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  • Dossier on Jonathan North

    _"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."_ --Benjamin Franklin

    _"We are masters of unsaid words, but slaves to those we let slip out."_ --Winston Churchill

    [[File:835327 …

  • Karl Schrekt

    Karl Schrekt is the current Justicar for Clan Tremere. Little is known of him by the Kindred of New Orleans save that Kriemhold von Habsburg serves as one of his Archons, and that he is even older and less merciful than that fearsome elder. Schrekt …

  • Peter Lebeaux

    Lebeaux shoulders a remarkable number of responsibilities and ambitions for so young a vampire. The NOPD homicide detective has experienced the Requiem for less than a decade. A childe of Erwin Bornemann, Lebeaux is a faithful servant of Antoine Savoy and …

  • Pho Sinh Dung

    _"Impudent spit of my loins! I have served at the feet of two emperors!"_ _"Yes, father, you have served, kowtowing on your knees to mortal men whose petty kingdoms crumbled before your blind eyes. My masters are immortal, …

  • Jonathan North

    _____________________________ h3.


    • He and Michael Kelly fought during the war in Europe • He’s no longer an Archon because of all the Kindred they killed during …

  • Kyrstin Grey

    h3. *Rumors*

    • She's Jonathan North's lover • She's Jonathan North's childe • She's actually an elder here in secret with Jonathan North as her bodyguard • She's a former member of the Sabbat he captured and blood bound …

  • Rachelle Claudel

    h3. *Background*

    The daughter of a visiting French ambassador, Jonathan was charmed by Rachelle’s poise, confidence, worldliness, and (secret) interest in the occult at a dinner party hosted in the French Quarter shortly …

  • Julien Derneville (Deceased)

    h3. *Genealogy* * Unknown sire ** Elsbeth von von Steinhäusser (e. 17th century) *** Erwin Bornemann (e. mid 19th century) **** -*Julien Derneville*- (e. early 20th century, d. 2015) **** [[:peter-lebeaux | Peter Lebeaux]] (e. early 21st century)