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Oh, so you’re new to the parish?
Well, let me give you a crash course in how we do things ’round here.

—Alexander Wright, hound to the sheriff


Metagame Topics

Character Creation Quickstart: How to create a PC for Blood & Bourbon.
Player FAQ & Metagame Policies: A GM-written primer to the game for new players and answers to questions raised by old ones.
Players’ New Player’s Guide: A player-written compilation of advice for new players.
Player Resources: Links to the rulebooks we use to play the game.
Recent Changes: A list of the most recent changes to the site’s wiki.
Grammar in Vampire: A primer on the often-confused subject of capitalization in Vampire: The Masquerade.

Setting Information: New Orleans

Theme and Mood: What drives stories set in the Big Easy.
History: The manifold past intrigues of the New Orleans Camarilla laid bare.
Laws and Customs: The mores to which New Orleans’ inhabitants adhere… or else.
Glossary: Lingo used by locals, Kindred and kine alike.
The Covenants: The city’s political factions and how they relate… and don’t.
Geography: How the Kindred carve up the Crescent City.
The Damned: A roster of New Orleans’ vampires and who’s who of the Damned.
The Ghouls: Half-damned thralls caught between worlds.
The Living: No less important than the Damned, and far more numerous.
The Hunters: Those mortals who refuse to accept their lot as kine.
The Loa: Spirits and intermediaries between this world and the next.
Nationalities of the Big Easy: The history and national origins of New Orleans’ mortal populace.

Setting Information: World of Darkness

Gothic-Punk: An overview of the World of Darkness’ mood and ambiance.
Invictus Etiquette and Titles: The convoluted hierarchy and social dynamics of the First Estate.
Kindred Feudalism: The neo-feudal system by which Kindred claim hunting territory.
Prestation: The system of owed favors used as currency among the Damned.
The Spirit World: An umbral reflection of our world, where spirits dwell.
Toreador Guilds: Associations of Toreador artisans.
Ventrue Lineages: The vaunted ancestry each Blue Blood lays claim to.

Game Mechanics

Attributes & Skills Guide An in-depth look at what the different dot ratings for traits represent.
Banes: Personalized curses and weaknesses the Kindred labor under.
Blood Bonds: The false love and loyalty spawned from Cainite blood.
Bloodlines: Branch-offs from the thirteen clans with strange powers and weaknesses.
City Secrets: Perilous knowledge of a city’s Kindred plots and intrigues.
Declaration and Setup: Systems by which players rewrite elements of the game setting.
Devotions: Unique vampiric powers refined from the common Disciplines.
Dramatic Systems: Rules for common scenarios that have come up.
House Rules: Changes to the Storytelling System’s rules.
Merits List: Allowed and altered Merits within the game.
Paths of Enlightenment: Alternative moral codes to Humanity.
Persistent Conditions: Dramatic complications PCs are rewarded for facing.
Recent Changes: The latest changes made to the game’s house rules.

Session Logs

Master Logs Page: The PCs’ exploits and accomplishments to date.


Main Page

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