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Blood & Bourbon

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Master Logs Page

“You want to know how it starts? The same thrice-damned way it always starts. Somebody wants something. Bad. Bad enough to shell out clams, bullets, or blood. Maybe all three.”
Louis Fontaine, retired NOPD detective

This page contains links to all of Blood & Bourbon’s posted adventure logs. Newcomers to the site often want to know: where should they start reading? There are several places they can:

Starting with the best

This option is best for readers who don’t want to immediately commit to reading a thousands-page chronicle.

For such readers, the GM recommends starting with Story 10, which chronicles the journey of Celia Flores from sheltered college student to ruthless Toreador vampire. The GM considers Story 10 to have some of the game’s best writing, tightest plotting, and also considers Celia to be one of the game’s most compelling PCs. Story 10 includes characters and references events from previous adventure logs, but reading those isn’t necessary to understand Story 10.

Once you finish Story 10, you face a fork.

If you want to continue Celia’s story, you can read the rest of her logs in numeric order—Celia Story 11, 12, 13, etc. The GM does not recommend (immediately) reading the logs of other PCs in Stories 11, 12, etc. It will be an inferior reading experience without the context of their preceding story arcs.

If you want to continue Emmett’s story, if you liked the taste of him you got in Story 10, the GM recommends reading Em’s logs in the following order: Emmett Story 3, 8, 9, 12. As with Celia, the GM recommends not reading the logs of the other PCs in Stories 3, 8, 9, etc.

If you want to continue Caroline’s story, the GM recommends reading her logs in the following order: Amelie Story 1 (it sets up the events of Caroline’s storyline), Caroline Story 3, 4, 6, 7, etc.

Reading the whole chronicle

This option is best for people who want to read the whole chronicle from start to finish.

If that’s you, the GM recommends reading the logs in their posted chronological order, starting with Story 1. This order gives the fullest and most complete picture of the chronicle’s events. However, it’s not for the faint of heart! B&B’s posted logs are thousands of pages long in Word/Office and can take quite a while to read through.

Narrative Order vs. Character Order? Readers will notice that the end of adventure every log has links which read “Next/Previous by Narrative” and “Next/Previous by Character.” What are these? Essentially, they let you pick whether you want to cut between different characters as you read through chapters, or stick with a single character for many chapters. It’s like how in ASoIaF, you can read chapters in the order of Arya I, Sansa I, Tyrion I, Bran I, Arya II, etc… or you can just binge through all of the Tyrion chapters.

Reading the logs by Narrative Order will give you a more immediately comprehensive picture of broader events. Reading the logs by Character Order will let you zero in on the story of a particular character. Neither way to read the logs is better or worse than the other. The GM does recommend reading all of the chapters in a given Story before moving on to the next Story, but this isn’t absolute. The chronicle’s overall narrative is bigger than any single PC’s, even if some of them have bigger roles in that meta-narrative than others.

Why don’t green links work?

Links in green are for logs not posted to the site yet. Links in purple are for posted logs.

Story One





Page Count
Amelie I Fresh off the plane from Canada, Amelie touches down in New Orleans to make a new life in the home of her distant aunt, Christina Roberts. Aug. 14, 2015 18 p
Alice Prelude Alice graples with burgeoning psychic powers after a monster replaces her father. Oct. 31, 1993 16 p
Amelie II Amelie settles in to her new home and makes an auspicious purchase from an antique store. Aug. 15, 2015 18 p
Alice I Alice attempts to answer a college professor’s impossible question and investigates several purported hauntings. Aug. 17, 2015 11 p
Amelie III Amelie attends her first day at McGehee, the so-called “Southern belle West Point,” and sets her eye on a purportedly haunted house for a research project. Aug. 17, 2015 31 p
Alice II Alice fends off a petty thief on her way to work and makes a potentially lucrative sale to a rude new customer. Aug. 25, 2015 13 p
Amelie IV Amelie attempts to fit in among her privileged peers. Aug. 17, 2015 23 p
Alice III Alice attends a strained dinner with her mother. Aug. 26, 2015 8 p
Amelie V Amelie sets out to explore the Big Easy’s historic attractions and gets a taste of its equally storied corruption. Aug. 21, 2015 25 p
Alice IV Alice attempts to help a restless spirit pass on, makes a move on a long-held crush, and deals with an angry vampire. Aug. 28, 2015 21 p
Amelie VI Amelie receives a dire prophecy. Aug. 21, 2015 25 p
Alice Epilogue Alice attempts to keep a candle lit in the dark. Aug. 28, 2015 3 p
Amelie VII Amelie makes plans for an overnight stay in one of New Orleans’ most notorious paranormal hot spots. Aug. 24, 2015 35 p
Victoria Prelude I Victoria gets shuffled through the foster system. Oct. 24, 1998 21 p
Caroline Prelude Caroline claims her birthright. Dec. 13, 2003 10 p
Amelie VIII Amelie eavesdrops upon a cruel truth. Aug. 26, 2015 25 p
Victoria Prelude II Victoria finds her family. June 13, 2000 19 p
Amelie IX
Caroline I
Stripped of illusions by her furious aunt, Amelie takes a hard look at the Big Easy’s hidden ugliness. Caroline covers up an embarrassment to her aunt’s alma mater. Aug. 28, 2015 19 p
Victoria I Victoria makes a friend and receives an unusual job offer. Aug. 27, 2007 27 p
Amelie X,
Caroline II
Still determined to get ahead in the city, Amelie attends a privileged lunch. Caroline gives a newcomer some helpful advice. Aug. 28, 2015 19 p
Victoria II Victoria finds out just what she’s capable of. Sep. 19, 2011 25 p
Amelie XI Past and future converge as Amelie braves a night in the infamous LaLaurie Mansion. Aug. 28, 2015 39 p

Story Two

Page Count
George Prelude George plots his rise to power. Apr. 4, 1857 29 p
Julien Prelude Julien tries to make a difference in an uncaring world. Nov. 12, 1912 18 p
Clea Prelude Clea pledges her service to the loa. Mar. 20, 1860 31 p
Emil I Emil receives a mysterious package and responds to a distressed phone call. Aug. 28, 2015 7 p
George I George deals with frenzying guests in his hotel and receives an invitation to visit his exiled clanmate John Harley Matheson from the enchanting young Becky Lynne. Aug. 29, 2015 15 p
Caroline I Caroline gets a 3 AM phone call to bail some family friends out of trouble. Aug. 29, 2015 17 p
Clea I
George II
Julien I
Clea and Julien compete for their sires’ favor and possession of a mysterious artifact. George cuts a deal with a mambo. Aug. 29, 2015 23 p
George III
Julien II
George and Julien pay a visit to the Midnight Bayou and its proprietor Sundown. Aug. 29, 2015 11 p
Caroline II Caroline frantically works to save two lives as new disaster strikes. Aug. 29, 2015 13 p
George IV George searches for companions to entertain Matheson in his exile, but finds not all of the candidates are what they seem. Aug. 30, 2015 35 p
Emil II Emil learns the way things are done among NOPD. Aug. 29, 2015 17 p
George V George violates a new victim, pays his respects to two primogen, and swallows his pride for a miserable trek through Clan Nosferatu’s sewers. Aug. 31, 2015 26 p
Victoria I Victoria helps her best friend through a breakup. Aug. 27, 2015 15 p
Julien III Julien returns to the French Quarter to tie up loose ends, only to receive a lesson in the nature of friendship from Antoine Savoy. Aug. 30, 2015 16 p
George VI George deals with a problematic chauffeur trades truths with an insightful Malkavian. Sep. 1, 2015 24 p
Victoria II Victoria helps out a friend fired from her job. Aug. 28, 2015 19 p
Caroline III Caroline pays a hospital visit to friends old and new. Aug. 29, 2015 8 p
George VII George bears witness to another grim example of Vidal’s justice and smooths over a grudge with the Mafia. Sep. 3, 2015 17 p
Victoria III Victoria locks horns with McGehee’s headmistress negotiating a fired teacher’s severance. Aug. 31, 2015 16 p
Caroline IV
Emil III
Caroline deals with an unexpected fly in her family’s ointment. Emil receives an auspicious visitor. Aug. 30, 2015 14 p
George VIII George receives a warning from an old flame and deals with unforeseen trouble on the road to Matheson’s. Sep. 4, 2015 14 p
Victoria IV Victoria tries to save one life and destroy two. Sep. 20, 2015 22 p
Julien IV Julien meets with one of the Baron’s lieutenants to negotiate a truce between their covenants, only for events to spiral far out of control. Sep. 2, 2015 8 p
George IX George races the rising sun back to the Windsor Court, only to face a second foe he cannot so easily avoid: his own Beast. Sep. 5, 2015 24 p
Victoria V Victoria a consumates a years-old love she never knew she had. Oct. 22, 2015 22 p
Emil IV Emil begins a new investigation into an old mystery. Aug. 30, 2015 11 p
George X George convenes a meeting of Clan Ventrue’s elders to flush out a traitor within the ranks. Sep. 6, 2015 35 p
Victoria VI Victoria enjoys time with her new love and tries to get her released fro a draconian employment contract. Oct. 23, 2015 35 p
Caroline Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Aug. 30, 2015 2 p
George XI George confronts not one traitor, but three—to explosive results. Sep. 9, 2015 13 p


Page Count
Cletus I Cletus deals with a trespasser on his land. Sep. 9, 2015 3 p

Story Three

Page Count
Louis I Lou descends into the Crescent City’s seedy underbelly to find out who is murdering its prostitutes. Sep. 5, 2015 28 p
Caroline I Caroline finds new troubles trying to forget old ones. Sep. 1, 2015 15 p
Emmett I Em picks an ambitious new mark to con. Sep. 4, 2015 10 p
Louis II Lou witnesses a murder through a dead woman’s eyes, reunites with an old failure, and puts a name to a killer. Sep. 5, 2015 26 p
Caroline II Caroline plunges headfirst into her new existence among the Damned. Sep. 7, 2015 17 p
Emmett II Emmett tries to abort a soured heist while making a few bucks. Sep. 4, 2015 7 p
Louis III Lou turns to the Holy Mother of Church for aid and attempts to pawn off an old keepsake. Sep. 6, 2015 30 p
Caroline III Caroline fights for her unlife when an intruder breaches her daytime haven. Sep. 6, 2015 14 p
Emmett III Concerned he’s in over his head, Em chances a meeting with a crooked cop and walks into a trap of his own devising. Sep. 5, 2015 11 p
Louis IV Lou cases a double homicide and calls up an loa to obtain sorely needed answers. Sep. 7, 2015 13 p
Caroline IV Caroline navigates a tense reunion with her mortal family. Sep. 6, 2015 10 p
Emmett IV Em faces truth. Unknown 10 p
Louis V Lou picks up the pieces of a broken world. Sep. 7, 2015 18 p
Caroline V Caroline faces the Lancea et Sanctum’s judgment for her unsanctioned Embrace. Sep. 6, 2015 18 p
Emmett V Em awakens from his nightmares in the hospital and faces a horrifying loss. Unknown 8 p
Louis VI Lou teams up with a new partner. Sep. 7, 2015 23 p
Caroline VI
Emmett VI
Caroline attends a tediously necessary social function. Em remembers back to better times. May 17, 2014 7 p
Caroline VII
Louis VII
Caroline enlists some desperately needed help in tracking down her sire. Lou takes on a case that makes him question everything he’s ever done. Sep. 7, 2015 7 p
Emmett VII Em gets into further trouble with the NOPD. Sep. 7, 2015 5 p
Caroline VIII Caroline takes a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood. Sep. 7, 2015 33 p
Caroline IX
Louis VIII
Caroline covers up an inconvenient sin. Lou offers guidance to a fledgling in need. Sep. 8, 2015 12 p
Emmett VIII Beset with crushing medical and legal debt, Em strikes a devil’s bargain with the Dixie Mafia. Sep. 10, 2015 7 p
Louis IX Lou reunites with an old flame and confronts a wrathful loa. Sep. 8, 2015 24 p
Caroline X Caroline swears a desperate oath and meets a friendly face among the Damned. Sep. 8, 2015 41 p
Emmett IX Em faces sentencing for his latest misdeeds. Sep. 11, 2015 4 p
Louis X Lou races against time to save a stubborn mambo’s life. Sep. 8, 2015 5 p
Caroline XI Caroline deals with a home invasion, learns an abject lesson in how little her pride sells for, and witlessly crosses a perilous boundary. Sep. 9, 2015 33 p
Emmett X
Mouse I
Em pins his trust on a desperate hope. Mouse helps out a ‘friend’ in need. Sep. 13, 2015 6 p
Louis XI Lou recovers from his previous night’s ordeals and delivers a soul-wrenching apology. Sep. 9, 2015 23 p
Adelais I
Caroline XII
Adelais gives a neonate some lessons in etiquette. Caroline faces a regent’s wrath. Sep. 10, 2015 21 p
Emmett XI A lifetime of lies comes crashing down as Em graples over whether to do the unthinkable: tell the truth. Sep. 13, 2015 10 p
Caroline XIII Caroline frantically tries to stop the Masquerade from unraveling as her mortal loved ones grow too curious for their own good. Sep. 10, 2015 24 p
Louis XII Bereft of allies and options, Lou agrees to a reluctant meeting with the enemies of his enemies. Sep. 9, 2015 13 p
Adelais II
Caroline XIV
Lavine I
Rocco I
Caroline acts fast to protect her loved ones from their exposure to the Kindred world, but finds the price of their safety may be all-too high. Adelais and Lavine puts in apearances at Elysium. Rocco cleans up a neonate’s Masquerade breach. Sep. 11, 2015 22 p
Emmett XII Em accepts his fate. Sep. 13, 2015 3 p
Louis XIII Lou seeks out a long-dead fortune teller for counsel over his ominous new affliction. Sep. 9, 2015 22 p
Caroline XV
Rocco II
Caroline sacrifices a friendship to save a life. Rocco helps teach a neonate a needed lesson. Sep. 11, 2015 28 p
Louis Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 10, 2015 2 p
Emmett Epilogue Em adjusts to his new life behind bars. Sep. 14, 2015 8 p


Page Count
Mouse I Mouse witlessly crosses a perilous line. Sep. 13, 2015 14 p
George I George shares a devastating secret with Antoine Savoy. Sep. 10, 2015 16 p

Story Four







Page Count
Micheal Prelude An accounting of what has come before. Jan. 26, 1885 48 p
Caroline I
Louis I
Caroline tempts a witless soul into damnation. Lou tells off a high-profile client. Sep. 11, 2015 21 p
Micheal I Micheal rallies suport against an elder who’s gone too far. Sep. 10, 2015 12 p
Caroline II
Louis II
Caroline repeats an awful sin. Lou settles for losing slowly and stalks a witless pawn. Sep. 12, 2015 23 p
Micheal II Micheal barters with Clan Nosferatu for secrets. Sep. 10, 2015 10 p
Annabelle I
Caroline III
Annabelle plays hostess to some neonates. Caroline clashes with a rival coterie through mortal proxies and shares a bitter drink with her mortal brother. Sep. 12, 2015 36 p
Micheal III Micheal makes an impossible choice between his family and his ideals. Sep. 10, 2015 20 p
Caroline IV Caroline orchestrates a two-pronged hit to reclaim a kidnaped friend, but finds she may be no less a monster. Sep. 13, 2015 26 p
Micheal IV Micheal attempts to sway an intransigent Malkavian. Sep. 11, 2015 5 p
Caroline V Caroline saves a servant and loses a friend. Sep. 13, 2015 23 p
Cletus I
Micheal V
Cletus tests the loyalties of Antoine Savoy’s new ‘ally’. Micheal goes on an alligator hunt with Cletus, only to find his remaining humanity may be the Giovannini’s true quarry. Sep. 11, 2015 11 p
Caroline VI Caroline watches a budding romance bloom full flower. Sep. 14, 2015 22 p
Cletus II
Micheal VI
Cletus and Micheal go hunting for the biggest alligator in the swamp: the Great Honky. Sep. 11, 2015 8 p
Caroline VII Caroline clashes with some twice-slighted rivals for a final time—and the hands behind them. Sep. 14, 2015 21 p
Cletus III
Micheal VII
Micheal attends a birthday party thrown by Cletus’ cannibalistic redneck descendants. Cletus shows his guest the full measure of Southern hospitality. Sep. 11, 2015 22 p
Caroline VIII Caroline interrogates an unexpected captive and tempts a second soul into damnation. Sep. 15, 2015 34 p
Cletus IV
Micheal VIII
Rocco I
Micheal loses more than time at the Boggs’ hands. Cletus celebrates some unexpected nuptials. Rocco issues a warning to a defiant Anarch. Sep. 13, 2015 15 p
Caroline IX
Louis III
Caroline severs another tie to her mortal past. Lou sets out to bring a criminal to justice. Sep. 16, 2015 11 p
Rocco II Rocco passes on some unexpected news to an elder Brujah. Sep. 13, 2015 6 p
Micheal IX The Boggs cross a red line with Micheal. Sep. 13, 2015 15 p
Caroline X
Louis IV
Caroline gets drawn into a perilous game of cat and mouse with her sire. Lou gambles centuries of anonymity over a secret that could change everything. Sep. 16, 2015 28 p
Rocco III Rocco plays a game of cat and mouse with an intransigent harpy. Sep. 14, 2015 11 p
Cletus V
Micheal X
Starving, wounded and out of options, Micheal turns to a seeming friend for aid—only to set and spring a trap of his own making. Cletus exacts vengeance upon a treacherous guest. Sep. 14, 2015 8 p
Caroline XI
Louis V
Caroline faces aprehension for her crimes. Lou takes a once-inconceivable risk. Sep. 16, 2015 12 p
Cletus Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 14, 2015 5 p
Louis VI Having exposed his centuries-hidden identity on Caroline’s behalf, Lou withdraws deep into hiding and seeks out an old teacher’s aid. Sep. 16, 2015 33 p
Caroline Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 16, 2015 4 p


Page Count
Louis I
Rocco I
An old man tries to save a young boy from sin. Apr. 10, 1888 26 p
Micheal I Bested but not broken by his captors, Micheal holds out for as long as he can. Sep. 14, 2015 4 p
Cletus I Cletus disciplines a wayward childe. Sep. 14, 2015 4 p

Story Five









Page Count
Cletus I
Micheal I
Cletus strikes a new accord with Antoine Savoy. Micheal attempts to make right past wrongs. Sep. 15, 2015 15 p
Jacob Prelude I Jacob suffers for a forbidden love. June 15, 1873 15 p
Lavine I Lavine plumbs the centuries-old journals of Pierre d’Iberville, founder of New Orleans, to uncover an even older mystery. Sep. 11, 2015 12 p
Cletus II
Rocco I
Rocco baits a trap to ensare his new foes. Cletus defends his domain from a dangerous intruder. Sep. 16, 2015 14 p
Jacob Prelude II Jacob makes a devil’s deal for vengeance. Nov. 11, 1880 8 p
Lavine II Lavine runs into several unpleasant reminders of her mortal past and butts heads with a dogged cop. Sep. 12, 2015 22 p
Cletus III
Rocco II
Cletus interrogates his new prisoner. Rocco holds out for as long as he can. Sep. 16, 2015 10 p
Jacob I Jacob comes to New Orleans and receives an unfriendly welcome. Nov. 12, 1880 18 p
Lavine III Lavine journeys beyond New Orleans to seek the wisdom of kowi anukasha, a native spirit of her people. Sep. 12, 2015 8 p
Cletus IV
Rocco III
Cletus continues to enjoy himself. Physically and mentally broken by torture, Rocco entertains a duplicitous offer to yet serve his prince. Sep. 17, 2015 15 p
Jacob II Jacob tries to find a place for himself in a friendless city. July 8, 1916 24 p
Lavine IV Lavine receives a chilling reminder why her race keeps to the cities. Sep. 12, 2015 5 p
Cletus V Cletus prepares a lavish party to host the Camarila’s diplomats, but discovers several flies in his ointment. Sep. 17, 2015 17 p
Jacob III Jacob deals with some hunters. July 13, 1916 14 p
Annabelle I Annabelle aproaches the Ventrue elder John Harley Matheson over a matter of mutual aid, only to find she has struck a devil’s bargain and must immediately pay its price. Sep. 17, 2015 6 p
Jacob IV
Lavine V
Lavine faces arrest by mortal authorities and assumes a grave new responsibility. Jacob welcomes a new addition to his ‘family’. Sep. 13, 2015 6 p
Cletus VI Reeling from a series of new disasters, Cletus shows his mortal descendants the terrible price for disobedience. Sep. 18, 2015 18 p
Baptiste I
Lavine VI
Baptiste offers succor to a wounded soul. Lavine searches for sacrifices to placate a demanding spirit, only to make one of herself as well. Sep. 14, 2015 26 p
Annabelle II
Louis I
Annabelle seeks out an unlikely source of aid. Lou goes against his better judgment to help out a lady in trouble. Sep. 18, 2015 19 p
Baptiste II Baptiste perfects Clan Nosferatu’s underground defenses and trades secrets with his overly affectionate sire. Sep. 18, 2015 13 p
Cletus VII
Jacob V
Lavine VII
Seizing advantage of the conflict among the Circle’s Acolytes, Cletus puts his own pawns into play. Jacob gets in over his head rushing to a distressed ally’s rescue. Lavine turns to the despicable Doc Xola for help with a kidnaping, only to rapidly find his monstrosity too much to bear. Sep. 19, 2015 12 p
Baptiste III Baptiste offers salvation and damnation to a wayward soul and commits himself to a grave new mission. Sep. 18, 2015 11 p
Jacob VI Jacob pleas for his wife’s existence before a pitiless judge. Sep. 19, 2015 4 p
Annabelle III
Louis II
Annabelle plots revenge against those who have wronged her. Lou cases an old murder for new answers. Sep. 18, 2015 22 p
Baptiste IV Baptiste puts into motion a bold plan: the infiltration of Perdido House, seat of Prince Vidal’s power. Sep. 19, 2015 9 p
Cletus VIII
Jacob VII
Cletus receives an early guest to his soiree. Jacob is called upon to provide a sorcerous consultation. Sep. 19, 2015 10 p
Baptiste Epilogue Baptiste faces the consequences of his actions. Sep. 19, 2015 5 p
Annabelle IV
Cletus IX
Jacob VIII
Annabelle presents Cletus with an unorthodox gift. Cletus graciously receives his soiree’s guests and shares an enlightening carriage ride with a disembodied elder. Jacob summons a restless spirit to learn of an ominous intrusion. Sep. 19, 2015 27 p
Annabelle V
Cletus X
Jacob IX
Annabelle searches for allies among the soiree’s attendees. Cletus plies his charms upon his guests and pits the Camarilla against Clan Giovannini in a game of symbolic egg paquing. Sep. 20, 2015 30 p
Annabelle VI
Cletus XI
Jacob X
Annabelle attempts to thwart an assassin’s attack. Cletus moves to conclude his prolix diplomatic deal with the Camarilla, but looming specters threaten to throw all into chaos. Temporarily banished from his domain, Jacob makes provisions for the care of his children and witlessly invites a monster into his home. Sep. 20, 2015 11 p
Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 20, 2015 4 p


Page Count
George I George dreams. Sep. 10, 2015 2 p

Story Six

Page Count
George I George enlists legal counsel for his upcoming trial. Sep. 19, 2015 8 p
Mouse I Mouse enlists dubious help to navigate New Orleans’ criminal justice system. Sep. 17, 2015 8 p
Caroline I Caroline deals with a truculent prisoner. Sep. 16, 2015 27 p
Mouse II Mouse faces sentence for his inadvertent crimes. Sep. 17, 2015 11 p
Caroline II Caroline deals with a long-postponed threat to her personal Masquerade. Sep. 17, 2015 29 p
Mouse III Mouse finds himself in dire new financial straits. Sep. 17, 2015 10 p
Caroline III Caroline confronts a dangerous intruder in her haven. Sep. 17, 2015 20 p
Mouse IV Mouse becomes a MeVid sensation. Sep. 17, 2015 11 p
Caroline IV
Mouse V
Caroline punishes a wayward sinner. Mouse endeavors to prove his innocence before two stone-hearted judges. Sep. 17, 2015 14 p
Mouse VI Less than twenty-four hours after his release from jail, Mouse witlessly lands himself in further trouble with the Big Easy’s police. Sep. 18, 2015 11 p
Caroline V Caroline loses a friend and entertains a cautious offer from a powerful new patron. Sep. 18, 2015 29 p
Mouse VII Mouse faces judgment and sentencing for his newest and even more inadvertent crimes. Sep. 21, 2015 7 p
Caroline VI Caroline receives some sorely-needed lessons in Kindred etiquette. Sep. 18, 2015 31 p
Mouse VIII Mouse arrives in his new home. Sep. 21, 2015 4 p
Caroline VII
Louis I
Caroline discovers a damning secret. A wanted man braves too-familiar danger to aid a fledgling in need. Sep. 19, 2015 25 p
Mouse IX Mouse hits rock bottom. Sep. 21, 2015 11 p
Caroline VIII Caroline is called to account for her actions and learns a shattering revelation. Sep. 19, 2015 56 p
Mouse X Mouse makes his final stand. Sep. 22, 2015 5 p
Caroline IX Caroline grants a faithful servant her final reward. Sep. 20, 2015 43 p
Mouse Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 22, 2015 14 p
Caroline X
Cletus I
George II
Rocco I
Caroline comes face to face with her true maker. Cletus makes a trip out to the big city. George betrays two clanmates. Rocco pulls some strings to acquire a new pawn. Sep. 20, 2015 38 p
Caroline XI
Cletus II
George III
Cletus hatches a plan to avenge past slights. George is charged with blasphemy against the Lancea et Sanctum. Sep. 20, 2015 44 p
Cletus III
George IV
Cletus develops a newfound apreciation for the arts. George clashes with New Orleans’ dreaded scourge and pledges loyalty to a new cause and patron. Sep. 20, 2015 45 p
Caroline XII
Jacob I
Rocco II
Caroline presents herself before her clanmates. Jacob and his fellow accused face Prince Vidal’s final judgment for their crimes. Rocco invites a neonate to a party. Sep. 21, 2015 34 p

Story Seven

Page Count
Caroline I Caroline reminisces over what might (and could never) have been. Sep. 22, 2015 27 p
Isa Prelude Isa tries to save two brothers. May 12, 2001 15 p
Caroline II Caroline receives a rude awakening and enjoys the hospitality of a powerful new patron. Sep. 23, 2015 21 p
Isa I Isa dies in a bathroom. Dec. 3rd, 2011 19 p
Caroline III
Rocco I
Caroline attends a tediously necessary social function. Rocco entertains a party of neonates. Sep. 23, 2015 20 p
Caroline IV Caroline faces a bitter preview of her Requiem ahead. Sep. 24, 2015 15 p
Isa II Isa walks a social tightrope at Elysium. Jan. 9, 2012 12 p
Caroline V Caroline attends a family funeral. Sep. 30, 2015 10 p
Rocco II
Rocco raids a lawbreaker’s haven. Isa sells out a faithless ‘benefactor’. Jan. 9, 2012 13 p
Caroline VI Caroline works to engender herself to her discerning clanmates. Oct. 4, 2015 38 p
Rocco III Rocco collects an owed debt and receives a concerning warning about his new tenant. Sep. 14, 2015 14 p
Caroline VII Caroline sees to her mortal affairs and attempts to set right some old wrongs. Oct. 7, 2015 24 p
Milo Prelude
Louis I
Milo loses a brother. July 13, 2002 13 p
Caroline VIII Caroline attempts to mend relations with a former adversary. Oct. 11, 2015 14 p
Rocco IV A gathering of old friends goes awry as Rocco plays a game of scopa for answers as to a former coterie-mate’s past. Sep. 25, 2015 17 p
Caroline IX
Emmett I
Caroline frames an old patsy for a new crime. Em takes a trip outside the Farm. Oct. 14, 2015 32 p
Milo I Milo deals with a bizarre home invasion. Dec. 8, 2015 11 p
Caroline X
Rocco V
Caroline and Rocco look into a missing neonate. Sep. 25, 2015 88 p
Milo II Milo attempts to brighten his spirits among friends and strangers. Dec. 9, 2015 20 p
Caroline XI Caroline attempts to help an amnesiac solve her own disapearance to make inroads with the city’s Anarchs. Oct. 7, 2015 63 p
Milo III Milo pays a visit to what’s left of his father. Dec. 9, 2015 14 p
Caroline XII Caroline investigates the circumstances of her still-mysterious Embrace. Oct. 13, 2015 42 p
Caroline XIII Caroline displays the fruits of her agoge before Clan Ventrue. Oct. 19, 2015 15 p
Arthur I
Caroline XIV
Arthur prepares a lavish banquet for some demanding patrons. Caroline attends a celebratory dinner. Nov. 27, 2015 40 p
Caroline XV Caroline receives a mother’s gratitude—and rich rewards long overdue. Dec. 4, 2015 23 p
Milo IV Milo receives a warning from an anonymous benefactor and braves the darkness to take the fight to his tormentors. Dec. 9, 2015 12 p
Caroline XVI Caroline discovers a terrible danger waiting in the wings. Dec. 4, 2015 39 p
Caroline XVII
Rocco VI
Caroline navigates a perilous web of diplomacy and deceit. Rocco deals with an attack upon his domain. Dec. 16, 2015 38 p
Caroline XVIII Caroline learns the truth of her Embrace at long last. Jan. 9, 1815 46 p


Page Count
Caroline I Caroline gets into a bitter family argument. Dec. 17, 2015 29 p
Caroline II Caroline makes some acquintances at Elysium. Dec. 18, 2015 39 p

Story Eight






Page Count
Caroline I Caroline celebrates a birthday. Dec. 19, 2015 46 p
Arthur I
Emmett I
Arthur dances an evening away. Emmett sets his eye on a new conquest. Sep. 7, 2007 16 p
Adelais I A heartless art critic discovers her true calling. Jan. 5, 1870 30 p
Emmett II Emmett snares the object of his lusts with sweet words—and finds himself ensnared in turn. Sep. 7, 2007 19 p
Emmett III Emmett resolves to make a movie and gets in over his head. Sep. 10, 2007 14 p
Arthur II
Emmett IV
Arthur hits on a new acquaintance. Emmett makes a long-planned romantic move. Sep. 11, 2007 17 p
Emil I
Emmett V
Emil auditions for a movie. Emmett reviews a script that cuts too close to home. Sep. 15, 2007 26 p
Adelais II Adelais reaches an accord over a prosperous new domain. Feb. 27, 1975 p
Emil II Emil digs up old graves for answers into his father’s past. Sep. 22, 2007 17 p
Emmett VI Emmett meets the girl he deserves. Sep. 22, 2007 24 p
Adelais III An icy-tempered harpy enjoys her Requiem’s spoils. July 14, 2015 3 p
Emil III
Emmett VII
Past becomes present as Emil relives a horrific memory. Emmett helps a man in need. Sep. 26, 2007 19 p
Emil IV Emil deals with inquisitive police—and parents—in the hospital. Sep. 26, 2007 22 p
Emmett VIII Emmett gets even like never before. Sep. 26, 2007 56 p
Emil V Emil foretells a dire prophecy. Sep. 26, 2007 34 p
Emmett IX Emmett walks into a lion’s den. Sep. 27, 2007 39 p
Emil VI Emil’s parents try to outrun his past. Sep. 29, 2007 27 p
Emmett X Emmett comes to a final understanding with his parents. Sep. 28, 2007 18 p
Emil VII Emil peers upon a foreboding future. Sep. 30, 2007 16 p
Adelais IV Adelais places a “friendly” wager with her brutal paramour. Sep. 15, 2015 5 p
Emmett XI
Emil places his faith in a faithless man. Emmett gets some much-needed legal representation. Oct. 6, 2007 17 p
Emil IX Emil comes home. Oct. 6, 2007 35 p
Emmett Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Oct. 6, 2007 44 p

Story Nine






Page Count
Jon I Jon touches down in Vienna and receives a new mission. Feb. 3, 2016 23 p
Emmett I Emmett is executed for his crimes by the state of Louisiana. Jan. 5, 2016 13 p
Amelie I Amelie awakens from a coma into a nightmare. Unknown 8 p
Emil I Emil’s troubles follow him to L.A. Oct. 16, 2007 21 p
Jon II Jon uncovers an alarming security breach among Clan Tremere’s secret police. Feb. 4, 2016 14 p
Amelie II
Emmett II
Amelie explores new realms beyond her darkest imaginings. Emmett faces his afterlife. Unknown 24 p
Emil II Emil accepts a devil’s bargain. Unknown 18 p
Jon III Jon plays an unseen game of cat and mouse with a justicar’s agents. Feb. 5, 2016 11 p
Emmett III Emmett faces judgment for his past sins. Unknown 13 p
Amelie III Amelie reunites with an old enemy. Unknown 16 p
Emil III Emil settles in to his aparent new life. Oct. ?, 2007 21 p
Jon IV Jon reminds a long-time servant of her place. Feb. 6, 2016 19 p
Emmett IV Emmett trades a tale for a tale. Unknown 11 p
Amelie IV Amelie gets in trouble with the law over a falsified crime. Unknown 14 p
Emil IV Emil erects the first block in his transyphysical tower. Oct. 16th 25 p
Jon V Dark wings alight upon Jon’s trans-Atlantic plane flight. Feb. 6, 2016 17 p
Emmett V Emmett shares a bitter reunion with his living kin. Unknown 19 p
Amelie V Amelie endures. Unknown 14 p
Emil V Emil journeys into Houston’s labyrinthine underground. Oct. 17th 23 p
Jon VI Jon says a bittersweet farewell. Feb. 7, 2016 11 p
Emmett VI Emmett faces imprisonment by an altogether different manner of gaoler. Unknown 16 p
Amelie VI Amelie begins her jail sentence in Orleans Parish Prison. Unknown 16 p
Emil VI Emil meets a fellow seeker in his quest for knowledge. Oct. 17th 35 p
Jon VII Jon collects his childe and sees to remaining affairs in Seattle. Feb. 10, 2016 15 p
Emmett VII Emmett gets to know his cellmates. Unknown 18 p
Amelie VII Pushed and provoked beyond all endurance, Amelie snaps. Unknown 18 p
Emil VII Emil witensses a hidden wonder. Oct. 18th 5 p
Rocco I
Jon receives a poor welcome in New Orleans. Rocco greets a new arrival to his prince’s city. Feb. 11, 2016 27 p
Emmett VIII Emmett risks all to defy his gaolers. Unknown 11 p
Amelie Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass Unknown 2 p

Story Ten





Page Count
Celia Prelude I Celia celebrates the worst birthday ever. July 17, 1997 24 p
Celia Prelude II Celia learns to pretend. Nov. 16, 2003 27 p
Celia I Celia takes her first step outside her sheltered life. June 24, 2008 36 p
Celia II
Emmett I
Celia tries to introduce her boyfriend to her parents. Em submits to his latest indignity. Nov. 10, 2008 35 p
Celia III Celia resolves to stop suffering in silence. Nov. 24, 2008 25 p
Celia IV
Emmett II
Celia sacrifices her dignity to provide for her family. Em fans a spark of rebellion. Nov. 26, 2008 28 p
Celia V Celia meets her boyfriend’s family and searches for her biological father. Dec. 10, 2008 24 p
Celia VI Celia finds some unexpected financial help. Dec. 16, 2008 35 p
Celia VII Celia dares to challenge her father. Dec. 18, 2008 34 p
Caroline I
Celia VIII
Emmett III
Caroline helps her father clean up a mess. Celia works to extricate her family from their father’s grasp. Emmett makes a helpful introduction. Mar. 31, 2009 39 p
Celia IX
Emmett IV
Celia looks for love in all the wrong places. Em tries to do the right thing without it backfiring. Mar. 31, 2009 42 p
Celia X
Emil I
Emmett V
Celia tries to keep her family safe from an abuser. Em tries to give some good advice for once. Emil cultivates an investment. Apr. 1, 2009 34 p
Celia XI
Emmett VI
Celia chooses between a mother and friend in need. Em plans to take down a bastard in need of taking down. Apr. 1, 2009 28 p
Celia XII
Emmett VII
Celia makes a devil’s bargain. Em finds no good deed goes ununpunished. Apr. 1, 2009 32 p
Celia XIII
Emil II
Emmett VIII
Celia watches a loved one pay the price for a fateful choice. Emil and Emmett try to offer what comfort they can. Apr. 2, 2009 34 p
Celia XIV Celia comes face to face with the monster under the bed. Apr. 2, 2009 18 p
Emil III
Emmett IX
Emil and Emmett run for their lives with a tape that may decide everything. Apr. 2, 2009 20 p
Emil IV Emil flees from an unstopable foe. Apr. 2, 2009 2 p
Celia XV Celia decides between fortune and family. Apr. 2, 2009 34 p
Celia XVI Celia confronts her sire. Apr. 3, 2009 34 p
Celia XVII
Emmett X
Celia reaches a bitter accord. Emmett tries to just go home. Apr. 2, 2009 30 p

Story Eleven

Page Count
Caroline I Caroline comes to a reckoning with her mortal family. Dec. 17, 2015 28 p
Jon I Jon reunites with an old friend and colleague. Feb. 11, 2016 29 p
Celia I Celia settles in to her existence among the Damned. Apr. 8, 2009 26 p
Caroline II Caroline deals with her disownment. Dec. 23, 2015 28 p
Jon II Jon and another old friend educate a fledgling. Feb. 11, 2016 37 p
Celia II Celia runs into some unexpected reminders from her old life. Aug. 29, 2010 23 p
Caroline III Caroline celebrates a Christmas Eve unlike any other. Dec. 24, 2015 21 p
Amelie I Free from Orleans Parish Prison, Amelie reckons with her all-too abrupt damnation. Unknown 25 p
Celia III Celia prepares for a child’s birth and celebrates a cheerless Christmas. Jan. 2, 2015 16 p
Caroline IV Caroline sees to her myriad affairs. Dec. 26, 2015 53 p
Celia IV Celia allows herself to be used. Jan. 1, 2010 53 p
Adelais I
Caroline V
Isa I
Rocco I
The city’s Kindred converge upon Elysium—and find much spectacle in a disorderly guest. Feb. 11, 2016 67 p
Celia V Celia breaks a defiant soul and makes a new ally. Apr. 6, 2010 63 p
Rocco II Rocco nurses his wounds and plots a comeback. Feb. 13, 2016 15 p
Caroline VI
Isa II
Caroline looks for a long-found missing person. Isa learns a brother’s fate. Feb. 16, 2016 22 p
Celia VI Celia tries to rekindle an old flame. July 20, 2012 44 p
Amelie II
Caroline VII
Amelie makes a grisly sacrifice for a new benefactor. Caroline deals with a disobedient servant. Feb. 20, 2016 31 p
Jon IV Jon investigates a traitorous clanmate’s haven. Feb. 12, 2016 20 p
Amelie III
Caroline VIII
Amelie comes to a second rude awakening. Caroline curries favor with a primogen. Feb. 20, 2016 21 p
Celia VII Celia confesses to an old betrayal. July 26, 2012 42 p
Jon V Jon twists a seeming faux pas to his advantage and pays a visit to an old friend’s childer. Feb. 12, 2016 18 p
Amelie IV
Caroline IX
Amelie tries to learn more about what she is. Caroline shows a new fledgling the ropes. Feb. 20, 2016 19 p
Celia VIII Celia takes an auspicious spa client. Sep. 2, 2015 31 p
Jon VI Jon plumbs a renegade clanmate’s secret journals. Feb. 12, 2016 17 p
Amelie V
Rocco III
Amelie is presented before the seneschal. Rocco takes an interest in an abandoned fledgling. Feb. 20, 2016 19 p
Caroline X Caroline seeks out lost souls and tries to apease an affronted elder. Feb. 20, 2016 33 p
Amelie Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Feb. 20, 2016 2 p
Caroline XI Someone close asks Caroline to cover up an unspeakable crime. Feb. 29, 2016 55 p
Jon VII Jon investigates a clanmate’s attack and a faithful ghoul’s more esoteric discoveries. Feb. 13, 2016 15 p
Caroline XII Caroline prunes a poisoned tree, looks for love where she can find it, and uncovers a primogen’s treachery. Feb. 29, 2016 62 p
Jon VIII Jon agrees to perform the surgery of a lifetime. Feb. 13, 2016 18 p
Caroline XIII Caroline comes to a final reckoning with her mortal mother and a long-hated foe. Mar. 1, 2016 21 p
Celia IX
Jon IX
Celia plies her charms upon a potential new patron. Jon tests a promising neonate. Feb. 13, 2016 17 p
Caroline XIV Caroline settles in among her new family. Mar. 6, 2016 29 p
Celia X Estrellado finds a new lover. Mar. 1, 2016 49 p
Caroline XV Caroline crosses her Rubicon. Mar. 8, 2016 18 p
Jon Epilogue Jon is recalled from New Orleans to deal with a new emergency. Feb. 15, 2016 1 p
Caroline XVI Caroline confronts her sire—her true sire—and meets her destiny. Mar. 7, 2016 40 p

Story Twelve






Page Count
Caroline I Caroline brings a dead woman back to life. Mar. 7, 2016 48 p
Emmett I Em gets acquainted with his band of fellow escapees. Unknown 20 p
Celia I Celia reminds her servants of their place. Mar. 4, 2016 30 p
Caroline II Caroline deals with another disobedient servant. Mar. 7, 2016 25 p
Emmett II Em catches up with an old girlfriend. Unknown 16 p
Celia II Celia drinks from the wrong vessel before a poorly-timed family dinner. Mar. 6, 2016 28 p
Caroline III Caroline attempts to enjoy a peaceful day with her new family. Mar. 7, 2016 72 p
Emmett III
Lamarck I
Em spies on a vampire and encounters a helpful soul in the Underworld. Lam finds some rubes to con. Unknown 31 p
Celia III Celia takes up the Nosferatu on a dare. Mar. 6, 2016 18 p
Caroline IV Caroline balances her new duties with increasingly unanswerable personal demands. Mar. 7, 2016 35 p
Emmett IV Emmett graples with his Shadow and spies on his ex-lover. Unknown 18 p
Celia IV Celia tries to smooth things over with her mortal family. Mar. 7, 2016 36 p
Caroline V Caroline contends with the sheriff to sway her sire’s increasingly unstable rule. Mar. 8, 2016 27 p
Emmett V Weary of fighting his dark side, Em strikes an accord with an even greater evil. Unknown 13 p
Caroline VI Caroline stages a mother’s death. Mar. 9, 2016 52 p
Celia V Celia wakes up kidnaped. Mar. 8, 2016 23 p
Caroline VII
Emmett VI
Caroline evaluates a new asset. Em forgives an old sin. Mar. 9, 2016 30 p
Celia VI
Emmett VII
Em and Celia dance through a shared dream. Mar. 8, 2016 20 p
Celia VII Celia interrogates a truculent prisoner. Mar. 8, 2016 42 p
Ayame Prelude Ayame suffers under a cruel domitor. Nov. 11, 2009 13 p
Celia VIII Celia lets her hair down at one of the French Quarter lord’s infamous revels. Mar. 8, 2016 41 p
Emmett VIII Em hunts for souls. Unknown 15 p
Celia IX Celia says a surprisingly easy goodbye. Mar. 9, 2016 24 p
Caroline VIII
Celia X
A children’s playdate turns perilous as Celia reveals her true identity to a dangerous party. Mar. 9, 2016 59 p
Celia XI Celia digs into the past with her mortal mother. Mar. 9, 2016 28 p
Ayame I
Celia XII
Ayame tries to avert a massacre of the city’s thin-bloods. Celia tries to lure an older lover back into her arms. Dec. 4, 2011 47 p
Caroline IX Caroline travels beyond the Crescent City to meet one of the rare few Kindred to enjoy its seneschal’s trust. Mar. 9, 2016 36 p
Celia XIII Celia reconnects with her one-time paramour. Mar. 9, 2016 61 p
Ayame II Ayame reaches an arrangement with an unexpected contact. Mar. 10, 2016 p
Celia XIV Celia receives a dire mission from her sire. Mar. 10, 2016 61 p
Caroline X Caroline battles a Sabbat pack. Mar. 9, 2016 23 p
Celia XV
Emmett IX
Celia deals with some unexpected daytime intruders. Em collects a few more souls. Mar. 10, 2016 23 p
Caroline XI Caroline seals a pact in blood. Mar. 9, 2016 19 p
Celia XVI Celia runs into an unwelcome figure from her past. Mar. 10, 2016 39 p
Emmett X Em hits a potential jackpot. Unknown 26 p
Celia XVII Celia deliberates what to do about hunters and her mother’s new infatuation. Mar. 10, 2016 55 p
Caroline XII Caroline welcomes a visiting elder to Cairo. 12 p
Emmett XI
Celia seeks advice over a soul-eater. Em halfheartedly hopes for forgiveness. Mar. 10, 2016 51 p
Celia XIX Celia puts in an apearance at Elysium. Mar. 11, 2016 56 p
Emmett XII
Lamarck II
Emmett commits his greatest transgression yet. Unknown 35 p
Caroline XIII Caroline meets hew new mother’s sister and considers a marriage proposal. Mar. 11, 2016 29 p
Celia XX Celia shepherds a fledgling into the night. Mar. 11, 2016 55 p
Caroline XIV Caroline’s mother teaches her a horrifying lesson. Mar. 12, 2016 41 p
Emmett XIII Emmett prepares to receive his heart’s desire. Unknown 9 p
Celia XXI Celia hears the last words she ever expected to from an estranged relative. Mar. 12, 2016 64 p
Emmett XIV Emmett battles his Shadow to the death for the ultimate prize. Unknown 27 p
Caroline XV Caroline faces an assassination attempt aiding a clanmate in need. Mar. 12, 2016 58 p
Celia XXII Celia breaks some surprising news to her family. Mar. 12, 2016 45 p
Emmett XV Emmett is reborn. Unknown 9 p
Caroline XVI Caroline interrogates a prisoner and attempts to secure new swords in her upcoming battle. Mar. 13, 2016 40 p
Celia XXIII Celia takes a new lover. Mar. 12, 2016 46 p
Ayame III Ayame gets asked for inconvenient help. Mar. 10, 2016 6 p
Celia XXIV Celia weaves new intrigues with her grandsire. Mar. 13, 2016 37 p
Celia XXV
Emmett XVI
Emmett gets a new face. Mar. 13, 2016 19 p
Caroline XVI
Caroline and Celia share a moment with one of the few Kindred to understand them. Mar. 13, 2016 51 p
Celia XXVIII Celia flees a madhouse. Mar. 13, 2016 21 p
Emmett XVII Emmett decides how to spend his new unlife. Mar. 13, 2016 15 p
Celia XXIX Celia her tries to win her sire’s aproval and stop the Masquerade from unraveling around her mortal family. Mar. 13, 2016 38 p
Emmett Epilogue A final accounting of all that has come to pass Mar. 13, 2016 7 p

Story Thirteen










Page Count
Celia I Celia picks up the pieces of a broken Masquerade. Mar. 13, 2016 41 p
Genevieve I
Sterling I
Genevieve finds a new domitor. Sterling finds a new conscience. Feb. 13, 2013 14 p
Celia II Celia prepares for possible war. Mar. 13, 2016 34 p
Celia III Celia reunites a brother and sister. Mar. 13, 2016 59 p
Genevieve II
Sterling II
Genevieve does her best to please her new master. Sterling rewards and punishes his new conscience. Feb. 14, 2013 16 p
Celia IV Celia breaks in a new ghoul and walks back from a terrible mistake. Mar. 14, 2016 54 p
Celia V Celia attempts to win back an aggrieved friend and cover up a new weakness. Mar. 14, 2016 55 p
Genevieve III
Sterling III
Genevieve gets even with an old tormentor. Sterling makes up with his ghoul. Apr. 17, 2013 14 p
Celia VI Celia deals with a spy. Mar. 15, 2016 43 p
Celia VII Celia feeds an alien hunger. Mar. 15, 2016 89 p
Genevieve IV
Sterling IV
Genieve urges her domitor to do the right thing. Sterling takes his conscience on a date. May 15, 2013 13 p
Celia VIII Celia prepares to seduce an ex-prince with her new lover. Mar. 16, 2016 47 p
Celia IX Celia meets the luckiest man in New Orleans. Mar. 16, 2016 36 p
Genevieve V
Sterling V
Genevieve tries to do the right thing. Sterling pushes the limits of his new conscience. June 6, 2013 18 p
Celia X Celia tries to reconcile two quarreling siblings. Mar. 16, 2016 65 p
Celia XI Celia learns and regrets new truths about her mother and a doll long in her possession. Mar. 17, 2016 59 p
Jean-Marc Prelude Jean-Marc’s sins catch up with him. Feb. 16, 2016 10 p
Celia XII Celia slums it in Rampart Street to question a Quarter rat. Mar. 17, 2016 53 p
Celia XIII Celia takes another lover and gets caught up in a Mafia hit job. Mar. 18, 2016 52 p
Jean-Marc I Jean-Marc entertains an offer to commit his first murder. Mar. 17, 2016 24 p
Celia XIV Celia shatters her paramour’s world with a truth he never wanted to face. Mar. 18, 2016 38 p
Celia XV Celia attempts to comfort a father in his loss. Mar. 18, 2016 51 p
Julius I Julius expels an intruder from his landlord’s domain while grapling with the Beast within. Feb. 25, 2016 11 p
Celia XVI Celia tries to forestall her sire’s wrath with a heart-wrenching sacrifice. Mar. 18, 2016 41 p
Celia XVII
Julius II
Celia taunts a sister and seeks out a Malkavian for answers. Julius acquits himself in Elysium despite his clanless blood. Mar. 18, 2016 61 p
Louis I Lou gets back in the game. Dec. 12, 2015 6 p
Celia XVIII Celia’s lover takes charge of their relationship. Mar. 19, 2016 49 p
Louis II Lou torches a vampire and tries to help a weary ghost find peace. Dec. 12, 2015 21 p
Celia XIX Celia searches for answers among licks who can’t or won’t share them. Mar. 19, 2016 33 p
Celia XX Celia dons a familiar mask as she submits to another abuser. Mar. 19, 2016 57 p
Louis III Lou inducts another hunter into the Vigil. Dec. 12, 2015 14 p
Celia XXI Celia helps her mother forgive her other personality’s misdeeds. Mar. 19, 2016 45 p
Celia XXII
Cletus I
Julius III
Celia cuts an accord with a Caiiff, reports her findings on some hunters, and enjoys herself at a period party. Cletus spends some time with his famiglia. Julius sells a yacht and makes a fashionable debut to Savoy’s court. Mar. 19, 2016 56 p
Louis IV Lou takes a trip up to the Farm. Mar. 20, 2016 14 p
Julius IV
Celia reaches an accord with Reynaldo Gui and gets attacked by a vengeful Gangrel. Julius offers some translation help. Mar. 20, 2016 39 p
Louis V Lou asks forgiveness for killing a mother. Mar. 12, 2015 14 p
Celia XXIV Celia faces kidnaping and torture at the Guard de Ville’s hands. Mar. 20, 2016 45 p
Caroline I, Celia Caroline entertains a messenger from her sire’s archrival. Celia makes a cruel point to her other personality’s lover. Mar. 15, 2016 18 p
Celia XXV Celia heals a divided soul. Mar. 20, 2016 66 p
Celia XXVI Celia clashes with the hounds in Elysium to unmask a spy. Mar. 20, 2016 55 p
Caroline I

Caroline takes an unpleasant phone call. Celia brings another family member in on her secret. Mar. 21, 2016 69 p
Celia XXVIII Roderick gives Celia one last chance to fix their relationship. Mar. 21, 2016 53 p
Caroline II Caroline attempts to reach an accord with her sire’s archrival. Mar. 17, 2016 21 p
Celia XXIX Celia and an ex-lover get even with one another. Mar. 21, 2016 52 p
Caroline III Caroline weighs a marriage proposal in her newfound mission to destroy the sheriff. Mar. 17, 2016 21 p
Celia XXX Celia tempts a once-good man into the blackest of sins. Mar. 21, 2016 67 p
Caroline IV Caroline proves her devotion to her sire’s oldest servant. Mar. 18, 2016 9 p
Caroline VI
Celia XXXI
Caroline deigns to help cover up a Masquerade breach. Celia tries to hold her family together against everything tearing their lives apart. Mar. 22, 2016 62 p
Celia XXXII Celia tries to safeguard her sister from exposure to the Kindred world and helps her mother reach an understanding with her other personality. Mar. 22, 2016 78 p
Caroline VII
Louis VI
Caroline braves a death trap to retrieve a dead hunter’s secrets. Lou pays an old “friend” an unexpected visit. Mar. 22, 2016 20 p
Celia XXXIII Celia takes out her frustrations on someone weaker after an unfortunate lapse of control. Mar. 22, 2016 51 p
Celia XXXIV Celia tries to patch things up with a furious sister. Mar. 22, 2016 45 p
Caroline VIII
Louis VII
Lou and Caroline attempt to reach an accord as a seemingly unstopable foe bears down. Mar. 23, 2016 36 p
Celia XXXV Celia searches for a thin-blooded alchemist. Mar. 22, 2016 63 p
Caroline IX
Louis VIII
Lou and Caroline risk all in battle against the deadliest adversary they have yet faced: Donovan, sheriff of New Orleans. Mar. 23, 2016 33 p
Celia XXXVI Celia runs into an old abuser. Mar. 23, 2016 64 p
Caroline X Caroline battles treacherous allies after a fragile coalition crumbles. Mar. 23, 2016 31 p
Celia XXXVII Celia plumbs her sire’s haven for secrets. Mar. 23, 2016 76 p
Celia XXXVIII Celia awakens in a sister’s care and receives a chilly homecoming. Mar. 23, 2016 23 p
Epilogue Seizing advantage of Vidal’s new weakness, Savoy and the Baron launch major offensives into their archrival’s territory. Mar. 23, 2016 p

Story Fourteen

Page Count
Caroline II, Celia I Caroline tries to warn a lover away from danger. Celia attends to a battle’s fallen. Mar. 24, 2016 43 p
Celia II Celia searches her father’s house for demonic influence. Mar. 26, 2016 33 p
Celia III Celia exposes an old lie about her paternity. Mar. 27, 2016 36 p
Celia IV Celia operates on her mother’s leg and upholds an unpleasant agreement with an ex. Mar. 30, 2016 30 p
Celia V Celia trains under her sister-in-blood, pays a social call to Pierpont McGinn, and delivers a mother her child’s body. Mar. 31, 2016 24 p
Celia VI Celia takes her mortal sister, disguised as a ghoul, on a “field trip” to experience Kindred society. Apr. 2, 2016 73 p
Celia VII Celia meets a long-estranged aunt and her dead sister’s son. Apr. 2, 2016 46 p
Celia VIII Apr. 5, 2016
Celia IX Celia plans her own death. Apr. 9, 2016 51 p
Celia X Celia discovers a group of humans performing blasphemous medical experiments unlike any she’s seen. Apr. 10, 2016 31 p
Celia XI Celia seizes a chance to redeem herself in her grandsire’s eyes by negotiating an accord with a group of hunters. Apr. 13, 2016 46 p
Celia XII Celia seeks out legal counsel from the last person she expected: the spurned ex-lover who was once her everything. Apr. 15, 2016 55 p
Celia XIII, Isadora I Celia smooths over a social worker’s visit to her family; Isadora checks in on a child’s welfare. Apr. 18, 2016 20 p
Celia XIV Celia executes her plot to fake her own death, double-crossing the Guard de Ville in a fradulent hand-off. Apr. 18, 2016

Page Count
Caroline I Caroline forges a despicable alliance. Mar. 23, 2016 15 p
Caroline II, Celia I Caroline tries to warn a lover away from danger. Celia attends to a battle’s fallen.
Caroline III Caroline buries a casquette girl. 17 p
Caroline IV Caroline brings her mortal family under heel. 42 p
Caroline V Caroline meets her new confessor and makes inroads with the city’s magi. 22 p
Caroline VI 18 p
Caroline VII
Caroline VIII

Page Count
Jon I Jon receives a lucrative offer from New Orleans’ seneschal.

Page Count
Nylea Prelude An accounting of what has come before. 34 p

Page Count
Victoria I Victoria celebrates Christmas with two families and comes out of the closet to one. Nov. 23, 2015 14 p
Victoria II Victoria plots revenge against the Malveaux family for destroying her partner’s career. Mar. 14, 2016 23 p
Victoria III Victoria purchases a house of sin. Mar. 29, 2016 26 p
Victoria IV Victoria clashes with her mother over her partner’s future. Apr. 1, 2016 20 p
Victoria V Victoria receives a midnight phone call from a client terrified for his life—and soul. Apr. 4, 2016 16 p
Victoria VI Victoria hunts down a lunatic for answers about an approaching danger. Apr. 5, 2016 26 p
Victoria VII Victoria deals with a client’s mental breakdown, takes confession with a too-knowing priest, and responds to a home invasion. Apr. 5, 2016 33 p
Victoria VIII Victoria endures a brutal kidnapping and torture. Apr. 6, 2016 18 p
Victoria IX Victoria wakes up a vampire. Unknown 27 p
Victoria X Victoria’s incredulous girlfriend tries to check her in to a psych ward. Apr. 7, 2016 29 p
Victoria XI p

Page Count
Zoe I Zoe gets kicked out by her family. Mar. 30, 2016 26 p
Zoe II Zoe finds a place to sleep. Mar. 30, 2016 34 p
Zoe III Zoe finds herself forced into sex work to make ends meet. Mar. 31, 2016 46 p
Zoe IV Zoe gets sent to jail after her doctoral advisor’s demands grow unbearable.
Apr. 1, 2016
42 p
Celia, Zoe V Zoe rots in her cell and thinks back to happier times.
Zoe VI Starving and dead on her feet after three days in jail, Zoe reunites with her sister. Apr. 4, 2016

Tall Tales & Might-Have-Beens

The following logs are not canon. They weren’t played out and are speculative fiction written by the game’s players. Nevertheless, truth may be found in lies, and lies may be found in truth: the “real” logs have misinformation and falsehoods aplenty, while the below logs may contain valid insights into characters’ true selves.

At the end of the night, vampires are a race of liars. Find your version of the truth wherever you can.

By Emily
Whore: Celia learns her place. Sequel to Celia 10.4.
Capes: Celia waits for her sire. Sequel to Story Ten.
Gravestones: Celia pays respects to her lost love. Sequel to Story Ten.
Monsters and Maidens: Celia’s love takes her as a ghoul. Sequel to Story Ten.
Wrists: Celia mourns a wedding that can no longer be. Sequel to Story Ten.
Midnight: Celia celebrates the new year. Sequel to Celia 11.4.
Rescue: Celia prays for deliverance. Sequel to Celia 12.5.
Roof: Celia is too late to rescue a loved one. Sequel to Celia 12.14.
Corrected: Celia’s lover trains out her misbehaviors. Sequel to Celia 13.21.
The Key: Celia saves herself from an abuser. Sequel to Celia 13.36.

By Sam
The Tax: Some hapless tourists hope to win big at the casino.


I like the idea of this Master Logs page, where you can see all of the sessions at a glance. Good idea!

Master Logs Page

Thanks! As you say, it’s been really helpful for keeping track of them all.

Now I just need to update it with the two months’ of sessions we’ve since played…

Master Logs Page
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