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  • Giacona Manse

    [[File:553175 | class=media-item-align-center | Benny_s_Place.png]]

    _"As we Italians say, 'Mi casa, su casa'."_ _"That's Spanish, you moron -and this ain't your house. It's mine."_ ~Exchange between Dino and Benedetto …

  • Reynaldo Gui

    h3. *History*

    Gui was born to a French immigrant mother and an Hispanic-American father on Chicago's South Side. As a teenager, Gui had gotten mixed up with the fringes of his neighborhood's criminal element, and after his …

  • Ettore “Eddie Sistine” Bagnetto

    h3. *History*

    The proud great-great grandson of Antonio Bagnetto, Ettore “Eddie Sistine” Bagnetto grew up in the French Quarter's Little Italy, the bastard son of goodfella Jackie "Jackpot" Bagnetto and his favorite Sicilian …

  • Benedetto "Fat Benny" Giacona

    h3. *History*

    Fat Benny was born the grandson of Corrado Giacona, don of the Black Hand during prohibition. Like Conrado's other progeny, Benny was raised from birth to follow in his predecessor's footsteps, but his obesity, …

  • Ricky “Cash Money” Mouton

    h3. *History*

    His surname is French, but he’s a redbone from peckerwood Louisiana. He used to sell fire, accident, and terminal life insurance across Louisiana and Mississippi, going door to door in both urban and rural …

  • Corbin "Spook" MacCready

    h3. *History*

    Next to [[:rocco-agnello | Rocco Agnello's]] other ghouls, Corbin "Spook" MacCready is a comparative newcomer to the Big Easy. The elderly-looking ghoul may or may not be given to talking about his past--most …