Blood and Bourbon

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“You want to know how it starts? The same thrice-damned way it always starts. Somebody wants something. Bad. Bad enough to shell out clams, bullets, or blood. Maybe all three.”
—Louis Fontaine, retired NOPD detective


Independent Stories

These stories are either still ongoing or have not yet been interwoven into the other protagonists’ logs.

Amelie Chapter 1

Emmett Chapter 1
Emmett Chapter 2

Interlinked Stories

Story One

George: An ambitious Ventrue launches his bid for the Princedom.
Clea, Julien: A long-simmering feud erupts between the Acolytes and the Warlocks.

Clea Prelude
George Prelude
Julien Prelude
Chapter One:
• George deals with frenzied guests in his hotel and receives an invitation to visit his exiled clanmate John Harley Matheson from the enchanting young Becky Lynne.
• Clea and Julien compete for their sires’ favor—and against each other.
Chapter Two:
• George visits John Harley Matheson in his decaying plantation to discuss an unusual business proposition.
• Clea cuts a deal with George.
Chapter Three:
• George witnesses the sentencing of the Windsor Seven and begins his search for suitable companions to Matheson in his exile.
• Julien races back to the Tremere Chantry with a much-sought artifact, Clea hot in pursuit.
• George and Julien pay a visit to the Midnight Bayou and its proprietor Sundown.
Chapter Four:
• George continues his search for suitable companions among New Orleans’ neonates, but not all the candidates are what they seem.
• Julien returns to the French Quarter to tie up loose ends, only to receive a lesson in the nature of friendship from Antoine Savoy.
Chapter Five:
• George comes to a decision on Matheson’s companions, pays his respects to an elder Brujah, and seeks out the Nosferatu to make amends for an unintended slight.
Chapter Six:
• After swallowing his pride during a miserable trek through the sewers, George is granted audience with the Nosferatu Primogen Miss Opal.
• Julien calls in an old favor from the despicable Doc Xola to set up tentative peace talks between the Baron’s followers and the Tremere.
Chapter Seven:
• One of George’s chosen companions gets in trouble with the Mafia.
• Julien investigates rumors of hunters hunted and seeks atonement for his sins.
Chapter Eight:
• George seeks further answers concerning Artemis from her presumed clanmate Harlequin, but finds he cannot easily meet the Malkavian’s bizarre price for his knowledge.
• Julien meets the Baron’s lieutenant Lidia Kendall to negotiate a truce between their covenants, only for events to spiral far out of control.
Chapter Nine:
• George bears witness to another grim example of Prince Vidal’s justice and attempts to smooth things over with the Cosa Nostra.
Chapter Ten:
• An old flame delivers George a warning.
• George deals with unforeseen trouble on the road to Matheson’s.
Chapter Eleven:
• George sets out to ruin a life and races the rising sun back to the Windsor Court.
Chapter Twelve:
• Already weakened from facing the dawn, George confronts a timeless foe no Kindred can avoid—his Beast.
Chapter Thirteen:
• George convenes a meeting of the Gerousia to deal with a traitor within the clan’s ranks.
Chapter Fourteen:
• George attempts to flush out the traitor—by offering them a job.
Chapter Fifteen:
• George convenes a meeting of not one, but three traitors—to explosive results.
Chapter Sixteen:
• George shares a devastating secret with Antoine Savoy.

Story Two

Alice: A young artist tries to make the world a better place.
Caroline: A pampered heiress is cast down from riches to rags.
Cletus: A territorial Cajun exacts vengeance upon his land’s trespassers.
Louis: A world-weary detective cases a duo of serial killers.
Micheal: An Anarch is torn between his ideals and his mortal family.

Alice Prelude
Caroline Prelude
Micheal Prelude
Chapter One:
• Caroline plunges headfirst into her new existence among the Damned.
• Cletus deals with a trespasser on his land.
• Lou wakens from a nightmare-ridden stupor and picks up a new case.
• Micheal rallies support against a cannibalistic elder.
Chapter Two:
• Alice grapples with an impossible question and investigates three hauntings.
• Caroline deals with an unexpected visitor in her improvised haven.
• Lou descends into the Crescent City’s seedy underbelly to find out who is murdering its prostitutes.
• Micheal seeks out the Hidden Clan to barter secrets, but first must pass an unusual test.
Chapter Three:
• Caroline comes to an important realization about her nature.
• Lou witnesses a murder through a dead woman’s eyes, runs into an old friend, and puts a name to the killer.
• Micheal delivers a warning to Antoine Savoy.
Chapter Four:
• Alice plans for a party, deals with a con artist, and makes a lucrative new sale.
• Caroline faces a tense reunion with her family—the quick and the dead.
• Lou catches an intruder with an unlikely spy’s help, and attempts to pawn off an old keepsake—only to get paid with a grenade in his lap.
• Micheal’s sire confronts him with an impossible choice.
Chapter Five:
• Caroline faces a momentary reprieve before her judgment and sentencing.
• Lou investigates a double homicide and turns to the Holy Mother Church in his hour of need.
• Resolved in his new role as a double agent, Micheal attempts to dissuade an inconvenient witness from speaking out.
Chapter Six:
• Alice attends a strained dinner.
• Caroline is assigned a nigh-Herculean task in punishment for her illicit Embrace.
• Cletus goes hunting for a traitor.
• Lou uncovers an old foe’s weakness, grapples with poverty, and teams up with a new partner.
• Micheal goes on an alligator hunt with Cletus, only to find his loyalty and conscience are the Sangiovanni’s true quarry.
Chapter Seven:
• Caroline enlists some badly-needed help in tracking down her sire.
• Cletus shows his guest the true meaning of Southern hospitality.
• Destitute and facing eviction, Lou takes a case that makes him question everything he’s ever done.
• Micheal attends a birthday party thrown by Cletus’ cannibalistic redneck descendants.
Chapter Eight:
• Caroline takes a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood.
• Cletus celebrates some unexpected nuptials.
• Micheal challenges Bobbi Jo to a game of coon jamming.
Chapter Nine:
• Alice attempts to help a restless shade pass on.
• Caroline and Eight-Nine-Six face the Sheriff’s judgment for their crimes.
• Lou cases a too-familiar murder scene and confronts Caroline with a choice.
Chapter Ten:
• Caroline swears a desperate oath and meets a friendly face among the Damned.
• Lou fends off a conman and reunites with an old friend in one of the Big Easy’s famous hotels.
Chapter Eleven:
• Caroline deals with a home invasion, learns an abject lesson in how little her pride sells for, and puzzles out the aftermath of a ghostly influenza epidemic.
• Cletus watches his childe cross a red line.
• Micheal awakens from a two-night torpor, only to find the Boggs have taken a great deal more from him than simple time.
• Rocco delivers a warning to an intransigent Anarch.
Chapter Twelve:
• Alice makes a move on a long-held crush while dealing with an angry vampire.
• Caroline drives to Uptown to meet with a Nosferatu contact, but runs into a spot of unexpected trouble.
• Lou recruits the aid of an old flame and prepares to confront his centuries-old foes head-on.
• Rocco passes some unusual news to an elder Brujah.
Chapter Thirteen:
• Adelais gives a neonate some lessons in etiquette.
• Caroline faces a Regent’s wrath.
• Micheal looks deep inside himself—to explosive results.
• Rocco pays a call to the Afterhours King.
Chapter Fourteen:
• Caroline’s personal masquerade begins to crumble as her mortal loved ones grow too curious for their own good.
• Lou squares off against a wrathful loa and comes face to face with his centuries-old nemeses.
• Rocco plays a game of cat and mouse with an intransigent Harpy.
Chapter Fifteen:
• Caroline acts fast to protect her loved ones from their sudden exposure to the Kindred world, but finds the price for their safety may be all-too high.
• Cletus exacts vengeance upon a treacherous guest.
• Lavine puts in an appearance at Elysium.
• Lou races against time to save a stubborn mambo’s life.
• Starving, wounded and out of options, Micheal turns to a seeming friend for aid—only to set and spring a trap of his own making.
• Rocco deals with a neonate’s Masquerade breach.

Story Three

Adelais: An icy-hearted Harpy enjoys her Requiem’s spoils.
Annabelle: A desperate ghoul sacrifices all to free her domitor.
Baptiste: A discontent Nosferatu plots to expand his clan’s influence.
Caroline: An abandoned fledgling hunts down her sire.
Cletus: A monstrous Cajun hosts an elegant soiree.
Jacob: An idealistic Tremere struggles to reconcile his monstrous nature.
Lavine: A dispossessed Choctaw plumbs an ancient mystery.
Louis: A broken man rises anew.
Rocco: A relentless Hound gives everything to heed his duty.

Adelais Prelude
Jacob Prelude
Rocco Prelude
Chapter One
• Adelais plays with her food.
• Caroline tries to talk down a loved one from suicide.
• Cletus enjoys the fruits victory and lays plans for the future.
• Lavine plumbs the centuries-old journals of Pierre d’Iberville, founder of New Orleans, to uncover an even older mystery.
• Lou recovers from the previous night’s ordeals and sets a new plan into motion.
• Bested but not broken by his foes, Micheal holds out for as long as he can.
• Rocco receives a dangerous new assignment.
Chapter Two
• Adelais agrees to a “friendly” bet with her lover Pierpont McGinn.
• Caroline comes to an understanding with her new ghoul.
• Lavine seeks out a mortal occultist and her grandsire Nathaniel Blanch for counsel on a perplexing matter.
• Lou delivers a soul-wrenching apology.
• Micheal enters the service of a new master.
Chapter Three:
• Caroline makes a choice between principle and practicality.
• Cletus disciplines a wayward childe, strikes a new accord with Antoine Savoy, and defends his domain from a dangerous intruder.
• Lavine approaches Antoine Savoy for permission to traverse his domain, but runs into an unpleasant reminder of her mortal past.
• Deserted by his allies and left with few options, Lou agrees to a reluctant meeting with the enemies of his enemies.
• Rocco baits a lethal trap to ensare his foes, but catches far more than he bargained for.
Chapter Four:
• Caroline looks into a murder and takes a first step on the road to atonement.
• Cletus makes gifts to affronted elders and fends off further agents from the Camarilla.
• Lavine butts heads with a dogged cop over the lives of two innocents.
• Physically and mentally broken by torture, Rocco entertains a duplicitous offer to yet serve his Prince.
Chapter Five:
• Caroline contemplates alternatives to her predatory existence.
• Cletus deals with a prisoner’s escape attempt.
• Lavine journeys beyond New Orleans to seek the wisdom of Kowi Anukasha, a native spirit of her people.
• Rocco employs every trick in his book to hold out against his monstrous captors.
Chapter Six:
• Caroline tempts a witless soul into damnation.
• Cletus prepares a lavish party to host the Camarila’s diplomats, only to find several flies in his ointment.
• Jacob welcomes a new addition to his ‘family’.
• Lavine receives a fearsome reminder why Kindred keep to the cities, faces arrest by mortal police, and assumes a grave new responsibility.
Chapter Seven:
• Annabelle schemes from afar to rescue her imprisoned domitor.
• Baptiste offers comfort to a troubled young lady.
• Caroline apologizes to an unwittingly insulted elder.
• Reeling from a series of new disasters, Cletus shows his mortal descendants the terrible price for disobedience.
• Lavine searches for sacrifices to placate a hungry spirit, only to make one of herself as well.
Chapter Eight:
• Annabelle approaches John Harley Matheson over a matter of mutual aid—only to find she has struck a devil’s bargain and must immediately pay its price.
• Caroline wrestles with her starving Beast.
• Baptiste tests the defenses of the Sewer Rats’ underground lair.
• Hunting for the identity of the saboteur behind the Soiree Night Slaughter, Cletus calls up a dead man to tell a few tales.
• Lavine answers to the Sheriff for a Masquerade breach and reveals a dangerous secret.
• Powerless to resist helping a lady in trouble, Lou picks up a case he knows he shouldn’t touch.
Chapter Nine:
• Baptiste trades—and keeps—secrets with his overly affectionate sire.
• Caroline enjoys a one-sided dinner with her future company in Hell.
• Seizing advantage of the conflict among the Circle’s Acolytes, Cletus puts his own pawns into play.
• Lavine turns to the despicable Doc Xola for help with a kidnapping, but soon finds his monstrosity is too much to bear.
• Lou tries to push an embattled Kindred into doing the right thing.
• Jacob rushes to the aid of his new ward’s fellow caretaker, only to get in over his head.
Chapter Ten:
• Caroline and Lou shake down a nosy tail.
• Baptiste offers salvation and damnation to a wayward soul.
• Bested in battle against Doc Xola, Jacob and Lavine rise from torpor to equally rude awakenings.
Chapter Eleven:
• Baptiste makes an auspicious purchase.
• Caroline runs into old foes looking to even a score.
• Temporarily banished from his domain, Jacob makes provisions for the care of his children—and witlessly invites a monster into his home.
• Lou tracks down an elusive elder’s haven.
Chapter Twelve:
• Baptiste puts a bold plan into motion: the infiltration of Perdido House, the seat of Prince Vidal’s power.
• Jacob is called upon to provide a sorcerous consultation.
• Annabelle presents Cletus with an unorthodox gift.
• Cletus graciously receives his soiree’s guests and shares an enlightening carriage ride with a disembodied elder.
Chapter Thirteen:
• Annabelle searches for allies among the soiree’s attendees.
• Cletus plies his guests and pits the Camarilla against his clan with a game of symbolic egg paquing.
• Jacob summons a restless spirit and learns of an ominous intrusion threatening Cletus’ soiree.
Chapter Fourteen:
• To come.

Story Four

Cletus: A vengeful Cajun pursues his vendetta.
George: A proud Ventrue is called to answer for his actions.

Chapter One:
• George enlists legal counsel for his upcoming trial.
Chapter Two:
• Cletus makes a trip out to the big city.
• George betrays two clanmates.
Chapter Three:
• Cletus extends an invitation to George.
• George is charged with blasphemy against the Lancea et Sanctum.
Chapter Four:
• Cletus hatches a plan to avenge past sights.
• George crosses swords in an unusual duel.
Chapter Five:
• Cletus goes hunting for victims.
• George pledges loyalty to a new cause and patron.
Chapter Six:
• Cletus develops a newfound appreciation for the arts.
• George clashes with the dreaded Scourge of New Orleans—Caitlin Meadows.
Chapter Seven:
• Cletus gets ready for a party.
• George defends his reputation from a slew of witnesses and attempts to fill a gaping hole in his story.
Chapter Eight:
• George’s garden of deceit bears fruit as Prince Vidal lays down his final verdict.
Chapter Nine:
• To come.



I like the idea of this Master Logs page, where you can see all of the sessions at a glance. Good idea!

Master Logs Page

Thanks! As you say, it’s been really helpful for keeping track of them all.

Now I just need to update it with the two months’ of sessions we’ve since played…

Master Logs Page

Possible to read any of the individual logs?

Master Logs Page
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