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Louis Logs Index


Louis I: The Slattern Slashers

To the world, Louis Fontaine is a washed-up old drunk. Maybe he is. But the world-weary private eye is more than that, too. He’s also a vampire hunter and independent ghoul, centuries old, with secrets that many would do worse than kill for, and a conscience that will never let him rest.

When two long-vanished murderers resurface and girls in the Ninth Ward start turning up dead, Lou may be the only man who can stop them—or cares enough to.

Chapter I Lou descends into the Crescent City’s seedy underbelly to find out who is murdering its prostitutes. Sep. 5, 2015 28 p
Chapter II Lou witnesses a murder through a dead woman’s eyes, reunites with an old failure, and puts a name to a killer. Sep. 5, 2015 26 p
Chapter III The Relic Lou turns to the Holy Mother of Church for aid and attempts to pawn off an old keepsake. Sep. 6, 2015 30 p
Chapter IV Lou cases a double homicide and calls up an loa to obtain sorely needed answers. Sep. 7, 2015 13 p
Chapter V Lou picks up the pieces of a broken world. Sep. 7, 2015 18 p
Chapter VI Lou teams up with a new partner. Sep. 7, 2015 23 p
Chapter VI Desperation’s Harbor Caroline enlists some desperately needed help in tracking down her sire.
Lou takes on a case that makes him question everything he’s ever done.
Sep. 7, 2015 8 p
Chapter VIII The Poison Caroline covers up an inconvenient sin.
Lou offers guidance to a fledgling in need.
Sep. 8, 2015 17 p
Chapter IX Lou reunites with an old flame and confronts a wrathful loa. Sep. 8, 2015 24 p
Chapter X Lou races against time to save a stubborn mambo’s life. Sep. 8, 2015 5 p
Chapter XI Amos’ Absolution Lou recovers from his previous night’s ordeals and delivers a soul-wrenching apology. Sep. 9, 2015 23 p
Chapter XII • Bereft of allies and options, Lou agrees to a reluctant meeting with the enemies of his enemies. Sep. 9, 2015 13 p
Chapter XIII The Oracle Lou seeks out a long-dead fortune teller for counsel over his ominous new affliction. Sep. 9, 2015 22 p
Epilogue Jurisdictional Transfer • A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 10, 2015 2 p

Louis II: The Hunt for René

If you’re in trouble, there’s no better man to turn to than Louis Fontaine, private eye. But when an abandoned fledgling approaches Lou for help tracking down her sire, Lou may be the one in trouble next. The case smells rotten from the outset. Unfortunately, he’s never been one to turn down a lady in trouble… even if she’s already dead.

Even Lou, though, isn’t prepared for the atomic bomb secret that lies at the heart of this case. It could explode the entire city… if he can survive long enough to use it.

GM’s Note: Louis II consists entirely of crossovers with Caroline II, which tells a longer story from Lou’s and Caroline’s points of view. Louis II tells a shorter story from Lou’s sole point of view.

Chapter I The Soldier of Fortune Caroline tempts a witless soul into damnation.
Lou tells off a high-profile client.
Sep. 11, 2015 1 p
Chapter II The Tinder Guy Caroline repeats an awful sin.
Lou settles for losing slowly and stalks a witless pawn.
Sep. 12, 2015 26 p
Chapter III The Hostage Caroline severs another tie to her mortal past.
Lou sets out to bring a criminal to justice.
Sep. 16, 2015 11 p
Chapter IV René Baristheaut Caroline gets drawn into a perilous game of cat and mouse with her sire.
Lou gambles centuries of anonymity over a secret that could change everything.
Sep. 16, 2015 35 p
Chapter V The Sheriff’s Pursuit Caroline faces apprehension for her crimes.
Lou takes a once-inconceivable risk.
Sep. 16, 2015 16 p
Chapter VI Jacques Beltremieux • Having exposed his centuries-hidden identity on Caroline’s behalf, Lou withdraws deep into hiding and seeks out an old teacher’s aid. Sep. 16, 2015 33 p


Lou might have been driven into hiding, but his crusader’s heart can’t ignore calls for aid… present and past.

Chapter I The Missing Glass Lou takes his final NOPD case.
Milo loses a brother.
July 13, 2002 11 p
Chapter II Annabelle seeks out an unlikely source of aid.
Lou goes against his better judgment to help out a lady in trouble.
Sep. 18, 2015 19 p
Chapter III Annabelle plots revenge against those who have wronged her.
Lou cases an old murder for new answers.
Sep. 18, 2015 22 p
Chapter IV No Trace Caroline discovers a damning secret.
Lou braves too-familiar danger to aid a fledgling in need.
Sep. 19, 2015 25 p

Louis III: The Long Goodbye

Growing old is the hardest thing you can do, if you ask Louis Fontaine. He’s grown older than any man has a right to. He’s ready to say goodbye.

But the grizzled private eye has no intention of going quietly into the night. His last hunt may well be his most difficult ever. His quarry? Donovan, sheriff of New Orleans, and one of the most dreaded vampires in the city. Lou will be tested like never before. If he succeeds, the city will never be the same.

Maybe, at last, he can retire… and pass the torch to another generation.

Chapter I Nobody Special Lou gets back in the game. Dec. 12, 2015 6 p
Chapter II Final Rests Lou torches a vampire and tries to help a weary ghost find peace. Dec. 12, 2015 21 p
Chapter III Passing the Torch Lou inducts another hunter into the Vigil. Dec. 12, 2015 14 p
Chapter IV Mob Justice Lou tries to save a young boy from sin. Apr. 10, 1888 26 p
Chapter V Louisiana State Penitentiary Lou takes a trip up to the Farm. Dec. 12, 2016 14 p
Chapter VI Into the Fire Caroline braves a death trap to retrieve a dead hunter’s secrets.
Lou pays an old “friend” an unexpected visit.
Mar. 22, 2016 20 p
Chapter VII The Only One She Trusted Lou and Caroline attempt to reach an accord as a seemingly unstoppable foe bears down. Mar. 23, 2016 37 p
Chapter VIII The Battle of Mt. Carmel Lou and Caroline risk all in battle against the deadliest adversary they have yet faced: Donovan, sheriff of New Orleans. Mar. 23, 2016 32 p


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