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  • Coco Duquette

    h3. *History*

    “Change is best accomplished through working within the system.” For good or ill, this philosophy has long guided the hand of the city’s Brujah primogen and co-regent of Mid-City. Coco does not lack for violent …

  • Doc Xola

    ___________________________ h3.


    Every one of the Kindred may be Damned, but Dr. Ephram Xola is truly a monster. He carries the title "doctor" as both a medical and …

  • Shep Jennings

    h3. *History*

    For decades, the so-called "Voice of the Unbound" in New Orleans, Shep Jennings, has striven to bring equality and enfranchisement to the Anarch Movement in a city which he feels has become [[:augusto-vidal | …