The Living

Thus have the gods spun the thread for wretched mortals: that they live in grief while they themselves are without cares; for two jars stand on the floor of Zeus of the gifts he which gives: one of evils and another of blessings.

“Our laws are harsh, and harsh by necessity. If the kine knew of our existence, they would rise up and destroy us.”
—Philip Maldonato, Seneschal of New Orleans, to Caroline Malveaux


There are approximately 378,000 perfectly mundane humans who live, breathe, and die in New Orleans. This number balloons to over 1,200,000 when one includes residents of the city’s greater metropolitan area. However grossly overpopulated the Big Easy might be by Kindred standards, their race composes less than one ten-thousandth of the city’s total population. Many mortals go their entire lives without knowingly crossing paths with the supernatural. Far more than the Children of Caine, it is the Children of Seth who truly rule New Orleans.

It is the foolish Kindred who underestimates them.

Categories of Merit

High Society



Knowledge is power. Everyone knows that, or at the least has heard that. Academia is a fairly straightforward influence that covers all aspects of academic life. Contacts and Allies can be found in teachers, professors, deans, students, and sororities and fraternities.

Primary & Secondary Education

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Student
Teaching assistant
•• Teacher
••• Department chair or vice principal
•••• School principal
••••• District superintendent

Allies (Academia) ••

Donald “Duckpin Donnie” O’Keele
Member of the Limbo Kings. Attended seminary to become Roman Catholic priest, but dropped out due to theological conflicts. Teaches English at a public high school in the lower Ninth Ward. Serves as a facilitator of a local Narcotics Anonymous chapter. Active member of the Knights of Columbus.

Allies (Academia) •

CharityFlynn.jpgCharity Flynn
Sheltered long-time kindergarten teacher at Martin Behrman Elementary School and mother to Becca Flynn, Charity Flynn is caught between her faith and her family. A devout Catholic, the life choices of her children weigh heavily upon her, and she recently began meeting with her daughter for lunch in an attempt to reconcile Becca’s life choices and sinful ways with the love of Jesus Christ. Occasionally protests outside of abortion clinics with her husband, though she has grown increasingly estranged from him as he falls further and further into apathy. Secretly pays her daughter’s phone bill.

Post-Secondary Education

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Student
Adjunct professor
•• Assistant professor
••• Associate professor
•••• Department head or distinguished professor
••••• Dean

Allies (Academia) ••••

HarrisonAbel.jpgHarrison Abel
Dean of Tulane Law School, Harrison Abel is the 72-year-old former hippie anti-war protester who stubbornly refuses to resign or die despite the terminal cancer and three months to live diagnosis he’s battled for the last eight months. A brilliant legal mind and fierce liberal, Harrison’s great shame is that his son refused to follow in his footsteps and instead became another mindless cog in the United States’ war machine. He decried greed throughout his life and spent most of his years teaching, living relatively modestly. This has come back to haunt him in his old age as his treatment costs have eaten away at his meager savings and forced him, without his knowledge, to rely on his son’s “ill-gotten” wealth. Despite his terrible physical state, Harrison retains a wry sense of humor, and though the chemo sucks at his strength he continues to carry out his duties as best he can.

Allies (Academia) •••

PhilemonBoisseau.jpgPhilémon Boisseau
Bayou-born environmental activist and associate professor of economics at Tulane. Specializes in ecological economics and social accounting.

Allies (Academia) ••

AngelaGreer.jpgAngela Greer
Dorm supervisor at Josephine Louise House. Philosophy major and active participant in a number of student organizations, including the Tulane Philosophy Club, Queer Student Alliance, and SAPHE (Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline & Education). Older sister of Summer Greer. Angela comes from an upper middle class family—a lawyer father and artist mother with a home in Uptown. Member of the semi-secret society Pi Alpha Kappa. Currently dating Neil Flynn. Often out until all hours of the night and exhausted upon her return, leading to significant concern for Neil.

For four years “f0xx”, real name Miranda Lewis, has bunkered up in her own private domain in Josephine Louise House. There are only three rules with Tulane’s resident (but little known) gray-hatted IT genius. First, cash doesn’t cut it. While you will pay her for her valuable time away from her more enjoyable pursuits, she’s “not your IT whore”. If the project isn’t interesting to her, you can “fuck right the hell off”, and even then you’ll be providing a service. Second, she gets to it when she feels like it. Try hassling her and she’ll flag you with so much malware and spam you won’t ever have a web presence again. Finally, no visits before 2 PM. In truth, even laying aside her bizarre brand of tech saviness and her haughty demands, Miranda is an eccentric girl. She spouts conspiracy theories like they’re facts (including about GMOs, claiming to eat only organic—though she remains quite overweight), shows no interest in friendships, and rarely attends class. How she’s made it through three years is a matter of some speculation along those on her floor, who would tell you she rarely even leaves her dorm room, a black hole on the floor that nothing sentient enters and little else leaves (including light).

VirginiaMalveaux.jpgVirginia Malveaux
A math prodigy off at MIT on a full academic scholarship, Virginia struggled with her family’s social expectations in her youth and is quite shy and reserved for a Malveaux. Although spoiled by her father as the baby in the family, she doesn’t have a taste for it and prefers to live practically (she begged him out of a sports car for her 18th birthday). Her closest family contact is Gabriel Malveaux, with whom she shares a comparatively gentle nature. She plays the violin quite beautifully, saying it speaks to her, although she rarely does so before audiences, and prefers to use music as a means of calming her thoughts when alone. She is uninterested in publicity and somewhat frustrated by her status, both in the family and at large. She was all-too grateful to get away from her immediate family in New Orleans, as her relationship with her mother was always strained (the elder woman never seeming to understand her).

Allies (Academia) •

CharityPierce.jpgCharity Pierce
Charity is a twenty-three-year-old escort that has worked for Christina Roberts for more than five years—a near-benchmark in the business. Beautiful, with full lips, excellent proportions, and light skin, she and her sister Chastity are two of Roberts’ most sought after girls—especially as a pair. Many men are entranced by the idea of bedding sisters at the same time. Born into poverty, orphaned, and repeatedly failed by the social welfare state, Charity is fiercely financially practical and committed to breaking out of the cycle of poverty. She’s invested the bulk of her earnings, lives relatively modestly, and has been pursuing community college courses on the side in anticipation of the day when she gets out of the business. Extremely close to her sister Chastity, she’s not particularly pleased that she followed in her footsteps but is willing to “overlook” it as long as she finishes her degree and gets out of their line of work. Doesn’t believe she can make a relationship work while she works in “the business,” and isn’t attracted to men in any case. Not religious.

ChastityPierce.jpgChastity Pierce
Chastity is a twenty-year-old Tulane undergrad student pursuing a degree in engineering that happens to work on the side as a second-generation prostitute. Dusky skinned, long limbed, well-proportioned and professional, she’s worked for Christina Roberts for very near on two years, having been introduced to the business right out of high school by her sister Charity. Their mother was a hooker until she was strangled and dumped in the Mississippi when Chastity was nine years old, landing her and her older sister in the foster care system where both were molested both multiple foster families right up until Charity turned 18, moved into her own apartment, and was able to adopt then-15-year-old Chastity with the money she made working for Roberts. Insisting on a future for her outside of the “family” business, she held Chastity’s feet to the fire and forced her to focus on her academics, the result of which was her scholarship to Tulane. Not particularly religious and very busy between her job and schooling. Very intelligent, but somewhat awkward among her peers: she’s never been on a non-work related date.

EddieTremain.jpgEddie Tremain
Senior at Tulane majoring in chemistry, with an eye towards pharmaceutical research. Quite talented, with the ear of much of the chemistry faculty and keys to most of the labs. Deeply closeted to all but his closest friends, and terrified his deeply religious family will find out. Often builds rockets in his spare time and experiments with various means of chemical propulsion.

Edward Cherry
Wheelchair-bound crippled son of Noelle and Francis Cherry, older brother to Hillary Cherry, and now TA seeking his Master’s degree at Tulane, Edward joined the Marines out of college and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Sent to Afghanistan, he was maimed in an IED and discharged after less than a year. Tries to keep upbeat and focused on his future, not letting his disability impede him, but is privately enraged by his newfound physical weakness, as he’d always been athletic. Now fiercely anti-war and a strong advocate of withdrawal from forward deployment by US Forces, though that cause has lost political traction over the years. Has had a strong influence on his mother’s politics with regard to foreign policy, and hopes to go into politics eventually, perhaps from a policymaking perspective. Missing his left leg below the knee, but much more impeded by the spinal damage he suffered.

Stephen Miller
Bisexual political science major at Tulane active in the school’s College Democrats as the chapter’s Vice President, Stephen comes from both a religious and military family, and enjoys bucking the trend with them (despite relatively good relations still) at every turn. Something of a tramp on campus in the three years he’s been there, and well-known for his active social life. Paints recreationally, especially massive wall-sized landscapes in his (or his most recent paramour’s) bedroom, much to the annoyance of the college which has to paint over it in campus housing. Quietly has a black belt in both karate and taekwondo, and wrestled in high school at the insistence of his parents. Highly confident and sure of himself, and capable of selling even somewhat obscure hobbies and interests as perfectly normal through his self-confidence.

Trevor Nguyen
Vietnamese-American computer science student at Tulane. Friend of Alice Guillot’s.

Allies (Academia) 0

AimeeRosler.jpgAimee Rosler
All of five foot five (which she’ll happily tell you is exactly average for a woman in the United States), with brown hair, and matching eyes Aimee Rosler will never be described as more than pretty. What she lacks in ravishing beauty however she makes up for in intellect and ambition. A third year law student at Tulane University, she lives off campus with Caroline Malveaux and has grown into the scion’s closest friend in New Orleans. A devout Catholic, the middle-class girl nonetheless has a bit of a rebellious streak. Recently left the city after suffering a car accident that left her face disfigured and flunking out of law school.

Jacob “Jake” Kingsley
Student at Tulane. Friend of Alice Guillot’s and employee at her mother’s bookstore.

Jessica Moran
Jessica is an art history student at Loyola University with a dark secret. When still in high school Jessica left her best friend to die when he overdosed at a party, choosing to flee rather than seek treatment for him. The event has haunted her ever since and left her hollow and empty inside: in a word guilty. She’s never confessed it to anyone, and her deeply religious parents living out of Athens, Georgia have no idea that their perfect little angel has embarked on an increasingly self-destructive path while away at school, dabbling in drugs, drinking heavily, and putting herself in compromising circumstances. It’s also influenced her studies. Once a political science major, she’s increasingly shifted her focus to more esoteric classes, quietly shifting her major to art history and focusing on macabre topics and dark visuals, somewhat to the dismay of many of her religiously-inclined teachers.

Kyra Black
Kyra comes from the Ninth Ward’s most squalid slums, and all her looks and smarts weren’t enough to get her out of them on her own. Instead that golden ticket away from her alcoholic mother and deadbeat father cost her something else: her integrity and self-respect. Though she bills herself as a model to her friends, Kyra is a cam-girl and occasional porn star, flying out to California for ‘amateur’ shoots when money gets tight (usually when tuition comes due). Now a sophomore at Tulane, Kyra lives in dread that someday someone will recognize her, and that the carefully crafted life she’s built in Riverbend will come crashing down. Until then she dreams of a life after college in which she isn’t forced to expose herself for money. Double majoring in Finance and Organizational Communication and maintains an active social life, trying to not only maintain the appearance of normalcy, but cling to the life that she has paid so much to have in the first place.

Maria Matranga
Sal’s younger daughter. Freshman at Tulane University. Biology major who intends to go to med school.

NataliaGarcia.jpgNatalia Garcia
Daughter of Colombian immigrants and first generation in her family to attend college. Junior on a scholarship at Tulane with dreams of pursuing her MD. Seven months pregnant at present with the child of Jake Abel, but is determined not to let it get in the way of her dreams. From a large Latino family that embraced her pregnancy and Jake as their new son, despite his fears. Slight frame that makes her pregnancy all the more obvious.

Natalie Andrews
The only daughter of an established and influential family with a history that goes back to the 19th century, Natalie is a junior at Tulane and regular attendee at the New Orleans Dance Academy. Lithe, graceful, and with a poetry to her motion that makes her a treat to watch, her instructors all believe she has great potential. Classically trained since she was seven, Natalie, now 20, dreams of making it big in New York City, but her family have resisted at every turn. For them, her dancing is a hobby, something to round her out as a person and a prospect. It’s been a mark of pride for them, but little more, with the expectation that once she finishes college at Tulane she’ll relegate it to a hobby. Naturally quiet and reserved, she remains too timid to go against their wishes for now, however much the prospect of putting her dreams on hold hurts her.

PenelopeFreeman.jpgPenelope “Penny” Freeman
Arts major at Tulane. Friend of and one-time crush of Alice Guillot’s.

RebeccaFlynn.jpgRebecca “Becca” Flynn
Tulane Law Senior struggling to keep her head afloat financially. Born to working-class parents, Becca’s rebellious youth (and coming out) estranged her from her deeply religious parents and stuck her out on her own. She’s made her way working mostly service-industry jobs and occasionally moonlighting as an escort, but more recently has worked in the Corner Club as a bartender. She supplements her income by keeping an eye on Westley when he visits the club (which is often), but desperately wants to just finish her degree and get a “real” job. Secretly visits with her mother every other week, and tries to visit her brother Malcolm at least once a month. Wants to go into criminal law as a defense attorney, and contends he got a raw deal.

Scott Allen
A mechanical and electrical engineering student with a talent for computers, Allen comes off to many as awkward and weird, particularly with women. He’s far more comfortable on online communities, but despite his awkwardness he’s generous at heart. Set a quarterly challenge for himself to raise $2,500 a semester towards charity in his freshman year, and has met that goal by building computers out of his own money and raffling them off. Scott isn’t religious, though occasionally jokes that his religion is ‘Jedi.’ Slightly overweight, though it hides the muscle on his frame (he enjoys lifting but not cardio).

SummerGreer.jpgSummer Greer
Younger sister to Angela Greer, Summer has had a turbulent freshman year at Tulane so far, with two arrests for underage drinking and public intoxication. Dorms in the Josephine Louise House with her big sister, and is forbidden from attending parties without her. The daughter of an affair with the housekeeper during a separation between her father and stepmother, Summer has always lived in her sister’s shadow.

Trenton_small.jpgTrenton Nowak
Former political science student at Tulane. Recently murdered by Caroline Malveaux.



Bureaucracy is the ability to affect the aspects of local government. Bureaucrats can manipulate the rules, red-tape and regulations that are necessary to run a city. Influence can be attained by amassing contacts or allies among the clerks, supervisors, utility workers, road crews, surveyors, other civil servants and even city councilmen and alderman. Bureaucracies in the World of Darkness are vast, sprawling and byzantine beyond compare. Areas of authority frequently overlap and the various functions, bureaus, and authorities form a labyrinth which few can navigate.

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Non-employee service recipient
Entry level employee
•• Senior employee/Low management
••• Middle management
•••• Upper management
••••• Regional head/leader

Allies (Bureaucracy) •••••

Patricia “Pat” Maurier
Parish Clerk of Orleans Parish. 87-year-old dried up spinster who claims she is the bastard daughter of William Faulkner. She’s sharp as a whip and with a mind like a steel trap despite her age. She’s a consummate clerk, wielding political power from behind the castles of paperwork. She binges on old bourbon (her family is old money) after every election she oversees, and quotes liberally from her “old man”. She claims she’s named after a character in his book Mosquitoes (or the character is named after her). Likes puzzles and riddles and writes gaudy mystery-romances under a pen name. She’s “decided” that she will live to 90, then retire and die. Likely in that order, she laughs.

Allies (Bureaucracy) ••••

JerryMarron.pngJerry Marron, Jr
New Orleans’ District Chief Fire Marshal. Gossip and the gospel-truth agree that Jerry inherited his position from his uncle, Philip Glass. His uncle served as a NOFD firefighter before an injury forced him to accept a lateral promotion at the fire marshal’s office, where he worked initially as an inspector before climbing the ranks to district chief. During that time, Jerry Junior became an inspector with his sole qualification being his pedigree. Later, when Philip Glass stepped down, Jerry Junior took his place–at least in name. In truth, the current district chief is confounded by NOLA’s prolix bureaucracy, and his understanding of his own district’s role in that web is only a little better. Indeed, Jerry Junior used to simply rely on his uncle, coming to him whenever there was a problem he couldn’t easily solve (which covered most of the district’s operations), and obediently doing whatever his uncle told him to do. So divesting his authority, Jerry has spent his days on ocean fishing tours, hosting blue-collar neighborhood broils at his heavily expanded Bywater residence, and buying presents for his seven grandkids. Yet, since Katrina, Alzheimer’s disease has been inexorably stealing his uncle’s mind, which has left the current district chief to rely upon increasingly erratic, faulty advice. After such literally demented counsel caused not one, but two front-page fiascos, Jerry has begun to lean upon his secretaries and two district captains to effectively do his job. More than anything, Jerry is afraid his employees and the greater public will learn just how unqualified he is, and in doing so, forever tarnish the reputation of his uncle, whom he idolizes.

Allies (Bureaucracy) •••

TerranceDelaune.pngTerrance Delaune
The senior-most fire marshal captain of New Orleans District. Terrance served under the elder Marron, and greatly respected the fellow blue-collar, black man’s drive and competence. He served faithfully under Jerry Senior for a decade, and even vigorously helped the man’s city council campaign, but he became disillusioned and resentful when what he considered was his deserved district chief promotion was nepotistically given to the grossly unqualified Jerry Junior. He has so far managed to keep his mouth shut and tried to compensate for Jerry Junior’s incompetence.

Allies (Bureaucracy) ••

Bobby Gordon
Fire marshal inspector with a history of questionable judgment calls in shutting down clubs, restaurants, and other business for alleged code violations in the middle of major events. Whispers say he works for the mob as part of a protection racket. Once, very early in its existence, shut down the Corner Club, but spent four years in court against an array of civil suits that left him near-destitute as a result. Works long hours to try and pay rent (his home was among assets seized) and for his son’s leukemia treatments.

ElaineMontague.jpgElaine Montague
City health inspector that is struggling to make it on her own after splitting from her husband, Brandon Erik’s, last summer. Has a three-year-old daughter with him, and is fighting a protracted legal battle for sole custody, but often leaves her daughter with her ‘stay at home mom’ sister Kathy. Struggling at work due to what she suspects his harassment by police further up the chain, though she can’t prove it. Attractive brunette frequently hit on, though she has no interest in a relationship with anyone at this point – not the least of which because she’s afraid that Brandon would kill any other man that touched her.

Jada White
A thirty-five-year-old and fifteen-year employee, Jada White gets about half the work done for the entirety of the New Orleans DMV by herself. Her line is the only one in the que that seems to move, and it’s not uncommon for her to juggle five or six phone calls along with a face-face interaction at once. Overweight but not obese, she’s an aberration in government work: genuinely cheerful at work and kind to those that interact with her. Her two children, both middle school-aged, attend a charter school. She shares custody with ex-husband, with whom she has a polite, if not warm, relationship. Kept his last name for the kids. Refers to those she interacts with at work as “babe.” Middle class.

JohnFlynn.jpgJohn Michael Flynn
Pole Climber for AT&T for 26 years that was eligible for retirement last year, John is a fiercely blue color working Catholic that wonders where he went so wrong as a parent and refuses to leave his job, lest he be left with nothing. With his son in a drug addict in prison and his daughter a degenerate homosexual whore, Michael has fallen into his work, his hobbies and light beers by the dozen to avoid facing the “failure” of his life. Those hobbies include protesting at abortion clinics and attending sporting events. Even his wife Charity rarely seems to interact with him, leaving him to his hobbies.

JustineRoss.jpgJustine Ross
Parish Clerk of Court known for her sass, the candles she keeps burning in her office, and distinctively long and colorful finger nails. Longtime employee with a great many professional relationships, and is rumored to have dirt on or have chits she can call in with many of the attorneys. The middle child in a large family, in her personal life Justine is outgoing and popular. Firm believer in Hoodoo, which her one of her sisters actively practices. Loves jazz, traditional New Orleans cuisine, and hates tourists. Another of her brothers plays for the New Orleans Saints.

PauletteDupuis.pngPaulette Dupuis
Assistant secretary of the Fire Marshal’s District of New Orleans. Daughter of Marcus Dupuis, a former public defender who was disbanded for sleeping with multiple clients. Paulette has worked under both of the Marron district chiefs and foresees the inevitable fallout of Jerry Junior’s incompetence. She spends her free time at home pampering her miniature greyhound, shopping for plus-sized lingerie, and trawling through real estate advertisements in the Bahamas.

VinceWebb.jpgVince Webb
Senior crane operator for the New Orleans Port Authority, Vince’s already substantial salary is padded by his habitual bribes from various illicit groups for his help in getting illegal shipments through customs and port security. It’s a dangerous game to play, catering to so many different parties, but he’s been playing it for a long time and most would rather turn a blind eye to Vince’s playing of the field than jeopardize their own arrangement with him. He’s put three children through college on that off the books cash. Though he’s had several affairs in his 27 years of marriage, he always comes home to his wife, Cynthia. Whale of a man, chocolate as pudding, topping over 250 lbs, with a scruffy and increasingly gray beard. Has been associated with several efforts to Unionize.

Allies (Bureaucracy) •

PaulChristrianbury.jpgPaul Christianbury
52-year-old former dentist exposed as a child molester ten years ago that got off on criminal charges twice in five years despite his victims’ waking up mid-assault, but lost his wealth in subsequent civil cases and had his medical license suspended. Now drives a garbage truck for the city and endures semi-regular police harassment. Jessica White claims her sister was among his victims, though she doesn’t have any sisters.

Paola Quiñones
Puerto-Rican “lineman” at Entergy, NOLA’s electric and natural gas utility provider. Shares an apartment in Faubourg Marigny with Dr. Alejandra Suarez, a friend made during their mutual time at Loyola (although hers did not end with a degree). Involved in a long-time affair with Father Sinclair.



The Church and those associated with it are no strangers to politics and intrigue. This, of course, is something upon which the opportunistic Kindred frequently capitalize. Church influence usually only applies to mainstream denominations, which include: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith. Other religions, such as Paganism, fall under Occult. Contact and Allies affected by Church influence include: ministers, bishops, priests, activists, evangelists, nuns and assistants, as well as attendees.

Catholic Church

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
0 Lay congregant
•• Priest
••• Dean, vicar general, auxiliary bishop, senior priest
•••• Bishop
••••• Archbishop
••••• • Cardinal
••••• •• Pope

Allies (Church) •••••

OrsonMalveaux.jpgOrson Malveaux
Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans with tremendous influence within the Church, perhaps even above his station. Rumor holds that the archbishop still has a prominent, if unofficial, hand in the family oil company’s operations; certainly, the Malveaux family makes regular and quite sizable donations to the Church. Less benign rumors hold that the archbishop has his fingers in less savory areas of business and politics as well, including ties to the Mob. Has no children of his own but is heavily involved in the lives of his numerous nieces and nephews, some of whom have also taken up lives of the cloth. Resides in a walled estate in the Garden District with an array of private security guards and servants. Enjoys lavish banquets and has his own staff of private chefs. Extremely controlling and dedicated to the welfare and future of the family, he commonly functions as the family disciplinarian. The most bigoted of the Malveaux brothers, and the closest to their deceased father.

Allies (Church) •••

AdamMalveaux.pngAdam Malveaux
Nephew of Orson Malveaux and son of Matthew Malveaux being groomed to succeed his uncle as Archbishop. Mathew’s oldest child (and the oldest Malveaux heir), and only son, he has taken to a life of the cloth under his uncle Orson, and was actually posted to New Orleans by the church in an unusual move that spoke more of Orson’s influence in the church than anything else. The closest to scandal he has come to scandal were tame pictures of him dancing with his cousin Caroline during her débutante ball just before taking his vows. Very devout in his faith, and trusted among the younger Malveauxes as a voice of reason, mediator, and advisor without bringing matters to the brothers’ attention.

James Connelly
Lame-footed presiding father at Saint Louis Cathedral.

Allies (Church) ••

Benjamin Edwards
Pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Father Edwards has seen the best and worst of the city, the horror of Katrina and the majesty of the city’s rebirth. Through it all he’s maintained his faith, and remains a steadfast advocate of faith and family. What choice does he have? His past is full of tragedy: he came late to the cloth after the death of his wife and unborn child in a senseless and brutal shooting. Caroline’s priest for much of her time at Tulane, as she chose to forgo the Catholic Center masses in favor of a real church.

MaryStGeorge.jpgMary St. George
Retired former social worker, foster mother of six (now grown) children, and now decade-long active volunteer working with the homeless or impoverished at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Mary is a lifelong Catholic firm in her faith, sound in her principle, and quite skilled in her job. She works to take down, store, and organize information on the local homeless and under served for the purpose of tracking aid that the church provides, in addition to overseeing many of the outreach and aid programs, most of which are staffed by local college students. A kind, gentle, and exceptionally patient woman, Mary never married, but instead raised half a dozen wards of the state, seeing five of them off to college and successful careers. Nonetheless, she’s haunted by Jason St. George, her one great failure, and wonders how she could have gone so wrong. In large part, her continued service is an attempt to make amends for failing the young man. Short and plump, with a head of short iron gray hair, she has a matronly air about her and is fairly discerning in her ability to read people. Hosts four of her six children (the exceptions being Jason and Rebecca) every Sunday night for dinner.

Allies (Church) •

Henry Sinclair
Lapsed Scot-Irish Catholic priest who previously served at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church on Burgundy Street and the school and deanery it oversaw. When his parish and church were shut down by the Archdiocese in 2001 (purportedly for financial reasons, but some suggest there were political if nor scandalous causes), Father Sinclair became despondent, and refused to leave his parish, eventually living and ministering with the area’s vagrants and streetwalkers. As time progressed, he came to both resemble and behave like his congregation of bums and addicts. While these developments have earned him the condemnation and threatened excommunication by the Archdiocese, they have simultaneously gained him the affection and loyalty of the region’s marginalized and dispossessed, who view him as a “sinners’ priest.”

Allies (Church) 0

SusanMalveaux.jpgSusan Malveaux
Beautiful and well-regarded up and coming young woman and former rival to Caroline Malveaux who shocked the social scene in New Orleans when she declined her admission to Yale and quietly announced she was joining a local convent just days before she was to start her Freshman year of college. Rumors swirled that her actions were prompted by some exterior motive for a time, but faded as she did from social consciousness. She has been little seen or heard from since, falling off the social radar and away from memory of most, even among her family. Most outside the family now barely remember her as one of Matthew Malveaux’s middle daughters, and even among them few contact her these days, leaving her to her secluded life away from the troubles, responsibilities, and expectations of the modern world.

Other Religious Denominations

Allies (Church) ••

Wayne Galloway III
Minister of a Southern Baptist congregation in the Lower 9th. Grew up and remains friends with Fred Luter, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Father of Rhonda Irving, wife of Shawnte Galloway.

Allies (Church) •

Bertram “Born-Again” Ardoin
Former meth-head who served a few stints in the Orleans Parish Prison for Possession, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest. He then did a nickel at the Farm after lighting a police car on fire in protest of the NOPD arresting his dealer. Angola was less than kind to the middle-class white junkie, but his time there brought about a rabid conversion to Evangelical Christianity via a televangelist’s show being regularly broadcast in the Farm’s TV. Following his release, he sought out the southern televangelist and pledged his life’s service to the fiery preacher. Since then, Bertram has become a largely sober roadie and all-purpose lackey for the televangelist’s lucrative broadcasts and far-reaching ministry. Bertram is the son of a Tulane nurse, Pamela, with whom he is estranged as a result of his drug and legal problems and her belief that the televangelist is a hypocritical sham.



The trappings of the rich and famous capture our attention on a daily basis. Mortals (and Kindred) who enter the corporate sector can speak the language of money and investments. They peruse the Wall Street Journal with all the interest another person lends to a riveting novel. Influential financiers know where to find capital; they can access banks, mega-corporations and the truly wealthy of the world. Characters with clout in this industry influence CEOs, executives, bankers, financiers, technical officers, stock brokers, managers, loan agents, secretaries, bank tellers, cubicle drones, and other white-collar corporate yes-men.

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
Contractor or new hire
•• Company man
••• Middle manager
•••• Executive or board member
••••• Board chairman or CEO (non-MNC), executive or board member (MNC)
••••• • Board chairman or CEO (MNC), executive or board member (gigantic MNC)
••••• •• Board chairman or CEO (gigantic MNC)

Allies (Corporate) •••••

MattMalveaux.jpgMatthew Malveaux
CEO of the Malveaux family oil business and a man of tremendous wealth and means. Rumors abound about his business practices, but nothing has ever been made to stick to the middle Malveaux brother. From Matthew flows the lions share of the family’s wealth. Though most of the family members have multi-million dollar trusts that could sustain them in comfort for the rest of their lives before they reach maturity, Matthew provides the vast sums of spending money that the next generation of Malveauxes blow through regularly, and also helped fund his brother Nathan’s congressional bid against other powerful state politicians in the last election. Matthew is a shrewd businessman that has steadily grown the family’s business interests in his time. Known to make a habit of buying an expensive new sports car every year, gifting older models to favorite nieces and nephews: it’s possible to identify who has his favor by who gets the most recent car. Encourages relatively responsible spending by the family as a whole.

Allies (Corporate) ••••

FrankAlvarez.jpgFrank Alvarez
The regional director for Blackwater International, Frank spent four years in the army in the early 90s after graduating on a ROTC scholarship, serving during the starving, boring, and peaceful era following the fall of the Soviet Union, but his much greater asset has been the MBA he got thereafter and the business acumen he acquired in a decade in the private sector. Frank joined up with Blackwater in the mid 2000s, as the War in Iraq was beginning to spin down, and among the first things he did was land a number of contracts during Hurricane Katrina, putting bored mercenaries to work on American soil against looters and other undesirables. The work was easy, the money was great, and Blackwater has never left the Big Easy. Today Frank is far more than the middle manager he was in 2005. The regional director for the entire Southeastern United States, his pioneering efforts at integrating Blackwater into the civilian side of life have kept the company fat and happy as they wait out the next series of wars that the United States will invariably eventually involve itself in. Though not particularly loved by many of his combat hardened employees he is, at least, respected for the work he’s done to keep them employed and largely out of harms way making the easy money babysitting pampered civilians and subsidizing police forces against the rioters, looters, and other people that most of them would be happy to shoot for free. Politically moderate, he lives in the Big Easy himself with his wife and three children. Typically accompanied by one of his mercenaries when he travels for work. Very well off financially, drives a luxury car and puts all three of his high school age children in private school. Hates the heat in New Orleans but loves the food. Quite good at reading people and giving them what they want, with an easy smile. Now balding, he isn’t so much in good shape as he isn’t fat. Very tall (6’6) and somewhat gangly. Tries to work normal hours, but is willing to meet with important clients on their terms. Always on the lookout for more places to insert his tentacles and develop additional business contacts or clients for Blackwater.

Lyman B. Whitney
Former chairman and CEO of Whitney National Bank (and descendant of the principal founder of the eponymous bank back in 1883). Publicly, he retired from his position after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when his company almost went bankrupt. Privately, he was forced out by the board because he was going slowly but steadily mad. Currently lives in the clock tower-turned-penthouse atop the main branch of ‘his’ bank on St. Charles Avenue in the CBD. Has a psychotic obsession with clocks and time, including his penchant for collecting pictures of people’s watches and for tracking the specific day, hour, minute, and second of every birth and death in NOLA. Thus far, Whitney’s family and board members appease Lyman’s lunacies in hopes of keeping his otherwise scandalous madness a secret.

MarkStines.jpgMark Stines
Director of Malveaux Oil’s sprawling legal department, Mark Stines cuts a dashing and charismatic figure. A brilliant legal mind, Mark might be a better business manager. A devoted father, he’s a true believer in the ‘good’ of industry, and truly hates environmental activists and others that regularly try to shut down or stymie his business. A former JAG officer, he treats lawsuits like battles and the ongoing struggle against environmentalists and liberals like a war. His lawyers are his officers, his paralegals and assistants soldiers, and for his enemies there is no mercy. The militant attitude has built a fierce comradery within the department and generated a highly competitive – and successful – environment. Originally from Texas, Mark’s father was an oil field worker, and it was his bull nose attitude and experience with the industry deep down to his bones that led Matthew Malveaux to bring Mark onboard. Deeply closeted homosexual that has only rarely engaged in discrete liaisons (mostly one night stands) with other men.

Allies (Corporate) •••

Daniel “Dan” Merinelli
Aerospace engineer, husband to Lena Merineli, and brother-in-law to Emmett Delacroix.

JosephMontobon.jpgJoseph Montobon
Heir to the Montobon fortune, Joseph is young, ambitious, and confident in his ability to help restore what was once a vast manufacturing empire that was gutted by NAFTA. One-time suitor to Savannah Malveaux, the two drifted apart after their college years as both became increasingly embroiled in their family businesses. As much a slave to his job as she is, rumors have connected him to the city’s Mafia in recent months just as many of his business ventures have begun to show signs of life. Whether that’s only a coincidence, or rumors spread by jealous rivals, none can say for certain. What is certain is that Joseph’s star, and the Montobon start, is on the rise for the first time in a generation.

KaseyKerriSmart.jpgKasey and Kerri Smart
Ms. Smart has been Matthew Malveaux’s personal assistant for nearly a decade, joining him right out of college in her ‘dream job’. Clever, personable, and with a firm will that keeps the riffraff away from her boss, she’s thrived in her role as gatekeeper and schedule keeper, and in so doing been able to travel the world at his side. There was a time when Vera viewed the younger woman as a threat, but a legion of P.I’s spent almost three months following her around and ensuring she was not alone with her husband, and so put those fears to bed. What very few, including her investigators realized, was that there are, indeed, two Ms. Smarts, both employed in the same role, and both smitten with Matthew. Each night one returns to her home, hotel room, or suite, and the other goes joins him. For now the twins are content to be his mistresses, enjoying a life of high society beside him without suspicion, though how long that will persist none can say. What almost none know is that one of them took a six-month leave several years ago to give birth to his son.

LukeMalveaux.pngLuke Malveaux
The oldest of Caroline’s siblings (though junior to her), Luke is an Ivy League graduate with an eye towards business that has already sunk hip-deep in the family’s oil company. Tall, handsome, and well-spoken, Luke looks the part of the well-groomed and well-bred heir to the family fortune and has a knack for drumming up foreign capital that has put him in contention with his cousin Savannah as next in line for the family business. He’s particularly close to several Saudi princes, having roomed with one in college, and has drawn deeply upon them to raise his profile within the company, and in his uncle’s eyes. Though intrigued, the connection also makes Matthew nervous at the prospect of a foreign takeover should Luke gain power. Oil has long been the foundation for the Malveaux fortune, and introducing foreign elements to it is… unsettling. Frequently seen with Cécilia Devillers over the last year, leading some to speculate they may be close to an engagement announcement, much to the chagrin of the many that have sought either’s hand, and the frustration of others with the seemingly ever expanding Malveaux network of alliances, influence, and connections.

SavannahMalveaux.pngSavannah Malveaux
The oldest daughter of Matthew Malveaux, Savannah is a successful Stanford graduate looking to break into the tradition of male dominance within the Malveaux family by succeeding her father as CEO of the family oil business. Though not an avowed feminist, she sees no reason why she should not be viewed as the heir apparent to the company. While her cousin Luke is a charming face that has drummed up plenty of capital, Savannah is quite the opposite. Cold, severe, and utterly professional, Savannah has succeeded because she has a nose for the oil business. She can almost smell promising fields, and understands the particularities of the field work like few dedicated rig techs ever do. Pursuing additional offshore options and working closely with her uncle Nathaniel to get additional fields opened up in the Gulf of Mexico. Has a long term personal assistant, Emilia Rosa, with whom she is very close.

Allies (Corporate) ••

Caitlin Long
Married to her college boyfriend but career focused, Caitlin works in personnel and human resources at Malveaux Oil and has enjoyed a great deal of success since she graduated from Tulane 4 years ago, rising to middle management in her department despite her relative youth. Rigidly professional at work to the point where many of her subordinates describe her as ‘that bitch’ or ‘that cunt’, but much more laid back outside of it. Majored in organizational communication in college and a former sorority head heavily involved in extracurricular activities at the school. Still goes out semi-regularly with girls from her sorority, with whom she has remained close. From an upper middle class background. Does want children ‘eventually’, but not a priority right now. Makes significantly more money than her husband at present, which is creating some conflict in their marriage. Ambitious, with a reputation for being able to get things done when under pressure and being capable of playing the political game at work at a high level. The rumor is part of her rise to power is because she has some kind of dirt on someone higher up in the company.

EmeliaRosa.pngEmilia Rosa
An anchor baby for her impoverished Mexican parents, Emilia has risen far in the world behind good looks, intellect, and force of personality. Personal assistant (and some whisper more—though they do so quietly indeed) to Savannah Malveaux, Emilia is the eminently charming public face that is put forward in in place of the antisocial Malveaux heir. In fact, Emilia attends most of the meetings on behalf of her boss, standing in her place and reporting back to her. Another Stanford grad, she’s followed Savannah’s course since they attended business school together, and has significant influence on her decision making. For his part Matthew Malveaux tolerates Emilia only in so far as she shields his daughter from scrutiny. He looks down on her humble origins, and the backroom whispers as to the nature of her relationship with his daughter may soon see her banished from the company if they reach him. Though she speaks without an accent, having grown up in the United States, there’s a distinctly spicy tint to her sultry voice, a slight hint of rolled R’s.

RobertBrant.jpgRobert “Robby” Brant
Relatively recent graduate, corporate accountant and head of the local HEMA chapter. Socially awkward and nerdy, but very intelligent, Robby got into swordsmanship as a teen in part due to his love of fantasy, and in part due to his love of history. He continues through college and recently, on his return to New Orleans, established himself as one of the most experienced and skilled members of HEMA in the region. Humble and shy, he’s frequently underestimated right up until the moment he picks up a sword for a bout, at which point his lanky awkwardness tends to disappear. Prefers to fight sword and buckler, but is relatively well rounded across the board. Teaches open classes three times a week at a local gym that HEMA leases space from in the evening. Two other nights he runs Dungeons and Dragons games for many of those same HEMA attendees. Very tall (6’8"), thin, and lanky, with unruly hair and glasses. Avowed atheist that rarely speaks of it, but feels passionately against religion when pressed, citing all the historic misery it’s caused.

Allies (Corporate) •

Evelyn Anders
A recent college graduate from Tulane formerly associated with the campus’ College Republicans, Evelyn, Evelyn ‘leveraged’ her relationship with the chapter’s then President, Caroline Malveaux, to land a job as a front desk worker at the Malveaux Oil main office in downtown New Orleans, but hopes to rise much further in time. Very much a people person, Evelyn knows well the value of social networking and actively uses her position to build a relationships with all manner of incoming workers each day. Also highly organized, keeping detailed records of her daily activities in the form of journals and planners. From a lower middle class background and deeply desires stability she did not always have as a child. Conservative and catholic, though she doesn’t attend services as often as she used to in college, or would like.



In this modern age, there are many organizations and places and people that exist and make their living at easing the aches, pains, illnesses and needs of people. These organizations are rife for manipulation and exploitation by enterprising Kindred. Characters with influence over this industry control health agencies, hospitals, asylums, medical groups and even nursing homes. Contact and Allies affected by Health influence include: nurses, doctors, specialists, lab workers, therapists, counselors and pharmacists, amongst others.

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Medical or nursing student
Medical intern (doctors), nursing assistant or LPN (nurses), EMT, orderly
•• Resident physician (doctors), RN or charge nurse (nurses), paramedic
••• Attending physician (doctors), nurse manager or service director (nurses)
•••• Chief physician (doctors), chief nurse (nurses)
••••• Hospital president

Allies (Health) ••••

Amos Dufrene Wilkinson
Coroner of Orleans Parish. First-term official and the first African-American to hold the office as well. He is also an assistant professor at Tulane Medical School, specifically of Pathology and Psychiatry. He runs, or at least ‘owns’ several homeless shelters in the city. As Coroner, he is in charge of all mental health institutionalization, sexual abuse investigation, and autopsies.

Allies (Health) •••

EvelineMerinelli.jpgEveline “Lena” Merinelli
Former pediatrician at Children’s Hospital New Orleans. Older sister to Emmett Delacroix. Recently sent to prison as an accessory to her brother’s murder.

HowardMcmillian.jpgHoward McMillian
Psychologist moderately famous for his book ‘Breaking the Everlasting Chains of Unconquerable Addiction’. Howard is both a very talented psychologist and a neurotic mess. A severe hypochondriac, he maintains a strict diet, except when he can’t be bothered to, in which case he obsesses over everything from every rumble in his stomach to the color of his urine and feces. Convinced he’s going to die before he turns 60 due to his “bad” health. Likes to talk about his health issues when not speaking to clients, finding excuses to slip them into conversations. Currently provides “treatment” to Westley Malveaux for his drug addiction problems at the insistence of Claire.

Leah Crawford
Diligent, professional, hard working, and no nonsense, Leah has been a trauma surgeon for almost a decade, working out of the Tulane Medical Center ER. In those years she’s dealt with everything from stabbings, to gunshot wounds, to overdoses, straight on down the line to more mundane maiming’s such as car accidents and falls. She’s also dealt with unruly gang bangers, personal stalkers, and belligerent police officers with poise, ice water in her vein, and a .38 in her glove box. Born in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago, Leah first traveled to New Orleans for school and never looked back, carrying with her a commitment to breaking free of the cycle of poverty and a making something of herself. For several years following her residency she worked with prospective med students coming out of Tulane, but in the last couple of years has grown too busy and largely laid that aside. 5’1" and petite, with short bushy brown hair, matching, too wide, eyes, and pale skin. Speaks English, Russian, and French.

LewisRayBurns.jpgLewis Ray Burns
The next in a long line of local Dr. Oz wanna-be’s, Dr. Burns peddles miracle cures, cleanse diets, and plastic surgery, and whatever prescriptions they want to top shelf clients, er, patients, throughout New Orleans. Among his patients are Vera Malveaux, and formerly Erinn Harris, who now blames him for getting her hooked on prescription pain killers that had her run out of fighting circles. As much as money and influence, Lewis wants simple popularity. A narcissist, he works out pathologically in his “free” time and views Dr. / Patient “Privilege” differently than most.

MimiHowards.jpgMimi Howards
Dr. Howards is one of New Orleans’ foremost therapy specialist psychologists, running a private practice out of her house. Client-wise, Dr. Howards collects exceptional (and exceptionally broken) personalities, and has a slightly more than professional interest in how trauma affects people. Much to her embarrassment, there have been several complaints about her to the American Psychologists Association at her asking her clients if she’d be allowed to record and publish therapy sessions for her own research.

Allies (Health) ••

AlejandraSuarez.jpgAlejandra Suarez
Mexican-American physician doing a hematology residence at Tulane Medical Center. Houston native who did undergrad and med school at Tulane. Nominal alumnus of Phi Alpha Kappa. Her family, whom she tries to avoid (sometimes successfully), has ties to a Mexican drug cartel.

JaredBrown.jpgJared Brown
Former resident doctor at Tulane Medical Center who took sexual advantage of comatose female patients. Recently deceased.

JordanMarco.jpegJordan Marco
35-year-old principle caretaker for Camillia Malveaux, Jordan is a live in licensed practical nurse and physical therapist that also in theory serves as a ‘caretaker’ for Gabriel Malveaux in the frequent absence of his parents, Jordan was brought in almost ten years ago after Camillia was first released from the hospital with her first hip fracture to help her with physical therapy and recovery. Small but stoutly built, Jordan spends much of his free time as a gym rat and, on the rare occasions in which he’s able to get the time off, he competes in amateur bodybuilding competitions. Though he and the old bag did not originally hit it off well, she’s subsequently grown quite fond of him over the last ten years as her own family has withdrawn from her, and today he’s one of the few individuals that can talk her down from beating the maids and screaming at the family’s chef. The rare days that he’s not frequent she’s typically incredibly cantankerous and difficult with her stand in caretaker. In truth he’s grown fond and protective of her as well, having seen behind her veneer, coming to understand why she is who she is, and what she has endured and accomplished in her long life. Well compensated and comfortable, he is mildly but increasingly concerned as to what he’s going to do if and when the old woman passes away. Also relatively friendly with Gabriel Malveaux, who he occasionally works out with and largely leaves to his own devices. Originally from Texas and a dire hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Very plainspoken and genuine.

Malechi Apatombee
Towering, black-haired ambulance paramedic of Choctaw descent. Involved in local tribal council. Moonlights as a bouncer and security guard to support extended family.

NeilFlynn.jpgNeil Flynn
A young resident at Tulane Medical, Neil has a perpetually haggard and harassed appearance. Tall, blond, and scruffy beard he keeps more well trimmed than his hair, Neil is a conventionally handsome Yankee. Oh the scandal then that he, a democrat as well, dated a proper southern scion in Caroline Malveaux. Never mind that he’s a Catholic himself, and a gentlemen as well that avoids the worst of the Boston accent most of his family has. Neil is dating Angela Greer, another Tulane student. No relation to the other Flynns in town.

Pamela Ardoin
A senior nurse who has worked at Tulane Medical Center for almost three decades. Loathes cops and has a love-hate relationship with addicts due to her son Bertram’s substance abuse and resultant legal problems. Despite her age, her thick body and stout frame have caused some patients to mistake her for an orderly.

Allies (Health) •

Abby White
An habitually broke EMT who lives with her mother, Abby actually makes good money, she just also has a habit of spending it rather poorly, especially on clothing and high-priced European bags. Not particularly attractive, Abby was stood up on her prom night, and has been stood up subsequently on four dates. Now 24, she is desperate for love, or even attention from the opposite sex. Not only is she a virgin, she’s never gone past first base. It’s beginning to develop into something of a complex for the young woman, and even affecting her work and work relationships, especially with her partner. Relatively shy and deeply religious, she comes from a middle-class background. Her father, a shipyard worker, passed away four years ago of a heart attack, but left a substantial life insurance policy for her mother, which has sustained her despite the loss of income.

Chelsea Donaldson
A hospital pharmacy technician content with her life right now in the working middle class, Chelsea has settled into a mid-20s routine of work, reading, Netflix, and chilling with her long-term boyfriend Ian Roberts, much to the disappointment of her working-class parents. Chelsea is actually a bright woman whose intellect is wasted on her current job, but suffers from a combination of negative self-image and general complacency. Uninterested in taking out massive student loans in an chancy economy, she declined to pursue a bachelor’s or more advanced degree at a university (despite being accepted by several) in favor of attending a local community college and working a part-time job at a clothing store out of high school. Rather than risk failure (un-repayable student debt, as she sees it) by pursuing higher education, she’s piddled away the last half-dozen years after high school and appears content to continue to do so. Works out regularly and is very self-conscious about her appearance, having toed the line close to eating disorders on several occasions (and only having been stopped by greater fears of falling down that path). Chelsa has settled for mediocrity in her life. She might be able achieve greater things if she broke out of her rut—her brother has gone on to become a distinguished architect in the city—but that push in her life is sorely lacking.

EmilyRosure.jpgEmily Rosure
One day Emily will be a doctor. That day just isn’t today. Bright and hardworking but born into poverty, Emily managed to secure a scholarship to Tulane out of high school and earned a premed degree with a focus in kinesiology. Unfortunately for her, working two jobs to help cover the unrelated expenses not covered by her scholarship tanked her GPA just enough to make securing further financial assistance for med school almost impossible. Undaunted, she landed a job at Tulane Medical working in the records department, and moonlights as a physical therapist, doing everything she can to put away the significant sums of money she needs to continue her education. She lives frugally in a shared house with three roommates, packs her own lunch, and takes the bus to work.

High Society


There are people in this world that, by dint of birth, possessions, talent, luck or knowing who to blow, have risen above the “unwashed masses.” Those with influence over high society are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move amongst society and in the entertainment sector. Contact and Allies affected by High Society influence include: dilettantes and debutantes, the old rich and the nouveau riche, movie stars, rock stars, artists, dancers of all sorts, fashion models, trendsetters, critics, and fashion models.

Allies (High Society) •••••

Abélia Devillers
Wealthy French philanthropist who came to New Orleans around Hurricane Katrina to help out with disaster relief. Held that France had an obligation to do everything it could for the historic, culturally unique city she was responsible for founding. Fell in love with the Big Easy and decided to stay; now sponsors a variety of charities to preserve the city’s historic buildings and landmarks, and is a frequent attendee at various high society and political functions. Has six daughters (Adeline, Simmone, Yvonne, Noëlle, Cécilia, Lise), ages twelve to twenty-five, and jokingly claims that men don’t run in her genes. Still hasn’t lost her French accent, and refuses to divulge any information concerning her past husband(s) and her daughters’ parentage, claiming “a lady must have her secrets.”

Allies (High Society) ••••

ClaireMaveaux.pngClaire Malveaux (Monroe)
The picture of a trophy wife, Claire is a beautiful if aging woman who is socially witty and publicly loyal to her powerful husband, Nathan Malveaux. Her own family was wealthy, but nouveau riche, and it is whispered she married far above her station, though only behind her back. Caroline Malveaux inherited many of her features from her mother, including the sharp jaw line and blond hair. Attended Cornell University in her youth (where she met and charmed her future husband) as a member of the Pi Alpha Kappa sorority, and was quite disappointed when her daughter was denied admission quite suddenly late in the process. Claire lives in Baton Rouge, but regularly travels between Washington and New Orleans, attending to her husband and children respectively. Very protective of her children, and combines high expectations for them with excuses for their every mistake to others. Went to war for Westley, in particular after he was arrested for a DUI related accident that resulted in fatalities.

VeraMalveaux.jpgVera Malveaux (Dyer)
The Dyer family was old money in the State of Louisiana even before their oldest daughter married Mathew Malveaux, now CEO of the family’s multi-billion dollar oil company. Today Vera is an icon of high society, spending lavishly both on herself and her daughters. She is a well-known social figure and patron of the arts. Less well-known is her dependency on opiate painkillers since the attack on her a decade ago that left her face scarred. Painkillers she needs, of course, because of a severed nerve. The prolific mother of six children, five of them girls, her husband has never forgiven her for not giving him a second son, and she has never forgiven him for Adam’s entry into the clergy, as she herself has drifted away from her faith and rarely speaks to her son. Extremely cold relations with Orson.

Warren Whitney III
Indolent financial magnate and son of Lyman Whitney. Raised to be the presumptive chairman and CEO, he was ousted by John Harston who led a merger with its now-parent company, Hancock Holding Company in 2010. Although Warren holds a major portion of the bank’s shares and remains absurdly wealthy, he has little say in its governance and rarely attends board meetings. Instead, he whiles away his time as one of NOLA’s notorious playboys hosting decadent soirees aboard his ludicrously large pleasure yacht, the Saturnalia. Less well-known is his private passion and peccadillo of directing and producing faux snuff films.

Allies (High Society) •••

Alec Downs
President of Lakeview’s Southern Yacht Club. He and his wealthy circle of friends, also yachters, sit on the neighborhood’s NA council.

ChristinaRoberts.jpgChristina Roberts
Madam who quietly runs the city’s high-class call girl services and has dirt on most of the men (and a few of the women) in high society. Information broker, gossip, and flirt who somehow gets invites to most major events in town despite the disdain with which many high-class women hold her. Disbarred attorney run down on ethics charges, but very good at keeping records and managing her clients and “girls” outside of the eye of the law. Samantha Watts was previously in her employee, and the two are frequently seen together, continuing a cordial relationship.

MarcusMarrow.jpgMarcus Marrow
“Owner” and operator of the Corner Club downtown. Fashionable, charming, and socially erudite, Marcus has made a club that doesn’t appeal to tourists into one of the city’s secret success stories as much through force of personality as anything else. He’s a very smooth operator that excels at soothing ruffled feathers. Strong ties to the Malveaux family, which quietly owns the club in truth. Very careful not to offend them, but has to walk a tight rope given the factions within the family (of which he has a better understanding than most).

SamanthaWatts.jpgSamantha Watts
Near-infamous honeypot who took Argabrite for half of his fortune three years ago when she convinced him to marry her and then divorced him after the honeymoon. Now lives the high-life in New Orleans. Regarded as a usurper by most of the city’s elite, but money talks, and she’s had significant success integrating herself into social circles. Samantha of course lives for the thrill of the seduction, the chase, the game. She’s a near-irresistible flirt and far more engaging than her middle-class background would indicate. Particular taste for Mezzo-American art, and has strong ties to the Latin arts community in New Orleans. Lives in a penthouse downtown.

TalalalFaisalalSaud.jpgTalal al-Faisal al-Saud
26-year-old Saudi Prince worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars, Talal grew enchanted with New Orleans eight months ago during a visit and never left, instead setting up shop in the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans with his private security and entourage. Talal is a frequent sight out in the city by night, partying until the sun rises almost nightly. Utterly self-indulgent, he vastly prefers the liberal values of the city—especially with regard to drugs and alcohol—to the position of his own homeland, and shows no signs of planning to depart. Several complaints have been leveled against him, including claims of assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimidation, but NOPD seems uninterested in creating a diplomatic incident.

RobertArgabrite.jpgRobert Argabrite III
Inherited something on the order of three hundred million dollars when he was twenty years old after the tragic deaths of his wealthy parents. Subsequently lost half of that fortune when he was seduced by Samantha Watts. Along with the money went much of his social capital, with the love-struck young man viewed as a joke and a failure by many, but a few old allies of his family hung around. Has quietly invested much of that fortune in the city while also living in recent months as the consummate playboy and player, running through a different model, escort, or heiress every night in a flurry of promiscuous and tabloid fueling liaisons. Formerly employed Sarah Anne Widney, who reportedly stole from him before her firing. Other rumors claim that the two shared something deeper.

Allies (High Society) ••

CeciliaDevillers.jpgCécilia Devillers
Second-oldest daughter of Abélia, Cécilia is everything one would expect for such a well-bred scion. The beauty of her mother and her Ivy League education, social graces, and charming wit combine to make her a choice prize for the wealthy young heirs of the city. Rumors have linked her to Luke Malveaux, though she’s demurred when confronted about it, insisting in a charming French fashion that youth is a time for love and lust, not romance.

ElaineMalveaux.jpgElaine Malveaux
Currently attending Stanford (following in the footsteps of her sister Savannah) and slated for graduation in 2016, Elaine has lived a privileged life, even among the Malveauxes. Perhaps more than any other in the Malveaux heirs she’s fully embraced the role of socialite and heiress, sliding easily from social function to social function, showing the flag as it were as a Malveaux and retreating to her private interests without attracting scandal. Young, beautiful, manipulative, and social, she loves to be the center of attention, and maintains a large circle of friends and contacts. It’s a rare night that she isn’t out on the town, or at some party. Isn’t really sure what she wants to do after she graduates, though she typically defaults to vague answers about communications or media relations when pressed on the topic by her family. Arguably the most attractive of the Malveaux heiresses, if the most dainty, she’s considered quite a catch and has been aggressively pursued in the past when in New Orleans, though she frequently plays her suitors just as often, juggling three or four at a time.

GabrielMalveaux.jpgGabriel Malveaux
The youngest of Nathan’s children, Gabriel is still in high school (though a senior). Though he goes to school in Baton Rouge where the family makes their home, he does frequently visit New Orleans for social functions and to visit his siblings (all of whom make their home in the Big Easy). Athletically gifted, quite bright, and scandal free, several schools are pursuing him, though those that know the Malveaux suspect that his path was laid out shortly after his birth. Gabriel wants to do some manner of volunteer or non-profit work when he graduates from college, though his father is already laying a path for him into politics, and Orson eyes the possibility of another man of the cloth.

KatherineMerlou.jpgKatherine Merlou
Personal assistant to Vera Malveaux, helping maintain her social calendar, makes reservations, runs errands, and generally sees to all the needs of the scarred matron. Vera is rarely seen out at public events without Katherine at least somewhere nearby. For her part, Katherine is increasingly frustrated with the ever-growing needs of her employer and her very limited time off, but is reluctant to give up what is an influential job with excellent pay and many fringe benefits. Replaced her predecessor (who quit in spectacular fashion after a nervous breakdown, the third such failure in the last ten years) approximately two years, and has a finally gotten a good feel for what her boss wants. Works long hours, waking up in the morning and typically meeting Vera (Mrs. Malveaux) with her coffee when the woman awakes and departing only late into the evening when she has been settled into her home or hotel for the night. As a result Katherine’s own social calendar is extremely limited, typically limited to her (typical) half-day on Sundays.

LeslieStGeorge.jpgLeslie “Kristina Winters” St. George
The red-haired, fair-skinned, long-legged St. George. Leslie went to college for marketing, but found on her return to New Orleans that she had a far more marketable option: her looks. Though she’d never let her family find out, her “marketing” career over the last four years has mostly consisted of working for Christina Roberts as a high-class, high-dollar whore. Of course, employees of Ms. Roberts have to be intelligent enough to carry a conversation, sophisticated enough to conduct themselves at high society functions, and discrete enough to keep themselves and their clients out of the tabloids, and in these categories Leslie has excelled. A straight A student in college fluent in three languages, including French and Spanish, she has adopted to working among the upper crust of society quite well. She has, in fact, become one of Roberts’ more trusted employees. Very close to her mother and still visits her on Sundays for brunch, usually spending the afternoon volunteering with her at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church before the family’s regular Sunday night meal. Works in her job under the name “Kristina Winters”, with only her boss and a handful of others knowing her real name.

ReyesHeras.jpgReyes Heras
Second-generation Salvadoran immigrant born and raised in New Orleans. A painter known for is use of bold colors and striking cityscapes, Reyes grew up in poverty and only came to prominence after Katrina during the city’s revival. The scenes he paints are often idealized versions of decrepit, run-down, poverty-stricken areas that the city’s elite would never visit, but which they shower him with praise for bringing to the attention of others. Vocal advocate for social change and avowed socialist himself, Reyes was dubbed “the city’s conscience” by one of his critics. He lives and works in his studio in one of the worst slums in the city, and many expect he’ll soon turn up dead in a gutter near his home.

SarahWidney.jpgSarah Widney
Professional personal assistant does not quite cover all that Sarah brings to the table. She’s a life manager, a major-domo educated in the nearly extinct European tradition, capable of running almost every aspect of her employer’s life as needed and desired. After graduating with an MBA and getting her start looking after a series of socialites, heirs, and heiresses she had her break through working for Robert Argabrite III in the aftermath of his disastrous marriage to Samantha Watts, working to salvage his fortune and future. Though she eventually left his employment when he confessed feelings for her, she made an impression on many in high society with her social graces and management of Argabrite’s finances. Originally from Kansas of all places, she was orphaned when she was 11 and ended up living with her now-deceased grandmother. Intensely serious woman now approaching 30, career-driven, with a great many professional contacts but relatively few actual friends or personal relationships. Currently disgraced after claim that she stole from Argabrite surfaced.

StephenHarris.jpgStephen Harris
Chocolate-skinned, lithe, and standing only 5’8", Stephen is nonetheless impossible to miss in a room—he’s the loudest voice by far. An incurably flirt with both men and women, he’s at least as well known for his array of flings with other artists, performers, and professionals of both genders in the city as he is for his modern art sculptures involving maimed everyday objects and (especially) appliances. Insists on being the center of attention.

WestleyMalveaux.pngWestley Malveaux
The second of Caroline’s brothers (and second youngest sibling) has a storied tabloid history that has not spread far beyond the State. He was publicly painted as a redeemed young man in his father’s recent congressional campaign, but rumors still swirl around him in private circles. In truth, Westley is an addict, and will likely always be an addict. While his preference is cocaine, he’s experimented with everything from ecstasy to heroine, forgoing only crack. These days his “acceptable” drug of choice is alcohol. Though he remains coherent at social functions, his family’s handlers are never far.

BentlyDowns.jpgBentley Downs
Alec Down’s daughter. Bored college graduate and perennial daddy’s girl who still lives with her father. She recently decided it would be “fun” to try being a talent agent, which her father has indulged and paid the licensing fee for.

Allies (High Society) •

Brayson Allen
The son of two black doctors, one of whom made a fortune for pioneering a new technique in heart valve replacement, Brayson grew up the yuppie upstart among the moneyed families of the Big Easy. Mocked, mistreated, and ostracized at every turn, Brayson eventually fell deeply down the rabbit hole into drug use and partying, culminating in a night of absolute debauchery with Westley Malveaux that landed them both in the spotlight, and very nearly in prison. Unlike Westley, rumors still swirl around Brayson. Of the two, Brayson’s loss is the greater tragedy, as he inherited his parents’ brains, and was a second-year resident in trauma medicine when his life imploded with a focus in trauma medicine. He’s a common fixture these days at the Corner Club, and little else, drawing a stipend from his wealthy parents and floating adrift through his late 20s.

CamilliaMalveaux.jpgCamillia Malveaux (Lawless)
86-year-old matron of the Malveaux family, Camillia rarely makes it out of the family mansion in Baton Rouge these days, or even out of the house after three hip surgeries in the last decade. Mother to the Malveaux brothers, she married into the family from a very stiff, formal, old family. Very firm traditional views on etiquette and social position, and in particularly hateful of yuppies and those that fail to show the proper respect to their elders. Occasionally chases servants around the family manor with a broom from a wheelchair when they aren’t respectful or diligent enough. A powerful figure in the family until the last decade, she’s now a shadow of what she once was—the schemer behind the scenes for the family that offered guidance to her sons and shelter from her domineering and abusive husband. Still, despite her deteriorating mental condition and increasing physical frailness, many secrets may yet be locked within her aging mind. Lives with and is close to Gabriel Malveaux, who carves out time to spend with her despite his many other obligations, but largely avoided by the rest of the family, especially her sons who remember the steadfast woman made of iron that she was, not the broken shell has limped into the modern era that refuses to let her die a dignified death.

DougyTwoShoes.jpgDouglas “Dougy Two-toes” Brown
23-year-old first generation mixed African-American local rapper of marginal talent with a small following. Claims to have lost three of the toes on his right foot in gang-related violence, though in truth they were lost in a yard accident when he was seven. Wanna-be tough guy that attended private schools and came from a stable home. Son of Hurbert Brown, though he wants little to do with his father, other than a steady supply of money to spend on his plush lifestyle and crappy beats.



The World of Darkness is rife with the grinding of machinery, the thuds and clangs of smoke-billowing engines, and the ceaseless and thankless toil of its pastry-faced workers whose lives are ended far too early due to the constant exposure to toxins, long hours and stress. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move in the industrial complex, blue collar, and service industry sector, including engineers, contractors, construction workers, and the poor souls who labor in factories and dead-end, minimum wage jobs.

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Non-employee customer
Entry level employee
•• Senior employee, low-level management
••• Small business owner, middle management
•••• Middle-sized business owner, upper management
••••• Large business owner

Allies (Industry) •••••

LarrySimpson.jpgLarry Simpson
Tourism is the biggest industry in New Orleans, with the service industry sucking in more than ten million dollars a day. The single largest share of that money, one way or another, finds its way into Larry Simpon’s pockets through the more than one hundred restaurants, hotels, and bars he owns across the city. The heir to old money, Larry beat out both of his brothers for the entire inheritance by convincing his delirious mother to sign a new will just before her death. He subsequently began investing that money, and seemed to have a nose for what tourists want, though his own part in the service industry is almost non-existent. He’s derided by high society as involving himself too closely in banal and lesser business matters like the hospitality industry.

Allies (Industry) •••

Hurbert Brown
Dark-skinned African-American shipyard owner with major contracts related to the US Navy’s merchant marine fleet. Third generation yard worker now in his mid-50s that bought his way into the industry with his father’s life insurance policy. Ugly rumors have circulated that he killed off his old man for the money, as he died quite young. His years of manual labor have taken their toll in the form of crippling arthritis, but his forearms are still coiled steel ropes. Married to a white woman. Hoped to leave the business to his son, but the young man would rather pursue his rap career as Douglas “Dougy Two-toes” Brown. Has a chip on his shoulder despite his success.

Mark Mullman
Up and coming young entrepreneur trying to break into a number of established industries in atypical ways, including commerce with both the upper crust and lower crust of society. For the upper class, these include delivery services, shopping services, reservation holding at various establishments, ticket ‘sales’ for sold out shows, and providing experienced professionals to troubleshoot an array of problems from the mundane (such as power outages or internet issues) to the more complicated and specialized. For those on the other side, he runs several food trucks, provides micro loans, and is pioneering ‘micro employment’ in which he essentially has occasional on demand employees across the city, many of them providing a very specific service, often off the books. Wildly charismatic and capable of convincing people to go along with or buy into his ideas, Mark is incredibly hard working, putting in long hours, working weekends, and taking a great deal of personal pride in each of his enterprises.

Allies (Industry) ••

MicahBarber.jpgMicah Barber
Private helicopter pilot that flew helicopters for special forces during Desert Storm and now flies around tourists and the rich or famous, Micah is a jolly, fit, and handsome black man that never settled down, living as a bachelor and ‘playing the field’. Now closing in on 50, he’s mellowing to the party scene and starting to consider where he’s going moving forward, as he doesn’t want to be ’that guy with white hair at the party’. Has a sister with kids in New Orleans, to whom he has always played the ‘cool’ uncle, and treated as a surrogate family for his emotional needs. Very dapper.

HippolyteBroussard.jpgHippolyte “Big Mon of Monteleone” Broussard
Towering, thick-bodied black man who somewhat famously works as a shoe-shiner outside the unequivocally famous Hotel Monteleone and Carousel Bar. Less remembered for serving almost a decade at the Farm after being first convicted of brutally assaulting Vera Malveaux and later exonerated when the true perpetrator was discovered.

Patrick Dolan
Owner and operator of Mid-City Lanes, a purgatory-themed bowling alley called “the Gutter” by its regulars and nay-sayers. Descended from Irish-Catholic immigrants who built the New Basin Canal. Husband of Deputy Superintendent Mallory Landry.

BrianFuller.jpgBrian Fuller
44-year-old retired Corpsmen attached to Marine Force Recon turned owner and operator of Fouled Anchor Fitness, a small gym he opened two years ago that caters mostly to former military and offers both fitness and martial arts classes. Meticulously fit, Brian regularly participates in Spartan Races and similar events, and despite his small stature (he’s only 5’6") and age, he is exceptionally strong. Certifies all of his trainers personally—and is himself qualified to teach all of his classes. Between retirement and opening Fouled Anchor, Brian worked for private clients as a trainer. Shoots competitive three gun tournaments regionally and is, in truth, bored since his retirement. Only sleeps 4-5 hours a night and spends 2-4 hours a day working out according to a rigid routine, though he can feel his body beginning to slow down as age catches up. Bald-headed, clean-shaven, and sharp-tongued with a face as craggy as a mountaintop and piercing blue eyes.

Cassidy McGinnes
Regan’s older sister and lead singer, electric fiddler, and tin whistler for celtic-punk band St. John’s Banshees. Works as a part-time waitress at several Mid-City pubs and taverns, including the Bulldog. She has a 6-year-old son named Collin whose father, Damien Price, is at Angola for domestic violence and drug possession. Cassidy has an on and off again romantic relationship with fellow bandmate, Darcy Quillen.

Frank O’Malley
General Contractor that picked up and moved from Boston to New Orleans after Katrina, and subsequently made a killing. Avowed racist that hates African-Americans but not Latinos, whom he employs in mass. Claims his racism is based on experience, rather than bigotry. Most of his work is residential, but he’s trying to get an in with local government for bigger contracts. Owns a fair bit of property throughout the city. Has six Irish Catholic brothers that he brought with him working under him as job site supervisors. Indicted for assault with a deadly weapon after beating a man nearly to death with a pair of brass knuckles, but got off when the witness skipped town.

Elizabeth “Liz” Williams
Blond and perky, most people are surprised and unnerved when they learn that Liz spends most of her days working with high explosives. A demolitions expert that contracts out to an array of construction companies, she got her start working with the Army Corp of Engineers and first visited New Orleans back in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina with them as a young enlisted engineer only a few months out of training. Upbeat, constantly positive, and genuinely loves her job, though in the days leading up to actual demolitions she tends to work long hours. Fierce social liberal, but hard charging fiscal conservative that cleverly manages her money to avoid the feast and famine construction boom. Originally from the Midwest, she loves the diversity of New Orleans cuisine and music, having been fed on corn and country music as a child.

Allies (Industry) •

AmandaWilliams.jpgAmanda Williams
Gossipy waitress and incurable flirt, Amanda probably knows as much about the day to day major events in the city as anyone else. A former high school cheerleader, Amanda deferred on college in favor of her high school sweetheart, who subsequently dumped her. Put out in the cold, she fell into the service industry and associated lifestyle, working lunches and dinners and partying every night. Now five years into the industry, it’s starting to wear on her physically, between the heavy drinking most nights and recreational drug use, and mentally, as the glamor of partying is beginning to wear off given her lack of a future. Amanda wants a way out of this life, but doesn’t see any open doors, either personally or with the help of her lower-middle class family.

Carla Rivera
Bartender, maid, nanny, community college student, and single mother, Carla tries to do it all. As hard working and dependable as they come, she works her fingers to the bone day in and day out trying to carve out a life for herself and her three-year-old daughter. Originally born in Mexico, she came over the border with her own mother when she was only five years old. The family moved from Houston to New Orleans as part of the mass exodus in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to get away from the crushing influence of the coyote that got them across the border. For her part, Carla barely remembers Texas, let alone Mexico, but her illegal status makes it difficult for her to obtain legitimate employment. A devout Catholic, she has a large tattoo of Jesus Christ on her right shoulder, and another of the Virgin of Guadalupe on her left. Though uncertain as to what her own future holds, she prays frequently for her daughter’s future: as an American citizen, she’ll have opportunities her mother never will, and is willing to do almost anything to ensure that the little girl grows up to be successful. At the same time, it’s only a matter of time until Carla’s own past catches up with her. Though she makes a respectable living working as a bartender, and makes more on the side with her own small business with a maid service during the day, eventually the trail of off-the-books money she depends on is going to land on someone’s desk, and when it does INS is soon to follow.

Darcy “Kelly Quirk” Quillen
Bass-player, accordionist, and back-up singer for the celtic-punk band, St. John’s Banshees. Ex-crack addict who attends “Father” O’Keele’s NA meetings. Gained local notoriety for her under-age sexual involvement with a teacher at St. Augustine High School, prompting her to go by her current pseudonym. Presently works the shoe-counter at Mid-City Lanes.

Hillary Cherry
When she was 17 years old Hillary made a single poor choice. In a night of raging teenage hormones and young love she slept with her high school boyfriend without using protection. Three months later, with her mother’s written permission per state law, she had an abortion. That was that for three years, right up until the height of the 2012 election cycle, when her private medical records were leaked to the public in a staggering breach of privacy. Word that her mother had signed off on her abortion tanked her numbers in Louisiana only days before the election. As hard as Noelle took the defeat, Hillary, then a sophomore in college, took it harder. Combined with the harassment she received she suffered a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide, slashing her wrists. Placed in a recovery program, she eventually recovered sufficient to rejoin society, but has avoided her mother since her release two years ago, believing that she’s nothing but a burden. Since that time she’s worked as a waitress in the French Quarter and trying to fade into obscurity, despite her mother and father’s frequent attempts to reach out to her. Still damaged, she’s slipped into a pattern of destructive and abusive relationships, often with her coworkers. Has two dogs and four cats that she uses for emotional support.

RebekkaThomas.jpgRebekka “Bekka” Thomas
Corner Club bartender that uses her job to pick up clients for her event planning business on the side. Attractive but not beautiful, she makes her living mostly off of her larger than life personality and sassiness. Ambitious and business savvy, with a bachelor’s degree in finance, her middle class upbringing left her hungry for the finer things in life. Attended Catholic school, but is now a lapsed Catholic, having fallen away over time as her life grew busier. Somewhat reckless in her personal spending, and materialistic. Sexually loose and will sleep with almost anything that moves, especially if they’re willing to buy her dinner or a new pair of shoes first, or if she thinks she can use them to get ahead.

Ricky Malone
17-year-old up and coming Golden Gloves boxing prodigy from the worst projects of the city with Olympic ambitions. Ricky is a local celebrity on the verge of greatness, if his gambling habits don’t destroy him first. Currently in deep to the mob, who have begun to threaten him. Son of a single mother that worked three jobs to pay for his training and education, and who could not be more proud of her “boy.”



In the so-called hallowed halls of Lady Justice, the wealthy and powerful can walk with impunity. Characters with influence over the legal system are able to control and direct the courts and justice bureaus. Those who enter this influence sphere can even affect the law schools, and law firms attached to the Court system. Contacts and allies can include: lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks, and District Attorneys.

Department of Justice

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
Legal secretary, paralegal
•• Assistant district attorney
••• District Attorney (small counties, i.e. Caddo Parish), senior assistant district attorney
•••• District Attorney (mid-sized counties, i.e. Orleans Parish)
••••• District Attorney (prominent counties, i.e. New York), State Attorney General
••••• • Associate Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Solicitor General
••••• •• United States Attorney General

Allies (Legal) ••••

Henry Garrison
District Attorney of New Orleans. His father, Jim Garrison, believed Kennedy’s assassination was a government conspiracy that involved help from the New Orleans Mafia; had a reputation for being a conspiracy nut during his college days, but has since lived that down. Word on the street holds the Mafia still has it out for him, but nothing yet seems to have come of their enmity.

Allies (Legal) •••

AnthonyWisner.jpgAnthony Wisner
Assistant District Attorney for the City of New Orleans, Wisner is an old hat. Nearing the thirty year mark in his history of public service, he’s seen everything there is to see, from the most mundane to the most reprehensible. Though he began with the best intentions, experience has left him jaded and cynical to the nature of the system: he is in other words representative of most public servants. A mammoth of a man with a walrus’s mustache, he dresses in cheap suits and lets his dwindling head of hair run wild. Cynicism not withstanding, Wisner understands the system better than most: lunches with his peers in the public defender’s office, dinners with district court judges, and tee times with Superior Court judges. Without men like him the entire system would slow to a crawl, and slow to a crawl it may as he is increasingly drawn away from his work by his wife, who in recent years developed early onset dementia.

Allies (Legal) ••

Hector Berganza
Public defender who served as Mercurial Fernandez’s legal counsel for all of five minutes.

MariaStGeorge.jpgMaria St. George
The oldest of the St. George siblings, Maria is a married court stenographer with one small child, a disabled (wheelchair-bound) husband who now works as an accountant, and a deep hatred for the criminal justice system. Views the system as unjust, having seen enough cases, but careful to keep her head down and just do her job to provide for her family. Petite 5’3" Latina with a small frame, dark eyes, and darker hair that she typically wears braided behind her. Husband was an enlisted Marine who was injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq, and though his injury strained their marriage for a time, they’ve emerged stronger for it. Very close to her mother, who helps watch little Karla (Karlita) during the day when they are both at work. Fiercely Catholic, even though her husband’s faith has lapsed.

Robert Beckwith
Public defender assigned to Emmett Delacroix’s final arraignment.


Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
•• Municipal court judge, other minor court judge
••• Non-article III federal judge (magistrate judge, bankruptcy court judge, tax court judge, etc.), state district court associate judge, municipal court chief judge
•••• Federal district court associate judge, state appellate court associate justice, state district court chief justice
••••• Federal appellate or state supreme court associate justice, federal district court chief justice, state appellate court chief justice
••••• • Sureme Court associate justice, federal appellate chief justices, state supreme court chief justice
••••• •• Supreme Court chief justice

Allies (Legal) •••••

ThomasMalveaux.jpgThomas Malveaux
State Supreme Court Justice for the (great) State of Louisiana, having sat with that distinguished body for more than two decades. One of the eldest and most well-regarded of the Malveauxes, he had deep disagreements with James Malveaux as to the direction of the family, but is relatively close to his the current Malveaux brothers and occasionally provides counsel to them, as well as serving as a family historian that helps keep track of the many branches of the family and their accomplishments, connections, and resources. Extremely sharp mind despite his growing age and physical frailty, and a very flirtatious sense of humor. Quite a lady’s man in his youth, in which he among other things worked as an Assistant District Attorney, private defense attorney, and Superior Court judge. Well-connected with the police forces still, as well as the New Orleans District Attorney’s office. Long-term mentor to Carson Malveaux, though he’s in time lost his hope that his nephew would actually take over his own position on the state’s highest court, which he’ll private admit was probably overly ambitious. Has three legitimate children of his own, and rumored to have fathered a number of others in his youth and even after his marriage with an array of alleged mistresses. Often the point of contact for the more minor and lesser known Malveaux branches with the brothers and their offspring, and in years past tried to ensure that cousins from across the state and region had an opportunity to meet and mingle with each other.

Allies (Legal) ••••

CarsonMalveaux.jpgCarson Malveaux
63-year-old cousin to the Malveaux brothers, Carson is far enough removed to be merely wealthy. A Citadel graduate, he “fought” in Vietnam near the end of the war and left the army as a major (prompting many subsequent jokes that he’s a ‘major’ pain in the ass). Stern, disciplined, and uncompromising he’s developed a reputation as a killer judge as the Chief Justice of the Orleans Parish District Court with little sympathy in his sentencing and a great deal of influence over other judges on the bench. In meticulous shape, as he continues to run four miles every morning. Frequent advisor to the Malveaux brothers, as he grew up with them in Baton Rouge and they were childhood friends despite their diverging paths. Despised their father, especially after his military service. Known to carry a Colt .45 on him to this day.

Allies (Legal) •••

Payton T. Underwood
Associate judge for the Criminal District Court of Orleans Parish. Payton was born the youngest daughter to a family with four other girls, prompting her exasperated father (who’d long wanted a son to follow in his footsteps as a judge) to declare that “she’d have to do.” Payton’s mother was able to talk him down into making his intended son’s name of Theodore Payton’s middle name, but not their daughter’s career. Almost seventy years later, Payton has a reputation as a severe judge who dislikes waste (which she considers many trials) and has little tolerance for disrespect. She is known to impose “creative” sentences on clients for whom a $200 fee or several more days in jail would be a slap on the wrist, and likewise prefers to sentence rich youths to community service over monetary fines their parents could pay without thinking. She only grudgingly relents from jail time, for it is many of those same parents who’ve helped fund her election campaigns, along with a police force that appreciates her “tough on crime” and “fast on sentencing” stances. Like most of Louisiana’s partisan judges, she is a Republican. Her last election was the final one for which she was eligible to run (due to her age), and she looks forward to spending her remaining years playing with her six grandchildren, gardening in her old family home in the Lower Garden District, and maybe doing some part-time private practice on the side.

RichardBoner.jpgRichard Boner
An associate judge for the Criminal District Court of Orleans Parish, Judge Boner is a man of dry wit. Thoroughly bored after almost a decade on the bench (after two decades as a defense attorney), he mostly amuses himself in court these days by frustrating assistant DAs and public defenders both with obscure references, dark humor, and bad puns. Has been known to snack from under the bench. Well-liked by the sheriffs that serve as bailiffs: his courtroom is always interesting and they always get a laugh. Occasionally trolled by Morning Radio talk show hosts from around the country that call him in his office, on air, asking for the “Honorable Dick Boner”. Married for 26 years with three children, including a son who’s been in and out of rehab and dodged half a dozen DUIs only because of his father’s influence.

Law Firms

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
Legal secretary, paralegal
•• Junior associate
••• Senior associate
•••• Junior partner (regional firm)
••••• Junior partner (international firm), senior partner (regional firm)
••••• • Senior partner (international firm)

Allies (Legal) •••

DeniseBowden.pngDenise Bowden
Young, sultry, and meticulously fit, there are some whispers that Denise’s legal strategy revolves around sex appeal. Those whispers are mostly jealousy talking: behind her brown eyes lies a formidable intellect and meticulous work ethic. In fact, the only thing keeping Denise from making partner at Hailey, McNamara, Hall, Larmann & Papale is her sexual indiscretion. The woman is a nymphomaniac, and her lack of discretion in the office keeps talk of her featured around water-coolers instead of board rooms. Denise works primarily in commercial litigation and employment law.

DustinReffett.jpgDustin Reffett
Dustin looks tired. He always has. A consummate overachiever his whole life, he graduated at the top of his class in high school, the top of his class as an undergrad, and the top of his class in law school. He was active with extracurricular activities, and even played division II football in college as a tight end. The only child of two sadistically controlling parents, nothing Dustin ever did was good enough to make them happy, and when they died in his last year of law school in a freak car accident he lost any opportunity he’d ever have to prove himself worthy in their eyes. Rather than acknowledge that his life was his own, he threw himself into his work, working 120 hours a week in a frantic effort to make partner and prove himself worthy of their ghosts, culminating in a mental breakdown that ended with him checked into an metal health ward for almost three months when he was 30, effectively ending his chances of making partner, and many believe, killing his career. Dustin remains addicted to his work, but he’s simply a functional addict. Prematurely going gray, he’s small but stoutly built, surprisingly strong for a man of his size, and self confident despite everything he’s gone through.

FranzHarz.jpgFranz Harz
Attorney with Ware and Lebowski, Franz and his family immigrated from Germany when he was eight, settling in Pittsburgh. Attended Duke Law in 1978 and graduated with honors, but despite a talented legal mind, Franz’ noticeable accent and stutter rendered him utterly incapable as a trial lawyer. Eventually he signed on Ware and Lebowski, a large firm that services an array of corporate clients in need of outside council, drafting contracts, settlements, and the like. He spent time in San Diego, New York, and Chicago before landing in New Orleans, where he handles a great many contractual matters for Malveaux Oil, and has been on a standing retainer for the family as a whole as well for more than ten years. Franz deals primarily with contracts, including non-competes, non-disclosures, and other employment agreements, while also helping negotiate larger contracts for his clients with service providers such as insurance companies. Franz is a short, meticulous, and boring man that prefers to correspond in writing and hates meeting clients.

Luciano “Lucky” Cardona
Certified public accountant and attorney specializing in corporate law. Alleged ties to New Orleans Mafia. Twin brother of Vinny, son of Marcello.

VivianCarney.jpgVivian Carney
Vivian Carney made the mistake of going into business with her then husband out of law school. He proved not only to be a terrible attorney, but a worse spouse, cheating on her repeatedly and running their ‘firm’ into the ground with wild spending, especially on cocaine. Their divorce was her first journey into family law, having previously worked in civil litigation, but Vivian found she quite enjoyed it. Forced to take a job as an associate just to eat and pay bills, she lived a spartan existence for a decade following her bankruptcy, working and virtually living out of her office until several years ago. Cynical and sarcastic towards those she dubs as ‘idiots’, she’s disavowed long-term relationships since her divorce in favor of more casual ones, holding that marriage is a poor idea that will almost always end badly. Her foremost specialty is family law and civil litigation, especially asset management and protection, and she’s particularly protective of her clients’ assets before they enter into marriage and other contracts, and is capable of writing airtight contracts. Drives an old 1997 BMW she pried from her ex-husband in the divorce and refused to give up thereafter, despite her awful financial circumstances, mostly out of stubbornness. Doesn’t drink particularly heavily, but does enjoy (cheap) boxed wine after a long day at the office.

Allies (Legal) ••

AlexanderJoreid.jpgAlexander “Alex” Joreid
Successful real property attorney who made his fortune after Katrina dealing with insurance claims, often on a contingency basis. Well respected in political circles, with many urging him to seek office within the city, if not the state. Barely keeps his practice open these days, mostly taking on charity cases on a whim. Strong ties to the city’s Hispanic community, though he himself is a Nordic vision. Rumored to be in a relationship with Marcus Marrow, and certainly seems to frequent the Corner Club. Very friendly, affable, and modest.

Bertram “Bert” Villars
A dapper grime-bag lawyer who put himself through law school as a bug exterminator, then made a good, if notorious, living chasing ambulances in New Orleans. In fact, he became known as Twilight Zone Villars because of his eerie expertise at showing up in emergency wards and intensive care units and convincing half-comatose accident victims to sign settlement agreements and liability waivers that often left them destitute. In more recent years, Esq. Villars has increased his infamy (and bank account) by serving as the attorney for seemingly half of the Big Easy’s pimps and crack-kings. Due to exposure to toxic chemicals during his former profession, Bert is near-blind and relies upon his docked doberman guide, Caveat. However, some claim the sly, black-spectacled attorney can see better than he lets on.

Herman Lewis
Well known civil rights attorney and police protester. In 1987 Herman, then 16, was convicted of the rape and murder of a 15-year-old white girl on the testimony of a basketball rival and the girl’s mother (who had seen the two together earlier in the day) during President Reagan’s crack down on crime across the country. Tried as an adult, he was sentenced to life in prison. In the years that followed he maintained his innocence and pursued continuing education, including his high school diploma and an array of college classes, all the while beaten, raped, and humiliated on a nearly daily basis. When his conviction was finally overturned 13 years later, and only after another man confessed to the murder and several others, he spent the bulk of his meager settlement check so he could attend college, eventually earning a law degree and another three-year legal battle for admission to the bar given his ‘criminal background’. Eventually successful, he has been a thorn in the side of the New Orleans Police Department ever since, pursuing civil rights cases, allegations of police brutality, and generally making a nuisance of himself while occasionally sucking settlements and judgments out of the city. Herman hates the police with a passion, distrusts the criminal justice system, and is a common fixture on more liberally aligned local talk radio as a guest speaking about the evils of ‘the system’.

HowardSloan.jpgHoward Sloan
A hard-drinking defense attorney of Irish descent with flaming red hair and pale skin, Howard lives for his work, his booze, and his adorable pit bull named Molly that is often in his office with him. Once a true believer in the legal system, a decade in the Big Easy has chewed him up and spit him out. These days he mostly ties to do the best he can for his clients, most of whom are guilty, but is overwhelmed by his workload. Often works into the wee hours of the night at his desk before passing out with a glass of Jameson’s in hand. Near-destitute because of his student loans and frequent pro bono representation of indigent clients, he lives in the upstairs bedroom in his office and wears a cheap, tattered, and stained rotation of suits that have seen better days. Unless he has court that morning, which is more often than not in truth, he doesn’t shave. Despite his poverty, addiction, and discontent, in truth Howard is well-connected through the city, especially to petty criminals and the under privileged just unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though he rarely gets paid, he does receive a regular supply of random gift baskets (often with ethnic foods) and other odd favors such as having his door unlocked when he locks his keys inside. Doesn’t own a car and often catches rides with his clients or on public transportation.

Lucilia Plantaine
Long-time receptionist at Ware and Lebowski with her fingers in all the firm’s business. Once young and beautiful, with age has come obesity, and now she gets by mostly by virtue of habit and knowledge of everyone at the firm’s dirty laundry. She paints her nails during her lunch break and rarely leaves her desk except to seek out her diet coke (she’s on a diet, you see).

Allies (Legal) •

AlanAlvarado.jpgAlan Alvarado
Law school dropout turned paralegal, Alan has worked primarily in criminal defense for near on ten years. Unofficially on the side provides legal advice to an array of low income criminals and otherwise impoverished individuals. Twice investigated by the Louisiana Bar for unauthorized practice, nothing has ever come of it, and in fact it actually increased his star among those that have come to him for services. Born poor, he originally started providing his unofficial advice to help people out, but over the last few years has actually grown embittered by his ‘clients’ habitual poor choices, and now often takes advantage of people for his own benefit. 5’6 with a shit eating grin and closely cropped, greasy, hair. Married with a three-year-old son. Ekes out a middle-class income, but wants more. Is concerned he’ll never be able to take the Bar even if he does go back to law school, given the prior investigations he’s been under.

Ian Roberts
A paralegal with ten years of experience working in the bitter industry that is Family Law, Ian steadfastly swears he’ll never marry or have a family, having too often seen the ways in which that goes. Instead he’s very content with his long term girlfriend Chelsea Donaldson and their far less complicated lives. Nosey but also discrete, he greatly enjoys learning secrets and details about people simple for the sake of being ‘in the know’, and in that curiosity he is greatly satisfied with his job and its ability to pry deeply into people’s lives on a deep and intimate level. He himself comes from a ‘normal’ nuclear family, including a mother and father that are middle class and have been married for more than twenty years, and two sisters (one of whom he is deeply frustrated with for her recent marriage without a prenuptial agreement). The family as a whole is old money, though his immediate family has fallen out of the primary line of succession on it and is simply comfortably middle class, which each child (including himself) inheriting a small six figure number worth of stock in the old family company (which his parents used to help pay for college for his sisters). Oldest child, and relatively financially stable. Likable, but in a self-deprecating, hard working, humble bragging way.

Paloma Osuna
Surly overweight Latina secretary to Bert Villars.



Media is the eyes and ears of the mortal world. At once informative and insightful, Media is also considered corrupt and biased. No one is surprised when news people seem to turn a blind eye to big problems and then on the next day, make much ado about something relatively minor. Those with this influence are able to control and direct online news, broadcast news, and the increasingly irrelevant printed news. The Kindred who controls the media is a powerful Kindred indeed, frequently sought to handle Masquerade breaches. Contacts and allies can include: station directors, editors, reporters, anchors, camera people, photographers, and radio and television personalities.

Player Commentary: Rodger Ayers is a huge dot Ally not because of ‘his audience’ or his ‘trust’ or any such. It’s because more than anyone else in the world he can reach out and say “put this message on the air” or “Don’t put this out”and if you use that standard, you can extend it across editors, anchors, writers, researchers, etc. a 5 dot media Ally is one that can get almost any story into circulation. Now, where that story goes will depend on it, but he can put it out. Likewise, he probably has the favors to suffocate a story, or at least get someone to sit on it for a while a 1 dot media Ally, in contrast, is one that will struggle mightily to do so. They are too inexperienced, not well connected or regarded (e.g. disgraced), unknown, or have only a very small amount of influence where they are (e.g. a brand new writer at the paper, Peter Parker, makeup girl for the #1 news anchor, etc)2-4 then . simply become a reflection of that sliding scale towards greater or lesser power.

Allies (Media) •••

JacksonKibbe.jpgJackson Kibbe
Jackson Kibbe is loyal to three things: publicity, a juicy story, and the Malveaux family. Their designated hitman in Louisiana media, he’s risen to the lofty position of editor for the Times-Picayune mostly through nepotism, but also maintains a ‘news blog’ on the side not directly linked to him, where he’s published many of his most sensitive stories he can’t get into the paper under the name ‘Axis’. Directly responsible for leaking everything from damaging internal memos belonging to environmental groups, to graphic photos of democratic politicians engaged in unsavory actions, to stolen medical records belonging to 17-year-old girls like Hillary Cherry. An incurable gossip and flirt, his cruelty was on full display when he posted not only Hillary’s medical records, but photos of her, pale as a sheet with a tear streaked face, as she was loaded into the ambulance following her suicide attempt.

Reymond “Slim Ray” Landry, Jr
Son of the Times-Picayune journalist “Big Ray”, “Slim Ray” also works for the Times, but he’s ‘modern.’ After graduating summa cum laude from Stanford in Computer Science, he returned to the Big Easy and worked his way up to become the head data content analyst of Less publicly known is that he’s also a gray hat, or at least past one. As a far more mundane recreation, he’s part of his father’s bowling league team, the Limbo Kings.

Allies (Media) ••

Reymond “Big Ray” Landry, Sr
Retired journalist, an old newshound muckraker, who used to work for the local Times-Picayune. Covered crime and politics and anything else hot he could find. Frequent patron of the bowling alley owned by his brother-in-law, Patrick Dolan. Heads a local bowling league team, the Limbo Kings.

Venton Pelletier
Recreational videojournalist and anonymous paranormal blogger whose legs became paralyzed while filming a documentary in war-torn Afghanistan. Previous thrill-seeker and playboy, but has become more withdrawn and reliant upon his opium–a habit he picked up in Afghanistan to soothe his physical as well as metaphysical pain. Disowned heir but still-wealthy trust-fund baby of the rich Pelletier family of New Orleans’ Garden District. Friends with Christofer Steiner.

Allies (Media) •

David Joffe
Freelance investigator turned journalist that helped break the Ray Nagin story right out of college, David has had limited success since then, mostly uncovering small-scale corruption at the local EEOC office, though he’s pursuing a lead at present about the police chief illegally diverting funds, and the death of an agent in the line of duty as a result. Idealist sobered by his success, and considered by some to be a bit paranoid. Transgendered and disowned by his family for it. Late twenties.

Isaiah White
Thirty-six-year-old local news anchor known for his “investigative reports” into largely trivial matters such as food poisoning at a given restaurant, or an individual landlord’s policies. Carved out a name for himself among the bored older crowd that actually watches the local news, who hail him as a hero for exposing the “dangers” of the city. In truth frustrated by his work and inability to break a real news story, but afraid to take a chance or make it big because he feels it would endanger his comfortable life. Has his kids on the weekends, and tries to schedule fun events and trips for them. Formerly married to Jada White.

Jackson Long
Struggling journalist four years out of Tulane that hasn’t quite hit it big and is mostly regulated to writing boring stories. Concerned that he’s going to be laid off sooner rather than latter due to the struggling finances of most print publications, and has already taken a pay cut to keep on, which he is extremely self-conscious of. From a very conservative background and still clings to notions that he should be the primary breadwinner, which has not helped him professionally in a firmly liberal profession. Has found that his attempt to bring a conservative voice to media has resulted in that voice covering mostly the weather, minor sports, and meaningless public interest storys. Vastly out earned by his cooperate wife, Caitlin, and his own morale and self-esteem have been battered, leading to increasing conflict with his wife, mostly instigated by himself. Almost desperately wants a break, but also quite principled and is disgusted by what he perceives as immoral actions within the industry.

Jasmine Hailey
Late night host of “Ask Jasmine”, a radio advice show in which she “helps” people with their “problems.” Sultry voice, but in truth closer to fifty and showing her age badly. Jasmine studied psychology in undergrad thirty years ago, but found that more ridiculous ‘Dr. Phil’ methods made for better ratings, and it’s questionable whether she actually manages to help anyone. Particularly enjoys advising women to leave their husbands or boyfriends. She herself has been divorced three times.

RebeccaChaswell.jpgRebecca Chaswell
Tabloid reporter, blogger, and paranormal investigator, Rebecca wants desperately to believe in the supernatural, though her faith is untested (much to her disappointment). Mostly of the time Rebecca is writing trashy stories about celebrities and local personalities, but occasionally hits on a real story. Spends a great deal of time stalking around high profile high society events. Occasionally goes ghost hunting at local ghost hot spots, but doesn’t really buy into the ghost hunters fully. Orphaned after her father shot her mother then himself, she secretly believes he was manipulated into doing so, despite the evidence that surfaced after the fact of infidelity and financial struggles. Sexually abused when she was in foster care by her foster father when she was 14, Rebecca has continued a deeply dysfunctional experience with relationships ever since, approaching sex casually but shying away from actual intimacy. Currently sleeping with Tim Ratzel of the NOPD, mostly out of convenience and as an easy source of cheap stories, she knows she’s nothing but a fling for him on the side of his real relationship, but is happy to with, and even prefers the arrangement. Works and sleeps odd hours, as she’s often up late writing stories then sleeps late into the morning.



War is a ceaseless fact of life in the World of Darkness. Poverty and lack of opportunity drives thousands of desperate youths to enlist in the armed forces, which hammers them into disciplined instruments of violence and then passes them on to private security firms. Veterans too injured in mind or body to be of further use are spat onto the streets as change-begging homeless. All the while, the defense contractors who arm, supply, and increasingly staff the military line their pockets. Contacts and allies can include: commissioned officers, enlisted soldiers, discharged veterans, private bodyguards and other security contractors, and any of the military’s support staff in administrative, technical, medical, and other noncombatant roles.


Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Officer cadet (officer), recruit (enlisted)
Lieutenant (officer), private (enlisted)
•• Captain (officer), corporal or sergeant (enlisted)
••• Major (officer), staff sergeant or sergeant first class (enlisted)
•••• Colonel (officer), master sergeant or first sergeant (enlisted)
••••• One-star general (officer), sergeant major (enlisted)
••••• • Two- or three-star general (officer)
••••• •• Four-star general (officer)


Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Officer candidate (officer), recruit (enlisted)
Ensign (officer), seaman (enlisted)
•• Lieutenant (officer), petty officer (enlisted)
••• Commander (officer), chief petty officer (enlisted)
•••• Captain (officer), senior chief petty officer (enlisted)
••••• Rear admiral (officer), master chief petty officer (enlisted)
••••• • Vice admiral (officer)
••••• •• Admiral

Private Security

GM’s Note
Many of the characters from sectors besides Military can serve as Retainers. Retainer listings are provided here due to the frequent use of these characters as bodyguards.

Allies (Military) •••

AlphonseMeridian.jpgAlphonse Meridian
The long-time driver for Orson Malveaux, Alphonse is not exactly Vatican-issued. If one were to dig deeply into his past they’d find a youth of indiscretion, violence, and blood, including arrests for battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted murder. Most of the crimes didn’t stick despite their brutal details: evidence had a habit of getting lost. The archbishop of course would tell you such is the power of God, that He can save such men from themselves. Wise outsiders should question how much of that past has been left behind. In truth, mild-mannered Alphonse is as cold-blooded as they come. The point of contact for his boss’ more unsavory contacts, he is the link between the archbishop and all manner of unpleasant individuals—and also his employer’s shield. The .44 magnum he keeps in the glove box is not just for show. A thin man with thinner hair, few ever see him coming.

Andrew Thomas Johnson (Retainer •••)
Merc in charge of the night shift Blackwater team guarding the entrance to Audubon Place. Three-tour Iraq veteran and ex-Marine whose schoolteachers (and drill sergeants) called him “President Johnson”, and now goes solely by his middle name of Thomas. Not a history buff, but claims to know everything there is to know about America’s 17th president.

BradleyAbel.jpgBradley Abel (Retainer ••••)
Former special forces adrenaline junkie who fought in Desert Storm as an enlistee but left the service during the Clinton years in pursuit of adventure, becoming a mercenary for hire who fought on four continents. Bradley returned home to New Orleans to help care for his cancer-stricken father after his mother died. His relationship with his father is toxic, with the former hippie viewing his son as a war criminal, but Bradley’s twisted sense of duty has kept him at the old man’s side throughout the chemotherapy treatments. How long he—and his finances—can sustain such abuse is less clear. Presently unemployed, he’s itching for action, and spends his free time walking down the streets of bad neighborhoods hoping to get mugged.

DanielHayes.jpgDaniel Hayes
A veteran Navy SEAL discharged after 18 years of service when his reenlistment paperwork got “lost” by his then-commanding officer, Daniel came to Blackwater out of necessity when he was left without a job, a pension, or a marketable set of skills to anyone else. In truth, he despises the company, their excesses, and the many “thugs” he is surrounded with, but he keeps his head down and is resolved to do his job as professionally as he is able. Pays child support to two different ex-wives in two different states and lives in relative squalor. Particularly hates his boss, Richard Orr. He was recently hired by Cécilia Devillers as a bodyguard to protect her from stalker Mercurial Fernandez.

EarlHager.jpgEarl Hager (Retainer •••••)
Standing at 6’6", Earl is about as foul a man as exists in New Orleans. An Army veteran who served nearly ten years, he was administratively discharged under vague circumstances that remain classified, like many parts of his record. Rather than return home to New York he settled in New Orleans, and has remained ever since as a high-priced thug for hire. If the money’s right Earl will do just about anything—shove pregnant mistresses or ex-girlfriends down stairs, abduct children, or murder rivals. He’s done work for the Mob, but allegedly wasn’t civilized enough for them. He’s done work for several gangs, but is too expensive to keep on hand. He’s also done work for the wealthy and powerful, often on referral. Despite his reputation as a thug, Earl holds several black belts and simply happens to enjoy violence and petty cruelty. Though he’s been picked up by the NOPD several times, no charges have ever been made to stick, especially since several witnesses have disappeared.

Marcus Weeler
Marcus is a private security consultant who runs his own small office with four employees: a former NOPD detective, a pair of veterans from the Iraq War, and a charming young receptionist and dispatcher named Shelly. He himself walked both paths, first serving as a police officer in his home town in Oklahoma, then quitting his job to join the Marines in 2001 after 9/11. He rarely talks about his service, especially the Navy Cross he earned, and kicked off his own business five years ago in New Orleans when he got out. Though incapable of competing with larger firms like Blackwater, he has developed a reliable reputation in New Orleans for less strenuous work, providing protective services for specific events or on-call services while maintaining good relations with the NOPD. He often supplements the security details of visiting CEOS, foreign dignitaries who don’t warrant police protection, and celebrities visiting New Orleans. On occasion he also audits the security protocols of larger entities, and prides himself on being a consummate professional who runs his business with a firm hand.

DarylTaylor.pngMr. Taylor
6’6" Jamaican-born bodyguard from the worst slums of Kingston, Mr. Taylor escaped to the United States when he was seventeen. Eager to make something of himself, he instead found that with no education, a thick accent, and limited language skills, New Orleans was far from from the land of opportunity he had hoped. The ruthlessness he brought from his rough upbringing still allowed him to find work as bouncer, while a developing sense of professionalism—and iron determination to make something of himself—allowed him to work his way up to being a private investigator, a bodyguard, and finally one of the region’s most sought-after ones. Mr. Taylor prides himself on that professionalism, dressing in immaculate suits and speaking only when required, and never out of turn. He is quietly taking online courses and attending night classes for his MBA. For the last five years he’s been in the employ of Matthew Malveaux, and is one of few privy to many of the man’s secrets by necessity.

RichardOrr.jpgRichard “Rich” Orr (Retainer ••••)
A dishonorably discharged Army Ranger who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rich was picked up by Blackwater International and almost immediately sent back to Iraq as a supervisor of a team of mercs. After spending another two years in country buried in heavy fighting, he and his team were eventually pulled after sparking an international incident when they opened fire on insurgents in a crowded market, killing over sixty civilians in the crossfire. Now in New Orleans as private security, he embodies almost every negative stereotype about his employer and profession. He beats his wife, cheats incessantly, and gets into drunken brawls at bars that regularly put his unwitting opponents into the ICU. He’s also been involved in at least six shootings in the last three years as part of his duties, all of which have been swept under the rug.

RogerFerris.jpgRoger Ferris
A former CIA case officer turned station chief that spent more than a decade in the Middle East, Roger quit the agency after he lost two fingers under brutal torture with a hammer when an op went bad in Jordan and he was captured (and was nearly beheaded) by a group of religious fundamentalists. Intending to retire to honest work, he came back instead to service on divorce proceedings and a custody battle over his 7-year-old daughter that went quite badly. Combined with his loss of faith (in the American cause in the Middle East and the worth of his own actions) and his general embitterment over his own suffering, the loss of his family sent him into a spiral of drinking and self-destruction, burning most of his bridges and professional contacts in his fit of self loathing. That spiral continued for more than two years and landed him in New Orleans on a friend’s couch in 2008, all but destitute. That friend was kind enough to get him back on his feet, ignoring the abuse that Roger heaped on him as he did so, and eventually put him in touch with the Malveaux family, one of his own frequent clients. The rest is, as they say, history. Today Roger is in charge of physical security and protection for the Malveaux family as a whole under the supervision of Matthew Malveaux, while generally seeing to many of the more questionable activities needed to advance the family’s agenda. He has more than a dozen operatives under him and is deeply involved in both the Malveaux political and industrial machine, though officially he’s separate from both. The result of his dedication and loyalty has been a reversal of fortunes for him. With Malveaux influence he’s gained custody of his daughter and relocated her to New Orleans to live with him. Faintly supernaturally aware as a result of things he saw in Baghdad and in Jordan during his time there, mostly in terms of an openness to the idea that there are things he doesn’t understand. Roger is wickedly intelligent, a near genius, incredibly manipulative and persuasive, and devious bastard in his plotting. Though he’s’ gotten away from field work since he left the Middle East, he’s also an accomplished field agent. He’s also utterly immoral, and among other things, was the architect of the woes of the Cherry family.

Allies (Military) ••

AmandaTurner.jpgAmanda Turner
Amanda fled her sexually abusive father after the death of her mother and enlisted in the marines when she was 17 years old, just in time for the Iraq War. Angry, hurt, and wanting to lash out she was infuriated by her exclusion from combat roles, particularly as many of her friends and comrades came back maimed or dead. Left the service after four years and found the private sector more accepting of her desires. Her commander called her suicidal. Her squad-mates called her crazy. She didn’t really care. When the last Blackwater merc was pulled out of Iraq it was the saddest day of her life. Amanda is a fiery and fearless young woman that is always spoiling for a fight, even with men twice her size. Perhaps especially with them. She’s eager to deploy elsewhere, and finds the world too quiet right now. Her commander had threatened to have her thrown out of Blackwater if she puts any more of his men in the hospital. Close to Stephanie Hall. Recently deceased after being hired by Caroline Malveaux as a bodyguard.

BenChandler.jpgBen Chandler (Retainer •••)
The right hand of Roger Ferris, Ben has worked for the Malveauxes for nearly 4 years. Where Ferris is the overall architect of the family’s protective efforts, Ben is the blunt end of the stick used in those efforts require direct action. A massive slab of meat, Ben stands nearly 6’8 and weights close to 300lbs, most of it heavy muscle on his powerful frame. Former marine only allowed into the service during the Iraq War when wavers were readily handed out to meet recruiting requirements, he worked with Roger in Iraq as a lance corporal and made an excellent impression on the then field operative that persisted long after Ferris transferred out of Iraq into Jordan and subsequently left the Agency. Despite his exemplary service Ben was drummed out of the Marine Corps after his first five year enlistment ended on height/weight standards and spent half a decade working in industrial jobs until Roger reached out to him when he was putting together his team for the Malveaux family, an opportunity that Ben jumped at. Though far from a dunce, Ben is used mostly for his intimidating presence and physical skills. A combat veteran he’s unfazed by danger or the use of violence. Truly enjoys his job and his boss, both for his professionalism and the opportunity it has given him. Big fan of football, though he maintains that it’s gotten too soft and concerned with injuries rather than ‘purity’ of the game. Die hard fan of Alabama, often wearing a ball cap for the school, which earns him a great deal of ‘love’ in New Orleans (though few are willing to actually say anything to the titan of a man).

BrettGoodman.jpgBrett Goodman (Retainer •••)
Ostentatiously a “profiler” and “investigator” Brett is in truth a spy and expert at both breaking and entering and simply conning his way into groups and buildings both on behalf of the Malveaux family. A high school con artist that attained a bit of law enforcement notoriety while still a teen for repeatedly talking his way into high society events, corporate headquarters, and anywhere else he didn’t belong, often simply for laughs but just as often to facilitate protests on behalf of student activist groups to get under people’s skin (and impress girls). Recruited (nearly press ganged) by the CIA as a non-official cover agent, spending nearly a year at the Farm where one of his many trainers was, for a time, Roger Ferris. When Roger entered the private sector he reached out to Brett, who has found the grass much greener (and more lucrative) working for the Malveaux family. Conducts corporate espionage, break-ins on persons of interest to gather information, blackmail material, or bug their homes, and (rarely) does more deep cover work, approaching and seducing or manipulating targets over time. Truly enjoys the thrill of outsmarting and manipulating others to achieve a goal. A consummate womanizer that is tasteless enough to brag about his many conquests to many of his coworkers. Regarded as somewhat unprofessional by the former military members of the team, though they find many of his escapades hilarious. Was one of the many moving pieces used to tear apart the Cherry family. Also handy with a handgun and a bit of martial arts in a pinch, and though Roger doesn’t use him in that role, Brett is quite confident in his ability to handle himself.

Brock Patterson (Retainer ••)
A former cop that got tired of writing speeding tickets, Brock joined Blackwater to work stateside, originally working as a legal attaché to units before certifying himself in their semi-annual training courses for field work. Relatively cool-headed as Blackwater goes, Brock is often the voice of reason with regard to legal repercussions, but is loyal to his co-workers when things go sideways and isn’t afraid to throw a punch (and has more than once talked a cop out of arresting a member of the company after a rowdy night of drinking). He’s worked in four states, and only relatively recently came to New Orleans. Hates the heat. 6’1", with a bit of a belly and love for cheap bear. Hates running.

Christofer Steiner (Retainer ••••)
Former Army Ranger, four-term Afghan veteran, and private security mercenary. Descended from German-American plantation owners and slave traders. Compulsive patron of prostitutes, with a laundry list of STIs, including Hepatitis C and HIV. Close friends with Venton Pelletier.

ErinnHarris.jpegErinn Harris (Retainer ••)
6’0" tall heavily built African-American woman and former up-and-coming MMA fighter from New Orleans proper who was sidelined in a car accident with a drunk driver and spent 18 months recovering. Attempted to return to the octagon but couldn’t give up her Vicodin and after a pair of failed drug tests was run out. Near-destitute after her cousin mismanaged her money, Erinn turned to petty security jobs, serving as a bouncer before she was hired by Marcus. Erinn now heads security at The Corner Club, part bouncer, part local celebrity. Erinn is not particularly well-spoken, but knows when to keep her mouth shut.

Jake Abel (Retainer •••)
Highly decorated US Marine with three tours in Iraq who left the service trying to start over. Mild-PTSD, which bothers him more because of his mild reaction than its actual effects. Now works for O’Malley as a carpenter, though he’s uncomfortable with his boss’ racism and “hero” treatment of him as a former vet. Tries to play down his military service. Has a pregnant girlfriend at Tulane (Natalia Garcia). Fiercely pro-life, and trying to carve out a future for them both. Had an absent father and grew up extremely poor, doesn’t want his child to go through the same.

KaylaGraves.jpgKayla Graves (Retainer •••)
High school and college beauty pageant winner (former Miss. Louisiana), Kayla grew up wanting to be a cop after her father’s tragic murder when she was nine years old. Upon joining the force however she found herself not assigned to homicide, or even beat patrols, but rather to VICE, where her striking looks and sultry voice proved tremendously effective at luring in would be Johns in prostitution stings. Though discouraged by the work, which left her feeling cheap and dirty, she persisted in the hope it would lead to better things right up until it became apparent that there was neither interest nor intent to move her out of her role as little more than bait for the pettiest of crimes. The last straw came when she found several other VICE squad members had been taking and sharing nude photos of her in the shower and locker rooms without her knowledge. When Roger Ferris approached her after the arrest of a Malveaux ally she was all to ready to jump ship into the private sector, regardless of the work offered, taking with her all evidence of the man’s indiscretion and embracing a private sector paycheck that was substantially better–and a boss that didn’t treat her like a bimbo. She’s extremely bitter towards the NOPD and frequently bickers with Drew Harrington when the two are forced to interact, but is more generally disillusioned as to the nature of criminal justice as a whole. She’s been discretely sleeping with Roger for the last 18 months, though both have been unwilling to make a commitment to an actual relationship. The matter is complicated by the fact that she frequently works as a honeypot for the Malveaux family, drawing in men with access to valuable secrets, influence, or damaging information on the Malveaux family, though that’s hardly the only role she works in. She’s grown more comfortable with the role as she got away from using it in the pursuit of ‘justice’ and is capable of more readily seeing the value of what she does in practical, if not moral terms. Also works occasionally as a discrete bodyguard that is often mistaken for a personal assistant because of her looks, though she’s typically only used in that role when for some reason extra manpower is required (for instance, foreign trips). Thinks most men are easily manipulated by her looks, and frequently jokes about the matter with Margaret Ramsey, who in turn offers (perhaps jokingly?) to help her out by removing the need for male companionship.

MargaretRamsey.jpgMargaret Ramsey (Retainer •••)
Former white hat now black hatted hacker from a prominent New Orleans family, Margaret dropped out of MIT in her senior year (at age 20 after graduating high school a year early) to get under the skin of her controlling, prim, and proper family when they reacted badly to her coming out and was subsequently cut off from her family resources, thrown on the street, and forced into menial work just to eat in an effort to ‘break’ her of her poor attitude and return her to the conservative, traditional, and meek girl she was as a young teen. Eventually started violating her own principles, turning to more black hat work for money in her desperation. Those desperate (and in many ways reckless) actions led to an investigation by the authorities and her arrest. Enter Roger Ferris, always on the lookout for new talent, who offered her a deal she couldn’t turn down: a job, shelter from her family, and a way out of her legal troubles. Down the rabbit hole she went. In the two years since she’s tumbled deeply down the moral abyss that surrounds the former CIA Station Chief. Her six months working retail and food service deeply affected the otherwise sheltered girl, and she deeply appreciates the opportunity Roger gave to a girl with no degree or on the books certifications. For his part, he deeply appreciates the advantage of having a nearly completely off the books hacker (her arrest record was wiped). Heavily tattooed, with brightly colored hair and many piercings that frequents the party scene but is still socially awkward within it. Rape survivor that rarely talks about it, even to those closest to her.

MattManson.jpgMatt Manson (Retainer ••)
Former army and Iraq vet, Matt left the army after four years and getting busted down twice and denied reenlistment. Half-thug, half-patriot, he joined Blackwater to make (more) money for shooting terrorists, shove the many regulations of the army, and never looked back. He loves his job, and loves it even more in the States where the influence of the company protects him from minor indiscretions like bar fights, and their many contracts fill his pockets with more money than he’d ever dreamed of when he enlisted as a small town boy from the Rust Belt. 5’11", dark hair, and full beard, though he wears a balaclava when working. Has an extensive firearm collection and also enjoys hunting.

MichaelGarrison.jpgMichael Garrison (Retainer •••, Unreliable Ally/Retainer Condition)
Standing at “only” 5’11" and weighing 160 lbs, Michael Garrison doesn’t look like much for a mercenary, but his unassuming demeanor belies an employment history with the Secret Service, Pinkerton, and private bodyguard for Vera Malveaux… when he was sober. Michael’s downfall is alcohol, and he tends to follow a catastrophic boom then bust pattern with sobriety, kicking the bottle entirely three times (so far), only to return to it in time. As it turns out, most employers that feel the need for a bodyguard are less willing to accommodate one who may not show up. So was his ex-wife.

Nicole Polk
Originally from Mississippi, Nicole grew up a tomboy and went to school on an athletic scholarship, graduating with a degree in criminal justice and joined the Secret Service out of college. First working out of a field office, she eventually made it onto a protective detail and was later selected to join a tactical response team as part of a political initiative to open those jobs to women. It was a role she thrived in right up until last year, when responding to a call she mistakenly shot an innocent civilian under unclear circumstances. The event was used as an excuse to shut down the pilot program she was a part of, and she herself was fired and given a black mark on her record that made future employment as a law officer almost impossible, though she never faced formal charges. After spending a few months wallowing in self-pity she dusted herself off and signed on with the best available option going forward: Blackwater’s personal security division. She is not particularly happy with her current employment, finding many of her coworkers unprofessional, but doesn’t see a better option, short of a private contract. Distrustful of institutions and relatively conservative. Was South Baptist, but started drinking when she was living and working in DC and hasn’t stopped. Recently single after her fiance dumped her. Even more recently deceased after being hired on as Caroline Malveaux’s bodyguard.

StephanieHall.jpgStephanie Hall (Retainer •••)
Stephanie Hall was the first woman accepted into the prestigious LAPD SWAT Division six years ago. She jokes that it took her four years to get in and four months to tire of their shit. On her way out the door (officially terminated for insubordination) she burned every bridge she had left in the department. The scorched earth campaign, however satisfying, effectively ended her police career. She ended up working in the private sector working for the Blackwater Agency, and drifted to New Orleans along that dark current. Though undeniably competent, her inability to keep her mouth shut has strained relationships there as well, and relegated her to a boring night shift when she is least likely to interact with personages of note.

Trayvon Belhomme (Retainer ••)
Trayvon was a local high school football star that joined the army to get out of the hood and see the world when his scholarship fell through due to his criminal record as a youth. Sent to the 101st Airborne, he served a tour in Afghanistan before getting flagged during a personnel audit for his undisclosed criminal history and spat out of the army on an administrative separation. Rather than go home New Orleans he courted Blackwater, which was more than happy to pick him up. He was much less happy when they shat him back into New Orleans because of his ‘familiarity’ with the city, but has made his peace with it, visiting his mother on occasion and (as he did when in the army as well) sending her a portion of his paycheck, though he knows it’s likely spent on drugs. 5’8" and built like a bowling ball, people tend to underestimate Trayvon—to their dismay. He’s faster and more elusive than he looks, and as strong as an ox with his stubby thick arms. Shaved head, very dark skin, and a beard.

Allies (Military) •

AllisonWest.jpgAllison West (Retainer ••)
Recent arrival with Blackwater, Allison’s tale is an uncommon one, in that she doesn’t have a military or police background. Two years ago she was a paralegal with a toddler and a loving husband working as an accountant. They were the definition of a happy and normal upper middle class family. That idyllic life came crashing down when her family was caught in a shootout between two gangs. Her husband caught four bullets in the chest trying to shield the family and survived for four days in the ICU before passing away from complications arising from a procedure to repair damaged organs. Allison ended up in the hospital with bullets in both legs on track to make a full physical recovery. Her son was pronounced dead on the scene, his brains splattered across Allison’s face. In a moment that lasted only seconds her entire life was destroyed, and Allison’s path changed radically. Even as she recovered physically from her wounds she couldn’t reconcile what had happened, could not reconcile her own helplessness in the face of unfettered evil and casual life shattering violence that had intruded into her peaceful existance. She resolved to do something about it. A lifelong liberal that had never so much as touched a gun, Allison purchased a pistol within days of leaving the hospital and spent countless hours at the range in the weeks that followed. She blew through her husband’s life insurance policy on self-defense classes and moved into a local gym, rebuilding her body not in the image of a housewife, but in that of a fighter. Then she started hunting down the men that killed her family. Six months later she was on trial for three murders, though she was acquitted, and knew she could never go back to pretending her life was normal. A career in the police force wasn’t an option after the murders she committed, but Allison found that Blackwater’s private security division was willing to take a flier on the brief tabloid headliner. More than anything Allison wants to help and protect someone. She wants to shield her employers from the worst the world has to offer, and she herself has very little to live for, holding that her own life ended alongside her son’s. To that end, she’s almost fanatically brave, though she has a tendency towards excess when it comes to inflicting violence – not that Blackwater minds. A movie buff with an emphasis on romantic comedies before the death of her family, Allison can hardly stand such films now. Spends a great deal of her free time at the range, the gym, or a martial arts class, where she’s continuing to progress. Lives a relatively spartan lifestyle, and not interested in a love life.
RidleyJones.jpgRidley Jones (Retainer •)
Ridley joined Blackwater in 2014, a washout from the Crucible tasked with marginal duties stateside. Only 20 years old, he’s young, dumb, and senselessly arrogant—a trait which got his teeth kicked in by Amanda Turner not long ago. He gets very little respect from his fellows, most of whom are former service and many of whom are former Marines, and as such takes delight in abusing or taking advantage of those he is in a position of authority over: mostly paparazzi, college protesters, and the odd waitress that refuses to serve him without an ID.



The supernatural world and those that move in it are a strong curiosity for a great many people. Many look at the occult world and its occupants and cannot help but consider it a sham and a fraud. This could not be further from the truth. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the world that comes the closest to the Kindred world. Kindred who have control in the occult world are able to garner support and information from cult leaders, alternative religious groups, charlatans, would-be occultists and New Agers.

Allies (Occult) ••••

• -Ayido “Mama Wedo” Dufrene
Bokor and mambo of Ayedo, one who serves the loa with both hands (i.e., light and dark magic). Mother to Corey “Da Chief” Expose and Ronald “Ryulo” Expose. Recently deceased.

Jules Remontel Dulot

You don’t find Tome, Tome finds you. When you have something it wants, it’ll find a way to get ahold of you. It’ll offer trades or requests for what it wants. Few people ever get given Tome’s secure email to keep in touch with them, but those who do get the Newsletter. Things found, people looking for things, mystery happenings. No one can find who this person is, or if it’s just one person or not. But they seem to know things, and they seem to know what goes bump in the night. If you’re lucky enough to have them as an ally, you can know these things as well. Lucky for Tome, he doesn’t ask whys.

Allies (Occult) •••

Benoît Quebedeaux

MeganLaBlanche.jpgMegan “Velma” LaBlanche
The Ghost Hunters’ Society of New Orleans is a long-standing organization that began as a small cult in the 1960’s but quickly devolved from that into mere enthusiasts and paranormal investigators. With a flourishing online community and weekly meet-ups and fundraisers, these fanatical fans go to absurd lengths to scour haunted places and debunk tourist traps, proving to the world that ghosts truly do exist. While they lack a formal leader, they do have the “big five,” super-fans who have been given internet handles akin to a cartoon mystery show. Megan LeBlanche is a 10-year police forensics veteran who likes to try solving ghost stories in her spare time, though her “spare time hobby” is treated more intensely than most peoples’ actual jobs.

PashHuval.jpgPash Huval
Leader of The Oracles of Bronze, a group which worships animalistic spirits, primarily the spider-spirit of prophecy, Uncta. Pash came to NOLA 8 years ago from Mississippi, claiming to have received a vision from the spirit which was then unknown to her. Using her beauty and charm she has lured in many young followers who hang on to her every word and prophecy. Claims to have seen the end of the ‘age of steel and concrete’ and the return of their spirit’s dominion over man.

Allies (Occult) ••

Bradley “Brady” Semer
Owner of a farm outside the city and sells his food at a stall at the Crescent City Farmers’ Market in Mid-City. What most don’t know is he also sells uncommon plants and alchemical ingredients to the right buyers.

Césarine Rouselle

Michelle Guillot
Owner of Guillot Books and mother of Alice Guillot.

SangriaMyst.jpgSangria Myst
Occult bookstore owner in the French Quarter.

Allies (Occult) •

Carl Schauberger
Unemployed paranormal psychologist whose Austrian-born father forsook the Fatherland but not its Esoteric Nazism.

Collin McGinnes
Six-year-old, mulatto son of Cassidy McGinnes and Damien Price. Unbeknownst to his mother and other caretakers, he has nascent precognitive abilities and is being currently monitored by a VASCU agent from the FBI.

JosephSanchagrin.jpgJoseph “Joey” Sanchagrin
Local Choctaw teenager who has been bouncing around the foster system since birth. Has minor telekinetic powers which he uses to steal or cheat hapless tourists out of their money.



Protect and serve. That is the motto of the enforcers of the law. But kindred and kine alike know this is not entirely true. In most cities, many people are truly wondering who the police truly serve… and why. Most of the time, they are serving their Kindred masters. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the police and their affiliates. Contacts and allies include beat cops, desk jockeys, prison guards, special divisions such as SWAT teams and homicide, detectives and all the related clerical and ancillary positions associated with law enforcement.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Academy trainee
Probationary agent
•• Special Agent
••• Senior Special Agent or Supervisory Special Agent
•••• Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC)
••••• Special Agent in Charge (SAC)
••••• • Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
••••• •• Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Allies (Police) •••••

Paul Dempsey
VASCU Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) of the tri-state area’s Operations Department as well as its subordinate units. Psychiatrist with expertise in criminal and psychological profiling. Previously served on the Special Project and Field Liaison Departments; Dempsey was captured by a slasher cult who cut ritualistic, mystic sigils in their victims’ skin. Dempsey was saved before the slashers could complete the dark transmogrification, but his face (and soul) remains permanently scarred. He is a veteran FBI agent, whose lengthy career has cost him much of his sanity and vitality—and all of his family, as his ex-wife and children want nothing to do with him. Despite all he has seen and experienced, he remains neither cynical nor callous—which may be why he drinks pepto-bismol by the gallon and is a chronic insomniac.

Allies (Police) •••

MRubenValsquez.jpgM. Ruben Velásquez
VASCU Supervisory Special Agent in charge of NOLA’s Field Liaison Department. His parents were Panamanian immigrants following the US’ 1989 invasion who, in a bizarre act of gratitude, named their named their son after President Bush’s dog, Millie. Agent Velásquez is a hardline, hard-nosed FBI agent known for idolizing J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, coveting Paul Dempsey’s job, and ruthlessly intimidating, exploiting, and discarding rogue hunter cells. Less well-known is that he has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with contamination fears that lead him to aways wear bright blue latex crime-scene gloves: both to prevent contamination with other’s vital fluids, but also to hide the raw skin from his excessively, compulsively washed hands.

Louisiana State Police

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Cadet
•• Sergeant
••• Lieutenant or captain
•••• Major or lieutenant colonel
••••• Colonel

Allies (Police) •

Travis Henson
Trooper assigned to highway patrol. After Louis Fontaine and Shatoya “Chica” Dupré escaped with Mama Wedo following her abortive rite at Lake Maurepas, Henson pulled the speeding trio over and attempted to take the fugitive mambo into custody. Chica promptly knocked him unconscious with a sap, then punched him again while still unconscious for “still smirkin’”. Any ramifications remain to be seen.

New Orleans Police Department (NOPD)

Full article: Police

Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Trainee
•• Corporal or lieutenant
••• Captain or major
•••• Colonel, lieutenant colonel, division chief, or undersheriff
••••• Sheriff

Allies (Police) •

JordanRatcliff.jpgJordan Ratcliff
Deputy who works in Orleans Parish Prison. Long-limbed, lanky, and not particularly intelligent, Jordan has unfortunately become quite ensnared by the local mob and now regularly smuggles contraband for them, sets up victims for beatings, and provides special treatment to members of the mob spending time in lockup (Silver Penny Sal most prominently among them). Jordan is in truth quite lonely and was easy pickings for the mob, which lured him in with female companionship. Lives with his aging physically and emotionally abusive mother (Sheryl) who constantly berates him for his lack of ambition and success in life.

United States Marshals Service

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Applicant
•• Deputy United States Marshal
••• Inspector or Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal
•••• Chief Deputy United States Marshal
••••• United States Marshal
••••• • Director of the United States Marshals Service



Politics is an art which even the youngest Kindred knows something about. From the time a neonate is introduced to society, he or she begins to learn exactly how complex and convoluted politics in the Kindred world truly is. Many Kindred find it amusing at how cut-throat mortal seems, but they themselves know how deadly real politics can be. Individuals which Kindred (and non-bloodsucking opportunistic parasites) can latch onto and use include statesmen, pollsters, activists, party leaders and even members, lobbyists, candidates, and politicians.

Local Politics

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Volunteer
Intern, junior aide, secretary, senior volunteer
•• Salaried staff member
••• City councilperson, mayor (small town)
•••• Deputy mayor (large city), mayors (small city), senior city councilperson
••••• Mayor (large city)
(Ally’s/Status dots -2) Deputy chief of staff, personal assistant, or other ancillary position to one of the above figures
(Ally’s/Status dots -1) Chief of staff to one of the above figures

Allies (Politics) •••

Saffron Meadows
City councilwoman holding one of the at-large seats. Strong ties to police and fire unions and has pushed hard in investigating claims that departments are mismanaging funds at the highest level. Lifelong Democrat born and raised in New Orleans that likes to brag she’s never left the city limits once in her 46 years.

ShepardMello.jpgShepard Mello
42-year-old former assistant to Ray Nagin, Mello abandoned the floundering mayor just before rumors of corruption began to swirl, and in so doing saved his own political fortunes. Shepard doesn’t actually hold office or serve on a staff, but he’s been a part of city politics for the better part of twenty years, first interning right out of college, and knows more about local politics than anyone, including who to speak to about various issues, who can be bribed, and what all the shifting political alliances are. Facilitator of political action in the city quietly responsible for making contacts. Frequents the Corner Club, where he likes to do “business.” Known to expect payment for his services.

Allies (Politics) ••

Shawnte Irving
Life-time resident of the Lower 9th who previously played for the New Orleans Zephyrs, the local Triple-A baseball team. After Katrina, he resigned when the team played the very next season while their city was still in shambles. Afterwards, he became a local political figure known for his advocacy of reconstruction, racial integration, and institutional change. In 2007, he helped organize several thousand NOLA residents to march through the city streets and gather at City Hall for a rally demanding police and city leaders tackle the city’s rampant crime. He obtained significant grass-roots support when he ran for city council in 2008 and 2010, but lost both times by a narrow margin. He ran again in 2012, and seemed poised for victory until he was arrested for beating his wife’s alleged lover with a baseball bat. Rumor has it that the DA dropped Shawunte’s charges -but only after he promised to suspend his campaign and never run again. Currently runs a soup kitchen in the 9th and runs summer baseball camps for urban youth. Despite their marital scandal, Shawnte remains married to his high-school sweetheart, Rhonda, and the pair have two sons: Trayvon and Shawnte, Jr.

Tyrone Johnson
Won a multi-million-dollar verdict against the city five years ago for police brutality, but between attorney’s fees and the city dragging out payment, has struggled financially ever since. Well known in low-income African-American communities for his case, which involved an unjustified police shooting into a car full of black males that left his two older brothers dead. Also notorious for allegedly having more than fifteen children with twelve different women. Now 29, he is politically active in the city protesting against the NOPD as a local leader of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

National Politics

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Volunteer
Intern, junior aide, secretary, senior volunteer
•• Salaried staff member
•••• Representative
••••• Influential Representative (committee chair, ranking committee member, party leadership role), Senator
••••• • Influential Senator (committee chair, ranking committee member, party leadership role)
••••• •• Senate majority leader, Speaker of the House
(Ally’s/Status dots -2) Deputy chief of staff, personal assistant, or other ancillary position to one of the above figures
(Ally’s/Status dots -1) Chief of staff to one of the above figures

Allies (Politics) ••••• •

Joseph H. Kelly
89-year-old senior senator from Louisiana, Kelly has been a fixture in national politics for generations. A “former” member of the Ku Klux Klan and strong ally of Senator Strom Thurmond before his death, Kelly has survived every challenge thrown at him at the state level with a ruthless combination of alleged voter suppression and election fraud. Claims to have renounced his racist views, but still commonly gaffes with shockingly offensive comments which he claims are cultural. In truth despises many lower class whites as well, particularly the less “gentlemanly” parts of the white power movement, such as the Aryan Nation. Kelly’s election machine in the state is second to none, and as a result he wields vast power politically throughout. Surprisingly spry for his age. Graduate of the Citadel.

Allies (Politics) •••••

NathanMalveaux.jpgNathaniel Malveaux
The youngest of the Malveaux brothers and junior senator from Louisiana, Nathaniel “Nathan” Malveaux is known as a shrewd politician and gifted speaker that spent twenty years in the State House of Representatives before finally gaining his election to national office in the last election. His campaign was heavily financed by his family’s immense wealth and is rumored to have benefited significantly from backroom dealings in the state. Nathan is a crisp speaker that bullied his way through the state legislature as the biggest fish in a small pond. No known vices, though there was a story of impropriety in his courtship of his wife, tame though it is from twenty-odd years ago. Very close to his niece Charlotte Malveaux, who also lives in DC, Nathaniel is in truth distant from his children these days, absorbed as he is in national level politics. Most suspect he is biding his time for a presidential run. Lover of jazz music, and frequents concerts when available in DC, though he laments his absence from New Orleans.

Allies (Politics) ••••

CalebGallagher.pngCaleb Gallagher
71-year-old chief of staff for Senator Nathaniel Malveaux, Caleb is an old breed of Southern snake, a cottonmouth with a terrible temper and a vicious bite. While Malveaux is charming, Caleb is terrifying, the stick to his boss’ carrot. He’s a mean old man that walks with a cane and has strict southern values that include closeted bigotry and racism. Caleb has been with Nathaniel for more than twenty years, and before that served his uncle, Senator Carter Malveaux, in a similar capacity prior to the senator’s untimely death in a plane crash. He likely knows more about where the bodies are buried in Louisiana politics than any man still alive. Prefers to communicate face to face, and hates email and text conversations, considering them impersonal and rude. Rarely even uses the phone, and considers it a favor when he does.

Allies (Politics) ••

CharlotteMaveaux.jpgCharlotte Malveaux
Graduate of Penn State who majored in political science now living in Washington D.C. and working with the Conservatives for Energy Awareness, a non-profit that works to educate people, especially college students, on the natural resources available within the United States to reduce dependence on foreign oil and create jobs. Former congressional intern to Senator Joseph H. Kelly, Charlotte is charming, outgoing, and socially active in DC, attending most of the major party events (often with a ticket courtesy of her uncle Nathaniel) and doing the social rounds at local charity events. Positive relationships with her uncle Matthew, with Senator Kelly, and with many other political figures in Washington. Draws heavily on the Malveaux wealth for the nonprofit. High school and collegiate athlete who was on the 2013 and 2014 National Championship winning Division I volleyball teams at Penn State. Attractive without being truly beautiful like both of her older sisters, she makes up for it with athleticism and height—standing close to 6’0".

State Politics

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Volunteer
Intern, junior aide, secretary, senior volunteer
•• Representative, salaried staff member
••• Representative (committee chairman), senator
•••• House minority/majority leader, senator (committee chairman), state cabinet official (off the gubernational line of succession)
••••• Lieutenant Governor, President of the Senate, senate minority/majority leader, Speaker of the House, state cabinet official (on the gubernational line of succession)
••••• • Governor
(Ally’s/Status dots -2) Deputy chief of staff, personal assistant, or other ancillary position to one of the above figures
(Ally’s/Status dots -1) Chief of staff to one of the above figures

Allies (Politics) ••••

NoelleCherry.jpgNoelle Cherry
56-year-old former university professor turned state house legislator (and minority leader at that) out of New Orleans who ran a nearly flawless campaign against Nathaniel Malveaux in 2012 but was ultimately beaten out by prevailing political winds, Malveaux money and influence, and a last-minute scandal involving her daughter Hillary’s medical records being leaked to unsavory news outlets. Prided herself during the campaign, right up until her daughter’s privacy was so grievously violated, on running a relatively principled campaign. Now deeply regrets doing so and is still nursing a bitter grudge over both the election results, events surrounding it, and the harm done to her daughter, holding the Malveauxes responsible. Well-off but not terribly wealthy, she rubs elbows with the upper class mostly as it relates to the donor class, and is frequently found in high society functions trawling for donations for her next campaign on the state level, and eventually on the national level. Works at the statehouse, but typically returns to New Orleans during the weekend and on holiday recesses.

Allies (Politics) •••

Vernon Coxx
Chief of staff for Noelle Cherry that deposed her former longtime aid in 2012 after she lost to Nathaniel Malveaux. Brought in by the national party after her loss and insisted upon as a condition for further support, Vernon emerged from more than twenty years of Chicago politics and is as cutthroat as they come politically. Over the last three years he’s worked diligently not only to promote Noelle’s public image, but especially to undermine the Malveaux family, in particular taking advantage of Westley Malveaux’s indiscreet troubles with drugs, alcohol, and escorts. Runs a political network that is only continuing to ramp up as the 2016 election looms, but prefers to work off screen. Despises the heat in the South, and in truth much of the South as a whole, as he views most Southerners as inbred hicks. Not afraid of using violence to further his aims, with ties to the New Black Panther Party and various other groups.



Overlooked, underappreciated, and even ignored, those who live on the street have their own culture, their own lifestyle and deal with the harsh lot they have been dealt in their own, unique way. Disenfranchised and jaded, insane and ill, those who dwell beneath the underbelly of a city are a force to be reckoned with. Contacts and allies can be found in the darkest of alleys and poorest of slums. Those who can be used by characters include: gang members, the homeless, street performers, petty criminals, prostitutes and the forgotten—this includes veterans and those cast out of mental wards.

Levels of Influence

Merit Dots Description
X Non-initiated hopeful
New blood
•• Rank and file
••• Local gang leader
•••• Regional enforcer
••••• Cartel leader

Allies (Street) ••••

ErnestoLopez.jpgErnesto “The White Devil” Lopez
An emissary from the Cooperation, Ernesto is in New Orleans to reach out to existing criminal enterprises and, to a less extent, to the legitimate business groups that might have an interest in a firmer working arrangement with the Cooperation given the ongoing normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States. He’s smooth, suave, and highly confident in himself both socially and physically. Rumors out of Cuba tell the story of a man of brutal drive efficiency that clawed his way into the upper echelon of power with only his wits, his charm, and his ruthlessness, but even they may have undersold the man known in Cuba as the “White Devil” (because of his trademark white suits). Comfortable with firearms, baseball bats, and plyers as the situation requires, but also capable of conducting himself with decorum and respect. Near legend tells that he carved his way from the worst slums of Havana, though Ernesto rarely speaks of his past. Has very few assets on the ground himself, but some ties to the existing underworld in New Orleans.

Allies (Street) •••

Papa Slinga
Local pimp in the lower Ninth Ward who operates out of the Rosebush Apartments, a frequently raided crack-house slum. “Employer” of Desire and Crystal Hampton. Recently deceased.

Allies (Street) ••

RichardOwen.jpgRichard “Ricky” Owen Former bouncer at Danny’s. Big, burly and bearded, Ricky fit right in with the clientele. Although not a member of any gang, he had no problem dealing with any problems that would arise, and was well-respected by the patrons. Since Danny’s burned down, he has moved on and found employment at another bar.

Dusty “Flash” Brown
Dusty is a street arms dealer that sells mostly stolen weapons to small time crooks bought from small time crooks. Born to a single mother, he dropped out of high school in his senior year mostly in pursuit of ‘cred’ rather than due to a real hatred of learning or struggle with academics. Indeed, Dusty is actually quite intelligent: smart enough to avoid getting picked up for the array of illegal activities he engages in, to avoid getting shot with his own merchandise, and to avoid getting shot for selling to the wrong person. He has good instincts and an ear to the street that keeps him in the loop on what’s going on, along with a day job at a local jiffy lube that helps to keep him off the radar of the police (and lets him hand off merchandise on the sly as needed). Though unmarried, Dusty tries to remain in the lives of his two young children (by two different women) as much as possible, and supports both women for the good of the boys as needed. For his part, Dusty plays down his intelligence and any goodliness in favor of street credit needed to make his money. Goes by the name ‘Flash’ on the street. Has no remorse for selling weapons that often result in lost lives, though he goes out of his way to avoid selling to various gangs and organizations, to avoid stepping on toes.

Allies (Street) •

ChazChance.jpgChaz Chance
Seventeen-year-old high school dropout, French Quarter pickpocket, bootleg DVD salesman, and all around vermin. Not particularly intelligent or charismatic, but very persistent and hard working. Lean and hungry looking, with a mild but persistent case of ache. Actually lives in Mid-City with his drug addict mother and three younger siblings, and spends most of the money he makes paying for basic needs like food, rent, water, and power, as his mother even trades their EBT for crack and booze. Deeply conflicted what he does, but doesn’t see another way to care for his family. Quite religious, Chaz was a practicing Catholic until his father died and he was forced to drop out to help support his family, at which point his church attendance dwindled. Chaz knows he doesn’t have much of a future, but hopes that he can keep the family afloat, by any means necessary, long enough for his siblings to get out of the house before social services swoops in or they end up on the street.

Crystal Hampton
Prostitute of Papa Slinga in the lower Ninth. Devout Vodouisant. Recently deceased.

Damien Price
Father of Collin McGinnes, currently serving time in Angola for domestic violence and drug possession. Knows that his son has “the Gift” and would to exploit that talent to his own ends. Up for parole.

Young prostitute who formerly worked for Papa Slinga, now the RidaHoodz, in the lower Ninth. Friend of slain prostitute Crystal Hampton, later nearly killed by Crystal’s murderer.

JasmineCurry.jpgJasmine “Poppy” Curry
Nineteen-year-old ebony-skinned prostitute who formerly worked for Papa Slinga, now the RidaHoodz, but on the side is known to sell minor information to anyone but the police—a habit that will probably get her killed sooner rather than later. The product of a broken home, her father was killed by the NOPD when she was seven, and her mother ended up in jail before she was nine. Raised by the foster system she never made it through high school. Surprisingly not a drug addict, though she does compulsively gamble away her meager earnings on penny slot machines.

Jason St. George
Convicted pedophile, mugger, drug addict, and now drifter on the streets, Jason had every opportunity to succeed, despite the tragedies in his past. Adopted by Mary St. George, he entered a loving household that included brothers and sisters that embraced him as their own. Unfortunately, he turned from that path. Always slightly off, his future went completely off the rails when he was arrested after molesting a two-year-old girl in a Walmart bathroom. Subsequent raids on his dorm room found large amounts of extremely graphic, violent, and disturbing child pornography. In total Jason spent more than four years in prison related to the charges, even after they were pled down. Caught in the system after his release, and forced into chemical castration, it took less than three months for him to fail off the grid entirely in the city, violating his parole and becoming little more than another junkie drifter on the mean streets of the city, where he has remained for the last six months, making his way through a combination of begging and violence. White, nearly 6’0" tall, with ratty black hair and a scraggly beard.

Malcolm Flynn
College dropout, drug addict, and now convicted felon, Malcolm Flynn’s religions upbringing seems to have done little to affect the course of his life. Despite promising grades in High School, Malcolm ran wild at LSU and eventually fell in with the wrong crowd. Partying led to drug use, led to harder drugs, and finally landed him on the crack-pipe. After that, nothing else mattered. Popped for breaking and entering a year ago after he broke into his parents’ home to steal his mother’s jewelry and sentenced to eighteen months. His father testified against him, and neither he nor his mother have visited him in prison, though his sister has.

Allies (Street) 0

Keshaun Broussard
19-year-old son currently serving in Orleans Parish Penitentiary for setting a neighbor’s dog on fire. Like his younger brother Batiste, Keshaun grew up breaking, tagging, and running around with a cut-krewe. Unlike his brother, Keshaun was never that good with a blade and was lucky to lose only a few fingers before his fifteenth birthday. He likely would have lost a lot more if he hadn’t spent most of his adolescence in juvenile detention centers for vandalism, truancy, possession charges, and myriad other probation violations. Shortly after his last release, he and some other petty gangbangers began shaking down disabled neighbors for their social security checks. Yet, after mouthing off to one of his elderly victims, Keshaun was mauled by the woman’s pit-bull (his compatriots of course bolted and abandoned him). In retaliation, Keshaun returned the next day with a super-soaker filled with lighter fuel, hosed down the dog through its chain-linked fence, and then threw lit-matches at it. Livid, the dog’s owner violated the usual creed of never calling the cops. Keshaun might have dodged the police, but he decided to come back the next day and shake down the old lady for her social security check just as the cops arrived to take her statement.

Latoya and La’trice Broussard
10-year-old twin daughters and local Double Dutch block-queens. The inseparable pair acts as regular look-outs for their family and neighbors, alerting them to approaching police, social workers, and rival gangs with different skipping rhymes. When not jumping ropes or practicing new braids on each other and their shared doll, the girls torment their immediate and extended family with generally harmless pranks such as placing clear plastic wrap across toilet bowls, replacing Oreo icing with toothpaste, and stuffing cream cheese into deodorant sticks. In the past, the miscreants particularly enjoyed using their identical features to trick teachers and strangers. However, such schemes became impossible after a rival cut-thug slashed Latoya across the face, severing her left ear and leaving her permanently scarred. Far less visible is the spiritual wound they share: the twins were once triplets, but their sister Latifah drowned in Katrina’s floodwaters. Although only a few months old during the time of their sister’s death, the twins speak of her often as if she was alive. Most simply attribute such talk as referring to the girl’s doll (who is named Latifah), but some wonder whether the dead girl’s spirit might haunt her still-living sisters.

Jaquann “Jelly-Belly” Broussard
6-year-old, 98-lb autistic son whose morbid obesity and odd mannerisms make him a frequent joke among his kin and neighbors. His classmates previously teased him with similar abandon until he sat on one of his tormentors and would have asphyxiated him if Jaquann hadn’t been pried off by two teachers. Due to the incident and Jaquann’s repeated theft of his classmates’ lunches, the corpulent kindergartener was expelled. Since then, Jaquann has been ‘home-schooled’, which in reality means he has been left to fend for himself during the day, gorging on potato chips, peanut butter, or whatever else he can find with his pudgy fingers. His aunt tried locking the fridge, but Jaquann bypassed the lock by breaking the door’s hinges. To say that the obese child has interests other than binging on food and TV would be nice, but sadly fraudulent.

The Bloodhound Gangstaz

Allies (Street) ••••

Jermaine Washington
Street kid and gangbanger who used a combination of financial aid and drug profits to obtain degrees in business and pre-law. Subsequently returned to the underworld with the goal of becoming more than just muscle; now runs the Bloodhound Gangstaz, one of the Big Easy’s largest gangs. Equally at home wearing Armani or gang colors, he can shift flawlessly from perfect English to street slang.

Allies (Street) ••

Edward “Big Eddie” Patterson
Topping 350 lbs, “Big Eddie” was a college football player at LSU before a knee injury ended his shot at the pros. Abandoned by his friends and tossed out by the school, officially for failing grades and drug use (apparently as a nonathlete he was expected to attend class and it wasn’t ok for him to smoke in front of people anymore), he landed back in the slums of New Orleans with nothing but a chip on his shoulder. That, combined with the questionable star power as a star college athlete back home proved to be enough to get him started as the small-time drug dealer he is today. Twice arrested, once shot, but never successfully robbed, he built a reputation as safe to approach for college kids due to his minor celebrity, and now slings a fair amount of the local drug scene to spoiled white kids he despises on behalf of Jermaine.

Allies (Street) •

Reggie Lucha
Shifty real estate flipper that lost everything between Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 Financial Crisis. Ended up sitting on a dozen ruined homes. Was muscled by Jermaine Washington into “providing” several of those homes as drug houses and other homes of ill repute in exchange for marginal financial aid. Frumpy looking overweight middle-aged man that wears cheap clothing. A coward with clipped nuts that is particularly uncomfortable with the illegal acts and terrified of prison, but more terrified of Jermaine.

The Cut-Throat-City Snakes

Allies (Street) •••

Corey “Da Chief” Expose
Leader of the Cut-Throat-City Snake Gang with his younger brother Ronald “Ryulo” Expose, a major drug ring in CTC (i.e., Cross the Canal, aka Cut-Throat-City) in the lower Ninth Ward. Currently serving in the Farm, i.e., the Louisiana State Penitentiary. They, and seven of their crew, got busted in a major racketeering charge and drug dealing sting. Fancied himself a bokor, but he was a bad one in both ways.

Allies (Street) ••

Ronald “Ryulo” Expose
Younger brother to Corey Expose, also leading member in the Cut-Throat City Snake Gang. Currently serving in the Farm.

The Grim Reapers

Allies (Street) •••

Malcom “Slims” Warfield
Gang kid who nearly died on the roof of his flooded house during Hurricane Katrina. Claims to have seen Death itself and been spared the reaper’s scythe. Now runs the Grim Reapers, one of the Ninth Ward’s more brutal gangs. They require every member to have survived a near-death experience. If a would-be member hasn’t already, the gang is more than happy to engineer one, with frequently and predictably fatal results. To get around this effective cap on their numbers, they often “subcontract” to less prominent gangs whose members hope to someday join the Reapers.

The Halfways

Allies (Street) •••

SamLavit.jpgSam “T-Bone” Lavit
Smokey’s nephew and President of The Halfways, a biker gang based in Mid-City. He supplies most of the drugs in the Mid-City and University area. Known to be loud and brash, and most suspect that his VP is the one who really runs things.

Allies (Street) ••

NicholasBayer.jpgNicholas “Nicky” Bayer
VP of the Halfways. A veteran of the Vietnam war, he’s been VP for many years, despite outliving two presidents. Although known for his violent outbursts, he seems to be a competent adviser and many suspect he runs much of the gang behind the scenes.

PeterLavit.jpgPeter “Smokey” Lavit
Treasurer of the Halfways and T-Bone’s uncle. Despite his disheveled exterior, Smokey is probably the most highly educated member of the gang, hence why he is responsible for their finances. Were it not for his patched jacket and beard, his jovial demeanor would make it easy to forget he’s a gang member.

StevenMcKibbon.jpgSteven “Nix” McKibbon
Sergeant-at-arms of the Halfways and a Gulf War veteran. He quickly rose up in the ranks due to his reputation for committing unconscionable acts without hesitation or question.

Sarah “Sadie” Brookes
Former prostitute who started dating Halfways VP Nicky in the 80’s. Not a full member of the gang, since rules prohibit females from joining. However, as a constant companion at Nicky’s side she is just as knowledgeable as any of the top ranks.

The Nightwalkers

Allies (Street) ••

Andre Sandoval
Gang leader who took a bullet to the spine from an unknown incident some years back. Now confined to a wheelchair and wrestles with bouts of terrible depression. His girlfriend, Gracie Mae Ramirez acts as his proxy and basically runs the gang in his stead. Many wonder how long that arrangement is going to last in the Ninth Ward’s hard streets.

The RidaHoodz

Allies (Street) •••

Dontell “Big Dawg” “Papa Spenda” Levois
Leads gang of car-boosters in the lower Ninth Ward, known as the Lil’ Red RidaHoodz. Former low-budget porn “star” and frequent patron of the ward’s plentiful, but cheap streetwalkers. Wears gold-plated grillz caps that spell his street-name. Alleged informant of the NOPD, earning him his other behind his back sobriquet: “Tell-Tell.” Recently took over the Rosebush Apartments and prostitution ring of the now-deceased Papa Slinga.

Allies (Street) ••

FrancisLevois.jpgFrancis “Fizzy” Levois
Founding member of the RidaHoodz, cousin of Dontell, and older brother to Mercurial. Recently released from the Farm. His pull and leadership has suffered from his absence. He hopes to regain it.

D’angelo “Murda-Cent” Turcotte
Member of the RidaHoodz. Recently released from the Farm. His street-names comes from his gang’s opinion that he would murder anybody for a penny.

Dauntay “Showerz” Rice
Member of the RidaHoodz. Makes and sells low-budget porno mags and videos, including those that appeal to his salirophilia. Leaves boosting cars to the other gang-members, and handles the books instead, using his “legitimate” company to launder the money they make from jacking and chopping vehicles.

ClaranceLevois.jpgClarence “Doc Chops” Levois
Maternal uncle of Dontell Levois and Francis Levois. Runs a salvage yard/auto repair shop in the lower Ninth Ward that serves as the illicit chop-shop for the RidaHoodz. Looks out for his other nephew Mercurial Fernandez, asking him to draw car designs for his shop.

Allies (Street) •

Jerome “Spinnerz” Lyons
Member of the RidaHoodz. Known for his kleptomaniac obsession with hubcaps, particularly spinners.

J’Nelle “BJz” Seguin
Member of the RidaHoodz. Pornstar-prostitute and marginal girlfriend of Dauntay.

Tyronne “TWOC” Pitt
Member of the RidaHoodz. His preferred M.O. for car theft is Taken Without Owners’ Consent (TWOC), usually by a combination of pickpocketing, breaking and entering, and slipping roofies to unsuspecting car-owners.



People have to move. They have to travel to and from work, shopping and for business and pleasure. People fly, drive, and travel by train. Goods are hauled over rail, sea, air and via the highways. With the means of moving about, our big old world becomes a much smaller, accessible place. Contacts and allies can be found on the roads, in the airports and in train and bus stations. Those who can be used by characters include: cab drivers, bus drivers, pilots, air traffic controllers, travel firms, sea captains and their crews, border guards, and many, many others.

Allies (Transporation) •••

Coilin “Coy” MacKeating
MacKeating is the captain of a freighter ship which frequently docks at the Port of New Orleans. Not typically the sort of person one would expect a high-end hotelier to consider an ally, but Coy is the sort of Irishman who knows when it’s best to just take the money and not ask questions. Most commonly he serves as George’s transportation man for things which need to go—or are coming from—across the Atlantic.

Allies (Transporation) ••

Vincent Maniscalco
Vinnie is a good ol’ boy who’s risen to the enviable position of Manager for the New Orleans Executive Charter limo service. He rubs George Smith’s back by recommending clients stay at the Windsor Court, and George Smith rubs his back by positively insisting that his clients should use the limo company’s service. George also has, on special occasions, lent one of his classic vehicles to Vinnie for clients who have requested such a thing. They are friendly with each other, but perhaps someday it will dawn on Vinnie just how many of George’s VIP clients only travel at night.

Allies (Transporation) •

Jacques “Jackie” Orleans
Ex-convict who ratted out a cellmate for early release. Originally from New Jersey (where his birth name was Marcelo “Marky Mudeye” Fiorelli , but was relocated per his request as part of the Witness Protection protection program. Shamelessly promotes himself as a tour guide of the Big Easy -while the cab meter is running of course. Has heterochromia (i.e., he’s supposed to wear a brown-colored contact as per WITSEC, but he says it itches something fierce).

Regan McGinnes
Tulane drop-out and tattoo-enthusiast who works in the CBD, Mid-City, and surrounding areas as a bike courier. Descendent of Irish-American portage-laborers and sometime-patron of Danny’s. Sings and plays the electric banjo for the St. John’s Banshees, an all-girl, celtic punk band that has marginal (at best) popularity in the Mid-City and local campuses. Fellow band-members include her sister, Cassidy McGinnes, and Darcy Quillen.

Yousef “Falafel Joe” al-Jubran
A Palestinian cabbie infamous for blaring foreign discothèque cassettes and smelling of hummus-gas and left-out shawarma. Works for Checker Cab Transportation Company.



Organized crime, the undercurrent that is common in each and every city, large or small. Each group that moves through the Underworld provides a “valuable” if nefarious service and provides access to those who will carry out the most dangerous and questionable of deeds. Contacts and allies can be found in hit men, the Italian and Dixie Mafias, Yakuza, bookies, fencers and launderers.

Dixie Mafia

Loan shark and mob associate of Bert Villars who provided Emmett Delacroix with a $10,000 loan to front his outstanding legal fees. His exact role within the Dixie Mafia (and full name) is unknown, though Villars has also alluded to him being able to falsify new identities. He is considered somewhat eccentric for having a little girl, Sue, sit on his lap when he conducts business.

Little girl of unknown relation to Bud who sits on his lap when he conducts business. Likes to wish his associates hello and goodbye.

Italian Mafia


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Boggs Clan


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The Living

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