The Garden District


One can hardly do better (or worse, depending on who you ask) for expensive havens than the Garden District. Like the French Quarter to its east, the Garden District is both small and nationally historic, and is governed by restrictive architectural laws that attempt to maintain the area’s overall persona. The upriver towns that eventually converged to form the Garden District (and the rest of Uptown proper to the west) were populated almost exclusively by Americans, and the area reflects their particular wealth and taste.

Perhaps its greatest claim to fame, however (at least among the Damned) is the fact that Garden District is home to Prince Augusto Vidal, who is thought to maintain at least one haven of his own here, in addition to “bestowing” a second upon his fellow Ventrue (and would-be protégé) Gabriel Hurst upon his admittance to the Cabildo.

The Garden District, together with its slightly more dilapidated sibling to the south, is often referred to by neonates as “Elderville.” This is due in part to the fact that multiple elders maintain both havens and feeding grounds here and partly to the fact the area’s most high-profile resident, Pearl Chastain, is infamous for her protectiveness of the district. See the Lower Garden District’s page for further details.

Kindred Residents

Augusto Vidal (Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, Camarilla Status ••••• •)

• None. Prince Vidal does not vassals who may further subdivide this area of his personal domain.

Known Tenants
• Becky Lynne Adler (Ventrue/Invictus, Camarilla Status ••)
• Elsbeth von Steinhäusser (Tremere/House Tremere, Camarilla Status ••••)
• Father Malveaux (Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, Camarilla Status ••)
• Gabriel Hurst (Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, Camarilla Status ••)
• Marcel Guilbeau (Ventrue/Invictus ancilla, Camarilla Status •••)

The Tremere Chantry
The Tremere are believed to maintain a chantry in the district. The Warlocks’ exact numbers are unknown.

Feeding Rights
Numerous elders possess feeding rights in the district. These are rarely awarded to younger Kindred.


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nolabrew-grand-opening.jpgNOLA Brewing Co.

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The Garden District

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