M. Ruben Velásquez

Mysophobic FBI agent & slasher hunter


“Millie over here was grown in a test tube, bred specifically to take down [criminals] like these. Isn’t that right, Agent Velásquez?”
—Louis Fontaine

“Fontaine, who is your favorite literary character?”
“Mine is Inspector Javert. Remember that in case you feel tempted to commit any further petty crimes in my vicinity.”

—M. Ruben Velásquez to Louis Fontaine




A VASCU Supervisory Special Agent, Velásquez is in charge of NOLA’s Field Liaison Department. His parents were Panamanian immigrants following the United States’ 1989 invasion who, in a bizarre act of gratitude and linguistic confusion, named their son after President Henry Marshall’s dog, Millie.

Agent Velásquez is a hardline, hard-nosed, hard-case FBI agent known for idolizing J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, coveting Paul Dempsey’s job, and ruthlessly intimidating, exploiting, and discarding rogue hunter cells. Less well-known is that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder with contamination fears that lead him to always wear bright blue latex crime-scene gloves: both to prevent contamination with other’s vital fluids, but also to hide the raw skin from his excessively, compulsively washed hands.

M. Ruben Velásquez

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