Character Sheet

GM’s Notes: Since PCs are sometime rivals, your character’s stats should be kept secret from other players. To do that, click the “add player secret” on your character’s page.

Make sure you copy this page’s bbcode onto your character sheet as well as the text. To do so, you must click the “edit page” button, and THEN copy everything below this message. If you just copy the text off here, you will LOSE all the bbcode, and it’s a pain in the ass having to add it back after you’ve filled out your sheet. A bunch of players have overlooked this step, so I’ll repeat:

Do NOT simply copy everything off this page. Click the “edit” button FIRST, and THEN copy what’s on here.

Put everything below here in the “Description” field of your character sheet

Insert any relevant or pithy quotes here.
—Put the name of the quote’s author here

Put any additional quotes here.
—And the author here

Insert your PC’s picture here through the “Image Embed” button. Set the alignment to “center”.

Physical Profile

Write a third-person summary of your character’s appearance. Beyond things like eye color, hairstyle, and notable facial, body, and vocal features, you might also include the character’s preferred or typical attire, personal effects, and even notable physical mannerisms and gestures (e.g., often chews on pencils or twirls wedding band). Note that these should only be publicly apparent features. For example, if you have a red tattoo on your left heel marking you as an intended sacrifice for the demon Moloch, you should include that in the secret portion of your character sheet, not in this section (unless you routinely walk barefoot and flash your heel and tattoo to people).

Demographical Profile

Date of Birth:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Put everything below here in the “Biography” field of your character sheet

Historical Profile

If you want the extra XP from writing a biography, provide a summary of your character’s background here. This step is otherwise optional.

Psychological Profile

Likewise, if you want some further XP, you can write a third-person summary of your character’s personality. This section could include philosophical/religious beliefs, relative extraversion/introversion, cognitive aptitude, etc. As with the prior section, truly private thoughts, fears, or traits should be posted in the secret portion of your sheet.

Breaking Points

This section is required, as it determines your character’s Integrity breaking points. Information you don’t want other PCs to know can be placed under the player/GM secret section.

What is the worst thing (your PC’s name) has ever done? Your answer.

What is the worst thing (your PC’s name) can imagine him/herself doing? Your answer.

What is the worst thing (your PC’s name) can imagine someone else doing? Your answer.

What has (your PC’s name) forgotten? Your answer.

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to (your PC’s name)? Your answer.

Click “add player secret” and put everything below here, there. Make sure your name is checked: otherwise you will not be able to see the sheet.

Apparent Age:
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 1, Resolve 1
Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Stamina 1
Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 1, Composure 1
Mental Skills: Academics 0, Computer 0, Crafts 0, Investigation 0, Medicine 0, Occult 0, Politics 0, Science 0
Physical Skills: Athletics 0, Brawl 0, Drive 0, Firearms 0, Larceny 0, Stealth 0, Survival 0, Weaponry 0
Social Skills: Animal Ken 0, Empathy 0, Expression 0, Intimidation 0, Persuasion 0, Socialize 0, Streetwise 0, Subterfuge 0
Morality: Humanity
Blood Potency:
Themes: (This line is for characters with Blood Sorcery. Delete it if your character does not possess dots in such.)
Vitae/per Turn: (Amount you can store)/(Amount you can spend per turn)
Armor: 0/(your Stamina score)

Expanded Merits

Include extra details for Merits here, such as the names and dot ratings of Allies.


Unspent: X Experiences, Y Beats

Spent: X Experiences
• X Experiences on Y
• Y Experiences on Z
• Z Experiences on X
• etc.


These are goals that you expect will take the entire game to resolve. Finally achieving them will be the end of your character’s story arc.

These are goals that you expect will take a while to accomplish.

These are goals that you either expect will take a moderate amount of time resolve, or are shorter-term goals that you don’t want to immediately focus on.

These are short-term goals you want to see come up in the next few game sessions. (Though online play being what it is, they may take longer than several sessions to resolve).

Sample Aspirations

The below Aspiration are those of a former PC (George). They are a really good, solid list: varied in content, (very) ambitious in scope, and just plain likely to lead to fun in-game situations. New PCs should pick new Aspirations; a seemingly harmless hotelier who wants to become Prince has already been done in this game.

• Become Prince of New Orleans.

• Win Antoine Savoy’s trust, install him as Prince, and undermine his position while he’s vulnerable.
• Find out Maldonato’s clan and see if I can blackmail him with the knowledge.
• Discover John Harley Matheson’s reason for exile; secure his support if it’s not a political liability.
• Reach a diplomatic accord with Baron Cimitiere.
• Flip or clear the majority of my prestation debts.

• Eliminate the enemy Kindred who didn’t attend my ‘no hard feelings’ afterparty.
• Set up a night club to flip my debt to Sundown.
• Win the friendship of the Nosferatu.
• Establish a working relationship with the Mafia.
• Find out Artemis’ identity.
• Win Becky Lynne’s heart.
• Host an Invictus tournament.
• Help Pierpont McGinn become Ventrue Primogen.
• Throw a party for Eight-Nine-Six.

• Survive the trial.
• Use the trial to undermine Vidal’s reign.
• Invite everyone who testified against me to a ‘no hard feelings’ afterparty; mark the ones who don’t attend as enemies.

Preferences & Wish List

Here you can feel free to list whatever clans and covenants you’d like your PC to join, as well as which (if any) sires you’d most like them to have. As before, I don’t promise anything with regards to the Embrace, but I can put forward opportunities.

You can also list whatever Merits, Disciplines, and other future potential XP expenditures you’d like to make. If I know you’re interested in picking up Allies (Underworld), for example, I can seed according hooks with the Mafia.

Character Sheet

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