M. Ruben Velásquez

Mysophobic FBI agent & slasher hunter





A VASCU Supervisory Special Agent, Velásquez is in charge of NOLA’s Field Liaison Department. His parents were Panamanian immigrants following the United States’ 1989 invasion who, in a bizarre act of gratitude and linguistic confusion, named their son after President Bush’s dog, Millie. Agent Velásquez is a hardline, hard-nosed, hard-case FBI agent known for idolizing J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, coveting Paul Dempsey’s job, and ruthlessly intimidating, exploiting, and discarding rogue hunter cells. Less well-known is that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder with contamination fears that lead him to always wear bright blue latex crime-scene gloves: both to prevent contamination with other’s vital fluids, but also to hide the raw skin from his excessively, compulsively washed hands.

M. Ruben Velásquez

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