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Amelie Logs Index


Amelie I: Uneasy Beginnings

Amelie Savard couldn’t be happier to have a sleepover in a haunted house: she’s loved history all her life. It seems like it’ll be a fascinating research project for her school, the so-called “West Point for Southern belles.” But Amelie is an oddball and obvious foreign transplant who sticks out like a sore thumb. There is way things are done at New Orleans’ most prestigious school… and if Amelie can’t fit in, ghosts may not be her only worry.

Date at chapter start
Page Count
Chapter I Aunt Christina • Fresh off the plane from Canada, Amelie touches down in New Orleans to make a new life in the home of her distant aunt, Christina Roberts. Aug. 14, 2015 18 p
Chapter II The Antique Amelie settles in to her new home and makes an auspicious weapons purchase. Aug. 15, 2015 18 p
Chapter III The Debutante West Point Amelie attends her first day at McGehee, the so-called “West Point for Southern belles,” and sets her eye on a purportedly haunted house for a research project. Aug. 17, 2015 31 p
Chapter IV The Sore Thumb Amelie attempts to fit in among her privileged peers. Aug. 17, 2015 23 p
Chapter V Thieves, Cops, and Priests Amelie sets out to explore the Big Easy’s historic attractions and gets a taste of its equally storied corruption. Aug. 21, 2015 25 p
Chapter VI Knife to the Hand Amelie receives a dire prophecy. Aug. 21, 2015 25 p
Chapter VII Haunted Sleepovers Amelie makes plans for an overnight stay in one of New Orleans’ most notorious paranormal hot spots. Aug. 24, 2015 35 p
Chapter VIII Cruel Truths Amelie eavesdrops upon upon more than a few things her aunt doesn’t want her to hear. Aug. 26, 2015 25 p
Chapter IX Rotten Magnolias • Stripped of illusions by her furious aunt, Amelie takes a hard look at the Big Easy’s hidden ugliness. Aug. 28, 2015 19 p
Chapter X Lunch With the Malveauxes • Still determined to get ahead in the city, Amelie attends a privileged lunch. Aug. 28, 2015 19 p
Chapter XI The LaLaurie Mansion • Past and future converge as Amelie braves a night in one of New Orleans’ most infamous haunted houses. Aug. 28, 2015 39 p

Amelie II: Dark New Worlds

It’s not often that Amelie Savard has wondered if she’s dead. Waking up outside her own body has her reevaluating things, though… many things. Thrust into a terrifying hellscape filled with ghosts and monsters, most people would want to find their way home, but Amelie may no longer have a home. There’s been a terrible accident and the police think she’s responsible. Her life may be over even if she can wake up from the coma.

Date at chapter start
Page count
Chapter I Out of Body Experience Amelie awakens from a coma into a nightmare. Unknown 10 p
Chapter II The Underworld Amelie explores new realms beyond her darkest imaginings. Unknown 34 p
Chapter III Yvette’s Revenge Amelie reunites with an old enemy. Unknown 18 p
Chapter IV Police Interrogation Amelie gets in trouble with the law over a falsified crime. Unknown 28 p
Chapter V Left to Rot Amelie endures. Unknown 14 p
Chapter VI Orleans Parish Prison Amelie begins her jail sentence. Unknown 18 p
Chapter VII Breaking Point • Pushed and provoked beyond all endurance, Amelie snaps. Unknown 17 p
Epilogue Needed Swords • A final accounting of what has come to pass Unknown 2 p

Amelie III: Demon’s Due

Prison killed Amelie. Death is rarely the end in New Orleans, though. Now a vampire without a sire, money, clothes, or any idea what the hell happened to her, and presumed dead by everyone she knew, Amelie strikes out on her own in search of answers.

Answers won’t come free, though. They never do. And when Amelie believes she’s haunted by a demon, answers might never come at all.

Date at chapter start
Page count
Chapter I Dark Wanderings • Free from prison, Amelie flees into the night and reckons with her all-too abrupt damnation. Unknown 26 p
Chapter II Blood Price Amelie makes a grisly sacrifice for a new benefactor. Feb. 20, 2016 33 p
Chapter III The Primogen Amelie comes to a second rude awakening in an elder’s care. Feb. 20, 2016 21 p
Chapter IV Lessons in Damnation Amelie tries to learn more about what she is from her watcher. Feb. 20, 2016 19 p
Chapter V The Seneschal Amelie is presented before the prince’s representative. Feb. 20, 2016 25 p
Epilogue Blades Unsheathed • A final accounting of what has come to pass. Feb. 20, 2016 2 p


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