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“I don’t know if high society is different in other cities, but in Hollywood, important people can’t stand to be invited someplace that isn’t full of other important people. They don’t mind a few unfamous people being present because they make good listeners.”
Marilyn Monroe
“You are all often described as ‘famous for being famous’. You don’t really act, you don’t sing, you don’t dance. You don’t have any—forgive me—any talent.”
Barbara Walters to the Kardashians
“When you become famous, being famous becomes your profession.”
James Carville

There are people in this world that, by dint of birth, possessions, luck, or marrying a rich partner twice their age, have risen above the “unwashed masses.” Those with influence over high society are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move amongst high society. Contact and Allies affected by High Society influence include: dilettantes and debutantes, influencers and trendsetters, the old rich and the nouveau riche, spouses and children of businessmen and politicians, celebrities famous for being famous, and the inevitable hangers-on all such people attract.

High Society Influence •••••

Abelia_Devillers.jpg Abélia Devillers

Born: 1956
Family: The Devillers
French philanthropist who helped with Katrina relief efforts and mother to the seven Devillers girls. She jokingly claims that men don’t run in her family’s genes.

ClaireMaveaux.png Claire Malveaux

Born: 1958
Deceased: 2016 (age 58)
Family: The Malveauxes
The picture of a trophy wife, Claire is a beautiful if aging woman who is socially witty and publicly loyal to her powerful husband, Senator Nathaniel Malveaux. Her own family was wealthy, but nouveau riche, and it is whispered she married far above her station—though only behind her back. Claire lives in Baton Rouge, but regularly travels between Washington and New Orleans, attending to her husband and children respectively. Very protective of her children, and combines high expectations for them with excuses for their every mistake to others. She died prematurely in 2016 from a fatal combination of improperly prescribed medications.

Leon.jpg Leon Gressau

Born: 1974
The owner of the Evergreen Plantation, New Orleans’ premier VIP jazz club, Leon Gressau might be the city’s most influential playboy. Born to wealth and raised in Miami, he has family roots in the New Orleans that go back many years, but didn’t move to the city until after Hurricane Katrina. He purchased the Evergreen Plantation from its previous owner (who moved on to greener pastures after the hurricane) and has masterfully maintained the Evergreen’s status as the place to be (and to be seen) for socialites, celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs. The Evergreen offers only the finest in music, food, and companionship, but Leon’s purpose seems to be less making the Evergreen a successful club than making it a comfortable venue to conduct business with him. He has his fingers in a variety of enterprises ranging from the commercial to the charitable to the criminal, and is just as likely to receive city councilpeople and business leaders at the Evergreen as he is mob bosses and drug barons. Many people owe him favors, even more owe him money, and there are few endeavors in the French Quarter he doesn’t seem to have some kind of stake in. Leon is unmarried, claiming to prefer the life of a carefree bachelor, but is believed to be in a long-term (and possibly open) relationship with Chanelle Riqueti.

VeraMalveaux.jpg Vera Malveaux

Born: 1957
Family: The Dyers, the Malveauxes
The Dyer family was old money in the state of Louisiana even before their oldest daughter married Mathew Malveaux, now CEO of the family’s multi-billion dollar oil company. Today Vera is an icon of high society and well-known patron of the arts who spends lavishly on herself and her five daughters. Less well-known is her dependency on opiate painkillers since the attack she suffered a decade ago (wrongfully believed to have been at Hippolyte “Big Mon” Broussard’s hands) that left her face scarred. She allegedly needs painkillers because of a severed nerve. The prolific mother of six children, five of them girls, her husband has never forgiven her for not giving him a second son. She in turn has never forgiven him for Adam’s entry into the clergy. She rarely speaks to her son these days and has drifted away from her faith. Her relations with her brother-in-law Orson remain extremely cold.

High Society Influence ••••

Pic.jpg Arabella “Bella” Roberts

Born: 1963
Family: The Jamesons
The First Lady of Louisiana and wife of current Governor Bill Roberts, Arabella is the daughter of former Governor Jim Jameson and couldn’t be more pleased to be back in the governor’s mansion with her husband. She was a tomboy and “wild spirit” in her youth who worked as a horse jockey and state trooper before settling on a career as a nurse. Like most first ladies, she promotes issues that more or less everyone can agree are good things, or at least aren’t especially contentious. Her pet initiative is encouraging fitness among children and reducing childhood obesity rates, though she’s said she hopes to do more while her husband is in office than “getting some tykes to lay off the O’Tolley’s.” Close partner to her husband and involved in many of his political decisions, and has cultivated a positive media image through her irreverent sense of humor. She’s also on good terms with her father and regards the “stepmother” who’s almost 30 years her junior with dry amusement.

Rich_Small.jpg Bhuvaneshwari “Shwari” Pavaghi

Born: 1950
Family: The Pavaghis
The wife of Rich Pavaghi, Bhuvaneshwari (Shwari outside her family) married her husband in India when she was 12 and he was 14 as part of a traditional child marriage. She followed him to the United States and has been the picture of a dutiful trophy wife, giving him many sons and retaining her good looks well into her 60s (with the help of frequent botox treatments and weekly spa visits). The Pavaghis have long since become rich and what Shwari now craves more than anything else is respect. When her son Fred became governor, Shwari couldn’t have been happier. She moved in with him to the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge and inserted herself into as many social, political, and media functions as possible while hemming out her daughter-in-law, to the point that many people joked she was Louisiana’s real first lady. Shwari fought tooth and nail to get her son reelected in 2012 despite the embezzlement allegations and was bitterly disappointed by his loss. She’s since moved back to her husband’s home in Kenner and remains active in high society circles. She has a prominent if unofficial hand in the family’s business empire and constantly pushes her children and grandchildren towards more respectable-seeming real estate transactions than being slum lords. Formerly a devout believer in homeopathy, astrology, and assorted forms of Eastern woo, she turned against them after coming to the United States and now dislikes them intensely, but practices regular yoga.

Julia_Lansdale.jpg Julia Lansdale

Born: 1977
Julia Lansdale is a prominent figure in several of New Orleans’ most popular and politically active charitable foundations. From the Association for a United New Orleans (a Catholic faith-based initiative that seeks an end to racism and religious persecution) to Save Our City (which boasts the slogan “Our buildings may be our past, but our children are our future”), Lansdale is a major mover and shaker in the field. Her organizations are supported by New Orleans’ rich and working-class alike, and in turn have supported numerous popular grassroots political campaigns aimed at booting the city’s current municipal leaders out of office. Several long-time politicians lost their jobs the city’s 2014 elections, and more could be next if Lansdale’s movements keep growing.

Warren_W.jpg Warren Whitney III

Born: 1972
Family: The Whitneys
Indolent financial magnate and son of Lyman Whitney. Raised to be the presumptive chairman and CEO, he was ousted by John Harston who led a merger with its now-parent company, Hancock Holding Company in 2010. Although Warren holds a major portion of the bank’s shares and remains absurdly wealthy, he has little say in its governance and rarely attends board meetings. Instead, he whiles away his time as one of NOLA’s notorious playboys hosting decadent soirees aboard his ludicrously large pleasure yacht, the Saturnalia. Less well-known is his private passion and peccadillo of directing and producing faux snuff films.

High Society Influence •••

Adeline_Devillers.jpg Adeline Devillers

Born: 1992
Family: The Devillers
Third-oldest daughter of Abélia Devillers. Adeline is less socially active than her older sister Cécilia and has focused more on academia than involving herself in the family’s philanthropic endeavors, though Abélia likes to say her daughter’s interests are but part of their family’s “greater whole”—education has long been one of the foremost charitable causes in which she’s involved herself. Adeline recently completed her master’s degree in anthropology at Yale (she skipped a grade in high school) and is thinking of going back to graduate school in Paris to pursue a PhD. Weighing against those plans, or at least prompting her to consider delaying them, is the recent relationship she’s entered into with Nolan Moreno.

Alec_D.jpg Alec Downs

Born: 1956
Family: The Downs
President of Lakeview’s Southern Yacht Club. He and his wealthy circle of friends, also yachters, sit on the neighborhood’s NA council.

Cecilia1112.jpg Cécilia Devillers

Born: 1989
Family: The Devillers
The second-oldest daughter of the Devillers family , Cécilia is everything one would expect of such a well-bred scion. Her beauty, Ivy League education, social graces, and gentle character combine to make her a choice prize for the city’s wealthy young heirs. Rumors linked her to Luke Malveaux for a while, though she demurred when asked about it, insisting in charming French fashion that “youth is a time for love and lust, not romance.” The two made a splash announcing their engagement in late 2015 several months after his brother Westley’s death.

ElaineMalveaux.jpg Elaine Malveaux

Born: 1994
Family: The Malveauxes
Currently attending Stanford (following in the footsteps of her sister Savannah) and slated for graduation in 2016, Elaine has lived a privileged life, even among the Malveauxes. She’s embraced her role as a socialite and heiress to an even greater degree than her siblings and cousins, sliding easily from social function to social function, showing the flag as it were as a Malveaux and retreating to her private interests without attracting scandal. Young, beautiful, manipulative, and social, she loves to be the center of attention, and maintains a large circle of friends and contacts. It’s a rare night that she isn’t out on the town, or at some party. She isn’t really sure what she wants to do after she graduates, though she typically defaults to vague answers about communications or media relations when pressed on the topic by her family. Arguably the most attractive of the Malveaux heiresses, if the most dainty, she’s considered quite a catch and has been aggressively pursued in the past when in New Orleans. She plays her suitors just as often, juggling three or four at a time.

Janessa.jpg Janessa Borges

Born: 1972
Family: The Borges
Martin Borges went through several wives before finding one who could stick. Janessa is everything he’s wanted from a spouse and mayoral first lady. Poised but demure, articulate but soft-spoken, comely into her middle years and never without a smile, there’s been several jokes that he must have ordered her from a barbie doll catalog. Although knowledge of her husband’s sexual history is commonplace, Janessa acts completely oblivious to it. Most people think there’s no way she doesn’t know, but her act is so good they wonder if it’s even an act. She has several children by Martin, but is equally warm to ones from prior marriages (and from outside his marriages) who’ve obtained his favor. Exceptionally God-fearing, she’s frequently seen quietly praying and is never without a rosary.

RobertArgabrite.jpg Robert Argabrite III

Born: 1985
Inherited something on the order of three hundred million dollars when he was twenty years old after the tragic deaths of his wealthy parents. Subsequently lost half of that fortune when he was seduced by Samantha Watts. Along with the money went much of his social capital, with the love-struck young man viewed as a joke and a failure by many, but a few old allies of his family hung around. He has quietly invested much of that fortune in the city while also living in recent months as the consummate playboy and player, running through a different model, escort, or heiress every night in a flurry of promiscuous and tabloid-fueling liaisons. Formerly employed Sarah Anne Widney, who reportedly stole from him before her firing. Other rumors claim that the two shared something deeper.

SamanthaWatts.jpg Samantha “Sami” Watts

Born: 1989
Family: The Watts
Near-infamous honeypot who took Robert Argabrite III for half of his fortune in 2012 when she convinced him to marry her and then divorced him after the honeymoon. She now lives the high life in a downtown penthouse. Regarded as a usurper by most of the city’s elite, but money talks, and she’s had significant success integrating herself into social circles. For her part, Samantha lives for the thrill of the seduction, the chase, the game. She’s a near-irresistible flirt and few would guess she grew up in a middle-class suburban home in Metairie. Particular taste for Mezzo-American art, and has strong ties to the Latin arts community in New Orleans.

TalalalFaisalalSaud.jpg Talal al-Faisal al-Saud

Born: 1989
A young Saudi prince worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars, Talal grew enchanted with New Orleans eight months ago during a visit and never left, instead setting up shop in the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans with his private security and entourage. Talal is a frequent sight out in the city after sunset, partying until the sun rises almost nightly. He is utterly self-indulgent and vastly prefers the liberal values of the city—especially with regard to drugs and alcohol—to the position of his own homeland, and shows no signs of planning to depart. Several complaints have been leveled against him, including claims of assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimidation, but the NOPD seems uninterested in creating a diplomatic incident.

High Society Influence ••

Pic.jpg Anastia Escoffier

Born: 1989
Anastasia looks like the girl you want to bring home to Mom and Dad, but you’re worried she’s going to wear thigh-high boots and fuck your parents in front of you. You’re pretty sure that Custom wrote “Hey Mister” about her: it’s not she’s a tramp, it’s not she’s not pure, she just likes getting her fuck on and it’s a good one of that I’m sure. “Maneater,” they say, and they point to the string of broken hearts (and worse) left in her wake. Heiress to Escoffier Holdings out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Anastasia bills her services as a “consultant” and provides all sorts of sinful entertainment for her clients. It’s unclear whether she’s an escort, a dominatrix, or just a girl with the money and determination to get what she wants. The only thing people can say for sure is that she’s trouble.
Some of the more colorful rumors surrounding her include: Escoffier Holdings doesn’t exist. Anastasia had two older sisters taken out to become heiress. She was a supermodel in Italy. She donates half of her yearly income to charity. Off Bourbon is the best place to catch her, but you’ll never get in to the VIP section. She has a pet tiger, like Jasmine. Her hair is insured for $10,000,000. She was created in a test tube with DNA taken from the Gar®y’s Oldman and Kasparov.

KatherineMerlou.jpg Katherine Merlou

Born: 1987
Katherine is a personal assistant to Vera Malveaux whose job consists of maintaining her social calendar, making reservations, running errands, and generally seeing to the scarred matron’s varied and frequent needs. Vera is rarely seen at public events without her PA at least somewhere nearby. Katherine is increasingly frustrated by her needy employer’s incessant demands and her own highly limited time off, but she is reluctant to give up what is still an influential job with excellent pay and many fringe benefits. She replaced her predecessor (who quit in spectacular fashion after a nervous breakdown, the third such failure in the last ten years) approximately two years ago, and has finally gotten a good feel for what her boss wants. Katherine works long hours and usually gets up at 4 AM to meet Vera (Mrs. Malveaux) at her Lakeview home with her morning coffee. She only leaves late into the evening when Mrs. Malveaux has been settled into her home or hotel room for the right. Katherine’s own social calendar is extremely limited as a result, and typically limited to a half-day on Sundays.

SarahWidney_Small.jpg Sarah Anne Widney

Born: 1985
Professional personal assistant does not quite cover all that Sarah brings to the table. She’s a life manager, a majordomo educated in the nearly extinct European tradition, capable of running almost every aspect of her employer’s life as needed and desired. After graduating with an MBA and getting her start looking after a series of socialites, heirs, and heiresses she had her break through working for Robert Argabrite III in the aftermath of his disastrous marriage to Samantha Watts, working to salvage his fortune and future. Though she eventually left his employment when he confessed feelings for her, she made an impression on many in high society with her social graces and management of Argabrite’s finances. Originally from Kansas she was orphaned when she was 11 and ended up living with her now-deceased grandmother. Intensely serious woman now approaching 30, career-driven, with a great many professional contacts but relatively few actual friends or personal relationships. She was briefly disgraced after a claim surfaced that she’d stolen from Argabrite, but recently found long-term employment with Caroline Malveaux-Devillers.

High Society Influence •

BentlyDowns.jpg Bentley Downs

Born: 1991
Family: The Downs
Alec Down’s daughter. Bored college graduate and perennial daddy’s girl who still lives with her father. She recently decided it would be “fun” to try being a talent agent, which her father has indulged and paid the licensing fee for.

Brayson.jpg Brayson Allen

Born: 1988
The son of two black doctors, one of whom made a fortune for pioneering a new technique in heart valve replacement, Brayson grew up the yuppie upstart among the moneyed families of the Big Easy. Mocked, mistreated, and ostracized at every turn, Brayson eventually fell deeply down the rabbit hole into drug use and partying, culminating in a night of absolute debauchery with Westley Malveaux that landed them both in the spotlight, and very nearly in prison. Unlike Westley, rumors still swirl around Brayson. Of the two, Brayson’s loss is the greater tragedy, as he inherited his parents’ brains, and was a second-year resident in trauma medicine when his life imploded. He’s a common fixture these days at the Corner Club, and little else, drawing a stipend from his wealthy parents and floating adrift through his late 20s.

CamilliaMalveaux.jpg Camillia Malveaux

Born: 1929
Family: The Malveauxes
The elderly matron of the Malveaux family, Camillia rarely makes it out of the family mansion in Baton Rouge these days, or even out of the house after three hip surgeries in the last decade. Mother to the Malveaux brothers, she married into the family from a very stiff, formal, old family. Very firm traditional views on etiquette and social position, and in particularly hateful of yuppies and those that fail to show the proper respect to their elders. Occasionally chases servants around the family manor with a broom from a wheelchair when they aren’t respectful or diligent enough. A powerful figure in the family until the last decade, she’s now a shadow of what she once was—the schemer behind the scenes for the family that offered guidance to her sons and shelter from her domineering and abusive husband. Still, despite her deteriorating mental condition and increasing physical frailness, many secrets may yet be locked within her aging mind. Lives with and is close to Gabriel Malveaux, who carves out time to spend with her despite his many other obligations, but largely avoided by the rest of the family, especially her sons who remember the steadfast woman made of iron that she was, not the broken shell has limped into the modern era that refuses to let her die a dignified death.

Evelyn.jpg Evelyn Jameson

Born: 1992
Family: The Jamesons
Jim Jameson’s latest wife and recent college graduate nearly 60 years her husband’s junior. Pregnant with his latest child. Evelyn is amply aware of her husband’s past and doesn’t mind; the two have a more or less open marriage. Briefly had a starring role in his one-season reality TV series, whose cancellation she remains disappointed by.

gabe1.png Gabriella Kelly

Born: 1992
Family: The Kellys
By the time she was a teenager Gabriella was a self-identified bulldyke who went by “Gabe” instead of one of the more feminine versions of her name. She grew up in a conservative household and spent her teenage and young adult years raging against the machine and the patriarchy and everything that her grandfather and her parents stood for. She liked loud music, punk bands, and had more color on her skin and metal in her face than a modern art exhibit. At least until she turned nineteen. After that she settled down; she found Jesus, let her hair grow beyond the buzz cut, underwent expensive laser treatments to remove the tattoos, and took all the piercings out. There’s a rumor she had gastric bypass—how else could she have lost the weight so quickly?—but Gabriella hasn’t bothered to confirm or deny. She’s been busy with her husband and children since they married in 2013 and appears to be content as his trophy wife, leaving her days of hard drugs and loud parties behind her. She can often be found strolling through the park with her children in their stroller, and everyone agrees that she keeps one of the prettiest gardens in New Orleans.

Janelle.jpg Janelle Borges

Born: 2000
Family: The Borges
Daughter of Mayor Martin Borges who’s attending Tulane studying fashion design, but is better known as a budding influencer who reviews clothes and makeup. Highly active on Instagram, MeVid, and TikTok. Somewhat lazy and wants a bigger following than she has, but doesn’t want to put in the work and would rather go clubbing in the Quarter. Her father uses interns on his mayoral staff to edit her videos and write many of her social media posts (so that she doesn’t have to). She got into Tulane through his connections and after he bribed/threatened an exam proctor to let her cheat on the SAT.

WestleyMalveaux.png Westley Malveaux

Born: 1993
Deceased: 2015
Family: The Malveauxes
The black sheep of the Malveaux family, Westley has a storied tabloid history that only his father Nathan’s influence has kept from spreading beyond the state. He was publicly painted as a redeemed young man during Nathan’s 2012 Senate campaign, but rumors still swirl around him in private circles. In truth, Westley is an addict, and will likely always be an addict. He’s experimented with every drug from ecstasy to heroin, forgoing only crack and preferring cocaine. These days his “acceptable” drug of choice is alcohol. Though he remains coherent at social functions, his family’s handlers are never far. Deceased of 2015 following an intoxicated yachting accident that resulted in his drowning.

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