Extralocal Sanctified

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For all their differences in New Orleans, the Bourbon Sanctified and Hardline Sanctified are mostly just one thing to Kindred in other cities: Sanctified. While the feud between Vidal and Savoy is known (and watched with interest) beyond New Orleans, the farther one travels from the Big Easy, the less likely the local Kindred population is to care. Even in nearby cities such as Houston and Baton Rouge, individual Bourbons and Hardliners will probably find themselves treated much the same by locals. Ultimately, they are of the same faith. The Lancea et Sanctum’s internal feud in New Orleans is a local concern.

Sanctified who travel beyond the Crescent City can find it a sobering reminder.

Mobile, Alabama (145 mi. away)

Angele “Ange” Poncelet (11th gen. childe of Raymond Victor, Toreador, e. mid 19th century)
James Robertson (9th gen. childe of unknown sire, Toreador, e. early 20th century) Prince of Mobile.
Louis Ash (12th gen. childe of Angele “Ange” Pocelet, Toreador, e. early 20th century)

Houston, Texas (347 mi. away)

Lisette Toussaint (9th gen. childe of Valentine St. James, Toreador/Circle of the Crone, e. mid 19th century, l. 2005)

Charleston, South Carolina (764 mi. away)

Charleston, South Carolina (764 miles to New Orleans)
Marcus Addington (11th gen. childe of Gus Elgin, Nosferatu, e. mid 20th century)

Chicago, Illinois (927 mi. away)

Bordruff.jpg Nathaniel Bordruff

Lineage: 8th gen. childe of Virginia de Palencia
Embrace: 1926
Status: Camarilla ••, Hardline Sanctified ••, Nosferatu ••
New Orleans’ strong Catholic heritage has always made the Society of Leopold the most feared of its hunter groups. Nathaniel Bordruff, however, is perhaps the most personally infamous hunter to plague the Crescent City’s undead. An evangelist associated with the Churches of Christ, Bordruff destroyed a remarkable number of vampires during the 1920s and assuredly had designs on destroying even more. It was his bad luck that one of his targets was a grandchilde of Virginia de Palencia. The old Nosferatu lured Bordruff into a trap out in the bayous, Embraced him, and then deposited the ravenous fledgling outside his own church’s congregation. The horror of his transformation and the slaughter he committed broke the great hunter’s spirit. Bordruff briefly tried to continue his crusade against the undead, but it wasn’t same, and he was run off by the sheriff and hounds. His sire was the toast of Elysium for many nights afterwards. Word later placed him in Chicago as a lackey and leg-breaker to Bishop Solomon Birch and the late Prince Lodin. Reynaldo Gui, a transplant from the Windy City, claims Bordruff is still around and has turned into one of the most hateful and monstrous vampires you’re ever likely to meet.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1,363 mi. away)

Genevieve Paternoster (11th gen. childe of Sally Ward, Toreador, e. early 21st century) Toreador primogen of Port-au-Prince.

Nomads (variable mi. away)

Adan.jpg Adán Méchant-Cyprès d’Gerasene

Lineage: 9th gen. childe of Rhett Carver
Embrace: 1944
Status: Camarilla ••, Hardline Sanctified •••, Nosferatu
Coterie: The Anointed
The “Locust of the Lance;” fallen Catholic priest turned Sanctified priest.

Other Nomads (variable mi. away)

Julien Dupre (9th gen. childe of Vidal Jarbeaux, Toreador, e. mid 19th century) Archon.
Sally Ward (10th gen. childe of Julien Dupre, Toreador, e. mid 19th century) Archon.
Claudia Bassler (9th gen. childe of Tabitha Bauer, Ventrue, e. early 20th century)

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Extralocal Sanctified

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