The Lower Garden District


At one time, the Lower Garden District of New Orleans was one of the most elegant suburbs in the nation. Its many tree-lined thoroughfares were home to a cohesive, classically-styled faubourg designed as a Greek-style revival. Where the streets in Faubourg Marigny reflect their district’s patron’s quirkiness, so too do the streets in the Lower Garden District reflect the personality of their designer. In keeping with the Greek motif, the streets in this area honor Greek gods, nymphs and muses. The early cast-iron craze struck the residents of this district perhaps the hardest, and just about every attractive home in the area was adorned and/or fenced with ornate metallic designs, lending the district an overall aura of grace.

The Lower Garden District, together with its slightly more modernized sibling to the south, is often referred to by neonates as “Elderville.” This is due in part to the fact that multiple elders maintain both havens and feeding grounds here and partly to the fact the area’s most high-profile resident, Pearl Chastain, is infamous for her protectiveness of the district. She has been a resident of New Orleans for longer than just about anyone else, and has clearly spent much of that time making sure that if she is to have neighbors, she decides who they’ll be. The one neighbor she seems to appreciate most is her fellow elder, Philip Maldonato, who has not only maintained a haven here for well over a century (despite holding Regency over the Central Business District), but has also gotten personally involved in the welfare and preservation of the district. Ever the gentleman, Maldonato has always bowed to Chastain’s love of the area, and rarely makes a substantive move regarding the district without first consulting her.

Kindred Residents

Pearl Chastain (Toreador/Invictus, Camarilla Status ••••)

Known Vassals
Accou Poincaré (Toreador/Invictus, Camarilla Status ••••)
Adelais Seyrès (Toreador/Invictus, Camarilla Status •••)
• Katherine Beaumont (Toreador/Invictus, Camarilla Status •••)
• Marguerite Defallier (Toreador/Invictus, Camarilla Status •••)
Philip Maldonato (unknown clan/Lancea et Sanctum, Camarilla Status •••••)


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The Lower Garden District

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