Autumn Rabinowitz

Ex-Krewe of Janus Masquerade cleaner




Slimly built, with large eyes and full lips, Autumn has a nonthreatening demeanor that makes her equally easy to trust or overlook in a crowd. She wears her wavy red hair long, half-curled and half-tangled, deliberately effecting a style that suggests she rarely takes the time treat it properly. She dresses in a mix of grunge and hipster style, complete with oversized glasses. The lip ring is her own touch, a taste of rebellion, but only that. Though not overweight, there’s a falseness to her physical shape, a fitness born more from occasional missed meals and conscientious avoidance of particularly unhealthy foods than exercise or fitness.

Demographical Profile

Name: Autumn Abigail Rabinowitz
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Date of Birth: May 15th, 1991
Date of Ghouling: September 19th, 2011
Apparent Age: 20
Real Age: 25
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 121 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Red
Complexion: Pale



Autumn was born to working-class parents and has two siblings. Recruited during her freshman year of college by the Krewe of Janus to serve as an investigator, and billeted for future work in media relations in the protection of the Masquerade, Autumn’s future as a ghoul looked “bright” until she crossed paths with Caroline Malveaux and everything came crashing down. Thrown out of the Krewe, cut off from its resources, and slated for execution, she was purchased by the Ventrue in order to save her life. That’s when things really started to go downhill for her.

Since that time she’s worked as Caroline’s ghoul, adviser, and (briefly) confidant. Today her relationship with her domitor is complicated. In Caroline she has a far more personal relationship than she ever possessed with her enigmatic masters among the Krewe of Janus, with all the good and ill that such a relationship brings with it. Without the aegis of the Krewe she does not enjoy the same level of protection she once, in theory, did among both ghouls and Kindred both. She flies without a net, subject to the violence of her own kind, Kindred, and even her own mistress in ways she never was before. At the hands of Caroline alone she’s been beaten, bloodied, and bled in her brief service, to say nothing of the psychological effects of the third drink she subjected herself to when tempted by the Ventrue heiress’s potent blood. That forced love and affection she is powerless against combined with the terrifying experience of having been little more than food for her mistress on more than one occasion has warped their relationship, instilling in Autumn a fear for Caroline that once drove her to drop out of school in flight of the Ventrue’s tastes.

At the same time, her more personal relationship with her domitor, and her relative value to her, has allowed Autumn a freedom and influence she never would have ever enjoyed under the Krewe. Caroline has been willing to discuss the ghoul’s future, with Autumn offering her own inputs on desires and interests. She offers up far more vita than the Krewe ever did. The Ventrue keeps her in relative comfort as well, and has proven willing to casually foot the bill for other, more extravagant expenses, when Autumn has mustered the courage to ask. Though not spoiled, there is little materially that Autumn wants for. Caroline has also tolerated a degree of insolence and demand from Autumn that the ghoul well knows her previous masters never would have, though even she doesn’t know where that line ends, and what the consequences will be when she finally crosses it, despite having seen how violent her mistress can be.

Autumn Rabinowitz

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