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  • Natasha Preston

    h3. *History*

    One of many post-Katrina newcomers to New Orleans, Natasha Preston was born a typical daughter of wealth in post-WWII New England. Her family--which dated from colonial times and never let anyone forget it-- …

  • Hercule "Monty" Lestrange

    h3. *History*

    Monty doesn't share where he was before his Embrace, but the look is there on his face, in the deep lines unbecoming of a man who should be so young. It took years, ages for the story to spread. The Kindred …

  • Elyse Benson


    *GM's Note:* Credit goes to scarybunnie for Elyse's original concept and character history.

    h3. *History*

    _Before being enlightened I use to think about unimportant things. Academics. …

  • Janine Clairmont

    h3. *History*

    Janine was a young librarian recently moved to New Orleans, prone to late hours and odd habits. Her poor interpersonal skills and thick New York accent kept her from making many friends, but Janine was never …