Dahlia-Fleur Guidry

Janus-faced siren of Lake Pontchartrain




Dahlia looks like a monster. Her rubbery skin is slimy and corpse-blue. Her nostrils are fish-like slits and her mouth is filled with serrated rows of shark-like teeth. Her eyes are blank like a shark’s, her matted and filthy hair has the texture of seaweed, and her hands and feet are webbed. It’s ironic that a sire so renowned for his boyish good looks produced such a hideous childe.

Demographic Profile

Name: Dhalia-Fleur Millicent Guidry
Gender: Female
Race: African-American
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African-American
Date of Birth: October 31st, 1938 (Gretna, Louisiana)
Date of Embrace: December 18th, 1959 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Real Age: Approx. 80
Height: 5’4"
Eye Color: Shark-black
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Slimy gray tinged with blue
Religion: Bahari




Dahlia-Fleur was the wife of a prominent Baptist minister. At some point, she committed adultery. Perhaps her husband was abusive, perhaps her heart longed for another, or perhaps he just didn’t satisfy her. Dahlia speaks of him with contempt but rarely cares to go into the specifics of why. He died years ago and what’s past is past.


Dahlia’s sins were great enough in Rocco Agnello’s eyes warrant her damnation. Although Dahlia’s sire saw her as a perfect Sanctified Embrace, Dahlia responded poorly to her new state. Rather than serve as an avenging wolf of God, frightening wayward sinners back into the fold, Dahlia despised what she now was. Perhaps she might have learned to coexist with her sire, if he’d Embraced her for any other reason, but she could never forgive Rocco for damning her as a punishment.

After her release, Dahlia promptly defected to the Circle of the Crone. She partly did so to spite her sire and partly because the covenant’s transgressive, anti-patriarchal Lilith worship resonated with her. Rocco and his ecclesiastical superiors were disappointed to say the least. Only the fact that Dahlia was largely indifferent to the covenant’s Vodouisant bloc stopped Rocco from taking stronger “corrective” actions against his wayward childe.

In the decades since their estrangement, Dahlia has proven equally indifferent to most other Kindred affairs: as far as her sire knows, she spends much of her time haunting the depths of Lake Pontchartrain and surfacing to hunt mortals unfortunate enough to stray too close to its shores. This antisocial existence has not been conductive to Dahlia’s humanity and those few Kindred aware of her existence think she is close to wassail. She remains a continual thorn and disappointment to her sire, and would have it no other way.

Recent Events

Story Five

Rocco made psychic contact via blood sympathy with Dahlia after he was imprisoned and tortured by Cletus Lee Boggs. Dahlia took gleeful pleasure in refusing to help her sire.


• 8. Unknown sire
 • 9. Caitlin Meadows (e. mid 19th century)
  • 10. Rocco Agnello (e. late 19th century, d. 2016)
   • 11. Dahlia-Fleur Guidry (e. mid 20th century)
   • 11. Andrew Philips (e. 2010)
   • 11. Guilo “Black-Match” Matranga (e. 2016, d. 2016)
 • 10. June (e. late 20th century)
 • 10. Cleo (e. late 20th century)


Dahlia-Fleur is childe of to Rocco Agnello, a respected hound under Sheriff Donovan. He met final death in the 2016 Battle of Mt. Carmel. Rocco was the childe of Caitlin Meadows, New Orleans’ former scourge and one of the most feared vampires in the city. In recent months she appears to have gone rogue. Meadows has never spoken of her sire. Gangrel are notoriously poor at tracking their lineages due to the clan’s habit of abandoning recently-Embraced childer, and Meadows herself may well be ignorant who granted her the Embrace.


Dahlia’s second-younger broodmate Andrew Philips was a slacker and video game enthusiast who Rocco mistakenly Embraced out of the belief that he was a technological mastermind. He is an equally great disappointment to his and Dahlia’s sire in his own way.

Dahlia’s youngest broodmate was Guilo Matranga, was a Mafia capo, ghoul, and postmortem Embrace who arose as Kindred following his death in the 2016 Battle of Mt. Carmel. He was slain the same night in the subsequent Battle of the Arts District.

Dahlia-Fleur Guidry

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