Celia Flores

Image-obsessed esthetician

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.”
Lauren Hutton
“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”
Giorgio Armani
“Love is not a victory march. It’s a cold and it’s a broken ‘Hallelujah.’”
Leonard Cohen




Like all the Flores children, Celia has the dark locks of generations gone by (despite her father’s current baldness). Long, thick, and bordering on what she had sometimes thought of as “unruly” as a child and teen, she leaves her mane free to curl down her back—unless she is working, then it’s coiled tightly into a bun or braided, anything to keep it off her face and out of her eyes while she focuses on what she does best: beauty. It is extraordinarily rare to see Celia in anything less than full glamour: hair, makeup, nails, clothing. Every inch of her is painted, sculpted perfection, from the shade of her foundation to the wing of her eyeliner to the fresh coat of polish on her nails. Her polish does not chip. Her mascara does not run. Her lipstick does not smudge. Everything is in its place.

Hubert de Givenchy said that, “The dress must follow the body of the woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." All the same, high fashion looks that much better when it hangs from the frame of a woman with the right curves, the right padding, the right height. And so Celia has given herself these things; she followed the footsteps of her mother and threw herself into dance, toning her body, and even now she moves with a grace that speaks to years in a studio in front of a mirror. She is no ballerina, all angles and bones, but has the delicate padding of handholds where people appreciate them. Fashion is always changing, after all, and there is a line to be trod between “icon” and “plastic.”

From afar, it is easy to see how she has gathered the people around her that she has. Poise, grace, the gentle curving of her lips when she smiles. Some jealous, petty mortals might whisper that she has had work done. But that’s the key to good work, isn’t it? When it’s bad it’s obvious, when it’s good you cannot tell. And no one can tell what, exactly, has happened to Celia to make her into this exquisite creature.



What does the event call for? That’s what you will find Celia in, be it black tie or elegant robes or dressed down in distressed jeans and a leather jacket, designer of course. She has not made a fashion faux pas since she was a child, and the smarting memory of humiliation is enough to make sure that it never happens again. At work she is in casual chic, with loose blouses neatly rolled to her elbows and leggings or yoga pants that only look like they came off the rack. Comfortable, certainly, but stylish all the same. Outside of work she dresses as required.

Regardless of what she’s wearing or where she is, you can bet she put thought into her outfit, that her jewelry is tasteful but understated, and that her heels add at least three inches.

Demographical Profile

Name: Celia Adelaide Flores
Aliases: Cici
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American. The Flores are of Spanish descent, but it’s so distant they no longer self-identify with it.
Date of Birth: July 17th, 1989 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Date of Death: April 22nd, 2016 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Age: 26
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Clear, smooth, perfect.
Education: Unfinished B.A. Dance (Tulane University, 2008—2009)
Occupation: Esthetician and business owner, Flawless Spa (2009—present)
Religion: Irreligious



It started in middle school. The whispering, the pointing, the questions about if she had chicken pox. Ugly red bumps on her face. Deep, cystic acne that she picked and picked at until she was raw and bleeding. Giant pores on her nose and forehead.

“Have you tried Accutane?”
“Paula’s Choice?”
“Wash your face more.”
“Flip your pillow.”
“You’re moisturizing too much.”
“You’re not moisturizing enough.”
“It’s because of your makeup.”

By high school she was caking it on, globs of concealer smuggled in by the house maid, the only act of teenage rebellion she would wage against her father’s strict “no makeup” rules. She could tell you the top ingredients in all of the top brands, how salicylic acid made her nose flake and her cheeks red. She’d given herself home facials and chemical burns and had once taken a knife to her face in a desperate attempt to rid herself of the stupid spots before Prom. She avoided having her picture taken, avoided family gatherings, avoided being social.

But that was then.

And this is now. Now, with ten thousand followers on Insta, she takes pictures all day long. Landscapes. Yummy food. Her Pit/Corso mix.


Herself more than anything, with clear, glowing skin and bright eyes. Pictures of her at clubs, in her kitchen, at work with the girls. Flawless, she called her business. And they were. Every single client that came in left their flaws on the table. Under her tweezers and salves they were a masterpiece waiting to happen, soccer moms and bored housewives and college girls blowing daddy’s money, women who had been brainwashed into thinking that laugh lines weren’t sexy and gray hair was the beckon of an open casket.

With needle and hot towels and steam machines she was an artist, they her clay sculptures. Beauty was the gift she gave them. Youth. Magic in a bottle that they dutifully swallowed once per month, the label proclaiming antioxidants and restorative properties and botanical-based benefits. Whatever the buzzwords were that year she worked into her marketing, though the majority of her business came from organic, word of mouth referrals. They came alone, in pairs, in groups for birthday parties and hen parties and divorce parties. She took them all.

“Like magic,” they said to her when they stopped aging, when their wrinkles disappeared, when long dead follicles started sprouting hair once more.

“I can’t believe it,” they said to her when she fixed their acne scars, their hyperpigmentation, their uneven lips.

Healer. Helper.

Her business has given her a veritable army of loyal men and women, all of them clamoring for her assistance to keep their youthful appearance.

Early Life

Celia was born in 1989, her mother in ‘73. It doesn’t quite take a genius to do the math between those years, and the girl who was born to Diana Flores (née Underwood) came out squalling and red-faced when Diana was only seventeen years old. Diana, like most privileged girls in New Orleans, attended the McGehee School for Girls; her junior year was spent in progressively larger clothing, the baby a well-kept secret, until Celia was finally born in mid-July. Diana’s future in-laws paid for childcare to allow Diana to attend her final year of high school, and she and Maxen Flores were married immediately after she graduated.

The children came frequently after that first. Celia was hardly out of diapers before she was joined by a younger sister, Isabel, two years later her brother David, and just one year after that another girl, Sophia. There was a longer wait before Logan was born in ‘97, but he was the last of the Flores brood.


As her mother before her, Celia attended McGehee, where she coasted by. Not because she was intellectually minded, but because she knew, already, how to play the game. She knew who to befriend, how to talk, and when to bat her lashes to get her way. Unfortunately puberty brought with it a ripe crop of acne that plagued her for years, and her father’s “no makeup” rule came down hard. There was a blowout that culminated in a spanking, and after that Celia had to hide the concealer.

In her 13th year, Maxen took her to the Southern Gentry Pearls & Bowties Purity Ball, where she made a vow to him that she would save herself until marriage and he gave her a ring. He didn’t trust that promise to keep her pure, however, and there were soon more rules about dances, dating, and boys. Her brothers, to her chagrin, did not get any of the same rules, and once David was in seventh grade he was allowed to start dating.

In 2003, when Celia was 14, her mother abandoned the family. Celia would not say much about what happened, only that it lead to an ugly divorce, and that her mother was dead to her. Or at least that’s what she said in Daddy’s hearing. Celia continued to maintain a secret relationship with her mother since that time, taking advantage of her father’s regular trips to Baton Rouge in order to visit with the woman. It was Diana who helped fund Celia’s dream of enrolling in cosmetology school without Maxen’s knowledge.

Celia was instrumental in standing up to her father during a scandal for the Republican Party in 2009 when a video was released of Maxen raping his second-eldest daughter, Isabel. The alleged atrocity was later recanted and denied by Diana and Isabel, but the damage had been done to Maxen’s political career and, thus far, has kept him from pursuing national office. Celia, with the help of her now-deceased boyfriend Stephen Garrison, was able to help her mother find a lawyer to take on the insurance company that wrongfully dropped her from its coverage following her 2003 car accident and divorce. Celia’s mother later invested a significant portion of the settlement in her daughter’s business, Flawless.

Lucy Flores, Celia’s daughter, was born in January of 2010, scant months before she opened her business and exactly nine months after the scandal of 2009.

In 2016, Celia was killed in a tragic late night car accident with her niece Abigail. She was 26 years old.


Independently wealthy from owning a business, Celia doesn’t need to rely on her daddy’s money. Because her business and mother are located in the French Quarter, Celia has opted to make that her permanent residence as well: it’s close to work, close to family, and close to all the nightlife that she can handle. The apartment itself is shared with her long-time boyfriend Randy Dufresne, though it’s easy to see that Celia is the mastermind behind the decor. The front door opens into a well-appointed sitting room complete with floor-length gold-plated mirror, chandelier, and low backed exceptionally comfortable couch. French style double doors lead into the bedroom with mahogany headboard and Egyptian cotton sheets, and beyond that is a small kitchenette. Celia has frequently been heard saying that she is on a new diet and the lack of kitchen space does not bother her. Randy, however, makes full use of the facilities, and the smell of his favorite dishes can often be found wafting out of the apartment. Their plan is to move to something bigger once Celia’s business expands to a second location or Randy makes it big in the racing circuits.



Flawless Skincare & Cosmetic Spa opened its doors in 2010. The business has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. In 2011 Celia expanded from one room in a Salon Loft style suite to her own building, with a small team of professionals working under her. It is exceedingly difficult to get a daytime appointment with Celia, as she books out months in advance, but she has decided to open her evenings to those who could not snag a spot with her and has seen a tremendous return. Celia was voted “Best Esthi 2014,” and the esthetician has enjoyed the boost in business since then. She does not spend much on marketing, choosing instead to focus her endeavors on giving her clients the best possible service that she can. Services include facials, hair removal, dermaplaning, microdermabrasian, lash extensions, and various injections. There is also a licensed massage therapist and spray tan artist on staff.

Internet Presence

Celia is renowned in makeup and skincare communities across the Internet. Shortly after she opened her business she began to post makeup and skincare tutorials online, and has since enjoyed the fame and prestige that comes with being one of Instagram and MeVid’s premiere artists. Over the years she has been sent frequent PR kits from various cosmetic and skincare companies. Rumors abound about her next project. (Fame ••)


• Celia Flores is a ghoul.
• Celia Flores is a pawn to a vampire.
• Celia is in a relationship with one of her employees, Jade, and Randy is just a beard.
• Celia is secretly involved with her business manager, Alana Frederick.
• Celia dropped out of college following the allegations against her father in 2009; she could not handle the pressure.
• Celia was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dance and turned it down because she was pregnant.
• Celia had an abortion when she was 19. The father was black.
• Celia was raped by her father the same night that he raped his other daughter; the video is somewhere on the deep web, but it alone did not come to light in the scandal.
Lucy Flores is the daughter of Celia and Maxen Flores.
• Lucy Flores is the daughter of Celia and Emmett Delacroix.
• Lucy Flores is the daughter of Celia and Stephen Garrison.
• Lucy Flores is the daughter of Celia and Detective Peter Lebeaux. They met the night her father was arrested and have been seen together multiple times since. Her “public boyfriend” is just a facade to hide the fact that she’s really dating the much-older detective. He was, after all, the only male allowed in the birthing room.
• Lucy Flores is the daughter of Celia and Jamal Harrison, a black Blackwatch guard stationed at Audubon. The two had a whirlwind romance in early 2009 and his race is what kept Celia and Maxen from speaking for several years.
• Celia turned tricks for college money.
• Celia’s dad isn’t really her dad.
• Celia had plastic surgery to hide her black nose.


Quotes by Celia

“You do not get to be weak. You do not get to give up because of a setback. You are out from under him and you will not live your life afraid of him. You have given that man twenty years. It’s time you live for you now.
You want to know what the children think? They think they want their mother to be happy. They want her to set a good example for them, so they learn what to do. Children learn from their parents. If Maxen isn’t going to show them how to be people then that falls to you. It’s all about the children, right? Then be the parent that they need.
They need your love. But you can’t love them if you don’t love yourself. Never seeing Maxen again? That’s an act of love.”

—Celia Flores to Diana Flores

“He’ll get his, Momma. He will. Sometimes, the best revenge on a man like that is to just live your life. To not be afraid. To not cower at the mention of his name. He’ll know you’re happy, and that he lost. That he couldn’t break you. One day he will pay for every single thing that he has done. I promise you that. But now? Now you focus on you. Getting better. Rehabilitation. Happiness.”
—Celia Flores to Diana Flores

Emily: “But it’s just… it’s like climbing a greased slide. Maybe I should just take a while off, save up money, until things are… better.”
Celia: “Yeah. You’re right. It’s hard. It sucks. And it’s what you want.”
“So you don’t get to give up. There’s never going to be a good time in your life. To do this. To do anything. Nothing is ever going to properly align. The stars don’t do that. Fuck the stars. You want this? Then do it. Go for it. Work for it. And I will be there, every step of the way, and we will get you through it.
And if I have to push your ass up that greased slide then I will.”
—Celia Flores to Emily Rosure

Celia: “If ever they ask you about me, tell them. Tell them that I would have given you anything if only you’d asked. Tell them I lived for you. Tell them there was no point of a world without you in it. Tell them how I was the only person who loved you with honesty, then tell them how you broke me.”
Jade: “You are not breaking, my darling. You are hatching. This is you shedding the shell of who you were to become who you are meant to be.”
—Celia and Jade, on love and lies

Quotes about Celia

Celia: “All my life, you know, my dad just told me I’d never be good enough, and then I met Stephen and he’s on his way to law school, and I can barely stutter out that I’m a dance major…”
Emily: “Your dad’s full of shit. You’re pushing me not to drop out, Stephen says you pushed your mom into fighting for child custody and the lawsuits… that’s insane you’d ever think you’re not good enough, when all I’ve seen you do is push people to be better.”
Emily Rosure to Celia Flores

“She cried a lot, but I saw it in her eyes. And how wet she got. Like a faucet. The wet just keep coming. There’s nothing that bitch likes more than a fat cock in her mouth.”
Jamal Harrison

Celia: “I didn’t even say anything, Pete. I just looked at you.”
Pete: “Uh huh. Women all do that.”
Celia: “Look at you?”
Pete: “Say things with looks and glances, instead of out loud, so they can play the doe-eyed innocent when it’s convenient.”
Celia: “That’s kind of sexist. Further, like it’s been drilled into me, I’m not a woman anymore.”
Pete: “Doesn’t make it wrong. And you’re not. But old habits die hard.”
Celia: “Effective habits.”
—Celia Flores to Peter Lebeaux

“God, you can be so cute. In this earnest, direct, ‘yes I am cute’ way. It’s sweet and wholesome and good, and something worth protecting, and even being Kindred doesn’t take it away.
There’s just
none of your dad in your face when you smile like that."
Stephen Garrison

“You make everything around you better. You know that? Everything you touch comes out with a coat of gold. The makeup is part of it. Making people look like their best selves. But that’s only part of what you do.
The way you gave Emily a family. The way you turned your mom’s life around. The way you brought, bring, so much happiness into mine. You’re like a fire. A sun. The closer someone gets to you, the more the more warmth and joy you bring into their life.”
Stephen Garrison


Paternal Genealogy

• 1. Charles Flores (b. 1944, d. 1997) + Doris Flores (née Freneau) (b. 1947, d. 1997)
 • 2. Maxen Flores (b. 1972) + Diana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973)
  • 3. Celia Flores (b. 1989) + (unknown father)
   • 4. Lucy Flores (b. 2010)
  • 3. Isabel Flores (b. 1991, d. 2016) + (unknown fathers)
   • 4. Ethan Flores (b. 2010)
   • 4. Abigail Flores (b. 2015)
  • 3. David Flores (b. 1993)
  • 3. Sophia Flores (b. 1994)
  • 3. Logan Flores (b. 1997)
 • 2. Jason Flores (b. 1974) + (his wife)
  • 3. (their children)
 • 2. Mary Whitham (née Flores) (b. 1977) + Jack Whitham (b. 1974)
• 1. Barbara Malveaux (née Flores) (b. 1955) + Carson Malveaux (b. 1952)

Maternal Genealogy (Patrilineal)

• 1. Timothy Underwood (b. 1947, d. 1988) + Payton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947)
  • 2. Stanton Underwood (b. 1972)
  • 2. Diana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973) + Maxen Flores (b. 1972)
   • 3. Emily Rosure (b. 1988, adopted in 2009 by Diana)
   • 3. Celia Flores (b. 1989) + (unknown father)
    • 4. Lucy Flores (b. 2010)
   • 3. Isabel Flores (b. 1991, d. 2016) + (unknown fathers)
    • 4. Ethan Flores (b. 2010)
    • 4. Abigail Flores (b. 2015)
   • 3. David Flores (b. 1993)
   • 3. Sophia Flores (b. 1994)
   • 3. Logan Flores (b. 1997)
  • 2. Prudence Bellamy (née Underwood) (b. 1975) + Norland Bellamy (b. 1974)
   • 3. Lily Bellamy (b. 2005)

Maternal Genealogy (Matrilineal)

• 1. William Andrews (b. 1906, d. 1974) + Marie Andrews (née Freneau) (b. 1907, d. 1982)
 • 2. Doris Andrews (b. 1932, d. 1955) + (unknown father)
  • 3. Douglas Andrews (b. 1955) + Bianca Andrews (b. 1964, d. 1992)
   • 4. Natalie Andrews (b. 1992)
  • 3. Douglas Andrews (b. 1955) + (his second wife)
 • 2. Judy Caldwell (née Andrews) (b. 1936, d. 2008) + James Caldwell (b. 1933, d. 2007)
  • 3+. (The Caldwell family)
 • 2. Beverly Collins (née Andrews) (b. 1939) + Mark Collins (b. 1936, d. 2014)
  • 3+. (The Collins family)
 • 2. Kathleen Andrews (b. 1942, d. 1973)
 • 2. Payton T. Underwood (née Andrews) (b. 1947) + Timothy Underwood (b. 1947, d. 1988)
  • 3. Stanton Underwood (b. 1972)  
  • 3. Diana Flores (née Underwood) (b. 1973) + Maxen Flores (b. 1972)
   • 4. Emily Rosure (b. 1988, adopted in 2009)
   • 4. Celia Flores (b. 1989) + (unknown father)
    • 5. Lucy Flores (b. 2010)
   • 4. Isabel Flores (b. 1991, d. 2016)
    • 5. Ethan Flores (b. 2010)
    • 5. Abigail Flores (b. 2015)
   • 4. David Flores (b. 1993)
   • 4. Sophia Flores (b. 1994)
   • 4. Logan Flores (b. 1997)
  • 3. Prudence Bellamy (née Underwood) (b. 1975) + Norland Bellamy (b. 1974)
   • 4. Lilly Bellamy (b. 2005)

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Celia Flores

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