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“A hospital bed is a parked taxi with a meter running.”
Groucho Marx
“Students undergo a conversion in the third year of medical school—not pre-clinical to clinical, but pre-cynical to cynical.”
Abraham Verghese
“I don’t ask why patients lie, I just assume they all do.”
Gregory House, House

In this modern age, there are many organizations and places and people that exist and make their living at easing the aches, pains, illnesses and needs of people. These organizations are rife for manipulation and exploitation by enterprising Kindred. Characters with influence over this industry control health agencies, hospitals, asylums, medical groups and even nursing homes. Contact and Allies affected by Health influence include: nurses, doctors, specialists, lab workers, therapists, counselors, and pharmacists, amongst others.

Background Dots Level of Influence
X Medical or nursing student
Medical intern (doctors),
nursing assistant or LPN (nurses), EMT, orderly
•• Resident physician (doctors),
RN or charge nurse (nurses), paramedic
••• Attending physician (doctors),
APRN, nurse manager, or service director (nurses)
•••• Chief physician (doctors),
chief nurse (nurses)
••••• Hospital president

Health Influence ••••

Pic.jpg Amos Dufrene Wilkinson

Born: 1977
Family: The Wilkinsons
Status: Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office ••••
Coroner of Orleans Parish. First-term official and the first African-American to hold the office as well. He is also an assistant professor at Tulane Medical School, specifically of pathology and psychiatry. He helps run, or at least sits on the boards for several homeless shelters in the city. As coroner, he is in charge of all mental health institutionalization, sexual abuse investigation, and autopsies.

Health Influence •••

No_Pic.jpg Bartosz Blazcewicz

Born: 1956
Status: Vet Clinic •••
Dr. Bartosz Blazcewicz is an aging Polish-American veterinarian who attends the Touro Synagogue that Emil Kane also attends. He takes the podium frequently to tell his fellow congregants stories about his time serving as a combat medic in Vietnam. He always ends his speeches with the same joke about being a veteran veterinarian. By day, he runs his clinic serving the city’s pet owners a poorly aged joke alongside speedy diagnosis and treatment of their furry friends. By night, he’s a lot less discriminating about what sort of patient he treats. Humans are just walking, talking animals, after all. And even if its teeth are a little sharper or its breath worryingly shallower, blood is blood. Bone is bone. Bartosz doesn’t judge. His services are discreet and, for friends, he is willing to perform house calls. He frequents Rabbi Shemtov’s classes and keeps Emil for hours after class purportedly to study the material deeper. In reality, he has a very weak grasp of the Hebrew language and consequently, he spends most of those hours using Emil as practically a private language tutor.

No_Pic.jpg Ernest Rouse

Born: 1978
Status: Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office ••••
Chief Deputy Coroner working under Amos Wilkinson, Ernest handles man of the more interesting cases that come through the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office as the strong right hand of his boss, especially given his Amos’ heavy involvement in many other projects (such as his homeless shelters). A necrophilic who has never acted on his urges beyond fondling and touching, Ernest’s desires have only grown stronger as he’s grown more distant from his cold wife. It may only be a matter of time until he acts on his urges.

HowardMcmillian.jpg Howard McMillian

Born: 1963
Status: Therapy practice •••
Howard is a psychologist publicly well-regarded for his book Breaking the Chains of Addiction and a neurotic mess in his private life. He is a severe hypochondriac who maintains a strict diet, except when he can’t be bothered to, in which case he obsesses over everything from his stomachs’ rumbles to the color of his urine and feces. He remains convinced he’s going to die before he turns 60 due to his “bad” health, and frequently finds excuses to slip his health issues into conversations with non-clients. He used to provide “treatment” to Westley Malveaux for his drug addiction problems (prior to the young man’s recent death) at the insistence of his mother Claire.

Leah_Crawford.jpg Leah Crawford

Born: 1964
Family: The Crawfords
Status: Tulane Medical Center •••
Diligent, professional, hard-working, and no-nonsense, Leah has been a trauma surgeon for several decades, working out of the Tulane Medical Center ER. In those years she’s dealt with everything from stabbings to gunshot wounds to overdoses, straight on down the line to “faultless” injuries such as car accidents and falls. She’s also calmly dealt with unruly gangbangers, personal stalkers, and belligerent police officers with ice water in her veins and a .38 in her glove box. Born in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago, Leah first traveled to New Orleans for school and never looked back, carrying with her a commitment to breaking free of the cycle of poverty and a making something of herself. For several years following her residency she worked with prospective med students coming out of Tulane, but in the last couple of years has grown too busy and largely laid that aside. 5’1" and petite, with short bushy hair and matching too-wide eyes. Speaks English, Russian, and French. Mother to five children.

LewisRayBurns.jpg Lewis Ray Burns

Born: 1974
Status: Tupelo Plastic Surgery •••
The next in a long line of local Dr. Oz wannabes, Dr. Burns peddles miracle cures, cleanse diets, plastic surgery, and whatever prescriptions his top shelf clients—that is, patients, want. Among these individuals are Vera Malveaux and formerly Erinn Harris, who blames him for getting her hooked on prescription painkillers that ultimately ran her out of fighting circles. Lewis, for his part, is a narcissist who wants simple popularity as much as money or influence. He works out pathologically during his “free” time and views doctor-patient privilege more liberally than most.

lily1.pngLilian Araceli

Born: 1969
Status: Therapy practice •••
Dr. Araceli graduated middle of her class from Case Western Reserve. She was a teacher before she became a psychologist but found that working in education was a thankless frustration akin to knocking her head against the wall. She spent a lot of her time mentoring young students who had a hard home life and realized that she could do more for them with an advanced degree than she could as a teacher by ”fixing their parents,” so she went back to school to earn her PhD. There she met her soon-to-be-husband, Lorenzo Araceli. Theirs was a whirlwind romance that culminated in a fairytale wedding and ten years of happily wedded bliss. Unfortunately, Lilian found Lorenzo in bed with a grad student when she came home early from work on her 45th birthday, and they quickly and quietly divorced. Lilian left the city and moved to New Orleans to get a fresh start and opened a private practice that caters to all sorts. She’s known for her slightly unusual methods of approach, such as touch-therapy and hypnosis, and for asking, “how does that make you feel?”

Madison_Howards.jpg Madison Howards

Born: 1973
Status: Therapy Practice •••
A therapist who runs a private practice out of her house, Dr. Howards is known in medical circles for having a slightly more than professional interest (or at least callously professional interest) in how trauma affects people. Much to her embarrassment, there have been several complaints about her to the American Psychologists Association after she asked clients for permission to record and publish therapy sessions as part of her own research.

Pic.jpg Timothy Underwood

Born: 1947
Deceased: 1998 (age 51)
Family: The Underwoods
Status: Charity Hospital •••
Former heart surgeon at the now-closed Charity Hospital and former husband to Payton T. Underwood. His surviving family have many fond memories of him as a warm and loving man who spoiled his children rotten, although Payton always considered him too soft and indulgent of others whims’—including his own. He died at age 51 from heart disease brought about by smoking and obesity.

Health Influence ••

AlejandraSuarez.jpg Alejandra Suarez

Born: 1987
Status: Tulane Medical Center ••
Mexican-American physician doing a hematology residence at Tulane Medical Center. Houston native who did undergrad and med school at Tulane. Nominal alumnus of Phi Alpha Kappa. Her family, whom she tries to avoid (sometimes successfully), has ties to a Mexican drug cartel.

Res_Rapist_Small1.jpg Jared Brown

Born: 1985
Deceased: 2015
Family: The Browns
Status: Tulane Medical Center ••
Resident physician at Tulane Medical Center. Though his bedside manner is relentlessly cheerful, Dr. Brown has a somewhat shadier reputation among his co-workers. Even this, though, falls short of the reality: he regularly drugs and takes sexual advantage of his patients. Recently deceased.

JordanMarco_Small.jpeg Jordan Marco

Born: 1980
Status: Independent nurse contractor ••
The principle caretaker for Camillia Malveaux, Jordan is a live-in LPN (licensed practical nurse) and physical therapist who also theoretically serves as a ‘caretaker’ for Gabriel Malveaux during the frequent absences of the young man’s parents. Jordan was brought in almost ten years ago after Camillia was released from the hospital with her first hip fracture, and help the Malveaux matriarch with her physical therapy and recovery. Small but stoutly built, and originally from Texas (he remains a diehard fan of the Dallas Cowboys) Jordan spends much of his free time as a gym rat, and on the rare occasions when he’s able to get time off, he competes in amateur bodybuilding competitions. Camillia initially hit off with him poorly, but she’s since grown fond of his plainspoken and genuine demeanor—and only has so many people to talk to now that most of the Baton Rouge Malveauxes have left the family home. Today Jordan is one of the few individuals who can talk her down from beating the maids or screaming at the family chef, and she’s invariably cantankerous with stand-in caretakers on the rare days when her preferred one isn’t present. Jordan, for his part, has grown fond of Camillia now that he’s come to understand who she is and what she has endured and accomplished over her long life. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s very well-compensated for his job, though he’s mildly and increasingly concerned as to what he’s going to do when the old woman passes away. He is also relatively friendly with Gabriel Malveaux, who he occasionally works out with and otherwise leaves to his own devices.

Malachi.jpgMalachi Apatombee

Born: 1975
Status: New Orleans Emergency Medical Services ••
Towering, black-haired ambulance paramedic of Choctaw descent. Involved in local tribal council. Moonlights as a bouncer and security guard to support extended family.

mil.jpg Milton Hangford

Born: 1983
Status: GroundBorn ••
Milton is an ex-MMA fighter turned into a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. He teaches class once a week at Groundborn, but once he was done fighting he went back to school to learn how to prevent and rehabilitate the injuries most fighters earn in their lifetime. Part physical therapist and part nutritionist, Milton looks meaner than he is. He has a habit of yelling at new recruits whenever they try to push themselves too far and has no patience for the “cardio bunnies” or “meatheads” who think they can eat whatever they want and still get washboard abs. “Six packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym."

Nadia_Green_Small.jpg Nadia Green

Born: 1970
Status: Tulane Medical Center ••
RN at Tulane Medical Center who treated Emil Kane following his stroke and head injury at the LaLaurie House. The injured lawman found her initial demeanor taciturn and unpleasant. After Emil’s NOPD superiors intimidated her into buying Emil better-tasting meals on her own time and money, she displayed an angrier and more sarcastic side to her personality, referring to him as “your majesty” and NOPD as “just a bunch of thugs.”

Neil_Small1.jpg Neil Flynn

Born: 1988
Status: Tulane Medical Center ••
Resident physician specializing in emergency medicine at Tulane Medical Center and ex-boyfriend of Caroline Malveaux-Devillers.

Pam_Ardoin.jpgPamela Ardoin

Born: 1960
Family: The Ardoins
Status: Tulane Medical Center ••
A senior nurse who has worked at Tulane Medical Center for almost three decades. Loathes cops and has a love-hate relationship with addicts due to her son Bertram’s substance abuse and resultant legal problems. Despite her age, her thick body and stout frame have caused some patients to mistake her for an orderly. Married to Jerry Marron, Jr. in 2010 but retained her maiden name, due to being “Too old a dog to come to a new name.” Though she helps him take care of his Alzheimer’s-afflicted uncle Martin, one of the surest ways for Jerry’s adult children to rouse her ire is by treating her like an on-duty nurse (unintentionally or otherwise).

Yana_Small.jpg Yana el-Abdou

Born: 1981
Status: Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services ••
Syrian war refugee who fled to the United States and subsequently became a citizen and earned a degree as a social worker. Practicing Muslim. “Friend” to Amos Wilkinson who Lou encountered together with the despondent man in his house while he was mourning his mother’s death.

Health Influence •

Abby_White.jpgAbby White

Born: 1995
Status: New Orleans Emergency Medical Services •
An habitually broke EMT who lives with her mother, Abby actually makes good money, she just also has a habit of spending it rather poorly, especially on clothing and high-priced European bags. Not particularly attractive, Abby was stood up on her prom night, and has been stood up subsequently on four dates. Years later, she remains desperate for love, or even attention from the opposite sex. Not only is she a virgin, she’s never gone past first base. It’s beginning to develop into something of a complex for the young woman, and even affecting her work and work relationships, especially with her partner. Relatively shy and deeply religious, she comes from a middle-class background. Her father, a shipyard worker, passed away four years ago of a heart attack, but left a substantial life insurance policy for her mother, which has sustained her despite the loss of income.

Chelsea_D.jpgChelsea Donaldson

Born: 1995
Status: Pharmacy •
A hospital pharmacy technician content with her life right now in the working middle class, Chelsea has settled into a mid-20s routine of work, reading, Webflix, and chilling with her long-term boyfriend Ian Roberts, much to the disappointment of her working-class parents. Chelsea is actually a bright woman whose intellect is wasted on her current job, but suffers from a combination of negative self-image and general complacency. Uninterested in taking out massive student loans in an chancy economy, she declined to pursue a bachelor’s or more advanced degree at a university (despite being accepted by several) in favor of attending a local community college and working a part-time job at a clothing store out of high school. Rather than risk failure (un-repayable student debt, as she sees it) by pursuing higher education, she’s piddled away the last half-dozen years after high school and appears content to continue to do so. Works out regularly and is very self-conscious about her appearance, having toed the line close to eating disorders on several occasions (and only having been stopped by greater fears of falling down that path). Chelsa has settled for mediocrity in her life. She might be able achieve greater things if she broke out of her rut—her brother has gone on to become a distinguished architect in the city—but that push in her life is sorely lacking.

Courtney_D.jpgCourtney Dale

Born: 1992
Status: Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office •
Receptionist and informal assistant to the coroners at the understaffed Mid-City Coroner’s Office. Her boss Amos Wilkinson gives her rides home so that she does need to walk through the unsafe neighborhood alone at evening.

EmilyRosure_Small1.jpg Emily Rosure

Born: 1988
Family: The Flores
Status: Tulane Medical Center •
Fourth-year medical student at Tulane School of Medicine who intends to become an ER doctor. Bright and hardworking but born into poverty, Emily never knew her father and wound up in Texas’ foster system after her mom lost custody in a DUI and disappeared from her life. She credits her 2008 adoption by Celia Flores and Diana Flores into their family as the chief reason she isn’t still working as a waitress (or Tulane’s records department and dreaming of someday becoming a doctor). Long-term girlfriend of Robert “Robby” Grant, with whom she enjoys playing World of Shadow. Works as a part-time massage therapist at Flawless Spa, owned by Celia. Lives with Diana and her granddaughter Lucy, and is regarded by the child as one of her three mothers.

EvelineMerinelli_Small.jpg Eveline “Lena” Merinelli (née Delacroix)

Born: 1981
Family: The Delacroixes, the Merinellis
Former pediatrician at Children’s Hospital New Orleans. Older sister to Emmett Delacroix. Recently sent to prison as an accessory to her brother’s murder, resulting in the suspension of her medical license.

Extralocal Health Figures

Health Influence ••

Carl_Davisgp.jpg Carl Davis

Born: 1966
Status: Texas Medical Center ••
Dr. Carl Davis is a middle-aged surgeon who works at Texas Medical Center despite his felony status. He claims to have been set up by the Dixie Mafia for a crime which he refuses to speak about beyond claiming his innocence. He went from married with kids, a job as a surgeon, and just about clearing his medical debts to nothing. His wife doesn’t believe him, court gave her full custody in the divorce. His father-in-law, who holds an administrative position in TMC was one of the few folks to take pity on the guy, and went through a series of bureaucratic hoops to let him keep his job. It’s all still in the air and his pay was significantly slashed in the process. His debts accrued significant interest over the years he was incarcerated and because of the harsh hours as a surgeon trying to fix his reputation and no one being as nice about his felon status, he’s stuck working the graveyard shift at the local Target.

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