Kyrstin Grey

Sheltered Tremere childe


“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”
—Brian Herbert

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
—Babe Ruth


Physical Profile


At first glance she looks meek, quiet, reserved even. It’s only upon closer examination that it becomes clear what a lie that is. She isn’t meek, no, that silent stillness is stoicism, an acceptance of the world on the terms it offers her and a greeting of it on the best terms she can arrange. As small and slight as she is, she looms like a mountain in the face of the world: accepting, yet unyielding. She might suffer, but like the mountain, she will endure. But go ahead, underestimate her, misread her.

There’s a precise perfection to her appearance. Neatly trimmed hair, long unbroken nails, plucked eyebrows, smooth shaved skin – care was taken prior to her Embrace, care that speaks to her Sire’s attention to detail and calculated intentions. Details invisible to the kine, invisible to the trash at the edge of society, but all too clear to those in the halls of power. It speaks to legacy and affection. The same care exists in her appearance each night, manicured and painted nails, carefully styled hair, a carefully styled and conservative wardrobe. Even to the kine and the Caitiff those selections are obvious, and very intentionally so. None will mistake her as less than she is.

That careful attention pays off in her appearance – turning liabilities into assets. It hides her short stature behind gravitas. Her slightness behind slimness. Leverages elegance against any plainness she once had. The finished package is at least alluring, and perhaps more. An intriguing package wrapped in satin and silks that all but begs to be unwrapped. A dangerous package one might mistake for a wrapped doll: a mistake only made once.

She doesn’t look like her sire. A study in contrasts there. Tall and short, stout and petite, male and female (for what worth such distinctions have amid their kind). They couldn’t look more different, right up until the eyes. It’s the eyes that give it away. Pitch black vice icy blue, and yet oh so similar. The eyes of a born killer, that study the world around her to carefully calculate and measure. Eyes that betray the killer instinct within. The willingness to do, if not yet familiarity with, violence. With success and victory at any cost. Eyes as dead as they are.

Physical Details

Kyrstin’s garb varies greatly depending on her environment. Within the Pyramid – and under Jonathan’s supervision – she tends towards the exceedingly practical, often simple unadorned black shirts and pants, or similarly utilitarian and form fitting clothing without adornment at the insistence of her sire who claims it reminds her of her position at present – that of an unreleased apprentice without privilege. She is to be an ‘empty vessel’.

In public, and when presented to others (even in private) she dresses quite differently – or rather is dressed quite differently (as she is not permitted choose her own garb. The clothing tends towards formality, eschewing comfort. Colors vary from subdued blacks and whites to deep blues and reds. It’s almost always conservative, showing little and often covering her arms down to the wrist (and commonly including gloves), but quite fashionable. Skirts and pants are typically the order of the day, with gowns far less frequent.

Demographical Profile

Name: Kyrstin Grey
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese American
Birth: July 19th, 1992
Embrace: 2013
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Real Age: 23
Height: 5’1
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Pale


Six Rumors about Kyrstin Grey

• She’s Jonathan North’s lover
• She’s Jonathan North’s childe
• She’s actually an elder here in secret
• She’s a former member of the Sabbat he captured and blood bound
• She’s not a Tremere at all
• Jonathan North is incredibly protective of her

Public Genealogy

  • 4. Etrius (e. ?)
    • 5. Lotharius (e. ?, d. ?)
      • 6. Karl Schrekt (e. >1500)
        • 7. Nathan Mendelssohn (e. >1700)
          • 8. Jonathan North (e. circa 1865)
            • 9. Kyrstin Grey (e. 2013)


Over the course of her (thus far brief) Requiem Kyrstin has heard limited tales of her lineage from her sire, both directly, through discussion and instruction, and indirectly through attention to detail and occasional eavesdropping.

Childe of Jonathan North (e. mid 19th century) Kystrin’s sire is a skilled and powerful ancilla Embraced during or near to the American Civil War.

Childe of Nathan Mendelssohn (e. mid 16th century) Kyrstin’s grand-sire is a potent elder residing in Vienna.

Childe of Karl Schrekt (e. mid 12th century) Kyrstin’s great-grand-sire is a fearsome elder with a significant reputation internationally that makes his home in Europe.

Childe of Lotharius (e. mid 10th century, d. mid 15th century) Kyrstin’s ancestor was a powerful elder that met his end centuries ago.

Childe of Etrius (e. early 10th century) Kystrin’s ancestor is a powerful member of the Inner Council.


Heinrick Roehr (e. circa 1940) German Kindred currently residing in Rio de Janeiro. Kyrstin has not met, and has heard only rare tales of, her brother-in-blood.

Larry Newton (e. circa 1970) Kyrstin has only once heard discussion of another childe of her sire, in brief heated tones between her sire and another Tremere in Seattle.


None Known

Genealogy (Mortal)


Kyrstin Grey

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