Esplanade Ridge


Like St. Charles Avenue in Uptown, Esplanade Ridge is a long, prettified residential concourse with a “neutral ground” (a New Orleans colloquialism indicating a broad median strip) running down the middle and an oaken canopy to shade its lovely houses. The ridge itself is a strip of slightly higher ground running from Bayou St. John down to the French Quarter, and early settlers recognized the wisdom of erecting homes on the higher ground it offered as a means of protection against seasonal floods. The small district is home to the Fair Grounds Race Track, which hosts not only the city’s horse-racing season, but its annual Jazz & Heritage Festival as well.

Known Kindred Residents

• None

• Charles “Charlie” Harrison (Gangrel/Lancea et Sanctum neonate)
• Pakachilu (Gangrel/Circle of the Crone elder)
• Marisol Beaugendre (Toreador/Unaligned ancilla)

• Cleo (Gangrel/Lancea et Sanctum neonate)
• June (Gangrel/Lancea et Sanctum neonate)

Locations of Note

Fair Grounds Race Course

Liuzza’s by the Track

Saint Louis Cemetery #3

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Esplanade Ridge

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