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Cletus Logs Index


There are monsters that make even their fellow damned shudder. One of those monsters is Cletus Lee Boggs, Giovannini patriarch of an incestuous clan of cannibal rednecks. Antoine Savoy has a job for Cletus: test the loyalties of Micheal Kelly, a recent Brujah convert to Savoy’s cause who may be less than sincere.

By the time Cletus is finished, Micheal will be tested like he’s never imagined.

Cletus I: Test of Loyalty

Chapter I Trespassers Beware Cletus deals with a trespasser on his land. Sep. 9, 2015 3 p
Chapter II Chum Bait Cletus ascertains the loyalties of Antoine Savoy’s new ‘ally’. Sep. 11, 2015 15 p
Chapter III The Great Honky Cletus and Micheal go hunting for the biggest alligator in the swamp. Sep. 11, 2015 9 p
Chapter IV Cletus shows his guest the full measure of Southern hospitality. Sep. 11, 2015 22 p
Chapter V Cletus celebrates some unexpected nuptials. Sep. 13, 2015 15 p
Chapter VI Cletus exacts vengeance upon a treacherous guest. Sep. 14, 2015 8 p
Epilogue A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 14, 2015 5 p

Cletus II: Southern Hospitality

Cletus just wants to be left alone to indulge his wicked appetites. When Rocco Agnello trespasses on his land, he can’t allow that to stand. Killing one of the prince’s chief enforcers won’t stand with the Camarilla, though, and other Kindred have their own axes to grind with Clan Giovannini over recent events.

In a show of Southern hospitality, Cletus throws a grand soiree to entertain the various powers’ representatives as they negotiate a resolution. But not all of his guests will recourse to diplomacy, and if Cletus isn’t careful, he may have a bloodbath on his hands.

Chapter I Cletus disciplines a wayward childe and strikes a new accord with Antoine Savoy. Sep. 15, 2015 19 p
Chapter II Cletus defends his domain from a dangerous intruder. Sep. 16, 2015 14 p
Chapter III Cletus interrogates his new prisoner. Sep. 16, 2015 10 p
Chapter IV Cletus continues to enjoy himself on another’s suffering. Sep. 17, 2015 15 p
Chapter V Cletus prepares a lavish party to host the Camarilla’s diplomats, but discovers several flies in his ointment. Sep. 17, 2015 17 p
Chapter VI The Soiree Night Slaughter Reeling from a series of new disasters, Cletus shows his mortal descendants the terrible price for disobedience. Sep. 18, 2015 18 p
Chapter VII Helping Hands Cletus receives an early guest to his soiree. Sep. 19, 2015 10 p
Chapter VIII Dinner Gifts Cletus graciously receives his soiree’s guests and shares an enlightening carriage ride with a disembodied elder. Sep. 19, 2015 27 p
Chapter IX Cletus plies his charms upon his guests and pits the Camarilla against Clan Giovannini in a game of symbolic egg paquing. Sep. 20, 2015 30 p
Chapter X Cletus moves to conclude his prolix diplomatic deal with the Camarilla, but looming specters threaten to throw all into chaos. Sep. 20, 2015 11 p
Epilogue Party’s Over A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 20, 2015 4 p


Stories between stories.

Chapter I Debts Come Due Cletus makes a trip out to the big city, hatches a plan to avenge past slights and develops a newfound appreciation for the arts.
George betrays two clanmates.
Sep. 11, 2015 26 p
Chapter II Family Reunion Cletus spends some time with his famiglia. Mar. 19, 2016 11 p


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