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Blood and Bourbon

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Tall Tales & Might-Have-Beens

The following logs are not canon. They weren’t played out and are speculative fiction written by the game’s players. Nevertheless, truth may be found in lies, and lies may be found in truth: the “real” logs have misinformation and falsehoods aplenty, while the below logs may contain valid insights into characters’ true selves.

At the end of the night, vampires are a race of liars. Find your version of the truth wherever you can.

Capes: Celia waits for her sire.
Gravestones: Celia pays respects to her lost love.
Midnight: Celia celebrates the new year.
Monsters and Maidens: Celia’s love takes her as a ghoul.
Rescue: Celia prays for deliverance.
Roof: Celia is too late to rescue a loved one.
Whore: Celia learns her place.
Wrists: Celia mourns a wedding that can no longer be.
The Tax: Some hapless tourists hope to win big at the casino.


Calder_R Calder_R

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