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  • Dossier on Jonathan North

    _"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."_ --Benjamin Franklin

    _"We are masters of unsaid words, but slaves to those we let slip out."_ --Winston Churchill

    [[File:835327 …

  • Pho Sinh Dung

    h3. *History*

    _"Impudent spit of my loins! I have served at the feet of two emperors!"_ _"Yes, father, you have served, kowtowing on your knees to mortal men whose petty kingdoms crumbled before your blind eyes. My …

  • Samantha "Sammy" Hingorani

    h3. *History*

    Samantha Hingorani was the name on the tag on her first diaper. Fucking imagine that, your parents in a smear along the floor and the snaggle-toothed fuck who picks you up and patches you up names you what he …

  • Jonathan North

    _____________________________ h3.

    _____________________________ h4. *Resources*

    Jonathan's fortune originates from an array of sources to rival any Ventrue's. He's responsible for a number …

  • Kyrstin Grey

    ____________________________ h3.


    Born on July 19th, 1992 to an immigrant Japanese father and a third generation Japanese American mother, Kyrstin Nakamura was …

  • Rachelle Claudel

    ______________________________ h3.


    The daughter of a visiting French ambassador, Jonathan was charmed by Rachelle’s poise, confidence, worldliness, and (secret) …

  • Julien Derneville (Deceased)

    h3. *Genealogy*

    • Unknown sire  • Elsbeth von von Steinhäusser (e. 17th century)   • Erwin Bornemann (e. mid 19th century)    • -*Julien Derneville*- (e. early 20th century, d. 2015)    • [[:peter-lebeaux | Peter Lebeaux …

  • Anna Fedorovna

    h3. *History*

    By night or day, Anna Fedorovna walks through the ever-shifting corridors of Vienna's Prime Chantry unheeded and unnoticed--after all, she is not only a ghoul, but a child as well. She was chosen to serve Clan …

  • Teresa Vasiliev

    ______________________________ h3.


    Born to Andrei Vasiliev, a Soviet defector to the United States and somewhat prominent nuclear physicist previously working …