Colton Teivel

Parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary

“Those who are considered to be holier are sentenced to harsher torments if they sin.”
An angel
“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight.”
Isaiah 45:2



Colton Teivel is a fifty-something gentleman with a strong back and broad shoulders. His skin was once tan from years of plowing fields, and now that he is getting on in years he has started to sport lines across his face that are somewhat deeper than “the fine lines of aging” women claim. His hair is silver-streaked gray, his bear and mustache full and thick. He is often in the black robes of a priest, though outside the Church he may occasionally don a suit.



Father Colton was born in Wyoming to a pair of farmers in 1959. The middle of five brothers, his formative years were spent tilling the farm with his father and brothers. The way he says it, he was around for the summer of love, all of the wars, and every drug trip known to man. It wasn’t until he was pushing thirty, after a near death experience with a tractor, that he decided he wanted to be a priest.

“The Lord saved me that day,” he is fond of saying, “He has a bigger plan for all of us, even me.”

So it was that Colton set out to college. He majored in Philosophy and Theology, then went on to seminary school at Princeton. After graduating with his Masters of Divinity, Colton headed south. He worked for various religious affiliations and churches before he was sent by his superiors to New Orleans. He is a regular sight at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church.

Colton Teivel

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