Just northwest of the downtown core is the large, urban sprawl known as Mid-City. A fair percentage of the city’s total population is concentrated here, and wheresoever go the kine, so must the Kindred follow. As a result, Mid-City has the dubious distinction of having birthed the relatively recent phenomenon known as the Kindred “krewe.” Vidal had grown so efficient about sequestering new arrivals to his domain in Mid-City that they eventually decided to band together of their own accord. These Kindred “gangs” of neonates call themselves “krewes,” and have become an important part of the Kindred street scene tonight. At least five such krewes are known to exist, and while a handful of members among them don’t actually have feeding rights in Mid-City, that is their base of operations nonetheless. Indeed, getting one’s krewe-mates to let one feed in their territory is one of the only ways a neonate can thumb his nose at the Prince.

This is not to say that only neonates dwell in Mid-City. In fact, it is a matter of some pride for local residents that two members of the Cabildo—Coco Duquette and Miss Opal—maintain havens and feeding rights in their district. And not only do they choose to dwell here, but they’re proud of it, as well, and do more to help the neonates of their district than many would ever have thought they would care to do. As such, Coco Duquette and Miss Opal are often viewed as the Mid-City Krewes’ “big sister” and “big mama” (respectively).

Known Kindred Residents

Coco Duquette (Brujah/Anarch Movement elder)
Miss Opal (Nosferatu/Anarch Movement elder)

Residents (the Anarchs do not classify themselves into vassals and tenants)
• Arzilla Boudon (Nosferatu/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Bliss Jackson (Brujah/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Eris D. (Brujah/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Frank LaRue (Malkavian/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Gerald Abellard (Nosferatu/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Marcio de la Cruz (Caitiff/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Roderick Durant (Brujah/Anarch Movement neonate)
• Numerous others suspected but not widely known. The Anarchs see semi-regular turnover among their ranks and keep poor track of their members’ comings and goings (the Nosferatu excepted).

Locations of Note

5666 Canal Street, Office of Louis Fontaine

Big Dixie Pig
Bar and BBQ restaurant frequented by Otis K. Wiggons and his toadies.

Favored bar and hangout for local Anarchs.

The Bulldog
Popular sports bar located near the corner of City Park Avenue. Caters to more ‘tranquil’ if not wealthier patrons than local peers such as Danny’s and Blaze.

Cemeteries of Canal Street
Neither as old nor as famously haunted as St. Louis’ cemeteries, the thirteen cemeteries of Canal Street and City Park Avenue are nonetheless the largest, both in size and population, of New Orleans’ necropolises.

City Park
Spanning over 1000 acres, this park has been in existence since 1854, making it one of the oldest in the city. It houses many paths, ponds, 800 year-old oaks and a unique wooden carousel from the early 20th century.

Bar formerly frequented by biker gangs and other criminals. Recently burned down by Bobbi Jo Boggs.

Dueling Oak

Micksfilter.pngMick’s Irish Pub
An Irish bar which has existed various incarnations for the past century, Mick’s is located a short ways from City Park.

Mid-City Lanes
Purgatory-themed bowling alley called “the Gutter” by its regulars and nay-sayers. Owned and operated by Patrick Dolan.

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) (Elysium)

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