Bobbi Jo "Mad-Dog Cherry" Boggs

Hot-tempered biker chick & Bayou Knight of the Ku Klux Klan

“Wait, she’s a mess? Eddie, what’s going on over there that she’s a mess?”
Jacob Grunewald, in some of his final words
“Who we gonna hurt, Paw?”
Bobbi Jo Boggs, in typical greeting to her sire
God, I sure know how to raise ’em.
Cletus Lee Boggs’ thoughts on his childe



Bobbi Jo “Mad Dog Cherry” Boggs lives up to her monicker, with a head full of hair as red as any maraschino and wild as an untamed stallion. Her lips are horrifically torn off, leaving a lumpy mass of scar tissue that shows far too much teeth. She wears a worn leather jacket with a Confederate flag proudly emblazoned upon the back, loops of clinking chains over black leather pants, and knee-high biker’s boots with at least two knives concealed in each. A spike-studded black leather bra covers her breasts, but apart from that, the Giovannini neonate goes shirtless, all the better to show off her many tattoos: fanged skulls, a grim reaper whose robes are made from the Confederate flag, and hooded Klansmen with burning crosses. Several of the Klansmen shove erect members through the skulls’ eye sockets. Streams of fire and looping hangman’s nooses dribble from the skulls’ toothy maws and the tips of the Klansmens’ manhoods, as if the latter have been frozen in the act of ejaculating. Crisscrossing swastikas and eagles ambiguously Nazi or American complete the latticework of obscene designs.




Bobbi Jo Boggs was raised in the wholesome family environment of the Cryin’ Bluebellies, turning tricks for the passing-by truck drivers and serving generally as a prepubescent pain whore for the then-nascent White Reich. Despite or perhaps because of this abuse, she became a wild and feral thing, but not without cunning. That cunning and predatory drive helped her to climb the hog-candy chain of the OMC. Moreover, her “professional experience” allowed her to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about not only the illegal drug and arms trade, but also general criminal and transportation dealings in the region.


Bobbi Jo’s ancestor Cletus Lee Boggs recognized her usefulness. He rewarded it by turning her into his ghoul and eventual childe after she sufficiently impressed (if chagrined) her Giovannini elders by leading the White Reich to dominate the lucrative drug and arms trade both within and across St. Tammany parish. Since her Embrace, Mad Dog Cherry has continued to run the OMC through her primary ghoul, Davis Jefferson Boggs—or at least she did until she was firebombed nearly to final death by trespassing Anarchs spurred by Rocco Agnello and her sire subsequently ordered the slaughter of the entire White Reich, save for the now heavily scarred and emasculated Davis Boggs.


• 3. Cappadocius (e. prehistory, d. 1444)
 • 4-3. Augustus Giovannini (b. 945, e. 1005)
  • 5-4. Claudius Giovannini (b. 988, g. 1005, e. 1035, d. 1654)
   • 6-5. Guiseppe “Joseph” Giovannini (b. 1034, g. 1064, e. 1115)
    • 7. Alegraza “Gros Mama Al” Giovannini (b. 1429, g. 1444, e. 1509)
     • 8. Cletus Lee Boggs (b. 1837, g. 1865, e. 1883)
      • 9. Buford Tebow “Mudbelly” Boggs (b. 1925, e. 1944)
      • 9. Isabelica “Sugarbelle” Calero-Pisanob (b. 1961, e. 1987)
      • 9. Bobbi Jo “Mad-Dog Cherry” Boggs (b. 1974, e. 1999)
     • 8. Sergio “Caruso” Putanesca (b. 1849, g. 1874, e. 1910)
     • 8. Alegraza’s other childer


Childe of Cletus Lee Boggs. Cletus is the childe of Alegraza “Gros Mama Al” Giovannini, the padrona of the Southern United States and mortal granddaughter of her sire Guiseppe. Rival anziani sent her on a suicide expedition to the New World shortly after her Embrace, where she was driven into torpor by Native Americans and presumed destroyed by Venice. Her re-emergence during the late 19th century and role in establishing the Giovannini presence in New Orleans proved a pleasant surprise to her sire, and she has since become a respected anziana within the clan. Alegraza was Embraced at the seventh generation. She is believed to have committed several diableries during the Giovannini purge of the Cappadocians, but none of these were sufficient to bring her any closer to Caine.

Alegraza is childe to Guiseppe “Joseph” Giovannini, the firstborn son and first-Embraced childe of Claudius Giovannini. Guiseppe is a former merchant prince who handles much of the clan’s financial affairs and considers himself his father-sire’s rightful successor as Augustus’ right hand. He has been forced to compete for that role with his aunt Luna , uncle Ignazio, and several other anziani of close relation to Augustus, who collectively steer the clan in their patriarch’s absence. Guiseppe was Embraced at the sixth generation and lowered himself to fifth after diablerizing Parmenides, an ancient childe of Japheth, in the mid-16th century.

Guiseppe is childe to Cladius Giovannini, the firstborn son and first-Embraced childe of Augustus Giovannini. Claudius served as his sire’s right-hand man for over six hundred years and was instrumental in his clan’s coup of the Cappadocians. Augustus executed him in the mid-17th century for reasons unknown. Claudius was Embraced at fifth generation and lowered himself to fourth after committing diablerie on Japheth, Cappadocius’ eldest remaining childe, in 1444.

Claudius was childe to Augustus Giovannini, the immortal patriarch and diablerist-Antediluvian of Clan Giovannini. Augustus’ name and deeds are known by all Cainites who claim descent from the Clan of Death. He is considered a faceless bogeyman by his younger descendants and has not been reliably seen in years.


Bobbi Jo’s eldest broodmate Buford Tebow “Mudbelly” Boggs is the prodigal son in absentia. Buford was a decorated WWII veteran and single-blooded Embrace who left his sire, clan, and parish for reasons known only to himself and his biological grandfather. He allegedly lives an itinerant lifestyle traveling between cities, concealing his heritage, and performing as a blues honky-tonk musician. Unconfirmed rumors suggest he infrequently returns home, or at least to New Orleans to participate in Mardi Gras festivities.

Isabelica “Sugarbelle” Calero-Pisanob is Bobbi Jo’s next-eldest broodmate and their sire’s sole double-blooded childe. She was born in Managua, Nicaragua as the youngest child of Miguel Calero, an American-educated Nicaraguan businessman and leader within the largest contra rebel group opposing the Sandinista government (i.e., Nicaraguan Democratic Force). Isabelica helped her father and the Giovannini (particularly the Boggs and their military-industrial puppet, Cadillac Gage) secure, manage, and manipulate the bank accounts into which money was deposited and then used to buy supplies and arms as part of the Iran-Contra Affair. Her maternal ancestors were Pisonab, who taught her their family’s infamous heritage and sorcerous secrets of Aztec necromancy. Due to both her lucrative military-industrialist acumen and her necromantic aptitude, Isabelica was ghouled by a local Pisonab. Shortly thereafter, she was captured and tortured by the Sabbat-allied Sandinista and forced to drink caustic vapors which permanently maimed her vocal chords. Isabelica was rescued by allies of Cletus, flown back to Slidell (alongside her father who was called to testify before Congress), and subsequently rewarded with the Embrace from the Boggs patriarch. Since then, she has continued to deepen her financial-military connections as well as necromantic prowess, proving to be an efficacious addition to the local Giovannini.

Mortal Genealogy

Full article: Boggs Clan.

Bobbi Jo "Mad-Dog Cherry" Boggs

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