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  • Armand Chassagnac

    h3. *History*

    The Kindred of New Orleans know him as Armand Chassagnac, but the man who would eventually assume that name was born Sint Joris van Rijn, a Dutchman native to the Spanish Netherlands. Recruited by Louis XIV's …

  • Mélissaire Larieux

    It was the dream of every dark-skinned teenage girl who attended the quadroon balls to meet a rich white suitor. Such galas were purportedly débutante balls for young women to introduce themselves to proper society, but in …

  • Annabelle "Bella" Bellerose

    ________________________ h3.


    This svelte, morose beauty has represents Rocco Agnello as his herald and haunts the dimmer parts of Elysium. She says she doesn’t like …