditors. That never happened, although Towers lost most of his properties and luxury purchases and is still taking acting jobs left and right to repay his debts. His net worth is now valued at “merely” $25 million.
Towers spends most of his time in California but remains a sometime presence in the Big Easy, where he still owns a residence (now a considerably less pricey luxury condo) rumored to use trained cobras for its home defense. He remains friends with Landreneau and has even appeared in the local director’s TV show Vieux Carré for a few cameo roles. He has publicly declared his intention to be interred in New Orleans and still owns his own Egyptian-style pyramid in St. Louis Cemetery, where it has already become a local custom to plant lipstick kisses on the not-yet-deceased movie star’s grave.

VeraMalveaux.jpgVera Malveaux (née Dyer)
The Dyer family was old money in the state of Louisiana even before their oldest daughter married Mathew Malveaux, now CEO of the family’s multi-billion dollar oil company. Today Vera is an icon of high society and well-known patron of the arts who spends lavishly on herself and her five daughters. Less well-known is her dependency on opiate painkillers since the attack she suffered a decade ago (wrongfully believed to have been at Hippolyte “Big Mon” Broussard’s hands) that left her face scarred. She allegedly needs painkillers because of a severed nerve. The prolific mother of six children, five of them girls, her husband has never forgiven her for not giving him a second son. She in turn has never forgiven him for Adam’s entry into the clergy. She rarely speaks to her son these days and has drifted away from her faith. Her relations with her brother-in-law Orson remain extremely cold.
Amelie Savard listened to Vera speak before McGehee’s student body during the school’s opening assembly, where she exhorted the girls to make the most of their time in high school. After Amelie attempted to get in touch with her regarding a purported Malveaux fencer, Vera asked Caroline to handle the matter and keep the curious teenager from doing anything that might reflect poorly on their family’s or the McGehee School’s reputations. She later delivered an awkward-sounding eulogy at Westley’s funeral where she said she’d always felt bad for her nephew’s “struggles.” After Caroline came out to the family as (supposedly) gay, she left a shrill and nasty voicemail that the Ventrue didn’t listen to before deleting.

Allies (High Society) ••••

Rich_Small.jpgBhuvaneshwari “Shwari” Pavaghi
The wife of Rich Pavaghi, Bhuvaneshwari (Shwari outside her family) married her husband in India when she was 12 and he was 14 as part of a traditional child marriage. She followed him to the United States and has been the picture of a dutiful trophy wife, giving him many sons and retaining her good looks well into her 60s (with the help of frequent botox treatments and weekly spa visits). The Pavaghis have long since become rich and what Shwari now craves more than anything else is respect. When her son Fred became governor, Shwari couldn’t have been happier. She moved in with him to the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge and inserted herself into as many social, political, and media functions as possible while hemming out her daughter-in-law, to the point that many people joked she was Louisiana’s real first lady. Shwari fought tooth and nail to get her son reelected in 2012 despite the embezzlement allegations and was bitterly disappointed by his loss. She’s since moved back to her husband’s home in Kenner and remains active in high society circles. She has a prominent if unofficial hand in the family’s business empire and constantly pushes her children and grandchildren towards more respectable-seeming real estate transactions than being slum lords. Formerly a devout believer in homeopathy, astrology, and assorted forms of Eastern woo, she turned against them after coming to the United States and now dislikes them intensely, but practices regular yoga.

Christina_Roberts_Small11.jpgChristina Roberts
High-class call girl madam and information broker. Aunt to Amelie Savard.

GeorgeSmith.jpgGregory Smythe
Playboy, socialite, and out-of-town heir to new money who acquired the once-renowned Windsor Court after Hurricane Katrina. A consummate womanizer with a love for life’s finer things, Gregory could have never set foot in the Windsor Court while drawing on its profits to sustain his lavish lifestyle, but he had a genuine passion for the hotel business: somewhat unusually, he chose to personally run the Windsor Court as its (part-time) night manager. Many guests found his gregarious demeanor and love for the hotel quite infectious. Gregory’s preference for only hiring beautiful women to fill many of the managerial positions was a well-known if amusedly-regarded personal quirk, though also subject to a 2012 sexism lawsuit that was quietly settled out of court. Following the Court’s closure after a number of scandals and police investigations, Gregory quietly sold the building’s land to developers and retired to Florida.

Julia_Lansdale.jpgJulia Lansdale
Julia Lansdale is a prominent figure in several of New Orleans’ most popular and politically active charitable foundations. From the Association for a United New Orleans (a Catholic faith-based initiative that seeks an end to racism and religious persecution) to Save Our City (which boasts the slogan “Our buildings may be our past, but our children are our future”), Lansdale is a major mover and shaker in the field.
Her organizations are supported by New Orleans’ rich and working-class alike, and in turn have supported numerous popular grassroots political campaigns aimed at booting the city’s current municipal leaders out of office. Several long-time politicians lost their jobs the city’s 2014 elections, and more could be next if Lansdale’s movements keep growing.
George Smith briefly plotted to cripple Lansdale’s influence, which had benefited Antoine Savoy at Augusto Vidal’s expense, even while secretly conspiring with Savoy to ensure she came out the other side and fooled the prince into thinking her threat was removed. The trial of John Harley Matheson interrupted Smith’s scheme, however, before he could implement it.

Ronnie.jpgRonnie “Ron” Landreneau
Philandering movie director and owner of Zodiac Productions, the city’s biggest film company. Maternal uncle to Emmett “Em” Delacroix.

Pat_Maurier.jpgSebastian Freneau
Owner of the Boomtown Casino & Hotel New Orleans in Harvey. Sebastian has a somewhat unconventional background for a casino owner, having been born to old money and worked as a statistics professor at Tulane University before he went into the gambling business. He likes to joke that he only did so because his incredible “luck” (which he insists is no such thing, but merely a superior understanding of probability to what most gamblers have) got him banned from playing at nearly every casino in the state. Sebastian is retired from teaching these days, but sits on the Board of Tulane and has a real knack for raising money.

Warren_W.jpgWarren Whitney III
Indolent financial magnate and son of Lyman Whitney. Raised to be the presumptive chairman and CEO, he was ousted by John Harston who led a merger with its now-parent company, Hancock Holding Company in 2010. Although Warren holds a major portion of the bank’s shares and remains absurdly wealthy, he has little say in its governance and rarely attends board meetings. Instead, he whiles away his time as one of NOLA’s notorious playboys hosting decadent soirees aboard his ludicrously large pleasure yacht, the Saturnalia. Less well-known is his private passion and peccadillo of directing and producing faux snuff films.
Amelie Savard overheard her aunt Christina Roberts name Warren as a customer of hers. She said he enjoyed staging faux hangings with Kristina Winters and had come into the possession of some actual snuff films, which he was increasingly aroused by. Jill d’Agostino, who she was discussing the matter with, wondered if the films’ unknown sender was trying to push Warren into murder for purposes of obtaining blackmail material. The two resolved to use Kristina to find out.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers met Warren at the hospital following his daughter Sarah’s shooting by Richard Gettis, though he was not present at the immediate scene when her grandfather was. He was also inordinately grateful to the Ventrue for saving Sarah’s life and was later present at the Commander’s Palace dinner to celebrate her recovery.

Allies (High Society) •••

Adeline_Devillers.jpgAdeline Devillers
23-year-old second-oldest daughter of Abélia Devillers. Adeline is less socially active than her older sister Cécilia and has focused more on academia than involving herself in the family’s philanthropic endeavors, though Abélia likes to say her daughter’s interests are but part of their family’s “greater whole”—education has long been one of the foremost charitable causes in which she’s involved herself. Adeline recently completed her master’s degree in anthropology at Yale (she skipped a grade in high school) and is thinking of going back to graduate school in Paris to pursue a PhD. Weighing against those plans, or at least prompting her to consider delaying them, is the recent relationship she’s entered into with Nolan Moreno.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers met her in passing at the dinner to celebrate Yvonne Devillers’ and Sarah Whitney’s recoveries from their shootings. She also attended the Ventrue’s 26th birthday party with most of her sisters.

Alec_D.jpgAlec Downs
President of Lakeview’s Southern Yacht Club. He and his wealthy circle of friends, also yachters, sit on the neighborhood’s NA council.
Mouse overheard Alec in the background during a phone call to his talent agent (and Alec’s daughter) Bentley. He told her to call Mouse back when she couldn’t make sense of what the overenthusiastic musician was saying. He later paid for her ticket to Mouse’s funeral and sprang her out of jail during the subsequent riot.

Cecilia1112.jpgCécilia Devillers
Charity organizer, charming socialite, and eldest daughter of Abélia Devillers.

ElaineMalveaux.jpgElaine Malveaux
Currently attending Stanford (following in the footsteps of her sister Savannah) and slated for graduation in 2016, Elaine has lived a privileged life, even among the Malveauxes. She’s embraced her role as a socialite and heiress to an even greater degree than her siblings and cousins, sliding easily from social function to social function, showing the flag as it were as a Malveaux and retreating to her private interests without attracting scandal. Young, beautiful, manipulative, and social, she loves to be the center of attention, and maintains a large circle of friends and contacts. It’s a rare night that she isn’t out on the town, or at some party. She isn’t really sure what she wants to do after she graduates, though she typically defaults to vague answers about communications or media relations when pressed on the topic by her family. Arguably the most attractive of the Malveaux heiresses, if the most dainty, she’s considered quite a catch and has been aggressively pursued in the past when in New Orleans. She plays her suitors just as often, juggling three or four at a time.
Elaine flew back to the city for her cousin Westley’s funeral. She gave a surprisingly heartfelt address about how he “wasn’t able to find himself before it was too late.” A sour-feeling Claire called her niece an “empty-headed cow […] just like Westley was, only the family hasn’t given up on her.”
Elaine did not contact Caroline after she was disowned for coming out as (supposedly) gay.

MarcusMarrow.jpgMarcus Marrow
“Owner” and operator of the Corner Club downtown. Fashionable, charming, and socially erudite, Marcus has made a club that doesn’t appeal to tourists into one of the city’s secret success stories as much through force of personality as anything else. He’s a very smooth operator that excels at soothing ruffled feathers. Strong ties to the Malveaux family, which quietly owns the club in truth. Very careful not to offend them, but has to walk a tight rope given the factions within the family (of which he has a better understanding than most).
Marcus greeted Caroline Malveaux-Devillers and her mother Claire when they visited the Corner Club shortly after Westley’s death. He expressed his condolences and said their drinks would be on the house that night.

RobertArgabrite.jpgRobert Argabrite III
Inherited something on the order of three hundred million dollars when he was twenty years old after the tragic deaths of his wealthy parents. Subsequently lost half of that fortune when he was seduced by Samantha Watts. Along with the money went much of his social capital, with the love-struck young man viewed as a joke and a failure by many, but a few old allies of his family hung around. He has quietly invested much of that fortune in the city while also living in recent months as the consummate playboy and player, running through a different model, escort, or heiress every night in a flurry of promiscuous and tabloid-fueling liaisons. Formerly employed Sarah Anne Widney, who reportedly stole from him before her firing. Other rumors claim that the two shared something deeper.

SamanthaWatts.jpgSamantha “Sami” Watts
Near-infamous honeypot who took Robert Argabrite III for half of his fortune in 2012 when she convinced him to marry her and then divorced him after the honeymoon.

TalalalFaisalalSaud.jpgTalal al-Faisal al-Saud
26-year-old Saudi prince worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars, Talal grew enchanted with New Orleans eight months ago during a visit and never left, instead setting up shop in the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans with his private security and entourage. Talal is a frequent sight out in the city after sunset, partying until the sun rises almost nightly. He is utterly self-indulgent and vastly prefers the liberal values of the city—especially with regard to drugs and alcohol—to the position of his own homeland, and shows no signs of planning to depart. Several complaints have been leveled against him, including claims of assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimidation, but NOPD seems uninterested in creating a diplomatic incident.
Emmett Delacroix plotted to defraud Talal out of his millions and falsely presented himself as an associate of Christina Roberts during a phone conversation with one of the Saudi prince’s entourage. The scheme did not have a chance to progress further before Emmett was swept up by the chain of events that would destroy his life. Agents of Prince Vidal later used a party Talal threw on a Gulf-trawling private yacht as the location to stage an already deceased Westley Malveaux’s public death (allegedly from falling off and drowning while heavily intoxicated).

Allies (High Society) ••

Artists & Entertainers

ReyesHeras.jpgReyes Heras
Second-generation Salvadoran immigrant born and raised in New Orleans. A painter known for his use of bold colors and striking cityscapes, Reyes grew up in poverty and only came to prominence after Katrina during the city’s revival. The scenes he paints are often idealized versions of decrepit, run-down, poverty-stricken areas that the city’s elite would never visit, but which they shower him with praise for bringing to the attention of others. Vocal advocate for social change and avowed socialist himself, Reyes was dubbed “the city’s conscience” by one of his critics. He lives and works in his studio in one of the worst slums in the city, and many expect he’ll soon turn up dead in a gutter near his home.

Sterling.jpgSterling Batifole
A once highly respected local art dealer and talent scout amongst New Orleans’ artistic circles and their nouveau riche patrons, Sterling’s profits and prestige took an abrupt dip in the early 2000s when his wife Mariángel cuckolded him with a busker and was later gang-raped and hospitalized by that same busker’s criminal friends. Sterling attempted to salvage his reputation by divorcing his wife, only for their inebriated college-age son Francis to drive his car off the Chef Menteur Bridge during a rainstorm several years later. Consequently, Sterling’s hair has since turned to his namesake’s silver—at least in the patches he hasn’t torn out from chronic stress and sleepless nights searching for increasingly rare clientele. Such labors and tangible desperation have only worsened his repute, and rumors suggest he has turned to specious investments, illicit dealings, and unsavory partners to maintain the resources necessary to maintain his dwindling art studio, gallery sales, and talent agency office on Julia Street.

StephenHarris.jpgStephen Harris
Chocolate-skinned, lithe, and standing only 5’8", Stephen is nonetheless impossible to miss in a room—he’s the loudest voice by far. An incurably flirt with both men and women, he’s at least as well known for his array of flings with other artists, performers, and professionals of both genders in the city as he is for his modern art sculptures involving maimed everyday objects and (especially) appliances. Insists on being the center of attention.
Stephen flirted with Rachelle Claudel when her domitor Jonathan North was out hunting and made the Tremere jealous through his insinuations that she’d be better off without her “boss”. Jonathan subsequently overpowered the artist and fed on him viciously but nonfatally.

Other High Society Allies

KatherineMerlou.jpgKatherine Merlou
Katherine is a personal assistant to Vera Malveaux whose job consists of maintaining her social calendar, making reservations, running errands, and generally seeing to the scarred matron’s varied and frequent needs. Vera is rarely seen at public events without her PA at least somewhere nearby. Katherine is increasingly frustrated by her needy employer’s incessant demands and her own highly limited time off, but she is reluctant to give up what is still an influential job with excellent pay and many fringe benefits. She replaced her predecessor (who quit in spectacular fashion after a nervous breakdown, the third such failure in the last ten years) approximately two years ago, and has finally gotten a good feel for what her boss wants. Katherine works long hours and usually gets up at 4 AM to meet Vera (Mrs. Malveaux) at her Lakeview home with her morning coffee. She only leaves late into the evening when Mrs. Malveaux has been settled into her home or hotel room for the right. Katherine’s own social calendar is extremely limited as a result, and typically limited to a half-day on Sundays.
Amelie Savard and Caroline Malveaux-Devillers both saw Katherine hovering by her employer’s side on various occasions, and patiently accommodating Vera’s many demands without complaint. She did not enjoy her typical half-day off on the Sunday of Westley’s funeral.

Leslie_small.pngLeslie “Kristina Winters” St. George
The red-haired, fair-skinned, long-legged St. George. Leslie went to college for marketing, but found on her return to New Orleans that she had a far more marketable option: her looks. Though she’d never let her family find out, her “marketing” career over the last four years has mostly consisted of working for Christina Roberts as a high-class escort. Of course, employees of Ms. Roberts have to be intelligent enough to carry a conversation, sophisticated enough to conduct themselves at high society functions, and discrete enough to keep themselves and their clients out of the tabloids, and in these categories Leslie has excelled. A straight-A student in college fluent in three languages, including French and Spanish, she has adapted well to working among society’s upper crust and become one of Roberts’ more trusted employees. Close to her mother and still visits her on Sundays for brunch, usually spending the afternoon volunteering with her at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church before the family’s regular Sunday night meal. Works in her job under the name “Kristina Winters”, with only her boss and a handful of others knowing her real name.
Leslie took Amelie Savard clothes shopping as “Kristina” and purported to be a personal assistant to her aunt Christina Roberts. Amelie later found out the true nature of Kristina’s work when she overhead Christina and her aunt’s friend Jill d’Agostino discussing the sexual services Kristina performed for Warren Whitney.

SarahWidney_Small.jpgSarah Anne Widney
Professional personal assistant does not quite cover all that Sarah brings to the table. She’s a life manager, a major-domo educated in the nearly extinct European tradition, capable of running almost every aspect of her employer’s life as needed and desired. After graduating with an MBA and getting her start looking after a series of socialites, heirs, and heiresses she had her break through working for Robert Argabrite III in the aftermath of his disastrous marriage to Samantha Watts, working to salvage his fortune and future. Though she eventually left his employment when he confessed feelings for her, she made an impression on many in high society with her social graces and management of Argabrite’s finances. Originally from Kansas she was orphaned when she was 11 and ended up living with her now-deceased grandmother. Intensely serious woman now approaching 30, career-driven, with a great many professional contacts but relatively few actual friends or personal relationships. She was briefly disgraced after a claim surfaced that she’d stolen from Argabrite, but recently found long-term employment with Caroline Malveaux-Devillers.

Allies (High Society) •

Artists & Entertainers

annabelle.pngAnnabelle Smagelski
Annabelle was a budding music student when Andi Brooks found her at a club in New York. Apparently she plays a handful of instruments and has the voice of an angel, but her real interest lies in producing. Andi moved her to New Orleans to manage a record label, 25 to Life. The girl has been content to handle other local artists, though she knows who butters her bread and always has time for Andromeda’s band.

DougyTwoShoes.jpgDouglas “Dougy Two-Toes” Brown
23-year-old local rapper of marginal talent with a small following. Claims to have lost three of the toes on his right foot in gang-related violence, though in truth they were lost in a yard accident when he was seven. Wanna-be tough guy who attended private schools and came from a stable home. Son of Hubert Brown, though he wants little to do with his father, other than a steady supply of money to spend on his plush lifestyle and crappy beats.

Louisa.jpgLouisa “Blue Lu” Dufresne
Born William Louis Pietsch, the transgender, licensed interior decorator grew up in West Fargo, North Dakota and graduated from the regionally prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA, but left her fast-track internship in Atlanta due to “personality conflicts.” She decided to resettle in New Orleans in 2006, wisely capitalizing on the myriad post-Katrina revitalizations, construction projects, and associated need for interior decorating. In the past decade, she’s carved a temporary niche as working solely for men, whom she says “are born without a lick of fashion sense and have to be trained, unlike women who all endowed with a natural understanding of style.” Still, she does occasionally do “consulting” with female clients, and will gladly take on a contract if it entails redesigning a bachelor or married man’s shared bedroom, office, apartment, or business to add a more “refined touch.” Despite or perhaps because of these ironically strict gender rules, Louisa’s interior designs tend to blend effeminate and masculine aspects, which is best reflected in her ardent love of the Transitional Style. This ‘transitioning’ is reflected in her own personal fashion, as she keeps her hair in a razored, deconstructed ‘pixie’; uses pink lip gloss next to perpetual stubble; and dresses in structured, buttoned-up shirts and flowing skirts. Her favorite accruement, however, is a pair of blue-tinted teashades, which has earned her the local sobriquet of Blue Lu.

Maria.jpgMariángel Batifole
A once-avante garde Honduran painter in the 1980s who has become a traumatized recluse following her husband’s divorce and son’s death.

Penny.jpgPenelope “Penny” Freeman-Crawford
Artist and recent Tulane graduate who sells her work at Frenchmen Art Market. Waitresses part-time at Commander’s Palace. One-time romantic interest of Alice Guillot. She uses her self-given nickaname of Penny ironically: as in, she knows her own value, and chooses to use the name Penny as a statement to the world about labels.

Pic.jpgZorita Deluxe
Former burlesque dancer (“Zorita Deluxe” being her stage name) at the AllWays Theater in Faubourg Marigny. Fired by her employers “for being ‘too curvy’” as she angrily described the circumstances. She was taken home by Lavine for an apparent one-night stand, only to be mauled nearly to death when the Gangrel lost control of her Beast. Lavine fed her enough vitae to keep her alive and unavoidably turned her into a ghoul. Having inducted Zorita half-way into the world of the Damned, Lavine chained her to a bathroom heater and placed her under a magical sleep until the blood bond could fully solidify. Before this could occur, Lavine was drawn into an altercation with Doc Xola that broke the Masquerade and led to her execution at Vidal’s hands (among other reasons). Zorita’s subsequent fate is unknown.

Other High Society Allies

BentlyDowns.jpgBentley Downs
Alec Down’s daughter. Bored college graduate and perennial daddy’s girl who still lives with her father. She recently decided it would be “fun” to try being a talent agent, which her father has indulged and paid the licensing fee for.
Bentley served as Mercurial Fernandez’s talent agent, who consulted her over how he should raise money for Emmett Delacroix’s legal bills. Bentley was unable to make sense of the overenthusiastic musician’s helter-skelter explanation (which included such non sequiturs as “his family might be killed and stuff”) and hung up out of impatience. She attended his funeral and was arrested by NOPD during the ensuing riot. Her father sprang her out of jail shortly later.
Rocco Agnello brought Bentley to a party he threw at Harrah’s New Orleans with Caroline Malveaux-Devillers. Bentley was made to wear skimpish attire and serve as a vessel to the Kindred attendees, after which she had her memories of the event erased. Caroline found the spectacle sickening—not for how it had happened to Bentley, but for how easily it could have happened to her or anyone she knew.
In 2007, Bentley auditioned for Emmett Delacroix’s movie. He encouraged her to pursue the creative arts despite a mediocre audition.

Brayson.jpgBrayson Allen
The son of two black doctors, one of whom made a fortune for pioneering a new technique in heart valve replacement, Brayson grew up the yuppie upstart among the moneyed families of the Big Easy. Mocked, mistreated, and ostracized at every turn, Brayson eventually fell deeply down the rabbit hole into drug use and partying, culminating in a night of absolute debauchery with Westley Malveaux that landed them both in the spotlight, and very nearly in prison. Unlike Westley, rumors still swirl around Brayson. Of the two, Brayson’s loss is the greater tragedy, as he inherited his parents’ brains, and was a second-year resident in trauma medicine when his life imploded. He’s a common fixture these days at the Corner Club, and little else, drawing a stipend from his wealthy parents and floating adrift through his late 20s.
Caroline Malveaux-Devillers came across Brayson at the Alystra riverboat casino. He expressed his condolences for her brother Westley’s loss with a “good fucking riddance, and fuck him very much.”

CamilliaMalveaux.jpgCamillia Malveaux (née Lawless)
86-year-old matron of the Malveaux family, Camillia rarely makes it out of the family mansion in Baton Rouge these days, or even out of the house after three hip surgeries in the last decade. Mother to the Malveaux brothers, she married into the family from a very stiff, formal, old family. Very firm traditional views on etiquette and social position, and in particularly hateful of yuppies and those that fail to show the proper respect to their elders. Occasionally chases servants around the family manor with a broom from a wheelchair when they aren’t respectful or diligent enough. A powerful figure in the family until the last decade, she’s now a shadow of what she once was—the schemer behind the scenes for the family that offered guidance to her sons and shelter from her domineering and abusive husband. Still, despite her deteriorating mental condition and increasing physical frailness, many secrets may yet be locked within her aging mind. Lives with and is close to Gabriel Malveaux, who carves out time to spend with her despite his many other obligations, but largely avoided by the rest of the family, especially her sons who remember the steadfast woman made of iron that she was, not the broken shell has limped into the modern era that refuses to let her die a dignified death.
Jordan Marco drove Camillia to New Orleans to attend her grandson Westley’s funeral. She did not feel well enough to deliver a eulogy before her extended family or to make the trip back to Baton Rouge in the same day, and stayed the night at her son Orson’s house.
Gabriel Malveaux tried to rope Caroline into visiting their grandmother with him for 2015’s Christmas. Although the Ventrue had recently come out as (supposedly) gay, he claimed she was lonely and didn’t care anymore. Caroline was wary of the trip’s potential dangers and declined to make one out.

jasmine.pngViolet Moreani
Violet is one of the Big Easy’s idle rich. She says she’s a trust fund baby taking time off to enjoy her youth before she goes back to school to finish her PhD—she claims a degree from UCLA—and that New Orleans is just another stop on her trip around the world. She’s a new face to the city but already she knows the best sights, has a handful of admirers, and is often seen on the arm of rich or important men. Networking, she says, for her future career in politics or journalism or law. She does it well. She’s smart enough to hold her own on a variety of topics and wise enough to know when to keep her mouth shut and let the men do their thing. She’s a classic beauty, with light skin and dark hair, petite enough to not be threatening but not so small that she’s diminutive, with a heart-shaped face and prominent cupids bow. The kind of girl that men want on their arm for the evening to make their coworkers or their recently separated wife jealous, but not so stunning that other women hate her on principle. What most people don’t know is that her real name is Jasmine, her daddy was an abusive piece of shit and her mom was an alcoholic, and she’s one of the highest paid escorts in the city and has been working for Christina Roberts since she moved here. Rumor is that she’ll do the sort of kinky shit most of the other girls won’t do, which means that she’s highly sought after and almost always booked. She really does have plans to do something with her life eventually, but right now she’s content to coast by on her looks and make bank on her back. Or her knees, whatever they prefer.

WestleyMalveaux.pngWestley Malveaux
Malveaux family black sheep with a history of substance abuse. Recently deceased.

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