Recent Changes (Wiki)

I make semi-periodic minor edits to a lot of stuff on the wiki. This page will let players (particularly those who have taken extended hiatuses from the game) know which edits added significant new content. In cases where searching out the content on a particularly large page is inconvenient (ie, new NPCs on The Living), I may also repost it directly here.


Posted the following logs:

Story One, Amelie VII
Story One, Amelie VIII


Posted the following logs:

Story One, Amelie VI


Posted the following logs:

Story One, Amelie V


Pete added the following NPCs to The Living:

No_Pic.jpgJillian Spell
Jillian is a voluptuous blonde with a friendly and almost overly outgoing personality. She was teased horribly as a preteen for her early onset of puberty—and the associated large breasts and acne that came with it—and suffers from serious self-esteem problems. She views her current ‘profession’ as an expression of her having ‘overcome’ her body issues while validating her looks. She also finds it easier to have ‘relationships’ with men who have already so expressly made clear their interest in her. That it pays the bills doing less actual work than other jobs is a bonus. Jillian enjoys rich meals and deserts, and works out far more frequently than one might guess by her figure to offset her eating habits.

No_Pic.jpgKelsey Hazard
Kelsey doesn’t actually need the money or potential influence brought on by her employment by Elsyian—she comes from an upper middle class family—but enjoys acting out against her family and considers Elysian a safer way to indulge that desire. Kelsey is a glasses-wearing redhead attends Tulane by day but has no idea what she wants out of life, or what to do at school. She takes courses largely without purpose and has no major in mind. She is picky in her assignments at Elysian, much to the annoyance of Content Not Found: audre-morrow. The former call girl turned madame puts up with it mostly because Kelsey checks so many boxes for those clients she does have—including more than one work associate of her father’s who enjoys the sight of Kelsey on her knees.

No_Pic.jpgKyra Black
Kyra comes from the Ninth Ward’s most squalid slums, and all her looks and smarts weren’t enough to get her out of them on her own. Instead that golden ticket away from her alcoholic mother and deadbeat father cost her something else: her integrity and self-respect. Though she bills herself as a model to her friends, Kyra is a cam-girl and occasional porn star, flying out to California for ‘amateur’ shoots when money gets tight (usually when tuition comes due). Now a sophomore at Tulane, Kyra lives in dread that someday someone will recognize her, and that the carefully crafted life she’s built in Riverbend will come crashing down. Until then she dreams of a life after college in which she isn’t forced to expose herself for money. Double majoring in Finance and Organizational Communication and maintains an active social life, trying to not only maintain the appearance of normalcy, but cling to the life that she has paid so much to have in the first place.

No_Pic.jpgLauren Peterson
Student at Tulane University who was attacked at 2015’s Southern Decadence while drunk and had shards of glass raked over her neck. Franz Harz, acting on behalf of an anonymous benefactor, paid the out of pocket costs for her treatment at Tulane Medical Center. Described by her doctor Neil Flynn as having “no parents in the picture,” the primary adult figure in her life seems to be her aunt Vivian. Lauren was actually the first victim of the recently-Embraced Caroline Malveaux, who fed on her while frenzying and later paid her medical bill out of guilt. She was chided for this generosity by others of her kind, who pointed out that all of her victims having their medical costs mysteriously and anonymously paid for her would leave a trail for hunters to follow.

No_Pic.jpgMegan Bevanns
A would-be actress and theater major, Megan is a petite young woman with dark hair that she frequently dyes multiple colors. Emotionally damaged by abuse as a child and the subsequent suicide of her father, she came to treat physical intimacy casually and proved an ideal candidate for recruitment into both Elysian and Caroline’s herd. She attends community college, taking a few credits every semester, with the stated goal of working on a degree that she’d like to transfer to a four-year school ‘someday’, and previously worked a number of dead-end jobs in fast food, restaurants, and even amusement parks and fairs. She throws herself into relationships that almost always spectacularly explode when men (usually ones not looking for emotional intimacy who are attracted by her looks and easy approach to sex) realize how needy she really is, which only further reinforces the cycle.


Pete posted a character page for Annette Green.


Added stats for some characters from Breaking Bad to Character Stats.


Updated the following blurbs on The Living:

No_Pic.jpgIda Dolan
Miss Ida, as she’s colloquially known by locals, is the ever-fiery and indelible matriarch of the Dolan family. She and her many descendants and other relatives own Commander’s Palace and an empire of other dining establishments throughout New Orleans and beyond. Miss Ida herself is a short, stoutly-built woman who started working in the restaurant business as a teenager in the 1950s. Many of the proteges she’s mentored have gone to become nationally and even internationally acclaimed celebrity chefs. Now over ninety years old, Ida is largely retired from the day to day running of her family’s businesses, but can often be found enjoying lunches and dinners at Commander’s Palace (she is always welcome at the employees-only “family meals”) with her pet dogs.


Added blurbs and links for the Roosevelt New Orleans and Plaza Tower to the Central Business District page.

Added a quote by Caroline to Autumn Rabinowitz’s page.

Added the descriptions of blood bond levels from VtR 2e to the Blood Bonds page.


Added a character page for Rishu “Rich” Pavaghi.


Added a character page for Nolan Moreno III and blurb to The Living.


Updated The Central Business District with links to Wikipedia articles on the various sites, changed the opening quote, and updated the current status of the Windsor Court.


Added a character page for Denise Bowden.

Added a character page for Dustin Reffett.

Added material from Ghouls: Fatal Addiction to Pete’s Those Who Serve page. Moved the material on ghoul types from The Ghouls to Those Who Serve.

Various updates to the Bishop, Bowden, & Reffett page.

Updated Caroline Malveaux’s Resources to include her deceased ghouls.

Added/update the following blurbs on The Living:

Gerald_Bishop_Small.jpgGerald Bishop
The senior-most partner at Bishop, Bowden, & Reffett., Gerald is the public face of the more quiet money that’s backed the remarkably successful young firm. He was a highly reputed attorney in his youth, but fell off the map during Hurricane Katrina amidst talk of personal or financial loss, alcoholism, and a decision to retire from law. He seems to be making a comeback now, even if some clients find him slightly eccentric. He’s known to particularly enjoy a stiff drink.

No_Pic.jpgSterling Batifole
A once highly respected local art dealer and talent scout amongst New Orleans’ artistic circles and their nouveau riche patrons, Sterling’s profits and prestige took an abrupt dip in the early 2000s when his wife Mariángel cuckolded him with a busker and was later gang-raped and hospitalized by that same busker’s criminal friends. Sterling attempted to salvage his reputation by divorcing his wife, only for their inebriated college-age son Francis to drive his car off the Chef Menteur Bridge during a rainstorm several years later. Consequently, Sterling’s hair has since turned to his namesake’s silver—at least in the patches he hasn’t torn out from chronic stress and sleepless nights searching for increasingly rare clientele. Such labors and tangible desperation have only worsened his repute, and rumors suggest he has turned to specious investments, illicit dealings, and unsavory partners to maintain the resources necessary to maintain his dwindling art studio, gallery sales, and talent agency office on Julia Street.


Reposted and filled out the Ventrue clan page with biographies for all of the characters. First one back.


Created the List of Murders Committed page.


Added a picture for Ms. Perry to Story One, Amelie III.

Added a section on roll fudging to the Player FAQ.


Updated blurbs for Gabriel Hurst and Reynaldo Guo on The Damned. Also combined that page with the now-defunct The Covenant page a little while back.


Added Jacob’s, Julien’s, and Baptiste’s stats to Character Stats.

Added more topics to the Player FAQ & Metagame Policies page.


Posted Caroline’s various ghouls on The Ghouls page.

Gave pics to her various living employees and posted them on The Living.

Curtis.jpgCurtis Morris

Jack_Kinney.jpgJack Kinney

313811_10150796995160527_1662432235_n.jpgCarla Rivera

black_girl.jpgShelby Wright


Updated the Character Stats page with animal stats and further commentary on George’s.


Updated the following NPC pages with quotes from PCs: Christina Roberts (Amelie), Emmett Delacoix (Amelie, Caroline), Philip Maldonato (Isa), Roger Ferris (Amelie).


Added more detail on their Kindred ancestors to Jonathan North’s and Kyrstin Grey’s lineages.

Updated The Damned with a list of Status 0 Kindred.

Posted a character page for Rosa Bale.

Added several new sections to the neofeudalism page on how competing for domains works.


Added the new outlining feature to many pages.

Cleaned up the Nationalities of the Big Easy page.


Added a character page for Alexander Wright.

Added a location page for the Piazza d’Italia.


Added summaries of the awards, (unposted) societies, and other sections to the Ventrue Culture page’s index.


Gave Gerald Bishop a new pic.


Gave Richard Gettis his own character page.


Gave Roger Ferris his own character page.


Spiffied up the formatting on the Firearms page. Added an index of page links to the Main Page with various orphaned pages.


Added info on the ranks of the Structure to the Ventrue culture page.


Posted a new page on Ventrue Culture.


Gave Annabelle “Bella” Bellerose a short bio.

Gave Corbin “Spook” MacCready a short bio.

Gave Simon “The Finch” Colombo a short bio.

Made Kyrstin Grey’s full page public.

Made Sarah Anne Widney’s full page public.

Made Autumn Rabinowitz’s full page public.

Made Brian Dunlap Fuller’s full page public.

Made Diego Carlos Rivera’s full page public.


Posted the first chunk of the The Second Tradition and Kindred Feudalism page.


Added an additional section on Gothic-Punk from Mage: The Ascension to the Gothic-Punk page.


Updated the Character Sheet page so that it is now impossible for players to paste the sheet onto character pages without the bbcode. Cannot count the number of times people did that, but no more!


Added a long overdue page on grammar and capitalization in Vampire: The Masquerade.


Added a character page for Shep Jennings.


Changed Antonius’ entry on the Ventrue Lineages page.


Reposted a skeleton clan page for the Ventrue.

Added some blurbs to the highest-Status The Damned.


Added a biography to Anna Fedorovna to go with Pete’s new quote.


Added a character page for Desirae Wells.


Posted an Attributes & Skills Guide.


Reorganized the Master Logs Page. Added the Story One, Amelie IV log.

Reorganized the Devotions page.


Added guidlines on banking XP to the Player FAQ.

Added a character page for Christina Roberts.


Finished making a bunch of edits to the Characters page, tweaking all the N/PCs to use the same fonts, portrait borders, new genealogy, and general formatting.


Updated The Damned with a roster of Camarilla Status 1 Kindred.


Added the following character pages:

Claire Malveaux
Westley Malveaux


Added the following character pages:

Anna Fedorovna
Gus “Gutterball” Elgin
Josue Vendredi


Added additional art and information on Baron Cimitiere.


Added the following new sections to the Player FAQ:

Lying Characters and Dice Rolls
Mortal PCs & Knowledge of the Supernatural


Added the following NPCs and updated pics to The Living:

Nadia_Green_Small.jpgNadia Green (Ally [Health] ••)
RN at Tulane Medical Center who treated Emil Kane following his stroke and head injury at the LaLaurie House. The injured lawman found her initial demeanor taciturn and unpleasant. After Emil’s NOPD superiors intimidated her into buying Emil better-tasting meals on her own time and money, she displayed an angrier and more sarcastic side to her personality, referring to him as “your majesty” and NOPD as “a bunch of thugs.”

Nathaniel_Hite_S.jpgNathaniel Hite

Neil_Small1.jpgNeil Flynn

Yana_Small.jpgYana (surname unknown)


Added the following NPCs to The Living:

Bess_Cunningham_Small.jpgBess Cunningham (Ally [Industry] ••)
Residential manager at The Preserve, a Mid-City apartment complex near the CBD. Throat cancer survivor who can’t stand smoking, and has a son who works in a San Antonio law office. She consequently considers herself wise to most forms of verbal trickery and boasts that evasive tenants “only get so far” with her.

Hugo_Cleveland_S1.jpgHugo Cleveland (Ally [Industry] ••)
Residential manager who lives on-site at the Giani Building. Hugo is a middle-aged and obese man who is amiable and eager to please around the building’s tenants (or at least the moneyed ones), but alternately lazy and officious towards the maintenance staff. He is adamant in his refusal to take bribes, but only direct bribes—moneyed tenants who desire extra “comforts” in the building find him all-too accommodating in this respect as well. His demeanor led Autumn Rabinowitz to comment, “I guess property managers act like tools instead of scumbags if your rent is high enough. Who’d have thought?”

Madeline_Small.jpgMadeline Woods (Ally [Industry] •)
Waitress at Café Soulé who would semi-regularly flirt with Emmett “Em” Delacroix.


Added blurb on Matt’s house to Lakeview.


Updated pics/blurbs for the following NPCs:

James_C.jpgJames Connelly
Lame-footed nominally presiding father at Saint Louis Cathedral. His failing health leads many to believe he will be succeeded by Adam Malveaux soon.

867142.jpgSue (surname unknown)


Added pics/blurbs for the following NPCs:

Pic.jpgAmos Dufrene Wilkinson

Brandon_Christian.jpgBrandon Christian
Black Pearl resident and high school senior. Son of Marianna Christian. Caroline Malveaux convinced her mother to get a friend to write him a college letter of recommendation as part of her atonement for nearly murdering Brandon’s mother during her botched hunting attempt.

No_Pic.jpgEva Berry
Former beauty pageant winner and public relations manager at the now-closed Windsor Court hotel. The attractive woman was largely chosen for this position as a result of being one of George Smith’s favorite vessels among his herd. In the aftermath of Smith’s execution and the surrounding circumstances, her life is forfeit if she does not leave New Orleans.

GeorgeSmith.jpgGregory Smythe
Playboy, socialite, and out-of-town heir to old money who acquired the once-renowned Windsor Court after Hurricane Katrina. A consummate womanizer with a love for life’s finer things, Gregory could have never set foot in the Windsor Court while drawing on its profits to sustain his lavish lifestyle, but he had a genuine passion for the hotel business: somewhat unusually, he chose to personally run the Windsor Court as its (part-time) night manager. Many guests found his gregarious demeanor and love for the hotel quite infectious. Gregory’s preference for only hiring beautiful women to fill many of the managerial positions was a well-known if amusedly-regarded personal quirk, though also subject to a 2012 sexism lawsuit that was quietly settled out of court. Following the Court’s closure after a number of scandals and police investigations, Gregory quietly sold the building’s land to developers and retired to Florida.

Josephine.jpgJosephine Beauchamp

Marianna.jpgMarianna Christian
Single mother, worker at one of Paul Simmons’ hotels, part-time community college student, and widow. Recently hospitalized after an assault by a home invader; actually Caroline Malveaux in a botched hunting attempt. Her fellow employees and eventually employer contributed to a GoFundMe campaign to help pay her medical bills, something that was also arranged by the guild-stricken Ventrue. Mother of Brandon Christian.

Sarah_Spencer.jpgSarah Spencer
Sarah Spencer served as the day manager of the Windsor Court hotel for over ten years. Many people who met both her and Gregory Smythe, the hotel’s night manager, often had cause to remark how alike they seemed to be, even down to sharing nearly the same smile. In the aftermath of the Court’s closure and demolition, Spencer left New Orleans to seek employment elsewhere. If Spencer left the Big Easy at all, however, it was in a body bag: this long-time ghoul to George Smith was among the first of his servants slain by Prince Vidal in the aftermath of the Matheson trial.

Pic.jpgZorita Deluxe


Added the following NPCs:

Bernard_Drouillard_Small.jpgBernard Drouillard (Ally [Police] •••••)
Bernard Drouillard is New Orleans’ police superintendent and has held office since being promoted from deputy superintendent of the Public Integrity Bureau in 2010. He was appointed to that position in 2006 by Ray Nagin and managed to not only outlast but profit from the corrupt mayor’s tenure for precisely three reasons: he knows when to keep his head down, he knows which way the political winds usually blow, and he knows the way things are done in this city. Drouillard generally prefers to delegate much of NOPD’s administration to his subordinates and believes that his primary role is to serve as oversight on behalf of the mayor’s office and the city’s other politicians: so long as NOPD acts in accordance with these wills, he is content to let the deputy superintendents and district commanders run their own affairs. The superintendent spends much of his own time either golfing at the New Orleans Country Club in Bywater or attending press conferences. Although he comes from old money and is of Creole descent (most of New Orleans’ poorer black population descends from non-Creoles), Drouillard still seems to have been considerably enriched by his position and lives comfortably with his family in a walled estate in the Garden District.


Added the following NPCs:

Sarah_Whitney_Small.jpgSarah Whitney (Academia ••)
Daughter of Warren Whitney and granddaughter of Lyman B. Whitney. Senior at the McGehee School for Girls. Running for vice president of student government with Susannah Kelly.

Simmone_Devillers_Small.jpgSimmone Devillers (Academia •)
One of Abélia Devillers’ six daughters. Fifth grader at the McGehee School for Girls.

Susannah_Kelly_Small.jpgSusannah Kelly (Academia ••)
Granddaughter of Senator Joseph Kelly. Senior at the McGehee School for Girls. Acting president of student government running for a full term.

Yvette_Devillers_Small.jpgYvette Devillers (Academia ••)
One of Abélia Devillers’ six daughters. Senior at the McGehee School for Girls.

Yvonne_Devillers_Small.jpgYvonne Devillers (Academia ••)
One of Abélia Devillers’ six daughters. Senior at the McGehee School for Girls.


Added some PC quotes to Donovan’ page.


Added some PC quotes to Bobbi Jo “Mad-Dog Cherry” Boggs’ page.


Added a section to Blood Bonds on different Kindred attitudes towards the bond.


Added a character page on Anthony Brodowski.


Added the ancestors of Caroline/immediate relatives of Father Malveaux to The Malveaux Family.

Updated most of the former PCs (except Clea, Julien, and Jacob, who I still need to get around to) back to PC status and prettified their pages so that new players will be able to peruse them and get a sense for what the game’s previous characters have been like. Also added the following:

• Gave Amelie a (small) mortal genealogy
• Made Emmett’s breaking points publicly viewable. Added a mortal genealogy
• Posted Isa’s (not so small) mortal and Kindred genealogy
• Made Lavine’s backstory publicly viewable, along with a blurb on her sire
• Posted Micheal’s mortal genealogy
• Updated all the PCs to have demographical profiles and all the Kindred ones to have genealogies


Added the following NPCs to The Living:

Césarine “Tantsy” Rouselle
Current proprietor of Tante Lescaut’s Occult Curiosities, Horoscopes, & Palmistry, a Royal Street occult store that claims to be the longest contiguously operating such store in New Orleans (“since 1721”). Césarine herself is an 82-year-old woman descended from Yoruban maroons, Acadian redbones, and Haitian revolutionaries best known for her abilities at psalmistry, dream interpretation, and misremembering the names of even her most frequent customers. Like most of her predecessors, Césarine lives in the antique, second-story living quarters above her shop. She shares this residence (and the responsibilities of running her shop and monthly mailings) with Carl Schauberger and Brijbala Chugtai.

Doc_Tom.jpgThomas “Doc Tom” Abernathy
A child of the Depression, Doc Tom has lived through the want of that time, the corruption of the Long legacy, and the turmoil of the Civil Rights Movement. His attention was never on these things, though, but on devotion to his gods. Raised by a family which had been faithful to the loa since before they came over from West Africa, his ashe (power) was noted shortly after birth, and he was raised to be a bokor and faithful servant of Les Invisibles. However, the state of the world around him has not spared him its mark. He’s suffered the indignities of poverty and racism enough that his opinion of his fellow man is decidedly cynical, causing him to turn even more fully to the more perfect beings he claims to commune with. He is not a houngan and does not lead congregations, which is just how his neighbors prefer it: they find him an insufferably crotchety and abrasive old man who is all-too happy to voice his caustic discontent over whatever (and whoever) is currently on his mind. His surliness has yet to get him in trouble, however, at least within his own neighborhood in Central City: many of the residents still fear and respect Vodoun, and recognize a “man with power” as one not to be trifled with.

Added pics to Benoit, Mama Wedo, Carl Schauberger, and Colin McGinnes:






Added the following new logs:
Story Five, Amelie III


• Updated The Ghouls to use the new NPC/geography page format.
• Updated New Orleans Mafia to use the new NPC/geography page format.
• Added a new parish map to Beyond the City.
• Added the following Mafia NPC Sam came up with a while ago:

Ernie “Peanuts” Marchesi (Ally [Underworld] •••, Status [Mafia] •••)
A distant descendant of Gaspare Marchesi, one of the 11 Italians lynched in 1891 for the murder of police chief David Hennessy. His nickname in the Mob is “Peanuts” because he cracks safes like peanut brittle, and he’s sweet on caramel-colored ladies (just don’t tell his old school lady, capiche?). Rents a house in Audubon Place he uses as a fuck pad for college girls he picks up at Tulane and Loyola.


Added the following NPCs to The Living:


Edit 12/4: Replaced the character’s blurb with a bio page: Rishu “Rich” Pavaghi


Added/changed pics for the following NPCs:

Benjamin_Edwards.jpg Benjamin Edwards

Leah_Crawford.jpg Leah Crawford

Liz_Williams.jpg Elizabeth “Liz” Williams

Pam_Ardoin.jpg Pamela Ardoin

Rebecca_Chaswell.jpg Rebecca Chaswell

Wayne_Galloway.jpg Wayne Galloway

A while ago

Added/updated the following NPCs a while ago:


Anna (surname unknown)
Little girl passingly encountered by Lou on the Algiers Ferry. Having gone without a full meal for days at the time, he was distressed by the sight of the tantrum-throwing child declaring she “didn’t want” her breakfast muffin and stomping a shoe over it.

For four years “f0xx”, real name Miranda Lewis, has bunkered up in her own private domain in Josephine Louise House. There are only three rules with Tulane’s resident but little-known gray-hatted IT genius. First, cash doesn’t cut it. While you will pay her for her valuable time away from her more enjoyable pursuits, she’s “not your IT whore”. If the project isn’t interesting to her, you can “fuck right the hell off”, and even then you’ll be providing a service. Second, she gets to it when she feels like it. Try hassling her and she’ll flag you with so much malware and spam you won’t ever have a web presence again. Finally, no visits before 2 PM. In truth, even laying aside her bizarre brand of tech saviness and her haughty demands, Miranda is an eccentric girl. She spouts conspiracy theories like they’re facts (including about GMOs, claiming to eat only organic—though she remains quite overweight), shows no interest in friendships, and rarely attends class. How she’s made it through three years (and managed to stay in the dorms for so long) is a matter of some speculation along those on her floor, who would tell you she rarely even leaves her dorm room, a black hole on the floor that nothing sentient enters and little else leaves (including light). Also a member of the hacktivist group Mirror_Mirror. Although she virtually never speaks of her family and personal life to the dorm’s residents (who, if asked, would probably say she was born from coagulated cheetoh dust that obtained sentience after being left to ferment for so long), she has a younger sister she describes as “a loser” and a mother who was recently sexually assaulted, causing her sister significant distress.

Hannah Cahn
Assistant art professor at Tulane University. Described by Alice Guillot as “mousy and awkward, knocks stuff over all the time, but nice.” In a relationship with Megan Garrett, who she works together with on floats for Southern Decadence and other parades. Vietnamese.

Jimmy (surname unknown)
Young boy encountered by Lou at St. Louis Cathedral who told the old man that he “smelled really bad”. His mother swiftly admonished him not to talk to creeps.

Kelly Jacobson
Elementary school teacher at Benjamin Franklin and widow of Brian Jacobson, a patrol officer recently killed by drug dealers in the line of duty. Though relatively well-off between her salary and her husband’s pension, she has taken a leave of absence from teaching following his death. Brian’s precinct captain, Marco Rizaffi, described her as a “really nice lady” who’d baked cookies for their police station.

Lauren Peterson
Student at Tulane University who was attacked at 2015’s Southern Decadence while drunk and had shards of glass raked over her neck. Franz Harz, acting on behalf of an anonymous benefactor, paid the out of pocket costs for her treatment at Tulane Medical Center. Described by her doctor Neil Flynn as having “no parents in the picture,” the primary adult figure in her life seems to be her aunt Vivian. Lauren was actually the first victim of the recently-Embraced Caroline Malveaux, who fed on her while frenzying and later paid her medical bill out of guilt. She was chided for this generosity by others of her kind, who pointed out that all of her victims having their medical costs mysteriously and anonymously paid for her would leave a trail for hunters to follow.

Nathaniel Hite
Student at Tulane University facing potential expulsion after placing his dorm room up for rent on Airbnb and moving back in with his parents to help pay for tuition. One of Caroline Malveaux’s many victims, though he survived the Ventrue’s attentions without significant injury.

Stephanie “Stef” Rabinowitz
Younger sister to Autumn Rabinowitz. Has diabetes and sometimes “tries” to make cookies with her older brother, usually to the result of eating the dough.


Courtney Dale
Receptionist and informal assistant to the coroners at the understaffed Mid-City Coroner’s Office. Her boss Amos Wilkinson gives her rides home so that she does need to walk through the unsafe neighborhood alone at evening.

Pamela Ardoin
A senior nurse who has worked at Tulane Medical Center for almost three decades. Loathes cops and has a love-hate relationship with addicts due to her son Bertram’s substance abuse and resultant legal problems. Despite her age, her thick body and stout frame have caused some patients to mistake her for an orderly. Married to Jerry Marron, Jr. in 2010 but retained her maiden name, due to being “Too old a dog to come when someone calls a new name.” Though she helps him take care of his Alzheimer’s-afflicted uncle Martin, one of the surest ways for Jerry’s adult children to rouse her ire is by treating her like an on-duty nurse (unintentionally or otherwise).

High Society

Cécilia Devillers
Second-oldest daughter of Abélia, Cécilia is everything one would expect for such a well-bred scion. The beauty of her mother and her Ivy League education, social graces, and charming wit combine to make her a choice prize for the wealthy young heirs of the city. Rumors have linked her to Luke Malveaux, though she’s demurred when confronted about it, insisting in a charming French fashion that youth is a time for love and lust, not romance. She recently became worried for her personal safety and hired a bodyguard after being stalked by Mercurial Fernandez.

Westley Malveaux
The second of Caroline’s brothers (and second-youngest sibling) had a storied tabloid history that didn’t spread far beyond the state. Always outshone by his older siblings Caroline and Luke, but never the baby of the family like Gabriel, Westley could have been the proverbial overlooked middle child—if his adolescent penchant for getting into trouble and later substance abuse hadn’t made it impossible for his parents to ignore him. His behavior finally culminated with a DUI at Tulane that killed a fellow student. Westley’s family resorted to every legal and extralegal means at their disposal to keep their son out of prison, but Orson was privately furious and had his nephew briefly sent to a monastery.

Never quite the same afterwards and maligned as a black sheep, Westley muddled his way through an online degree (the family being unable to prevent his expulsion from Tulane) and spent his nights drinking and partying in the French Quarter. While his preference was cocaine, he experimented with everything from ecstasy to heroine, forgoing only crack. His “acceptable” drug of choice by 2015 was alcohol after his mother made receiving (very private) substance abuse treatment a condition if he was to retain his trust fund. He was publicly painted as a redeemed young man in his father’s 2014 congressional campaign, but rumors continued to swirl around him in private circles, and his family’s handlers were never far at social functions—which he, in turn, was all-too happy to avoid. Recently deceased, he drowned after attending a late-night party on Talal al-Saud’s yacht and falling off while intoxicated.

In truth, Westley was kidnapped by the Ventrue René Baristheaut and brought to the Dungeon as bait to draw Caroline Malveaux to the same location. Although Caroline refused to enter the sadomasochistic club, resulting in Westley’s torturous and lonely death, René maneuver ultimately succeeded in luring his purported childe to the French Quarter (and from there into his own hands before the intervention of Louis Fontaine). Whether Caroline’s intervention could have saved her brother remains impossible to know. Their mother Claire was adamant that Westley had been trying to turn his life around before the Tulane DUI, and that the family turning its collective back on Westley was just as much to blame for the circumstances that led to his death.

Zorita Deluxe
Former burlesque dancer (“Zorita Deluxe” being her stage name) at the AllWays Theater in Faubourg Marigny. Fired by her employers “for being ‘too curvy’” as she angrily described the circumstances. She was taken home by the Gangrel Lavine for an apparent one-night stand, only to be mauled nearly to death when the vampire lost control of her Beast. Lavine fed her enough vitae to keep her alive and unavoidably turned her into a ghoul. Having inducted Zorita half-way into the world of the damned, Lavine chained her to a bathroom radiator and placed her under a magical sleep until the blood bond could fully solidify. Before this could occur, Lavine was drawn into an altercation with Doc Xola that broke the Masquerade and led to her execution at Vidal’s hands (among other reasons). Zorita’s subsequent fate is unknown.


Eve Darnell
Property manager of Emmett’s former Royal Street apartment. Plain-spoken and never referred to by the tenants by any name besides ‘Mrs. Darnell’. She was responsible for discovering the legless and nearly-dead Emmett inside the building’s dumpster bin and calling 911.

Sandy (surname unknown)
Receptionist at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans briefly spoken to by Emmett. She had been instructed that one of their most important guests, Talal al-Saud, was not to be disturbed before 2 PM.


Lucilia Plantaine
Long-time receptionist at Ware & Lebowski with her fingers in all the firm’s business. Once young and beautiful, with age has come obesity, and now she gets by mostly by virtue of habit and knowledge of everyone at the firm’s dirty laundry. She paints her nails during her lunch break and rarely leaves her desk except to seek out her Diet Coke (to which she will explain she’s on a diet). Formerly married to Joseph Paxton and the mother of two children by him, Zachary and Rowan. Since his unexplained disappearance and the resulting loss of alimony and child support payments, she has lacked the motivation to continue her diet.


Allison West (Retainer ••)
Recent arrival with Blackwater, Allison’s background is atypical for the private security company in that she doesn’t have a military or police background. Two years ago she was a paralegal and pregnant with the first child of her accountant husband. After reading a story about a pair of infants accidentally swapped by careless attendants at a hospital and taken home by the wrong parents, as well as the alleged benefits of home births, Allison and her spouse elected to have her give birth in their house. The nurse they hired, however, was a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) rather than a CNM (Certified Nurse-Midwife). Unaware of this distinction, their midwife (who was not a nurse) failed to call a hospital when she could not hear a fetal heartbeat, and lacked the medical training to attempt intubation after the infant boy was delivered. The resuscitation he received in Tulane’s emergency room came too late to save him. Allison’s husband tracked the midwife to an address in Central City and banged on her apartment door in the middle of the night, screaming with incoherent rage. A neighbor’s 14-year-old son tried to scare him away with a pointed gun. The firearm had been carelessly left loaded, and when the boy turned off the safety to “look like he meant business,” it accidentally discharged in the teenager’s shaking grip. Allison went all but mad after receiving the news of her husband’s death. A lifelong liberal who had never so much as touched a gun, she purchased a pistol mere days after giving birth and spent countless hours at the range in the weeks that followed. She blew through her husband’s life insurance policy on self-defense classes and moved into a local gym, so “she’d be ready” once the 14-year-old was released from juvenile hall. He died a year later in a lockup fight with a corrections officer. Allison isn’t still isn’t sure if she’d have gone on a shooting spree if one of her gym’s regulars, and an employee at Blackwater, hadn’t noticed her and recommended the security company as a way to work off aggression. Having long since quit her job as a paralegal, and with her savings eaten up by a costly lawsuit against the midwife and months of regular expenses, Allison reluctantly admitted that she needed work. Allison wants to shield her employers from “the worst the world has to offer,” and sees little worth living for, holding that her life ended alongside her family. She is reckless with her personal safety and has a tendency to use excessive force during altercations—not that Blackwater minds. A movie buff with an emphasis on romantic comedies before the death of her family, Allison can hardly stand such films now. She spends a great deal of her free time at the range, the gym, or a martial arts class, where she’s continuing to progress. She lives a relatively modest lifestyle and is not interested in a love life.

Brett Cuellar & Riley Hitchcock
Former sergeant and lieutenant, respectively, in the Louisiana National Guard who made a small but steady stream of income selling munitions and grenades (ostensibly used in training exercises) to the Mafia. They were inadvertently swept up in the intrigues of Kindred society when the Mafia re-sold their grenades to George Smith, who broke the Masquerade by detonating a bag of those same explosives in a semi-public location (drawing heavy police and emergency services scrutiny at the site of a Kindred battle). Hitchcock and Cuellar were tracked down by the Prince’s agents and brought before the court to reveal what they knew. This amounted to little, but their petty corruption offended the deeply traditional Vidal, who hailed from an era when soldiers faced execution for falling asleep on watch. The Prince ordered the two executed for dereliction of duty.

Megan Garrett
Ex-Marine in a relationship with Hannah Cahn. Works on floats with her at Southern Decadence and other festivals. She fractured the skull of Seamus Freeman while drunk during 2015’s Fourth of July, earning the enmity of the musician and and his sister Penny.


Michelle Guillot
Proprietor of Guillot Books, Michelle’s relatively professional image and strict “no smoking” policy isn’t how most people picture a French Quarter bookstore owner. Born in New Orleans but a resident of Houston for much of her adult life, Michelle was working as a public librarian when she inherited her bookshop from a distant relative who died without children. She initially intended to sell the business, but after going through a grueling divorce with her now ex-husband Victor she decided to start over in New Orleans. In the decade since, she’s become versed in the topics that tend to draw New Agers, neo-pagans, tourists, would-be Satanists and other French Quarter regulars, but she privately finds the entire notion of the paranormal to be fairly eye-rolling. She has consequently been attempting to “expand” the shop by appealing to a more mainstream customer base. Her now-college age daughter Alice got along poorly with most men in her life, and she has only recently tipped her toe back into the dating scene.


Anastasia (surname and possibly real name unknown)
Exotic dancer at the Barely Legal, a strip club owned by Cash Money Mouton. Somewhat short for a stripper but no less enthusiastic, she cajoled Emmett into a private lap dance, round of Jamesons, and brief tryst that indirectly led to his violent altercation with Cash Money.


Oscar (surname unknown)
Limo driver at the Executive Charter Limousine Service sometimes employed by Christina Roberts. He works a second job driving carriages in the French Quarter and is relatively well-versed in local history—or at least those portions that make for entertaining trivia to regale tourists with. He dislikes charter schools for closing the century-old public school he attended as a little boy.


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