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Caroline Logs Index


Caroline I: Emergency Call

Caroline Malveaux, the eldest daughter of Louisiana’s richest family, has it all: money, power, and a bright future. No family like the Malveauxes rises to power without blood on their hands, though, and Caroline’s own are far from clean. But even she isn’t prepared for the 3 AM phone call that sweeps her into a disaster… and games more sinister than any played by her family.

Prologue Right to Rise Caroline claims her birthright. Dec. 13, 2003 10 p
Chapter I Aunt Vera’s Request Caroline covers up an embarrassment to her aunt’s alma mater. Aug. 28, 2015 23 p
Chapter II Wrongful Arrests Caroline gets a 3 AM phone call to bail some family friends out of trouble. Aug. 29, 2015 18 p
Chapter III The Eighth District Shooting Caroline frantically works to save two lives as new disaster strikes. Aug. 29, 2015 15 p
Chapter IV Tulane Medical Center Caroline pays a hospital visit to friends old and new. Aug. 29, 2015 11 p
Chapter V Emil Kane Caroline deals with an unexpected fly in her family’s ointment. Emil receives an auspicious visitor. Aug. 30, 2015 6 p
Chapter VI Christina’s Compromise Caroline cuts a deal to preserve a scapegoat’s future. Aug. 30, 2015 9 p
Epilogue Backroom Deals A final accounting of what has come to pass. Aug. 30, 2015 2 p

Caroline II: Riches to Rags

Everyone says Caroline Malveaux is a hero for saving those girls’ lives. She couldn’t feel more worthless. A spiral of reckless partying leads to the worst night of her life… and eternity as a vampire, all without a sire to guide her. If she can’t navigate the terrifying world of the Kindred on her own—and deal with her too-inquisitive family—eternity could be short indeed.

Chapter I Southern Decadence Caroline finds new troubles trying to forget old ones. Sep. 1, 2015 14 p
Chapter II Dark Rebirth Caroline plunges headfirst into her new existence among the Damned. Sep. 7, 2015 16 p
Chapter III Daytime Intruder Caroline fights for her unlife when an intruder breaches her daytime haven. Sep. 6, 2015 17 p
Chapter IV Orson Malveaux Caroline navigates a tense reunion with her mortal family. Sep. 6, 2015 10 p
Chapter V The Sheriff’s Sentence Caroline faces the Lancea et Sanctum’s judgment for her unsanctioned Embrace. Sep. 6, 2015 20 p
Chapter VI Desperation’s Harbor Caroline enlists some desperately needed help in tracking down her sire.
Lou takes on a case that makes him question everything he’s ever done.
Sep. 7, 2015 8 p
Chapter VII Eight-Nine-Six Caroline takes a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood. Sep. 7, 2015 33 p
Chapter VIII The Poison Caroline covers up an inconvenient sin.
Lou offers guidance to a fledgling in need.
Sep. 8, 2015 17 p
Chapter IX Jocelyn Baker Caroline swears a desperate oath and meets a friendly face among the Damned. Sep. 8, 2015 41 p
Chapter X Crossed Lines Caroline deals with a home invasion, learns an abject lesson in how little her pride sells for, and witlessly crosses a perilous boundary. Sep. 9, 2015 36 p
Chapter XI Pierpont McGinn Adelais gives a neonate some lessons in etiquette.
Caroline faces a regent’s wrath.
Sep. 10, 2015 25 p
Chapter XII Family Inquiry Caroline frantically tries to stop the Masquerade from unraveling as her mortal loved ones grow too curious for their own good. Sep. 10, 2015 27 p
Chapter XIII The Hound’s Price Caroline acts fast to protect her loved ones from their exposure to the Kindred world, but finds the price of their safety may be all-too high.
Lavine makes an offer to a suspicious new face.
• *Rocco cleans up a neonate’s Masquerade breach.
Sep. 11, 2015 37 p
Chapter XIV The New Servant Caroline sacrifices a friendship to save a life.
Rocco helps teach a neonate a needed lesson.
Sep. 11, 2015 30 p

Caroline III: The Hunt for René

Being Embraced without a sire nearly got Caroline killed. Now that her personal Masquerade is under control, it’s time to return the favor. Together with a washed-up private detective with his own agenda, she sets out to bring her sire to justice.

The clock is ticking. The prince has marked her for death if she can’t.

Chapter I The Soldier of Fortune Caroline tempts a witless soul into damnation.
Lou tells off a high-profile client.
Sep. 11, 2015 25 p
Chapter II The Tinder Guy Caroline repeats an awful sin.
Lou settles for losing slowly and stalks a witless pawn.
Sep. 12, 2015 26 p
Chapter III Westley’s Ruminations Caroline clashes with a rival coterie through mortal proxies and shares a bitter drink with her mortal brother. Sep. 12, 2015 43 p
Chapter IV Aimee’s Ordeal Caroline orchestrates a two-pronged hit to reclaim a kidnapped friend, but finds she may be no less a monster. Sep. 13, 2015 26 p
Chapter V The Perfect Patsy Caroline attends a tediously necessary social function. May 17, 2014 7 p
Chapter VI Through the Glass Caroline saves a servant and loses a friend. Sep. 13, 2015 24 p
Chapter VII Amour at the Orpheum Caroline watches a budding romance bloom full flower. Sep. 14, 2015 26 p
Chapter VIII The Elder Ghoul Caroline clashes with some twice-slighted rivals for a final time—and the hands behind them. Sep. 14, 2015 25 p
Chapter IX Questioning Kelford Caroline interrogates an unexpected captive and tempts a second soul into damnation. Sep. 15, 2015 39 p
Chapter X The Hostage Caroline severs another tie to her mortal past.
Lou sets out to bring a criminal to justice.
Sep. 16, 2015 11 p
Chapter XI René Baristheaut Caroline gets drawn into a perilous game of cat and mouse with her sire.
Lou gambles centuries of anonymity over a secret that could change everything.
Sep. 16, 2015 35 p
Chapter XII The Sheriff’s Pursuit Caroline faces apprehension for her crimes.
Lou takes a once-inconceivable risk.
Sep. 16, 2015 16 p
Interlude Jacques Beltremieux Having exposed his centuries-hidden identity on Caroline’s behalf, Lou withdraws deep into hiding and seeks out an old teacher’s aid. Sep. 16, 2015 33 p
Epilogue Just Desserts A final accounting of what has come to pass. Sep. 16, 2015 4 p

Caroline IV: Killing Secrets

There’s been a death in the family. When Caroline’s mother returns to New Orleans to deal with it, Caroline has more than a Masquerade clean-up to contend with: the senator’s wife harbors many secrets… as does Caroline. Hers could tear apart the city if it got out. Powerful forces will do anything to prevent that. Yet even these secrets pale before a revelation that could propel Caroline to greatness… or destroy her utterly.

In the world of the Kindred, secrets can get you worse than killed.

Chapter I Kelford’s Flight Caroline deals with a truculent prisoner. Sep. 16, 2015 30 p
Chapter II Claire’s Return Caroline deals with a long-postponed threat to her personal Masquerade. Sep. 17, 2015 34 p
Chapter III Trial by Fire Caroline confronts a dangerous intruder in her haven. Sep. 17, 2015 26 p
Chapter IV The Stalker Caroline punishes a wayward sinner. Mouse endeavors to prove his innocence before two stone-hearted judges. Sep. 17, 2015 13 p
Chapter V Rolling Heads Caroline loses a friend and entertains a cautious offer from a powerful new patron. Sep. 18, 2015 29 p
Chapter VI Etiquette Lessons Caroline receives some sorely-needed pointers on navigating the Camarilla. Sep. 18, 2015 34 p
Chapter VII The Radioactive Tape Caroline discovers a damning secret.
Louis braves too-familiar danger to aid a fledgling in need.
Sep. 19, 2015 28 p
Chapter VIII The Death Sentence Caroline is called to account for her actions and learns a shattering revelation. Sep. 19, 2015 62 p
Chapter IX Turner’s Final Reward Caroline grants a faithful servant her final reward. Sep. 20, 2015 49 p
Chapter X Debts Come Due Caroline comes face to face with her true maker.
Cletus makes a trip out to the big city.
George betrays two clanmates.
Sep. 20, 2015 40 p
Interlude I The Trial (II) • The city watches the trial. Sep. 20, 2015 44 p
Interlude II The Trial (III) • The city watches the trial. Sep. 20, 2015 45 p
Chapter XI Final Judgment Caroline bears witness to Prince Vidal’s grim justice and presents herself before her clanmates. Sep. 21, 2015 36 p

Caroline V: Crucible

Caroline has six months to bring down a network of hunters or die. So decrees the seneschal of the city, Philip Maldonato. As Caroline feverishly works to carve out a power base, Antoine Savoy, the Lord of the French Quarter, bears offers that are increasingly difficult to refuse. It would be so much easier to betray the seneschal and his prince. What have they done for her?

Yet, when a dark figure approaches Caroline claiming to repay an old debt, matters may not be so simple. She’s powerful, terrible, and utterly unknowable. If her gifts can be trusted, Caroline’s most burning question will be answered… and nothing will be the same.

Chapter I Drinks & Regrets Caroline reminisces over what might (and could never) have been. Sep. 22, 2015 28 p
Chapter II Antoine Savoy Caroline receives a rude awakening and enjoys the hospitality of a powerful new patron. Sep. 23, 2015 22 p
Chapter III Rocco’s Party Caroline attends a tediously necessary social function.
Rocco entertains a party of neonates.
Sep. 23, 2015 24 p
Chapter IV Slings & Arrows Caroline faces a bitter preview of her Requiem ahead. Sep. 24, 2015 16 p
Chapter V Westley’s Remembrance Caroline attends a family funeral. Sep. 30, 2015 12 p
Chapter VI The Exiled Prince Caroline works to engender herself to her discerning clanmates. Oct. 4, 2015 38 p
Chapter VII Follow the Money Caroline sees to her mortal affairs and attempts to set right some old wrongs. Oct. 7, 2015 38 p
Chapter VIII Affronted Ancillae Caroline attempts to mend relations with some former adversaries. Oct. 11, 2015 31 p
Chapter IX Emmett’s Last Use Caroline frames an old patsy for a new crime.
Emmett takes a trip outside the Farm.
Oct. 14, 2015 21 p
Chapter X Evan Bourelle Caroline and Rocco look into a missing neonate. Sep. 25, 2015 88 p
Chapter XI Desirae Wells Caroline attempts to help an amnesiac solve her own disappearance to make inroads with the city’s Anarchs. Oct. 7, 2015 40 p
Chapter XII Reasons for Being Caroline investigates the circumstances of her still-mysterious Embrace. Oct. 13, 2015 16 p
Chapter XIII Eiren Malveaux Caroline displays the fruits of her agoge before Clan Ventrue. Oct. 19, 2015 44 p
Chapter XIV Dinner at Commander’s Arthur prepares a lavish banquet for some demanding patrons.
Caroline attends a celebratory dinner.
Nov. 27, 2015 44 p
Chapter XV Abélia’s Reward Caroline receives a mother’s gratitude—and rich rewards long overdue. Dec. 4, 2015 24 p
Chapter XVI Roger Ferris Caroline discovers a terrible danger waiting in the wings. Dec. 4, 2015 51 p
Chapter XVII Treacherous Meetings Caroline navigates a perilous web of diplomacy and deceit. Dec. 16, 2015 37 p
Chapter XVIII The Dungeon Caroline learns the truth of her Embrace at long last. Jan. 9, 1815 46 p

Caroline VI: Dark Gifts

Caroline has never had more foes: vampire hunters, an elder clanmate, a CIA agent turned renegade ghoul, and perhaps even her own mother. Yet, armed with the truth of why she exists, Caroline has never been more driven towards victory. Everything she wants appears finally within reach… and all it may cost is her soul. To realize her ambitions, Caroline may have to commit her blackest sins yet.

All the while, a shadowy benefactor laughs.

Chapter I Familiar Quarrels Caroline gets into a bitter family argument. Dec. 17, 2015 28 p
Chapter II The Painter & Reporter Caroline makes some acquaintances at Elysium. Dec. 18, 2015 39 p
Chapter III Turning Twenty-Six Caroline celebrates a birthday. Dec. 19, 2015 41 p
Chapter IV Orson’s Last Order Caroline comes to a reckoning with her mortal family. Dec. 17, 2015 25 p
Chapter V Cast Out Caroline deals with her disownment. Dec. 23, 2015 28 p
Chapter VI Yule Gifts Caroline celebrates a Christmas Eve unlike any other. Dec. 24, 2015 23 p
Chapter VII Empire Building Caroline sees to her myriad affairs. Dec. 26, 2015 52 p
Chapter VIII • The city’s Kindred converge upon Elysium—and find much spectacle in a disorderly guest. Feb. 11, 2016 67 p
Chapter IX The Scourge & Cartel Kid Caroline looks for a long-found missing person. Feb. 16, 2016 21 p
Chapter X Diego’s Due Caroline deals with a disobedient servant. Feb. 20, 2016 33 p
Chapter XI Coco’s Favor Caroline curries favor with a primogen. Feb. 20, 2016 17 p
Chapter XII The Greenfang Caroline shows a new fledgling the ropes. Feb. 20, 2016 19 p
Chapter XIII Blanch’s Restitution Caroline seeks out lost souls and tries to appease an affronted elder. Feb. 20, 2016 33 p
Chapter XIV Life That Should Not Be • Someone close asks Caroline to cover up an unspeakable crime. Feb. 29, 2016 43 p
Chapter XV The Second Coin Caroline prunes a poisoned tree, looks for love where she can find it, and uncovers a primogen’s treachery. Feb. 29, 2016 62 p
Chapter XVI The Sacrifice Caroline comes to a final reckoning with her mortal mother and a long-hated foe. Mar. 1, 2016 25 p
Chapter XVII New Homes Caroline settles in among her new family. Mar. 6, 2016 33 p
Chapter XVIII Caroline’s Rubicon Caroline crosses her Rubicon. Mar. 8, 2016 19 p
Chapter XIX The Prince’s Revelation Caroline confronts her sire—her true sire—and meets her destiny. Mar. 7, 2016 41 p

Caroline VII: The Sheriff Must Die

Acknowledged by Prince Vidal as his only childe, Caroline has climbed higher in the city than perhaps any neonate. She’s also convinced that a traitor lurks close to the prince: Donovan, sheriff of New Orleans.

Yet, Caroline has no evidence to present before her sire, and the sheriff is one of the most dreaded vampires in the city. Worse, he may be on to her. Caroline will be tested as never before… and New Orleans may never be the same.

Chapter I Dark Resurrection Caroline brings a dead woman back to life. Mar. 7, 2016 48 p
Chapter II The Rebellious Ghoul Caroline deals with another disobedient servant. Mar. 7, 2016 26 p
Chapter III Family Day Caroline attempts to enjoy a peaceful day with her new family. Mar. 7, 2016 72 p
Chapter IV The Prince’s Promise Caroline balances her new duties with increasingly unanswerable personal demands. Mar. 7, 2016 36 p
Chapter V The Sheriff’s Whispers Caroline contends with the sheriff to sway her sire’s increasingly unstable rule. Mar. 8, 2016 27 p
Chapter VI Luke’s Lamentation Caroline stages a mother’s death. Mar. 9, 2016 52 p
Chapter VII He’s Fucking Dead Caroline evaluates a new asset. Mar. 9, 2016 30 p
Chapter VIII The Makeup Artist Caroline discovers what’s become of an old acquaintance—and victim—at a children’s playdate. Mar. 9, 2016 60 p
Chapter IX The Seneschal’s Confidante Caroline travels beyond the Crescent City to meet one of the rare few Kindred to enjoy its seneschal’s trust. Mar. 9, 2016 36 p
Chapter X The Sabbat Pack Caroline battles a Sabbat pack. Mar. 9, 2016 23 p
Chapter XI The Leviathan Committee Caroline seals a pact in blood. Mar. 9, 2016 19 p
Chapter XII Elder Gratitude Caroline welcomes a visiting elder to Cairo. 12+ p
Chapter XIII A Sister’s Sacrifice Caroline meets hew new mother’s sister and considers a marriage proposal. Mar. 11, 2016 29 p
Chapter XIV Maman Shall Provide Caroline’s mother teaches her a horrifying lesson. Mar. 12, 2016 40 p
Chapter XV The FBI Raid Caroline faces an assassination attempt aiding a clanmate in need. Mar. 12, 2016 57 p
Chapter XVI The Assamite Caroline interrogates a prisoner and attempts to secure new swords in her upcoming battle. Mar. 13, 2016 40 p
Chapter XVII Forbidden Dalliances Caroline and Celia share a moment with one of the few Kindred to understand them. Mar. 13, 2016 50 p
Chapter IX The Bitch is Mine Caroline entertains a messenger from her sire’s archrival.
Celia delivers a message from Antoine Savoy and makes a cruel point to her other personality’s lover.
Mar. 15, 2016 20 p
Chapter XIX Savoy’s Frame Job Caroline attempts to reach an accord with Antoine Savoy. Mar. 17, 2016 22 p
Chapter XX Bride Price Caroline weighs a marriage proposal in her newfound mission to destroy the sheriff. Mar. 17, 2016 16 p
Chapter XXI The Old Boy Caroline proves her devotion to her sire’s oldest servant. Mar. 18, 2016 10 p
Chapter XXII Tired of Favors Caroline deigns to help cover up a Masquerade breach. Mar. 22, 2016 18 p
Chapter XXIII Into the Fire Caroline braves a death trap to retrieve a dead hunter’s secrets.
Lou pays an old “friend” an unexpected visit.
Mar. 22, 2016 20 p
Chapter XXIV The Only One She Trusted Caroline and Lou attempt to reach an accord as a seemingly unstoppable foe bears down. Mar. 23, 2016 37 p
Chapter XXV The Battle of Mt. Carmel Caroline and Lou risk all in battle against the deadliest adversary they have yet faced: Donovan, sheriff of New Orleans. Mar. 23, 2016 32 p
Chapter XXVI Dead Vengeance Caroline battles treacherous allies after a fragile coalition crumbles. Mar. 23, 2016 32 p


Chapter I Eve of Battle Caroline forges a despicable alliance and helps a fledgling conceal his identity. Mar. 23, 2016 p
Chapter II Wolves at the Door • Seizing advantage of Vidal’s new weakness, Savoy and the Baron launch major offensives into their archrival’s territory. Mar. 23, 2016 p

Caroline VIII: Brave New World

The cataclysmic Battle of Mt. Carmel is over. All it may have cost is everything. Still, there is hope: Caroline has purged the Sanctified of internal foes, and all the city knows the prince’s childe for who she is. It’s been a long and bitter road to get there. Caroline’s next actions may lay foundations for the Sanctified’s continued rule… or be helpless to prevent its collapse.

Chapter II Caroline tries to warn a lover away from danger.
Chapter III Burying Sisters Caroline lays a casquette girl to rest. 17 p
Chapter IV What is Dread? Caroline brings her mortal family under heel. 42 p
Chapter V The Willworkers Caroline meets her new confessor and makes inroads with the city’s magi. 22 p
Chapter VI 18 p
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII


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