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Blood & Bourbon

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George Logs Index


George I: Traitor’s Wages

George Smith, owner of the Windsor Court hotel, is a charming and gregarious friend to all. He’s also utterly without conscience and schemes towards a singular end: toppling Augusto Vidal and seizing the princedom for his own.

An ambitious goal. But if George can play the prince and his rivals against one another, all he needs is the proper leverage… a secret that will send shockwaves through the city.

Prelude Grinning at Death George plots his rise to power. Apr. 4, 1857 29 p
Chapter I An Enchaned Evening George deals with frenzying guests in his hotel and receives an invitation to visit his exiled clanmate John Harley Matheson from the enchanting young Becky Lynne. Aug. 29, 2015 15 p
Chapter II George cuts a deal with a mambo. Aug. 29, 2015 23 p
Chapter III
George and Julien pay a visit to the Midnight Bayou and its proprietor Sundown. Aug. 29, 2015 11 p
Chapter IV George searches for companions to entertain Matheson in his exile, but finds not all of the candidates are what they seem. Aug. 30, 2015 35 p
Chapter V George violates a new victim, pays his respects to two primogen, and swallows his pride for a miserable trek through Clan Nosferatu’s sewers. Aug. 31, 2015 26 p
Chapter VI Past the Mask George deals with a problematic chauffeur trades truths with an insightful Malkavian. Sep. 1, 2015 24 p
Chapter VII George bears witness to another grim example of Vidal’s justice and smooths over a grudge with the Mafia. Sep. 3, 2015 17 p
Chapter VIII The Dangerous Road George receives a warning from an old flame and deals with unforeseen trouble on the road to Matheson’s. Sep. 4, 2015 14 p
Chapter IX Bad Luck Week George races the rising sun back to the Windsor Court, only to face a second foe he cannot so easily avoid: his own Beast. Sep. 5, 2015 24 p
Chapter X Boardroom of the Damned George convenes a meeting of Clan Ventrue’s elders to flush out a traitor within the ranks. Sep. 6, 2015 35 p
Chapter XI Thirty Pieces of Silver George confronts not one traitor, but three—to explosive results. Sep. 9, 2015 13 p
Chapter XII The Revelation George shares a devastating secret with Antoine Savoy. Sep. 10, 2015 16 p

George II: The Prince’s Trial

News that Prince Vidal covered up another elder’s dirty crime has the city in uproar. It’d seem like George’s plans to topple the prince are going smoothly, given he’s behind the leak. There’s just one problem: Vidal suspects George is behind the leak. Worse, he has evidence linking George to other crimes.

Bowing to pressure, the prince convenes a trial to give the city some appearance of justice. But only that: an appearance. Anyone who can’t get the mob on their side and make it too inconvenient for the prince to execute them will suffer final death. George will need to employ every trick in his book if he’s to survive.

Chapter I George enlists legal counsel for his upcoming trial. Sep. 19, 2015 10 p
Chapter II Debts Come Due Caroline comes face to face with her true maker.
Cletus makes a trip out to the big city.
George betrays two clanmates.
Sep. 20, 2015 40 p
Chapter III Excommunication George is charged with blasphemy against the Lancea et Sanctum. Sep. 20, 2015 44 p
Chapter IV The First Estate George clashes with New Orleans’ dreaded scourge and pledges loyalty to a new cause and patron. Sep. 20, 2015 45 p
Chapter V Final Judgment George and his fellow accused face Prince Vidal’s verdict for their crimes. Sep. 21, 2015 34 p


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