The Caitiff

Beware those who walk without a clan, for they will be our undoing.
Pity them! Adopt the orphans where you can.
But watch them. In them is the bad seed of their sire.
- The Book of Nod


New Orleans’ Caitiff are a wretched lot. There are few cities in which the clanless are truly welcome, they can still eke out a tolerable existence in many domains. Not so in the Big Easy. New Orleans has always hewed closer to the Old World than the New in its sensibilities, and the city is ruled by an extremely traditional Prince. Vidal regards the clanless as little better than vermin, and though he does not order them killed on sight (this would drive them to his rivals), they are subject to even harsher discrimination

and has ordered his officials to exterminate them on sight. Caitiff who seek succor from the Prince’s rivals find their lot little better. Baron Cimitiere will accept even clanless Vodouisants into his flock, so long as they are willing to be treated as second-class citizens. Those who protest this treatment, or who simply do not share his followers’ faith, face the wrath of the loa. Savoy, in contrast, is only too happy to grant Caitiff his permission to dwell within the already overcrowded French Quarter. The Toreador ruthlessly exploits them for this privilege, and clanless who cease to useful or cooperative to the French Quarter Lord are swiftly expelled into Vidal’s territory, where nigh-certain death awaits. Many Caitiff, consequently, are either Anarchs or have taken up with no covenant at all.


  • Dakota Torres (e. mid 20th century, d. 2015)
    • Francis “Black Francis” Carver (e. late 20th century, d. 2015)
  • Susan Turner (e. mid 20th century, d. 2005)
    • Amanda Morgan (e. mid 20th century, d. 2015)
  • Simon Jones (e. late 20th century)
  • Marcio de la Cruz (e. early 21st century)
  • Sam (e. early 21st century)
  • Trinity (e. early 21st century)

Clan Members

There is no Status among the Caitiff.

Josue_Vendredi1.jpg Josue Vendredi (e. mid 20th century, Circle of the Crone) Teenage Vodouisant who regularly attended Baron Cimitiere’s gatherings and never knew his sire. Baron Cimitiere took the boy under his wing out of pity, believing his obligation to his followers extended even to Caitiff, but nevertheless treats him with cold aloofness. For his own part, Josue is desperate to win his idol and benefactor’s approval and show that he is more than his clanless blood.

  • Susan Turner (e. mid 20th century, d. 2005, Anarch Movement) Anarch from the California Free State who sought to further the cause of the Movement by striking a blow against Vidal, one of the better-known and more tyrannical Princes in the U.S. Led the Lost Angels, an Anarch gang whose members destroyed the Ventrue elder Francesca Dumont during Hurricane Katrina. Vidal subsequently executed Turner and all other Anarchs involved in the affair.
  • Amanda Morgan (e. mid 20th century, Anarch Movement) Current leader of the Lost Angels. Somewhat more level-headed than her sire, but the gang’s purpose is still to raise hell, party. Cut a deal with Baron Cimitiere to reside in his territory, beyond the easy reach of Vidal’s agents. Was poor, inner city white trash before her strong and courageous sire gave her reason to live, and still desires to avenge Turner’s destruction, but has made little progress in ten years.
  • Dakota Torres (e. mid 20th century, Anarch Movement) Motorcyclist and rabble-rousing, beer-guzzling wench from hell. Expatriate from the California Free State eager to strike a blow against elder tyranny. Member of the Lost Angels and lover to Amanda Morgan.
  • Francis “Black Francis” Carver (e. late 20th century, Anarch Movement) Member of the Lost Angels and Crip from L.A. who followed his sire out east; has been surprised to find that New Orleans gangs kill Bloods and Crips on sight, determined to do gang culture their own way. Despite his background, he is a quiet, thoughtful young man who speaks only when he has something useful to say.
  • Simon Jones (e. late 20th century, Anarch Movement) Expatriate from Savannah, Georgia. Maintains something of Beatnik image and is fond of quoting Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey. Member of the Kindred Liberation Front.

Desirae_Wells1.jpg Desirae Wells (e. early 21st century, Anarch Movement) Neonate with a severe case of amnesia. Remembers nothing of her mortal life or the circumstances of her Embrace, and often wanders the city seeking anything to spark her lost memories. She is seen an amusing curiosity by many Kindred and has leveraged that perception into some modicum of status; while Vidal’s people certainly don’t respect her, they do see her as largely harmless, and not worth killing on sight when she shows her face in Elysium. Runs with Shep Jennings and his krewe of Anarchs; often counsels them towards greater restraint in their behavior.

  • Marcio de la Cruz (e. early 21st century, Anarch Movement) Fire-eyed young member of Shep Jennings’ gang. Hispanic gangbanger in his mortal life; has gotten in trouble with authorities both mortal and Kindred time and time again. Was once ‘adopted’ by Father Remy Albright and cast out by him.

Samantha.jpg Sam (e. early 21st century, Unaligned) Full name Samantha. Homeless bag lady Embraced at a very, very old age (although she has only been a vampire for several years). Still sleeps in parks and feeds on other homeless bums there. The Embrace has done nothing for her mental health, and she often meanders aimlessly throughout town while quietly muttering to herself. She stays entirely out of vampiric politics (which frighten her), but is relatively social and enjoys conversing with other Kindred about how New Orleans used to be in the “good old days.”

Trinity_Small.jpg Trinity (e. early 21st century, Unaligned)

The Caitiff

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