During the colonial period, uptown was once plantation land far as the eye could see. That was until towns started cropping up around each other, all claiming independence as their own identities. Neighborhoods like Lafayette, Jefferson City, Greenville, and Carrollton were all once their own small hamlets until annexed by the greater City of New Orleans. Soon enough the year 1874 saw the birth of one of the more culturally and racially diverse parishes in New Orleans.

Like they had in the past, stately homes give way to poorer neighborhoods once one crosses South Claiborne Avenue. Plantations separated their populations by white wolf in the big house, while smaller shanty towns of shacks housed the Negro workers. Kine mirror Kindred; where all night citezens like Shep Jennings and Desirae Wells dwell in and around Broadmoor, where they can just look “across the tracks,” as it were, and watch privileged parasites like Pierpont McGinn put the finishing touches on yet another expensive haven.

Known Kindred Residents

Pierpont McGinn (Ventrue/Invictus ancilla)

• Abraham “Bran” Garcia (Toreador/Invictus ancilla)

• Desirae Wells (Caitiff/Anarch Movement neonate)
Elyse Benson (Malkavian/Invictus older neonate)
• Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback (“Pinch”) (Brujah/Invictus ancilla)
• Randolph Cartwright (Nosferatu/Invictus older neonate)
• Shep Jennings (Brujah/Anarch Movement ancilla)

Locations of Note

1-DSC_0029.jpgAtchafalaya; Picturesque is the name for this tourist Brunch hotspot, a breakfast joint that requires reservations to be made. Despite the upscale nature of the area, this little cottage style white folk paradise is up there on the list of ‘where to’ in the book on NOLA for the Tourist. Atchafalaya boasts Vegan options and an all free range kitchen. Of course in the modern world, this has become nothing but standard. What could this quaint little place do to keep up the level of business it does? Well, not many restaurants refuse take home boxes, or have a burly man in a suit who never leaves the host booth. Lord knows what the police might have to say about the ‘Atchafalaya touch’ brand icing sugar they put on everything.

snake.jpgSnake and Jake’s Christmas club Lounge; Tacky can only go so far, they say. Those people have obviously not been to this little New Orleans Dive, where every day is Christmas and the bar cat is a prick. This bar is over decorated, but the cheap booze and fact it’s open every day, ‘especially Christmas’, it picks up a certain following. Degenerates and schizoid drunks nearly call this place home, the oppressive white catholic nature of Uptown making it a black hole of gang bangers, street walkers, and blackout drunk homeless thugs. Kent ‘Snake’ Powell is fine with that, but lay a hand on Jake the cat and he’ll bend you over the counter to teach you a lesson. Regulars know this is not an idle threat.

6103909141_52040cd2f6_b.jpgRue De La Course; Having a coffee shop inside of an old historic bank has it’s ups and downs. Rue de la Course is a hip and trendy little 2 floor cafe with outdoor seating, that offers every kind of coffee and confection you could ever dream of. Why it’s in a bank however is the real interesting part, and they cash in on that reason. After a bank robbery went south in the early 1980s, involving homemade thermite, the place has been deemed haunted, and with the superstitious population of a catholic parish, it was cheap. Those with any real sensitivity to the other side of that veil find it hard to get close. Reports of scalding burns, the smell of chemical fire, and screaming abound. This of course means Rue de la Course has raked in hundreds of thousands in documentary deals, and has cemented itself as a rest stop on ‘Tours of Haunted New Orleans’.

prytania-theatre-at-night.jpgThe Prythania Theatre; New Orleans’ oldest theater, opened in 1914, is a theater with a unique reputation in New Orleans. Any movie star born and bred in NOLA attends their opening night screenings here, in this single screen piece of history. It’s said to bring good luck to them, and it gives back to the community at the same time by generating business. Though if you dig a bit deeper, you’d find what happens to those who ignore this rule. Old man Herschel Jr, who’s father opened this piece of property, meets personally with every prodigal son and daughter who opens here at the theatre. And attends the funerals of those who did not. Despite them forgetting their roots.

100_6971.jpgNotre Dame Seminary; While the name does not suggest it properly, this seminary school doubles as a Catholic high school. With immaculate well manicured grounds, marbles statues, historic buildings, and a history stretching into the early days of the state, Notre Dame is the Catholic Ideal of superiority. With it’s great giving spirit, it’s high school and Seminary school are aimed at hard cases. Young boys and men from broken homes, even young women looking to enter sisterhood or to be educated despite pregnancy, addiction, and financial strife. Unfortunately because of the students they reach out too, Notre Dame has a ‘suicide’ rate higher than any Seminary in the United States. Beneath the surface, however, the Seminary is built on the grounds of a once horrific slave trading and brokering plantation. Just so happens the same family still owns the land, and just so happens the waiver releasing ‘dead’ bodies on their ground into the seminary’s care was their idea as well.

JBOSOC00065.jpgLafayette Cemetery No 1; Walking this historic site is a time honoured tradition of fat pasty tourists and goths with too much time on their hands. Death made into an attraction, a small lounge set up in the centre courtyard. After all, it helps fund the entire block worth of old stonework graves. However, a gated area with well-paid guards has nothing but its own secrets. Ancient stone mausoleums covered in overgrowth from the humid climate, at night this is a place you don’t want to jump the fence. There are no dogs, no security allowed within the fence, and rumour has it that if you jump the fence, you never come back out. Luckily for the meetings taking place in this historic place, humans don’t listen well to warnings.

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