You’ll find anything a Kindred might want here—willing vessels, easy vitae, precious power and a chance to claim a domain all your own.
On the other hand, you'll also find the restless dead, a long-in-the-tooth Prince, and enough treachery to make you swear off damnation forever.
I call it home.

—Antoine Savoy, Lord of the French Quarter


What more perfect environment could there be for the nocturnal Kindred than the glorious city of New Orleans? It is a place— perhaps the only place—that fully embodies not only the feel but the very essence of what it is to be damned to darkness. Even the paradox of unlife itself is mirrored in every contradictory facet of this roiling city that is at once gaudy and genteel, pious and perfidious, daring and discreet. Here, in the bloated belly of the Deep South, the wine flows, the dice roll and the pleasures come slow and steady as molasses. Nothing is difficult here, unless it has to be, and yet nothing is free, either.

Nothing is ever free.

Some readers might think they are familiar with such a place. Some might even have been there, a fair number on more than one occasion. But the New Orleans you think you know, though it seems to be the city of which is spoken here, is not the New Orleans of a Gothic-Punk world. No, the New Orleans of the World of Darkness is a significantly darker place, filled with more people, more crime, more vice, more wine, more desire, more despair—more everything than its real-world counterpart. This is where it all hangs out, for both Kindred and kine, where dreams intercourse with reality, begetting nightmares most unreal—where even the dead must toss in endless, fitful sleep.


Blood and Bourbon is a Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle set in contemporary New Orleans. Players take on the roles of century-old ancillae who have clawed and scraped their way to positions of middling power, but there is still so high they can climb and so far they can fall. The current cast consists of:

  • Adelais Seyrès, a razor-tongued Harpy and Toreador art critic with a heart of ice.
  • Amelie Savard, a mortal fencing aficionado and weapons historian struggling to find a place in her new home.
  • Caroline Malveaux, a once-pampered Ventrue heiress unwillingly thrust into a cruel new existence and abandoned by her sire.
  • Cletus Lee Boggs, a Dunsirn Sangiovanni military-industrial tycoon and patriarch to an extended clan of cannibalistic rednecks.
  • Louis Fontaine, an independent ghoul, vampire hunter, and world-weary occult detective who’s seen it all.
  • Milo Glass, a hacktivist and slightly schizotypal paranoiac trying to make sense of a world made from more than ones and zeroes.
  • Rocco Agnello, a Gangrel mafioso and relentless Hound for the Lancea et Sanctum.

Join us as we explore the Big Easy, a city of faith and debauchery where ancient hatreds threaten to rend apart a fragile peace. The Jyhad may rage on, but the party won't ever stop. Lap up the blood. Toss back the bourbon. It's all the same here.

Welcome to New Orleans.


Blood & Bourbon welcomes new players, whether they have been linked to this page by the GM or discovered it by themselves. Those with an interest in joining the game should consult the Player FAQ, where they will find instructions on how to create a PC, further information on what the game is like, and tips on navigating the rather large site.

Those with an urge to experience the Big Easy firsthand, however, may avail themselves of the story thus far…

DISCLAIMER: In true New Orleans fashion, I have combed the net for artwork, characters, game mechanics, assorted other pieces of gaming content, and mixed them all into one big pot of gumbo. If I've posted something of yours, shoot me a PM and I'll happily take it down or offer credit where it's due.

Blood and Bourbon

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