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“It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”
Lyndon B. Johnson on J. Edgar Hoover

The FBI New Orleans Field Office in Lakeview is one of 56 field offices across the United States and Puerto Rico. It is responsible for investigating federal crimes in the Eastern District of Louisiana, which includes 22 parishes. The office has approximately 200 employees, including special agents, intelligence analysts, professional staff, and support personnel.

Background Dots Level of Influence
X Academy trainee
Probationary agent
•• Special agent
••• Senior special agent or supervisory special agent
•••• Assistant special agent in charge (ASAC)
••••• Special agent in charge (SAC)
••••• • Associate deputy director, deputy director, director’s chief of staff
••••• •• Director of the FBI

Assistant Special Agents in Charge (ASACs)

No_Pic.jpg Paul Dempsey

Status: FBI ••••
VASCU Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) of the tri-state area’s Operations Department as well as its subordinate units. Psychiatrist with expertise in criminal and psychological profiling. Previously served on the Special Project and Field Liaison Departments; Dempsey was captured by a cult of serial murderers who cut ritualistic sigils in their victims’ skin. Dempsey was rescued before the cultists could do worse, but his face (and soul) remains permanently scarred. He is a veteran FBI agent, whose lengthy career has cost him much of his sanity and vitality—and all of his family, as his ex-wife and children want nothing to do with him. Despite all he has seen and experienced, he remains neither cynical nor callous—which may be why he drinks pepto-bismol by the gallon and is a chronic insomniac.

Supervisory Special Agents

MRubenValsquez.jpg M. Ruben Velásquez

Status: FBI •••
VASCU Supervisory Special Agent in charge of NOLA’s Field Liaison Department. His parents were Panamanian immigrants following the US’ 1989 invasion who, in a bizarre act of gratitude, named their named their son after President Bush’s dog, Millie. Agent Velásquez is a hardline, hard-nosed FBI agent known for idolizing J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan and coveting Paul Dempsey’s job. Less well-known is that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder with contamination fears that lead him to always wear bright blue latex crime scene gloves: both to prevent contamination with other’s vital fluids, but also to hide the raw skin from his excessively, compulsively washed hands.

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