Guilo “Black-Match” Matranga

Short-tempered capo & demolitions expert




The “Black-Match of New Orleans” is a cracked and brooding reflection of his father’s image. Dark hair, dark eyes, and darker moods. His enemies (and even some of his soldatos) rightly fear him for his violent temper, but he has a certain raw, animal magnetism that draws people close all the same.



The older son of Salustio “Silver Penny Sal” Matranga, Guilo is a newly appointed caporegime in the local Mafia who previously served in the Afghanistan War as a demolitions expert. His soldatos joke, darkly, that “if some fellas gots a ‘short-fuse’, Guilo’s gots a ‘no-fuse’.”

Rocco Agnello ghouled him shortly after he got back from Afghanistan. Although it’s almost certain he could’ve become capo without his domitor’s help, especially given his family connections, Rocco helped it happen faster. Already inundated to a life of cruelty and bloodshed, Guilo has taken being a ghoul in stride and happily carries out any order his domitor asks of him, no matter how vicious. He knows he’s backing a winning horse.

For now, Guilo shows little interest in the Embrace. He’s a family man with a wife and three young kids, and wants to be there when the latter grow up.


• 1. Salustrio “Silver Penny Sal” Matranga (b. 1956) + Giorgina “Gina” “The Dragon” Matranga (née Carolla) (b. 1959)
 • 2. Guilo “Blackmatch” Matranga (b. 1983) + Lia Matranga (née Marchesi) (b. 1980)
  • 3. Marco Matranga (b. 2011)
  • 3. Carlo Matranga (b. 2013)
  • 3. Stella Matranga (b. 2014)
 • 2. Selena “Mona Smiles” Matranga (b. 1989) + (unknown partner)
  • 3. Aria Matranga (b. 2012)
 • 2. Frankie “Two-Shakes” Matranga (b. 1992)
 • 2. Maria Matranga (b. 1997)

Guilo “Black-Match” Matranga

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