Fallen Bourbon Sanctified

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The Bourbon Sanctified have seen by far the highest attrition rate out of any faction within New Orleans. However, the vast majority of final deaths suffered by the faction are also Quarter rats, and considered no great loss by Antoine Savoy; they’re replaced easily enough.

Unrecorded Final Deaths?

Like the other clans and factions, the Bourbon Sanctified have suffered numerous final deaths over the centuries. Some were destroyed by their fellow Kindred. Others were eliminated by vampire hunters. Still others were lost to suicide, wassail, and a variety of further causes.
Only the most recent and/or significant final deaths are recorded on this page. Many of the older and less consequential destroyed Kindred have simply been forgotten. Each one is a grim lesson as to how few of the “immortal” Kindred achieve eternal life…

2017 Final Deaths

Alonzo Collazo (11th gen. childe of unknown sire, Lasombra, e. early 21st century, a. 2016, d. 2017)
Benjamin Francis (12th gen. childe of unknown sire, Caitiff, e. 2017, d. 2017)

2016 Final Deaths

Christian Bentley (12th gen. childe of unknown sire, Brujah, e. early 21st century, a. early 21st century, d. 2016)

Edith.jpg Edith Flannagan

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Charles Kennan
Embrace: 1955
Status: Bourbon Sanctified 0, Caitiff -, Camarilla 0
When Edith was a little girl she had one dream: to be a homemaker. She grew up knowing that she wanted to be a wife and mother, have a white-picket fence, bake blueberry and apple pies. Even now, decades into her unlife, Edith hasn’t given up the dream of having children. She keeps three ghouls that she refers to as her daughters and has taken in a thin-blood child that calls her “Mom.” She’s a post-Katrina transplant to New Orleans and resides along Rampart Street within the French Quarter, one of its many Quarter rats. She disappeared around the time of the 2016 Battle of Mt. Carmel and is presumed deceased in the related violence.

lily.png Lily Flannagan

Ghouled: Late 20th century
Status: Ghouls •
Lily is both the eldest ghoul and the one who has served her domitor the longest. She was a baby when Edith rescued her from “that terribly abusive booze hound” and has known no other life than the one with Edith. She’s long wanted to be friends with Cloe, though the centuries-elder ghoul has been slow at best to respond to her repeated overtures. This is a source of some embarrassment for her domitor, and many wonder how long the ghoul will be permitted to stick around.

melody.png Melody Flannagan

Ghouled: 2003
Status: Ghouls •
Melody had another name at one point, but she couldn’t tell you what it was. Edith named her Melody for the singing she likes to do; the child is always humming a tune, bursting into song in her high soprano, or otherwise letting her voice be heard. She is the “middle child” of the three Flannagan ghouls, both in age and in length of service to her domitor. She says she isn’t afraid of anything, but she still sleeps with a nightlight. Serves as her mistresses’ herald and often disarms people with her charming smile and radiating happiness, though she sometimes mixes up her messages when she tries to deliver them in song form.

harper.png Harper Flannagan

Ghouled: 2006
Status: Ghouls 0
The newest addition to Edith’s brood, Baby Harper is thought to be somewhere between 12 and 18 months. She appeared in Edith’s arms shortly after Edith came to the city following Katrina, and many think that Harper somehow managed to survive the hurricane that took her “real” parents. Edith calls her miracle baby and has thus far refused to let the ghoul age. Doesn’t seem to do much other than babble.

Pic Geraldine Maude Danvers

Lineage: 14th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1999
Final Death: 2016 (17 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified 0, Camarilla 0, Thin-Bloods -
A textbook case in why not to Embrace children, Geraldine was still in kindergarten when her sire forced their vitae down her throat. She’d have likely met final death long ago if she hadn’t latched onto the Caitiff Edith Flannagan, who sees her as a surrogate daughter. Geraldine plays the role well. Some child vampires mature with age, but Geraldine hasn’t, and retains the emotional maturity and impulse control of a mortal kindergartner. She’s responsible for the deaths of no less than five of her “mother’s” ghouls and is almost certain to kill again in the future. Vidal’s partisans point towards her as an example of the French Quarter’s degeneracy. Even most of Savoy’s people think her unlife is going to come to a sad end. Some say it would be kinder to put her down (to her future victims if not to her). Edith, though, remains stubbornly proud of the fact that “her little girl” is possibly the oldest thin-blood in the city.

Ster.jpg The Man With The Silver Smile

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Marceline Duval
Embrace: 1999
Final Death: 2016 (17 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified •, Camarilla •, Malkavian ••
Coterie: High Rollers ••
Gambling-obsessed bookie and loan shark.

Ge.jpg Genevieve

Ghouled: 2011
Status: Ghouls •
Former gymnast and abused ex-Sabbat plaything.

nicosmall.png Nico Cimpreon

Lineage: 11th gen. childe of Leon “8-Ball” White
Embrace: 1988
Final Death: 2016 (28 years undead)
Status: Anarch Movement ••, Bourbon Sanctified •, Camarilla 0, Lasombra
Coteries: Leviathan Committee ••, OXR •••
Born in Miami, Nico quickly became disillusioned with society’s idea of justice when his old man and a handful of other cops got off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist after they bludgeoned a black man to death. After the Miami Riots of 1980 Nico headed out to California, where he fell in with a drug smuggler who turned out to be a lick. His subsequent Embrace had him heading back to Miami before settling in New Orleans shortly after Katrina. He fell in with Antoine Savoy despite (or perhaps because of) his Anarch tendencies, scoffing at the idea of the Movement bowing and scraping to a prince for paltry handouts. He viewed those who’d let a Ventrue put them on their knees with contempt. Nico’s natural charisma might have made him a valuable asset to Veronica Alsten-Pirrie once she defected to Savoy’s camp since she didn’t seem interested in running any rants, but he disappeared in early 2011, long before the split. Nico returned to the city in 2016, where he fought against Sheriff Donovan during the Battle of Mt. Carmel and met final death. It came out afterwards that he was Lasombra; he’d long been presumed to be Caitiff.

reynaldo_gui.jpg Reynaldo Gui

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Alphonse Capone (allegedly)
Embrace: 1993
Final Death: 2016 (23 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified ••, Camarilla •, Invictus •, Ventrue
Coteries: Antoine Savoy’s inner circle, High Rollers •••
A post-Katrina arrival from Chicago, Reynaldo Gui is a mafioso who took over the domain of the destroyed Jacopo Andretti (another Kindred with Mafia ties) and professes interest in re-establishing the historic criminal pipeline between the Big Easy and the Windy City. He’s become enamored with New Orleans’ culture and serves as Antoine Savoy’s informal master of Elysium. He claims to be the childe of Al Capone (“the” Al Capone), which most Kindred have viewed with either skepticism or amusement.

2015 Final Deaths

Pic.jpg Marcus Pollard

Lineage: 10th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: Unknown
Final Death: 2015
Status: Bourbon Sanctified ••, Camarilla 0, Ravnos ••
Ask who Pollard was in life or when he was Embraced, and he’ll spin you any of a hundred different stories. Some nights he’s a a German nobleman turned traveling charlatan from the 18th century; other nights, he’s a drug kingpin from the ‘80s. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle, or perhaps it doesn’t; no one can say for sure with Pollard. He showed up in the city after Katrina and was soon waist-deep in the Quarter’s criminal enterprises while serving as one of Antoine Savoy’s more trusted agents. He Embraced an illegal childe in Isabelle “Isa” Suarez during 2011 and was found out by Vidal’s agents, but gave them the slip until 2015, when he was finally apprehended by Charles “Charlie” Harrison. The prince left him staked for the sun.

Rene.jpg René Baristheaut

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Robert Bastien
Embrace: 1898
Final Death: 2015 (117 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified ••, Camarilla •, Ventrue
The sole childe of the city’s previous sheriff, René served as a hound on the Guard de Ville under his sire for around a score of years. He departed New Orleans after Bastien’s final death in the early 20th century and returned in 2015. He Embraced an illicit childe during Southern Decadence, ostensibly Caroline Malveaux-Devillers, and was executed by the prince for his violation of the Traditions.

2005 Final Deaths

Annie1_Small.jpg Annie Pope

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1813
Final Death: 2005 (192 years undead)
Status: Anarch •••, Bourbon Sanctified •••, Brujah ••••, Camarilla ••
A former slave Embraced on an Antebellum plantation, Annie came to New Orleans because of its large free black population and either appropriated or inspired the local legend of Annie Christmas. True to its accounts, Annie was one of the physically strongest vampires and most brutal fighters in the city. Initially allied to Baron Cimitière, her ties to the city’s black community gave her considerable influence over its Reconstruction-era government. She allied with Roger Halliburton during his period of ascendancy, but crossed over to Vidal’s side at Coco Duquette’s behest. She soon grew dissatisfied with the prince and spent the next century moving between Coco, the Baron, and Antoine Savoy before settling in the French Quarter lord’s camp. For all her physical prowess, she was less politically astute than other elders, who were largely successful in manipulating her towards their own ends. Hurricane Katrina proved the one obstacle she couldn’t destroy with brute force.

Clarice.jpg Clarice Barabet

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of unknown sire
Embrace: 1823
Final Death: 2005 (182 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified ••••, Camarilla ••••, Malkavian ••••
Former Malkavian primogen and bishop for the Lancea et Sanctum. Clarice served as her clan’s public face for many years and was known for her fits of passion and mercurial, fey-like temperament. She could be kind and cruel by alternating turns that few outside her clan could predict, but her charm and wit won her a place as one of the city’s leading harpies from the Gilded Age and onwards. She was close to Maria Pascual and served as the elder Toreador’s protege for many years, which also won her New Orleans’ bishopric upon Pascual’s abdication of that office. Although Clarice received her Cabildo seat at Vidal’s hands and her bishop’s crosier with his blessing, she found Antoine Savoy to be far more her style of prince. Her support lent spiritual weight to his cause and she was one of his staunchest (and most valuable) allies by 2005. She remained in the French Quarter during Hurricane Katrina and was reportedly last seen avidly watching the approaching storm from a rooftop, barefoot and clad only in a nightgown, laughing that she “didn’t mind getting rain in my hair.” Harlequin was the first of her descendants who reported to feel the psychic backlash of her final death.

No_Pic.jpg Jared Buckner

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Roger Halliburton
Embrace: 1836
Final Death: 2005 (169 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified •, Camarilla •••, Gangrel •••
Jared was a Camarilla servire under Roger Halliburton who arrived in the city during the Civil War, then served as his sire’s right-hand man for the better part of 20 years. Although he didn’t share Halliburton’s perverse tastes, he also did nothing to stop them—some say out of cowardice, others simple indifference. Jared promptly abandoned his sire following Halliburton’s loss of power at the end of Reconstruction and found a new patron in the Gangrel primogen Pakachilu, whom he bonded with over his non-Choctaw indigenous heritage (he was originally from Tennessee and half Cherokee on his mother’s side). Halliburton cursed Jared for his disloyalty, but that timely defection seemed to spare his unlife, as Vidal never got around to executing or banishing the former servire over trumped-up charges. That inaction would be to the prince’s later chagrin, as Jared became one of Antoine Savoy’s first and most devoted supporters upon the Toreador elder’s rise to power. He served as Gangrel clan whip and warden of the French Quarter (essentially Savoy’s localized sheriff) before Peter Lebeaux got the job. That lasted 100 years until Hurricane Katrina. He tried to flee the city when the storm hit, but was staked by the visiting archons and dragged before Vidal, who accused him of slaying the recently-destroyed Pakachilu in a bid to assume his elder clanmate’s seat on the primogen. Jared protested his innocence, but the ongoing crisis and visiting justicar gave the prince more leeway to sentence Jared to destruction under fairly flimsy grounds (at least, in the opinion of his childe Roxanne). He was ultimately staked and left for the sun.

Martin Neal (10th gen. childe of King Bolden, Malkavian, e. mid 20th century, d. 2005)
Julia Tilbrey (11th gen. childe of Martin Neal, Malkavian, e. mid 20th century, d. 2005)
Rachel Elliot (11th gen. childe of Elyse Benson, Malkavian, e. early 21st century, d. 2005)
Remy Albright (9th gen. childe of Morgaine, Toreador, e. mid 20th century, d. 2005)
Valentine St. James (8th gen. childe of Barthélemy Lafon, Toreador, e. early 19th century, d. 2005)

Late 20th Century Final Deaths

Rachel Naomi Massoteau (8th gen. childe of unknown sire, Malkavian, e. early 20th century, d. late 20th century)

Mid 20th Century Final Deaths

No_Pic.jpg Rhett Carver

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of Virginia de Palencia
Embrace: 1826
Final Death: 1967 (141 years undead)
Status: Bourbon Sanctified ••, Camarilla •••, Invictus •••, Nosferatu ••
Rhett Carver was a dapper Southern gentleman who cruelly toyed with others’ affections and left behind a trail of broken hearts. Virginia de Palencia returned one cruelty for another and Embraced the handsome aristocrat to punish him for his misdeeds. Carver loathed what he’d become and gravitated towards the Invictus to continue his previous lifestyle, where he threw in with Roger Halliburton and later with Antoine Savoy, whom he was one of the earliest supporters of (even making a show of joining the Sanctified). Following Miss Opal’s descent into torpor, he served as the public face for his clan and the closest thing they had to a primogen. He was destroyed during the 1967 Carnival Coup. His close relationship with Miss Opal, who’d long stood by her kin without regard for their factional allegiances, had long been an irritant in her long-difficult relationship with Vidal. Carver’s destruction is believed to be one of the factors that led the prince to re-extend his offered seat on the Cabildo to her in the 1970s.

Early 20th Century Final Deaths

Gabrielle Duperon (10th gen. childe of William “Billy” Bonnett, Nosferatu, e. mid 19th century, d. early 20th century)

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Fallen Bourbon Sanctified

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