Firebrand Anarchs by Status

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Anarch Status ••••

Veronica_Alsten_Pirrie.jpg Veronica Alsten-Pirrie

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of Accou Poincaré
Embrace: 1924
Status: Anarch ••••, Camarilla •••, Toreador •••
Coteries: Antoine Savoy’s inner circle, the harpies •••
Veronica was a flapper and jazz singer Embraced by Accou during the Roaring Twenties for her pretty voice and fiery spirit. She served as a loyal member of the Invictus until Pearl Chastain’s rise from torpor in the ‘70s. Veronica found her grandsire a hopelessly antiquated has-been and stifling influence that her clan and covenant would be better off without. Her sire, who willingly surrendered power back to Chastain, did not agree. Veronica promptly defected to the Anarch Movement and led a wave of younger Toreador with her. She remains on strained terms with her Invictus kin, although the bitterest venom seems to come from her. When not performing at nightclubs and basking among her kine admirers, she is engaged in a bitter three-way feud with her fellow harpies Katherine Beaumont and Marguerite Defallier. Veronica considers her former to be full of herself and the latter pathetic for clinging to a covenant whose leaders don’t respect her.
In 2015, Veronica learned the exiled Ventrue John Harley Matheson had been feeding on neonates lured to his out-of-town plantation, her childe Amaryllis among them. Outraged by the apparent blind eye had Prince Vidal turned to his clanmate’s depravities, she led a split among the Anarchs to throw their support behind Antoine Savoy and now stands as one of his most vocal partisans and valuable allies.

clementine.png Clementine Jasper-Kumar

Ghouled: 1946
Status: Ghouls •••
If ghouls had harpies, Clementine Jasper-Kumar would be their ruler. As wasp-tongued and volatile as her mistress, Clementine was ghouled at the cusp of adolescence when Veronica happened to pass her by at the night market. Her hair is dark, her skin somewhere between white and black, but despite the common belief that she is of African descent she claims that both of her parents were from Fiji. She has been at Veronica’s side since the Kindred claimed her around the end of WWII, and her time as herald has done nothing but embolden her. She keeps her mistress’ other ghouls in line, and even the occasional fledgling has found themselves on the wrong side of her ire. Veronica is fond of saying the girl is a “mini me,” complete with her sexually deviant reputation, though the ghoul is said to enjoy the company of older men.

Anarch Status •••

Pietro.jpg Pietro Silvestri

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of Barthélemy Lafon
Embrace: 1931
Status: Anarch •••, Camarilla •, Toreador
A Sicilian malcontent and ne’er-do-well, Pietro was already an accomplished art thief in life and his Embrace only made him better in that regard. In the century since his Becoming, he has also expressed himself among the Toreador by becoming an accomplished art forger. Many of them consider such work “derivative” but he says, “Who cares? It sells. Money is beautiful, too.” Whenever something goes missing in the city, Kindred assume Pietro is involved. He often is.
Since the recent factional split among the Anarchs, he has taken up with Antoine Savoy.

Alan1.png Alan Thomas

Ghouled: 1986
Status: Ghouls ••
Alan has one of those smiles that makes you want to punch the guy in his face. The smarmy kind, like he thinks he knows more than you. He’s charming, though, and he’s probably got what you need. Art? Cars? Jewels? Drugs? Guy could sell ice to an Eskimo in the middle of winter. Was a used car salesman at some point, but Silvestri obviously liked the cut of his jib since he took the guy in. Always trying to sell something to someone, whether it’s physical goods or an idea. “Do it for the commish,” he’s fond of saying. Gets on well with most people, honestly, silver-tongued flatterer that he is. Some people think he’s pretty stand up. Or maybe he just pulled the wool over their eyes, too. Has the hots for Clementine Jasper-Kumar. “She only looks underage,” but apparently that’s how he likes them. Serves as a herald of sorts for his domitor, Pietro, and talks about a million miles an hour.

Shep_Jennings.jpg Shep Jennings

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1893
Status: Brujah •••, Anarch •••, Camarilla
Coterie: Night Axels •••
For decades, the so-called “voice of the unbound” in New Orleans, Shep Jennings, has striven to bring equality and enfranchisement to the Anarch Movement in a city which he feels has become Augusto Vidal’s private religious sanctum. Jennings was born during Reconstruction and is thought to be the oldest Anarch in the city after Coco Duquette and Miss Opal. He wasn’t born a slave, but his parents were, and his Embrace did little to improve his opinion of the world. He developed a chip on his shoulder against seemingly elder in New Orleans, whom he viewed (correctly) as complicit in slavery. Jennings was long frustrated by the slow pace of change in Kindred society and not above using violent and thuggish means to achieve his ends. After Hurricane Katrina, he apparently savvied up and started using diplomacy and subterfuge over more brutish options, leading to Kindred in power to finally take him more seriously. He’s also known for being a car thief and running a chop shop that can disassemble vehicles faster than any mortal thieves. He rarely lacks for business, as there are always vampires whose victims leave behind inconvenient cars.

Anarch Status ••

andismall.png Andromeda Brooks

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Perseus
Embrace: 1999
Status: Anarch ••, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
Coterie: OXR ••
Born just before the emergence of punk music, Andi spent her mortal years jamming to records and dreaming of being a rock star. She was in New York during a Sabbat incursion and was caught up by a pack and brought to the site of their Mass Embrace, where her Malkavian sire found and “saved” her by granting her the Embrace. She spent years bound to him before running into Alexander Wright, who was in the city to assist with the Camarilla takeover. He brought her back to New Orleans with him when he left and she was granted permission to stay within the city, though she was more interested in the Anarch cause than serving a prince. When Veronica led a wave of Anarchs over to Savoy’s bloc it made sense for her to jump ship with the rest of her krewe, and the French Quarter lord’s lax view on the clanless prompted Andi to come out as Caitiff rather than continue the Malkavian charade. The clan seemed largely unsurprised: Harlequin had previously snubbed her and other Malkavians said that ”she just wasn’t our brand of crazy.” Andi is a part-time resident of New Orleans, on the road more often than not with her krewe-mate Tyrell where she performs with her band, Love & Liars all over the country. She’s a frequent sight around the Quarter and Marigny when she’s in town and enjoys an easy friendship with the Nosferatu Sundown. She’s been known to don the occasional disguise to perform while she’s at home at the various clubs and venues in the area. While many of the city’s older Kindred (especially the Toreador) might think her music is nothing but loud noises, Andi hasn’t seemed too put out by it. After all, none of them are playing for sold-out stadiums or consistently topping the charts with their new releases.

thetwins.jpg The Twins

Ghouled: Early 21st century
Status: Ghouls •
The Twins have their own name, but Andi only ever refers to them as their moniker, “The Twins.” One plays guitar, the other keyboard, and both are as devoted to their domitor as any ghoul has a right to be. They don’t seem to do anything for her outside of serving in the band, and the two are never seen without the other in company.

keegan.png Keegan Malone

Ghouled: Early 21st century
Status: Ghouls •
Probably not the original Keegan considering his Embrace and downfall at Hound Wright’s hands. Maybe Andi wasn’t able to let go of the name, or maybe she just happened to find another boy named Keegan. Either way, that’s what she calls the ghoul that serves as the drummer for her band Love & Liars.

Christopher_Guilbeau.jpg Christopher Guilbeau

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Marcel Guilbeau
Embrace: 2010
Status: Anarch ••, Camarilla 0, Ventrue 0
Coteries: Golds ••, Marcel’s household
Christopher might be the older of Marcel Guilbeau’s two childer, the more handsome, and the only one related to his sire by blood, but Christopher couldn’t be a greater disappointment to Marcel if he tried. Before Anthony’s Embrace he was known for, carelessly endangering the Masquerade, relying on his sire to bail him out, and only being grateful to Marcel when he wanted something. He has since moderated his ways (mostly), but relations between the two remain cool.

Emers.jpg Emerson Newhouse Hearst

Lineage: 13th gen. childe of Juana Sanchez
Embrace: 2012
Status: Anarch ••, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
Coterie: Night Axels ••
Emerson was born rich, but ADHD and rebelliousness led him to drop out of college in favor of cross-country motorcycling. He spent the rest of his young life as a biker, drifter, and adrenaline junkie until his sire Embraced him. He continued his Requiem largely the same way, sticking it to princes who mistreated him for his clanless blood and surviving unlife on the road as a nomad. He came to New Orleans in 2016 for Mardi Gras and joined Shep Jennings’ krewe after deciding he was happy to stick it to this city’s prince too. Permanently staying in the Big Easy doesn’t agree with him and he’s often away on his motorbike. For the right price, he’s happy to ferry other licks between cities and help them survive the perils of the road.

Eris.jpg Eris D.

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of Jonah Freeman
Embrace: 1979
Status: Anarch ••, Brujah •, Camarilla •, Circle of the Crone ••
Coterie: Kindred Liberation Front ••
A ‘70s feminist and neopagan who never quite realized she missed the ’60s, Eris spent her mortal life bucking the establishment and throwing herself into anything that wasn’t mainstream. Embraced by Jonah for her magical dabblings, but her sire’s vitae unhinged something in her. She became devoted to the idea of promoting chaos, even changing her mortal name to Eris. She is convinced that Malkavians possess profound insight into the true nature of reality and is on exceptionally good terms with the clan, who find her more “open-minded” than other Kindred. It’s not uncommon for many licks to mistake her for one of the kooks herself.

Marcio.jpg Marcio de la Cruz

Lineage: 13th gen. childe of Alejandro Gálvez
Embrace: Late 20th century
Status: Anarch ••, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
Coterie: Night Axels ••
Many Kindred assume the fire-eyed young Marcio is a Brujah from how passionate he is about his political views. Born in Nicaragua with relatives from Guatemala, Marcio lost family to no less than two separate U.S. foreign interventions: the Nicaraguan Revolution and the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’etat. He joined the Sandinista National Liberation Front. at a young age and was Embraced by an Anarch sire after being terminally wounded in a shootout against the Contras so he could continue the fight eternally. Marcio remained a rabble-rouser in death and fought against the Ventrue prince of Managua, Alicia Penobscott, for years until she destroyed his sire and coterie in the 2010s. Marcio fled on the next ship to New Orleans, as the city was a long-time trading partner with Central America. He never presented himself before Vidal and kept a low profile in Mid-City as part of Shep Jennings’ coterie until the 2015 Anarch split. Vidal has had amicable relationships with other Spanish-descended princes in Latin America and figures the staked Caitiff would make a useful gift or bargaining chip at some point, but hasn’t considered him important enough to hunt down.
Marcio was a zealous communist for decades, but has grown disillusioned with Marx in favor of anarcho-syndicalism. He believes all power structures are inherently unequal and that the only answer is to burn it all down, with no higher Kindred government than one’s own coterie. Unlike many Anarchs, he considers the Los Angeles Free State to be a rousing success and only tolerates Antoine Savoy as the lesser evil. He despises fascists and is involved with Antifa and several other far-left political groups.

Anarch Status •

benji.png Benjamin Moore

Lineage: Unknown
Embrace: 2013
Status: Anarch •, Bourbon Sanctified •, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
Coterie: OXR ••
Benjamin was a disenfranchised youth that grew up thinking he’d eventually be somebody. His dreams were dashed when he realized after his Embrace that he had joined a whole community of people who would always look down at him for his clanless blood. Anarch leanings but stays in the Quarter, Benji spends most of his time writing songs about rebellion and how “the man” is trying to keep people down. He’s rumored to be lovers with a certain other Caitiff musician and krewed up with her in OXR.

Jonas.jpg Edward “Ed” Zuric

Lineage: 13th gen. childe of Andrea Oulette
Embrace: 2004
Status: Anarch •, Bourbon Sanctified 0, Camarilla •, Gangrel
Coterie: Armstrong Five
An itinerant guitarist and country/blues musician, Zuric made his living as a busker across the country before 2004’s Mardi Gras, where he was Embraced and abandoned alongside several other fledglings in Louis Armstrong Park for reasons unknown. Zuric and his fellows made a minor name for themselves tracking down their sires and bringing most to justice, and the bonds of friendship Zuric established with the coterie (who came to be known as the Armstrong Five) convinced him New Orleans was a good place to settle down—until Katrina. Already used to life as a drifter, he weathered the storm’s aftermath and was back by the 2010s. He’s largely content to spend his Requiem busking in the Quarter, picking up girls, and sometimes hitting the road to play in other cities as the mood strikes him.
Zuric was largely content to stay out of politics until the 2015 Anarch split. He sided with Antoine Savoy out of disgust after John Harley Matheson’s then-agent George Smith allegedly attempted to trick him into serving as one of the banished elder’s vessels. His feelings towards his former coterie-mate Becky Lynne remain unknown.

Frank_Larsen.jpg Frank Larsen

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of Monty Lestrange
Embrace: 2005
Status: Anarch •, Camarilla 0
Coterie: Twenty-Twenties ••, Malkavian ••
“Photojournalist” at a gossip rag who has a knack for being at the right place at the wrong time. Since his Embrace, he has grown increasingly paranoid about this fact and claims to see “connections everywhere”. He sometimes hires out his talents for collecting photographic evidence of individuals in compromising positions, and has an uncanny gift for capturing photos that others dismiss as impossible—the more impossible the assignment, the more thorough the evidence he seems able to collect.

Kiah_S.jpg Kiah Savell

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 2013
Status: Anarch •, Camarilla 0, Malkavian ••
Coterie: Twenty-Twenties ••

No_Pic.jpg Laura Ravenwood

Lineage: 12th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1997
Status: Anarch •, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
Coterie: The Kindred Liberation Front ••
Laura was always a romantic, raised on the works of Victorian poets and American Transcendentalists. Like many Caitiff, it’s unknown who Embraced her, but the depth and complexity of vampiric society appealed to her literary side and she found it deeply fascinating. She came to New Orleans with Jordan Petrowski in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, hoping to immerse herself in the splendor of “the most vampiric city in the world.” Though she dresses and comports herelf well, and can fluently discourse on literary classics, her clanless blood meant that other Kindred did not accept her nearly so well as she hoped. She’s fallen in with the KLF Anarch gang and regularly shows up to Elysium, though the harpies make fun of her for being “a Caitiff who wishes she was Toreador” if they’re bored for anything else to do.

jadealter.png Ren Zahrah

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Michael Dupont
Embrace: 1997
Status: Anarch •, Camarilla 0, Gangrel 0
Coterie: OXR ••
Ren Zahrah arrived in the city shortly a few years after Katrina. She says she visited with her sire once in the late 20th century for Mardi Gras and found the city “delightful.” When her sire was slain by a roaming Sabbat pack during a visit to New Mexico Ren barely escaped with her unlife, and it was only the actions of Dupont’s ghoul that allowed her to slip free and get out of the city before the pack could track her down. She said she’d heard of the prowess of Prince Vidal even as far as Vegas and wanted a home where she could feel safe from the godless cretins that had taken her sire from her. She presented herself before the seneschal upon her arrival and was accepted into the city. Her “experience” fighting off Sabbat packs saw her courted by a number of licks (mostly neonates) who sought opinions on how to keep themselves safe during Mardi Gras, and she was well-received by the Lord of the French Quarter, whose territory sees the worst of the invasion during the yearly celebration. She was approached by OXR almost immediately after her arrival and joined their numbers without a second thought.

Pic.jpg Tyrell Turner

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Shejana Džugi
Embrace: 1998
Status: Anarch •, Camarilla •, Ravnos
Coterie: OXR ••
Tyrell is out of the city more often than not with his krewemate Andromeda Brooks. While she performs, he uses his time to rub elbows with antique collectors and dealers so he can bring them back to the city to sell at his store, Anecdotes. He doesn’t seem particularly interested in Kindred politics but has a nominal investment in the Anarch Movement, though some say that his neutrality is simply because of how frequently he travels: after all, he needs to be able to make friends everywhere if he wants to do business within the domains of other licks and expect to be invited back. He’s rather warm and sunny for a lick that’s decades old and likes to tell stories about his time in the war, though he’s never clarified which war. He has a soft spot for “undesirables” and enjoys collecting things.

tremereghoul.jpg Raveena Cartier

Ghouled: 1998
Status: Ghouls •
Raveena has been with Tyrell since he opened his shop in the late ‘90s. She either doesn’t have an eye or wears her patch out of solidarity with her domitor, no one is quite sure. Unlike Tyrell, though, her patch always remains on the one side. Regardless of who she is and where she came from, the girl has an affinity for sniffing out “real” antiques that are actually worth something, as opposed to the touristy-trash that most people bring her way. Still, she’s happy to scam anyone who doesn’t know the difference. Raveena is loyal enough that even when Tyrell is gone for months on end “chasing a deal,” she’s still there waiting for him when he comes back. She’s also taken remarkably well to managing the online store for a woman her age.

ghoul2.jpg Kevin Harrington

Ghouled: 2012
Status: Ghouls •
Kevin joined Tyrell after the lick watched him put someone’s face through a brick wall. It wasn’t so much the fact that the face went through the wall, which Tyrell has seen often enough from the Brujah he hangs out with, but the unflinching, cold way that the man did it. He’d just wiped the blood spatter off his coat as if it didn’t mean anything and left the corpse behind, never once giving a fuck that there were at least a dozen witnesses. Tyrell caught up with him and learned the man had once been some sort of army guy, the kind who gets answers out of people at any cost, and since his discharge he’s been picking up odd jobs for the local Mafia without really getting in too deep. He was happy to accept Tyrell’s offer to serve as muscle, and the man accompanies him on his trips out of state.

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Firebrand Anarchs by Status

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