The Damned

The rebels then built a new city.
Out of the fallen Empire, they collected the
Thirteen clans that had been scattered by the Great War, and brought them all together
—The Book of Nod


New Orleans is a good city to be Kindred. The Masquerade is relatively easy to maintain. The French Quarter in particular, and many other neighborhoods as well, boast an astonishingly high crime rate. The constant influx of tourists, especially during Mardi Gras, represents nothing so much as a walking buffet for the Damned. Given the city’s occult reputation (as well as its association with vampires, thanks to a certain well-known novelist), it is very easy for witnesses to dismiss unusual phenomena as a hoax, a drunken hallucination or “some weird voodoo thing.” All of these factors, as well as the presence of three separate Kindred factions all seeking support and alliances against the others, combine to create a city with a Kindred population of approximately 120—vastly larger than the worldwide average would suggest, and grossly overpopulated by the standards of other Camarilla cities. Prince Vidal would prefer to keep this number lower, but his efforts to curb the Big Easy’s vampiric population have met with little success. Something about the city simply seems to draw the undead.

The Camarilla Clans

The Brujah: Rebels and insurgents, fighting passionately for disparate causes.
The Caitiff: Outcasts and pariahs, the lowest of the low.
The Gangrel: Feral and wild nomads; dark beasts driven to survive.
The Malkavians: Madmen and lunatics possessed of uncanny insight.
The Nosferatu: Disfigured monsters, gathering secrets from the darkness.
The Toreador: Artisans and bon vivants; degenerates and sybarites.
The Tremere: Sorcerous blood magicians, distrusted and feared.
The Ventrue: The reluctant aristocracy and leaders of the Damned.

Non-Camarilla Clans

The Followers of Set: Purveyors of vice and temptation, granters of dark gifts.
The Giovanni: Necromancers plying their trade in blood, money, and souls.
The Others: Kindred from assorted other clans and bloodilnes.

The Damned

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