The Damned

The rebels then built a new city.
Out of the fallen Empire, they collected the
Thirteen clans that had been scattered by the Great War, and brought them all together.

—The Book of Nod

“We like to think that we Malveauxes rule Louisiana, but we’re only the most public face of things, a couple tiers removed from the man on the street. And these people are the sharks to our minnows.”
“Matthew and Orson have bodyguards. They have private armies. We play with millions of dollars. They play with hundreds of millions. We have ties to judges, police, and local lawmakers, but they give those people the 3 AM phone calls they jump out of bed to obey. I would not be surprised if one of them has ties to Dad, another to Matthew, and another to Orson.”
“Their connections go beyond the official. Gangs, MCs, organized crime. They’re the people pulling the strings.”
“The thing is, as far as I can tell, they don’t even really play at power on the level we do, because they’ve got it. Instead it’s about their Traditions which govern their interactions with each other. And that’s where the game is. Showing each other up. Humiliating each other. Climbing their own power structure.”

Caroline Malveaux

New Orleans is a good city to be Kindred. The Masquerade is relatively easy to maintain. The French Quarter in particular, and many other neighborhoods as well, boast an astonishingly high crime rate. The constant influx of tourists, especially during Mardi Gras, represents nothing so much as a walking buffet for the Damned. Given the city’s occult reputation (as well as its association with vampires, thanks to a certain well-known novelist), it is very easy for witnesses to dismiss unusual phenomena as a hoax, a drunken hallucination or “some weird voodoo thing.” All of these factors, as well as the presence of three separate Kindred factions all seeking support and alliances against the others, combine to create a city with a Kindred population in excess of 100—vastly larger than the worldwide average would suggest (at least for a city as small as New Orleans), and grossly overpopulated by the standards of other Camarilla cities. This strain has necessitated the formation of the Krewe of Janus, a full coterie of Kindred that exists solely to protect the Masquerade. Few doubt that Prince Vidal would prefer to rule over fewer subjects, but to date all of his efforts to curb the Big Easy’s population have met with little success. Something about New Orleans simply seems to draw the undead.

Storyteller’s Note: This page is full of lies.
Some vampires have multiple possible sires, clans, and approximate ages listed. Some vampires have these details listed as unknown. Some listed details are actually false: Kindred may have sires other than the ones they claim, purport membership in clans other than their own, and exaggerate or downplay their ages. Some of these lies are deliberately cultivated, while other vampires are simply the subjects of widely believed misconceptions they have not bothered to correct.
This list of Kindred is also not comprehensive. There are almost certainly more vampires in New Orleans than those listed here: some of these vampires may be actively hiding their presences, while others are transients whose stay in the city is temporary, and some are simply too obscure, ignoble, or reclusive to be worth nothing.
Players acquainted with the previous clan pages may notice a lot of differences in these character entries. Any detail from the old clan pages that wasn’t referenced in-character was subject to change (especially any details now listed as “unknown”), and I’ve changed a fair number of things, in order to better foster the less complete picture of city politics that most neonates will have.
While there is misinformation spread throughout the wiki, the personal profiles of the Damned should be taken with an especially large grain of salt. Vampires are, after all, notorious liars…

Kindred by Camarilla Status
Globally Luminary Kindred (Status ••••• •)
Luminary Kindred (Status •••••)
Powerful Kindred (Status ••••)
Influential Kindred (Status •••)
Respected Kindred (Status ••)
Known Kindred (Status •)
Unimportant Kindred (Status 0)
Gauche Kindred (Notoriety •)
Disreputable Kindred (Notoriety ••)
Disliked Kindred (Notoriety •••)
Reviled Kindred (Notoriety ••••)
Blood Hunted Kindred (Notoriety •••••)

Kindred by Camarilla Status

Globally Luminary Kindred

Camarilla Status ••••• •: The vampire’s name is spoken with great reverence. His influence transcends the city in which he resides: his reputation is known in Elysia throughout the world. If the character is a Prince, he is considered a model ruler and held as an example to other Princes. If the character does not claim praxis over his city, the local Prince likely only rules by his sufferance. Invariably, however, he has made dangerous enemies with influence on a global scale. There’s only so much room at the top.

Augusto_Vidal1.jpgAugusto Vidal (sire unknown, Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, e. centuries ago)
The Prince of New Orleans.

Luminary Kindred

Camarilla Status •••••: The vampire possesses an unmatched reputation throughout the city. She is either a respected Prince or wields equivalent social clout to one, in which case her city’s Prince could well regard her as a dangerous threat to his rule. Everyone’s eyes are on her and they jealously covet what she has. Of course, she’s owed so many boons that dislodging her from her throne won’t be an easy task—many of those boons are likely owed by the very same Kindred who desire her downfall. Her name is almost certainly recognized in neighboring cities, and may even be recognized on a global scale, albeit as a minor one.

Antoine_Savoy.jpgAntoine Savoy (sire unknown, Toreador/Lancea et Sanctum, e. 17th century)
De facto Regent and self-declared Lord of the French Quarter.

Baron_Cimitiere_Small.jpgBaron Cimitière (sire unknown, Samedi/Circle of the Crone, e. unknown)
Regent of Tremé and leader of the Circle of the Crone.

Philip_Maldonato_Small.jpgPhilip Maldonato (sire unknown, clan unknown/Lancea et Sanctum, e. centuries ago)
Seneschal of New Orleans and Regent of the Central Business District.

Powerful Kindred

Powerful Kindred (Camarilla Status ••••): The vampire is one of the most respected and influential Kindred in his city. He is recognized as a major player within Elysium and holds many boons, a number of which are owed by potent elders. Even the Prince takes him seriously, and his name has likely spread to a few neighboring cities. With this level of esteem comes dangerous rivals eager to claim the place he’s carved out for himself. This level of Status is typical for established elders and Princes of smaller cities.

Accou_Poincare.jpgAccou Poincaré (childe of Pearl Chastain, Toreador/Invictus, e. 18th century)
Toreador Primogen.

Coco_Duquette.jpgCoco Duquette (sire unknown, Brujah/Anarch Movement, e. late 18th century)
Brujah Primogen and co-Regent of Mid-City.

Donovan.jpgDonovan (childe of Antoine Savoy, Toreador/Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid or late 19th century)
The Sheriff of New Orleans and Regent of Riverbend, Donovan is the hardest knuckle to Vidal’s iron fist and enjoys a reputation nearly as severe as the Prince’s own. Little is known of the icy-tempered Toreador’s past save for one fact that is among the city’s most popular “open secrets”: he is the childe of no less a personage than Antoine Savoy, his liege’s archrival. What caused such a rift between sire and childe remains a subject of continual gossip at Elysium, but answers do not seem forthcoming—and few Kindred would dare to openly ask.
In the years since Hurricane Katrina and Vidal’s withdrawal from nightly affairs, the Prince has delegated increasing autonomy to Donovan in his duties. The Sheriff frequently now dispenses lesser sentences without Vidal’s or Maldonato’s consultation, although what constitutes “lesser” is rarely clear to those Kindred he apprehends as wrongdoers. Justice has grown swifter in the Big Easy since Katrina, and where the Sheriff was once a mere judge, many Kindred now fearfully regard him as a judge, jury, and executioner.

Miss_Opal_Small.jpgMiss Opal (sire unknown, Nosferatu/Anarch Movement, e. 18th century)
Nosferatu Primogen and co-Regent of Mid-City.

Pearl_Chastain_Small.jpgPearl Chastain (sire unknown, Toreador/Invictus, e. centuries ago)
Toreador Primogen and Regent of the Lower Garden District.

Sundown.jpgSundown (sire unknown, Nosferatu/Unaligned, e. early 20th century)
Harpy and Regent of Faubourg Marigny.

Influential Kindred

Camarilla Status •••: The vampire is a member of the Camarilla in excellent standing and has built up a significant reputation around herself. She holds numerous boons from her peers and maybe even a few from elders above her station. Other Kindred are eager to help her by dint of reputation alone, but she’s also captured the attention of rivals who want to see her fall from grace. This level of Status is typical for younger elders and highly decorated ancillae.

Adelais_Small2.jpegAdelais Seyrès (childe of Pearl Chastain, Toreador/Invictus, e. late 19th century)

Caitlin_Meadows_Small.jpegCaitlin Meadows (sire unknown, Gangrel/Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 19th century)
Rogue Scourge.

Gus_Elgin_Small.jpegGus “Gutterball” Elgin (sire unknown, Nosferatu/Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 19th century)
Master of Elysium and Regent of Bywater.

Harlequin_Small.jpegHarlequin (childe of Clarice Barabet, Malkavian/Lancea et Sanctum, e. late 19th or early 20th century)
Harpy and leader of the Krewe of Janus.

John_Harley_Matheson_Small.jpegJohn Harley Matheson (sire unknown, Ventrue/Invictus, e. 17th century)
Banished elder and alleged headhunter.

Katherine_Beaumont_Small.jpegKatherine Beaumont (childe of Accou Poincaré or Barthélemy Lafon, Toreador/Invictus, e. late 19th or early 20th century)

Marcel_Guilbeau_Small.jpegMarcel Guilbeau (sire unknown, Ventrue/Invictus, e. mid 19th century)
Former Prince of Baton Rouge, displaced during Hurricane Katrina.

Marguerite_Defallier.jpgMarguerite Defallier (childe of Accou Poincaré, Toreador/Invictus, e. mid or late 19th century)

Pierpont_McGinn_Small.jpgPierpont McGinn (childe of Dominique Toutain or Francesca Dumont, Ventrue/Invictus, e. mid 19th century)
Regent of Uptown.

Veronica_Alsten_Pirrie.jpgVeronica Alsten-Pirrie (childe of Accou Poincaré, Toreador/Anarch Movement, e. early 20th century)

Respected Kindred

Camarilla Status ••: The character is a member of the Camarilla in good standing. He’s proven himself to be a worthy member of the city in which he resides and possesses a respectable number of boons from other Kindred of similar standing. His fellows may regard him as a threat, but he’s still largely beneath the notice of the city’s biggest players. This level of Status is typical for established ancillae and a few outstandingly accomplished neonates.

becky_lynne_adler.jpgBecky Lynne Adler (childe of John Harley Matheson, Ventrue/Invictus, e. early 21st century)

Camilla_Doriocourt_Small.jpgCamilla Doriocourt (childe of Donovan, Toreador/Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 20th century)

Doc_Xola.jpgDoc Xola (sire unknown, Brujah or Gangrel/Circle of the Crone, e. mid 20th century)

Elyse_Benson.jpgElyse Benson (childe of Harlequin, Malkavian/Invictus or Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 20th century)

Erwin_Bornemann5.jpgErwin Bornemann (sire unknown, Brujah or Tremere/House Tremere or Ordo Dracul, e. mid 19th century)

Father_Malveaux_Small.jpgFather Malveaux (sire unknown, Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, e. late 19th century)

Gabriel_Hurst.jpgGabriel Hurst (childe of John Harley Matheon, Ventrue/Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 20th century)
Ventrue Primogen.

John_Marrow_Small.jpgJohn Marrow (sire unknown, Brujah, Nosferatu, or Toreador/Lancea et Sanctum, e. late 19th or early 20th century)

Lidia_Kendall1.jpgLidia Kendall (sire unknown, Gangrel/Circle of the Crone or Ordo Dracul, e. mid or late 19th century)

Marisol_Beaugendre_Small.jpgMarisol Beaugendre (sire unknown, Toreador/Invictus or Unaligned, e. early or mid 20th century)

Natasha_Preston.jpgNatasha Preston (sire unknown, Malkavian/Invictus or Lancea et Sanctum, e. mid 20th century)

Peter_Lebeaux.jpgPeter Lebeaux (childe of Coco Duquette, Brujah/Lancea et Sanctum, e. late 20th or early 21st century)

download_20180617_150947.jpgRandolph Cartwright (sire unknown, Nosferatu/Invictus, e. mid 20th century)

Rocco_Agnello_Small.jpgRocco Agnello (childe of Donovan or Caitlin Meadows, Gangrel or Toreador/Lancea et Sanctum, e. late 19th century)

Rosa_Bale.jpgRosa Bale (sire unknown, Malkavian or Tremere/Circle of the Crone or House Tremere, e. late 19th or early 20th century)

The Damned

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