Tag: Circle of the Crone


  • Baron Cimitière

    h3. *History*

    _"Well, Lou, firs' thing to keep in mind about the Baron is, he don' want to be prince. Never did, an' my guess is, still don't. What he wants is for the Lance t' leave everyone into Vodou the fuck alone. That …

  • Doc Xola

    ___________________________ h3.


    Every one of the Kindred may be Damned, but Dr. Ephram Xola is truly a monster. He carries the title "doctor" as both a medical and …

  • Josue Vendredi

    h3. *History*

    Like many Caitiff, Josue Vendredi has no idea who Embraced him. He has a much better idea of why he might have been Embraced: it hardly strains imagination to picture some shallow Toreador making him immortal …

  • Dahlia-Fleur

    h3. *History*

    An unfaithful pastor’s wife Embraced by [[:rocco-agnello | Rocco Agnello]] in punishment for her sin, Dahlia rebelled against her sire by joining the Circle of the Crone and has proven a thorn in his side--and …