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Celia I, Chapter VI

Ron's Check

“I believe in stories. Life is ugly. Stories are pretty.”
Ron Landreneau

Tuesday evening, 16 December 2008

Celia: Two thousand dollars, as it turns out, is not a lot of money. Or rather, it’s a lot of money to a girl like Celia. She has her college, living, and other monthly expenses covered by her daddy and a trust fund she can draw from to cover the rest. That essentially turns it into disposable income. But Daddy doesn’t pay for her mother’s rent. Or her groceries. Or her utilities. Or gas for her car. Or insurance. Or any of the other myriad of things that adults have to pay for.

There are a lot of little things that add up over time. Her mother can and does stop teaching at one studio. They find themselves “up brown creek” when a sudden problem with the car leaves them on the side of the road with white smoke billowing out of the engine. The tow costs a few hundred in and of itself. The mechanic—an old man named Tuck—tells them that the problem is the timing belt.

“Lil’ rubber piece, ma’am,” he says to Diana. "Part itself run you ‘bout fiddy, but the labor’s what getsya.”

They take the bus back to Diana’s place, and Celia tries not to listen in while her mother makes a few phone calls to search for last minute work. The bankruptcy is still a few weeks out. The wage garnishment won’t stop until that goes through, leaving her mother with only a portion of her paycheck in the meantime.

“I could ask Stephen,” she ventures after her mother joins her on the couch. “His family has money, maybe they’d…?”

Diana shakes her head.

“No, sweetie. You don’t want to mix loans with your relationship. Nothin’ good can come of that. You’ll always feel like you owe him because he helped you out of a bind. I picked up a class at En Pointe; just a few of those and we’ll be set.”

Celia can’t help but notice how her mother rubs her leg as she talks.

It’s just a little bit longer, she thinks. Just one more visit to Paul.

The next day she finds a new recipe online and tries her hand at white chocolate pistachio blondies. She drizzles a little bit of extra white chocolate over the top after she cuts the blondies into neat squares. She packs a dozen of them into a small box to take over to Paul’s house. An umbrella keeps the worst of the winter rain off of her. The guards outside still make her stop before she goes in so they can check the contents and peer into her bookbag. One of them, a large black man twice her size, opens the top of the box and sniffs at the baked goods.

“What, don’t like chocolate?”

He leads the chorus of laughter that follows. Celia doesn’t quite get it, but she smiles politely and moves on her way once they knock on the door.

Mr. Simmons looks her over once she’s inside. Celia is careful not to drip on the carpet, and she leaves her umbrella in the stand, removing her shoes near the door. When she sees that one of her socks was splashed by the rain she takes those off as well, trailing after her host in bare feet. Soft pink polish coats her toes.

“I—I brought you these, Mr. Simmons,” Celia says to him, holding out the box. “You said you liked the muffins before, and I thought maybe you’d…”

She thought maybe they could go back to what they had before. Down here on the ground level, he doesn’t make her get naked and lie in the tub so he can watch her touch herself. Or shove things inside of her that make her bleed.

GM: Paul greets Celia with another plastic smile that does not reach his eyes. Those never smile at her. They’re as cold and impersonal as if he were meeting a stranger.

He doesn’t say anything.

He just looks at the blondies.

He removes one from the box and holds it up, as if inspecting it.

The smile turns thinner.

Celia: Celia swallows when his smile thins. She thought the blondies looked good, but maybe he’s… not a fan? She’d brought them to make things better, not worse.

GM: “Remove your clothes and unfold all of the newspapers. Layer them over each other and stand upon them,” he orders without further preamble.

There’s a copy of the Times-Picayune on a nearby coffee table.

Celia: She does as he asks, reaching for the newspaper on the coffee table—and stops, recalling the order he’d told her to do things in. She unbuttons her blouse and slips the material down her shoulders. The bra follows. Then her skirt, and finally her panties. She folds her clothing and sets it in a small pile on the ground. Remembering last time, she doesn’t attempt to hide her body from his gaze. She instead reaches for the newspapers to lay them across the ground. She steps into the center of them.

GM: “Kneel.”

Celia: Celia sinks to her knees. She keeps her back straight, hands down at her sides.

GM: Paul holds the blondie in front of her, in the palm of his hand. As if to sniff.

He wordlessly holds it there.

Time stretches.

Celia: She leans forward and wordlessly sniffs at it.

GM: Paul takes the blondie and smooshes it over Celia’s face. The bulk remains plastered over her nose. Crumbs and bits run down her nose and eyes. They patter against the newspaper as they fall.

“The products of a whore’s filthy imagination.”

Celia: Crumbs and white chocolate stick to her face. She recoils, but doesn’t move from the spot on her knees.

GM: “Did you believe this would be amusing to me, whore?”

Celia: “I—I thought—” Celia looks down at the smashed food, then back up at Paul. “I’m—”

How can he always reduce her to this stuttering, nonsensical state? She takes a breath, trying to calm herself.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Simmons, you said you liked the muffins, I thought you’d enjoy them…?”

GM: Paul removes his belt, unzips his pants, and smashes another blondie over his now-erect cock. He makes a fist in her hair and shoves his dick in her face.

“Shut up and suck.”

Celia: Celia winces as he grabs hold of her hair, leaning forward to close her lips around his cock. The mashed blondie gets in the way, smearing white chocolate and soft brownie across her lips and his dick.

GM: “Consume it all, whore. I want my penis immaculate.”

Celia: It’s less a blowjob than it is using her tongue and lips to clean him off at this point. She doesn’t know what to do with the brownie crumbs that get into her mouth. Spitting it out seems rude, so she swallows what makes it into her mouth.

GM: Less crumbs than wholesale chunks. Paul spreads most of the mushed brownie over his crotch. Only a couple chunks land on the newspaper. Crumbs and chocolate get all over his pubic hair.

“Immaculate,” he repeats.

Celia: Celia tries to do as he asks. She takes him as deep into her mouth as she can, gagging when he hits the back of her throat. She almost loses what little she has already swallowed. She pulls back, drool dripping out of her mouth to land on the newspaper, and flicks her tongue along the underside of his cock instead. Stephen had told her once that it’s “sort of sensitive on that side.” She uses that as the convenient excuse she needs to get to what he smears further along than she can reach the other way. Her tongue touches the hair on his body and she almost gags again at the texture.

GM: Paul patiently lets her clean him off. She tastes blondie along with pubic hair that gets stuck between her teeth. Lots of stringy black pubic hair. It’s unavoidable with how she’s trying to clean him with her mouth, to recover every little crumb and bit of chocolate. Her only consolation is that Paul seems to practice good hygiene down there. She can’t imagine what this would be like with a partner who didn’t.

Paul shoves his cock back in her mouth every so often. He fists her hair and forcing himself as deep as he can, titillating her gag reflex. He shoves his balls in, too, to be certain that Celia will “fully clean those.” Her jaw aches. Drool pools all over her knees and the newspaper. When he gets close, Paul pants, “Hold out your hands,” and then pulls out. He ejaculates over the box of blondies.

He picks up one, then places it upon her palms.

The white chocolate glaze has several thick ropes of cum over it.

Equally white.

“Do you understand now, my whore?” he asks.

There’s a bit of cum over his fingers. He wipes them off along her face.

Celia: Celia’s face is covered in blondie, drool, and smears of chocolate by the time she’s done. She gags again when the pubes lodge themselves in her throat, and once he pulls out of her mouth she swallows repeatedly in an attempt to get rid of it.

But she stares down at the blondie in her hand, covered in lines of white chocolate and cum.

“Oh,” she says. Because she does see. Color floods her cheeks. “I didn’t—” She looks up at him, tears in her eyes. “I didn’t mean to.”

GM: Paul stares down at her.

“You did not? Which are you, then, Celia? Filthy-minded or stupid?”

A hollow smile tugs at his lips.

“The answer is both, of course.”

“You have a whore’s filthy mind and are too stupid to recognize it.”

“This causes you to persist in your bumbling and failed attempts at domesticity.”

Celia: Celia drops her eyes again. “I’m sorry,” she says to the ground.

She doesn’t know what else she can say.

GM: “Eat it,” says Paul.

“I pay you to consume my seed.”

Celia: There’s hesitation, but only for a moment. It’s no different than swallowing when he cums in her mouth, right?

Except it is. Then, it’s over in one swallow. Now, it’s a whole piece of blondie that she has to eat. With pistachio and white chocolate and Paul’s jizz splattered across the top of it in thick, ropy strands. Already cooling. Salty. Sticky. It clings to her tongue when she opens her mouth to take a bite. She forces herself to chew, teeth crunching down on the nuts and white chocolate chips. She forces herself to swallow the mashed pastry, then takes another bite to repeat the process.

GM: Paul watches her eat the entire time. She’s never had someone do that. Actively, deliberately watch her eat, doing nothing else themselves. It’s very easy to feel self-conscious.

Especially naked.

Paul picks up the box of blondies when she’s finished. He holds them out in front of her.

Celia: Her stomach is in knots by the time she’s done with it. There’s a combination of discomfort and the knowledge of what she’s doing and fear he’s going to make her eat the rest of them.

GM: “And what are we to do with the rest of these filthy things, Celia? They are clearly unfit for consumption.”

There’s bits of cum on some of the others too.

Celia: “I… I can throw them away, Mr. Simmons?”

GM: “Oh, no, no, no, Celia.”

“And waste food?”

“Did your mother not teach you cooking waste is undesirable, or were you too stupid to learn that too?”

He passes her the box.

“Hold this.”

“Drop it and your punishment will be severe.”

Celia: Celia clutches the box to her chest, staring up at him. She shakes her head at his question.

GM: Paul takes his penis in hand and proceeds to urinate over the remaining blondies. The acrid and unmistakable smell of piss fills Celia’s nostrils. He must have gone to the bathroom semi-recently. The piss stream doesn’t drown the blondies or pool at the edge of the box. But it soaks them good. The white chocolate glaze turns a distinct yellow.

“Eat them.”

Celia: Celia stares at the ruined blondies. She had worked hard on those. Had taken a special trip to the store to buy the raw pistachios and good chocolate that her mother showed her. Had deshelled and roasted the nuts. Had taken a second trip to the store when she realized she didn’t have brown sugar for the base. It had taken hours. Hours, and he ruins it in minutes.

The pungent smell of piss touches her nose. It wrinkles on its own, but a second later she smooths it out, hopefully before he can see. It had been an honest mistake. That’s all. Just a mistake.

Stupid, she thinks, to come back here. Even if she needs the money. Stupid to think that last time… that last time meant anything at all. Putting the towel around her shoulders. Drying her off with his own hands. Laying her down on the couch so she could rest.

She sniffles, then lifts one hand to wipe at her eyes.

“I—I… Muh—Mister Simmons, I c-can’t.”

GM: Paul offers her a plastic smile, then removes her phone from her discarded clothes and snaps a picture of her.

“You will consume your whore confections, or both of your parents will receive this picture.”

Celia: Celia moves to cover herself as he snaps the photo.

She drops the box.

GM: Paul’s eyes flash as he reflexively steps away. Piss-soaked blondies land over the layers of newspaper.

A sound like a low hiss escapes his throat.

It doesn’t stop.

It goes on.

And on.

His fists clench hard enough that Celia can see the bones in his knuckles.

His eyes are huge.

And bloodshot.

Celia: For a moment, Celia can only stare. The hairs on the back of her neck stand on end at the inhuman sound he’s making… and then she sees his fists, and his eyes, and she reels backwards. The newspaper slips out from under her. She lands hard on her tailbone, scrambling to put her feet under her.

GM: His eyes rivet after her retreating form like a wolf tracking a hare.

“Place every soiled item within the box,” he orders, his voice as cold and hard as the steel doors upstairs.

Celia: Celia glances at the front door, then at the pile of clothes neatly folded at Paul’s feet. The sound of her swallow fills the room, but she hastens to obey. She picks up the crumpled newspapers, crumbs, and bits of blondie from the floor. She doesn’t get any closer to him than she needs to. She reaches out with the tips of her fingers to get the last of it that sits just in front of him.

GM: Paul watches like a hawk. His body is completely still. He barely even seems to breathe.

“Eat them.”

“All of them.”

There’s no plastic smile.

Just a deathly intent look that reminds Celia of her father when he discovered Isabel with the weed and porn magazines.

He doesn’t say ‘or else.’

Celia: He doesn’t need to.

She knows “or else.” And she knows whatever it is will be worse than eating the baked goods or having photos sent to her parents.

Crouching on the floor, Celia shoves the first of the blondies into her mouth. She can taste urine across the top of them, acidic and sour. It’s only through extreme force of will that she’s able to chew and swallow, then take another bite. It lodges in her throat like a fist.

GM: “All of them, you stupid whore,” rings Paul’s cold voice.

There are newspapers in the box too, in addition to the remaining blondies. She tried so hard to cram them in. There’s piss on them too.

Celia: Celia mashes another brownie into her mouth. She tries to chew and swallow as quickly as she can. The sooner it’s over, the sooner she can leave. But her stomach wasn’t made for this level of food. Daddy had never let them spoil themselves like this at home. He never left them unsupervised with treats. Everything in moderation. There’s more calories in this box than she eats in a day, all of it sugar and fat and carbs. Before long she slows, jaws aching, stomach roiling. The mixture of sugar and piss mix in her mouth until she can’t taste anything else.

Celia presses a hand to her stomach. She’s going to be sick.

GM: “Vomit and you will consume your vomit as well, whore. You will take all of the filth you have brought into my home into yourself.” The words ring out like bangs against the steel doors. They make Celia think of fists banging from the other side.

They make her think whether those fists could be hers.

Daddy allows only one cookie or brownie piece per meal, but she has experience with more. Her mom lets her eat more sweets when she’s over. “You can have as many as you like, sweetie… we can set our own rules here,” she smiled after that first dessert she’d prepared. Classic chocolate chip cookies.

But the dance major and retired ballerina were no strangers to the expectation to stay thin and pretty. Celia’s not sure if she ever ate more than three dessert items at once. Her mom was fine with that. Probably glad, even.

The rest of the piss-soaked blondies stare up at her.

Celia: Stephen never makes comments about what she eats, either. Learning about her diet as a dancer interested him. He’d never made her feel bad about eating or not eating sweets. When when one of his friend’s girlfriends had rolled her eyes and muttered something about anorexia when Celia turned down dessert at a gathering, he’d set the record straight. “She’s an athlete, it’s no different than a body builder skipping cake.”

Paul doesn’t seem like he cares about that. That she’s going to ruin her body if she puts this much into it. That she’s going to have to train that much harder to work it off. Her hand moves from her stomach to her mouth as the bile rises up her esophagus, but she chokes it down. She believes him when he says he’ll make her eat it.

She reaches for another blondie once the nausea passes. She’d been eating from the edges inward. The remaining pieces, by nature of their location, contain more of his cum and urine. The latter has soaked thoroughly into the sweets, turning them mushy. It makes things both easier and worse: like an Oreo that has sat too long in milk they fall apart in her mouth, but the flavor is… repulsive. Vile.

Perhaps more miserable than the physical act of eating itself is the knowledge of what she’s doing. Forcing herself to eat something she had made in an effort to be nice that he had defiled. Forcing herself to swallow human urine. Letting him do this to her.

Shame and disgust curl together inside her chest.

Bite by bite, she chews through the blondies. Her jaw aches. A cold sweat breaks out across her brow, then down her back, behind her knees, between her breasts. Her stomach rebels. She chokes it down.

She hates him.

She hates him, she hates him, she hates him.

Everything about him.

His fake smile. His plastic face. His stupid, clean house with its soulless interior. The way he says her name. His cock. His fingers. His latex gloves. His weird eyes and the sound he makes. His voice. His arrogance.


She hates him.

No amount of money is worth this.

How can she be mad at her mom for not fighting back against her dad when she’s on her knees doing the same thing here?

Her fingers close around the blondie in her hand. She should throw it at him. Smear it across the floor. Dig it into the carpet, see how big and tough he is then when he can’t even get over a stain with his weird fixation on cleanliness.

She starts to crush it in her fingers.

She looks up, defiance in her eyes—

And stops short at the expression on his face. Cold. Not angry. Just cold. Uncaring. Unfeeling. Like she’s nothing. Less than nothing. Like it wouldn’t bother him one bit to turn his promise of “severe punishment” into something worse. Something permanent. Steel doors. Blood in the tub.

She looks back down at the crushed blondie… and shoves it into her mouth.

GM: It tastes salty and bitter. Almost like earwax. The saltiness goes together terribly with the already salty cum. It mutes much of the blondies’ sweet flavor. She’s shoveling all this sugar and fat into her body and doesn’t even get to taste it.

Paul just watches.

Soiled square after soiled square, Celia shoves then down. She starts to feel lightheaded. Her knees are sore. Cold sweat trickles down her naked back. She wants to throw up, and only the prospect of being made to eat her own waste keeps it down. It feels like she’s swallowing poison.

Until all dozen are gone. The whole box.

Paul watches.




Then the newspapers. Celia tears them into strips and swallows them down. They actually go down easier, in some ways. There’s not too much piss. The taste is less foul. There’s no rush of sugar. No sensation of her arteries clogging or her heart pumping harder. (Was she imagining that?) It’s harder in other ways, though. Her mouth feels so dry. The newspapers are dry too. It feels like she’s trying to swallow them whole, and that no matter how much she chews, they’re going to stick to her throat. So she chews and chews. What feels like forever. It’s actually helpful to eat the soiled sections first. They go down easier.

Paul waits until she’s done.

She feels bloated. Enormous. She feels like a cauldron of poison is brewing inside her enormous belly and spreading through her bloodstream. She feels lightheaded. The sweats are worse. Her knees are sore. She’s sick. She wants to void her stomach, curl up in a dark hole, and pass out. Or die.

Paul finally approaches the still-kneeling naked girl and pats her head, like he would a dog.

“There is an obedient whore.”

Celia: Have people died from too much sugar? Too much fat? Swallowing paper? Will it get stuck in her guts, cause her intestines to explode? Will the lining of her stomach stretch and tear and spill it into the rest of her?

She shudders at the thought. A hand touches her stomach, as if she can feel it distending past its natural shape. She glances down to make sure it’s all in her head, that she doesn’t look six months pregnant.

Everything hurts. Her stomach. Her jaw. Her eyes. Her knees. Her body is covered in a cold sweat, but a flush creeps across the back of her neck and chest. She doesn’t say anything when she’s done. She doesn’t even look up at him until he touches her, and when she does the tears spill down her cheeks. She wipes at them with her hands, smearing what’s left on her fingers across her face.

GM: Paul pats her head several more times.

A plastic smile touches his face.

“I will tell you what, my whore.”

“As a reward for your obedience, I will allow you to purge your stomach in the toilet upstairs. So long as you crawl there upon your hands and knees. You may crawl as fast or as slow as you like. Is this acceptable to your sensibilities?”

Celia: She doesn’t know if she can even get to her feet at this point, or if she’d be able to walk. She’s certain she has never eaten this much at one time before. Slowly, she nods her head.

GM: Paul pats her head again.


Celia: Celia’s hands are sticky with the remnants of the blondies. She stares at them as if she has never seen them before. She finally curls them into fists and lowers herself to the ground to walk on her knuckles.

She doesn’t want to get the carpet dirty.

Every movement on her hands and knees hurts. Her swollen stomach sloshes from one side to the other with each movement. Being in this position with her head down makes the nausea worse. Once she’s off the carpet the hard floor hurts her knees, and the pressure on her knuckles makes her want to stop. She does stop a few times, sitting back on her heels, occasionally doubling over when her stomach heaves. She covers her mouth with her hand to keep from spewing before she reaches the bathroom.

The stairs are easier. She used to walk up them like this when she was a kid, before her dad decided that ladies don’t act this way. Then the long stretch of bare hall and steel doors waits for her. She creeps slowly along, nudging the bathroom door open with her shoulder, and lifts the lid on the toilet.

A finger down her throat has her sputtering and gagging in no time. Her stomach clenches, then releases its contents. Blondie, cum, paper, and piss come back up.

It’s worse the second time around. Chunks of pastry, pistachio, and white chocolate that haven’t yet begun to dissolve tickle the back of her throat on their way up. She spews it into the waiting water at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Then again. And again.

GM: It all comes out.

Out her mouth. Out her nose. That’s always one of the worse parts of vomiting. The way it comes out through the nose and leaves the scent of puke just inescapably there. The taste lingers in her mouth. Fills her mouth. She feels filthy. She tastes filthy.

But she feels lighter.


The nausea is mostly gone.

Emily once mentioned to her, when they talked about dance and its accompanying eating disorders. She said that purging doesn’t get rid of all the calories. It doesn’t let you eat as much as you want. You can retain as much as 50% of the calories you consumed. It’s inefficient. Most bulimics expand their stomachs, too, and need more food anyway to feel full.

But right now, 50% less feels like the bargain of a lifetime.

Then she feels a hand, patting against her head again.

Not patting.


She feels like an animal, naked and curled up on the ground, taking such pleasure (or at least relief) from the exercise of her gross bodily functions.

“What is polite to say after receiving a gift, my whore?”

Celia: The other part people forget about vomiting is the way it affects the rest their body. Tears stream down her cheeks as she forces herself to purge, mingling with the snot that drips out of her nose. Her throat is raw, like it’s on fire, and even after she’s lifted her head from the bowl the taste lingers on her tongue. She hates that he’s watching. That he’s seeing her like this, naked and shivering and bent over the toilet, red-faced and sweating. She wants a toothbrush. And mouthwash. And a long, hot bath or shower to burn away the indignity of her ordeal.

But she doesn’t have any of that. She has the back of her hand to wipe away the tears, her arm to wipe at the remnants of crumbs and other foul things from her mouth.

Maybe she doesn’t mean to lean into the hand that he has on her. Maybe she’s just that exhausted that she doesn’t notice it when it happens. How her eyes close in relief that it’s over, and her back touches his leg and she doesn’t yank away. But her shoulders curl a little more, and her eyes don’t leave the ground while she searches for her voice.

“Th-thank you, Mr. Simmons.” Hollow.

GM: His hand strokes her hair several more times.

“Into the tub, Celia. Open your mouth.”

He helps her in. Hands around her torso, just under her breasts but without touching them, urging her up. But not onto her feet.

He removes the shower head again. Sprays freezing cold water over her at full blast. Over her body. Inside her mouth. He tells her to gargle and spit, then sprays inside her mouth again. He tells her to lie down on her back, breasts exposed, and sprays her there too. The water is not gentle. Another ordeal to endure.

But she’s clean when he’s finished. Clean and shivering with cold.

Celia: The water helps rinse the taste from her mouth, at least. And she swallows some of it, soothing her raw throat.

That’s the only benefit she can see to the cold water. That it quenches the fire in the back of her mouth. That it puts something besides paper and sugar in her belly.

She doesn’t complain about the cold or the pressure, just moves how he tells her to, letting the water run down her body to rinse away… everything. She rubs at a spot on her chest, picking at it with her nail until the piece of whatever comes free and swirls down the drain with the rest of it.

And when it’s over she’s left huddled in the bottom of the tub, arms stretched around herself in an effort to hold onto what warmth has been left to her.

GM: Paul’s hands descend again. With a familiar towel, soft and fluffy, drying her off. He gets her breasts, her legs, between them, everywhere but her back. The towel lingers on her neck, then pauses. She looks up and sees Paul’s hands descending with a thick leather dog collar.

Celia: Wide-eyed, Celia leans backwards, shaking her head back and forth. She lifts her hands, as if to fend him off.

GM: “The remainder of this evening may proceed gently, Celia,” Paul states. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, for it to proceed gently?”

Celia: Slowly, Celia gives an uncertain nod of her head.

GM: Paul fastens the collar around her neck. It’s a snug and tight fit, like someone’s hands over her throat. Paul attaches a lead and gives a light tug.


Celia: The collar pulls at her neck when he tugs. Face flushed, Celia clambers out of the tub. Crawl, he’d said earlier, so she stays on her hands and knees. Gentle. He said gentle. If she listens, if she follows, if she’s good.

GM: Paul leads her out of the bathroom by her hands and knees. Down the hard floor and stairs. For all he said about gentleness, moving is not comfortable.

Perhaps the alternative would be worse.

Celia: It would be worse.

The stairs are awkward to maneuver on hands and knees. She does a sort of sideways shuffle so she doesn’t tumble down after him and break something.

GM: It’s a relief when they reach carpet again. Paul attaches the lead to a ring on the wall. Why does he even have a ring there?

“Kneel and place your hands behind your back.”

Celia: She waits quietly when he fastens her to the wall, not even bothering to tug against it. When he tells her to sit she does so, hands behind her back like he said.

GM: Paul steps behind her, then she hears a clink as handcuffs fasten.

He walks away.

Celia: Her eyes follow his movements. Arms cuffed behind her back, chained to the wall, naked and cold, she doesn’t think she’s ever been more exposed.

It occurs to her that there’s little he can’t do to her like this.

GM: Paul continues to walk away.

His shoes pad against the carpeted floor.

She can’t see his face.

She can’t say what he’s thinking.

She can’t say what he’s planning.

He stops in front of the couch to do something. Then he turns around.

He’s carrying a pillow. He walks back up to Celia and places it upon the ground, within reach of her lead.

Celia: He’s back with a pillow. Just a pillow.

Her shoulders slump in relief.

She’d imagined the worst.

GM: “You may sleep. Sixty minutes. No less and no more.”

Celia: Laying down is awkward with her hands behind her back. She can’t lay on her back or she’ll crush her hands, and if she lays on her side her arm will go numb. She shuffles forward on her knees until she’s closer to the pillow, bending her waist and trying to ease onto her stomach. Gravity gives her more of a hand than she needs. Her shoulders scream when she flails to regain her balance and tries to move them to assist, chin coming down hard on the floor. Her teeth clink together.

GM: Paul watches her flail with an expression that looks almost like… amusement.

Or perhaps satisfaction.

Then he’s gone.

Celia: It takes another few minutes for her to find a comfortable way to lay down that lets her breathe properly. She curls her body in on itself to keep from shivering. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to fall asleep, but she closes her eyes all the same.

GM: Sleep comes hard, despite Celia’s discomfort, and ends all too soon. She feels even more exhausted when a hand jostles her awake. She feels like part of her dissolved in a runny stain over the pillow. Her arms and wrists are sore. But her nausea is mostly gone, and the taste of piss and bile is long faded.

She really wants to sleep some more.

She stares up at Paul’s shoes, then hears the sound of his fly unzipping.

“We will now do this evening as it was meant to be done, Celia. Suck and swallow.”

Celia: Getting back to her knees is an ordeal in and of itself. It’s made all the more difficult by the handcuffs and her exhaustion. How is it possible she’s more tired after the nap than before? She blames the cold, the awkward positioning, the soreness in her body.

But she makes it to her knees when she gets a shoulder underneath her to push herself up. This part—Paul unzipped in front of her—is at least familiar. She opens her mouth for him to suck and swallow.

GM: It doesn’t feel very good. The blowjob probably isn’t very good either. This is the reason people don’t want to have sex when they say “I’m tired.” But it’s over soon enough as Paul’s hot, sticky seed fills her mouth. There’s less to swallow than last time. Her stomach feels very sensitive as she forces down the salty stuff.

Paul pats her head.

“Have you learned your lesson, my whore?”

Celia: Celia swallows it down all the same. It’s better than being forced to eat what she had earlier.

She nods again at his question. Be good. Be obedient. Be clean. Don’t be stupid.

GM: Paul unfastens her collar, then removes her handcuffs. Her clothes lie in a pile nearby.

“You may dress yourself.”

He passes her $500 in a money clip once she has.

“It’s time for you to go.”

Celia: Celia quietly thanks him for the money. It disappears into her pocket on their way to the door.

GM: Paul shows her to the door, then cups her breast with his hand.

A plastic smile touches his face.

He says nothing further.

Celia: She lingers for only a moment in the doorway, eyes moving from the hand on her to his face, as if she might speak.

In the end she decides against it. There’s nothing to say. She turns to go, telling herself that she’s not running like a whipped dog.

She tastes the lie.

Thursday evening, 18 December 2008

GM: It’s not too much longer before Celia shows up to her mother’s apartment for dinner and knocks on the door. Diana greets her with a hug and exclamation of, “Sweetie, look!” as she produces a check.

It’s from the McGehee School for Girls, made out to Diana M. Flores. The amount is slightly under $3,000.

Almost double what she’s said her monthly income is.

Celia’s mother takes her hands and sweeps her into a waltz as she sings,

“We’re in the mo-neeey, we’re in the mo-neeey, we’re in the mo-neeey…”

Celia: This is truly a moment worth celebrating. Celia spins around with her mother, joining the song, spirits lifted far higher than they’ve been in months. Everything is moving along, it seems. And now that her mother is getting her whole check she never needs to get on her knees for Paul again.

“We’re in the mo-neeey, we’re in the mo-neeey, we’re in the mo-neeey…”

She asks if they should celebrate with a nice dinner, or if her mom wants to save it.

GM: “Oh, a nice dinner sounds lovely, sweetie, but there’s still expenses to pay… we’re not completely in the clear yet,” her mom says as she sits down. “That’ll take the child support from your dad, and some of the other things I’ve been talking about with Viv.”

“This, though, was somethin’ called automatic stay. The collection agency has to stop garnishing my wages now that we’re far enough along into the bankruptcy filing.”

“And it will definitely, definitely help, so long as you can keep things up on your end?”

Celia: “Oh. With the… groceries?”

Not the cash, she prays. Please not the cash.

GM: Her mom nods. “The groceries, and the money too, if you can manage it.”

Her cheeks turn a little red.

“I don’t think I’ve told you this, sweetie.”

“No, I know I haven’t.”

“I’m on… public assistance. Food stamps.”

Celia: “Oh. But your check..?”

GM: “They’re going to reduce my benefits, now that I’m making a bigger income. That’s the way it’s structured. The more you make, the less they give you.”

Celia: Her stomach ties itself in knots.

GM: “You come out ahead if you work, mind, or make more money. $3000 is $1500 more than $1500, obviously. And food stamps are around $200 per month, max.”

“I don’t receive the max amount, and I’ll probably get less now.”

Celia: “Oh,” she says again.

She tries to keep her face from falling. How can she turn her mom down? How can she turn her back on the woman who has worked long hours, taken on extra jobs, and supported every dream she’s ever had? She’d walked away from her once when she’d needed her the most.

What kind of daughter would she be if she did it again now?

“Okay,” is all she says.

Maybe she can get a job with Emily.

…on top of full time and part time school.

GM: It won’t pay what Paul does.

Emily’s said that’s why girls become escorts. Flat out, it pays more.

Waitressing just pays pride.

“And I still get customers who sexually harass me, so that’s fun,” she’d said.

“…are you okay, sweetie?” Celia’s mom asks, laying a hand on her shoulder.

“You’ve really come through, helpin’ with the tuition, auto payments, and gas… this dream of yours definitely isn’t comin’ from just me!”

“But is it too much, what I’m asking you to carry?”

Celia: Celia finds a smile for her mother, waving away her concern.

“No, Momma. Of course not. I’m just taking it out of my trust, it’s not a big deal.”

GM: “Oh. I didn’t think they were set up to allow that.”

She looks surprised, then a familiar fear fills her eyes.

“Does your father—is this all on the up and up with him?”

Celia: “I mean… it’s not like I tell him what it’s for. Another school. Or car. Or you.”

“I just, um, said that there were some things I wanted, and he said it was okay.”

“And he… he owes you,” she continues hotly, “for what he did. So it makes sense that he’s paying for it.”

Celia crosses her arms, as if daring her mother to contradict her.

GM: “Okay, just… just as long as he doesn’t find out, Celia,” her mom says slowly, then lays her hands on both of Celia’s shoulders. “Promise me. That if he gets suspicious, at all, that you’ll stop.”

“Money isn’t worth what he might do if he finds out.”

Celia: “…what would he do?”

GM: “Promise me, Celia,” her mother repeats.

Celia: That doesn’t reassure her at all. But she nods.

“He won’t find out.”

She’ll make sure of it.

GM: “Okay. Thank you.” Her mom hugs her close for several moments, then pulls away and smiles.

“Now, why don’t we get started on dinner…”

Tuesday evening, 23 December 2008

GM: It’s about a week later before Celia gets a call to come back. Ron opens his condo door in the same bathrobe and slippers.

“All right, lab said you’re mine. C’mon in.”

“I’ve had way too fuckin’ many girls claim I’m their baby’s daddy, so don’t blame me for being a little cold earlier. Want something to drink?”

Celia: Celia follows him into the condo. She hadn’t expected him to call her back, even if she is his. After leaving that day she hadn’t even known if she’d come back if he’d called. But here she is, and here he is, and those are the words that confirm it all for her: she’s his. She isn’t Celia Flores. She’s Celia Landreneau. Maybe not officially, maybe that’s not the name on her birth certificate, but that’s who she is. A bastard. Half-black. God, is Diana even her mom? Some part of her had hoped that Mom was wrong, that Daddy is her dad.

She’s still reeling from the implications when he speaks again.

“Oh, um, a… soft drink, maybe? I’m only nineteen.” A pause, then, “I think I understand. My dad… my other dad, I mean, he told me that’s kind of what it’s like in Hollywood, with famous people.”

“There was that Saints player whose girlfriend took the condom out of the trash to get herself pregnant.”

GM: “Yeah. That is the sort of shit you see. Hollywood is a fucking piranha tank.”

Celia: “Is that why you came back?”

GM: “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, I always say,” answers Ron as he opens the fridge. “I got seltzer and harder stuff, and don’t give a fuck if you’re 21.”

Celia: She doesn’t think he wants to hear that she’s never had anything harder than a splash of rum in her coke before.

“Whatever you’re having, then.”

GM: He returns from the kitchen with two glasses filled with a light brown liquid. Celia isn’t sure what it is. He sits down on a leather couch and gestures for her to take a seat wherever.

“Who’s your mom, by the way?”

Celia: Celia takes the offered drink and finds a seat on the couch. She keeps her back straight, not quite ready to relax around him—even if he is her dad.

“Diana Flores. Or, well, Underwood at the time. She said you met at a party.”

It’s meant to be helpful, but she realizes belatedly that he probably meets most of his women at parties. When they’re not banging on his door to fuck, anyway.

GM: “Yeah, I dunno who that is.”

Celia: “Oh.”

GM: “Well, whatever. Paternity test says you’re mine.”

He takes a sip of his drink.

Celia: Celia follows suit. She supposes she hadn’t expected him to remember her mom if he’s as hounded by other women as he implies that he is. Probably has a few side pieces at any given time.

“She doesn’t know I came to see you, anyway. She doesn’t want anything. My… her husband thinks I’m his.”

She’s pretty light-skinned for a girl who’s half black. Hair is a little more wavy than a white woman’s, maybe. But it’s nowhere near the coarse, kinky locks she’s seen on other black people.

GM: It tastes really strong and makes her want to sputter and gag.

Her apparent dad chuckles. “That’s funny.”

“Can see why, though. You’re pretty light.”

“Guess that’s this city. Who the fuck is completely white or black.”

Celia: She wrinkles her nose at the taste, even coughs a bit after she swallows. The second time it goes down easier, though. She has no idea what it is, but that doesn’t stop her from using it to kill the nerves.

She nods.

“I was pretty surprised when I found out.”

GM: He takes another sip.

“Life’s full of ’em, I guess. So who are you?”

Celia: It’s a broad question, one that she’s not sure how to answer. She’s just a kid, really. Sheltered behind the walls of Audubon for 19 years, finally out in the real world.

“I’m a freshman at Tulane. I went to McGehee. I’m in the dance program. My mom taught us all ballet growing up, so that’s kind of my focus, but we expanded a little to include more contemporary things.”

Celia swirls the ice around in her drink. She’s a little warm. Is she boring him? What does he want to know?

“I’m also at John Jay Academy for esthetics.” There’s a pause, then, “No one knows that, though. My da—my mom’s husband said I need a four-year degree, so I’m doing both. But when I finish and get my license I can start working in a real place instead of the student salon, so that’s kind of where my focus and energy go, mostly.”

She lifts her eyes from her drink, her smile sheepish.

“Not very exciting.”

GM: “Huh, neat. If no one knows you’re at John Jay, how you paying for it?”

Celia: “My mom is helping. It’s not that much, next to a place like Tulane. I’ve been saving some money, too. Allowances and that kind of thing.”

She sips the drink. The charcoal and gasoline tastes downright sweet next to that lie.

“I followed your career a little, when you were out west. And when you came back.”

GM: “You need money?” Ron asks. “If it’s not much, things must be tight with your mom not covering it all.”

Well, not as tight since her mom filed for bankruptcy, apart from having to get on her knees every week.

Celia: “Oh, no. I mean, I appreciate it, but we’re managing. Thank you, though.”

GM: Paul hasn’t seemed as happy with that anymore.

He’s tried cuming on her face or into her hair, as an alternative to her swallowing. He’s remarked that the sight of “my whore on her knees” is starting to grow “familiar” and that “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Celia: What does Paul care. It’s not his money.

GM: He’s hinted they’re going to do anal soon. Whether she wants to do anal or not.

That second scenario seems like it would turn him on.

Celia: She tries not to think about it. She can stop soon. As soon as everything is fine with her mom. If he tries for more, she’ll just stop seeing him.

Maybe she’ll finally have the balls to follow through on the blackmail. Get the evidence of those weird doors, find out what’s behind them. Turn him in for… something.

GM: Ron considers her.

“Guess you could be saying no to build trust. Make me work to get all the sad details. Really build up how much you and your poor mother need the money, and get a higher figure. But you seem too naive for that shit if you care about drinking age and hearing ‘tits’ makes you blush.”

“Granted, you could also just be a really good bullshitter. It’s not like those don’t run in the family.”

Celia: Celia looks up from her glass. There’s less than there maybe should be considering her age and lack of tolerance. She blinks at him, the movement slow. Her cheeks and chest are a little more red than usual.

“I don’t want your money, Mr. Landreneau. I didn’t come here to ask for a handout. I’m not going to tell you a sob story. I wanted to meet the man who’s responsible for my existence, and that was it.” There’s a pause, then, “I’m nineteen. If I wanted your money or child support or something, I’d have contacted you five years ago.”

GM: “How much does John Jay cost?” he asks.

Celia: “Not enough to make a difference. I’m a trust fund kid. The guy who’s raising me is a senator. We don’t hurt for money.”

GM: “Uh huh. Except you say he isn’t paying for it, and your mom only partly is. So either she’s stealing from the cookie jar, and she’s afraid he’ll notice if she takes any more. Or she’s poor and can’t cover it all. Plus if your trust was big enough, you’d be paying your own way.”

“I’ll just look it up if you don’t tell me. So how much is it?”

Celia: She doesn’t know why there’s a sudden pressure in the corners of her eyes, moisture threatening to leak out. She blinks it away. This isn’t how she’d expected things to go.

She really is stupid. Like Daddy always said. She thought she could trade him out for a new dad and this one thinks she’s a money-grubbing opportunist.

Celia puts her glass down. She reaches into her purse, pulling out a small scrapbook with a smiling photo of a child-aged Celia on the cover, missing one of her two front teeth. There’s a bow in her hair and she’s holding up three fingers.

“I made this for you. Old baby photos, things like that. I thought maybe we could catch up on the years we missed. Maybe that was stupid of me.” He’d raped her mom. He wants to cut her a check and be done with her. Fifteen thousand to never speak to her again. What a deal, right?

“I’m sorry I bothered you.”

GM: He looks at the album. Something seems to pass over his face.

“Kid, hold the fuck up.”

“Look, you’re not the first baby a girl I’ve slept with has popped out. I don’t even know how many half-brothers and sisters you might have. It was always pretty hard for a girl to get me to use a rubber. Some have hit me up for money and some haven’t. They’ve all moved on with their lives. Some have tried to hit me up without popping out a baby, that’s always fun.”

“For the most part I didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t want to take care of a crying poop machine or go exclusive with a single girl. Or go to the effort of hiding I wasn’t exclusive. Only kids I had in my life were my niece and nephew. I got to be the cool uncle.”

“My niece… I fucked things up. I really fucked things up. I fucked things up so bad it was the last straw for my sister, and she didn’t want me in her kids’ lives no more.”

“So to my nephew that made me the even cooler uncle. He used to hang out with one of my kids. Frankly, I always liked him more. My nephew, that is.”

“To my kid, I was… I was in his life, but I wasn’t in his life. He was in a ‘business’ I was interested in, and that’s pretty much all he was to me.”

“Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with my nephew. Not far at fuckin’ all.”

“I don’t talk to him anymore. And my kid’s dead.”

Celia: Celia blanches at that. It isn’t the ending she’d expected. And to be phrased so bluntly.

“I’m sorry you lost him.” She hadn’t known. How could she have? Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. “Lost them both. That’s… I’m sorry.”

What do you say to something like that? What words make it okay?

GM: “I didn’t lose him,” says Ron. “I never even had him.”

“I could have, and I didn’t.”

“My nephew I shoulda seen coming.”

“There’s real poison in our blood, you know. That makes us hurt the people we say we love. Makes everything we touch turn to shit.”

He looks her over. “Hope it’s skipped a generation with you.”

“Or that your parents stomped it out. They all right folks?”

Celia: Celia hesitates, but only for an instant.

“My mom’s the nicest lady in the world, or at least the city. She’s a real sweetheart. Doesn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. There’s five of us, you know, but she went to school and she preformed as a ballerina for a long time. She… retired a few years ago. She teaches now. Says it’s the highlight of her day, teaching kids.” There’s a softness to her voice and face when she talks about Diana.

“She and her husband split a few years ago. He’s… a little old fashioned, you know, very Christian conservative. We all live with him.”

He didn’t want a sob story, so she doesn’t tell him one. Nothing about the abuse, nothing about the hacksaw.

GM: “Sounds like a douche. Your mom sounds nice, though. Hope I treated her right.”

Celia: Celia smirks at the first comment. It’s a little strained at the second.

“She didn’t mention.”

GM: “Well, I probably didn’t.”

Celia: She was seventeen and he raped her.

“It was a long time ago, anyway.”

GM: “I don’t have a lot to show for my life except shitty movies and shittier regrets, anyways. After my son died, I tried to get in touch with some of my other baby mamas, but I was fuckin’ kiddin’ myself. They’d all moved on with their lives.”

“Well, except my son’s mom. She’ll hate me forever. Can’t blame her, part of it was on me.”

“You showing up here is sweet and all, kid. Sweet or grade-A bullshit, but it wouldn’t change my mind about you if it was.”

“Or how I’m gonna cut you a check either way. Spend it on tuition. Or drugs and shoes and shit. I hope it’s the former, that’d make me feel better. But I’m used to not feeling better.”

“‘Cause the truth is, there’s no making up for 19 years, and I’m not your daddy. The man who raised you is. I’m just a guy who blew his load between your mom’s legs.”

“So, you gonna tell me how much tuition is, or am I gonna look it up and drop the check off with your mom?”

Celia: Celia shakes her head. She doesn’t quite flush at his language, but she looks away for a moment. Her cheeks are pink beneath the foundation.

“I meant what I said. I’m not here for that. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be given a check and sent on my way. I don’t expect you to suddenly… be my dad, or something, and you don’t… you don’t want that anyway. I just wanted to meet you, I guess.”

GM: “Well, I don’t care if you don’t want it. You’re getting the money, either way. It’s the one thing that I’m good for.”

He takes a pull of his drink.

Celia: Celia looks at him for a moment. There’s a lot she’d like to say to him. A lot of stories she’d like to tell him. Questions she’d like to ask. Things she wants to know about the world. She thinks that maybe he’d be more honest with her about it than her parents are.

She lifts up her drink again, peering into the contents as if the slowly melting ice will tell her what to say. It’s quiet on that front, but another sip gives her that liquid courage she’s heard so much about.

“I’d like to get to know you. As a person, I mean, not a father figure. If you’re interested. Maybe we can get dinner sometime.”

GM: “Tell you what,” he says.

“You’re cute and sweet and innocent, and blush when I talk about cumming inside a woman, and need the money to help out your kind sweet mother. It’s a good story. I don’t care if it’s real or not. I’ve spent my whole life selling lies on a screen. I like this story. I want to write the next part.”

Ron makes a motion as if directing a camera.

“And the way it goes, the bad old man cuts the protesting girl a check after she stops protesting, and feels a little better knowing he’s made her life a little better. It’s a better ending if I give the protesting girl the check than her mom. Let me fuckin’ have that, and we can get dinner if you’re dead set on it.”

Celia: Celia huffs, but she can’t help the way it turns into a bit of a laugh at the end. He might be a scumbag rapist, but he’s kind of charming for all that. She can see why women like him enough to put up with him for a part in a movie.

“Dinner first,” she counters, “and then if you’re dead set on handing me a check I’ll… let you, I guess.”

“I’ll even wait until I’m out of your line of sight to rip it up. You’ll never know.”

Except that she just told him. She looks down at her drink as if it has betrayed her.


GM: Ron laughs.

“Protesting girl turns it around and still gets the check, but not in the way the audience was expecting. Shows she has spunk, then reminds them she’s still young and naive.”

He looks at her thoughtfully. “You’d be a good actress, especially if you don’t mind spreading your legs.”

Celia: Is there a word that describes someone who is both mortified and flattered?

“Um.” Oh boy, look how interesting this drink is. Super interesting. She can’t help but stare at it. Look at the way the light refracts off the ice and spills onto the ground in a neat diamond pattern. Look how silly her legs look under the glass, like a fun-house mirror. One’s big and one’s little.

She blinks at them a few times.

“Um. I’m… I mean I…” She can’t claim she’s a virgin. She’s not. But that doesn’t mean she’s some sort of hussy. “There were, um, rules growing up. About boys. I have a boyfriend now. For the first time. He’s really nice.”

“I mentioned that once. Performing. I dance, though.”

“Ballet,” she adds quickly.

GM: Apart from how she has sex for money. With another man.

“A really nice boyfriend. That is sweet. Doesn’t rule anything out, but it is sweet. The dancing doesn’t hurt either.”

“It’s also going to be a cashier’s check, so you’ll just be setting money on fire if you rip it up. My bank account will be emptier either way. But I bet your poor sweet mother could use the money.”

Celia: Celia drains the rest of the glass. She doesn’t manage to take it down as smoothly as he has, but she doesn’t cough and sputter her way through it, at least. She finally looks up at him, cheeks still red. The flush has spread to her neck and chest, too, a sure sign of the alcohol working its magic. That and the bone-deep embarrassment from his words.

“If that’s what you want to do because you want to do it, then that’s fine. I just don’t want you to think that’s what I’m after or why I contacted you because it’s not. And if you don’t want to be my dad that’s fine too, I’m not asking that either. Maybe we can just do birthday dinners or something if you don’t want to see me more than that. Mine’s in July.”

She wants to ask if he really thinks she’ll make a good actress, but she doesn’t want him to think she only wants a part in a movie, either. Because she doesn’t.

GM: “I don’t care if it’s why. I told you. It’s a good story.”

“I believe in stories. Life is ugly. Stories are pretty.”

“Like me bein’ your dad. That’s a pretty story.”

Celia: She smiles for him. It’s a pretty smile, like the rest of her.

“Okay,” she says at last. There’s a real warmth to her eyes that hadn’t been there before, kicking the wariness out as if it had never existed.

GM: “Ah, see, that’s a smile,” he remarks appreciatively. “You’d look great on camera.”

Celia: “Maybe someday.”

GM: “In show biz, kid, ‘maybe’ is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is ‘maybe.’”

Ron raises his glass.

“Here’s to ‘maybe.’”

Celia: Here’s to never seeing Paul again.

Friday afternoon, 26 December 2008

Celia: She doesn’t have to come. She should stay away. She doesn’t owe Paul an explanation why she’ll suddenly stop showing up.

But she’s been dicked around by so many men in her life that she can’t resist when she has an opportunity to take the upper hand. So she’ll tell him, to his face, that she isn’t his whore anymore. Dani’s words weigh in her mind. “He really likes you.” She really likes him too. And she isn’t going to mess it up for money she no longer needs. She hadn’t gone to see Ron for a check, but if he’s willing to cut her one to make her life easier, well, she’ll come up off her knees.

She’d worn the uniform to be spiteful. To show him what he’s going to miss. Pleated skirt, white blouse, knee-high tights. Maybe, if he’d even once been kind to her, she wouldn’t get such a thrill out of it.

GM: Paul greets her at the door to his sterile house with a sterile, plastic smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Hello, whore.”

“I presume you are here for more of your whore money.”

Celia’s not sure why he even says so. Why else does she come here?

Celia: This is it, then. Her last time here.

Celia bows her head at his question. Her last little bit of playing. Ron had said she’d make a good actress, hadn’t he?

“Yes, sir.”

GM: Paul closes the door behind her.

“Remove your clothes. Clothes are for people, and you’re not a person. You’re a whore.”

Celia: Celia stares up at him. She’d come to him for help and he’d put her on her knees instead. Turned her into the whore that he wanted, complete with the sick, twisted schoolgirl fantasy. The spankings. The demand that she be “smooth as a child” down there, for all he’d never touched her like that. She’d long wondered if his true desires run even darker than she’d realized.

“I’m not.”

GM: Paul’s plastic smile quirks humorously. It still doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Have you performed sexual acts for monetary compensation, Celia?”

Celia: “I’m not anymore,” she clarifies. “I’m not going to do this anymore. I came to tell you that. That it’s over. That I don’t need…” she gestures vaguely between the two of them, “this.”

GM: “Once a whore, always a whore,” replies Paul.

“If someone were informed of your sexual history and the financial transactions related thereto, would they believe you no longer a whore?” That same plastic smile. “They would not. They would look at you in disgust. Perhaps pity, if they were charitable. Men would refuse to marry you, for men do not marry whores, so you will never tell your prospective mates what you have done with me. You will go through your life, and even decades from now, you will carry that secret shame with you like a scarlet letter. The two of us will always know what you are.”

His hand cups her breast.

“Celia Flores, my pretty little whore.”

She can see the bulge growing against his pants.

Celia: She shouldn’t have come. Should have just left him wondering why she’d never come back.

The words cut her to the core. A lump forms in her throat, moisture pooling in her eyes. She doesn’t even move when he touches her, unable to shake the thought that what he says is true. She’s a whore. She’d blown him for money. Her money. She’d cheated on her boyfriend. One taste of sex with Stephen and she’d gone running to the next man who would take her, and he’d paid her for it. Hadn’t she and Emily talked about how awful it is that girls sell their dignity like that? Now here she is, doing the same. And he’s right: she’s never going to tell. It’s a secret shame she’ll bury deep inside to keep anyone from knowing the foul things that she has done with him. But she’ll always remember what he made her do when she needed his help, when she was young and dumb and desperate.

She hates him.

“I’m not,” she says again, more fiercely this time. “I’m not a whore. I’m not your whore, we’re done, get off—

She shoves at him.

GM: Paul grabs Celia’s arms and holds them against her sides. She can’t break his grip.

“I will determine when we are done, whore. I think tonight I will penetrate your anus. From behind, like an animal. Whores enjoy anal.”

“I will not use a lubricant. It will be painful. I will enjoy listening to your whore screams.”

Celia: There’s nowhere to go.

It’s all she can think, that there’s nowhere to go. That she was so stupid for coming here. That Paul is going to rape her because she’s too stupid to cut her losses and run. Wide, fearful eyes stare up at him as he pins her arms to her sides and details exactly what he’s going to do with her. The tears she’d tried to withhold streak down her cheeks, her head shaking back and forth.

GM: A knock sounds against the door.

Paul pulls Celia against his body, pins one arm over both of hers, and clamps his hand over her mouth. Celia can feel his erection pressing against her bottom.

“Who is there?” he calls in a raised voice.

“Jamal, sir,” answers a deep male one.

Celia: She starts to say it, to say no again, when the knock comes.


She shrieks against the hand pressed to her mouth. Maybe they’ll hear. Maybe they’ll get help.

GM: Paul’s plastic smile only returns.

He moves towards the door with Celia. He takes his hand off her mouth for a moment, to open the door, then clamps it back over her. A man steps inside the house. He’s big. Really big. About as tall and buff as her dad. He’s even bald, too. Unlike her dad, he’s black. His deep ebony skin starkly complements his crisply-pressed Blackwatch uniform. Also black. There’s a hard cast to his firm jaw and a cruel glint to his dark eyes as he looks at Celia. It makes him feel like a bogeyman from every story told to frighten white girls.

Just one look at this face, and Celia knows.

This is no savior.

He closes the door behind himself.

“Is this the whore, sir?” he leers at Celia.

“Yes, Jamal. This is the whore,” answers Paul.

Celia: Celia jerks, kicks, flails, screams. It doesn’t seem to do any good. She goes still and silent at the sight of the man before her. Jamal. Huge. Black. Her head shakes back and forth—or as much as it can with Paul holding her still. Her shriek turns into pleading words muffled behind the flesh of his hand.

GM: “Whatever business you were here for may wait. Would you like to fuck my whore, Jamal? Only $50. I believe this price will be instructive to the whore as to her true value.”

Paul smiles as she struggles, holding her fast. Celia feels the bulge pressing against her bottom press harder.

“Damn, only $50?” leers Jamal. He cups Celia’s face with one of his large, dark hands. “This one’s just the way I like ’em.”

“You ever fucked a black man, whore?”

“You ever had a fat cock slip between your thighs and fill you? The way a man fucks a woman?”

Celia: He’s joking. He has to be joking. He’s not going to—to let this man fuck her. He can’t. He’s just trying to scare her, to make her remember who he is. She shouldn’t have shoved him. She should have just said sorry, it’s not working out and left. It’s a game. A cruel, sick, game. She’ll say she’s sorry, she will, as soon as he lets her go she’ll say she’s sorry.

It’s working, though. His game. Celia stares up at the man with wide eyes, tears hot on her flushed cheeks. She shakes her head back and forth.

GM: Celia sees the immediate bulge form against Jamal’s crotch at her response.

“Aww, yeah!” he grins, eyes flashing. Paul shoves Celia to her knees and twists her arms behind her back. Paul unbuckles his belt. Unzips his pants.

His penis is black. His penis is hairy. His penis is huge. It’s so much bigger than Stephen’s. There’s a foreskin, too, like he doesn’t have. Jamal brushes the thick head against Celia’s cheek. It’s warm and pulses against her.

“This is the monster.

“Had another whore who called it that, once. My big fat monster cock.”

“You like monsters, whore? You ever had a cock this big inside of you?”

Celia: Mouth free, Celia finally does it: she apologizes. Over and over again, her apologies interspersed with “no, please,” and “please let me go.” At least until he unzips, until his cock—that can’t be real—comes close enough to her mouth that she clamps her jaw shut. She flattens her lips before he gets the idea to shove it inside.

She shakes her head again and again. No. No, no, no.

GM: Jamal gives a hard, cruel laugh and pinches her nose shut. She can’t breathe.

He strokes his dick with his other hand, rubbing it up and down along the enormous and all-too erect shaft.

“You are only arousing him further, little whore,” Paul says from behind her in his plastic smile voice.

Celia: She tries to jerk her head away from him, backpedaling, kicking up off the ground.

GM: Paul tightens his grip and presses his weight against her. Jamal makes a fist in her hair and yanks her head down. His pinching fingers don’t relent from her nose. She can feel herself starting to suffocate. Jamal spits on her face. The saliva dribbles down her cheek like pre-cum.

“Bad little whore,” chides Paul.

Celia: Her lungs start to burn with the effort of holding her breath. Her shoulders scream where Paul jerks her hands behind her back. She twists, the motion futile when Jamal has a hold of her by the hair, and finally she opens her mouth to breathe.

GM: Just like that, Jamal shoves ‘the monster’ inside. She can feel the tip brushing against the back of her mouth, titillating her gag reflex. Celia’s eyes roam up his hairy crotch. The entire shaft isn’t even in her mouth. Jamal releases his fingers from her nose. Celia feels her scalp scream as he yanks her forward by her the roots of her hair, burying his cock even deeper. She wants to gag even harder now.

“Yeah! This is how a man fucks a woman!” the Blackwatch merc leers.

“Bite his penis and we will extract your whore teeth with a kitchen knife,” Paul states calmly.

Celia: She gags. Choking, sputtering, she can’t breathe around the thing in her mouth until he lets go of her nose, and then he yanks her further down. Instinct tells her to bite, but Paul’s words stop her before the decision fully manifests. She doesn’t. The sheer size of him stretches her jaw wide, muscles already aching with the effort to keep her mouth open around it. Drool collects in her mouth. She tries to swallow it, absurdly reminded of the dentist—and gags again. She doesn’t do anything for him. Doesn’t suck. Doesn’t move his head. Doesn’t give him what he wants. She stays absolutely, perfectly still, held down by the pair of them while one fucks her face.

GM: Jamal smirks and re-pinches her nose shut. Celia can feel her lungs starting to burn again. Drool leaks from her mouth.

“Put more into it, whore. I can see how wet you are.” One of Paul’s hands strokes her drool-stained lips, gathering some of the saliva over it. “God, you’re so wet,” says Jamal. “Like a faucet. I bet your cunt’s even wetter.” He smirks as Paul wipes the saliva over her face. “Your jaw’s around my dick like a fuckin’ bear trap… you just can’t get enough.”

“Filthy little whore,” Paul smiles blandly.

Celia: Tears leak from her eyes, mingling with the saliva he’d spat in her face earlier. She nods her head, as much as she can with his hand fisted through her hair, and does what he asks. It’s hard, this much of it in her mouth, jaw on fire, but she tries.

GM: Celia got practice on Stephen. He loves when she blows him. Emily says all guys love blowjobs. But when she and Stephen do it, it feel like she’s the one doing it, that she’s driving all the action as she pleases him. And of course, Stephen “owes her one” for it, and later pleases her with his mouth.

Jamal lets go of her hair and clamps his strong hands around the back of her head. He thrusts violently back and forth, burying the massive shaft as deep as he can. It feels like he is the one who is fucking her. Like her mouth is just another hole for him to fill. Celia can barely move her tongue around his cock, but he makes sure she does. He pinches her nose shut again when he isn’t happy.

“Such a good little whore,” Paul whispers in her ear. He licks the side of her face.

Licks up her tears.

“Delicious,” he purrs. “The tears of a whore…”

“All right, whore, let’s graduate you to the big leagues…” Jamal smiles. He lets go of her head to pry her mouth open, as wide as he can, and shoves his hairy balls inside.

It takes a bit of work. Actually, a lot of work. It really, really does. Drool gets all over Jamal’s fingers. Celia’s jaw screams with protest. It simply isn’t meant to stretch this wide. But somehow Jamal manages. Her cheeks have to be bulging. Like a chipmunk’s, full of cock instead of nuts.

Celia: She’s blown Paul plenty of times. Maybe as many as she’s blown Stephen. Compared to this thick black thing his dick is a tiny, insignificant nothing, for all that he had promised it would hurt if he were to shove it inside of her. She doesn’t think that they come bigger than this. There’s no way that Jamal has ever been satisfied with a blowjob when it’s too large to even fit properly inside a mouth. She can’t imagine that she’s even doing a good job, gagging and drooling and jerked up and down his shaft as she is, unable to even do it on her own. He just doesn’t fit. He doesn’t fit, he doesn’t—and then he tries. He shoves farther into her, his hand closing around her face to squeeze the muscles of her jaw that force it open, another yanking her down by the teeth, and she screams because she thinks he’s going to break her jaw… then he’s inside and the sound is abruptly cut off, muffled by the flesh in her mouth. Her cheeks do bulge. More tears leak out of her eyes for Paul to lick. She shudders each time he touches her like that. She’s too busy choking on Jamal’s cock to do more than hold still and silently cry while they toy with her. She retches, feels the burning in her esophagus and the back of her throat. Nothing comes up.

GM: Jamal might be happy if he just stuck less of his dick inside her mouth. Or had a second girl to lick the parts of his dick he didn’t. But he doesn’t, and he does seem happy. When Celia screams, Jamal’s eyes flash like lightning, and his hands fly around her throat. Squeezes her neck, clamps it between his hands, as he humps back and forth. Strangling her as he fucks her. He’s doing more movement with his groin than his penis at this point. There’s no further down it feels like his cock even can go. The head brushes so low inside her throat that she wants to vomit. The sight of his gun holster is enough, barely, to curtail that impulse. Sometimes he changes things up. Strangles her with one hand as he spreads is other over the crown of her head, forces her down onto him. Celia’s throat burns. Her jaw feels ready to split open. Snot leaks from her nose.

“Oh yeah… that’s how a man fucks a woman… yeah… you hungry for the dick… you can’t get enough of the dick… you love the dick… live for the dick… you little dicksucker… yeah… you want this dick… God, you’d just swallow this dick if you could… you so horny for the dick… this is what a woman’s made for… what a woman’s good for… to suck all the dick…”

Jamal pinches her nose shut, every so often. There’s a rhythm to how he does it. Sometimes he clamps her nose shut for a while. Sometimes there are long spans where he lets her breathe. Sometimes there are only short spans before his fingers cut off her air supply again. Sometimes he just traces her nose, letting her wonder and letting the dread build. Sometimes his fingers pull away, and sometimes they take away her air again. Sometimes for a long while. Sometimes for a little while. Sometimes for a little while, with a second of relief, before he pinches her nostrils shut again. His other hand alternates between choking her throat, pulling her hair, or pushing her head forward onto his cock. Celia’s vision blackens at the edges. She feels lightheaded, like she could just drift away into oblivion. Her tortured lungs feel ready to explode.

“Too much for you?” Jamal smirks.

Celia: Panic spirals through her the moment his hands close around her neck. She jerks, trying to move away. There’s little she can do from her knees with her hands pinned behind her back and Jamal holding her down. Paul is almost a welcome presence at her back; his body keeps hers from collapsing, prevents her from being flung across the floor. Even the ache in her shoulders is nothing compared to the pressure in her jaw, the sharp stretch of her wide open mouth, the dots that make her vision swim until she finally closes her eyes and waits for it to be over. She can’t even retreat into the back of her mind, not when she tries to keep up with him, when she thinks that choking means she’s not doing it well enough and pinching her nose shut means she needs to use her tongue and she just doesn’t understand what he wants.

Too much? Yes. Yes, yes, she nods, it is, and she hopes he’ll stop, but there’s no mercy here.

GM: Paul just keeps licking her tears, the bulge in his crotch never receding. There are so many to lick. He gives her big wet kisses, his tongue glued to her face, but they aren’t sloppy kisses. There’s nothing about the man that’s sloppy. He’s efficient and businesslike. Celia doesn’t feel so much as a teardrop escape off her cheeks. Paul drinks down every last one. He alternates between each side of her head. Her face is plastered with his saliva.

Scream, whore! Scream as loud as you can!” pants Jamal, his eyes blazing as he pumps faster. He feels close now. Almost ready to come.

Celia: She screams. Like he asks. Tries to, anyway, with her mouth as full of his cock as it is and his hands around her throat. The noise she makes is some sort of strangled cry, anyway, more of a whimper than a yell. Behind her back, her fingers search for something to clamp onto. They fist in Paul’s shirt like he’s some sort of anchor.

GM: “Aww, yeah, you little whhhhoooooooore!!!” Jamal exclaims. His cock pulses in her mouth, and Celia feels a wet stream shoot down her throat. Cat-quick, the Blackwatch merc tugs his penis out as Celia gasps instinctively for air. He blows the rest of his multi-roper load all over her face. It gets everywhere. Her nose, her mouth, her eyes. It stings. Celia’s never had cum in her eyes before. That shit stings like hell. Her mouth tastes salty.

“Aw, yeah…” Jamal whispers, rubbing his still-moist head along her cheeks.

Paul finally stops licking.

Celia: For a moment, Celia thinks it’s over. They’ve humiliated her, cum on her face, made her swallow it, treated her like the whore they think she is. She tries to rub her face on her shoulder to get off the worst of it. His fingers dig into her chin and leave her face before she can do more than touch her cheek to her blouse. She swallows repeatedly, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

GM: “What do you think, whore?” asks Jamal. “Is that how a man fucks a woman?”

He tilts her face up by the chin to meet his.

“Have you been fucked like a woman?”

Celia: Celia blinks up at him. He can’t. He can’t. She shakes her head back and forth. She shrinks back against Paul, as if he’ll tell Jamal the same thing—that he can’t. That he’s not allowed. Blowjobs only.

GM: “Oh? You don’t think that’s how a man fucks a woman?” Jamal asks.

“Perhaps a further instructive lesson is necessary, whore, if you are unsatisfied with Jamal’s performance,” Paul states blandly. His hands brush through her hair. He presses his nose to her neck and sniffs as if inspecting it.

“It necessary that you be able to perform your essential function.”

Celia: It’s already drying on her face. A sticky, filmy, flaky mess across her cheeks and mouth. She belatedly realizes her error, that she had misunderstood his question. That she had thought he meant to continue to fuck her.

“N-no,” she says finally. “It was. It is. Good. How—how a man f-fucks a woman. I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry, it is.”

GM: “Say it again,” smiles Jamal, brushing her face.

“Say you been fucked like a man fucks a woman.”

Celia: Celia closes her eyes. She can’t even look at him. Her mouth forms the words, stammering out what he wants to hear.

“I’ve been… been fucked like a man… like a man fucks a woman.” Her cheeks burn.

GM: “We could educate you further,” continues Paul, stroking her hair. “There are so many things we could teach you, my pretty little whore. There are so many things we could train you to do. You haven’t even had either of our penises in your ‘real’ holes. Two-thirds of you is still virgin.”

“Damn, is she really? That’s pretty tempting,” says Jamal.

Celia: She’s crying again, shaking her head. “Please, no, I can’t—”

GM: “Yes. It is very tempting,” replies Paul. “There are entire worlds of experience beyond what your small mind can imagine, little whore. There are procedures by which to break young females and train them to fulfill a variety of sexual functions. The services of these whores can command considerable prices. They do the things no ordinary woman will ever do. They do things even ordinary whores will never do.”

“The market is lucrative. It is unaffected by economic ups and downs. There is always demand for such commodities by men of wealth and means.”

“You are a commodity, Celia. That is what it means to be a whore, in its purest form. You could command a high price.”

Celia: Is he… is he trying to talk her into it? Into letting him break her so she can be used by men like him, men like Ron, who just wave money around and get what they want?

It’s a joke. It has to be. Surely he doesn’t think that she’s going to say yes, please, fuck me again, turn me into a whore.

“I d-don’t need it anymore, I don’t, I don’t want to be a w-whore.”

GM: “Tell her about the dogs, Jamal,” Paul says with a thin smile.

“There’s a guy who could turn you into a dog,” smirks Jamal. He tousles Celia’s hair. “You go naked, everywhere, on your hands and knees. You wear a shock collar. Mitts around your hands. Shit and piss outdoors. Eat kibble from a dog bowl. Sleep in a cage. Anything comes out of your mouth except barks, you do anything a dog won’t do, he beats you bloody. But if you’re a good little pooch, you get rewards. A softer bed. Scraps from the table. Most girls don’t take long to break. They do everything to please him. Pleasing him makes them happy. They really become fucking dogs.”

“That’s when he gives them the real… litmus test.”

“You fail, he slits your throat and dumps you somewhere.”

“You pass, you go visit the vet. For surgery.”

He leers. “And the real fun begins.”

Celia: Her face steadily drains of color as he explains it to her. By the end of it, by the time he mentions the vet, she’s as white as a sheet beneath the load he’d blown on her. She shakes her head again, fat tears sliding down her cheeks to mingle with the drying cum, turning it into a further mess.

Test? Surgery? She doesn’t want to ask. Doesn’t want to know. But it’s like passing a car wreck on the side of the road: she can’t look away. So, haltingly, she asks what he means. What test? What surgery? What’s left for them after that, how does the real fun begin?

GM: “What a curious little whore we have…” Paul smiles blandly. “I think she may actually want it, Jamal.”

“I bet she does. I can see it in her eyes,” he smirks.

“Unfortunate for you, whore,” says Paul. “We are done with you. Jamal, you may pay this whore for her services.”

Jamal produces a wallet. He takes out five $10 bills. Drops them on the floor.

“Pick them up, whore. Pick up your whore money,” says Paul.

He shoves her to the ground.

Celia: She thinks to protest at their comments, tell them no, she’s not interested, she didn’t mean to ask, she shouldn’t have asked, but the words don’t come. She’s frozen, terrified that her body is going to end up in a ditch somewhere, and then… then he says it’s over.

Her shoulders slump. She starts crying in earnest because it’s finally over. She’d thought there’d be worse. So much worse. Now she can’t even see past the tears that blur her vision as her hands strike the ground in front of Jamal. On her hands and knees in front of them both, she reaches trembling fingers towards the money to pull it toward her.

GM: Paul waits patiently for her to collect her “whore money,” then touches a finger to Celia’s cum-stained lips. The bland smile is still there on his face. But his eyes have never looked so empty.

“Tell me what you are, Celia. Tell me what you are, and why we will only be done when I say we are done. Tell me what you are, and why you will always be mine to use as I see fit and to reclaim whenever I see fit.”

“Tell me what you will always be.”

Celia: She sits back on her heels once she has the bills in hand, tucking them into the tiny little pocket of her skirt. Shame keeps her head down until Paul touches her, then finally lifts her eyes to his face.

She can’t even summon enough anger to hate him. She’d done this to herself. She’d come here to ask his help and he’d put her on her knees, and when she’d thought to end it he’d shown that he’s still in control. Like he is now, looming over her, touching her; like he’d been the whole time, holding her still, licking her, sniffing her, treating her like… like a pet, not a person.

Like a whore.

That’s what he wants her to say. That she’s a whore. His whore. His pretty little whore. Pretty but stupid.

She stares up at him, silent. If she says it he’s right. If she says it he wins. But if she says it she’s free, she can go, she never has to come back. It’s worth it, right? Worth it to give him what he wants. To let him win. To tell him that she’s nothing but a whore.

The words stick in her throat. Cum on her face, money in her pocket, the words don’t come. Not for a long moment.

Then, finally, she says the word.



duckftw Feedback Repost

Hey look, it’s Tuck! That’s Randy’s friend / mentor guy.

Glad that Diana gave her the “out” of not asking Stephen for money. Coco brings it up later that he doesn’t understand why not, and that’s why not. Also it’s kind of just a bad idea in general to mix money with interpersonal relationships.

Paul Meeting

Dude did not intend for those blondies to get her into as much trouble as they did. But hey, Jamal cameo. That’s fun.

Eating the cum-covered blondies is one thing. The piss is just… ugh. Gross. Stomach turning. Revolting. Also he promised a severe punishment if she dropped the box but it wasn’t that severe, just saying. He’d already told her to eat them.

Paul is a demon confirmed. Red eyes. Hissing. Definite demon. 100%. Like how you described them as “bloodshot” rather than red though, since I imagine that’s what Celia thought it was.

Wanted to have her fight back a bit more here. Couldn’t really without, again, messing up the timeline. I’m fine with it (playing within the confines of timelines for flashbacks) but not a huge fan of how she looks entirely pathetic. Have an answer for it, just haven’t gotten around to writing that yet either. Actually was in the middle of it when you posted this.

Real talk I was gonna have her say something like “I can’t have this many calories” when he tells her to eat them and make it about the calories rather than the pee, but I doubt that would have gone over well.

I like my soft Oreo line.

I guess it was nice of Paul to let her vomit. And then rinse her mouth, even if it came with an extremely cold shower. And a collar.

And then her mom makes her go back. Jesus, Diana. Also, it seems like she has a decent amount of money with the check from McGehee and the other $2500 Celia gave her. What the fuck is she spending it on? Christ.

Conflicted feelings on this set of scenes. Obviously I’m into Paul (less into him now tbh, I think I’ve written about him too much, or maybe it was the piss blondies). Kind of dig the toweling her off / treating her like a pet / “this evening can proceed gently” thing. Kind of makes me wonder where it would have / could have gone if she did go back after this. And by that I mean I know where it would go, but I guess I’m more curious about Calder’s Paul rather than Emily’s Paul, who breaks her with stick and carrot as opposed to just stick. Like if she’d continued down this path with him where would it go?


I’m glad I was able to do this scene with Ron with Celia as a mortal. I know it means she kind of lied to Em about not knowing him, but it gives the two of them a little more depth. And I’d wanted to meet him as a mortal anyway and kind of just, uh, died before I could, so that’s awkward. OOC, I knew Ron would probably be a little cold because of what Emmett told Celia prior, but I hope I pulled off her not expecting that since she didn’t. Think it’s hilarious how he just started talking about wanting to fuck her, though. Like damn, maybe I should have taken someone else as her dad if it’s that easy to get a part in a movie.

God, is Diana even her mom? lmfao

That story about the Saint’s player whose girlfriend took a condom out of the trash to get herself pregnant is true. Not about a Saint’s player, though. I forgot who it was, but there are some real thirsty bitches out there who do that sort of shit to trap them into being a meal ticket. Tbh if I were a dude I’d get a damn vasectomy, bitches be cray.

I wasn’t really expecting Ron to be like “here’s a check, get out of my life.” Celia obviously wasn’t, either. Kind of sad that’s how he operates. I think her scrapbook was a good call, shows that she wants to get to know him and actually have him in her life rather than just take a check and run. I think she made the right call not telling him about Maxen being a piece of shit. Ron said he didn’t want a sob story so she didn’t give him one. Either because she genuinely cares and wants him around, or because she knew that telling him the sob story would just lead to him finding a way to keep her at arm’s length. Maybe both. I mean my motivation was that I assumed the second: if she told him about dear ol’ abusive Daddy he’d kick her to the curb. I’m kind of curious what would happen if she told him now. Or if she told him the truth about how he’d raped her mom. Or if that even is the truth. Maybe Diana is doing that “I just regret it so I’m going to say I was raped” thing. I’m tellin’ you, man, something is up with Celia’s conception. People pullin’ strings.

“I’ll even wait until I’m out of your line of sight to rip it up. You’ll never know.” Except that she just told him. She looks down at her drink as if it has betrayed her. “Oh.”

Maybe I’m just blowing smoke up my own ass, but I think I do a decent job playing a somewhat-tipsy / off-balance and blushing Celia. I think I was able to get back into the idea of her as an innocent 19 year old rather than the pervert she’s become.

Overall, though, I’m happy with this log. When we created Celia together and planned to have her Embraced later in life it felt like there would be a lot more time for her to develop her connections, which obviously didn’t happen. So I’m glad that we were able to add these in there to flesh people out that had just been kind of off screen before. Excited to see Dani again, excited to do more with Ron.

Paul Scene

So I know you didn’t ask for feedback but I have some thoughts I’m gonna share on the scene.

First off, I think every single person in the game messaged me after the scene with Jamal / Paul to make sure I was okay with what happened, which I thought was really sweet. Full disclosure: yes, I’m totally fine with my character being sexually abused. No, I’m not triggered by it. Cal and I had a chat a while ago and he knows I’m pretty much game for w/e sexually (except that one thing, damnit Cal). Personally I had a blast. There was some chatter in the ooc of ways Celia could escape and use WP effectively and I was like “mhm, mhm, nah.”

Second off, when Celia went to shove Paul off of her I don’t think I’ve ever hoped so hard for a botch. And I got one. Ayy. I don’t know if you planned to introduce Jamal anyway but I was 100% happy to botch and to see him.

Also, what amuses me is how we had planned to turn this into a “Celia takes her power back” and then… this. Lol. Whoops.

Love Paul’s dialogue. I don’t know if he’s like this because I wrote him that way or if this was your intention all along, but it really works. I know we didn’t want to go too hard on her here because Maxen is supposed to be the villain, but when they sent her on her way I was like, “what, where’s the rest of it?” Am I fucked up? I might be a little fucked up. Enjoyed the threat Paul used here to pull her teeth out with a knife. I was kind of like, “but she’s already a vampire and she definitely has teeth,” and Celia decided not to risk it anyway. Good thing, too, since I didn’t really want her to escape.

Fun times, anyway.

Celia I, Chapter VI

False_Epiphany Feedback Repost

False_Epiphany: Vasectomy probably would be a good thing for Ron
It’s come up between them later as a topic
He says he just doesn’t like the idea of someone going snip-snip with his dick
Celia may have pointed out he can still cum, will still be a “real man”

duckftw: I’ve heard some men feel “less like men” after getting one, which is stupid

False_Epiphany: He said he just didn’t like the idea

duckftw: You still have a dick and balls

False_Epiphany: Tony in the Sopranos felt similarly when his wife suggested one
It twanged his self-image


False_Epiphany: Anyway, fun Ron analysis
And ideas
I also liked the way their relationship played out a lot
That’s so sad Celia thinks her mom is making the rape up

duckftw: She doesn’t
I was just wondering

False_Epiphany: Oh, I was exaggerating
False rape claims are definitely a thing that could happen in the game though
We’ve seen plenty real rapes
A fake here or there gives us some nice variety
I also liked how you played 19-year-old Celia a lot
And think you did a good job swinging back into the groove with her

duckftw: Was a fun contrast to how she’d been played for the past few months
And then this scene, when compared with the future one where she offers to send him some whores, just makes it funnier to me

False_Epiphany: If you ever want to play out more mortal scenes, we can anytime
Yeah, she’s clearly grown (up) a lot

duckftw: She and Ron gonna be best friends.
Both pervs.

Celia I, Chapter VI

Dreamwalker Feedback Repost

Dreamwalker: “Guess that’s this city. Who the fuck is completely white or black.”

Ron’s got soul.
Might not be heavenly, but he’s got soul

False_Epiphany: Ron knows how it is
You’re actually meeting a somewhat different Ron here in Story 10/2008
Compared to the Ron who Em meets in Story 8/2007

Dreamwalker: How so?

False_Epiphany: In Story 7, he helps Em set up a date rape
Then one of his sons gets killed
I won’t spoil the rest of that

Dreamwalker: k

False_Epiphany: But it causes him to reevaluate some things
And very likely influenced how he treats Celia by the end of the log

Dreamwalker: See, soul. Hardship and he doesn’t become harder, but softer of sorts.

False_Epiphany: Yes, that’s it

Dreamwalker: “Guess you could be saying no to build trust. Make me work to get all the sad details, really build up how much you and your poor mother need the money, and get a higher figure. But you seem too naive for that shit if you care about drinking age and hearing ‘tits’ makes you blush.”
“Granted, you could also just be a really good bullshitter. It’s not like those don’t run in the family.”

Dang, yeah, this guy’s got soul and high emotional IQ. Cognitive flexibility. Ability to see multiple angles at the same time.

False_Epiphany: Few people would say Ron is a good man, but losing his son seemed to make him a better one
I could see him and Julius liking each other a lot

Dreamwalker: Very much so.

“There’s real poison in our blood, you know. That makes us hurt the people we say we love. Makes everything we touch turn to shit.”
He looks her over. “Hope it’s skipped a generation with you.”
“Or that your parents stomped it out. They all right folks?”


False_Epiphany: Em thoroughly convinced him of that poison

Dreamwalker: Sounds like Em.
Sounds like a Setite.

False_Epiphany: Yep. Perfect clan for Em
On so many levels

Dreamwalker: GM: “Your mom sounds nice, though. Hope I treated her right.”
Celia: Celia smirks at the first comment. It’s a little strained at the second.
“She didn’t mention.”
GM: “Well, I probably didn’t.”

Man. soul.

“‘Cause the truth is, there’s no making up for 19 years, and I’m not your daddy. The guy who raised you is. I’m just a guy who blew his load between your mom’s legs.”

Dang, this man’s honesty is a rare one in NOLA. As he doesn’t seem to be saying it to be cruel, but rather to be honest, even self-deprecating.

False_Epiphany: It took a dead son to get Ron to that point
With all the accompanying regrets
But unlike Em… he learned from his mistakes
And is trying to do better here

Dreamwalker: “You’re cute and sweet and innocent, and blush when I talk about cuming inside a woman, and need the money to help out your kind sweet mother. It’s a good story. I don’t care if it’s real or not. I’ve spent my whole life selling lies on a screen. I like this story. I want to write the next part.”
Ron makes a motion as if directing a camera.
“And the way it goes, the bad old man cuts the protesting girl a check after she stops protesting, and feels a little better knowing he’s made her life a little better. It’s a better ending if I give the protesting girl the check than her mom. Let me fuckin’ have that, and we can get dinner if you’re dead set on it.”

Right, this is a guy who knows he is a sinner, but wants to do right. To try. Lots of soul. I like him.
He’s a well-rounded character

False_Epiphany: I can tell, and am so glad you do

Dreamwalker: You can feel it.

False_Epiphany: He and Julius can hang
What I like most of all is how Ron’s evolution was driven by player caused IG events
Izzy turned him into this

Dreamwalker: Yeah, that
is good stuff

“It’s also going to be a cashier’s check, so you’ll just be setting money on fire if you rip it up. My bank account will be emptier either way."

Dang, there’s that guy hiding his goodness with a sleazy film.

False_Epiphany: Well, he does directly tell Em to rape his girlfriend, and supply him with the necessary drugs…
But that was a year ago

Dreamwalker: “In show biz, kid, ‘maybe’ is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is ‘maybe.’”


False_Epiphany: I loved this bit too

GM: He looks at her thoughtfully. “You’d be a good actress, especially if you don’t mind spreading your legs.”
Celia: Is there a word that describes someone who is both mortified and flattered?

Dreamwalker: Yes.
He’s being honest with her.
What he might not realize is how that likely nudges her down a path

False_Epiphany: Yeah…

Dreamwalker: i.e., it’s not just sick whackos like Paul

False_Epiphany: Not decisively, but another nudge

Dreamwalker: It’s how the world works.

False_Epiphany: Yep
Man, you calling Paul a whacko now
You wait to see his later logs

Dreamwalker: Oh, I can already guess
His magnetic keycard doors.
His decor.
This guy is straight up sociopath.
Which fits D’s MO.

False_Epiphany: He is also very clean

Celia I, Chapter VI
False_Epiphany False_Epiphany